Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sin Chew Daily: REQUEST RM30K for joining a pyramid based MLM company makes a mother worry

We have another exposure on this DCHL business in Sin Chew Daily (24 may 2006). Although the article did not mention the company, but we could all guess, it's no other than the Lampe Berger business by Steven Yeam Network.

Translated by Bernard
From the link above I can briefly transalate here:

(Ipoh) A son has been brainwash by a pyramid scheme MLM based company.Ask his mom to take out RM30K for investment.Due to the family financial issue,his mom suspect his son and don't borrow the amount for his son.Finally his son turn in "psycho" and make his mom worries.

Later this lady,Mrs Lee has been to Sin Chew office.Saying that his son currently studying in a University in KL.At the same time,he join as a member in a MLM company in KL too.On April,his son come back to hometown to look fo his mom and told her that he need to join this MLM on May.

Joining MLM needs RM2500

According to Mrs Lee,this company has no problem but the joining fee is RM2500.It requires to recruit some ppl and u r entitle to get 20% commision.

She said that his son need RM2500 to join,but she and her husband is income is low and unable to have extra money to support his son.Finally his son borrow from his friends and pay the "joining fee"

Ask mom to sell off the house

Recently,his son ask Mrs Lee for RM30K and suggest her to sell off her house.Mrs Lee did not agree with his son.In order to make his mom CONvinced by him,he bring his mom to the seminar.

"I found out in this company,most of them are teenagers around the age 18-20++. Some are just graduate or just new employed.Even that, they are some college or university students as well.They CONvinced these ppl by saying that If u r working or doing investment in traditional business,you won't be rich.But If you join here,you are able to drive luxury cars." says Mrs Lee

She says her son already pay RM2500 to join as member and unable to recruit somebody and yet her son ask for another RM30K.This make her felt suspicious about this MLM company.Furthermore,she and her husband unable to take out RM2500 for his son and yet need RM30K.His son ask her to sell off the house.Due to her suspicous thinking,she did not agree on it.

Been brainwash and become a Psychotic person

She says that her son told her that joining this MLM company can earn BIG MONEY,drive LUXURY CAR.And he says that this company helps ppl to earn BIG MONEY and become PROSPER! But she afraid that his son is been used by someone.

She sadly says that her son is been brainwash,and what ever she says won't make him awake.Her son always says that she didn't support him at all.And says that the RM30K must be paid on MAY.Or else there will be increased more than RM30K.Because of that RM30K,he turn into a psychotic person and makes her worry about her son will commit suicide.

Worry her son will commit suicide

Her son just bought 2 bottle of "Mouth Rinse Water" (Listerine),and she says that her son never have the habit of using the "Mouth Rinse Water".Because of her worries,she can't sleep every night because of looking for her son.

She try to make a police report but there was no evidence.All she hopes that her son will realise 1 day and look for a proper job.



Blogger Cho said...

Yea! Finally on media, and a BIG article! This is getting somewhere! Well, if they want to survive, stop targeting innocent students...

6:13 AM  
Anonymous yow said...

did the article mentioned which university is that? come universities and colleges also breed this kind of low EQ/IQ students...

Maybe it's not just the Pyramid Scheme that's causing all these societal issues.. The probem could stem from deeper within the core values of Malaysians themselves.

6:18 AM  
Blogger earl-ku said...

i bumped into a friend of mine few weeks back, it seems that now they are no more focusing on the aroma therapy thing liao, what they focus on is just getting member ... now thats a bloody good scam going around

bloody scammers ... but hey scammers get to drive beemers man ...

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

of cos la drive beemer to show off...or else how to convince ppl that the upline is doing well?

pocket got money or not, no one knows. when beemer kena tarik balik, no one knows.

why isnt the government doing sth abt this?

8:46 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

I believe the government can't do anything since economy is bad.And government can collect taxes from each MLM company...if it ruins DCHL/SYN/LB,government also miss a financing opportunity as well.

During this time,u think the government will destroy its own "sources of taxes"? If they do,MCA and ministry of perdagangan will be in trouble 1st b4 STeven Yeam.

So,is better to let every1 beware and stay away from it.Never ever join DCHL/SYN/LB.

Remember when there is no new member joining,their spirit will be demotivated and will end up 1 day!

