Friday, March 24, 2006

Your job sucks

Yes, your job really sucks...they will tell you. You don't earn enough, you get stuck in traffic jams, you work nine to six...

Yes, in fact the traffic jams make it worse.

Yes, your job may suck, but lets look at why you got a job in the first place.

Bosses, capitalist by nature, give out jobs not because the really feel like doing some charity, or they think giving jobs is their social responsibility. Nah...not all of that corporate vision you see at your office is true. Profitability is priority number one.

Giving a job to you means that they want you to add value to the company. Whether all the skills and knowledge you have can help the company grow, and in time, you can grow too. Bosses really appreciate a person who can do things well, help run the company, and adds in to the profit margin. And to show his appreciation, he would give you bonus, or increments.

Now, there's always a bit of conflict on what you should get for your pay, and what the boss thinks he can pay you. I can't comment this on all bosses, some of them too calculative, and some are ok. But the smarter bosses knows how to pay well.

Just some advice to young grads, or studying in college, take whatever pay you can, for the job you think you can grow. Where you learn to do stuff, and eventually you could learn more on the tricks of the trades. This stuff, they never teach you in college. Money should be secondary. If company B offers more stuff to learn and grow, but less pay than A (company A is a dull big enterprise), then you should choose B.

Company C is lampe berger. Please...don't choose this one. You do learn some stuff, and get rich fast (if you succeed), but it's not as roses as you think. It's not a real job:

1. You pay to get a job??? (RM 2345)

2. Your income is not fixed. Now this is a problem, I don't know how rich LB members buy cars, but I got a friend (working in a local bank) who told me, MLM members have problems in loans approvals from banks to buy cars or house. Why? because their pay slip is not fixed. Getting 10k this month doesn't mean you get it every month.

3. You can bribe to go up the ladder (RM 30k)

4. There's no fixed working hours. In fact, you work every hour of your life, 24/7/365 thinking of getting in prospects. The thoughts of this makes me shudder.

5. You are in a business where your college education are misused. After all the hard work, and you sell lamps?

Oh, and everyone does get stuck in traffic jams.


Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Steven yip! good article u done!

To all ppl out there,here's a advice,A lamp a days,makes u closer to DEATH!!!

Beware of Lampe Berger.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous angeles said...

i'm curious, why are u so against LB in particular?

no, i'm not doing any MLM... i'm just...curious...

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Running out of things to post eh?

7:23 AM  
Anonymous whywhy said...

i think this article show spread out to all frens, before they get 'brain wash' by the existing LB ppl..

8:14 AM  
Blogger June said...

I've put your Anti-Lampe Berger image on my sidebar which links to your site. Keep up the good work and expose the scams!!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...


allow me to speak for Steve Yip on this. go at least try and see how LB's "Marketing Plan" works and compare it to other MLMs...

U'd noticed the stupidities if u're sensible enuf to realise the bluffs behind it.

not that i'm promoting any other MLM, i dont believe in any one of them no matter wat. call me stubborn or call me wat, i have my freedom to earn my keep the way i want and not being told that whatever i do is a waste unless i subscribe to their "business"!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Dragon City said...

9 to 6 ? consider good about those who work from 9am to 11pm ???

9:04 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

angeles: pls read from the 1st article and you will understand,

I also met some LB ppl as well,tlak so great and say they will achieve to drive luxury cars in 3 years.I'll wait n see for this!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Father and Mother send you to school;
Yet you grow up and sell lamp, you blardee fool;
You think the promise of a BMW is cool;
But you don't realize that these lamp sellers are just all bull.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi angeles,

Coz my younger brother joined, and he wants 30k. And he's still in college.

So, this is the reason.

I haven't seen other MLM ask you for 30k to start up.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous AbsoluteVodka said...

Wow you guys got it all wrong. Whoever said DCHL force you to dump in 30k? You guys assume too much. Please get your facts straight. kthxbai

6:30 PM  
Blogger don't be stupid said...

Steven Yip Network said: "Coz my younger brother joined, and he wants 30k. And he's still in college.
So, this is the reason.
I haven't seen other MLM ask you for 30k to start up."

did u talk to him nicely for not investing RM30K? wat did he tell u?

