Sunday, May 28, 2006

Petition Against DCHL Lampe Berger

DCHL Lampe Berger is a pyramid scheme that is operated in several countries in Asia. But we have seen how this business destroys our famillies, our loved ones, and made us poorer.

We want this business to be investigated by authorities, and to take full action.

If you are against this business, please leave a comment below, with your name, and country, to vote against it.

Please tell others about this site too, so we can gather a list of names against it.

Use this link when forwarding to others.
Petition Link


Blogger Steven Yip said...

Steven Yip, Malaysia.

I am pissed off because this business took RM 32k from my family.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Larry Yeong said...

Larry Yeong, Malaysia

Cheated my precious time. I am an Insurance Agent. Told me time and time against wanting to buy insurance. Called me out numerous times. Invited me to endless meeting but I have still yet to collect the insurance premium. Bunch of liars.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous duchessa said...

I am not anti Lampe Berger but i am against networks who uses Lampe Berger products to make money from innocent people by misrepresenting or omitting the risk in 'investing' with them.

Lampe Berger has a wide range of interesting nice products but opportunists here in Malaysia has made the prices too pricey (and alas too risky) to own.The truth is SYN has made many of their downliners deeper into debts by being coerced (to take loans & credit cards) to buy 30k worth of LB's products which most of them has no buyers to sell their stocks to.

If our Govt is unable to take action on the victims behalf, then my suggestion is that victims of this marketing scheme should write to Lampe Berger's parent company in france and highlight the problems that has arisen from SYN's marketing scheme.Even as an exclusive lifetime distributor of LB, DCHL is still and should be subjected to maintain the business integrity of LB.I should think that the French will not be happy if they were somehow implicated in a scheme that is so obviously unethical and detrimental to their good name.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Dexter, MalaysiaSteven,

While a petition is better than none, I suggest gathering refund-seekers together to help them will be more effective to bring them down as well as helping victims to get back their money.

As in most SCAMs cases, as the anti-sentiments get stronger and louder, those who are in it will also work harder and get more determined to fight back.

If more and more people seek for their refund, the working ones there will have less income because their income earned earlier need to be deducted back from their future income to the Company. When this happens, more old members will leave them. When they have less working members, they will collapse faster.

I have updated my post "2 Most Effective Ways to seek refund from MLM Co". Please visit it.

I understand lampebergerhelp will be gathering refund-seekers to help them together, please write to him.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous terence loh said...

Terence Loh, Malaysia.

Nothing against the product. Just against the way the business is being operated.
Getting rich by not selling anything? No way! Wake up! It will collapse eventually! Don't get burnt!

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelvin, Malaysia

Not againts Lampe Berger but there's something fishy happening in DCHL's group of people. Called me out numerous and endless times. I was forced/duped into attending their talks(they told me it was nothing to do with Lampe Berger and just some motivational business talk). Kept calling me since then. I lost a friend or two but I guess thats the price to pay to avoid this. If the way the business is running is ethical why the lies?

11:40 PM  
Anonymous |chris| said...

Chris, Malaysia

Experienced first hand their unethical tactics in recruiting people, definitely v need to create greater awareness of this scam.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Bernard Tan,Malaysia

I been to their office twice,and know their true colors and tactics as well.And I also feel dissapointed to see those youth "trapped" into the hell on earth!

These DCHL/SYN must be stooped 1 day! Or elese the will keep scam/con around people's money!

1:00 AM  
Anonymous David said...

David, Malaysia

I don't know their marketing plan but bought one that costed RM700.
I felt cheated by my friend who sold it to me as the "best" aromatherapy product. My foot !

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Jack lim said...

SYN cheat people money.and people cheated will keep on cheating other people.when will this evil doer been stop?i vote for anti LB

9:42 AM  
Anonymous ah miao said...

where's the car sticker that u guys design ar? i want to make booking leh..want to stick at DCHL buidling glass door oso.hehe

10:33 AM  
Anonymous sterius said...

sterius, UK

Hi. I'm a Malaysian student in UK, been here almost 1 year already. I never heard of LB before I left, even though I used to study in Sunway before.

I have been reading numerous blogs and spent so many hours googling for info on dchl/LB once I came across Mack's post on his blog. All I can say is, to lampeblogger, lampbergerhelp, and Steven, good job on creating awareness. I visit your sites and also lampbergertruth's site at least 3 times a day to check for any updates, and the upcoming dchl convention in Singapore has got me interested in the outcome.

I also went through all the 64 pages on LYN regarding LB, and I'm quite sad to see the mentality of people nowadays. Honestly, these youngsters need a good tight slap from their elders every now and then to get their priorities straight. BWM, LV, hah!! TO ALL U LB PPL OUT THERE, THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN BRANDS AND MONEY MAN!! REALLY THING STEVEN YEAM GONNA HELP YOU GUYS OUT ONCE THE PYRAMID COLLAPSES? DON'T BUAT MALU LA OUR GENERATION ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF FOOLS!!

Keep up the good work man. Although I don't blog, or post any comments regularly, I do read quietly behind the lines, and I'm now spreading this website and LB/Estebel/DCHL/SYN awareness to all ppl I know that are going back to Msia soon. Cheers!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Dax Yap said...

Dax, Malaysia

All products have their advantages but unethical tactics by DHCL are driving people crazy n burned out.
Let put together and create awareness.

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Julie Lim said...

Julie Lim,Malaysia

Because of Lampe Berger, it has caused my brother to further his studies and join this scam. it has caused alot of pain to my family, broken relationship which are very very hard to mend. i plea to the authority to take action against such scam and leave the younger ones aside.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Julie Lim said...

Julie Lim, Malaysia

Because of Lampe Berger, it has caused my brother to not further his studies and join this scam. it has caused alot of pain to my family, broken relationship which are very very hard to mend. i plea to the authority to take action against such scam and leave the younger ones aside.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Cornolious Teoh said...

Cornolious Teoh, Malaysia

Lampe Berger is rubbish. cheated my RM30k. now i no talk to my friend because he refuse my refund. say my lamp cannot refund.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Perry said...

Perry Voon from Malaysia...

v can cal some media come n visit this website, right? letting them know this company's news is worth to investigate!

5:26 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...


Please visit my blog to know more about Lampe Berger scam too.


Why do you let them go so easily ? Lampebergerhelp has a way to help you get back refund even if it expired the 6 monts. Or visit my blog to read on "Refund" post.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous sterius said...

Hi Dexter,

Sorry in my previous post forgot to include your site also :P haha ya I do read your site as well.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Derrek Chew said...

Derrek Chew, Malaysia

SYN is a big gang of unethical distributors.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Derrek Chew said...

Derrek Chew, Malaysia

SYN is a big gang of unethical distributors.

Steven Yip, what about this:

1:36 PM  
Anonymous andychucky said...

Who say they will refund you all your money back. It is a BULLSHIT! Most of my friends only got refund about 40% of what hey have invested. Example, if they invested RM 30,000. They only got back RM 11,000 to RM 15,000 within the 6 months.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

The problem is because those people who joined SYN are naive, that is why they got cheated and when it comes to seeking refund, they fear of losing everything and contended for less.

Afterall SYN simple stand for:

Stupid Young Novice(when they join)
Sad Young Novice(when they left)
Scamming Young Novice(if they stay)

Please advise all your friends who are still with them to stop, lose 10% as a lesson and visit our blogs for help.

Please remember just chatting among ourselves did no help to those involved.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Michael Lim said...

Michael Lim, Malaysia.

Good thing i am not the type of person who is easily brainwashed and be a zombie to the DCHL / SYN cause. Kudoz Kudos Kudos to steven yip ,lampeberger help and others who has been a big help to warn others about the bad things of their marketing plan! GOOD GOOD GOOD WORK!

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Allen Wong said...

Allen Wong
From Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
One of my lost contact secondary friend, suddenly message me to borrow RM2000! I was wondering what is he doing, then i investigate and found out he joined LB. I replied with a reject message. After few hours, he phone again to borrow few hundred. I say no again.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Fook Meng said...

Fook Meng,Malaysia

I anti LB totally as they really pissed me off too much. most of the members are school leavers n had yet work to earn they own money but still talk bullshits and piles of nonsense of craps about easy money. I got a coursemate who pestered me multiple times trying to ask me indirectly to their HQ and now she couldnt even advance to the next year. May hell be with LB...

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danny, Malaysia (Study in Aussie)

Just want to say that making such a blog could help people to aware of such scam that DCHL is doing. Good work guys ^^
As I read most of the blogs, I realize that most of the people who join LB are chinese! Please don't seek easy money and work hard to earn (ethical) money (The old saying: Bitter first, then Sweet Or Initial step is always the hardest of all). If not, we might lose to other races and make us weak and lose face! If this happens all the way maybe 2 or 5 or 10 years. We chinese might fall way way behind of others!

I support the Anti LB petition for legal authority to investigate DHCL! Malaysia Boleh!!!

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Michelle, Malaysia said...

it's a family member is now involved.I really hope this blog will create awareness to others..

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well...
What an interesting petition.
Sadly people who come here to post out their grief are mostly losers.

I'm neither Anti or Pro LB.
I'm a neutral observer because I believe that every business have it flaws and nothing is perfect.

Those who are too afraid to look at themselves to see their own flaw, may it be naive,greedy or gullible.
Please wake up and see the flaws within yourselves and stop blaming LB, MLM, LB friends, LB relatives.

Ties between your families break. Wow. Because of LB can break. Then, it is to great question how deep the relationship of the family is isn't it?
The truth is, look at your situation. If such a business like LB can break your family, then I pray that your family can hold still through other challenges in life.
Stop blaming and pick up the responsibility yourself. The truth of yourselves can be hurtful but that is the first step towards change.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous, okay, here's the deal: If those who are afraid to look at themselves to see their own flaws, admit that they have been naive, greedy, or gullible, will you please spend a precious minute out of your entire life to start looking at what is really wrong with many DCHL distributors, and will these distributors start seeing flaws, namely, greed and deceitfulness for example, in themselves too?

Fact: Nothing is perfect.

That's why we need to always open our minds to listen when others offer their opinions.

Here, I will suggest a case for discussion:

A car crash occurred at a traffic-lights junction, because a driver has run the red light. Another driver, law-abiding, of a less-than-expensive, small, frail car had his car turned into a metal scrap and was seriously injured, although the uninjured driver was merely driving at 60 km/h.

The uninjured driver says: I had an important meeting to attend. I couldn't slow down. It's not my fault. I was only driving at 60. Nowadays so many people are running red lights. The injured driver should always expect someone to do so and prepare to give way, while he's on the road. If he didn't know this, then he must be a total fool. Besides, 60 km/h is so slow that a car at this speed normally won't cause a big crash. That driver was seriously injured because his car was too weak, too fragile.

Give up your evil thoughts. What do you think in this situation? Very well, if the victim had been more alert, or if he had waited a few more seconds after the light turned green, he could have avoided the accident altogether. Would you say that he shouldn't drive on the road because he doesn't have a car that is strong enough to shield him from injuries? I think the uninjured driver shouldn't run the red light in the first place, because if everyone who had an important meeting to attend ran red lights, there would be a chaos in this world.

The moral is that while everyone can argue that what he/she does is right, one can be less or more right than another. So, everyone should yield a little, back down a step, and start listening and thinking.

Now, anonymous, if all who posted out their grief here confess their flaws, would you agree with me that many DCHL distributors, especially in SYN, are greedy and deceitful? If you agree, what should these distributors do or get, now that they have caused so many griefs

Can we--the pros, the cons, and the neutrals--think more thoroughly?

By the way, it's worth a note that it's not easy for an outsider to see through the deception system of SYN and to understand how deceitful most SYN members have been.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi !
i'm lb member(2.5k ) !i'm not antilamberger ,plz specify it as anti DCHL or SYN !From the respond from ex-lb ,no doubt tht lb product is effective and good!i juz dun like the way they do this business ,i'm sure u can earn money from this plan !but be prepare to lose most of ur friends and ur buited up name !willing to buy and willing to sold ,it's the way business conduct .what kindda action did u expect gov can do?my intention in lb is to learn something usefull there !i'm supporting this web ,juz ask me for any inquiry !i'm be in the singapore IME this july !Greedy?everybody will ,but i don't want to lose my serounding ppl now!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You dont need to be involved in the Lampe Berger MLM business to know how deceitful they are. Everyone in the business, whether SYN or not SYN are equally deceitful.
If everyone need to be involved in a Scam in order to understand a Scam, than the LB business will have a long way to go.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous discussion starter said...

You said everyone in LB business was equally deceitful. You need to prove it. I think it's not true. How could you know? At least you don't call members who were deceived into the business and want to quit, deceivers, do you? There are also many members who no longer involve in any of the business activities.

I said it was not easy for outsiders to understand SYN deception, because if it had been easy, there wouldn't be so many victims. Not everyone is smart enough to recognize every scam, but that doesn't mean that they deserve being scammed. Therefore, they need to be educated and informed. More education and information about scams means fewer people being scammed, which in turn means that LB business will be done by fewer deceitful distributors.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous discussion starter said...

For the last part, I should say: "...which in turn means that LB business will drop."

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

joei M'sia,

keep it up ANTILB! people who experienced attended their meeting before and ur little input in here is a great help for the next victim's. do ur part.

those who understand cantonese may check this out

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


that should be the correct link.

oredi email this threat to Hongkie from my contact lists.


10:22 AM  
Blogger anthraxxxx said...

Vincent Tan, Malaysia.

I am generally disturbed by the distasteful tactics employed by these bunch of sonnawabitches from SYN. Since most of the peeps here has already mentioned about the 1001 reason why they hated LB, so i don't think there is a need for me to elaborate myself further.

And there is one more note i would love to make for Steven Yeam before i end this comment,

Screw you.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a site!
site for losers who blame everyone else for their failures but themselves.
Grow up and learn.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

^ sad to say you're the REAL loser.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous steven yip huray said...

wah many loser here, steven yip but not success like steven yeam....

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is because those people who joined steven yip network are naive, that is why they got cheated, they fear of losing everything and contended for less.

Afterall SYN simple stand for:

steven yip negative(when they join)
Steven yip never(when they left)
steven yip network(if they stay)

Please advise all your friends who are still with them to stop complaint

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Jolene, Malaysia said...

I've only joined RM2.5K SYN member 3 mths ago and i HATE SYN!! My cousin got me in telling me it's a money making business and IT'S NOT DIRECT SELLING or PIRAMID. Just a few days after joining as a member, they try to talk me in investing RM30K. I told them i have no $, but they throw all these credit card application forms to me, trying to make me take a loan or credit card of RM30k. They are like a gang of black suited gangsters trying to gain $ from u, just that they have no gun. I was like being brain washed, trying to get $ and thanks to my bf, he knock some sense in me. I search the web for information. Watch the TVB news, read Hong Kong's newspaper and the worst thing i've found out is the Lampe Berger price. I got shocked that RM2,345 goods that they said is actually sells around RM800 to RM900 whole set in any website selling Lampe Berger!! Imagine the cost of each Lampe Berger that they bought in bulks. Isn't it be so much cheaper?? Just think how much profit they earn from us?? Anyone who throws in RM30K will make the company earns around half. Why we got to earn their so called commission is actually from our own pockets!! Those SYN member said the TVB news is few years back and not about them. Isn't DCHL is the only sole distributor in Asia?? Isn't SYN under them?? The SIn Chew Jit Poh published around last two weeks that we'll able to get back our refund, right?? Well, my cousin told me that he's refunding me the $, if i'm willing to go to meeting with them. After that, he told me to get refund from his upline. What the heck is his upline got to do with me??? He even accuse and scolded me for stopping this business. His upline even calls me and scolded me. They are all darm money faces, making my life miserable. In my case, if i get refund straight from their office, isn't their family gonna break ties with my parents?? I quarrel with my parents for it and it doesn't worth it. Well...i can't get back my $, but i'll break sever ties with him and those involved. DON'T TRUST THEM!! They are all the SAME. LET'S TEAR THEM APART!!

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Jolene, Malaysia said...

I agree with duchessa that we should write to Lampe Berger France. I don't think the govt will bother because of the MCA ppl involved. The only chance to make our govt take action is to put pressure on them. Write to all newspapers companies to publish the news. At least, the public will be aware of this issue and will not be cheated. We can also write to TVB/Hong Kong to get information. With evidence,pressure,awareness in public,our hard work and all of us here united, we can definately stop them from harming or cheating people. Now, they target the young, next time, it will be our elders.