11:41 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi yow chuan,

This is my rough conclusion...our malaysians are just:

1. Too greedy to to care on how to make money.

2. Naive in business sense.

3. Does not have the critical thinking to evaluate a concept (thus being brainwashed).

And yea,...blame it on the education? That's another long long story...

3:55 PM  
Blogger Cho said...

Hope sin chew would find this worth investigate and they just need to google it.... information pop right in front of them... And that worth something. But by far the most powerful media in Malaysia still TV3 in Buletin Utama especially lately...

Had been talking to some of my colleague, apparently the one sitting behind me know about LB & had been invited to their building before, but he didn't join. He himself is Amway member & does some other direct selling as well, but pyramid recuitment.... nope. Quite an interesting encounter he had there.

& another malay colleague I talked to are involve in this "gold" something something... sounds similar to me, and they always use 1 word "INFINITY"... interesting talk we had in her car on the way to Pangkor Island on company trip. She's rich so it's ok. When she said Infinity, I ask her how can it be infinity? & analize the structure to her on the spot... she kept quiet... & change subject...

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IF you think by JUST investing 30k, shake legs and money will drop down from heaven, CONTINUE DREAMING. it's MLM, like what you guys said. and that's when PEOPLE HELP EACH OTHER.
you only see the failures, those who just wouldn't care moving their butt, how about those people who have successfully reached to the top, and give the rest of their money for the rest of their lives, directly to CHARITY?
how about those people who have cured from so many sickness just because of a good product? lampe berger?

steven just posted the BAD stuff about lampe berger, just maybe because he didn't even move his ass. but he never sees the good things on the biased.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above.

The problem arises when you start asking people to invest 30k.

It's so obvious...the profits earned is from endless recruitment, which will stop (one day, I am not a god, so don't ask me when).

Whatever good things comes from it, does not justify the fact, this is a get quick rich pyramid scheme.

It's as simple as that.

And I do move my butt around doing this anti thing...hehe...

4:42 AM  
Anonymous 1 said...

The problem arises when you start asking people to invest 30k.

yes, when u ask ppl to do that as that person dont even clarify himself why he need to do that.

once again, in the rules adi state this,

so if your upline ask you to do that, but u dunno y u need so, ofcause will become faulty.


u dun believe the useness of the product than it is useless to explain y it is repeatable sales.

go search wikipedia and you get to know, mlm sells the product to user which mostly distributor.

so by recruit more distributor is actually making the market for the product.

but the problem will b the limited population. but will you consider hows the road before you learn to drive?

but ofcause all this is but another bullshit to all of you faithful antis.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Made Steven Yeam's Wife Pregnant said...

To those Lampe Idiots supporter, you say you recruit to create the market. What fcuking market are you talking about? Teenagers? College students? Why on earth would they want the lamp? To grant them three wishes?

So you Lampe Berger idiots, shut you mouth cause I fucked steven yeam's wife, made her pregnant while steven yeam watches.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Unfortunately, that news do them more good than harm.
Now they can speak louder that they are LEGAL and nothing wrong, otherwise why SinChew dare not publish their name ?? For fear of being sued.
Why hasn't the government stop them despite so many complaints ? They can even claim the government has inspected them and found them nothing wrong.
The most important thing for us all to do is TELL and WARN every single friend we know. Once it spread faster, they will get less recuits and more people will leave them and get their business stagnant.
Remember, chatting among ourselves is not enough. Must warn everyone else.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i googled this up in yahoo guys!have a read

12:32 PM  
Anonymous for the people! said...

yalor! why the sin chew newspaper never bother to tell the mlm company thats involved? since they have bad reputation, why keep it to urselves? tell me why!

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why sinchew don't mention the Company name ??

Want to know why ? Here are the clues:
Who owned SinChew ??
Further report will be threats to LB. So what will the Company do ??

Hmmm. I must keep myself anonymous.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous 1 said...

i tot i said thats all the bullshit mah, still so angry. no matter said wat, u just keep shooting like machine gun...

anywayla, last time dunno discovery or ng channel got a program about a man in usa warning his friend and family dont use computer, computer just crap he said, and he did use hammer crush the monitor infront of many ppl...

9:02 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

The 3rd message b4 me on a geocities link is a very ignorant or unsrupulous businesswoman.
Anyone can get me the Management Office number of Karamunsing Complex in Kota Kinabalu ??
I must warn their management office against Lampe Berger before more people there got cheated by her overclaims.

LB is very very active in East Malaysia now. The situation there is just like KL 3 years ago where they target mostly shopowners. We must stop them before they reach their students too like KL now.