6:42 PM  
Anonymous JustAPasserby said...

Hey this looks to me like some kinda personal brotherly dispute and you start ranting over it on the internet?
Look pal, you could at least advise your brother to just begin from the bottom and work his way up. Your brother is still young and naive and clearly does not understand the full aspect of life. However it is, he is still your flesh and blood.
I'd say it's very unethical of you to smear the company name. I got a bloody shock to see this blog man.
Although i'll admit yes there are actually people who "talk" too much making this industry looked really bad.
In a business world, it's a dog's eat dog's world. There are ups and downs in everything. Heck this is reality man. Live with it.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

There are few other reasons:

1. Creating awareness. So we can prevent future recruits.

2. It's not only my brother, my friends affected too.

Reality is 30k is too much for anyone to accept. Would you like it if your own family members, asked or borrow 30k from you, or from your own family. You'll worry day and night on this stupid issue.

So, I say, stop this nonsense now.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

oh ya,

I forgot. I did strongly advise him to start from bottom.

Seems like his they brainwash him well, to get 30k. So he still insist on 30k.

I dunno what kind of motivation course DCHL provides, but I think it's the best.

Even I can't stop it.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous joshua said...

the rich n poor together get stuck in traffic jams...unless of course the really rich ones or menteri-menteri lah and the really poor who rides the motorbikes...

take a look when we get stuck in traffic jams, there are mercedes, muranos, bmws, volvos and those who ride on motorbikes streaming on the road while u get stuck in the jam!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Steven Yip: I give u fully support!!!

THese LB scams must stop 1 day.

AbsoluteVodka: is easy for u to say tat,if they brainwash 1 of ur family member to invest RM30K in LB...what do u think 1st? Yes,they didnt force,but mind control the person to invest the RM30K in order to make them achieve their goal (climb higher ranking)

IS RM30K fren....not RM30 or 30cent ok?Even the investment RM2345 is a person's 1 month salary also.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous CoolZero said...

Steven Yip
I support you 100%.

Whatever Steven Yeam doing is pure illegal if not any LB member dare to go tell the authority that they are selling plan but not products?

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Coldy said...

Can I join SYN? Steven Yip Network. I hate LB to the core. Everyday when I pass by HLA building I can't help but pray that one day. The police will raid Lampe Berger and throw that Yeam guy to jail.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous angeles said...

wow...i didn't expect 3 of you to reply to my curiousity, thank you very much, BUT...

dear andrew, i too don't believe in all these MLM 'ways' but maybe some ppl just gotta learn it the hard, long way?

dear b3rnard7, thanks for pointing to the first article. hv yet to read it. will do if i hv time :) and buddy, don't hv to be so emotional, yeah... just wait 3 years and i'm sure u'll see the result.

dear steven yip network, i can understand your anger towards 1) your brother {and friends} and 2) towards LB. but this 'awareness' campaign u are doing here, u think it's gonna be effective? u don't think it's like barking up the wrong tree? don't get me wrong, i'm definitely NOT into LB nor am i a MLMarketer. i just feel that, *shrug*, your brother knows what he's getting himself into... he's a college boy and he can't be all that dumb... even if he's really dumb, u can only do that much, the rest, he's gotta tanggung himself, no? i know u worry abt him but it's his life... i say u let it go...

relax guys ... i can see all of u hv lotsa energy ... i say u channel it somewhere useful & meaningful... make love, not war.

just my 2 cents. pls don't tembak me.
au revoir :)

12:56 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi angeles,

Please go to and type dchl lampe berger.

That will answer why we have this blog.


6:07 PM  
Anonymous Coolzero said...

Hi Angeles,

I beg to defer that we should stop our effort to give a STOP to this PONZI scheme. We live in a world with reponsibility to the people around us, if you know something wrong you gotta stand up and speak up, that's why your are given the right in the first place.

