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Ex LB member's Email

I got a few emails from Lawrence, who is an ex LB member. We already got a few ex LB members voicing out the true face of SYN. Their voices speaks volumes of what we could not see from outside.

Of course for the ones inside, such ex Lampe Berger member are considered failures.
But for me, and those who despise SYN so much, they are enlightened to see the truth.


Just call me Lawrence. I was an ex member of LB and I knew the inside out of the filthiness of the "business". After the "failure", I can learn a lot about MLM and the cunningness of the money minded people.

All I can say is those people in LB, they know what they're doing. They just WON'T admit their insidious "marketing plan". They like to digress from points and make excellent anecdotal success stories without considering the long term effect of LB Marketing Plan! It's useless to talk to them.

I've worked out calculation of the percentage of how many of those who would make money and those who won't and the figure is very surprising. Only 4% will make money and 96% of those will lose money!

When Steven Yeam made a speech in an NDO that he could make another millionaire like him; he just made a BS statement. Let's say those who make money (4%) are millionaires (which are absolutely not, but for the purpose of rough calculation we make it simple), that means Malaysia must have 25 million people and all of them do MLM. This is utter absurdity.

If you want to know how to derive such percentage, just ask me. It's a bit difficult to explain from here as I need to draw the plan out. It's just a simple calculation. You just need to know LB marketing plan and think a bit further.

So my point is just let them what they do; while you can still warn the "I don't know anything" minded youngsters. Save your breath. The truth will soon reveal itself. Life has its own destiny that's been revealed in The Book of Revelation. The only way for eternal life is through God. They will face their own judgment. I am praying for them.


Next email

I was a Count, just like your brother.

Then I will tell this one fact, just pass it on to your brother. Even as a Franchisee, getting 3 generation downlines (5x5x5 = 125 men), he will get 30k! A Count with 3 generation downlines will get 60k; hence with your "investment", your profit will be also 30k! The ONLY main difference is that as a Franchisee, to get the second generation bonus, he will have 2 direct downlines (of the first generation) and to get the third generation bonus, he will have, well, 3 direct downlines (of the first generation). He bought the "privilege" of that with just with extra 27k!

With the 2 positions, same profit, and considering the fact of risks, which one you will take? Of course everyone will want to put 2k and get 30k back. He didn't realize how much your father work hard for the 27k! Obviously your brother is a young man and is not a businessman. Just like everyone, he's "brainwashed". The fact that no one in LB tell him such fact is because they want him to invest in a Count to promote them faster. Remind himself he's in the middle of money-minded people.

One more point: He is motivated that those who quit, will fail and those who don't will not. What I can tell you is they have flowery vocabularies stored in them with their so-called "motivational speech". The motivational words are true in general sense, but not in the MLM concept. Just think about it. And NONE of the meetings actually mentions of the fact that 96% those in LB "business" will LOSE money. This is mathematical fact and unless you can prove me wrong, the figure is right! I've calculated down to 10 generations (which is too little). The more generations you calculate, the closer the number is to 96%!

P.S. Those LB and high-ranked know what things they're doing. They just wont care. They promise you great stuff and leave those "below" suffer just for their own wealth. In China, MLM is banned. Ask himself why, but not in Malaysia? Myself, suffering a great deal of money, decided to quit and bear the consequence myself. I feel better to live and work hard, than have to cheat people out of their own pocket.

Hope your brother can understand =)

Next email

No I didn't have a downline after 5 months. This wasn't the reason I quit. It's because LB cheats people. If you find almost all of the lamps (especially Signature Lamp) online, the price is THREE times lower than those in LB. Why? Simply because it's an MLM and they wanna get money.

The most expensive lamp in DCHL Headquarter is Violoncelle (code number 5621) priced at RM80,000 (as I can remember). If you find it online (as in, it's priced at $7,475.00, or around RM 26,700!!
What happen to RM50,000 ???

All other websites are the same (they bear the name LampeBerger, so they sure are not fake), they are priced mostly at around the same price.

I overheard someone saying he wanna be rich and buy the most expensive lamp at RM 80,000. Little did he know the reality of the fact is LB was and is cheating. So funny how these people who act like businessmen, know nothing about business and the market price.

Try to compare the lamps in LB here (from your brother's Price List) with those on the net. The way you compare it through code number, it's easier. You'll be surprised at the comparison! It just takes you 15 minutes of fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprisingly the ex-LB member doesn't know the correct term: lamp?? Even the non-LB members know what is diffuser..BTW, Toyota Camry is selling at less than USD25K in USA but SG90K in S'pore, does Toyota cheating consumers too..??

9:04 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Well,...anonymous above,....about the toyota car is bcos due to TAX!

But for LB lamp,wat for I want to buy thru DCHL while I can buy it online 3 times cheaper than DCHL price.The online price summore is including shipping & deliver charges as well.