How much have you people done to caution East Malaysians ?

Anyone know any active forum by East Malaysians ??

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sin Chew doesn't have to publish the name. EVERYONE knows it's LB!

On a side note, someone said good things of LB in the newspaper. I have NEVER seen good thing about LB in the newspaper.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DCHL claimed that TVB apologized in HK newspapers, but I dont see the proof of it, and have never heard that they publicly apologised. I've never seen myself good things about DCHL or LB on the newspapers. Nobody supports any claim of success or whatever good news they have in store. A DCHL member even told me DCHL/SYNs are going to purchase/coorperate with Louis Vuitton, but if this considered a huge and good news, I dont see this on the papers? lolx

5:42 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

There are news of Lampe Berger France sold part of their Company to Louis Vuitton.(available in google search too) They probably know their reputation is going down due to the MLM in Asia so they sold some share to a branded name to save their reputation.
BUT the cunning SYN/MLM in Malaysia claimed the other way round, :hat Lampe Berger "corporate" or "purchase" part of LV, I heard that too. This is another matter that showed how dishonest they can be.

Selling, Purchasing and Corporate/Joint-venture are all very different but Steven Yeam treat his network as fools and idiots.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Sin Chew has reason for not publishing the LB name.

Not everyone know the name Lampe Berger yet. Only those who already know them knows.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you rich...
you all are who can make money only be a stupidest job be a employ and still life like before hahaha. you are poor and stupid you not will be sucsesssss you know..
if you want to sucsess you must have open mind.. ok!!! grow up

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are failed in this compony
and you hate it
you are fool you stupid mistake
you are failed
not the company but youu

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are faileddddd
fail man

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Jonny said...

I agree about students with low IQs and not much common sense. Come on...

9:44 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

Sin Chew didn't publish the MLM name is normal. Legal issue gets sensitive when it get around names. Publishing issue itself and pin pointing certain ppl/org will take them to total different situation.

I do think this is a positive sign. We all know MLMs do have their licence legally in Malaysia. But problem with LB is they con students whom are still studying by sincerely providing 'harming' suggestion thus ruin their so call 'future' which is already hanging on the edge of cliff the moment they decided to join.

UNETHICAL is their real weak point. Therefore by highlighting this real life case will surely create awareness among public if not the awareness of the authorities.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Problem is how could the papers create awareness without mention the product type, name or Company ?
Maybe the LB Business just change the 30K requirement to 25K or 50K and no future prospects will know about it.
I think SinChew only helped them(the LB Business).
The MLM Companies can claimed louder now that the authorities made a check after the news and found nothing wrong with them and gained more confidence for their distributors

7:13 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous said...
Problem is how could the papers create awareness without mention the product type, name or Company ?
Maybe the LB Business just change the 30K requirement to 25K or 50K and no future prospects will know about it.
I think SinChew only helped them(the LB Business).
The MLM Companies can claimed louder now that the authorities made a check after the news and found nothing wrong with them and gained more confidence for their distributors

If got RM50K u still 1 2 invest in MLM? Dun be foolish a car better!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

the failure is not aimed at the company...

who else are we gonna aim?

Yes, it is our personal fault who did not success in the system or MLM..
are you personally success yourself anonymous ?
You own a big house you own a big car or luxury car?
How do you measure success my friend..?

10:41 PM  
Anonymous duchessa said...

Hi..After weeks of persistant invitations from a friend to visit LB's office in KL, i finally went yesterday. To tell you the truth i have never been convinced of any MLM scheme and i was never convinced of LB even when i first heard of it because to me i would never part with my good earned money for anything that is expensive, branded or not.I went out of curiousity and also as a favour for my girlfriend.

I must admit after viewing their gallery i was too schocked to see the prices tagged on each of their signature lamps.One was tagged at RM 85,000 which according to them is like a "collectors item" designed by some famous designer.

The other shock i got is to learn that my gf herself admitted that she has invested RM30k of which she owns 3 of the signature lamps of which she must have purchased at RM5k each.

I am very worried for her.She sounded convinced that she can go without her current job by going full time into LB. Thus, when i got home i decided to do a li'l bit of investigating on the net and thank god i found your site.I can atleast show her your comments.

Now, I have also gone further to view the other sites that sells these lampe Berger lamps. And i am now even doubly convinced that our malaysian distributor is doing something not right or to be more precise "misrepresenting" the current local investors.

