Monday, May 22, 2006

Mountain of Stock

Recently, there's a post by a member of the Lowyat forum, who took a picture of his house, full with Lampe Berger unsold stock. But this guy is not into LB, his housemates are.

Can't sell your stock is really a headache, because you can't get back what you invested.

But still believing in this dreams of getting rich and driving a nice car, that is even sadder.

This scenario is basically front loading, where DCHL pushes a huge pile of stock to the brainwashed LB member, who thinks he can make it. It happens in other MLMs too.

Now, if the MLM companies has been less greedy, they would have just given commission on sold stock only. So, the distributor could return back the unsold stock, and he does not lose his shirt.

But why DCHL wouldn't want to practise this?

Just because they make more profit pushing a high quantity of stocks. And for the network itself, it's not that attractive. You don't have people joining in as Counts, so you don't earn that much too.

So, LB members who invested Count, it's very obvious you have been cheated big time. My advise, quit this business, get your refunds, and get a real job.


Anonymous Perry said...


wordless, when i c the mountain stocks... this is the 1st time i c the picture of the lb lamps store like a mountain inside the distributor's house... pity, nothin can do for these stocks, but keep purchasing more lb lamps from DCHL...

DCHL, an endless business for brainless people...

7:40 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

Wow, this post is so convincing that people is losing money to the top guys in DCHL and people still arguing here that they are more than happy to give those top guys money.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous no fools here said...

The problem is most people who lost money to such scams just keep quiet.

DCHL practised refund too. That is how most people are willing to stock up. I find that MLM Companies who allowed refund on unsold goods are the worst scammers. It tricked more people to join them.
Genuine and honest MLM Compnanies should not allow refund or return of unsold goods make known to distributors. Return or refund should be allowed only on faulty goods.

9:38 AM  
Blogger __earth said...

[sarcasm]no fools here, you are so convincing[/sarcasm].

9:54 AM  
Blogger fragranceoilfl said...

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12:53 PM  
Anonymous for the people! said...

it's really sad to see people going to hopeless dreams like a donkey chasing a carrot.

doesn't the government know about this or they are just keeping this quiet?

besides, it is not productive for the people here.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

well,...tat mountain of stock already can open a gallery lor.

Maybe tat CLOWN can open a Pusat Pameran Lampu Berger

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ask DCHL to open a museum... lol

11:17 AM  
Anonymous no fools here... said...

Whose stock is that ? I will like to give him a note. Any email ?

I admire him. He earned my respect.
He is among the very few who got sucked by others, know the truth and keep the loss to himself instead of selling those worthless things to others. Most other victims would have victimised others.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

How can I reach the owner of that mountain stock ? I will like to help him.

Those who wish to seek refund(even after the lapsed period), please visit my posts that the "FUDAR" thread next to this one.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi dexter,

I have removed's a bit too offensive.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...


Can you retrieve my message there on refund advice and paste here ?
I put so much effort on it.

Those who wish to seek refund, please write to me or write to LampeBergerHelp(another blog). We are gathering them together to make it easier and more effective.
Even after the 6 months expiry is ok.
A press conference will be arranged if they don't refund.
Why lose your money and let them go so easily ?
Act fast before they decide to close shop and leave.
Right now while they still have business, they may still refund if they feel threatened. Once they have no more business, they will not bother.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous ex-LB-er said...

i'm an ex LB-er from SYN.
now i wanna make confession.

i just quit from dchl recently. actually there's a lot of problem in this system and people inside!
1st of all,i want to touch bout refundment.

no need to go to the hq and shout out for a refund!

here's my experience. 1st of all,call the hq number! ask them u want to refund! the CS department will tell u to fax in a resign letter and the original receipt. after a couple of days they will call u to arrange the stock refund time,probably at between 10 till 11 a.m. at this time, u can push them to let u refund a.s.a.p. surely they will say got no enough accountant to sums the remain stock for u. but dont give up,push them,tell them to let u refund a.s.a.p. and then they'll rearrange the time again. must be hard to them.

on the day of returning stocks, don forget to bring ur original copy of resign letter and the official red-yellow receipt and E-card.

after that storekeeper will count the stocks for u.after finish counting, the procedure will pass to the accountant to sum up the remain money that can be refund.

after finish counting,round 20 minits,they will give u a statement on how much u can refund,after signature,u can go home n wait for the check to issue. or u can go to redeem urself at office. but have to wait round 1 month.

for me,i've loss a lot of money!
i've met others who asked for refund on the same day with me.
around 5 ppl who go for refund on that day!n the storekeeper got tell me at lest 5 ppl refund per day! to be continue...

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on Zeus, it's not that you don't have at least one eye to see. A lot of people who quit the business didn't know that they would hate the business, before they joined. They liked the business, so they joined. Then they felt uncomfortable and regretful, because they knew that they had been deceived. So, some of them (in fact, all of them should) go to tell the whole world that the business is harmful, in an ethical sense, to people. But they know that some people love and enjoy doing the business even after going through so much discussion on the unethical marketing strategies practiced by the distributors. They know that these people can do anything whatsoever to achieve their business goals, and that these people would rather pretend like they don't understand the issues or close their minds (yet they always tell people to open minds to listen to their business talks) than open their minds to understand the issues and fail to achieve their business goals.