4:30 AM  
Blogger anthraxxxx said...

i wonder who are the real losers.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jolene: is it true? if yes i can help u to complaint to police or KPDN, that ur upline already cheated u and push u to loan RM30K. is it ur upline try scared u, u also can complaint to police, because police can help u?? dont scared, if they do illegal, law will punished them...

many way to complaint this case to certain organization. because if they already do in illegal way, the law will punished them.

by the way, b3rnard7 better take care ur use word, because, i dont like ur comments...

11:13 AM  
Anonymous sophere said...

failer and anti LB will give negative point.

pro LB and member, give support point.

So how can i do??? whose the GOD or Devil didnt know, isnt it??

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quitters don't equal failures/losers. Many see quitting LB business as a success, because LB business is simply the wrong thing to do. Quitters here are not blaming others. They are sharing their success stories. The ones who are blaming here are those DCHL distributors who come here to blame quitters for making potential damages to the reputation of LB business. These distributors failed to make everyone like their business and failed to keep quitters/successes in the business, so they blame the quitters/successes but themselves for their failure.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Sophere :

God or Devil is only in the mind. Do what you think is suitable is suitable for YOU.

Do not let other pressure you into doing something which you your ownself feels its wrong.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Sophere said...

ok lah all the guys, i vote both...

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celaka punya itu orang! Their best kungfu is twist the words, hide the truth and run away with responsibility.

i am quiting and loosing 3-4K SGD Dollar because of that!!

They will teach you how to be materialistic and somemore saying ppl that not are because brain washed since young!! #)*@!x Are they saying my parents did not educate me in the right way???

10:06 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

^It's alright. At least you got out of that hell.

Take it as a lesson well learnt and tell people about your experience to ensure others do not fall into their trap as well.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lamper berger is a legit product. The problem is the company: DHCL/SYN. If you know the old news happened last year in Hong Kong and Taiwan(<---in Chinese. Use Altabista babelfish to translate. Then you know why they are targeting us. Fuck them all I say. It's time we do something about it.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Support the Petition! Send this to The Star, The Sun, The Moon, The What Ever.

Some insurance guy promised my dad payment if my dad lost his kidney. That was before my dad agreed to sign up. When he lost his kidney, the insurance guy said he needs to lose 2 kidneys to receive payment! My dad received no payment at all.

You guys get it? The company, the SYN, the DCHL, the RZ corp. are not scammers. People are. I'm sorry to hear about these losses, but try not to generalise.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those that cannot get refund. Post your complain at

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven & gang... come one guys... u can do better than this!! I assume u guys are well educated people... Talk, criticise, 'sins', crusade, secret meetings, and now readers, don't be blind or stupid... if these guys are really into helping people, they certainly aren't doing it the right way...if SYN/DCHL is really that bad, it should have been identified by our local gov or at least the media in all languages since Steven's gang mentioned that all together, there are 70k members in SYN/DCHL since 2001... since 2001 my fellow readers and you think that the gov can go un-noticed? let's take 10% if people who kena cheater la - 7000 people - that's a big amount to me! and if all go to the consumer association of the local gov, surely, SYN - RZ corp license will be hold back! This is logis - Steve, you should know this since you're an IT guy. How come those who failed nvm go and make reports of scam? being cheated? are they stupid? or they were brainwashed till they got no sense already and they are all in Tanjung Rambutan now... repeating over and over again, LB Forever.. LB Forever? Fellow Steve's Gang, talk less and go to the right channel to raise your points.
Next, car sticker...get your sense back! dun let Steve and gang brainwash u! he makes the sticker, he sells it to you... who do you think make the money!? and worst, u can't even see his face, one fine day, he'll delete this blog and live a normal life while u people who are his faithful followers will again, be suckers! careful my friends, supporting thru the wrong channel sometimes will hit you back! Like I said, if Steve and Gang has a point, tell them to bring this to the right channel and u guys go support them!
Last but not least, petitions? i thought these guys are really doing something right when i read 'Petition against DCHL Lampr Berger' but when I came in the blog, i realized that it's another stupid stunt that Steve and Gang is doing... who in the world will come to a blog and call this a petition? no names, add or contact number! hello friend, you expect the authority to email 1000 people individually to get more info at the end of the day? Wake up! Again, if you have a point, use the right and proper channel! No need to hide your identity! That's petition! Blog readers, please read any feedbacks on the internet with an open mind and make your own judgements. dun be 'brainwashed' by people's comments...

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No progress from Steve & Gang on knocking down SYN/DCHL... same old whole load of crap everyday...
- 24th July 2006-

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out nightlord's interest (click on his id):
Shadows, lies, intelligence, counter-intelligence, deception, grey areas, unknown, spin, deceit, subterfuge, sabotage, assasination, anarchy, chaos, death.
Choas!! LIES!! DECEPTION!! ulala.. your'e practising it real well in this blog - Chaos & LIES , in joining SYN to (konon) find it's loop hole and save humanity by shooting down SYN-DECEPTION!!I'd be stupid to listen and believe this kinda person.
Nightlord, you're darn blur enough to talk about helping people when you yourself need help more than others.
hurry up, go change your id before people starts clicking on it!!!
oh btw, why do u need to wait for the pay forward system to see if it'll be successful? i thought you intention is to shoot down SYN!! Why the change of mind now? Wanna see if you can make money from his new plan?! Nightlord's last comment in 'Fight Over Lampe Berger')

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw nightlord,
since you're the double agent here, and i'm sure you have attended Steven Yeam's talk on Pay-Forward System, why not you share with your fellow hardcore anti-lampe berger & fellow blog readers here what the plan is all about?

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No progress from Steve & Gang on their so called 'quest' in knocking down SYN/DCHL... same old whole load of crap everyday...
- 27th July 2006-

12:14 AM  
Anonymous jason said...

If they are so concerned about the "AIR MARKET" and "AIR QUALITY",
why a whole group of the members are still smoking in and out of the office?

10:44 PM  
Blogger potugu said...

a friend of mine invited me to join in but i havn't make up my mind yet..i need to invest rm2500 to bcome a member..pls give me a comment on it if i shud join in..i'm havin' diz doubts on my mind since i read bout all the comments bout DCHL

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mom did a search and told me LB is for sale over the net, buy 5 free 1, (so thats 6) for USD 50 only!

So there, so much for super-exclusivity status. A fraction of a fraction of the big sum of money paid to these rogues goes to buying the LB (low cost) the rest to their pockets.

It relly dosnt matter if they are selling LBs, slippers, window frames or door knobs, they are just proxies. Whats more important is that you SHOW THEM THE MONEY!

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Piramidoflampe wrote,

I am wondering if we can do anything more constructive and wait for them to go down intime. I think the most effective way would be getting publics & medias attention. Can we try a way to gather a bunch of Ex LB Members and organise a disposing LB Lamp event to show our disatisfaction towards the system?

8:17 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

DCHL = Dick Cock Horny Lancau!

SYN = Suck Your Nipples!

LB = Lampa Beggar!

Understand what I say now? Those ppl who join SYN is just Steven Yeam slaves...they earn money for their cult leader....better wake up man!Steven Yeam got 2day's lifestyle is bcos of all downlines who help him to earn money by looking new downline or "suckers" and suck ppl's money like "Suck Your Nipples" in porn movie!

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apalah, the blog grow so long already. Everyday coming in want to see if any action has been taken. But still bunch of talk talk talk. No action lah. Turn the suggestions into action lah. The more I see the blog about suggestions to do this and that to stop them, the more I get confused whether whats the purpose of this blog. For ppl to through their frustration on LB or to do the real work to STOP LB. Talking LB ppl are loser, I think we are becoming like them already, loser for non-action.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u all is rubbish, ridiculous. what is the reason u all type so much? take some action. use ur brain. if want to sue lambe berger, government already do that,and if u all keep sending comment and without any action, u all better cut off ur dick,no offence, u all is really rubbish. do some action or are u afraid to do so? show me ur dick !

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i found out that u guys are ridiculous coz i read all ur message dy but if wat u guys said is true why doesn't the company went bankrup ??? funny guys who is cheating the money is the distributor not the company is not tht ppl cannot sucess the systems is good is it just coz of ur own tht doesn't have the right thinking to do this business if yes how did the 500 milionairs in malaysia come out dumb guys if u guys who read this tht wanna noe more bout Lampe Berger why not u go to coz this website is just those ppl who given up on this business and not for those who is still trying to built their career do u noe tht not us tht make ppl doesn''t sucess is u guys who typing all this nonsence here who destroy ur own life tht is it go on call the goverment sue dchl funny place to post all this shit brainless steven yip

3:03 AM  
Anonymous airkotak said...

i dunno wat 2 say but we have 'freedom to express,speech and bla,bla,bla' but 4 me there is no one can change his life accept himself. think before act. but if u have done it, do it 100%. don't assume cuz it makes 'ass' out 'u' and 'me'. never hesite cuz it makes u weak.say no to lazy cuz i makes u cozy (costly).never complain to ur own mistake cuz it show ur weak. like milli vinilli (a poser group, if u remember!!!)says 'blame it on something, blame it on the rain'. come back to your root... people who know little talk much... think like idiot.. act like king... (that's why king have advisor)

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mr. Anonymous,

To answer your intellectually sound comment. I assume you must be a duke in SYN. This means you have influenced almost all (If not everyone) into your business. I am sure, u have made enemies along the way, or made people run away each time u look for them.

I did not join your organisation, because none of u can even answer my basic questions. And I had to scold my friend for being too pushy. I evaluated your business and find that the products is overpriced, and i really suspected the fancy cars weren't the LB members themselves.

Word of advice for the rest is to complete your studies, work a couple of years, before even deciding on doing business. SYN strategy is very simple, get them young, get them unawares and get them inexperienced.

People, please bear in mind, without this MLM scheme LB would have died 6 years ago. So that is an important fact to ponder about the product. People join thinking they will be rich. But in the end they will be rich in essential oil... :)

So Anonymous from SYN, don't condemn the others. They are just frustrated about joining the business unprepared. No action can be taken because, it is not illegal. Its just plain unethical, especially to the youths..

Almost a member

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No updates?

6:45 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

no..not for the moment. Nothing interesting has happened yet.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous freshman said...

I was told that i just need to 'buy'the product with RM2.5k once to get the francais n find 5 partners in order to earn more money. Yup, quite easy to earn lots of money in short time, n quite suitable for 'students' who want to go "local universities!! Wow!What a fantastic ways of doing business!!So creative of solving problems of selling n clearing stocks!! It's totally different ways of doing business compare to about 10 years ago!! Think of it, is it good for young people nowadays??Less effort, earn more?? Really spoiled them!!!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... stuff...but i have smtg betetr here to do then complaining so Much like u guys

12:17 AM  
Anonymous BenT said...

Dear Almost A Member,

I believe that amongst all, you are the only one with the most sound, intellectual comment.

People are bitter that they joined the business unprepared. Although yes some might have been led, conned or pressured into joining by some unethical members, I would scarely blame the company nor the system.

Btm line is....IT IS is a business of duplication, with Downlines, or Franchisees or watever you would call it. Wouldn't any man with an exciting idea or someone with business proposition seeking venture capital be as excited and as motivated what they do? The key thing is whether information was misrepresented.

Hell, put up a post for people to whine, and they would whine about anything - sore about their unfortunate turn in life, and/or their failed endeavours or just looking for someone to blame.

In the past, there'll be people whining about how the Insurance Companies 'scam' people, and how Amway is another 'Holiday Magic' pyramid scam. The Binary system, illiminated, modified and changed to conform to current socio-economic response and still there are new classifications to benchmarking a plan 'illegal'.

Sometimes business just don't make sense....If you had told a business man 50 years ago...that you propose to open a casino - In a Muslim Country, In the Middle of the Forest, On Top of A Hill....he would say you are mad. Its whether it makes sense to YOU...and how much RISK you would take.

Over time, proof, track record and education changes people...and society. Nobody says Amway is illegal anymore....they say they don't like selling.

My point is, learn to understand things fully before you take the first step into anything, you understand what YOU have to do and you understand the don't cry about it. Should you fall, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Best Regards,
BenT (Almost a Member too)

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was invited to one of their so-called "enlightenment" meeting and thank God I declined their invitation to be "richer". Wasted so many hours listening to this nonsense and was harrassed so many times from my friend who was a member. I am all out against all these quick money making schemes

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also against the cheater who missuse the marketing plan of DCHL to cheat money from others. Anyway, the LB product is good as it helps my mother. Hopefully all these scammers will be destroyed.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous zuco6933 said...

hello, steven yip

im zuco terry from malaysia.
actually im not totally against this kind of business which is run by the DCHL/ lampe berger in malaysia. it is due to in malaysia there are two groups of people operated under this company.

one is called SYN and another one is called Ken team.

why i wanna clarify this point here??

it is because according to my observation so far,
i found out that the SYN team is the one who create and destroy the name of of MLM of this coperation.
( they hunt people merely for commission)
however, the ken team is a group of people who are really searching for the talented and those who have the 'heart' to do this kind of business.
it is true im lie.

as a background information for you, i have been kick out by my friend who invited me to join this kind of business for the reason im not sincere in this business...

so, i actually need to oppose what they have done but i choose to tell the truth.

all the information you get from the internet require us to digest and not simply believe it!!

i will write my experience about this kind of business later..

stay tuned ^^


commented by:
zuco terry aka zuco6933

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful when ur friend take u to the company.. they will brain wash u that u dont even know...

Dont being cheated by the person who explain the plan to u, coz they are already in high rank, n earn a lot every month. N they will keep telling u that u also can b same like me... but the truth is, all the ppl in this world is not the same, dont expect urself can b him or her. n the most important point is, they join the company very early, that y they can earn a lot when u join.

Share some exp i get from my friend. The ppl in the company will so crazy about money, that already forget wat friendship is... wat they think is money money money. i know money is important, but try to care about the things around u. i have seen my friend, that who join in this LB. He scold his best friend at the back of him bcoz he didnt show up where his friend agree to go to company. A best friend.... bcoz of this company, he had lose a best friend. And other friend that around u will scare about u, they keep dont answer ur phone call, always say not free, is not that scare the company, is becoz they scare about u OK~!!! since they are so dying to get money n keep forcing us...

If u have no choice but to go to company, try stay n b urself. the ppl all there "look" very friendly, n they will keep forcing u to join, but using different kind of word
to ask u join, since if u join, they get money. they will not tell u wat u need to do in this company before u join, but after u join... all the "true face" will b shown. they keep forcing u, they brain washes us how to talk, the sequence to talk, the technique to talk to our best friend or even family~! i mean, come on, how i talk to my friend and family also need u to teach me?? Careful, u will feel stress after u join in, b4 that u will c all the good thing. they will use allllllll many way to ask u join, n ask u to invest with RM30k. RM 30k means, skip the ranking n make more money(if u can la).

i know there are quite a lot of ppl who is very successful in here, but did u know how many ppl fail??? did they tell u?? the reason they fail?? The plan already not good, n they keep telling u can make this money, u can make that money, yes, there is the "possibility" will. But c the fact, how u can ask a friend to join in by juz looking at the plan n keep asking ppl to join only?? how?? the SYN team dont even sell any product, they juz ask ppl join n join. they will say they will help u, dont scare, we support u. but that "support n help" means, they juz forcing u n keep telling u wat to do, n u cannot have any comment. if u tell them any of ur thought, they will say u wrong n juz follow mine.

the product in DCHL is great, LB, estabel, n many others. i mean, the product history already show that it is good, but the problem is the SYN part only, the ppl there, the plan, the technique they use to ask ppl join. i m so resistance to DCHL now.

The company that can make u success if u..... join 4~5 years before now, accept brain washes, act as a robot n do wat they tell u to, act so fake all the time even when u talk to ur friend n family, can stand pushing n forcing to join any 1 of the event they do even u have go for the event for 3 times, can give up friendship to earn money, n have many friends that like to being brain washes.

DCHL - brain washing company that u dont even know when u brain washed. think carefully.

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hem... i have looked all of the comments, please keep your mouth shut!! do they insist you to join with them??
if you join cause you are insisted, i will say " you are stupid" cause the final descision is on your hand right? So please think before you say something.
childish people can only say a crap. think with your brain not only with your heart!!!!

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hem... i have looked all of the comments, please keep your mouth shut!! do they insist you to join with them??
if you join cause you are insisted, i will say " you are stupid" cause the final descision is on your hand right? So please think before you say something.
childish people can only say a crap. think with your brain not only with your heart!!!!

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Jimmie said...