At one of the sites i viewed, i saw the hidious signature lamp( my own opinion) that was displayed in KL's gallery for RM 85k. Guess how much it is going for on the web?
To view click here;

Now, isnt that day light robbery? At USD$ 6k , it would only amount to about RM 22k (with the current exchange rate of 3.6) So please tell me how did the lamp get to be SO expensive in malaysia? Even if you add the cost of shipping..i dont see it being more than RM 23k.Is Malaysia's LB lamps made of gold?!Obviously not, just look at the design above.It was the exact one i saw in KL's gallery.The ones that my friend purchased for RM 5k is only shown as USD $ 500.00. It is now so obvious to me that Malaysia's LB has marked up their prices up to nearly 4 x. For those who want to compare, you can view them yourself here

I think with this, victims of LB can actually write to the Ministry incharge of MLM and state their prices as being misrepresent?This should be a case for investigation yes?

If not, my other suggestion is that you forward the pictures and the prices on the site i have given you to our newspapers to be publicised as a detterrent to further victims.Let them know how much MORE they are paying for the lamps here in malaysia.That should make them think twice!

Just my two cents worth.

Good luck to all of you.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From LB member's restricted knowledge, the high price of the "designer" signature lamp is justified like the high price of cars in malaysia. go figure.

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Wan said...

Dear webmaster
once agian, thanks for taking your time to have this website well organized.
i heard they are going to have some kind of large gathering in Singapore (banner of SYN all around Singapore Orchard Road )
I am wondering can we have some kind of internet protestion. A website that can let public to leave name, IC (Partial complete IC no) to protest about it to singapore government. At least some kind of afford to prevent it from making it too well known to Singaporean. And I would suggest that you can others blogger who wrote about lampe berger to have everything summarised in a website or pdf so that can distribute or foward in emails. I know this might take some times. But if this will save a lots of ppl from being scammed, I belive this worth it. Thanks..

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this just means DCHL has nothing to do with cooperating/purchasing LV, only Lampe Berger has sold its shares to LV. But as I know, they've announced to their members LV and DCHL/SYN would buy over some company and market a new brand, similar to LV, Gucci, etc in Malaysia..
Yesterday I was at HK express in ss2 and behind me I overheard guy A telling guy B,"did you know DCHL/SYN has bought part of LV?"

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sure the singapore government will listen to us if malaysian government doesnt!

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guys, can refer to this website by singapore's government to complain

7:27 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...


I hope you can save your gf and advise her to stop and get her refund back while still early. Just lose 10% and treat it as a lesson learnt.

If she continues and could not sell them, she will lose more when the expiry period expires. If she can sell them off, then she may lose friends and reputation. Either way, she will lose.

Please visit my blog and read on the post how to get a refund, just in case tbe Company do not refund it.

Best of luck, please save her before late.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Someone maybe right. Now that Sin Chew has published twice about their business with RM2500 and RM30 well publicized, the Lampe Berger MLM may change their plan to increase the amount to RM45K so that new prospects will not know there have been many complaints before.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Duchessa said...

Dear anonymous,

Pardon me, i forgot to include the taxes imposed on the imported goods.Im no accountant but i'm still willing to try figure this one out..

So lets just give the worst scenario for the amount taxable.
I went to and downloaded the booklet of taxes for 2006.

From what i have gathered, 'import tax are generally levied on an ad valorem basis but may also be imposed on a specific basis.(Imported cars fall under the latter catogery , up to 250% tax,that was to protect our local car industry!)The ad valorem tax rate ranges from 2% to 60%.
So lets say for argument sake LB is taxed at 60% from the value of RM22k.The amount to pay is RM13,200.

Next we have the excise duty impose on any kind of spiritouos concoction, at a composite rate of 10c per litre or 15 %. Lets take 15% of the value Rm3300

Lastly we have the sales tax.This ranges from 5 -10%, so we take the highest, which gives us RM 2200.
Add them all up and we get the total cost of RM40,700. Is pricing the item at 85k still justified?For the operators definitely since its 100% profit for them to go around.

Now, how about those members who purchased those designer lamps at this 100% marked up price? Mind you they do so willingly or coercedly because they are told (and so was I)that these lamps normally appreciate in value each year.Their intrinsic value, so they say.They are 'convinced' these signature lamps acts as an investment at which you can resell these special lamps at a higher price.In this matter, higher than RM 85k. May i ask resell to whom?Your reselling market is restricted. You can only resell to other Malaysians. No sane foreigner would buy the same lamp when they can get it at 22K abroad.