Yes it is true that he himself has to be responsibile once fall ino this scheme and lost money. BUT this SYN group of people is using NLP skill to the max and the wrong way to attack mind weakness. No ordinary people will be able to counter and realize this. This is the most pissing off part.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u cant stop all these type of things, now got lb, if u push it down, someday it come up in another form with a more harder resistant.

to ppl who stupid until to be brainwash, sorry for offending, even now got so much ppl try to help u, but if u not smart enuff, u will fall to another trick.

if lb that worst, noneed 3 years, 1 year v will no the result, n by that time i sure v got another tons of blogs that anti this n anti that.

the traffic jam problem easy, ask govt to make other state to improve so kl ppl will move to other place and reduce the traffic jam, but i doubt any of the responsible person will dare to ask govt do this n that, no offending any 1. juz think about it, instead of wasting time on this kind of anti this n that, put more effort on more productive activities.

1:45 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi above,

yeah, you are right, just wait for a couple of years more.

Since the system is flawed, it will self destruct.

We don't need to do much actually.

What we are doing is merely accelerating its destruction.


2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please explain what is a Ponzi scheme?

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

coolzero: may I know wat u mean by NLP skills? pls tell here.10s

My dear frens,I think Steven Yip makes this blog is to build a tool for teenagers as a "kesedaran" so tat he dun1 ppl fall into SYN LB hands like wat happen to his brother n his frens.

Since most of teenagers always use internet for chatting,email,forum and blogging...I hope this can works and give every1 a "kesedaran".

After 3 years,I will see wat my SYN LB fren have,I'll compare with her with my savings,car and anything I have.To proof her tat she's WRONG!!!

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, dchl in malaysia has been operating for 5 years in malaysia...

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...


They will fall NOT only because of the system BUT because of the products and the misleading ways they market it.
They claimed to be aromatheraphy products which is NOT true. Those are just fragragnce products, if you check the France and US sellers websites.
Thats why very few people know or use them although over 100 years.
In Malaysia, no neewd few years, by this year end should be over. In fact, they cannot get anymore victims in KL, now they target at East Malaysia.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...

Any East Malaysia forums ??

I wish to post there to caution the people there as Lampe Berger is focusing in East Malaysia now.

Anyone know of any heavy traffic discussion forum ?

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how many people actually love their job? let's be honest here. It's not about brain washing all anything, the truth is most people HATED their job otherwise they won't go around complaining about it. Trust me, i've heard this way too many times. "I hate my job! i'm gonna quit working"
Steven Yip, are you currently employed and if yes, do you love your job? Just a honest question if you don't mind answering.
I notice most of you people who are complaining about the industry are just mere students. ( Probably venting your anger here due to some of your friends who's pestering you to show you the biz eh? )
And you guys talk about PONZI scheme. PONZI schemes is an illegal scheme that only transfers MONEY from INVESTORS to INVESTORS without any PRODUCTS involve. So you guys better keep your comment to yourself if you don't know what the heck you guys are talking about.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

Well, I love my job.

If u don't at least like the field you are doing, better change jobs.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Dear anonymous above,

You correct about PONZI scheme but did you read my previous post on another section?

Our government classified PONZI as a business that pay the earlier investors using new investors money without products involvement. As you can see this type of business does not help our economy at all. Is just transfering one's person wealth to another. Worst of all, this business will collapse at the end.

Open your eyes, if DCHL were to propose something like this will their proposal be accepted?? I bet not..What they do ?? Yeah, put some products in the front line and all the investment investors made is classified as "products puchases".

Like I said, MLM is a good way to earn some money in fact some could get rich with this as well. What we are trying to emphasize here is that, the methods that LB members used to recruit new members is totally wrong.

This was published in the papers as well that a young teenager borrowed money from "tai yee long" just to joined in as members but they didnt mention which MLM company.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous JustAnObserver said...

Just go to the police station and report about this company la..If what you said n wrote is true, they'll bust this company. You talk here much but no action.Same like other ppl la. Doing this blog thing is not an action.Better save your energy for another thing.

If you think you are right, scare what?

How about this, your next post will tell us your story in the police station reporting about this company.You tell us what happened.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Yo justanobserver,

You think it will be any help?? It is just a wasteof my time travelling there to report all this.

On the other hand, sharing in this blog is different. Time is needed but i do not need to go through the traffic jam and yadda yadda yadda.

Again, I have already mentioned that this is to create awareness to the public but if he/she would wanna give themselves a chance to try then there is nothing we can do.