People, in this world, nothing is perfect and in order to successful in a business field, it takes bunch of risks and times. So, i can say that, the person who failed to make money from DCHL/SYN, doesn't have the right to blame the company. If you failed, you shouldn't just blame the company or stopped others to join this field. This is because your failure means nothing to others.
So guys, the advice i wish to give here is, think of your ability before you want to join this company to make money. If you think you can make it, try your best and good luck to you. If you think you can't make it and don't have the ability to make it, don't try to put your head to the wall because of money and is better for you to look for another field that is suitable for yourself.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FFFFFFFFFFF, bcoz i dont join LB that my best friend ask me to, now my best friend dont even talk to me~!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

5:39 AM  
Blogger edaran said...

Panduan asas beza MLM dan Skim Binari/Piramid/Cepat Kaya:
Ciri Piramid/Skim/Binari
- Direct Bonus - Ahli baru masuk ..terus dpt komisen cth : satu org/kepala RM15
- Pair/Match Bonus - 2 org ahli yg mengimbangi kanan dan kiri - upline dpt bonus
- Donwline terhad kpd 2 sahaja ..sebab tu namanya Binari
- Ada Lot/Kedai/Akaun ..maknanya anda boleh ade byk bilangan
- Pangkat dibeli dgn jumlah Lot/Kedai/Akaun. Cth : Silver = 3 Lot, Gold = 4 Lot
- Pendapatan 1 Lot terhad pd bil ahli atau jum bonus. Cth : Silver = max RM 65, 000
- Tiada produk – produk sekadar topeng atau perniagaan lebih fokus mencari ahli.
- Tiada pembelian ulangan produk kerana keperluannya dan kualitinya.

Atas ni aku summry drp Harian Metro ..dah lame baca maaf x leh nak kasi source
Rujukkan lain H.Metro : Expresi 14 Jan 2007
Leh rujuk gak kat DSAM(persatuan jualan langsung) : what is pyramid selling

i wrote above in bm coz i read it in bm. dunno right words to translate those in english.

hope dun mind.

those who r not muslim ..i dun care if all of u choose to be with DCHL and get rich.

for muslim ..pyramid are forbidden in Syariah. Thats y gov put its as haram in law of our contry and in law of our religious.

why haram >
search the article about pyramid scheme/binari and related.

why this kind of pyramid exposed to public and get femes ?

11:46 PM  
Blogger edaran said...

Panduan asas beza MLM dan Skim Binari/Piramid/Cepat Kaya:
Ciri Piramid/Skim/Binari
- Direct Bonus - Ahli baru masuk ..terus dpt komisen cth : satu org/kepala RM15
- Pair/Match Bonus - 2 org ahli yg mengimbangi kanan dan kiri - upline dpt bonus
- Donwline terhad kpd 2 sahaja ..sebab tu namanya Binari
- Ada Lot/Kedai/Akaun ..maknanya anda boleh ade byk bilangan
- Pangkat dibeli dgn jumlah Lot/Kedai/Akaun. Cth : Silver = 3 Lot, Gold = 4 Lot
- Pendapatan 1 Lot terhad pd bil ahli atau jum bonus. Cth : Silver = max RM 65, 000
- Tiada produk – produk sekadar topeng atau perniagaan lebih fokus mencari ahli.
- Tiada pembelian ulangan produk kerana keperluannya dan kualitinya.

Atas ni aku summry drp Harian Metro ..dah lame baca maaf x leh nak kasi source
Rujukkan lain H.Metro : Expresi 14 Jan 2007
Leh rujuk gak kat DSAM(persatuan jualan langsung) : what is pyramid selling

i wrote above in bm coz i read it in bm. dunno right words to translate those in english.

hope dun mind.

those who r not muslim ..i dun care if all of u choose to be with DCHL and get rich.

for muslim ..pyramid are forbidden in Syariah. Thats y gov put its as haram in law of our contry and in law of our religious.

why haram >
search the article about pyramid scheme/binari and related.

why this kind of pyramid exposed to public and get femes ?

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so far these comment only have 84people who really2 piss off, buzzie n not to think p+ of someting new...i just want 2 know if the real thing of DCHL/LB is something that 84 comment tells r true y dont u guys fill it in the media mass or make an official letter to recheck the status of the company...i dont think by 'cakap2' in these web may make the 84comment are satisfied just because of the 1 person matter...what i mean is make an action in a public to show 'itsn't true the DCHL/LB r something that scam or what?'

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my sis-in-law came trying to lure me in a very discreet way. 'I am only trying to help your family' (my husband died leaving me with 3young kids). I dont need to do anything just be he underline bla bla bla...

Next day she was rushing me to the bank to open a bank account... as well as asking me how to go about, supposedly, 'to help' secure loans for her downline... So little talk about what product the company is trying to promote... becos "I need not do any marketing... just stay home', money will come rolling... just for RM2,500!!!

When I politely, now whe is takling my college going son and another college going neice of hers (only 1st year!!). I warned my son, do not commit to anything without my consent becos... I do not want to be forced to come up with RM2,500 should he silently BECOME PREY TO THE SWEET COERSION!! I am lucky that my son, so far, is level-headed and cautious, becos as an orphan, we have been CONNED once too often out of my late husband's properties...

Dear god!!! Why on earth use children to get to their parents' money??? and do leave these college students alone.. Or, why the RUSH... Prove that you have MADE it, use these funds to support these students,,, I am sure that is a better way of recruiting 'beneficiaries' of your success!!!

Money never comes easy loooo

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

count me in

9:39 PM  
Anonymous earth said...

sabah also got dchl-syn!!!!make UMS as their MARKET!!!WARNING 2 all UMS student, remember NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD!!!

3:15 AM  
Anonymous sam6 said...

u guys shud just see n listen what they have to offer, dont act or say things that wud make urselves like a bunch of idiots. it was never a scam plus theres license for them to prove to u guys. once a failure with no effort to improve, will always b failures guys. wait, losers are more appropriate.

3:16 PM  
Blogger to be a smart guy said...

Any body..........
Calm down 1st, you guy will give the comment like that becaus of you guy dont understand about it.
You have try understand it b4 you say like this...........?
Maybe someone is using the wrong way to do this, but "someone" only wat, not all..
RM 32k not paksa you invest, just stop you guy action like tis.
do you know how much ppl is found money right here and buy his own house and sport car. You have tis kind of thing? So, wat make you say SYN cheated you...............

Anyway, dont like a fool anymore guy...........

11:04 AM  
Anonymous valve™ said...

I've go to DCHL office once,invited by my friend. He told me about business opportunity ,but in th end when I'm refused to join, he break our 3 years friendship, I understand now, money really can buy everything.

7:42 PM  
Blogger wert said...

u all are like wonder u all cant manage earn a lot of money la..LB din cheat ppl,din teach ppl go to cheat,din ask ppl go to rompak,din teach ppl go to kill,so LB is a halal network!pls dun use ur ear as a eye la halo buddy!!why u all so childish??

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog quite interesting lah. many anti LB talks a lot about the international company. hahahah...!
so funny u guys creating a blur petition here and talk talk talk. hey, this bussiness has been distribute around the worlds lah. who u all think u are. all talks in blogs and being losers. go out and gain success ur own way if u dont wanna do the bussiness la. better than wasting time reading this blog. anyway...if this petition is legally right, where's the leader? can u show your face anyway? why not? if u re right so why dont have guts to put ur face here ah.oops! SYN,steven yeam are legal under the law. that's why his pic everywhere. and u?hurm..i wonder. he has become a success leader lah,and millionaire. and you? Steven Yip, are you a success and more than Steven Yeam? just wanna know.. i am just an ordinary person try to gain more info about wat's right and wrong here. and curious... who's cheater? people who do the international bussiness of MLM(Which legal), or who creates this blogs and so-called petition(Which is blur under law)?

3:37 AM  
Anonymous a indian proud to do the biz said...

im a indian n doing this biz... yes its true nothing coming easily... my journey through the biz is really exciting... i learn a lot.. i manage to be come a person who trust on my self... no matter what... i dont know how you guys did the biz... furthermore most of you guys are chinese and are loser... Shame on you guys... Wake up, indians can do the biz better than you guys who are complaining... in this biz, there is failure only quitter.. Last but not the list, as chinese you guys should feel ashamed because cant even succeed in this simple biz.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all,

For the past few weeks I have been doing research on MLM businesses. Indeed, it was shocking to find all the information and posts about MLM on the internet as the majority of these were all negativity. There's even a site stating how this woman failed in a MLM business but now she is selling a book on how she found the secret to success in MLM.
So in actual facts who are these people writing posts and holding petitions against MLM, DCHL, AMWAY etc?
To be honest, all I’ve been reading is "MLM is a scam, DCHL are cheats, break families..." on so on.
I am a realist; I believe that one person’s outcome is the result of their own decisions. For instance, why did their family’s relationships break? Why did they lose friends? Why were they unsuccessful in this business? Yet it has been proven people have become rich through MLM. The only reason why friendships and relationships could break is when a person joins into this business and having a sole mind set of only making money they only think they need to bring or “recruit” as many people as they can and by this they’re only seeing dollar signs on everyone’s faces. They keep pressuring their friends and family to join and in some cases use bribery, such as “if you’re my friend then join”. Their actions are of their own faults, am I right? A MLM business does not teach them all to break families, if they do, then my research has been incorrect. So ask yourselves honestly, whose fault is it. The same person could join any business and for the same reasons have the same outcome. Why people in this business keep pressuring friends to join until their friendship is destroyed is beyond my understanding.

For all those who don’t understand what a business is, any business requires you to put out a sum of money, if you open a McDonald’s or 7-11 store you would still need hundred’s of thousands of dollars to begin, and your return on investment is over a few years before you start to profit. If your friend open’s a restaurant and asks you to be partners with him in this business, you would still need to put out a percentage to be partners. For any business that does not need you to contribute money is not your business. It’s someone else’s and therefore you have no say and you are only working for someone else. Your income is set, and if you’re the type of person to be in debt all the time, then nothing will save you. DCHL is a business; you need to work hard to earn money. For instance, this person I know joined DCHL six months ago; he borrowed money from the bank and within 4 months repaid all debt and earned his first few thousand dollars. By the end of next year, his income earning will be over a hundred thousand dollars and he’s only eighteen. So who scammed him? And who is he scamming now if the process he went through is exactly what everyone after and before him will go through as well? From what I have researched, the people who fail in this business are the people who give up, the people who find it to hard to endure because it’s not an easy business.
This business is not about joining to make money instantly, it’s about hard work being payed off. Having said this, I must point out as well how a person succeeds here will also depend on which MLM. AMWAY for instance I found is rather unfair, taking the larger percentage of a sale commission but there are other company’s such as DCHL who only takes 31% of sales and that is the lowest profit a company could take, 30% is to maintain a business meaning that if a business takes 29% of profit it could not sustain itself and result in the businesses collapse. That’s rather fair of DCHL. It’s a matter of whether the company are being fair to the people distributing the product. AMWAY is far from fair to the people, but still it does not make them scammers either. They put out a business opportunity offer and they decide if they want to take it. That’s business.

I am a person of facts and I look at all angles of a situation, so by telling me that a friend broke their bonds does not justify to me it is the result of MLM.
I decided to write this post after every post I read is just saying that MLM, DCHL scam, liars etc. but no one could really say why or what the company is doing to scam people. So what are they doing, what do they say? I’d really like to know, please tell me.

When you don’t make money from a business is not due to the company. I know a person at eighteen years old making more money at his age than anyone his age ever could. There is no pyramid scheme; if everyone has the same opportunity to benefit what the person at the top of the chain can benefit, then why is it a scheme? The person on top makes money from the people on the bottom, but the person on the bottom makes money from the people on the bottom. However, the person on the bottom has no one, you say right? That’s because he just joined into the business and need to start making he’s own network. What if there’s no one left to join? That’s theoretically impossible, unless the world runs out of people or women stop giving birth. If you ask me, there’s more of a pyramid scheme in every other traditional businesses out there: the boss is on top of the pyramid and you’re stuck at the bottom helping him make money and earning less than 1% of he’s income.

Who has been in DCHL long enough to say that this business are scams with evidence?
How has SYN caused people to be deeper in debt? I have seen DCHL’s market plan and there does not seem to be a feasible way that they could become deeper in debt, (remember what a business means) perhaps the person started gambling and lost all he’s money.

There is no where on the internet I can find that there is a ground argument for MLM being scam. Many sites I have seen shows references to their arguments but their references I check go to another site where there is still no real legitimate publication, meaning it’s just another person writing their own thoughts. So where is all this controversy going?

Research does not just comprise of internet searchings, also use you’re intelligence to analyse a situation. I admire everyone’s efforts to help each others, but it’s disappointing to see that the people here have failed to use their wisdom to seek truth out of something; rather they just talk what they hear, write what they think.

So after writing all this, what is the conclusion drawn?
Please, tell me and everyone else out there where the problem here really is.
Thank you.


9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not an anti DCHL. but i just do not agree with them becoz the thing they promote is not to sell the product but instead recruiting people. They earn money through other ppls hard earn money. how unethical is that? Ppl who have already make it on the top will continuously earn money from newly joined member but ppl those who have joined... yeah... u can be like them but i feel its quite deceitful. i asked myself if i join what will i get, (the products which will not worth the amt u have invested), thats it. What will you get after that. NOTHING. compared if we invest in mutual funds or insurance...we will get something in return.
i went to their office a couple of times and this man explained to me a their marketing plan.. he asked me whether am i worry that the business will not last... so i just say yes and see what has he gotta say... he said i do not have to worry even if there is no downline/upline they will still be retail( sale of product) so the business won't collapes so easily. haha... earlier the guy said they focus on recruiting ppl and not the sale of product and now they're saying another thing. they themselves are not firm with wat they say. how can we fully trust them. anyways i'm not saying that DCHL's actities is wrong just that ppl that join them must be responsible for their own action. Do not blame others for your own action and think carefully before taking any. Direct sales is not the only way you can earn money. there are other ways where we can earn money(financial freedom awa personal freedom) with greater satisfaction.


5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I hope you don’t all misunderstand by my post a few weeks back that I am trying to encourage every one to join a multi-level market. All I wanted was to point out facts so that concerned people out there don’t follow blindly to what they don’t understand.
As a businessman myself, I can understand where people’s beliefs are coming from. However, to clear some misconceptions by TY I would like to say firstly that DCHL does not need to promote selling the product because the beauty of the business is people do not need to go around knocking on doors, or operate street stands to sell these products. As I have noted previously, a business requires the business owner to contribute capital – that is money to begin the business.

In response to TY’s comment on ethics; DCHL is not an investment plan, it is a business, and hence, you need to do something out. You can’t compare it with mutual funds or insurance (insurance doesn’t make you money). What business out there doesn’t earn money from other’s “hard earned” money? And there is nothing fair about that either. For instance, the can of cola only costed the company 1/10th of what you purchased it at. So why do people still purchase it?

DCHL is not a charity to help the poor; it is a business. However, it has the opportunity to help people out of life long financial struggles, hence, finding financial freedom. That is if the person understands the meaning of business. How could someone start a business and just do nothing and expect to earn money?

DCHL is a business of building networks where the product in this market is of utmost importance. A bad product, no one will buy, not even the people within the business. Do some more research on what the product DCHL is. It is 100% French product, not made in China, a product with history.

The business requires the success of people at the bottom, but the people at the bottom will eventually be the top of their own pyramid. Tell me, why do you keep looking at how much the person on top makes? The people on top makes a couple million dollars a year and you just joined, looking at those figures asking why you’re not earning that much. The answer is simple. The people on top have been in this business long enough and worked hard enough so the hard work and time is paid off. Isn’t that what we all look for at the end of the day?

The difference between being poor and being rich in the real world: Poor people are always scared and pessimistic about everything, where rich people are not afraid to take risks if there are possible chances of success. Poor people complain about a situation they’re in or have gotten themselves in to, rich and successful people find solutions and answers for success in times of hardship. Poor people don’t have business minds they don’t see opportunities, rich people see opportunities and grasp on to it. Poor people follow the 97% of other poor people in the world; rich and wealthy people go the other way and follow the only 3% of the world’s wealthy people.

Once again, I am not telling people to do MLM’s or join DCHL businesses. If you are thinking of this path, it is wise if you do enough research about the business: the product, the marketing plan, the culture of the business, and even history. Also, talk to successful and unsuccessful people who have done or doing the business. I advise self research because like many people here have commented about, the people in the business “scare” others away with persistency. The business is not like that, and the people are just unlucky to come across a business man offering the opportunity in that manner. Don’t let one bad egg ruin the dozen.