Moreover i saw at their official website that they created a section for LB Lovers Collectors Club to discuss and provide a forum of exchanges between collectors from all over the world.This club provide exchanges and auctions.Malaysian collectors can participate but will they be able to sell their overpriced lamps?

In my honest opinion, I suspect that the parent company of Lampe Berger (the owners) may not be even aware of this multi level aggressive marketing plan going ons. To them it is DCHL who is their exclusive lifetime distributor in Malaysia and Asia. DCHL's take orders and supplies to their marketing network which is run by SYN in Malaysia.That is why no papers can actually write the name/brand Lampe bergers for fear of wrongly defaming LAMpe berger and hence be sued.(what they can do is to mention SYN)The culprit is not Lampe berger.It is those who are trying to make a killing out of selling LB.

In 2 months, my gf said she has made 15k after recruiting 3 ppl under her. In actual fact, she has made SYN some 90k profit while she has only recovered half of her invested sum.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear duchessa,,

i think i "was" facing the EXACT problem with you b4, my gf invested 30k into it, but shes out now. The aftermath of getting into this scam still affects us in everyway greatly, the pain and the problems arises that relates to other issues and people is tormenting at times, but we are still trying hard to get through this phase, cause 30k is alot of money.

how about you and your gf? i would like to know your story. anyway is there a way to contact you?

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, there are previous news report from Malaysia Chinese media:

Sin Chew 2005-08-09

Guang Ming 2006-03-10

ChinaPress 2006-03-12

Maybe someone would like to translate.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool, people even go up to the extent of reporting police and asking help from politician for refund (more than 20 of them). This showed how much people fall into this scam.

updated:2005-08-09 14:11:23 MYT

















劉德賢透露,有關直銷公司的吉隆坡總行代表林先生,已答應於8月12日晚上7時,與近20名投訴人解決有關問題;至於劉德賢被恐嚇一事,總公司代表林先生說,那是劉德賢與女代理的事,不在總公司的解決範圍內。 (星洲日報‧2005/08/09)

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, another lady suffered from depression since she used her sister university tuitions fees to buy those LB products which eventually can't be sold. She asked help from a MCA politician to get the refund.

updated:2006-03-10 20:59:13 MYT












她指出,雖然已為女兒討回一部分退款,但她希望藉此事提醒家長們,避免他們的兒女重蹈覆轍。 (光明日報‧2006/03/10)

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This news from China press. It indicated that a lady from college after joining direct sales (Lampe Berger), go all out to borrow RM30k and effected her study as she believe by investing that money, she will become rich in second.










8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLM singapore forum on Lampe Berge

11:19 AM  
Blogger Jonz said...

Well , this shit is killing the country. I've been abroad for many many years and just got back to see this plague so widespread. There wont be a better Malaysia if this continues to happen, especially when all this is infecting the youth that are in colleges n universities. What do u think Malaysia will turn out to be if this goes on?

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A short translation of the Chinapress article is available at The Star

7:43 PM  
Blogger Cho said...

This 彭加蘭嶺頂州議員劉德賢 is very cool! Steven, why not publish those 2 news article as your blog post, ppl might missed this comment slot.

Er... see how much SYN support their 'tools'? "至於劉德賢被恐嚇一事,總公司代表林先生說,那是劉德賢與女代理的事,不在總公司的解決範圍內。 (星洲日報‧2005/08/09)"

Let's invite 劉德賢 to this blog.

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Worried Mom said...

Dear John,

I couldnt agree more with you, the right term to use is "social manace" social disturbance"...if this continues, there would be heaps of social problems arises in the future, it will change the mindset of young ones in the future, it has to be controlled i reckon.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Malaysian's are known for their greed and stupidity.

Offer them some 'skim cepat kaya' and they'll just throw their hard earned cash without even batting an eye-lid.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Malaysian's are known for their greed and stupidity.

Offer them some 'skim cepat kaya' and they'll just throw their hard earned cash without even batting an eye-lid.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This might be the correct BUTTON to push.

Hit it HARD

1:49 AM  
Anonymous chucky said...

