Saturday, April 22, 2006

Middle class mentality

Generally, when you go to a book store, and see books on "retire early", "financial freedom", it's good to pick up and read. It will tell you lots on investment vehicles, unit trust and lots more.

Seems like the middle class people just like these stuff, and keep on dreaming on financial freedom.

There's nothing wrong wanting it.

However, how many have gone through the business section in The Star, where the real entrepreneurs are. How many have read their true stories of grit when starting up their business, and their hardship.

I have read an article on this entrepreneur guy whom I can't recall his name, and he said "There's no retirement for me". Now isn't it weird? While the majority of the middle class people wants to retire early, he does not. And even weirder, he wants to keep on working way past his retirement age.

And if you know IKEA founder, who is known for being frugal (shame on LB members showing off their wealth), who said "There's no time for dying, there's still much to do". And he's 80 years old. Now, the reason he's still driving a 15 years old volvo, is because of company's policy, and he wants to keep it that way.

These are the real rich people, in my opinion because they know hard work and good vision is needed to execute all this, while knowingly how to balance the risks involved. And more important, they really genuinely like what they do.

The problem with middle class mentality is wanting comfort, but wants to play it safe. Headlines like "Easy income in one month", "Retire early and get a vacation" seems to easily hook them up.

This is why, when you look into the category of people joining these schemes, it's the middle class which forms the majority.

And if you look into all these network marketing monthly magazines, they will feature either a couple or a person, dressed to fit kings and queens. It seems life for them is good and lavish. But this may be far from the truth. Dress can be deceiving. Cars can be deceiving.

What is important is how they think. Rich people don't need to go out telling everyone he's rich.


Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

there is a saying:

"Nothing Venture,nothing gain"

"Nothing comes easy in this world"

If a person is rich,he/she no need to tell or show off to every1.U know why? Bcos the rich person knows him/herself.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

LB people show off because they are forced to..If not how are they going to ask people to join...and how they gonna survive? they show off on the other hand they need to cari makan as well...poor people..

"They need to show a very good example ma so peoples will get envy and initially peoples will come to them"

I am doing IT, sometime things i am not sure can be done right..i will tell my clients can be done for sure.Dont worry..because i am dying for the projects ma. After I tried to do it, i find it cannot be done..i will propose another way of doing to them and give excuse that the first way is actually not a good way or hard way..get what i mean? I am not's just this is how things to deal & done sometime...everyone trying to survive only ma

12:48 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

oh hi jacob,

You are into IT?

Well, it's a classic case of over promising in a project. But if you have more experiences, you would be able to tell whether something can be done or not, right at the start.

It's true, you will never get the right solution on the first meeting. But at least, you have the problem in your head, and a few ways to solve it.

But there's a golden rule "under promise, over deliver".

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TVB clip that tell us about truth of lampe berger cheating and falso claim

It is in Cantonese. Hope with all this info, all those who still choose to close their minds related to all this negative information of lampe berger will open their minds now and get out of this trap before too late.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven, tell your golden rule to "semi velu", he really need it. and I wonder who never break that rules.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven, I very strongly recommend that you remove the link posted on 9.13 am, i.e. the posting before mine.


7:24 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi preacher,

I deleted...but the site is totally ridiculous.

He must be a foreigner, who is pissed off with losing money here.

1:01 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...


Do you know about the Subang Jaya forum ? Someone pasted 2 of my messages on Lampe Berger there and someone gave a link to the TVB news as well as a link to the French LB website.

It clearly showed the French only claim of Fragrance and it can kill bacteria and remove odour for a certain size room up to 68% after 45 mins. Certainly it means 68% is the most it did and after 45 mins. If you stop using, the air will be back to normal.

The MLM claimed aromatherapy and 99.99% effectiveness is not true. The most convincing truth that the MLM is NOT sincere and made false claim is through the French LB website info.
The French and US only used the terms fragrance and perfumes. Aromatherapy will not use chemicals, alcohol or germ killer for inhaling.

Also in the TVB interview the HK Manager started with a statement, "We are a French Company with over 100 years history..." already showed they are not honest. These Asian MLM Companies selling LB are not branch of LB France.

Hope you can start a post on this area, which your blog is short.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Warmest greetings guys!
Well, my name is Jeffrey and I am an independent distributor of DCHL.
I am 17 years old and still in school studying for SPM.
My upline is my brother who is a marquis.Surprised that I'm 17 yet doing this business?

This business have really changed my life. I am an extraordinary 17 year old teen. I was previously introvert and a passive person.
After being influenced by this business, I am a changed person and I am deeply sattisfied with the changes inside.
I am now a leader in school,church,community and in SYN.