DCHL is not about direct sales, nor is it about recruitment. It’s a combination of different factors which makes it so successful. It is not the only way to make money, true of that. However, if there are better ways, let me know.

After my research on this business I have begun a business partnership with DCHL, with confidence and now I know why no one successful in MLM ever debates online, they have results for themselves and time is too valuable to be wasted arguing on websites.

I don’t plan to return to this site so may you all find your way to financial freedom and not just being a sheep following the pack. Take care.


4:03 AM  
Anonymous ZypO said...

Well, what i can say is its all about the "Rumors". My mother say ah,her friend lost RM30k.My father say ah, his auntie grandma bla bla get cheated..Well,why dun u try it by urself. Scare get cheated?well dun invest RM30k at all, u still can be success..Investment is a short cut for u the be in a good position only.If u dun invest, u still can be in a good position also but it takes time depends on how hardworking u are. My advice, Try first dun Invest til RM30k and don't complain long as u dont goyang kaki u can do it in a good way.. See how does it work.about those LB people who break relationship with their own friends i think it is a stupid way of them doing that.well,money is everything.This is the way business roll..don't just heard from the "RUMORS".Just my 2 cents.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous zuco6933 said...

i see some of the comment posted here decorate the lampe berger very nicely..

~ DCHL is not about direct sales, nor is it about recruitment. It’s a combination of different factors which makes it so successful. It is not the only way to make money, true of that. However, if there are better ways, let me know.~

haha..yaya..u r right..
DCHL is not direct selling..
but instead it is personal selling where aim at 'must be success' in corrupt ppl to join the business.
am i right??

direct selling is only a short term and it is also dun care the audience feedback..for instance, they come approach u and intro the product that it..

personal selling on the other hand, they will continuity to come and approach u even u reject them..

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's difficult to understand what you are trying to say when you can't write English properly.

To whomever it concerns,

Still, there is no evidence that is posted anywhere on this website and on any page that suggests in anyway that DCHL is flawed! Period!

However, there are plenty of reasons for people here claiming that they've been "scammed" and "cheated".
- Because they didn't make any money!

Well I'm sorry to say that I've been in this business for nearly one and a half months and I've made quite a substantial amount of cash-flow. That is why we are in this business, right?
So, did I ruin my friendships? on the contrary, no. In-fact, I speak the truth when I tell you they even thanked me for bringing them in, for they don't know what they would've done without this business.

To remind everyone again, DCHL is a business. It's not share's or bonds, it's not investment property, and it's certainly not a CLUB because it seems that that is what everyone here keeps portraying it to be.

Before anyone posts negatively about DCHL again, please do research on WHAT a business is, the definition of SCAM and by all means, do research on the culture and principles of DCHL, and if after that you still aren't satisfied do a little history check on the products Lampe Berger, Estebel and Ed Pinaud. Perhaps after that you might realize the reason you failed in this business, or why you are poor.

It just seams that you all still view that business is something you plant money in and hope it'll grow into a big money tree without effort. It's business!

I'd like to get everyone to think about this point here;
Every negative post on the web about network marketing, who has the facts to say it does not work? Who has the facts to declare it is unethical? who has the facts to claim it's a scam? who are these people making the claims and with what experience in network marketing do they base these sad assumptions upon?

No body! Yet if you we're to ask me, does DCHL work? I would answer sincerely, Yes. Because I am in this business for 1 and a half months and I have made a fair bit of money, enough to stop working. It did not come over night, I had training, I learnt quickly and I built a network beneath me quickly, so in a few years time I have the leverage in this business to retire already.

It's a sad thought that people have failed in network marketing, indeed. Despite that, it's an even tragic thought that some people may be ruining others opportunity for financial freedom or early retirement because people who did not have what it takes to persist to achieve goals and dreams are now out there to destroy other's.

I do admire Steven Yip's intentions. However, I must say, he has far too little understanding of the business ethics, and the network marketing truth.

Just stand neutral when you read people's posts and testimonies, and you will come to understand what I understand before I joined the business. In the end, life is yours, future is yours. It's up to you to take up or let slide opportunities.

I'd like to also add another event that happened 2 days ago, I had a close friend who joined this business recently, and she had a close friend whom I didn't know but wanted me to come out to talk to her close friend about this business because he has been in 3 or 4 other network marketing companies and failed resulting in losing quite a lot of money. He agreed to come out to hear about DCHL though he was highly negative and against network marketing. We discussed where he had failed, why, his companies flaws and then we went on to compare with DCHL. I did not lie to him. I did not manipulate him, and I even told him before hand that I am not going to talk you into doing this business, just sharing what I do. After all that, now he's considering joining the business.

There are over 500,000 DCHL distributors world-wide. Here we only have a hand full of people claiming it's all lies and cheats, and still they have no evidence or support besides saying that "they took from me RMB 30k".

I'd like to be honest in what I am thinking, that apart of me just can't help but understand why these people weren't successful in making money in this business. Even from these posts it's clear these people's minds are so narrow and set inside a box that they believe the business is corrupt, unfair and "evil" because they are the ones who didn't make money, despite other people (such as myself, member since late November) making enough to know what I am talking about. All simply because I understand business, I understand network marketing, and I use my brain.

A brief background of me, I am a devote Catholic, I don't believe in scams, cheating nor lying for my own benefit. I do this business to help my family, friends, and to one day help people in need.

Steven Yip, my dear friend, I just urge you to do your research, and also ask your brother the reason he didn't make any sales. My opinion is that he lacked the experience of talking about business to people and didn't bother learning it, or was just lazy. You don't need business background to succeed here. I didn't, I just went out and learnt it all. Well, here I am now, with my friends also succeeding in this business.

Please, don't destroy other people's opportunity to make dreams reality. Also, stop embarrassing yourself because over 100,000 people have seen your petition, and out of those 100,000 how many are from the 500,000+ in DCHL who know that you have no clue what you are talking about.

The opportunity is there, and it is up to the people to take it up and do something about. Fail or succeed, it’s their responsibility, not the companies. Why, because this is your own business and I for one is doing well.

*If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t say anything.

DCHL member for less than two months and doing well
without destroying family and friends!)

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After read abt anti LB, im so unhappy y people so anti abt LB. Coz i use LB was very effective. U all said anti LB, y? U all really really use this product? If u all think LB can cheat people, u all can report police. U all have evidence?I feel so joke, how LB can cheat people? LB juz a product. If said LB can cheat people, y u all dun said is 'people'? This is my personal comment only, u all can dun accept.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Ivy said...

Hi, im LB member. I think u miss understanding abt this company, product & SYN team. I dun know y u said like that, but u said LB always cheat people, how? Did u can tell me? If u said LB really really cheat people, y u dun report police??? I dun know LB how 2 cheat people, LB juz a product only. So joke.. U said we dun told people abt RZ corporation, do u know y in M'sia we dun use DCHL this name? Rite, u said SYN is very big team in Asia. But u ever use LB o not? If u have evidence, pls report police. But if not, pls dun online type abt this nonsense. If u think 无聊 , u can find got meaning things to do. Im very unhappy u said like this. This is my personal comment, pls dun mind. But if u feel dislike, u can email 2 tell me. Tq.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous mick said...

i from Elken!!i no agree what you say!?if you dun like dun join. For me all MLM product is good but depend which you choose! be open minded.let's say if you want go toilet ,but you must pay for 20cents ; lucky you go in so dirty , some more no water and toilet paper. after you use it but you keep complaint..but want refund! can?? the cleaner wil say: fuck you!if you can take back all you shit then i wil refund to you.. same concept dun because you unhappy or what. keep attack MLM or direct sale." NOBBODY CAN FORCE"

10:04 PM  
Anonymous The Taj said...

I do know...i just saw alot of ppl success in MLM industry not Lampe Berger fact...most of the Wealth ppl suggest to join MLM if u wanna get success faster...I'm not anti Lampe Berger or pro Lampe Berger...wut i saw is...most work must have alotsa hardwork...if u not work hard...of course u will collapse...either it is conventional business or MLM business..wake u ppl... dun because of this kind of thing u wanna blame it to that thing....conventional business also using alotsa money...u also have to credit to bank or loan to bank....if u cannot succes also in conventional business...and u hafta to pay debts to the bank...would u say it as a scam also??? THINK WISE....

8:20 PM  
Blogger Yong Yi said...

You can't even get your facts straight Steven Yip, you fool!

Nice job in ruining hundreds and thousands of lives by creating this thoughtless and negative blog site!

My family was saved out of high debts where we were on the verge of living on the streets! Thanks to DCHL my family is now saved and at least living a normal life and earning a lot of money. Who's lives have we ruined? No one. Who's family have we broken? No one. Who's friendships have we destroyed? No one. Who have we scammed? no one! Who have we helped? plenty of people, people in the same situation as us.

You fool. You want to be a savior but instead you're destroying people CHANCES of achieving financial freedom and success. People who can't think for themselves and believe what they listen to are so ignorant I feel so sorry for them.

If you want to do everyone a good favor, at least do your research into what's fact, truth, and business ethics.

Steven Yip, I despise you.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous someone said...

well.. I'm a student. 20 yrs old, I've actually met some frens from DCHL, dunno consider as frens or not. They are friendly also.. They wanted me to join the DCHL, and the one thing that I'm not really happy about is, they're very demanding in payin the members fees. It's like RM2,500 ~ it's a big deal to me u know, they din even consider my situation before asking me to pay. I was like WTF, they din tell me at the begining it was TAT much! If it was RM100, I give them la.. juz to make them shut up! not to say I'm rich or watever la..

They invited me along to their RnR last sat, I'm from S'pore we hav to wake up at 5.30am to meet up at JB so we can go to KL, Bukit Jalil together. It's a waste of money..nothing to see. Jz a few recognition, and I've to dragged my hubby with me, and he was so pissed off. He said I paid RM50 just for this...?? (****) ok... and they din even consider our situation, and ask us to pay 50 bucks ~~ it wasnt big, but to me! that was hell BIG! I mean come on is a sensitive topic everyones know tat, especially for me, a student leh. Althou my hubby is working but still not enough to feed us too.. so fuck up man.

DCHL. make frens can la. Go learn some new things, refresh ur mind, but honestly speaking, if really wanna invest ah.. aihzz..I also dunno how to say. Need money, for someone as "broke" as me... die la. Btw,they all think I'm very rich, can study in S'pore doesn't mean ur rich u know. Damn those ppl trying to stereotype me!!

Nvr again I'm gonna attend those RR or MM or II .. I don care la! Anything involved in money don ask me go dy.. so pissed off! hahaha~

No offence to anyone but that's my true feeling la ho.. whether it's a scam or not up to u guys to think. If u think it's worth then go lo.. if not then stop it lo. They are frenly ppl, but I'm not rich, cannot go in and mix around with them la.. thats all!

6:40 PM  
Anonymous someone said...

ya.. think I shud stop hanging out with them. And f***..I've dumped a few hundrends in already!!!

Bullshit.. hahahahhaha >.<

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no such "free lunch" concept in any effort to make your money grow. The growth of your investment will depend on your effort. even if you want to win in any contest, you must work towards it. So do not blame others when you did not make it or succeed! Even though I am not a DCHL members, but I have been in other MLM before. The basic foundation is still - understand the business concept and go towards your target.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


it's a valentine day..everyone is keep reading n feel curios..everyone still doesnt know whAT is business..and what a role of a businessman/businesswoman..everyone keep asking to others what is businessman/businesswoman,but they ask the wrong people,which is are not into business..thinks..blur...

today's valentine...
and everyone keep reading n makan one of thinking to take a sell off make business today...taking risk because no one will buy...that's the risk of business..scared...scared...but keep scared without trying..


8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who just shout out "scam! scam!" are just scamming themselves, their friends, and everyone around. Because they don't even understand what is going on. Get the full research and understanding.

MLM is an opportunity! Not a given success.

For those who haven't thought about their future, do you want to work until your 60 - 70 or 80 before you retire? Do you want to work under a boss for the rest of your life struggling to pay bills and the mortgage loan or rent? Do you have dreams and desires of doing things you want before you grow too old?? Do you want to spend time with your loved ones instead of working day and night without vacation?

I've thought about all this, which is why i started out investments when i was young. DCHL is one of them, and it's proven to be my best investment yet.

Is it a scam? Well I'll tell you all this.. my investments all made back and now enjoying four figures a month income. Do you think i got scammed?

Is it unethical? I'm making money through this business.. I shared this opportunity with my friends and now they all make money with me too.. Imagine if I kept this from them.. I wouldn't think they would like me very much today. Except I shared with them what i believed was a good OPPORTUNITY and i let them decide for themselves. Some joined some didn't, we're all still good friends. Then again, my friends who didn't join are struggling and need our financial help now.. sigh

It is an OPPORTUNITY to create a passive income. You don't just put money in and sit back and hope it'll make money out of nothing. I worked hard in the beginning. I didn't give up when i felt like it was difficult. Now i'm happier than ever with my family and friends enjoying life together. We don't have a boss, no manager no one to tell us what we have to do just to pay the bills. Life is great.

Why won't you sleep at night? I sleep so good because i know I am helping others not just for financial freedom, but also TIME freedom. Time is more valuable than money. I want to spend a lot of time with my family and loved ones. Having a job that requires 8am to 7pm is not something I want for my future.

People invest into the business hoping for the same thing. They will work hard to achieve this. DCHL hasn't lied to me. I am achieving my dreams of success.
I can't be skeptical my whole life. I need to take a chance. So now i have not even looked back.

So again, I am making money here. I have shared it with my friends this opportunity, and they are now too making money (some still making back their investments). I help others in the business and I don't force anyone to do this against their will. I hope I am still ethical.

It doesn't matter what others tell you, think for it yourself.
Scam? I can be your answer.
And it is only ethical to share what's good with others.

This is just my opinion of what a unethical scam is.
Think about it..

Hope you all take care


8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor thing man.... investigate whether LB or DCHL are cheaters? The more you investigate, the more stronger they stand. The Star newspaper has chosen SYN to join venture with them to launch individual video broadcasting- synfm. and it's soon gonna go international. Looks like more victims are gonna be brain washed rite...? Poor thing. Are the star and our government blind? Liers don't last. But only true business are able to withstand the opposition. The more you pressure the diamond, the more it shines.

Ask Warren Buffet, if he knows that it's proven tat coca cola harm the health of human being, but still it is the top brand amongst carbonate drinks. Ask Ray croc, if he knows australia has launched a programme, talking about how harmful it is McDonald to the health of their people, causing cancer and overweight, etc.... but still they are the top brand among fast food industry.

Haven't you guys read about the book called 'The Secret'? The more you resist sth, the more you anti sth, the more they persist bcos you hv focus too much energy on it. I guess SYN really have to thank you guys for anti-ing them for it is you guys who help to advertise them and make them stronger.

If you guys are smarter, maybe you can stop anti-ing them and allow them to collapse themselves. Or... if you want to do more 'charity' work for them, keep up your good works.

And i think it's a bit insulting to those whom you recognize them as 'innocent victim'. It sounds like they never carry their brains when joining the company, never had any intellectual sense nor analytical ability to make their decisions in life. If tat's the case, i think you guys have to protect them in every area of their life cos i doubt if they are able to protect themselves in other area of life.

Well, The best advertisement and the worse advertisement are the same, they are the strongest advertisement of all cos they made ppl remember them.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, steven yip, you are pissed of with the business bcos it took away 32k from your family rite? I'm quite pissed off with the rain recently bcos it flooded the forest and took away around half a million from my family due to not being able to finish up the contract work for company agriculture department. could you please set up a website to help me anti- heaven? thanks.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We want this business to be investigated by authorities, and to take full action."


2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... d' way... i don't care if u (d' blog owner) didn't want to publish my'll proof that u are scared to tell people that it's true bizness..if not, how come i turn out to be a successful bizness partner in SYN..? :p

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Terence Loh, Malaysia.
Getting rich by not selling anything? ..."
errr.....hello???.....u have no idea wut u r talking about...u have no idea 'bout dis sorry.....soooooo saaaaadddd.....

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has everyone lost the plot of 'what is a true business'??

Business' have product. Does LB have product? yes, French luxury products which are recognized with brands such as louis vuitton, christian dior, prada, gucci etc..
Products called Lampe Berger 1897, Estebel 1833, Ed Pinaud 1830..
(For those who did not know, the business is DCHL, not Lampe Berger. Lampe Berger is the product. Steven Yip didn't even know this.