This is definately DHCL. Beware, they are now targeting those young people especially university students whom think they are really clever but with no experience. In fact when I propose some solution to this company on cost saving project, they want my solution for free. What the f**k, outside show ppl that they are rich, but from inside they are actually like rage rat. Fu*k them kau kau!!!

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the problem of our young generations of Malaysians are lack of reading and instead full on concentration listening to empty promises.

DCHL/SYN are capitalising on these young dreamers with no common knowledge or working experience as a target..........

If everyone make big bucks after invested 30K, who will be the losers ?

Please stop dreaming and find a job !

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i agreed with your comments, in MLM's terms, this is what they called "hard hitters". It can be also defined as " Fake It Till You Make It ". A lot of youngsters were tricked into this scam b'cos those buggers driving big cars !

But the only thing the youngsters missed out is "who owns the car ?". Is it belongs to them or the Finance ?

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, cant agree more, you guys who without exp and no background, just go have a job, dun day dreaming. you cant posible to become rich, look at the mirror la.

always think can so easily become rich, is actually dam poor, act like rich ppl just want to have face. need face 1 to survive meh, boss ask you do wat you do wat la.

slowly climb the coprate ladder, is the only best way to be success. but dun be silly to think you the one. theres only 2 type of ppl can make it, either you a very honest ppl and so lucky boss look up on you, or you are a very bad cheater and always make boss happy.

you go do research la, c how many % of employee can make it to the top, and how many still working like cow in old age.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ex PM said the only sure earning money investment in the world is Save your money in Bank!!Not LB.dont become slave to the fucker steven yeam

1:04 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Malaysia is a heaven for MLM Scams.

Once in awhile we read of MLM Company that hardly anyone knows got raided by police BUT never the BIG SCAM Companies.

Make your guess why.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Malaysia is a heaven for MLM Scams.

Once in awhile we read of MLM Company that hardly anyone knows got raided by police BUT never the BIG SCAM Companies.

Make your guess why.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malaysia chinesealwayslook down

onkancil this isproblem.....

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



12:02 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

I say,

Zeus thinks he's hip,
talking like a pimp,
cheating young peeps give's him a kick,
like how he sucks Steven Yeam's D**K!

10:50 PM  
Anonymous steven yip good said...

TEH POHWAH: so u too because..
I say,

Zeus thinks he's hip,
talking like a pimp,
cheating young peeps give's him a kick,
like how he sucks Steven Yeam's D**K!

teh powah talk like shit too, brain dirty, full of rubbish

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teh powah thinks he's genius,
talking like a asss,
braiwash peolple give's him a kick,
like how he sucks Steven Yip's D**K!

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the steven yip can't do anything since LB supporter is strong.And steven yip can collect kopi from each blogg...if it ruins sohai,steven yip also miss a financing opportunity as well.

During this time,u think the steven yip will destroy people dream? If they do,b3rnard7 and dexter will be in trouble 1st b4 STeven Yip.

So,is better to let every1 beware and stay away from steven yip.Never ever drop comment on this blogg

Remember when there is many new member joining,their spirit will be motivated and will celebrate hurray.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


b for bastard
3 for 30k
r for rough
nard for nothing
7 for years old

b3rnard7 = useless
big mouth bastard talk about 30k negative ver rough with steven yip, but nothing do and can not join because just 7 years old and study standard 2 in chinnese school always said "REAL PAI KAH CHAI"

but her mother said" born a cha siu better born a b3rnard7"

pitty steven yip gang

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny b3rnard7...

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear sohai yow,

did the comment mentioned logically? come steven yip also breed this kind of low quality comment...

Maybe it's not just the bull shit that's causing all these stupid comment.. The probem could stem from deeper within steven yip altitude problem

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi yow chuan,

This is my rough conclusion...our steven yip are just:

1. Too lazzy to make money.

2. complaint when fail, support when succeed.

3. Does not have the logical thinking to evaluate a concept (thus being brainwashed by their stupid comment).

And yea,...blame it on his brain? That's another intresting story...

5:12 AM  
Anonymous Looking for MLM said...

Whoa. This blog is getting out of hand.

The pro SYN types are really rude. Is all people in SYN like this?

I almost join, lucky not join, if not habis!!!

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair Man Said:

For a FAIR to say...
If it really so bad like you all said, why the member and the success member to become marquies and duke and makes thousand, millions of money??
And the most important things....


Is that make sence that a lot of people can succeed, and you all can't succeed and just SAYing.. "ANTI LAMPE BERGER"....

