Friday, March 17, 2006

Exposure on Lampe Berger con


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wei if u 1 2 upload pic, use better 1 lah, hardly readable, only the newspaper 1 can b read,

11:22 PM  
Anonymous mr praying said...

poor guy in that newspaper news,
hope his mother can live on,

Guys, out there or in here, please do not invest to something that you are not able to assure the return and if you have no strength and ability to overcome the risk, keep up in your working,

atleast you can have a kancil or perdana, better than none if you work hard enought.

May our heavenly father who watch over us as we live, the truth and justis judge, creator of all creation, guide those lost sheep in the wild, amen.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...


I think most of it you can find elsewhere.

I could mail you the stuff if you want.

I just dont want to overcrowd the whole site.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u were the guy who hardselling the idea who pulling lb down, it is ur duty to giv us a clear view, if u go to a shop to buy a shoes, and the salesgirls say, u can find it urself, will u b so happy to go search?

answer is NO, even if u dun giv a clear pic, atleast make a nice link, wat the hack, u nvr part time as promoters or sales?

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI, Everyone

Recently, Sin Chew Yit Pau got reported about LB cheating case. Many ppl suffer and family problem. Continuous report about the story. THe news from JB.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, if u read newspaper, pls dont choose news to read. Read the whole thing okay?? The very next day, part 2 news came out where the father went back to the newspaper office to apologize for not finding out the whole truth before reporting to the media. Besides, the government is looking into promoting network marjeting as a career. It's in the Star last monday newspaper and also in other chinese newspaper. It's included in the 9MP but i guess idiotd like u all do not exactly follow the current updated news of the country nor the world as u guys r too busy whining here like a baby not taking responsibility for your own life, too free to bother bout other ppl's personal business and only knows how to blame the whole world for what that has gone wronh in your life. U guys seriously need medical attention.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Government cannot do much on this. There are legal MLM business out there which is genuine in kind. DCHL offers a Product with enough margin. There are genuine LB users and DCHL genuinely supplies to them. SYN are merely a network distributing DCHL product. Therefore, despite all the hoo haa .... nothing much can be done here.

It is not easy for the Government to stop them. They have laws to follow to. If they stop DCHL from selling ..... on what grounds? They are merely doing what Amway, Cosway, etc... are doing. As for SYN, they are merely using the high margin plus the reward system to form an opportunity for themselves. It is clear that SYN is of no interest in selling LB products for DCHL, they are only keen on getting new members to pay the uplines monthly salary. This is indeed a smart plot.

Lampe Berger is not bad person.

Merely it was the selected product. Similarly, one can select another product.... say an air ionizer and call it AIR BERGER, set up a company to MLM it call BCHL. Margin concept..... follow DCHL if not better.... next form a Group (proposed name SYG) with ranks like Datuk, JP, YB, Tan Sri, etc.... and who knows..... you could create an even more fanstastic business here. You can then be the top of the line like Steven Yeam himself.

Some may ask.... then Lampe Berger should not supply to SYN..... but why not? SYN is giving them the sales they wanted, ethically or not.

So until the law is change or there is a way to cover the loop holes in the law that SYN is using, people out there just has to be more careful. I believe as I am writing, the Governments of the many countries mentioned is figuring out how to overcome this problem.

Unless someone out there can figure how to write the law to protect such issues while allowing genuine business to go on...... Life goes on. Cheerio!!!

7:52 AM  

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