Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lampe Berger Member's Email

I have been receiving quite a few emails from DCHL Lampe Berger members of the Steven Yeam group. Obviously, they are unhappy with this anti site. How could possibly a blog do them harm? They should be busy prospecting. Making calls and meetups, not writing some email to me.

We will do our part to educate the public. They will do theirs. What we are basically doing is bridging the gap of information asymetry. It means, telling others more info on this business. Most of the time, members join in knows little of what to expect. So, we are merely imparting our build up knowledge here, so they know what is best.


Hi, my name is Keith. Just have few comments about ur antiLameBerger blog. Have you ever go and study the whole thing about Lampe Berger including the company bakground, marketing plan and the leaders profile before? Or you yourself just listen from 1 site information from those negative sources???? Without making any justification, and consult what are the ppl from LB, which so called "Pyramid" MLM.
Pls study first before u try to make any hoo haa k. Or the easiest way is why don't you straight away go to the Head Office of RZ Corporation to find out urself before u start to start the "revolution"? Outside there got so many ppl fail in MLM, but why u never go and complain, while DCHL is one of the most successful MLM company and achieve much more higher percentage of successful rate to help their distributor to sucess in MLM in Asia compare to others especially in Malaysia, but u still wants to make noise.
I seriously don't understand what is ur intention to do all these, just ask urself can you give the ordinary ppl like me any suggestion of which industry, profession or even business that can help a person to success within few years time and you urself will going to guide them personally on how to do it until they success, or after u "successfully" stop a person from joining LB, what the better oppoturnity will u offer to him/her? Have u think that b4? because u may help a person from being hurted, destroy or poorer as what u claim in ur blog? But u may cause a person loosing a oppoturnity to success too. So, my suggestion is if u can't offer anything to someone, pls think b4 u try to spread any negative news, not only to Lampe Berger, to any others industries also k. Or this blog is the only thing u can offer to public?
Won't u curious why LB is so negative but still so many ppl willing to be "cheated" or "conned" as what you said, or u think that u are the only one who are intelligent enough to find out the trap behind all these? Have you try before to con ppl? Or u think Steven Yeam or DCHL is so brilliant to chea/con so many country governments in whole Asia? Including Japan and Singapore? There are so many negative industries outside the world, just go and complain since you are so brave and justice, shark loaners also negative, stock market also causing ppl losing money even others MLM also got asking ppl to invest few k or more... But all u wants to say is LB only..
Or maybe u r jealous about Lampe Berger which help so many ppl making money izit??? or u wanted to do but can't gather enough money to join? or u being cheated? Sorry beacuse all the opiions above are all my personal opnions to you, just like what u did to LB which are all negatives. That's why don't assume, see from ur own eyes. I think u r adult enough to analyze LB, so my suggestion is go and undertand first b4 u make any further comments.
No doubt there sure will have some one in LB who are running the biz without ethically, may be the way they approach is wrong, missguide the youth, but this is the nature of life, every industry sure have someone who didn't follow the rules, but u only can blame the ppl, but not the industry ok. For example if a UM graduated student can't perform in a company, can u blame that all students from UM are same, which can't perform too?? Or have you ever see a 100% succesful rate before in any industry in malaysia?
Again, study more or gather more information abt LB first before u start pointing ppl. Thanks.



Blogger AmAndAserAph said...

it's obvious from the letter, the kind of people who join LB.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Alan said...

This Lampe Berger is just like any other direct selling! 90% will failed and only 10% will make it. One of my friend from MMU actually quit his studies to do LB! This is obviously crazy!

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


view this lol, a stubborn guy from LB

7:28 AM  
Anonymous no fools here...... said...

To thet "kid" in the original post:
Those are what you taught to defend:
a) That others who condemned them don't understand their business(they never think they are the one that misunderstood because they are taught by the ones on top(the chief scammer);
b) That no MLM has 100% success rate taughte(who said there must be 100% success ?? But in other MLM 100% purchasers and members are happy for not losing money, not in LB)
c) Pretend to comparee with other industries to escape and divert attention(typical traits of all conmen)
d) Blame others for spoiling or destroying their success(but they never admit for victimizing others first)
You may not know that the smarter ones have all given up the business and even too ashamed to recall it. Some of them got so disillusioned and said they will never to MLM again.