1 word i can say... YOU ALL VERRY SUCKsssss

as i konw: now a days our air getting bad day by day... and some more a lot of mosquitos, the medical result shown that lampe berger can purified the air and makes our body healty, as I'm a "QI GONG" student, air is very important, if u have a good air, u not affrid of sickness... even u don't worry to buy alot of vitamins.. just a simple logics, HUMAN CANNOT LEAVE WITHOUT AIR.
even now a day, u leave in KL and without having a Lampe Berger products.... CONGRATULATION.. you all can't leave more than 65 years... prople with lampe berger prodects, BRAVO... you will leave until 90 years and above..

PLEASE.... PLEASE... all the blogger in here.. try to think and look in to our air.. we can get this all information all oven the internet, we must know what is right and what is wrong..

The exsistance of A COMPANY or A PRODUCTS, they must have the permission throught the government, and there is nothing infected with PERDAGANGAN minister. u know, MLM company in malaysia is more that 200 comapnies.. is government colse down any of it, it doesn't affect the economies of malaysia...
in others way said, MLM can makes our countries economies getting better and we no need to affrid of the "WARGA NEGARA" special promo...
because we have MONEY!!!

i very don't kile this country..
people are "THE FROG UNDER THE WEEL" unlike HONG KONG and others country.....

no wander, MALAYSIA CURRENCY IS NO 2 in the world....
start from below.

and due to all those "WARGA NEGARA"
i will move to others country as i earning enought money and go out of this HELL COUNTRY.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous sinagporestudent said...

say hello to everyone.

fist day i visit this blogg, full in colorful and different comment like the fly color in the sky...

nice blogg... keep trying.

but i want asked simple question to u all, is it ur all comment comprehensive or just nothing like after we watch football worldcup, nothing happen.....

everyone got different mind, so their mind of course focus in few degree of sphere only, it can not jump to other field.

so want to persue other people attract their point must used much more degree sphere to talk, so untill they can accept their point.

like this case: why so many people reject LB, also many people accept LB.

first thing we used basic thinking: asked themselves, is it really illegal or just try cheated many people money to throw in the company and do nothing to get big commision.

pyramid scheme not illegal, just a system that can used in MLM to create many wealth to other people. it used like simple method, once copy, once do. like photostat machine. it used the same money, same method, same mind set to create money. it used money make money method. But their product must can repeat, so it call repeat sale. photostat machine system not illegal machine but some people can not accept it because, it affraid it will collapse and must do retail selling to build up network.

But how the pyramid system collapse? it will depend the money divided between company and distributor. if every distributor just throw money, do nothing but still got money which double than their modal, THEN BECAREFUL, BECAUSE IT WILL COLLAPSE BECAUSE COMPANY FINANCIAL CAN NOT SUPPORT. But if they invest, then must work hard to get money, then the system will safe. I dont know, how the LB work, so i can not comment that company.

many people, even my friend blame MLM company when they fail to make money. it is a simple reaction from people, so they will explain that they didnt suit that kind of business. Actually, MLM business also need some luck, because need find the suitable people that want coporate together to make money. it depend also how they persue them join their network. the distributor altitude and reaction is more important to succeed in the case.

every one said MLM business cheat, not proffesional, lazzy person join... but this all is just for the member that not really work hard. for Work hard person, they will not affraid resistance, rejection, negative thinking. they just have one direction, they want succeess. so they suit this business, otherwise better dont try, if not u will be fail.

also like a try and error business, u must put ur strong heart and patient to find untill u find the person that want join with u. but need time....many people can not wait, so he will quick and fail.

u all, must already play poker, it has 52 cards, each set got 4 A. God is very fair, it create 4A in each set of poker. so it same like u do MLM, every person will find the person that will join but problem is, R u really want to wait??

For moral point, MLM business not harm every one.........if they used the right way, because all the MLM company have the own system, it depend how the member used it, if they used in wrong way of course come out the result will wrong, if not opposite.

For each member of MLM company will try to protect their own company, they have many method to solve each problem. it was important to them to continue their business, because they like own syer in company. u can say they already brainwashed. but if, member been brainwash, they can not success because they can not persue other people to join.

Singapore goverment like control people mind set, they want each people do same the way, and get same thing. some people dont like it, it will blame Goverment like Hitler. but majority resident accept it because it give good reputation to our country. it depend how the people thinking...