Business' needs repeated sales. Does LB have repeated sales? yes, Essential oils, cosmetics etc. Refer to marketing plan

Business' have marketing plans. Refer to the marketing plan. Check it out and see if the calculations make sense to you. Does where the money come from make sense? (i.e why you can earn 4, 5, 6 figures a month)

Business' have initial capitals. LB or DCHL just like any other business. They all have capital investments. DCHL has one of the Lowest capital investments business' you will ever come across.

So, down to the risks. If a business allows you to have complete control of how you run the show, you can do this when ever you want. You can join and not lift a finger for an entire year (only you won't make any money) and still go back to doing the business.. then where is the risk? The initial "30k RMB" right? Well it doesn't even have to be that much. If i put in 30k RMB today and two months later i said, i can't be bothered and i stopped doing anything then why is it the business' fault? Can you answer me Steven?
I believe we are all at a mature age where we can take responsibility for our own actions and results. People out there say that they lost 30K RMB in this business, but they fail to state how long they've been in the business for and how much work they put into it.

Using myself as an example, I've been in this business for a while, yet this new "sideline" partner has only been in the business for less than a month yet he has already earned more money than me all together. Does that sound fair? I think so, why? because he put in the work to make those results.

As an employee, no matter how much work or how much time you put in you can not control the amount of money you earn. That's up to your manager or boss. Correct? Sure you can climb your way up the corporate ladder, but how far can you get? and how long will it take? and what are the risks? you might not even make it, right? So why would you still do it? Because there is a CHANCE you can make it, right?
Just like the business, there is a chance you can succeed, surely you COULD fail. But let's say that in the first 6 months, i made no money. So i continue on. 1 year of this business surely everyone has seen cashflow come in. (Provided they are still active). But if after the first 6 months you see no money, because you couldn't close anyone or just lazy how do you associate that with the company scamming you? The business is willing to pay you your commission for your efforts and results right? No results then of course there's no commission.

A business is not a job! You are not hired to work for anyone, you work for yourself. Understand this first before you continue on and you will see a lot more money come in.

Steven Yip is just some computer programmer hired by an employer,the boss of some company (A BUSINESS).
He is still at the bottom of the corporate ladder (i.e the bottom of a corporate pyramid). Steven Yip has low business knowledge (proven by himself) and he believes that everything has to be 100% risk free before it can be legit. This brings to the question of:
Why did you go to school, Steven?
Is there anyone out there who were scared of failing exams? Yet still study, right?

Everything out there is a pyramid structure. School, Work places, Recreation Clubs, everything!
You can not have more BOSS' Than employees, You can not have more Principles than Students, You can not have more coaches than basketball players, and there is always only one person sitting on the top, the CEO. One CEO earning millions a year, thousands and thousands of employees working for him earning what, 20K RMB?

Steven Yip does not understand because right now he's narrow minded. No matter how much logical reasoning i put out, he will not come to see clearly of what it is really going on. Even if i gave him full documentation of the proof this business works, he will still find some way of rebutting the facts. It is true, there are proof out there. Example, Asia Business Times Magazine has a full page article about DCHL: "creating around 300 Millionaires in 36 months".

If you understand that concept,
then why is it any different for someone to establish a business with network marketing?
Surely you start at the bottom of the pyramid, just like anyone else, but working hard pays off? But thanks to you, these business people have to work EXTRA hard to achieve their dreams. What are your dreams?

And tell everyone the truth, you have not joined LB, you were never a member and never will be. Your facts are nothing close to the truth and you don't even know the marketing plan, the products, culture or the business side. Plus, I looked you up.

Everyone I know in the business has seen your 'efforts', yet the common ground of everybody is that they all understand what's going on and have the ability to sort what is fact or fiction. The one's who join and run "losing their money" are the people who joined and see this website and without even trying at all in the business claim that it scammed them. I'm sure that if they started doing something and started building their network they too will earn money. (This goes for everybody in the entire network including the bottom lines) If this does not make sense to you, then go find out first hand how people make money in the business instead of listening to people who shoot out assumptions like scam, business ethics etc..

For most of you out there with no business background, business is not a share market, you can't just invest and do nothing.

The way i perceive Steven is someone who likes to help the world. But he does it in the wrong way. I believe that none of this would have been necessary if he just went straight to the Newspaper editors or News stations or even the Government directly to make his point. Fact is, he can't. He has no proof, no evidence, he wasn't even in the business and all he has is his mouth. It's shameful because Steven is the one who is "brain washing" people to think that the business is evil and unethical.

For instance, someone above wrote that they went out to dinner, such and such said that.. oh thank you Steven for making me aware.. who knows, if Steven didn't start this trend then that person might have started DCHL and made more money than she thought possible, living her dreams the way she hoped. Is that greed? I don't think so.
Instead, because of this site, that person now comes to believe that "YES, it is a scam because this website says so".

Or just think about it this way, DCHL was a booming business where everybody was able to make money down the track for 7 years. Then the business came to Malaysia, and Steven Yip started the website. Now more and more people think this business is scam and negative all for what reason? These people don't have a clue what the truth is. I know this because some people i know were the same. They were so happy they saw this business, the knew they had to work hard in it, but once they saw this website, they were scared out of their minds and decided that working for the rest of their lives would be the better option - because they would be SURE not to lose 30K RMB. Well that's fine with me, but they gave up a chance to earn much more than that, plus retiring early to do what they love and enjoy. (i did mention a CHANCE, right?)
I'm sure Steven Yip is already doing what he enjoys. Making his opinion heard.. Just look at the toll way blog he started, and the work place to let everyone know how the work place is. This is the kind of person you guys want to follow?
I prefer to follow successful people, not him.

Have you wondered why no one spoke out before Steven Yip started this website and what was happening before it came to Malaysia? Why people in other countries are all fine with the business besides Malaysia? Wondered WHY Steven Yip is so passionate about "anti-Lampe Berger" when he has not even joined the business? Why you know nothing about him, yet you still feel that everything he says is right? Wondered WHY he is someone everyone "should be" proud of yet he discloses he face so he won't be recognized?

I do hope you people have the intelligence to differentiate what is fact and fiction.

I think you seek popularity and attention. That is why he has this toll way evasion blog and a blog about the place he works at.
This website, "" should be enough point for you all to realize how serious this man actually is.

I'm not the one starting this fight between the two parties. So do you need to know me, i don't think so. However, i do wish to meet you Steven Yip.

Don't be ignorant, naive and clueless.

By the way Steven, your English really sucks for someone trying to lead this vendetta.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven Yip blocks positive blogs on this site now. So what you read is only one sided.

Go here instead

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously man..wts wrong wif u people ? are u guys jealous of da ppl in DCHL ? get a life? who told u working at DCHL is easy earned money ? ASS la ! i sacrifice alot of time to b successfull .. use ur brains people .. tis is wt ? 2008 man ! y are u all stil in the 1980's? dumb ass..when sumthg is not good ..u totaly go sceptical about it when its good..u guys go n say its 2 hard 2 believe ? all also u all say la..good oso wrong bad oso wrong .. If it will colapsed.. it already did ! but we are stil standing .. so get a grip ppl..get real .. hard feeling

11:14 AM  
Blogger yusof said...

Now their strategy is to bring the underage to attend the gathering, especially the SPM students who just received their results. The underages are supposed to persuade their parents to sign up on their behalf and later to commit the capital in the name of love. Why they have to go so low and my daughter is one of them.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dunno to wat to say anymore la,it gives me eyeaches 2 read all diz stuff. For da laz 2 days ago, my friend invites me 2 join diz biznez. I even went 4 a 2nd time 2 know very clearly wat diz biznez is all about. Then I told him to wait for a day. Later on, I quickly went online n check whether diz DCHL or SYN is legal or not. 1st I stumble wif diz blog. I've read so many complaints and I suddenly got scared whether I'm about to be cheated. So da nex thing I've gone to is KPDN. FIY, there is a list of all legal MLM there, n guess wat? DCHL is LEGAL though. If u all sayin' dat, this biznez is a scam, why does da government don't do anything wif it? Man, come on. Grow up will ya? After some logical thinking going on in my head and all the analyzing skill I manage to use, I've decided to join diz biznez. I dunno wat might waiting for me in the future if diz biznez. Is it Success or Failure? I dun care. As far as I'm concern, I'm willin' 2 take dat risk though. In biznez of coz there is a risk, as long as you know how to counter and handle it wif care. So, I hope u all stay tuned wif diz blog and see u again in diz 7 months of trial to see whether I'm being cheated or I gain success. Wish me LUCK k?

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it's not a scam...
maybe some people said it's useless but for some people it's a chance for turn they life to be better...'s the way to do wat's ur trust...ok

12:33 AM  
Blogger Aidil said...

Harga minyak naik...

gaji tak naik naik...


dchl is one of the channel one could take to overcome challenges like the one we are facing right now... which is harga minyak naik...

other mlm also can do no problem... it just needs hard work and honesty... same goes to dchl and other mlm based companies...

on the issue of big money involved in dchl... thing is it's ok to invest from step 1 which is the distributor level...just that it'll take much time to reach higher levels..

i for one believe that for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in this world.. focus your energy on positive things..

mother theresa once said,
"If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a Pro-Peace rally invite me."

notice that when you're anti one thing... you're creating more of it... for example..being anti-war brings more war..

being anti lamp berger brings in more lamp berger... is that what you want? :)

how about presenting some alternative way in your blog about how to make more money... :D

spread some love...


2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DCHL is not illegal, I dont blame anyone 4 thinking its a scam coz there are some idiots out there using this method to cheat money. If used properly, this method of marketing can help the company and its investors, greatly.

DCHL has established its network in taiwan, malay, hk, japan and thailand just to name afew Asian countries and now reaching out to Australia.

I'm from the Australian Branch and have attended DCHL meetings and soon to be a member.

PLEASE THINK about this... if it was illegal wouldnt the authorities have stopped it by now? Don't you find it weird how after 15 yrs DCHL is still expanding? And wouldnt new countries have to analysis the companies records before allowing them to proceed?

DCHL is a great opportunity for many. It has great potential and if you are interested then I suggest you go and check it out yourself, instead of reading and listening to what other people say.
Its always better to understand the plan yourself then take someone elses perspective. When my frined introduced me to this opportunity, I told him it was stupid and lame, OBVIOUSLY a scam, but after sitting down and understanding its structure and methods, this really is a great opportunity. It also made me understand why people have quit their high paying jobs ($AUD95,000 - $AUD120,000) to focus on this investment.

And in regards to Lampe Berger? Its a simple air purifer. Cleans the air from negative particles, I currently use one in my room cause I smoke and the air maintains it's crystal clear, odourless.

DCHL is not here to scam, the only time you feel cheated is if you invest in with them and don't follow or put in the effort to move up the ladder. If that is the case there is only yourself to blame, don't go around posting on the net claiming you've been cheated- grow up and take responsibility for your own matters.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I write for my brother-in-law.he was just back from HongKong yesterday.He went to HK because his friends when there and join in a party that called:DCHL(digital crown holdings limited).They sell Lampe Berger,Estebel and wine,etc.their only way to persuade people to join in their party is "joining meetings".
Luckily,my brother-in-law didn't join them,coz he knew their company was untrue,and they were not selling the products,but selling their way of operation.But his two friends were not as smart as him.they quit their job and take their wives to HK,keeping calling their friend to join in their party and do nothing.They don't believe my brother-in-law at all.I scencerely hope they can aware of their floolish soon.
I want to say,this kind of company are cheating those people who want to earn money at once,you can avoid to be cheated as long as you are knowing what you are doing and is it reasonable.You get pay unless you work.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous starscreameor said...

I LOST my friends because of DCHL. They are cheated & now trying to cheat other people..I almost trapped into this stupid business..DCHL/SYN/LB ruins families n friendship!
Luckily coz of them i have a great job now..thanx guys!haha..
Now it's time to see my friends own a sport car like they said!
keep trying guys!good luck! :D

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy, malaysia

i wanna share some of my situations and opinions here about the LB and i hope some of u can giv me advise/opinion. i am a fresh graduate in electronics engineering, n been looking for job for almost 2 months, and thank god i found 1 oredi in kl. i am from northern region, and b4 i got this job, i've been staying in kl for few weeks to hunt for jobs and attend interviews. i hav contacted one of my fren here (a LB member), which we r very good buddies from the same hometown. when i contacted him, he seems like very happy that im in kl and ask me to hang out with him.

after i went out with him at a location in kl, then only i know that the location is their business port. he intoduced all his frens (LB members) there to me, n i found tat all of them r so friendly n easy going, because they hav to be like tat in the business as u know. but ok, my fren hav no intention to introduce the business to me. it was me who ask him about the business because i knew abt this LB because my uni fren approached me few years back. im not the person who is like, 'direct sales? make big money? FUCK OFF!'. no, im very rasional ppl and tat is y i ask my fren wat he can say abt the business to me. i really wanna know abt the business, evaluate the potential of it. my fren said tat he shocked when i asked him abt the business cos he has no intention to chat with me abt the business, tats y he n me drink at the different spot from their business port. so at last, he began introducing the business to me, or i can say, 'brainwashing', by saying the future will be hard us to survive if we r just an employee, wat i can do to earn big money....bla bla bla.

i can accept his words, bcos actually the thing they say is true, or could b true, but the thing im really feel uncomfortable is when i ask sumthing abt the business (which i wan the answer of YES/NO), he wont directly answer me. he will talk and talk and talk (maksud tersirat all inside the words), n at last i dunno the answer to my ques is yes or no. all the time i ask ques is like tat. and anotehr thing, his upline (a marquis i think), took my number and always ask me wat i do tomolo, am i free, wanna go out hav fun or not, play bowling...bla bla bla. it's like he's trying to dig out my free times and thus invite me out.

actually, the first day i chat wif my fren abt this LB, i really interested to join, but i hav no capital for now. my fren said, 'if u wanna join, there's no excuse, there's always a solution'. ok, forget abt that. since im a fresh grad, wat i think for now is work 1st, gain experience first, bcos tats wat working industry is all about rite. n i think after i work and got savings, then mayb i will join LB/DCHL. bcos i see potential in the business (i admit that they succeed in brainwashing me), but im not brainwashed totally. i still stick to my thoughts earlier.

after that, my fren ask me, 'do u really interested to join us? actually if yes, y not join now? y wanna waste ur time working? working earns less income and boring life. c our lifes here, sitting having coffee every nite, no boss-attached, free to work or holiday anytime.' then i said that after i got savings only i will join.

it means actually im really going to join this LB oredi when i got savings, until when i found this blog. tats y i said that im a rational guy, not easy being brainwashed. that is y i do some research on this business in the internet. i can say tat b4 i found this blog, my percentage of joining this LB is 90%, but now i think it reduced to 40% only. bcos b4 this, i really always think wanna bcome rich someday, as fast as possible, and i realize that bcoming an employee is really hard to get rich. nowadays, only business can make u rich rite.thats a fact, i admit it. but now i really pening, since there are so many negative comments on LB, there are still pros n cons i can c here though.

tat is y i hope some of u can giv me some comment or advise here. tq

2:09 PM  
Blogger Wee Chee said...

Chew Wee Chee, Malaysia

I am very happy to see this blogs! I will support this petition all the way.
Let's us make things clear here. The motion is to against the system (just like it mentioned in others opinion), not product. But, because the name Lampe Berger is representing the whole organization, so it has involved many parties. Therefore, we are specifically mentioned DCHL or SYN as the culprits to all the people who are sufferings.
Along the time, we have seen in newspaper (in whatever languages) reported that this organization has cause a lot of trouble to the social ill. More and more people fall into this trap and it's still happening. I hope this petition will put all these into an end!
I have read the debate between Steven Yip and Francis. The ironic thing is Francis comments is always longer than our friend - Steven Yip. IF THING IS RIGHT, SHORT EXPLANATION WILL DO. Look at the defensive messages from Francis, other people is wrong and be blamed because they quit, they decided to loss in the business willingly. But for him, "I am still here! I am making money!"
In the corporate world, there is sense of helping each other company to do business. But, in Francis case, there is no such thing. He or the team help only the person got money.
Actually, many of us have come across about this issue. For people who suffering know what is it like. DCHL is claming they are doing business and we come in willingly (nobody force you to join). So, if you suffer because you give up half way, that's is your fault. Having say that, DCHL is right. Why are we so stupid to join this network marketing? We lost money, we have ourselve to be blamed, not them. Am I right, DCHL/SYN/Francis?
If that is the case, this petition comes in at the right timing! It is because DCHL/SYN/Francis cannot help us because they are denying that they are the trouble-maker, WE HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER! We have to help ourselves! We have to show them that they are the EVILS and we are the VICTIMS. I have PROVE and I am sure others would also have.
When times come, God will speak! It is so obvious that they are causing many people to be debts. Still, they want to deny it! If 1 or 2 or even 10 people say, you can say we are lying. What about now? After years, hundred and hundred people are in debts.
Think about it my friends! Consider our advice before you join DCHL.