And yes we have laws to obey but all these could easily be overcome by another greater element which we called it MONEY. It is a money driven society now. FACE IT!!

I couldnt be bothered if you insist to join/you already did but we are here to spread the words/experiences faced by ourself to other and let them make their decision themselves.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Hello justanobserver,

U think if u report this to police,the police will capture all of them? some1 here says that DCHL has already exist for 5 years and I believe is a register company.U think police will go n capture them?

Even is some1 is kena tipu or brainwash by LB ppl,u need to show the proof but...those who join already sign somethng rite? They can't do anything also.Even it is stated tat there will be refund of money but the upline always cabut.THis shows tat they brainwash ppl to invest in this scheme.

Therefore,this blog is created to set a awareness to young ppl about the LB scam,since teenagers now a days soend more time online.

Well,is true tat most ppl dislike their job is bcos due to certain factors like salary,working hours,task...and etc.But we need to work in order to survive and earn a living.

I know tat most ppl dislike their job and says do business is good and is the work tat they like compare to a job.

But think of it,to setup a business u need to think of a lot of things.I'm not trying to say tat it is a waste of doing business but u need to do research,invest capital,ROI and etc.

1 final advice,nothing is perfect in this world.Job and business also got the PROs and CONs as well.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the contrary if you do know how DCHL runs, they do not allow members to take loan from loan shark. It's totally against their rules and anyone caught doing so will have their membership revoke.
Jefferson, so are you still claiming DCHL is a PONZI scheme? I don't understand what you are trying to say at all. Now you are claiming that the company itself "puts" product as a front line so that it can cover up the "PONZI Scheme"? You don't make much sense plus you totally twist everything around imho. shrug

10:44 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

Yes, I know about this rule. It makes sense, dchl just wants to be out of trouble, in case things screws up.

However, where would these members get the money?

1. Borrow from banks.
2. Borrow from relatives.
3. Borrow from parents.
4. Borrow from relatives.

Ponzi scheme involves no products. While DCHL is not a ponzi scheme, it uses the product as a cover, hence, it's called product based pyramid scheme.

Just look at my posting below, regarding MLM truth.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Hi Anonymous,

Im not twisting anything here, it just that you are looking this business from inside. On the other hand, i'm looking it from the outside.

Steve yip is ocrrect about DCHL being a pyramid scheme but it is just how
people differentiate them. One with products and without.

Please refer to this site

Pyramid Scheme: A scheme in which a hierarchy is created by people joining under others who joined previously, and in which those who join make payments to those above them in the hierarchy, with the expectation of being able to collect payments from those who join below. Pyramid schemes are prohibited by the laws of the United States of America, by the laws of each of the fifty individual states, and by the laws of most other nations. Pyramid schemes are variously defined under these laws either as a form of gambling, or (more accurately, in my opinion) as outright fraud . Most of my explanations on this page are about pyramid schemes, but have some application to Ponzi schemes as well.

Ponzi Scheme: Named after Charles Ponzi, who ran such a scheme in 1919-1920. A Ponzi scheme is an investment scheme in which returns are paid to earlier investors, entirely out of money paid into the scheme by newer investors. Ponzi schemes are similar to pyramid schemes, but differ in that Ponzi schemes are operated by a central company or person, who may or may not be making other false claims about how the money is being invested, and where the returns are coming from. Ponzi schemes don't necessarily involve a hierarchal structure, as in a pyramid scheme; there is merely one person or company that is collecting money from new participants and using this money to pay off promised returns to earlier participants.


I didnt edited the message above. I hope this gives you a better picture dear anonymous.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

you are fast stealing readers.. :P

May we work together.. :)

12:06 AM  
Anonymous richard said...

well, pretty much all jobs sucks bcause of the pressure & the salary. the company pays you just enough to get the job done.add value to the company? grow with the company?what kind of a bullsh*t is that.maybe you havn't work your ass in a company for 15 years and got retrench.the higher your salary, the more you the company owns you. if you're an employee, it's either you do the job or ur that?

doing your own business also kinda sucks too but the perks are a little bit better than being an're the boss of your company. you rise and die at your own terms.

now MLM is a tricky business. pretty much sucks too. it's the new way of business so they say. buy products for self consumption and just the matter of replicating it to your friends & family. actually, that concept was introduce by Amway some 15 years ago. Then eventually someone found out how much Amway does a fraud systematically and continue to do so untill now globally. Read Merchants of Deception(google it out).