Don't just say we have not understand the business well enough. Maybe you have not seen all the posts here. I recommemd you to lampebergertruth.blogspot. There is a very complete and summarised message on all about the LB business Steven Yeam will never tell you.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Mr.X said...

An example of a typical LB "staff", a 23 year old college dropout withdrew RM 10k from a fixed deposit given to her by her parents for LB. She "convinces" her sister to join LB with a RM 20k "Investment". And what happens after that? She stops speaking to them anymore. Why? Because there was no profit to be shown at all.
What is she doing now? Sleeping around with guys for Money.
Let's all go join LB now

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Yatz said...

it depends on how u do the 'business' in LB..
u do it the 'fast' way..u'll lose all ur frens..i mean TRUE frens..

P/S - i'm not a member, nor an ex-member, nor a future member of lampu burger..

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you do it the slow way, you are sure to lose but less.
If you do the fast way, earn more or lose more.
LB people are the type that never cares for friends.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Mr.X said...

That's true, I'm currently avoiding a friend now who's so freaking persistent on recruiting me for LB.
He had the nerve to say that I'm not a true friend if I dont join LB. I believe a real fren doesn't impose such tactics on us. I'm fine with a suggestion or hearing them out. But come on..
And now we have these people posting online that we're idiots for condemning wonderful LB. If it's so great, why is there such animosity towards it? Why does it seem that only a certain percentage (1%) of LB staff can actually come out with some real $$? But then again they'll just say that they're "hardworking". Wow

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. X, i have to agree with you. They dont generate any income economically speaking. Money just comes from their downlines. I've never seen good and gracious news about LB/DCHL in the papers, only the ones condeming it. So to speak, at least with companies like Amway, we know they're listed on the share market? Besides, for all we know, they can be owing people thousands outside and not speak a word of it. They might be legal but they're always loopholes in law and the society. About your friend, if losing your friendship doesnt teach him a lesson, he'll have to learn how to wake himself. With the so many ongoings, more and more people are againts LB. I guess that is why DCHL sent people to 'spy' online now... hahaha

10:10 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

can anyone give me this Mr.Keith email address? Let me "diu" him kao kao this time.

I will "counter" what he mention here.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Larry Yeong said...

One word to Keith, IDIOT.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous sterius said...

So Keith, answer this: How many lamps and bottles of essential oil have you sold so far? I mean to the general public, not counting any that you may have pushed to downlines instead? Can you honestly tell us how many people you have approached with a portfolio of lamps and oils and convinced them to buy from you?

Know what I think? That even though SYN may use whatever tactics to brainwash SYN ppl, there are still subconscious doubts about the products. Face it: pay 30k to cut immediately to Count level, or pay RM2345 and work like a dog to sell a product that few can afford, let alone want, to achieve Count level, which is easier? Which do you see people doing nowadays? I'm betting the mountain of stock showed in Steven's blog hasn't increased of decreased at all since the pic was posted. Go figure...

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think generally, if a person is already into LB and never realize himself/herself, then no point arguing over this matter anymore...

it's so clear that this LB thing generates income through recruitment and not a single lamp/oil is being sold...that's why i don't like this LB thing...

i never condemn or critizie other direct selling company such as Amway etc, because they are really selling products...

but this LB, even my friend who tries to recruit me told me that no selling is involve... ;O ???

so WTF?

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Jack lim said...

hey no fool here,as u said :"You may not know that the smarter ones have all given up the business and even too ashamed to recall it."
its really a good say.some of us might be fooled at times, but now we have open our eye and learn a hard core lesson.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous angelicarollzz said...

She had never really care about us since she got into a relationship. But once she's in LB, she approached me so closely and guess what? She said due to the reason that i'm her best buddy and that she really care about me and dadadada..., i should join LB! My arse.. Once i rejected it, she talked shit behind my back in front of all my buddies. Is that ethical? Not to mention all her tactics and strategies in the middle of the progress to recruit me and my buddies. That is so immoral! I've even observe several LB guys and gals. Same..all using the same lame unethical tactics that SYN buried in their minds. Now, not only that she is not trusted by all her frens. She is totally out from my group of buddies. Is that worth the sacrifice to be a LB followers? To be despise by family members, frens and relatives? Think about it Keith and all of u LBians!