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sape yg rase kena tipu sebab korang bodoh tak reti nak buat biznez mlm..
org lain boleh kaye raye jadi duke, asal korang muflis plak? tu namenye korang bodoh.. nak salahkan product plak.. diri sendiri yg pemalas.. gune otak sikit ar wei.. ade ke org malas yg berjaye???

12:23 AM  
Blogger said...

Pengarah Urusan
RZ Corporation Sdn Bhd



Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

Daripada maklumat dan aduan yang diterima, didapati bahawa sebahagian ahli syarikat mempromosi serta menjalankan pelan pemasaran yang berbentuk head-hunting dan pembelian lot/pangkat/pukal dan ianya merupakan salah satu daripada ciri2 skim piramid yang mana pemberian bonus adalah bukannya berdasarkan pembelian barang, tetapi atas dasar pencarian orang yang akan diminta untuk membuat perkara yang sama (repetition action).

Berdasarkan maklumat yang dinyatakan diatas, adalah didapati bahawa syarikat tuan telah melanggar seksyen 7(1) akta jualan langsung 1993 yang menyebut bahawa “walau apa pun seksyen 6, tiada lesen boleh diberikan kepada seseorang yang berniat untuk menjalankan perniagaan jualan langsung yang melibatkan apa2 skim atau perkiraan baji penjualan atau pengedaran barang atau perkhimatan yang menurutnya orang itu, dengan mendapat suatu balasan memperoleh peluang untuk menerima suatu faedah wang yang tidak bergantung pada jumlah atau kuantiti barang atau perkhidmatan yang dijual atau diedarkan atau yang akan dijual atau diedarkan bagi maksud menjualnya semula tetapi yang diasaskan, pada apa-apa takat, pada dorongan yang di berikan, olehnye sendiri atau orang2 lain, supaya orang2 lain turut menyertai skim perkiraan sedemikian”

Sehubung dengan itu, di bawah seksyen 8(1) akta jualan langsung 1993, pengawal jualan langsung boleh membatalkan sesuatu lesen yang diberikan di bawah seksyen 6 jika dia berpuas hati bahawa :-

a. pemegang lesen itu telah gagal mematuhi apa2 obligasi yang dikenakan ke atasnya oleh atau dibawah akta ini atau peraturan2;

b. pemegang lesen itu telah melanggar apa2 syarat yang dikenakan di bawah lesen itu, atau apa2 peruntukan lain lesen itu, atau apa2 peruntukan akta ini atau peraturan2, tanpa mengira bahawa tidak ada pendakwaan bagi kesalahan berkenaan dengan pelanggaran itu;

c. pemegang lesen atau mana2 orang yang telah menjadi atau akan menjadi pengarah,pengurus,su tau pegawai serupa itu yag lain dalam pemegang lesen itu telah, sama ada berkaitan dengan pemohon bagi memberikan maklumat yang palsu, mngelirukan atau tak tepat kepada pengawal;

d.kepentingan orang2 yang berurusan dengan pemegang lesen atau kepentingan pembeli2 terancam dengan ape cara sekalipun samada dengan cara pemegang lesen itu menjalankan atau bercadang hendak menjalankan perniagaan atau kerana apa2 sebab lain;

e. pemegang lesen telah berhenti menjalankan mana2 satu atau lebih bidang perniagaan yang baginya ia dilesenkan;

f. suatu kompromi atau perkiraan dengan pemiutang2 telah dibuat berkenaan dengan pemegang lesen itu;

g. seorang penerima atau pengurus perniagaan pemegang lesen itu telah dilantik; atau

h. milikan telah diambil, oleh atai pihak pemegang mana2 yang becangah gadaian, akan mana2 harta pemegang lesen itu yang terkandung dalam atau tertakluk kepada gadaikan itu.

Oleh yang demikian, tuan adalah dengan ini diminta untuk memberi representasi bertulis kepada pengawal jualan langsung dalam tempoh 14 hari daripada tarikh surat ini sepertimana yang diperuntukan di bawah seksyen 11(1) akta jualan langsung.

after a while…

RZ Corporation Sdn Bhd 931127: License cancel on 31/07/08


2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for those who r not anti-LB,
r u clever enough to say others stupid?!!... yang byk menipu bbdak cine laa (diorg nie x de pengangan agama)... mentang2 kite nie kwn dia... igt nk ajak mkn, nak blanje konon.... haprak satu sen pon dia x kluar... tibe2 bg kite ceramah la kononnyr (mase dok ceramah tue, x de pon satu ayat pasal bisness... sumenyr ttg motivasi x3) tue yg sy tertarik tue sbb igtkan program motivasi... pyelah ceramah cam aspirasi.... "semangat nyrr"... pdhal diorg kekeringan duit... tue yg smgt berkobar2 tue.. bengong....
yg sibotak tue plak, keta mewah la... blikan utk mak perdana laa... aikk x jumpe plak hang nyr keta... alasannyr keta accident... 'ye la tue'... bg motivasi smpi x igt nk solat... cam nie ke org islam?!!
Nasib baek kt nie ilang 150 jr... sbb MOTIVASI tue... "ape khabar sume?" "Baik, sgt baik, yes!" Yes kpala hotak kamu... drpd kamu dok kt sane menjerit2 yes, baek g study jer... jd sorg yg berilmu lg bagus dr dok kikis duit org laen... bg yg islam... igtlah, duit bisness cam nie ntah halal ntah x... nnt bl kite dihitung di akhirat nnt br nk menyesal ke? da trang tang tang bisness nie menipu duit org laen.. wat pe kite go on lgk? cube pikir sendiri... kalo kite nie x dpt crk downliner nie... aishh.. gelap la mase depan ek....
yang x puas ati nyr 2000++ tue la, bl saya dgr jer trus berubah muka... aikk.. mase MOTIVASI tue ckp x yah ade kekuatan kewangan laa.. nie laa... tue laa... pyela sedap ayat dia... tup tap tup tap... kena bayar 2000++ sbg modal!! giler ape... saya igt lgk "sesape yg x de dua ribu tue g la ppinjam kat org2 terdekat"... sy nk tye la pd pembaca2 sekalian... igt senang ke nk crk 2000 tue??? kalo snng sgt mintak kt family ke kwn ke... baek seumur idup kite amik duit org jer... x yah keje...btol x? igt diorg tue nk tlg ke? saya rase lpas dia amik 2000++ (utk modal la kononnyer, utk cukupkan pv) tue diorg trus blah... x de nyr nak concern psl kite..... cayelah...

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from Malaysia. For me it is upon u to make up your mind whether to join or not. I almost become a member of this MLM biz. I understood that this will need a very big commitment and i will rather spend time with my family and live my life happily. For your information, i have lost a friend when i refused to join this thing. One thing that makes me very upset is the way they brainwash people. I hate it very much!!

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'am one of 1001 of malasyian who always look out for money makin opportunisties. I'm not anti LB. I heard a lot from my friends who joined LB. They invest 2.5k -30k till they do personal loan, up to 10 credit cards. Till now, they only get "SHIT" and need to payback everything...Sorry to say, it's not LB fault, but those "slaesman" who used "shit" trick to sell their product, and give 10000000001 sweet promises, but once you joined them, you'll be left behind. This just a suggestion... there's a new mlm biz opportunity. Honestly, its apply binary system, but really practical and low start-up, only RM525. Its legal, simple marketing plan and easy to earn money... want to know more mail me at . This just a sharing

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u guys are fucking stupid..dchl is the best! dont blame the company..blame it on u..u are the one who give up in this business..fuck u steven yip..fucking losers

2:58 PM  
Anonymous TeddY said...

DCHL/SYN memang bagus...hidup SYN!!!



6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bile org nk brjaye korang bangkang?
ble iraq ngan america berperang berani ke korang turun padang? korang ingat dengan blog ni korang dapat tolong orang? mintak maaf le bebanyak...yg sebenarnya korang tu bile disuruh cocok lobang reti plak? tapi bile disuruh tengok peluang korang jadi buta bangang!
bengang? yang korang sibuk sangat nk bangkang2 korang ni dah kenape? basuh jubur sendiri pun entah bersih ke tidak? spender pun korang g hantar plak kt dobi? ape citer? pegang senapang sendiri pun tak betul? time iraq dgn america berperang ade korang hulur 1 sen? haram jadah tak pernah!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????you dont know everything??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/???????fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lost more than 20k in this pyramid MLM business. My Upline Jack Yee was using all ways to stop me from returning all the stocks that I had within the grace period. He was violencely thrightened me If I didn't listen to his "Good Advices"...I made police report after that

1:46 AM  
Blogger watever said...

eyh..kawan2 sume...tak yah bertekak blh tak..kalo ko reject pun biz ni,ape yg ko wat skrg pun da

ckup bantu family and negare ke?pasal haram ke halal ke,nape br timbul dlm soal ni,tanye diri

balik,adakah sehari2 dalam idup korang cukup solat lima waktu?maaf cakap,aku marah sgt ngn

org melayu,korang kate org cina tu nak mkn harte kitela apela,ko fhm tak mcm mane rasulullah

dhlu berniage?adakah rasulullah berniaga dgn umat seislam shj?ok,kalo btol dchl or syn didik

kitaorg jd manusia tak bergune,itu tipu,culture de sgt bgs,korang da terlibat,kalo rugi pun,jgn slhkn

syn,manusia yg bwk ko ke dlm biz ni yg bermasalah sbnrnye,org yg suke slhkn org lain,mmg dlm

mane2 bidang pun takkn berjaye,lagi stu,sape ckp psl waktu solat tu?aku tampar muke ko kan br

tau,ko student ke pekerja ha?aku student pun,time table pack,tp ak curi mase utk solat,pandai2 la

weyh nak cr waktu solat,Allah bg ko akal,supaye pk

kpd sesiape yg kehilangan kwn,tahniah la,korang da kenal la kn,sape kwn ko time ssh..buat ape nk takut kehilangn kwn?kalo de kwn ko,de akn bantu ko,

ramai yg baik,tp korang pandang dr sudut negatif,kalo org yg bwk ko dlm biz ni yg bermasalah jd..jgn slhkan company or organisasi...ko yg bermasalh sbnrnye..don't blame others..coz diorg tak slh..korang yg malas...mindset tak betul...

pliz weyh...use your own brain..
korang mkn mcd,sape yg untung?
korang kerje keras dlm company ko,sape yg untung?bos kan?so...same je la weyh...

bisnes ni pun kene hardwork..sedia terime kritikan,,,tabah hadapi risiko...bisnes mane yg tade risiko?kalu ade,korang ckp...ak pun nak join.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for all info.. group of Klang from FRIENDS are full of bullshits!!! soon I will start drawing all the details about their dirty trick!!! fuck them all!! most negative remarks here are real true!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saya agak terkejut dengan blog nie. Honestly, i'm SYN member, br jee dalam 2 bulan. Emmm apa yang saya dapati semua fakta yang di paparkan di dalam ruangan ini tidak satu pun wujud dalam sistem DCHL dan SYN. Sekiranya semua ini benar, takkanlah ramai sangat orang BODOH yang join company nie, takkanlah kerajaan mengeluarkan lesen kepada company nie, takkanlah company nie mampu organise great function, takkanlah company nie mampu bertahan sampai sekarang, setakat nie x de pun sebarang saman pun yd dikeluarkan kepada pihak DCHL/SYN...sebenarnya ramai rakyat malaysia diluar sana yang tidak benar2 faham dengan MLM,ini disebabkan pengaruh pihak2 yang tidak berpuas hati dengan kejayaan luarbiasa syarikat ini...yang gagal adalah kerana mereka tidak mengikut sistem tidak memgapa, semua ini adalah dugaan....kalau benarlah seperti apa yang dikata, sudah tentu ada balasannya nanti, jika tidak semua itu adalah fitnah dan akan mendapat balasan tuhan...

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! GREED is what I saw at DCHL, they use nice cool luxury cars to sell, entice you, like the devil! Then trap you. It's all an illussion. They are really living on leverage. Not as wealthy as it appears. What's worst they are trained to be hard in their dealing, no compassion whatsoever, as long as the win his theirs, camouflouging as the upline/biz partner helping at ABPs. They'll be so nice to you until that RM30K is parted, then you’re probably just useless or a waste of time to them. SO PEOPLE OUT THERE BEWARE OF THIS GREAT BIG SCAM! Suckers being lured into the lions dent when you get a call to come visit their office ad DCHL. A great show will be put up by all.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! GREED is what I saw at DCHL, they use nice cool luxury cars to sell, entice you, like the devil! Then trap you. It's all an illussion. They are really living on leverage. Not as wealthy as it appears. What's worst they are trained to be hard in their dealing, no compassion whatsoever, as long as the win his theirs, camouflouging as the upline/biz partner helping at ABPs. They'll be so nice to you until that RM30K is parted, then you’re probably just useless or a waste of time to them. SO PEOPLE OUT THERE BEWARE OF THIS GREAT BIG SCAM! Suckers being lured into the lions dent when you get a call to come visit their office ad DCHL. A great show will be put up by all.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

xpayah pening2 kepala,jual prepaid pun boleh senang, taja org dapat duit, xtaja pun bisnes boleh jalan..produk yakin akan diperlukan semua org...

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Kenny Teoh said...

Penang, Malaysia,

DCHL/SYN is a SCAM and DO NOT EVER JOIN!!! It is NOT A REAL BUSINESS. I've personally been to their talks at Krystal Suite, Penang after being persuaded by a friend. After the talk, they would usually have discussions at Chef & Brew where they would explain to you their business plans and encourage you to join. They're really just a bunch of brain-washed, greedy, selfish and desperate for your money liars and trying to make you like one of them!

We should thank Steven Yip for setting up this blog and creating awareness amongst the society about this kind of heartless money making scam.

Note: That night, instead of saying that I will join, I said I needed more time to think about it and I came back and googled 'DCHL' & 'Lampe Berger' and stumbled upon this blog. Obviously I did not join and would never ever think of joining this scam. Also, I never answered any of my brain-washed friend's phone call again. It's a pity of him to get involved with such people.

11:25 AM  
Blogger bomb.ass.ting said...

What kind of stupid bullshit blog is this? I sell lampe berger at a fragrance store in Toronto and my parents and I love it - we even have 3 lampes at home! What is all this having to 'pay' to join and become a member? This seems to be exclusive to Asian countries and has nothing to do with Lampe Berger itself! You just buy a lampe, buy the oils - THAT'S IT! Why are you guys talking about this company as though they are some criminal corporation when just a few morons from like INDONESIA made some pyramid scheme out of it or something. Like you guys need to open up your eyes. Get what I am saying? This SCAM and WHATEVER it is - has NOTHING to do with Lampe Berger the corporation itself so don't make it out to be like that. You guys just got taken for a ride by a bunch of cunning filipinos.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous haven said...

i'm quite confused on the cancellation of the RZ Corp.u say that it was cancelled on July 2008.i go to KPHDNHEP but only to found out that the comp cancellation not there..olready confused..anyway, thx 4 the info,worth checking..

actually,i'm new in thz thing & just recently,my fren intro me to thz LB thing in DHCL Kuching.initially, i'm not into thz kind of biz but i was like "let me hear thz first".aftr a day of intro2 wth some of success marquis,i went back home & done some homewrk in the internet..

wow, i REALLY MEAN WOWWW!! my surprise, i came across many blogs including thz one & i think i can say 99% saying negatively abt LB or watsoevr..i got freaked out coz i admit that i want a flexible job tht gives me self-satisfaction, but of course i work hard for my own, not 4 others (means mkn gaji but boss dpt nama).i also admit tht i came to be somewhat interested wth thz LB thing.i also have dreams tht might or might not be happen, & i don't want to regret not achieving that.seeing the success proof of LB do convince me a little...