To Lawrence and those ex-LB member,It is good for u all awake and realise now then been blindly for a long time in DCHL.Just take it as a "costly" lesson that u paid.Money can earn back 1...dun worry.

And u all are a good example to show our youth not to trust DCHL/SYN/LB in Malaysia.And also tell the youth to avoid from these scams.I respect u all!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Dexter said...

Singapore sold the cars at high prices WITHOUT using such dirty business schemes to lure buyers.

To those ex-LB members,

I respect and salute you. You have not failed or lost. You lost some money but gained knowledge, dignity and respect back.

Those who are still promoting it or making more money are the biggest losers because the respect, image, reputation and FRIENDS they lost may never be earned back.

Steven Yeam can just go back to live in HK after the business collapse and need not work or see anyone again.

What about our poor Malaysians ??

10:42 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

how to calculate that 90% will lose money?

can share with me so i can share with my friend?

6:05 PM  
Anonymous sigh.. said...

Dear anonymouse, can you not be so DUMB? comparing car prices with LB? this is hilarious, nowonder you are in LB business, man you guys are SHALLOW and dumbfools thats all i can say.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous coolzero said...

Using the local high car price to explain the high price of LB products is the first or easier explain to cheat people which I learnt from them.

If you dont buy this excuse they will said it is because of currency exchange and some import taxes and even claimed that DCHL is very kind to keep the same price even the Euro going strong.

If you still dun buy this excuse and ask for a fixed figure of taxation and delivery charges, they will tell you not to bother on the price just concentrate into selling the plan and make your downline cut count, simple as that.

So i think the anonymous has give into the first and most nonsense excuse. LOL

8:33 PM  
Anonymous think said...

Do you all know it only takes ONE STRONG MOTIVATOR (SYN)to create a MLM business whether it is ethical or non-ethical.

It is by his words, his encouragement, his persuasion, his enthusiasm that he bestowed to his audience that had captured the blind soul of all this LB people. If you can just stop and try to have your own stands and believes, dont let a loudspeaker overshadow what is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

This is what i realized about we Malaysian, we are mostly followers, when we hear something that "SEEMs" rather convincing, we believe it without having a "THOROUGH" consideration.Just my 2cent.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous duke said...

malaysia is Car Tax Land...

Swift is only 40k++..but it's sold at RM90k here...

7 Series cost only RM200k++ ONLY...but try go check out the price in the showroom in malaysia...RM700k - RM1 million...

that wan is not the TOyota cheat...or Suzuki cheat or BMW's the gahmen cheat!! knnccb

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

To the anonymous above,

You are missing the point. The only point that registered in your mind is that there are price difference in items at different countries. And since there is a big difference in car prices in Singapore and US, it is ok to have a big price difference for lampe berger items.

The point you are missing is we know why there is such a difference for cars and it is because of tax. And if that tax-difference goes into somebody's pocket then Singapore is a cheat.

Now we do not know for sure where does the extra difference of money for the lampe berger item goes.

So we gather that the extra money goes to the company and to the upline. That is the point that is not mention when people mention about the price difference in the sentence. And of course the big differece goes to the company, you pay the company right. Does the company use the extra to pay tax? Shipping? From France to the US still have to cross the Atlantic ocean.

So since you want to hear it direct, here goes. It is so much cheaper in the US than in Malaysia because the extra money goes to the company and a little to the upline. Also the extra money is to rotate the money for the pryamid system.

Since many people to do not understand what exactly pryamid system is when it comes to rotating money, many people do not know that pryamid system actually make most of the investers lose money. And that is a fact.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous |chris| said...

You cant actually blame the top anonymous, as he was being taught the easy way.

I once went to their so called business talk, the speakers will use all sort of ways to convince the unsuspected they are doing the right thing, they're even telling people how its simply the pyramid system is running the society, the governments are doing it, the businesses are doing it, so LB is not wrong to be doing it. Well, its not wrong, its immoral!!!

Since when the business in corrupting people is placed in such a high ground??? Only in some fantasy land that they call themselves DUKE and bla bla bla... wake up DUDE... Get real!!!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Dawnmistress said...


Government doesn't cheat. Government tax you so that they can have the budget to maintain the nation (construction, conservation, economy bla bla bla).

Don't see you comparing government subsidizing petrol, which is still cheaper than Singapore (and let's not mention the USA).

Don't see LB providing FREE training/workshops to its members loh...right? right??...everything is money come first right???

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous(first post) should stay anonymous because i think he doesnt know abit about economics. No wonder he got cheated into this DCHL piramid scheme. Its absurd to compare a car with LB. Other DCHL members have compared Mcdonalds to LB franchise as well. Stupid thing to say. Cars are based on government revenue and tax. pls go open your textbook! lolx..
The only thing thats registered in his mind is his future six income figure in the next coming months. The Malaysian government should start educating students in school, to avoid such situations in the future

5:57 AM  
Anonymous dexter said...