There are a lot of MLM companies in Malaysia..and each one of them unique & somewht the same. If a MLM company has been more than 3 years, then it's proven to withstand the market supply & demands. Most all MLM sells dreams, sells an idea. so as conventional business. they are not just selling the product, but also the concept. be it lifestyle, health, etc.

so you see, in anything you do, there's pro and cons.. either way, we're fcuk. it's how you perceive it that matters. all human beings will justify what they do. so instead of creating this so called 'awareness campaign', why don't you suggest on ways to earn money through what you perceive as legitimate, secure type of business.

maybe we'll benefit more than just reading how much you hate it.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous justanobserver said...

yeah...I agree with richard. Show us something that you call secure type of business other than creating this so-called 'awareness campaign'. I'm sick of ppl who can only talk but no action.

Your brother is better than you coz he's trying to change his life other than creating a blog and a so-called awareness campaign. Even though we are not sure wether it's a good way. But, he's trying to change something. If you only talk about this in the internet and not doing anything that you're supposed to do, then I think you better do something.

Have you already working or still studying? Well, I think you are still studying coz your brother is in college. Have you tried to go to work?Have you wake up every morning and stuck in traffic jam? Have you being scolded by your boss everytime you make something wrong?

Try it first, then talk about how working can bla...bla...You'll know what I meant.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job steven yip!

Hope that more and more people can know this website to keep them away from getting brain wash!

3:14 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

richard:Ur comments is good.But b4 u type any u know why this blog is created by steven yip 1st? If u 1 2 know how to earn more money maybe u can go other blogs.The title of this blog already says the objective of this blog.

justanobserver: I think u also 1 2 earn more money is it? This blog is not asking ppl to earn more money.Pls read the objective 1st b4 u type any comment.

Here I think I know why Steven Yip,brother join LB at the 1st place.

Yes,u can say his brother done a step to try change his lifestyle,in order to change his "lifestyle"...he join LB through his frens.

But try to think 1st,in order to change his lifestyle...did he do these things 1st before he join?

1.Research on what is LB background.

2.What is the 4P of LB? (4P=place,purchasing,product and price)

3.Discuss with his elder brother (steven yip) or any family member about this issue.

4.Opinion of public ppl thinks about LB.

5.Is he affordtable to join LB? (membership fee,product and etc)

6.Is LB got repeating sales?

Well,I believe why his brother join LB is just bcos in the LB office got many teenagers around there,wear kot like smart alec and talk big and also influence those ppl where the downlines bring their "waterfish"/target ppl to brainwash them by saying the marketing plan, great is STeven Yeam...and etc.

Those downline always bring their waterfish/targeted ppl to their office to meet their upline...and the upline will do the procedure of brainwashing.

How I know this? Cos I been there b4 by invited from 1 of my old school fren...which she ask me to teman her to KLCC but end up she bring me to the LB office in Jln Raja Chulan (inside wisma HLA).

AFter spend a day in the LB office.I know the process how they recruit new members.They also hassle on u and wants u to say YES to them.If u say 1 2 think 1st,they seems like stop u to think due to "certain" things.They also keep calling n SMS to u about hows ur decision after tat day.I think Steven yip brother is been recruited by this way.

justanobserver: have u been invited to LB office b4? what u will feel if those ppl says ur job sucks and try to brainwash u to join LB? or maybe 1 of ur family member or close frens join LB and do the same way like inviting me to the LB office for 1 day? I believe u didnt enter their office b4 rite?

If u 1 2 know more info how they recruit ppl and how ppl will be influence or brainwash...I can tell it here.Cos I been "there" b4.

3:23 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi justAnObserver,

I am already past studying, worked for 3 years, and still working.

Yea, I have been stuck on the Federal Highway for 3 years.

Young people are a bit naive, generally. I don't mind him trying something new, but not Lampe Berger.

If it does not make sense, it will not make sense no matter what dreams they sell you. We, the not so young people, can see it.

So, this blog is my view of how sucks is the Lampe Berger DCHL business is.