BUT.. i'm yet to sign up or anything coz HONESTLY,deep in my heart (& my brain),although it sounds tempting (who does not want $$!!),there still something not rite.not even allow me to discuss wit my parents,hmm, tht's making it even fishier (i can't afford to lie!)...i still believe my instinct, although i am opportunist.i have no rite to condemn or support (i'm neutral) any LB or similar to it as i have yet to understand what actually is tht biz..i will attend the 2nd meeting (of which they say the explanation of LB & etc etc..), n i hope i get the ideas wat actually happen in there.juz to ease my doubtness & being curious.

well, so far, they didn't push or forced me into doing thz, i hope it'll not happen,coz i don't want to lose ol or new frens due to my's not my way being forced especially whn it's concerns $$.if possible, i don't want 2 involve my parents' $$ anymore coz they already sacrifice too much on me.especially whn my dad sick2 rite now,who would sampai hati to ask large amt of $$.furthermore, my family not as rich but not tht poor.cukup mkn saja..

i read ol the comments & i've got mixed feelings..very mixed up,hard to trust anyone,huh?but, i believe tht each of the commentors here had thr own opinion.IMHO, 4 the victims or failures, it may be not ur rezeki in the biz,maybe othr areas (i'm not condeming anyone,i'm sedih & sympathize too).4 the succeed ones, it may be ur destiny or luck tht u can "click" or go on into the biz.

as for me, anyone has thr own destiny & luck, depending on wat they have themselves..
abilities,knowldges,skills, talents just hw u use it appropriate way.mybe the victims do wrk hard but the luck nvr stops by.there must be a reason why tht is happening (i believe in Karma)..same also to the succeeded, thy might wrk a little but a tint of luck made thm even richer.different ppl has different lucky star on their head..failures doesn't mean tht u start blaming urself or take thz as a's also a time to evaluate urself,wat actually made the failures n find another doors tht opens to u tht more suitable.n also the succeeded ones, being success doesn't mean u stop & let the $$ rolls (lupa diri, & spend2 $$).it means continuos improvement of ur abilities etc etc, bcoz u'll nvr know wat will happened in the future..

again, be reminded tht i'm not condemning or supporting anyone..i need 2 do more research & homewrk regarding thz (my fren actually surprised me, i'm totally unprepared at the intro) & it's getting harder 4 me to decide aftr all thz readings,seriously..& i hope i made the rite decision later, whether accept or reject the LB, i may have my own reason..

i wld be appreciate anyone to give advice to me on thz LB thing, whether good or not, i took it as a reference & some guidance..anyway..thx 4 the mouthful of comments by all of u..ja ne..

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woww.. this is become a religious propaganda..

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who have no large capital, should join with less than RM2.5K or 18K PV. If less than 18K PV, u can't sponsor others. Pls refer to for details

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My frens joins 4 month ago he right now can afford to buy a nissan fairlady 350Z..
what can i is all about using your brain wisely..
and he is just a 19 years old boy.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous pemikir lapang said...

Saya tidak memihak kepada mana-mana..tetapi pada pendapat saya semua perniagaan menggunakan sistem piramid.Sebagai contoh,ibu pejabat kfc akan membuka beberapa cawangan di setiap negeri.Dan dibawah cawangan itu terdapat cawangan pula disetiap daerah.Tidakkah ini seperti piramid jika dilukis diatas kertas?Satu lagi contoh..adakah gaji kita sebagai pekerja bawahan akan lebih tinggi dari gaji bos kita?Sedangkan sebenarnya kerja-kerja kita yang buat,bos yang dapat gaji lebih..Tidakkah ini semua seperti piramid?Dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan..jika ia menipu,kenapa ramai yang telah berjaya?Kenapa harus memandang kepada yang gagal jika kita ingin berjaya?Sekadar berkongsi pendapat...

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say if DCHL, is such a failure and a scam , why are there still so many people in it who make so much money downlines or uplines? not just make it, but rich making it a job?

mybe the ppl tht failed just consist of lazy humans tht does not understand that any job or buisness u do or u invest in includes u to actually have to work?

say u invest 30k?in ur own buisness.. would u still have to work to make an income? ofcores u have to.

same thing here.but DCHL offers more.if ur willing to work and follow according to the buisness , everybody can achieve. but if u think tht putting ur money in once and do no work forever.and still get money. tht would be a scam. DCHL wants u to work so u can and will get the income u deserve. its a job. not a quick money scam.

u work accordingly u will cover up ur own starting money investment only a matter of time. if ur lazy u will never get ur money back.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Akik said...

I have few friends joining this kind of MLM. One of them told me that it was for bumiputera only, so I was not entitle coz I'm a chinese.

"hot tips on orgasm"

7:19 PM  
Blogger nonespecial said...

gueass what?..i've been approached by this thing yesterday.Then i realized how 'outdated' am i after accidentally found this blog..Gosshh.. this blog really awareing me..Neway my next msion is to save my buddies before they end up in misery...


5:46 PM  
Anonymous ck 2549 said...

from ck 2549

first time i join,,,yes we make money they said..haha..
after that,,yes...this month we become a counttt(invest 36k)..
that thing meake me get a deep pain...brooke my family..
find a partner..yes..they belive with 2.5 k can upgrade their life but after heard 36k..... they shock half of dead. i feel i'm lies to them by get them join this business then fight for count...this is a real lie,..,.,.

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anda semua perasan???
ada banyak MLM kat malaysia..cni..amway...elken....uptrend..luxor...dll....
tapi nampaknya dchl yang kena...teruk sangat....hehe...ada konspirasi besar nih...entah sapa punya company main taik macam nih...

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anda semua perasan???
ada banyak sgt company MLM kat mesia...UPTREND..CNI..AMWAY..LUXOR..ELKEN...DLL
tapi kat tenet nih DCHL kena teruk...adakah kalo join company lain semua berjaya???
mesti tak..nih kan business..semua ada risiko...
nampak sangat ada org main jahat kat sini....saya x rasa org tanpa kepentingan rajin nak wat blog macam nih...mesti ada udang disebalik mee..

12:49 PM  
Anonymous V. Sundrram said...

Good day everyone.

I have done my fair share of investigation on MLM and i can say that i KNOW how they work and why they work. these are some of the facts that i can share with you:

1. The MLM company is a scam if payments for the uplines are generated from money paid by people entering into the business, not from the profits obtained from the selling of products.

2. the emphasis is on recruiting people, they don't explain much about their products. in SYN / DCHL the Lam berger and estebelle products are the 'device' used to show that they are selling something, but the money is from people joining the busisness.

3. They need to show they are selling something, if not they will be classified as 'pyramid scheme'. THEY ARE PYRAMID SCHEME, but by giving you some products, they gain the legal loophole to say they are doing it legally.

4. A legal marketing plan is a plan that doesn pay you money if you are not working, you get paid if you work. For example, if you are an AMWAY member, you dont get any money if you dont do anything, even if under you there are diamonds and crowns. you need to work to get paid, thats a legal MLM company. in DCHL, all you have to do is 'invest' 30K, get some young naive ones to invest under you, manipulate them to recruit more people, sit back and see the money rolling in.

DCHL/SUN marketing plan is not legal, the products are legal, they are misusing the products.

4. They will always have some expensive looking office to show their credibilty - if you visit their office in wisma HLA, it's GRAND, they even have a spa there with all of the french painting, just to show you THEY are high end company, it is all just 'impressions'. even to enter the spa, you must wait for your turn, clever - it shows 'exclusiveness'.

5. Dont think of camplaining, in Malaysia 'Bolehland', most probably, the owners are politically connecetd, even if you complain, nothing will happen as the top guys will have some connections with the right minister. the best thing to do is not to enter this 'organised cheating group'

Conclusion : Don't join - there is no such thing as a free lunch. work hard and smart!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous diane said...

this anti-LB man is really like making money from the weakness of others. try to influence others to boycot, buy stickers, etc. see, till now, DCHL/syn/amway or whatsoever is still working, n even bcome more wider. open your eyes la, even in US, bisnes faculties there also include MLM as 1 way of bisnes in their course. so what?

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm fully support petition against anti lampe berger...

Say whateva you wanna say lb people...

Reality is, there's many people out there against lb..

And i'm proud to be i'm of them

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gua bkn anti MLM ni da srng jd 3rd penyumbang dlm ekonomi malaysia srng..gua dl anti SYN n DCHL..tu pun lpas dgar blog2 n org tua2 kate,klau org yg bace buku berenang ngn org yg pnah berenang,sape lg pngalaman?>mesti la org yg pnah berenang..same la ngn bnda ni..gua try strt 4 bln lpas,listen n fllow..x bnyk ckp..thank god,srng income gua almost 30K..gua rs yg bnyk anti ni cume yg tau ckp n tgok je,xpnah buat..sume org dlm mmber SYN ni tgh naek..mmber gua yg strt sbln awal dr gua da klua mazda rx8..ntah la korang nih...pandai2 la pk..smoga success..MLM x rugikan korang,korang je yg tgok MLM tu dr sudut pandangan yg kcik..aku cabar korang try dl..jgn byk melatah

1:15 AM  
Anonymous McSh said...

I've just been visited to some websites (by typing the word 'DCHL' and it's googling for me).

Most of the websites show negative comments rather the positive comments.

As for me, I can't just read entirely from the internet about one's behaviour. I mean, DCHL is not a scam. Maybe the person who is writing this blog itself a scam for himself. How many of MLMs in Malaysia for instance, can produce success people of joining them? Day by day, people are crowding the DCHL for registering, etc. But other MLM? How? If we get the issue of the DCHL's license expiry, I don't think it makes such a big fuss. Haiya, come on. License expiry, then renew it back.

Actually, past time back, I was an anti-DCHL because I was told a bad news from a good friend of mine. But, when thinking back, if this company has got bad reputation, why everyday, their members are increasing in number and it's counting? Why got so many people are succeed of joining this MLM?

At last, I am fortunate to my up-line Marquis for giving me chance to involve in this business. Now, I can see the positive side, rather than listening to what people say. Follow your instinct and you will get what you want... What's internet telling here, it doesn't show what is in the reality. And for all, this blog for instance is a scam by itself.

Dear friend, if there are many people succeed, then there are no points to condemn people. Because they are succeed by their efforts, not by listening to people.

That's all readers. Happy judging! I'll see you at the top. Regards...

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for information,i have sent a letter about scam doing by syn members.they were keep calling me to discuss about dis matter but i refused coz when the time i want to duscuss they didn
t care what i say.serve you right plus my MQ whom they talked about dis success MQ but actually dis MQ still didn't give my balance money.dis MQ said that MQ need to hold my money.WHY???MQ who's earning 4 ANGKA doesn't have any money.that's the reality.those are still counting to join or not please don't join!!!sure you will be regret likes comes from bottom of my heart.many chance out there that will show you how to earn money in right way

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please watch and don't scold me i found this by accident.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a good idea!!! but i think this site are 4 those losers who acting as MR-know-everything but in fact just a pathetic posers. gossh..what a crap. anyway hv a nice day you losers....!!!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who r u working for?
For ur cmpany right?
Who is ur top people a.k.a upline in your company?
ur boss right?
so it just the same to the MLM!
but the thing LB doing is a franchising@network marketing
so we r the boss in our business!
upline rich we also rich!
Why Malaysian so stupid?
Because Malaysian so stupid judging smthing without doing it!
Listen to other people about bad things!
The bad things u want to believe!
The good things always said a lied!
We r glad people hate us,because when u hate us we will motivate ourself to prove to you!
So Malaysian dont judge smthing if u just hear about that
go n see with ur own eyes!and do it!
then u decide!

U all asshole+bodoh+sombong+miskin+kuno!

12:45 PM  
Anonymous mr.sparjo, putrajaya said...

hi all...

aku berminat nak kongsi pengalaman dan pendapat dalam laman nie...aku baru dibawa ke satu majlis yg melibatkan dchl nie... tu pun kira terpaksa dan tertipu... kalau aku tau aku x pergi... masuk je ofis tu dorang ajak makan (tiket makan upline berharga RM15 walaupun sebenarnya x sampai harga tu) pastu dorang start approch... tanya kerja mana... gaji...and others... then perlahan2 dorang cerita la apa dchl nie... produk dorang... plan dan lain2... kata tak perlu modal dan tolong org tp sebenarnya dorang kena tolong diri sendiri sebenarnya... nak refund balik... aku dengar je... sebab mind set aku dah kata aku tak nak terlibat nak menyusahkan org lain... then tiba-tiba function sebenar bermula... cabut undi dan kata-kata semangat dari org yang telah berjaya... hahahahah.... time nie aku nampak macam mana dorang telah di brainwash giler2 oleh DCHL nie... semangat dorang berkobar2... 'baik, sangat baik.. yes'... macam budak2... profesional lah ckit... terjerit2 macam beruk... nie yang aku tak suka... kebanyakan nya muda-muda...

Tempat aku nie kebanyakannya org goverment yang duduk... Yang masuk nie plak rata-rata budak2 yang baru masuk kerja... bila dorang cerita aku jadi menyampah... dorang ajak join sebab market luas... tempat aku nie macam lombong emas... semua staff goverment... senang la dorang paksa buat loan melalui biro angkasa... gilerrr apa... kalau betul nak tolong org... bagi la pinjam duit upline2 yang dah berjaya tu... asyik show off je dengan keta nissan fairlady dan barang2 mahal korang... yang budak2 baru nie plak pasang angan2 tinggi melangit nak kaya... korang tau tak apa korang buat... bukan jual barang ('lampu burger'- istilah yang sesuai digunakan sebab kalau berniaga burger, kalau tak de lampu bisnes x jalan sebab x nampak... jadi kena ada 'lampu burger' baru bisnes jalan) ... tu skim cepat kaya namanya... sistem francais kapitalis... kekayaan semua naik keatas... bukan mengalir kebawah pun... barang yang korang jual tu pun sekadar wayang atau alasan je... yang korang jual plan perniagaan berhierarki tu sebenarnya... buka minda tu ckit... korang cakap pasaran tak kan habis... satu tahap pasaran tu akan tepu... downline2 korang nie xkan dapat apa... dapat hutang je kena potong dalam slip gaji tiap bulan... sanggup ke tipu sesama bangsa sendiri... jangan la mengagungkan kekayaan semata-mata... nak susahkan org lain... bg aku... kalau nak tolong biarlah cara yg betul... nie nak ajak masuk mlm yang melibatkan jumlah yang besar... ermmmm....

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with SYN/DCHL. It’s all wrong with people mindset. 1st of all people who condemn about this business or any other business, please do read what is MLM. Then only you guys know whether this is scam or not.

As for me, i did much research on DCHL and about MLM. I went to all their events and i get to know more about DCHL in detail. Even they have their own orientation call "New Distribution Orientation" where the event will educate people about MLM generally. That was simply superb. So when I compare MLM with the DCHL marketing plan, both are very much same. There are no cons in their marketing plan. The problems are on the people who join their business. They are tried to do it for first 2-3 months then if they dun get any partners, then they will give up and condemn the business. Come on guys… You are putting 17 years effort to study, just to get a good work for your future. So just imagine how much effort you need to put in order success in MLM industry. It’s not as easy as you all thinking. We need commitment and believe in our self that we can do it no matter what other people thinking. 1st of all, In order to success in any MLM, you need to have strong sales skill. The one who don’t dare to talk with people and don’t have the skills to sale or give knowledge to their partner, and then they lose. Ended up condemn the business.

I also found out the winner as well as the loser in this business. Not only in this business, in any MLM business in Malaysia. The losers are those who are giving up very fast and not confident in their self. The winners are those who are very keen into this business and try their level best to success without give up very fast.

To all those who reading this message, please do understand one thing, Nothing will come to us soo easily…. You have to put your hardwork in order to achieve in anything you do in your life. It can be MLM, retails business or as well as your job. If you don’t put your effort, don’t think about the return. Simple like that.

One more thing. Whoever said lampe berger licensed cancel ready, please do more research. Their license was renewed until next year 2010.

To those want to know more details about network marketing, please visit this site.


1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u are stupit

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-theres nothing wrong with SYN or DCHL or LAMPE BERGER...its all true about the money,the cost,the income and to tell you all out there its all about HOW MUCH EFFORT YOU PUT TO SUCCESS....

-let me ask you a simple question and maybe some simple example,how much cost for you to set up a BURGER STALL??after that can your stall operate by it self without you do nothing??can u gain profit wuth u just sit AND relaxed??so can anyone tell the answer??or maybe now you can give the answered by your self...

-all of us goes to primary and secondary school before,attended school for 11 years,eventhough we didnt know what result we will get when finished school,our parent also didnt know the result that we will get,but they still send us to school and we still attended every day,and somemore some people continued their study at university,colleage and other place even its a private colleage....but did all of them succeed???if they put the best effort in their study then maybe they will get the result that they want,but what happened if they just sleep and enjoy life hangout having fun without study???can they success???can anyone give the answer???or maybe now you can answered it your self

-all thing goes the same,if you want to success in your life then you must try to put the best effort to reach ur target,not just trying for 2 or 3 month then blame other people for your own stupidity...