Zeus, you do not fully understand everything we have discussed so far in this and other related blogs and forums.


And so you see why people tell others to open minds but have their own minds closed.

9:42 AM  
Blogger LB Supporter said...

to ex-lb-er,I'm in the LB biz for quite some time, before u start to blame LB or DCHL, have u ever find out ur own problem first? We never force any one to join, we offer, then ppl accept then we work together, if today u resigned from a compay, can u tell the world that the company is no good? Even Microsoft or IKEA everyday have staff turnover,can u say the Firm is no good? Or because of the staff personal problem? and have u got back all ur money? the process akes longer doesn't prove anything, the main thing is u got back the money .

To no fools here, i think u r not clear with the direct selling rules in Malaysia, refund policy is a must for all legal MLM company in Malaysia. Somemore LB offer the maximum duration up to 6 months for the distributor to work before they quit, 6 months should enough r everyone to understand a company wether is scam or not right? or u prefer a biz which no way back, or only allow u to try on within 1 week?? It only advantage to distributor but not to the company k!!!

to Roy, in LB it is win win situation, of course ur upline will make money based on the commision, but don't forget u will become's someone upline too in LB, and in here u can make more money than ur upline if ur network stronger. It's the fairest structure in the world, have u ever see ur salary higher than ur manager, that's hat we call pyramid k, 1 CEO, 5 VP,10 SM, 20M and so on. ANd forever the lower level of ppl their slary always lesser than uppe level, but u all never go and complain...

to anonymous, LB is doing in more biz sense than other MLM, every one is knowing that the major income for any MLM in whole world is from network, if today u join a MLM but didn't recruit any biz partner but just do selling (direct selling), how much income u targeted to get? LB today is only offer a more flexsible, biz sense way to do MLM. Of course u can still choose to become a member with RM 150 as a consumer only, then slowly to accummulate your sales for next level, it's all up to u to choose, no forcing but we only encouraging since we know ther are very rare ppl will work hard for it if only pay rm150, do u all think u can? That's y all this while the successful rate in MLM in Malaysia is so low, only 5% ppl can make real big money (more than 20k per month). If u choose not to beleive then is fine, it only works for those who believe into it, and in fact, the result shown that LB is right. It's human nature when they failure they will blame others first rather than himself. In a class, for sure there will have different ranking or each student after the exam, but they all under the same teachers, sowho should u blame? The school? The Teachers? or the student himself? No doubt sure gotppl in LB who is unethical and didn't follow the rule, we can't avoid but only can minimize.. if today u all are criticising about the unethical LB distributors, i'm agree, but if target to LB beause of these ppl, sorry.. it's already beyond the limit sincewe didn't force but we let them choose whether to invest in Count or not.

1:56 AM  
Blogger LB Supporter said...

That's y LB have 6 months of reund policy to let the distributor study clearer and allow them to refund if they really feel uncomfortable with LB. There is no ppl fail in MLM but only those who give up. There are so many ppl success in LB, why can't u all see from negative site? For me, the most important thing is to see what is the positive and negative for a biz before udo any decision. If u only see the ngative site, for sure everything in this world all cannot be done, can u name me which thing in the wold only have positive site but never have negative site?? So be fair ok, to al the distributors in LB. If u success in LB, u can atlest make more than 5 diits income monthly, worst come to wost u give up in LB after u joined, u still have stock or still can refund it. Won't loose the money. But if u do convention biz outside, when urbiz growth, u make money and become busier but don forget u need to pump in the money all the time torun the biz, when ur bz up to one point keep loosing mony until u cannot sustain, how much u will loose?? have u calculated it before? If u see LB from biz view, it's fantastic, but if u see it thru employee mindset, then it is expensive because of the Count, but still less than 40k after the promotion end. In LB they are asking u to earn at least 10k to 150K monthly for a Marqusie, but how to become Marquise from Count, that is the journey for those distributor have to work hard or suffer..

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...






1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with you.

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sohai zeus...

10:25 AM  
Anonymous make quick easy money said...

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9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To LB Supporter
haiz.... too bad u r the 1 who also being brain washed... u juz talk like wat others lb distributor talk.

U all r the 1 who say u would support n help ur downline when 1st join in, which mean they wont fail if u give ur help right? but how actually u help?? juz give him some comment?? that call help?? u take ur friend come to company 1st, wan to join c is depending on them... pui! u all have learn all the thing how to close ppl, wat u should say, how u sit, how to tee up, how to answer back when ppl say this, is that how u treat ur friend when u bring them up?? so irresponsibility, tell them at 1st place that juz go listen only, then after that bring them a form to fill in. So fake.

U telling us that u all are not forcing us?? come on, my friend call me 2~3 times everyday juz to ask me free or not, n go listen n at the end, give me a form.