It is not a matter of where the money go or whether pyramid or not pyramid. Yes, government and employment system are pyramid too.
It's HOW the money goes that determines whether it is a SCAM or not. In the case of the LB business, most of the people who paid their money are in the hope of recruiting downlines to pay the same or buy their stock for the same reason of making other money.In other words, they got sucked by vampires, and become vampire and suck others.
I hardly heard of genuine sales or any satisfied customers.
So at anytime, majority are the losers.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Dawnmistress: who tat say LB seminars or training is FREE? Need to pay 1 la.

AFAIK,their business talk normally held in Sunway Pyramid convention room or Berjaya Times Square Convention room is RM100.DCHL/SYN sucks ppl money,downline money in order to "rent" tat place for the event.

12:10 PM  
Blogger TreVesco said...


comparing LB goods to car?

so u mean Malaysia govt is charging the LB goods 300% tax?

Get a life

7:00 PM  
Anonymous |chris| said...

It just proved that how ignorant those LB people are... just hope their tofu brains will be hardened up one day...

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Dawnmistress said...


exactly what i meant lah...want us to earn money for them, but still demand we pay for training, workshops/functions... wtf

all stuck up ah bengs who find the real working world too tough for them, so got to retreat into their 'colony'...i've personally known a few, trying to impress me with their cars and all that. but can't hold a decent conversation without straying into LB or sum mumbo jumbo motivational crap..

disgusting their mentality.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Dawnmistress: They already been like tat point u say them,advice them also.

There is no medicine or vaccine can cure their brainwashed mind,unless they "awake" thenselves.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe u guys really dun like lb or should say almost want to kill them all.

but you still need to recosider the path for pure working employee, you may not need to enter any mlm thingy, but you really need to find a way to make your self a better life le.

they may good in so call brainwashing, but it is something that true that, you really need to make yourself something that can help you, ofcause not your boss, but some boss really nice, some...

well, thats your choice to choose to be a good employee or an employee who think more than mere wokring...............................................

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a new LB member and i joined just because my family are poor and i wish to earn more for them as their plan is so unbelievable. Just last month, after i attend one of their seminars, my best friend urge me to invest RM30k for a count. When i told them i have no $,they asks me to apply for a loan or apply for a lot of credit cards as i can get my $ back in a month. As i went back home, i was like a totally different person asking for my husband for $. Luckily, my husband knocks some sense on me and i search for the web for news.My uplines keep pressuring me to invest RM30k till now. I couldn't stand it so i told my best friend about the TVB news and the newspapers on LB but she doesn't believe when she saw it. She said that was a long time news and involves another company in another country not theirs. Those are failures trying to get back at the company and products. I'm in dilemma of whether to continue in this business with my best friend or to lose both of my $ and my best friend. By the way, i haven't started recruiting ppl but i've paid a lot of $ in seminars, training and meeting.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous above:May I know ru currently a francisee or any higher rank than francisee?Well,I believe u already pay for some seminars right?

Here I tell u sumthing,u 1 2 loose RM2345 or RM30K? If u lose RM2345,u can work by earning 2-3 months salary back,but if u lose RM30K,how many months for u to earn back in a job? Think about it.

Well,I also got fren like u who just join DCHL/SYN/LB and turn up bcome another person tat not I used to know her b4.

As least u r still awake,if can dun invest the RM30K....try to clear ur stocks if u can.At least,u dun loose as much as RM30K ,u dun lose ur love from ur husband and dun lose ur respect with ur frens around.

Remember,frens who recruit ppl to join this DCHL/SYN/LB is just bcos they 1 2 earn ur money and not bcos of ur friendship with him/her.If is not bcos of earning money,why he/she ask u to join? Think wisely!

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for ur own good, dun invest 30k by loan, if ur upline still ask u do so, tell the upline mq if mq oso wants you to use loan, tell the upline duke, if the duke too ask so, tell the 1 of the most top duke or the company. it is straightly against the rules and regulation of dchl.

and if you get ur product from ur upline u really burst, u quit oso cant get it $ back.

1 last thing, no matter what the heck u going to do, always read the rules and regulation and laws to ensure u r not cheated.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

the last anonymous got the right point at the right hit.

is all me LB Help can tell and make u all aware off

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i not helping u lo

what i meant is actually that most of your so call failure case, could it posible because they din read the r&r and just sign in, later when got problem go complaint, and the govt saw ur signature on a paper write in black and white...

no one can help you if you dun follow the rules

even this time u not cheated, next time u oso kena cheat la.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree that most "failure" cases relate only to joining without understanding the company R&R. Things are much more complicated than that. The reasons of such "failures" are a lot.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats y i ask, could it posible.

some other cases i heard is they think it is so fake, not cup of tea, etc etc...

and can you pls say how complicated? it is interesting as things go complicated

7:07 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

Hi there. To introduce myself. I'm an LB member too.
I strongly suggest that you do not take on various credit cards unless you really know how to manage credit well. If you can't manage credit well, DONT take credit card loans. You will owe the banks like crap!