Sorry, but this site is what is it.
Anti Lampe Berger.

It all started when 30k reality starts to dawn on me.


3:26 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

But after the day I join LB,I also received phone calls and SMS from my fren's upline.To make a decision tat I'm not interested,I ask my old fren to yumcha and just tell her directly about my decision.

Most of the LB members are teenagers,esp college student,university student,fresh graduate.Many teenagers has fall into their trap is bcos they see LB ppl wear like smart alec and got many leng lui n leng cai also.This created a mindset tat they think is a place for teenagers run business together.

But in my opinion,Is a place where they brainwash and earn teenagers money by membership fee,give them their products and also ask them to bring their frens to the LB office.

If the downlines didnt earn their money and ask for refund,those upline will find some reason and escape on it.Cos If those upline give refund,they earn nuts already.Even though is stated on the agreement letter,but they try to aviod the refund issue.

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Richard, You are bound to be a failure because your mind so pessimistic and hate working for people as well as doing own business. You really fcuk up your life, man. May God bless you.

It's a bit cruel to let you know that a lot of people out there enjoy their work and earn good money to enjoy good lifestyle without much pressure.

Employee grow with company and company need employees with good value and skills. The most valuable asset of a company is the knowledge and employees. All the employer know this deep in their heart. Simply fired employee? So easy to find a capable replacement?

If all employers sucks then why there is a best employer award?
For fun?

Secure and legitimate business? There are alot out there but you never try to search it. The most shiok one is the GLCs ha ha.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To justanobserver, I hate to say this but you are so stupid and really make me laugh. Why the hell you think people here is pure talking but no action?

Open your big eyes and think from other way, donk! Whatever they are doing now is hitting it right into the point. The best action!!

If SYN is doing a business that mimic ponzi scheme by uisng LB products, or so called recruitment scheme, the important key is the "people"

By spreading more bad news and reference to peopele which is the source of the SYN business is the most effective method which I can think of.

The human network and the power of advice and recommendation of friends and people around you which used by MLM is now being used against LB business, tom dick and harry will know the effects.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for ppl who nid to travel by highway to work, kesian betul, lucky i live right in the area of kl, walk oso can reach, n pls use less cars, cars spoil the air, pls use bus or public transport,

best employer award? how many % u going to get it? do u reli think the 1 who get it deserve it?

to create a harmony society, ppl use KATA KASAR?

so much for the awareness, beware of our moral going down like a falling stone.

i myself is a very lazy, esp read to tons of comments, any1 out there pls do some reserch about how many % of ppl is happy wiv thier job? coz i reli 1 2 no, as if could b useful in assignment, thx q. remember to say thx q to others oh, if not, hehe

mr yip, u reli hope that ur bro choice is wrg, n suffer from it?
or do u oso got a little bit of hope that he will success so u nonid to worry so much?

coz if u reli wish him suffer, shame of u, bad bro

if ur family done something wrong, last thing u will do is to forgive,

may god bless our country so that every one got more moral value.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this but you don't even know what the hell you are typing or rather in fact what the hell have you been studying.

"2.What is the 4P of LB? (4P=place,purchasing(wtf is this?),product and price)"

Now that one is supposed to be Promotions (wanna know more please go back and study the Marketing Mix again). That's conventional business. I don't need to explain how MLM works. *duh*

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Steven Yippie,

"It all started when 30k reality starts to dawn on me. "

Well to be frank, can you tell me what kinda business can you actually start with only 30k capital? Plus you did not mention about the 90% refunds within 6 months in case you think you cannot make it. It's part of the legal system of the company.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that alot of anonymous pro LB fella still don't get it. The blog owner is condemning the way the SYN group doing this business which is selling business plan and most people anti LB is the people who against SYN.

Not much bad news from the team that concentrate on selling products, why? Think twice.

I have joined and gone through the training, seminar and classes. Get to know a lot of things from the top fellas, which those naive new members never know. All the anonymous protecting LB here seem to be one of them, what a pity.