Did u feel angry when ur friend or best friend that already didnt show up for 5 times+ when he/she being force to agree to go to company?? Did u feel angry? Did he/she scare about u? n bcoz of this, his friend never call n talk to him anymore. N this is juz a critical situation, it happen allllll the times.
there is a lot of negative "FACT" that about LB, n it is not negative "issue", so u mean u juz have to think positive n ignore that fact that will affect the company n the image??

Ya, there is quite a lot ppl that success, but didnt u know how many ppl fail n their reason??? maybe is thier personal problem, or he cannot find maybe this is the reason they give up. N this means that, this job is not easy, not every1 can make it, not every1 can make so much of money, there is lot more thing to think about it beside juz finding 5 ppl. Wat "i can do it, u can do it too..", hmph. pls tell the truth pls, tell us many ppl success, n many many many many more ppl fail, pls dont tell me is a easy job that find 5 ppl n u can make money. pls, dont hide the fact. if u explain this to me, n explain me y they fail, then only it said to b i understand the company. then only i blame myself if i fail.

N the important thing is, y DCHL need to bring ppl to company only explain the plan? n this is a must? y??? y others company can?? is that something cannot talk outside? or u wan to make an illusion that this company very geng? many ppl inside? if is a good company with good product, good plan n good ppl, will not scare about being talk bad word of mouth in the outside the company lo...

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you actually read steven yips and everyone elses comments, they don't actually make any sense..

Like, when he talks about the mountain of stock at home (the picture clearly shows a small amount of stock compared to what a LB shop in France would have. Like he said, it's investment you don't expect it all to disappear the next day you invested right??

Also, he wrote "it's obviously clearly cheated big time"...
Nothing still explains how someone is cheated by investing into this business.

I'm sure if that person worked hard and sold the products by building his business then he MIGHT your make money back (i don't know cause steven yip keeps telling everyone its a scam). Me, I'm 19 i've made my Count investment though.

Chasing dreams is what makes people work hard in life.
For someone like steven yip who only knows how to destroy dreams only knows how to work for someone for the rest of his life and succeed in nothing. Sorry steven yip, but thats your attitude in life.

If you want to help people, do your research before talking out of your butt so you can tell people the HONEST TRUTH instead of brainwashing people to believe that the business can not make dreams come true for everyone.

Unlike you, i don't want to be poor for the rest of my life and neither do my friends so we all work hard together in this business and we're all going to succeed together.

Good luck to you on your life, steven yip :)

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you are so stupid!

This business is not easy but is it still worth to try?
If you don't succeed then what? Then you'll know that you have nothing left but to work miserably for a boss for the rest of your life until 70 years old and have no time to spend with your family. Is that harder or is a few years sacrifice now to try and give YOURSELF a better future.

At the same time, you help offer this to other people who THEY control their own destiny. If they're going to be lazy then of course no money, no success. If they listen to all you talk bad about the business then of course they will give up easily.

Have you ever thought that instead of saying things like fail and lose friends and crap, tell people that you have to work hard and be honest in this business to succeed? To never give up and one day you will succeed like the many others?
All you know is to make judgments and opinions about what YOU THINK the business is like.


Ones actions = ones responsibility.
since when did the car dealer get blamed for someone being in a car accident??

We are all old and mature enough to THINK!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous apam balek said...

tu la...laen kali pk dulu sebelum masuk...jgn maen sebat je masuk ikut kawan la,awek la...nk cepat kaya la...beli byk2, pk la sndiri camne nk jual...mampos...nsb baek aku tak masuk benda alah nie.member aku ade ajak join,mmg ramai beb bdk2 zmn bljr aku join...gilo btul..cpt bisnes nie tersebar...pelik aku...yg lg pelik,dorg smua bodo ke?bljr pndai2 tinggi2,smpai diploma, degree,tp bile sebut pasal $ semua jadi bengap ape yg cikgu ajar kat sekolah dulu...jgn mudah percaya kat org laen even dia kwn baek sebaek2nye...gua tak f**k mlm,tp gua f**k org yg mjalankan mlm nie dgn pura2...chow!x puas hati dgn coment aku? pegi mampos same korang....

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiiii...i skang ni ibarat pinjam hutang dr AH LONG aje... asyik kena kejar dgn GENG LB..nyesal join event derang kat time square hari ahad 24/01..please laa stopp MEMAKSA org lain masuk...i'm not interested ...lagipun HARAM...biar gaji x mcm marquis MLM asalkan BERKAT...

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's leave Microsoft and IKEA out of this. They ARE NOT MLM! and it is like comparing a proton with merc and ferrari. FYI, their employees do enjoy a lot of benefits through out the year. Well, at least on the market most of Microsoft apps let you have at least a 30 days trial period without having any commitment attached.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Catherine Abercrombie said...

Berger Oil and lamps are selling for fortunes on Ebay UK but there some complaints - a good idea would be sell a lot more for less and cut your losses before you run, best wishes (also check Reed Diffusers)

1:17 AM  

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