Bank loans are ok.
Ultimately to invest Count or not is not up to your upline to decide but its up to you.It just depends on what you want.
And going into Count is a fast way to boom up in our long term business and industry.

I'm sure all of you bloggers will bang at the word "long term". haha.
Just sit and watch, mates.=)

I'm sure that what I say and my very presence itself will be bombarded by everyone in the forum.
But I just couldn't resist to tell you to not take on credit cards.
Anyway, see you at the top!
Adios amigos ;)

Marq. Jeff

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we'll probably see you in hell.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually is not the "lampa burger" can't do, it's because of the team!!(thats what me n my frens think) Do you know that if you involve in this industry you will mentally n physically lost your own "life" (if u know what i mean).No personal freedom, or personal time,24 hours on-call!! You are not able to have reunion with family even if its important!! They even force you break-up with your bf/gf(many of my team mates are their victims), they force you borrow money from loan shark!!! (i'm 1 of them!!), my upline borrow 30k by himself and plus the intrest juz to complete his marquis which i (n ofcourse many of u) think it's relly stupid n fark up!! Think carefully before u are going to take out 30K!!! Don't involve into hell or you will probably REGRET this!! DON'T BE ANOTHER ME!! Have anybody out there been through this?

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't join dchl.. phew. i knew from the beginning the marketin plan's suspicious. whenever their so-called leaders gave talk abt "legitimate" mlm companies, i feel like vomitting. they're NOT qualified to talk abt that. Another thing i hate is that the distributors always try to lure you all to their "business centre". you know why?? in order to make you pay 2k+ or 30+, they need to show you sumthing PROFESSIONAL. Be careful my friends. A legitimate mlm company wont take you more than RM100-RM200 to begin with!! normally it's LESS RM 100.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear this from another ex lb,

exLB:all lb especially in syn believe that thier businnes will give BIG money and money is everthing for them.

LB: Of coz la.. all thing we do, firstly is to believe it. Especially in this big biznezz.

exLB:why did they force another to believe what they belive?

LB: it's like you never force other to do thing . so why can't we force other to do with us. We force them to thier own good maa...

LB: We are sincerely want to help you when we brought you maa.. it's you own mistake for giving to much excuse to yourself.

LB: if everynight you join and gather with us, you wil gaind more experience from this biznez and you will be rich sooner.

and i ask u to go to office not bcoz to prevent u from gathering more info about what other think about this biz.
Oh by the way, when i told you b4 that you can do this biz WHENEVER you want, it WASN'T a lie okay.

exLB:i have a few friend also, thier not as rich as marquies (rm20 K / month). but these friend give me a valuable advise :

It is not how much money you get.
It is how you spend it.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i sitting on Kuchai Lama Food Court, the next to table is a young lady holding a LV bag with her Sony Vaio Laptop on the table. The powerpoint is showing SYN marketing plan. After the presentation, another guy join the chat. And try to persude him how wonderful of LB Business, what I over heard that the guy who know the lady via internet. My good friend also have the same experience, he chat with a girl in skype, after that the girl invite him, he thought he got a good date, but end up with a table talk of LB and showing up her honda jazz. do anyone have the news from tvb and post it on a lot of the people need to be enlighten.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, bulan kemarin sepertinya saya disuruh ikut pelatihan count (bayar Rp.20.000= kira2 7.5 (tujuh setengah) Ringgit Malaysia) tapi ternyata bukan pelatihan but promosi posisi count, sudah itu saya ditawari oleh uplineku mau posisi yang mana baron atau count, aku bilang saja "baron" terus diberi rincian biaya jika mau ambil baron dan anda yang di Malaysia mau tahu biaya jadi baron?,
sekitar Rp. 19.000.000 (kira2 7.207,5 (tujuh ribu dua ratus tujuh koma lima) Ringgit Malaysia). Tapi saya tidak mau karena uang segitu terlalu besar dan risiko kembalinya kecil mending ditabung dapat bagi hasil (profit share because i'm saving in syari'ah bank) walau kecil (but i think kyosakiyan will call me a coward, hehehe).

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me and my sister were just been trough their house party and their office and we've been given a speech by their members and they just only said that i've to paid RM2500 + RM 150 for member fees is it true as if u get promoted to such baron or count or what ever u've to paid again and the payment is more than the first one?please help us i don't want to be cheated...

3:20 AM  

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