Conclusion is, MLM member just do their business, so he dont want any happen to their company, so he will try to protect their company been harm.

for not member, of course they didnt involved, so they can talk anything they like, not need to scared. they can give many degree sphere of comment. But they earn nothing....

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like most of the anti-syn comments have stated.

We would care less if the ppl @ SYN were super sales man.

Ppl @ SYN only encourage recruitment of mbrs and never promote the use of LB.

They go to the extent of asking students to borrow money through whatever means.

This is wrong.

If ppl not 1 join, they will act like you against them and will say you are stupid.

Whether ppl 1 2 join or not is none of their bizness. Should not force ppl. Very unproffessional and rude.

Air is bad this is true.

However got many other products that is cheaper and just as good as LB.

So dun think you will monopoly the mkt.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the money come from???

DCHL calculation:


BARON(29%)Group Profit 9%

COUNT (38%) Group Profit 18%

MARQUIS (41%) Group Profit 3%
Personal Group Profit 2%
Count Generation Profit 13.5%
Marquis Generation Profit 6%
Marquis Asia Profit Sharing 1.5%

DUKE (42%) Group Profit 1%
Personal Group Profit 2%
Count Generation Profit 13.5%
Duke Generation Profit 6%
Duke Asia Profit Sharing 1%

Personal Group Profit 2%
Count Generation Profit 13.5%
Arch Duke Generation Profit 6%
Arch Duke Asia Profit Sharing 1%

Personal Group Profit 2%
Count Generation Profit 13.5%
Majesty Duke Generation Profit 6%
Majesty Duke Asia Profit Sharing 1%

Total 134.5%

How about the 30% administration expenses???

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha you dont even understand how the calculations are! hahaha

You completely missed the overriding concept of the business. This is too funny!..

it should total about 69% pay outs :)

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well firstly, there are nearly a hundred network marketing company's in Malaysia alone, it has not mentioned DCHL for a reason.. because it is not the company that made the son stupid like that, it was himself. Secondly, this is like what, one case in 2 or 300,000 Malaysian DCHL members?

This newspaper article is just about the mothers concerns and not what is the truth. Is he even psychotic? who knows, and brain washed into what? wanting more for himself and the family? greaatttttt one Steven Yip, you're really doing something great for the world! :)

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are 3 companies under dchl but SYN company is the REAL VIRUS.
greedy, selfish, psycho members whose aim is not to help people do business but to make sure that people who enter MUST invest a lot.there is more to DCHL than people give credit for actually.yes, its an MLM but its not a scam.u people must get ur facts straight.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the owner of this blog :
u are a self proclaimed idiot.
y?becoz, 1st of all, if u do understand DCHL, it doesnt need people to invest 30k only requires 2.5k only.who in god's name ask u to invest more than 2.5k???thats y i said ur an idiot.ikut je tapi tak pikir.but i dont blame u 100%.
SYN company usually does this to newcomers.ask them to invest a lot but if u go to RZ corporation(company under DCHL,founders dchl gaduh..pecah to 2 companies,.long story..but still same business) we dont advise our members to invest 30k.only 2.5k for franchisee level and then u can make up ur mind whether to work urself slowly up to count or upwards,or if u have money and only if u are sure then u can invest more.but most important is the willingness to work hard.and our group support is great.u masuk membabi buta,u didnt work hard, dont understand business concept, tak pegi homeparty, mou,meeting, tak pegi training,..of course u wont succeed la..u expect money to fall in your lap just becoz u joined dchl?think again buddy.
its hard work, contacts, group support, lots of courage, prayers, luck and leaders that makes people succeed in dchl.maybe these SYN people promised u sumthing.i dunno.u goyang kaki = u get nothing.

1:06 AM  
Anonymous neutral-lb said...

Confuse, some people say 2500MYR to get into this thing, but some say 1500MYR is all they need to get started. However, at a larger scale, 36000MYR is the entry point ... the best thing to do is to choose not to play the game you don't want to play, or else ...

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in this situation DCHL and LB are innocent okayh,but the fault is to the people inside the the way,in the rules of accumulate a distributor by RZ coorparation and DCHl says that:people cannot force somebody to takes personal loans or so on.
So,means that some people inside the DCHL are scams but not DCHL.Its all depends on you,if you work hard you will succeed,is not you'll be like this steven yip,he doesnt get what he want so he turn out to be a hipokrit.

9:57 PM  

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