Legal? Law and regulations in this world can never be perfect and fast enough to counter illegal activities. The only way is to use your mind and morale to judge it, if you think it is right then go ahead and suffer the consequences, if you think it is wrong then do it. Simple.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Anyone went to the PWTC Direct Selling Exhibition? Most of 'em are selling the business plans. that's how MLM works. products comes second. That is the reality here.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person above.
You assume too much. I'd say you are the naive one.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Upyours said...

Can you mother f*ckers stop b*tching here?. I hate my job and my f**king company don't pay me enough for my time and effort. What? Change job? what makes you think it's gonna be different? Same ol shit same ol thing. Which dickwad here can tell me they actually f*cking love their job because they get paid enough and shits like that? Let's see what happened to you in the next few years morons. Yeah you guys can say i'm a sucky employee and whatsoever. I don't give a ratass anyway.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Dear upyours,

From the way you responded, you are a type of person that are looking for rewards 1st before contributing or putting effort in helping/work for someone.

I run my own business I do know what are the assets of my company. Yes, its my staffs but staffs who expect too much and get NOTHING DONE will not get much appreciation from me.

I'll see you at the top.

8:44 PM  
Blogger don't be stupid said...

cwat goes around comes need to argue...the truth will be revealed at the end of the day...if LB is cheating ppls, it will fall just like Skim Cepat Kaya. if LB is a genuine business, it will shoot up like a rocket. nothing can stop that. believe with wat ur heart can feel and with ur eyes that can see. judge with ur wise mind. u deserve watever decision that u make...

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those LB people, please write down how much you earn every month, how many downlines u have, have you bought ur BMW or house?

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u question not enuff la,
for ppl out there,
how much ur net income?
how much money u be saved?
how many dream item u bought?
how much frens u got which u always contact?
how many of them got time to play along wiv u?
well, i dun think got ppl will answer, they will avoid to think about it lo, coz this is really cruel,

no 1 will ever truely satisfic theier net income.
so many things nid to pay out there, u hardly save much, even save oso save for some purpose for puchasing something.
human r greedy animal, there is no stop for dreaming.
if come out yum chai than go back can consider friends, than u got many friends, but who really ur best fren? the dog? hilarious,
same like u, ur frens will nid to work, so no much time too.

lol, i answer my own question adi =.=

but u may say u not in such situation, than means u r the eception of less than 1%

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha.. yeah my question is not enough.

For those LB people that dun wan to answer those questions, god bless you. Continue sell your lamps ba and call more water fish and pray those waterfishes are "pure".

Wait one day you will awake from your dreams.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

justanobserver: ru the 1 who ask me wat is "purchasing" means in the 4P tat i mention?

Purchasing means is the product got any repeat sales which means did the customer always buy it? If u 1 2 know whether the business is profitable or not,...U must know is there any repeat sales exist in the business too.

Promotion is just only once in a while, u think a shopping center everyday do promotions? I believe they rather want repeat sales better for everyday.Talk about marketing mix huh? I think u read dicktionary 1st.

I believe there are some LB member here,...Welcome to the blog and realize the true color of ur self!!!!

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nonid for u to guess, 99% sure there is lb member here, if u search for lb, u will found this blog too.

work for 5 years u too may wake up from ur dream, all the illusion that created by our education system giv way, u wake up n u will feel juz like in matrix, giv up hope bah, v r like worker ants in the colony, our job is to sustain the colony until the last generation, fake hopes r like burbles, beatiful but easily break,
thats the reason y so many ppl commit suicide.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Upyours said...

Jefferson who died and made you God? And who the hell gives you the right to simply assume that i'm looking for rewards 1st before contributing or putting effort in my work? Gee if only you seen me work my @$$ off, i guess you won't be such a complete idiot to simply ass-u-me things. Wtf kinda stupid boss are you anyway? This is how you think of your staffs eh? i pity your staffs man. Your assets? you make them sound like they are your freaking liabilities man. Sure give the a butt load of work while you're out playing golf or sum shit. Waiting for them to kiss your @$$ huh? well kiss my @$$ first punk. I don't give a ratass whether you are a business owner or not. So what?
Whoever's working for you must be cursing at you behind your back anyway.
F*ck this blog rocks with so many retarded @$$holes like you. Same goes to your MLMers or direct sales punk. There's no easy way out in life so just stfu and do your own shit man.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Anyone went to the PWTC Direct Selling Exhibition? Most of 'em are selling the business plans. that's how MLM works. products comes second. That is the reality here."