1:33 AM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

This "Keith" has obviously fallen so deep into the cult of SYN that he probably thinks he has no way out but to continue on as a loyal follower of SYN.

It it pretty obvious that most of us here has attended their attempted brainwahing sessions and has obviously seen through the lies and deceits.

There is really no more need for any of us to step into their foul church hiding behind the guise of "RZ Corporation Sdn. Bhd.".

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



12:28 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

I like this Blog, because people like "zeus" demonstrate how stupid some people can be.

However, I must really apologize to stupid people because calling "zeus" stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Hi jack lim,

Please encourage anyone you know who have given up or waken up to help contribute to stop such scams.

When more people are aware of them, their business will get STAGNANT faster and end.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous andychucky said...

Keith never thought he is doing a robbery job. He is brain washed by LB. RM 30,000 F**K! Axxhole. LB is like when you got robbed, then you are asked to look for five robbers to rob for you, and they each recruited five more robbers to rob for you..... and for SYN. Please use your brain. Sometimes we pity your parents. Eat until some big, but got no brains.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this Blog, because people like "teh powah" demonstrate how stupid some people can be.

However, I must really apologize to stupid people because calling "teh powah" stupid like char siu pao would be an insult to stupid people.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


b for bastard
3 for 30k
r for rough
nard for nothing
7 for years old

b3rnard7 = useless
big mouth bastard talk about 30k negative ver rough with steven yip, but nothing do and can not join because just 7 years old and study standard 2 in chinnese school always said "REAL PAI KAH CHAI"

but her mother said" born a cha siu better born a b3rnard7"

pitty steven yip gang

4:16 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous: ur post is always repeated in ths blog,this shows tat DCHL/SYN ppl is out of idea of posting? or lack of thinking? Bcos u all nvr think twice and join DCHL blindly.Just bcos of some sweet words from Steven Yeam.

U think steven yeam can make u rich?u think he is your "choi san"? In fact,u and your downline can make steven yeam rich,u n ur downline are the "choi san" for steven yeam.U know why? Cos u all donate,transfer money to STeven yeam from ur own pocket,bank account.And ur momma's money as well!

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear b3rnard...
u better wash ur mouth with mouth wash, because good for ur breath...

show ur true name, i will tell u my true name...

trust is treasure, complaint is crasher

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So "Zeus" is running out of ideas.

I see that SYN has truly eaten his mind away. Poor boy.

I was expecting people of SYN to be more original since their minds are supposed to be open.

What a joke.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous above: my name is same as my nick! what about u? no name since been born as "Anak Luar nikah Steven Yeam"? maybe ur dad dun admit u as ur son to the public is it?

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

b3rnard7: u dont understand my question, better i repeat again" whose ur real name, must follow IC one". is proved u are standard 2 children, still eat ur mother breast, and drink ur father shit.

i know u want to know who am i. give a clue: i didnt join in this LB, but my friends already succedd become Marquis, i just didnt agree about steven yip gang comment especially Si B3rnard7 comment.

oh, i know u born at public phone, and take care by steven yip...

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sohai zeus like play cibai with all marquis, cibai again cibai lancau hai, less education fuking mother father pukima hamkachan...

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so manythings dowan to anti ..only anti Lb .. LB rape your family ? get a life ..kid .

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"sohai zeus like play cibai with all marquis, cibai again cibai lancau hai, less education fuking mother father pukima hamkachan... "

talk bout education ...u are not jus less edu.. is no education . . . cos after i read what u type "cxbxi ,lxncxo" .. u are one low class cun of the biatch

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

90% of those who anti are those who are not in the business. Funny.
Not in the business and comment on behalf of 'someone' else.

may be some Lb members are too aggresive and over promise. but is unfair you mention as if all are cheating and the business is a scam.

if u r so free to talk about LB, why not make good use of ur time to do charity??

Myself is in LB and is not actively involved. I can tell you I have no regrets with my direct leader and partners. So, when want to say something, be in neutral position.

12:52 AM  

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