Monday, March 20, 2006

I want a ***** for Christmas.

Here are some stuff you can choose to buy around 2k. As a teenager in
college, or a young hip person, which one would you choose?




Yes, which item would you want? Do you want a Sonny Ericsson k750i, an Ipod Nano, or a lamp? Choose one. Come on, if you are young, even with not much cash in hand, you would want the first two, but the third? It sounds very weird if you really want a lamp, which just burns and fragrance the air around you.

Yes, the question is who wants it? Ask any sensible person, they will think
that having a cool gadget would be better to spend than dumping it on a lamp.
It's not even a gadget. There's no kewl stuff, like 3G, wifi, 6 Mega Pixels,

A product has its own market, probably in France, where they
really adore fashion, and have high taste for a beautifully crafted products, it
would sell.

But to many asians in the middle income society, a highly
priced lamp is not something in their shopping basket.

Market demand will eventually determine whether the product can be sold in a localized market. If it can't sell, too bad. Go back to the drawing board and figure why asians won't
buy a lamp. Cut the price, do more marketing, adex, and see if you can sell it,
solely on market driven demand. Open an exclusive booth in KLCC like the rest of
the expensive brands. Surely some high class Malaysians would buy it.

But not some young teenagers. Nope, that is weird.


Blogger CrazyLobster said...

Interesting site. Keep it up.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blog author:
I think the blog title is not very appropriate. There's nothing wrong with the Lampe Berger brand and products. It is DCHL where the problems lie.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...


I have no complaints on the product, but I do see sites questioning the effectiveness of the health claims.

Yes, DCHL is the problem. But since Lampe Berger france allows them to do MLM in asia pac, they indirectly profits from this. Any business that is profiting handsomely, would just want this system to make them richer.

I have wrote emails to france contacts LB france, but seems no reply.

DCHL is expanding very rapidly in Australia, japan, china...malaysia, seems like on the middle path but still growing..

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i do believe chinese herb medicine, but reli ghost oso no how to make herbs to medicine? i doubt la.

but things that made by herbs reli give some nice effect, but it reli depends

so if u said the oild made by herbs hav no effect, than y so many chinese medicine shop still standing? take them down la

if a company expanding slow, u will say, a comp that expd so slow, sure got problems.........

it reli depends

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a company(Lampe Berger) allow the distributor(DCHL) or the sales team(SYN) to screw up their brand name and do nothing then I dun know why we can not anti the company which not doing business ethically.

Anti LB and damn SYN (Yeam not Yip)

7:42 PM  
Blogger geli said...

i am heart breaking (but didn't show on my face) when a so called good friend of mine, ask my to be his partner on lb business. I didn't believe he doesn't realize that this is a big cheat, but why he still asking me to invest?? does money blinded him?? does money mean everything to him?? or he will does some charity once he got rich by lb scheme by looking for 5 victims to invest 30k each ??

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When "LB friend" approach you, they only have two things in their mind, your 30k to cut Count and your human network that will profits him further.

The rest of helping you and giving you chance to earn more money is pure BS, else ask him to give back the comission he earn when you cut count if he is not into your money.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous for the people! said...

the sony ericsson phone looks so cool compared to the lamp! take pics, play songs, call, play games....etc

why the lamp can do? fragnance and deco what ( a bit sarcastic here hehe)

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u ask ur boss that gain profit from ur prof, c wat he said la,
every1 trying to survive in this cruel world, some eats up others, some willing to b ate up, some lives in forest to eat animals n avoid eat by human, monks r the stupist coz they eat vege...

all of ppl out there n in here ate ppl b4, dun lie about it, onli if u eat so much or so less

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY STEVEN YIP !! DO USE YOUR BRAIN B4 YOUR POST THIS OKIE ? U post such a stupid thing man .. WHy u use LAMp to compare with a christmas present..?? why u don use other MLM company product to compare about a diamond Water .. u SAID CHRISTMAS WHAT ?? .... USe your brain.don be like 10 yrs old posted stupid thing .

Hey..i do email to mlm-THETRUTH

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they also no reply .. but u email to LB france maybe i know why they didnt reply.. because u already gave such a stupid post .. maybe LB side..see your email also they don know how to reply .. lazy to do it .... is Menara HLA not HLB .. ur words & grammar a lot problem ..

1:30 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi anonymous,

There are ethics in business. If you are a businessman, and not ethical, it wont last long.

Trying selling your lamps only, without the marketing plan.

You won't have that much customers.

You see, I would rather spend my hard earned money on some other stuff, compared to lamps.


5:20 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

Trying selling your lamps only, without the marketing plan.

Dush! One hit straight under the belt. That fella quiet edi. *K.O.*

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc also CONNING people $$$ only what...

I only take little con $$$ while the *people mentioned above* CON the "rakyat" & taxpayer's $$$ BIG TIME! SO what is the FUSS?

I con my lecturer before, i cheat on my exam before, i Ponteng class before, i cheated during SNOOKER, i cheated my fren before, hell i even con my GF before. Hahaha. What is the BIG FUSS?

As i say, EITHER YOU CON PEOPLE or PEOPLE CON YOU...Its a survival skill!

Its better for us, "the little guy with no $$$" to con little $$$, than "the BIG SHOT GOVERNMENT officials" to con the rakyat $$$.


I'm DAMN sure the GOvernment DOn't MIND this little $$$ one.

AIyah, we group together as a group of "hardcore anti-lampeberger", then we charge those people who is also "anti-lampeberger" RM 100 each. Then, we also make LOTS of $$$.

Simple calculation,

RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI-LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Then, we BUY Ferrari and BMW to drive to Menara HLA, park at the FRONT and BURN them. This we show that we also can make $$$ ma!!!

DAMN good IDEA...!!!

WE group together ok...WE KEEP in touch! Malaysia BOLEH!

Remember, my name is AH Wai from SYN DCHL Lampeberger :)

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


too pitty see steven yip use their time to do useless thing, just compliant and compliant but didn't help his friend earn money even though himself also.

How dear u wrote email to france, if me is Lampeberger Boss also no reply u(who u r? just a normal people) If steven Yeam, he will reply. hahahhhhahahahhahahah......

If u heart treat ur friend like victim, ur friend will be ur victim, but u treat ur friend like partner, he will seem like ur whole life partner.


U just know 5% from DCHL, u will treat urself like proffesional (wah like proffesor also, bull shit)

we find partner, not find customer, Understood?

simple plan meet sophisticated people = confuse

simple plan meet simple people = success

simple plan meet steven Yip = good opportunity gone

Lets group together all Pro-lampe berger people and do home party, anyone intrest can register to me as a member WPLBL (WORLD PRO LAMPE BERGER LEAGUE)

JUST DROP E-MAIL TO SEOW792003@YAHOO.COM OR contact my handphone: 012-9499879


8:05 AM  
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