-after trying for 2 or 3 month then you stop becouse you think this work is liar,ok then,the last 4mont you already eated,so why not starting today you STOP EATING...CAN U STILL SURVIVED IF YOU DIDNT EAT AT ALL AFTER THIS???

-THIS IS BUSINESS SO opened up your mind and think like a businessman if you really want to success in you really think some succeed businessman only doing their job for only 2 or 3 month then they got what they want???didnt you even realized that some of them alrady spend nearly all of their life time doing their business yet some still failed to secced..and some of you people out there said you wanna be rich within 2 or 3 or 4 month without putting the best effort you can???ONLY THINKING WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING CAN'T MAKE YOU RICH,JUST A WASTE OF TIME...


7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People say the truth..
You Condemn saying "Stupid"...
People who condemn others, remember you cant even win anything.. Actually, you guys are jealous with the one who win in their life.. Not only in MLM but anything...

You go and see the forum opened by this owner.. he got open a forum against TOL in malaysia also... hahaha.. very funny this guy, STEVEN YIP.

Anyway, Tell whatever you guys want to tell but you guys cannot stop the one who winning in their life as well as the one becoming a millionaire with their effort..

The one who are ready to win their life, dun bother what you guys crapping over here..

So try your level best.. Continue condemn others and you will be in the place which you are in now always.. All the best for ur guys!! Chio...

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanna say one things.

every things that's involve with downline that is pyramid scheme...
nothing gonna stand long in this business....

the only one is MLM........MLM fuck off....

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting name came up, Jack Yee, whilst reading this anti lampe berger blog. Incidentally, he has two downlines, a husband and wife team Lew and Wei Theng, funny thing, they had approached me for three years to join and after parting with the RM36K, I never heard from them ever again. Like went missing or something. Sad indeed! Peopel who claim to be your friend aren't really friends at all. What a shame.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny thing, lampe berger advises people to use credit card to pay that RM36K "Count" position. And say that credit card is good liability, which I beg to differ! This is a very dangerous advise, so people out there, beware!!!

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... stupittttt til dunno how to spell?

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not against MLM... ive seen many Marketing plan.. i also do diz kind of work..
every co. hv their own strength and also weekness...
thus we as a human must have a check with our strength...
may b a lot of ppl doin MLM get a good income.. so u olls wanna try..
but b careful..
not everybody have a power of convincing ppl...
and not everybody fated to get RICH doin MLM..

Ive been in their offc... ive seen many ppl sweet talking with me.. its just a part of marketing...

but im very sorry to say.. when we wanna choose da biz..
1st we focus on da product and the range of PRICE... it is affordable...
i dont think that u will buy LB every month.. even every year pon i x tau la..
cz that thing it too costly... u can even browse in e-bay n get it cheaper then what they r sellin...

so it is not special sgt la product die.. u can get it everywhere...

so now kite go for marketing plan die...

4 da start...
about stage/level of member...
-what makes it is not healthy???
1st- u can buy ur level.. (easy money scheme which banned by Akta Jualan langsung)
2nd- u need to promote pple(not just promote but paksa untuk buy the product "indirectly")
3rd- how long this system bole tahan?? cz if all pple in da world masuk LB.. yang last u wont get rick la.. cz its totally pyramid...
4th- the system have push up level.. means that ade naek pangkat kerane org bawah da pangkat lagi tinggi... so its not really rite.. u naek cz org bawah nye keje.. totally pyramid...
5th- i proud with their support system.. mmg proud.. sgt proud.. but there is a habit that they always buat... what they say
1. bape lame lagi nak makan gaji??
2. x payah susa2 nak blaja n carik keje....
3. join SYN lar.. lagi sng dapat income
4. (for certain group) i da ade degree/master but i x nak la keje.. cz syn kasik lagi banyak..
5. keje ni menyusahkan.. klu biz sukati u je nak wat or not..

for all group yang pakai ayat ni.. i nak advice..
- u olls igt steven yeam tu nak tolong u olls ke if co da tutup/pyramid da collapse???
- u da sakit nnti ade ke org nak baya u pnye medical??
- if let say u ttbe bisu nnti, ade lagi ke org nak dengar all your sweet talk???
- for yang ade pelajaran (acca ke, engin ke) u all gune kan la ape yang u all blaja.. jgn jadi bodo buang mase blaja n end up duk menipu org..
- every MLM have their own peak.. tambah lagi total PYRAMID nie.. one day it will stop.. bile da x de org nak masuk.. u all will not gain any income.. ( i think derang sendiri pon x wat repeat sales kat co.. tapi ade la kot yang sikit2..)

i think enuf kot..
malas nak type..

im now pon Driving a 6 series BMW ok!!! (nak show off kat syners nie)
even im typing using a Sony Z series...
All paid in CASH ok!!!!!
Jgn igt SYN je ley kasik income guys.. !!!!!

SYNers.. better be carefull..
jgn too belagak/high nose etc..

everybody have their own capability.. n not everybody have your capabilities.. so if u nak sponser as a member lyke RM 1.5 K (promotion) or RM 2.5 till 30 K.. better tgk dulu.. if he suit with da biz... then u panggil la.. no need to push sbb nak makan duit die..

MLM is great.. if u have the strength for that, have a try...

ok guys.. made your dcsion..
jgn ikut cakap derang... ("lepas ni balek, dun even tell anybody whut is hapenning, if u x paham tanye now, if u da faham then isi borang, tgal kan fotocopy bank book.. nnti senang nak regis) sucks....

2:36 PM  
Blogger Stefan said...

let say i join this possible Ponzi scheme...and has obtained a lot of money from it. Then suddenly the business went totally wrong regardless either from the KPDNHEP or the 'organization' (if it exists), do the money we've been kept to ourselves in the bank - ROI or profit, can be confiscated by the authority or we can keep it?

12:25 AM  
Anonymous ATHOOL said...

Government approve LB and endorse them giving charity,YES IT Legal,BUT doesn't mean the biz is ethical tho...

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those things, like luxurious car, expensive bags, expensive thing are useless..we dun need it when we died..i think my treasures in heaven is more than what is in the world

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haku x to nak kte hape..pptnye ri neh haku kne g ofis dchl kat ground floor hong leong bank,kl!blakang aquaria klcc nuh..member dr secondary school haku yg introduce haku dgn mendalah neh..1'st time g tuh dorang kte toksah nak riso modal n whatsoever!just come to their ofis n making frens with the expert ones!easy kan..ner d biz yg x pake modal!mengong hape!!neh la taktik perniagaan!then today haku wat research by surfing d internet then i found this others this just make my feeling mixed!b4 this member haku neh d nk minjam duet!bnyk r gak..haku kte r x d then she keep calling n msg day n night sampe haku jd stress..ble haku tanye nk gne duet tuh tok hape mcm2 la alasan haku dpt!lebih mengejutkan lg mukan kat haku jerk die minx,hampir some kengkawan ktorg yg die minx sampe2 ke junior ktorng lak tuh!wat malu jerk..then 2 months later member haku neh tetibe tepon tnye kaba n ajak jmpe..urk?pelik kan..then atas dasar kawan haku pon agree la nk jmp..igt nak lepak jerk rupenye d mende len!then she introduce this biz to me..i dont what to say coz mende neh tetibe jerk!shock berat doh!haha..

haku x rase haku akan join mendalah neh..sape x nak ubah mase dpn doh!x d mende yg free in this world!it's just i love what i'm doing now!haku neh student mne nk dpt modal beribu-ribu tuh!senang cite sape yg join this dchl n so on mental n fizikal die kne strong!sape yg rse nk join think cook2 coz korang kne bg komitmen sepenuhnye n must willing to sacrifice!hnye korng jerk yg to pe yg baek n buruk tok dri korang!tok belia2 kat luar tuh be careful la kalu nk join this kind of biz!senang cite lu pikir la sndr!

p/s: to my beloved member i hope you'll find d sukses by joining this biz!may god bles you!eskelente..

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there..

I just to share this story with u guys.
I heard abt this DCHL from the friend of mine who made money about RM11k last month. I keep asking her how she mananged to do that and what kindda bsnes that she's up to.
And all she says was "NOTHING, we just lepak at mamak everynite..get some ppl to join then if u manage to get 4 ppl under u,then u can goyang kaki at home!" and I! But she needs to get loan from e bank about RM41k.
As I read along the way, I found out tht most of u only need to pay about 2.5k only..
1) Im curious about e marketing plan of 'lepak at mamak n make money' thgy
2)Wow...she manage to make a lot of money every mth! how does it work?
3)How long can it last?? as the loan takes 15years...
4) wht the heck this aromatheraphy thing got to do with motivational????

And to tell u the truth I almost believe this DCHL thing until I found this website!!


8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all you people are quitters! the business works perfectly, with or without you. talking about not being able to sell the products. all you losers forget that we're investors, not sales people. bunch of idiots all of you

4:31 AM  
Blogger afniraziah said...

who's stupid??
my fren lost 110K bcoz of this..
so who's stupid??not u..but her..
those who join are stupid..those who stay are for their own get back their money..but if u not can they get their money back????
think b4 u act..
it's's not easy
do ur own business..what u can see
not this kinda bsness,,its cheating..there is no keberkatan in this area..

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... me..there is something wrong in DCHL..
i know it..i just know
if they didnt do wrong..why do they have to start a new company??
take my word
siasat la kawna2

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ini pula pengalaman saya....ape khabar semua????Baik sgt baik ..yes...all of the events...their gathering...sume i da pegi...yg gempak2..sume dah..even..all of my fren join this,...all of them pakai sport wonder la..mude2 pakai sport car..coz diorg sume x main sy x tertipu ketika join nie...mungkin ade sesetgh mmber kite g da join..die nk tarik kawan2 die..join jd downline die..cheating sikit la..kate nk ajak makan la...jom itu jom beware org macam mereka.. kerana ad sesetgh mereka mementingkan keuntungan sendiri..sebenarnye mereka x boleh tipu org2 lain..jujur adelah kunci kejayaan...saye merupakan salah seorg g sungguh bertuah kerane menerima pelbagai sponsor untuk semua rangkaian nye..termasuk make up..n others..semanga mereka sgt bagus..mereka tidak menjatuhkan satu sama lain..ap yg penting ??? ap yg mereka buat..adlh sunggguh2..dats y boleh pakai sport car..sume kete 100ribu ke atas..padahal usia baru 21 lebih kurang....ape yg saye belajar dr syn nie,,,adlh ..semangat..kerjasama..nk buat seribu daya..x nk buat..mcm2 dalih yg kite tuju...setiap org ad pendapat mereka..maaf sekirannya sya mengganggu blog ini,,,

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stupid!!!owner blog nie pun stupid + idiot gak..korang neyh agaknya layak untuk biz yang duduk diam2 goyang kaki,tiap bulan cucuk duit,kalo gitu p la melabur...tak payah cakap halal haram yang korang melabur tu pun korang tatau kemana kan kan kian???biasalah dalam biz apa pn cakap2 orang TAK berjaya ramai...sampai bila la nak jadi kuli je weyh.buka la pale hutak tak salah tapi manusia yang salah,mudah putus asa,untung nak usaha tak nak..buka mata la weyhh..sebelum join da diterangkan jadi bodoh duk diam saja,tatau tanya la bengap

truly FC

6:47 PM  
Anonymous BANKER said...

after reading dozens of comments, i notice tht this one anonymous guy, with the same pattern of comments over & over again. sorry but i cant help it to think that u really think high of yourself, arent u? always ponting out others' mistake. u should know that u hav no right watsoever to comment on people's feeling or judge their comments, or watever they were that u posted. seriously, u r acting all highly & perfect, its kinda hypocrite & pathetic.. u know who u r..

to steve yip: i solute you for creating this blog, it puts people together. at least i know there are people out there who are pissed off with DCHL/SYN.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Apai said...

to Steven Yip u r the most BODOH punye org i pernah jumpa :)
thanx to DCHL for giving me a hope & future.
i baru join 8 months dah,now dah ada Kereta EVO9 & now nak kumpul duit beli rumah
apa yang penting kita buat ini semua kerana diri kita bukan kerana kawan2,sebab kawan2 ni bile kite susah mereka tak tolong tapi tau nak condemn sahaja..mcm ini cilaka punya steven yip. kepada mereka yg kata ditipu atau kena tipu,lu pikirlah org yg bodoh..belajar jea tinggi2 tapi otak pun sama tinggi bodohnye.
:) daa
Marq. Apai.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where do you live ?
show your face la if you dare !
cowards !!

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DCHL adalah MLM yang terhebat dalam sejarah...PERCAYA LAH!Semua yang bagi bad komen ni sebab diorang adalah loser yang sangat kesian..Komen ni kene ada approval daripada mamat yang buat blog ni..Kesian2...

9:00 AM  
Blogger bob said...

i luv dchl..why u all kuat ngomel..kbykn org yg x brjaye dlm bsnes ni adlh org yg da ptus ase..yg mlas..bongok..nape nk slhkn compony lak..biar muke sengal tp jgn jd sengal..bsnes ni da byk ubah care idup aq..dlm bsnes ni rmai da brjaye tp u all dlm blog ni je yg x why x truskn ushe..nape nk ikut org dungu brbahase..ikut la org yg da brjaye..knape nk join geng2 yg bengap dlm blog ni..sowy klo ksar sgt..

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I m not anti Lampe Berger but just dont feel right about the way they do business. But its seems common in Malaysia thats product from other country had been intro in Malaysia in piramid scheme. The product price can be double or even triple from its original price but Lampe Berger had the highest price gaps which i compared with other product ( piramid scheme). They had targeted those teenagers which never steps in the society or malays( easy to approved for loan)which seems just not right in my point of view. Thats not the way to earn money. Peace.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calvin , Malaysia

I dono which word to describe this LB marketing. However i hv my old frd who having quite good in study but stopped his diploma in half way and borrowed 30k from his gf's mother just to start the business with his gf.

Im the 1st one , his gf tried to make me join. So many funny moments during the meeting day in the LB office. The one who brief told me that he is nothing b4 but after join LB just 3months , Yes im not mistaken. He said 3 MONTHS. He simply told me that he can go any high class restaurant cafe to dine without having to check on the right hand side menu (price).

WTF, Added frm him. He told me he was so stressed, Dono which car to buy as he plan to take EVO 7/Rx 7 ?? Damn bullshit man. 3months ?
However i just zip his mouth saying that.. I hv my 328. I dun think i prefer EVO 7 and i never ever see the price when dine in as well.

Then almost total of 9 of frds among us being fooled by joining at 2345 + 150 . Some of them borrow frm frds/family/girlfriend even loan shark the worst. They prefer to meet target alone and even how we asked them how much their earning no one of them tell us.

Half year then.. 5 of frds quit. They finally told us that they were CON. A year then another 4 quit. From that day onwards no one meet the couple.

Few years later on.. which is today.. I heard some news. That he seems to be so successful , owned a Honda type over 100k car n 400k house.

Its is depends on Luck n how hardworking u are to reach that level. If u are not willing to work hard nothing can promising money return.

But im not against u guys. As i feel its just a type of bet. 10 bet 9 lose. At the end.. The dealer wins the most.

5:55 PM  
Blogger evision said...

8:21 PM  
Blogger evision said...

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello are too stupid...let others no bout your character...tatz how you manange your sad....u will never grow up man...u will standing still at year 1970an..but your partner on the way to millenium 2020..

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

many people said that the company will closed down and change their name..but im surprised they still there..

i wonder y..

and recently when i read the star newspaper its in there as well..


am i doing the right thing to leave the company..

is it me or the company?

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 of my fren said if u pay 32k u can get a sport car for 6 months. the company borrow u if within 6 months u cant find downlines they will get back the car from u

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually thats a business too.
when u join must know all about the list of law . sure there have there have list down some product can or cant refund .
i not doing this business now ,thats myself problem but i am still so miss my good partner kenko group-kahwai group ,actually i am very love them n them coutual..(无私,互相帮助的精神的文化)
thanks u all teach me alot about team work n how to grow up myself ...
i am would't forgot it
from sabah est

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is just telling u facts, maybe a little research into all youre statements would go quite far. Im a professor in English so im quite established in debating and arguments. So far you all have an opinion and feelings though no eveidnce, nothing you say can stand a chance in court or anywhere really. I think you guys just failed and are trying to complain to make yourself feel better, im in MLM and im doing very well so i cant understand what the problem is. I think you all need to put youre hand up and take responsiblity in what you do, you all knew exactly what you were getting into they tell you all this be a grown up and accept that its youre own fault that you failed

8:44 AM  

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