That's why most MLMs are product-based pyramid schemes.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Dear Upyours,

Looks like you preparing yourself into some kind of fight, with all the craps that are coming out from your trap.

Looks like you are getting lots of pressure from your top management. I advise you to switch job before you get mentally retarded.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if life so boring, many will suicide, so fast giv up hope?
u may meet many others who got diffrent story to share, hey, every one too got story, while sharing mayb more nice than u think, as some said, u must giv ppl something b4 they will giv u.

u walk on the street, u say hi, good morning to some one, within 100 ppl sure there r who will answer, good morning too.

but u scare of thos who dun, so u giv up hope so fast.

this is y those prof traveller live a wonderful lifes, coz they no how to sosial wiv others.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

Do we really have to join MLMs to learn how to socialize? frankly if u do, then i'd say u're a failure.

what have you been doing in all 13 years of kindergarden, primary and secondary school, plus 3-5 years in college/uni? making rubbish?

It's the interaction between u and ur school friends that teaches and trains u to socialize. to make friends and enemies, to network, to stand up and speak...

u're merely doing the same thing in working life, only different purpose and technique...

10:56 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

oh, by the way, have u noticed that some MLMs are using such excuses?

"u see? even so-and-so who is a doctor/engineer/pilot/MD/GM/(put any high paying jobs here) also join our business... so can u see how powerful/beneficial our plan is?"

deep in my thoughts, i say "i dont give a hell damn care!"

11:02 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

oh yeah, another technique,

"u see, now i sit around goyang kaki also got money come in..."

yeah, it may be true, to a certain extent, for a minute number of ppl at the top, where u have to reach a certain level to enjoy such benefit.

it's like... dangling a carrot in front of the mules... the mules (downlines) works extremely hard, even with burden on their shoulders, trying to reach the carrot, while the person who dangles the carrot enjoys getting pulled in his cart by those mules...

maybe, out of a couple thousand mules, one or two bound to taste the carrot but how about the rest that didnt get to?

some will realise the stupidities of their action, smarted up and stopped. they try to warn others from getting enslaved and wanted others to be "enlightened" and "free".

to such mules, the uplines calls them lazy, failure, "worse than road side dog", simply becoz these mules stopped making money for them, and try to free others.

sigh... we need more enlightened mules here...

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to dear andrew that had misunderstand my msg,

if u read again clearly, u found that i did not stand with lb, but since u DO learn how to create enemy, i must said if u like to create enemy, i would rather say hi n goodbye at the same time,

i was advicing that guy dun giv up hope for life, n u think i promoting mlm, it clearly state how u learn in school, sadly, u must had a bad teacher.

but no matter how hard to be a good friend, schoolmate, not much give back i deserve,

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

anonymous above,

if u really think that message was meant for u in person, then u are very wrong. the "U" i mentioned above are meant for the general readers. well is this a case of siapa makan cili?

no, i did not misunderstood u, i read my words very clearly. it just happens that i touched on something u mentioned and i responded somewhat negatively.

well i dont intend my words to mean that way in the first place, so i'm sorry for you if u felt "something"...

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do feel something, but it doesnt matter, we do learn to forgive others in school, do you?

as i said, let us dont so fast giv up hope for our lifes, the last thing we will think of is v should die now, this is more about moral,

i dun support or against lb,

9:31 AM  
Blogger wiseMan said...

Brainwash is a good issue ...
I guess none of you have turn up for seminar or talk specially for self-improvement!!!

Do you know that you have to paid for more than RM 3K for a proper seminar? the famous the speaker the higher the price is...

From there you got some ideas ...
But they don't just give you the recipe of becoming rich oOO !!!

You got no products, no reading materials, no references ... Are you trying to tell me this is a cheat?

The facts is most of the CEO or GM in malaysia actually attends this kind of talk, and normally cost ranging from RM10k - RM3oK per session !!! (no air fare or hotel included)

It's not about LB or not LB ...

It's about your brain can function or malfunction ...

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gogogo kempen kesedaran! steven yip, we r with u!

bagus sangat bagus

6:42 AM  

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