I have read this blog over here.
You guys really have a lot of energy. I really admire that.
But this energy could be put into better use.
I always believe that in a system, if there are successful people, the problem is not with the system, but the YOU yourself.

I invested RM30k. My family is just middle class. I borrowed from my parents. I have a BIG DREAM.
I want to do BIG business. But sadly, I'm not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. That's when network marketing/MLM comes in. With a small fee, I could be learning more about life and business.I can build up a place to earn my residual income.

Guys, I'm not trying to preach that you guys stop condemning LB. Go ahead, condemn all you want.

There are many talented and energetic individuals in this forum.
Condemning like this won't change your life. Stop being such cynical and negative people.Then, you will taste success.
These are words from a 17 year old.
You might call me naive, but I have the audacity and courage to pursue this business and face the difficulties in this business.
I face a lot of rejection from much more elderly people when I talk to them about LB.I was even condemning that LB was a cheat because I realized how hard it is to earn the big bucks in this business.

This is the time when I transformed into a man.I didn't want to be one of the many losers in our society. All of us had BIG dreams. But only a handful of us can achieve them. Because many of us couldn't stand the amount of pressure society and e.g. this forum impose to MLMers.

Gentlemen,good things doesn't come easy and MLM certainly isn't easy. Try to be in my shoes or other distributors in any MLM. Then, you'll know.

I truly wish all of you success in whatever you do. And for the network marketing industry, trust me, it won't topple down no matter what you gentlemen say.
This is my email in case you have any questions or nasty comments to post.I am open-minded enough to weigh the situation from your shoes too.

Till then, I wish all of you success in whatever you do.

Wealthy regards,

10:32 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Dear Jeffery,

How long already u join this business?I believe that u join recently?

A 17 year old kiddo like u join this kinda MLM,didn't u know tat in M'sia MLM law that only 18 years old are qualified to join any MLM?

Most young ppl or teenagers always got the burning desire can very confident to urself.BUT,let me remind u that what ever u said here,will end up soon.

Dun try to lecture us ok?U r just a 17 year old boy and think that u r the hell of the GREAT?I know that u r a leader in school,church, community and in SYN.But I think u haven't face the real or outside world yet.Ur world is only about school,church and SYN.There are many things u need to know and face it.

Basically,u said that ur brother is ur upline right?And I believe ur brother's upline and those above him their purpose to recruit and brainwash u is bcos they want to earn ur money only n tats it.

We will see how long u can survive with tat LB.I believe tat 1 day u will find out what we say here is TRUE and u will share wif us with ur story.DO U HAVE THE GUTS TO PLAY A BET WITH ME?

I CAN PLACE A BET with u that ur so called dreams will end up like a trash.Anyway,u still borrow ur parents money to do this scam,that is the worst thing ever from DCHL/SYN ppl.Borrow RM30K from parents is easy,but ru able to return them back?So far,I nvr borrow such a big amount money from my parents b4.

But here is a advice from me,I got 2 frens join this LB,1 is a francisee and another 1 invest RM30K.The 1 who invest RM30K,end up working in a company,and she unable to earn back RM30K.Her house have a gallery of lamps.And the francisee,she still can't even find a downline after I reject her to join.

I hope that u won't end up like my 2 frens who join this scam.Otherwise,u n ur brother will end up in a big fight bcos of this.Bcos of money,a relations can be broken as well.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous kid is dumb said...

hey kid! my suggestion to you is go back to secondary or college to study la..dont waste time at LB wait to die call LB a business? so what business skill did you learn there? you are such a loser like some of the LB dumb ass who just keep looking for waterfish to make yourself enough to survive only..get it?? dumb ass!

huh? u call it a business? wtf? ( laughing while writing )

3:30 PM  
Anonymous kid is dumb said...

17 years old...i am not as stupid as you during my are proud with yourself but i am pity for you...i dont take RM 30k from my dad but i gave them...already 17 years old..damn stupid go and listen to those LB fella to borrow money from are just one of your brother waterfish! wake up!

you see that's what we call 17 years old kid..trying so hard to grow up

3:36 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi Jeffrey,

I know you won't budge your decision in DCHL.

But, to the rest, I just want to highlight, DCHL is twisting young people's energy and mind, put a false hope in them, so they believe they can make a difference in their lives.

Everybody wants to make a difference. We on the Anti Lampe Berger side, wants to make a difference by bringing DCHL down. We want this business to close shop and move it's offices from Malaysia, and go back to Taiwan. We want our young generation to stop getting hooked. This is same like drugs, or even worse.

You can continue your business, we'll see how it ends.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffery, since you have already got your "head wet", I wish you all the best in the biz.

Work hard to pay back your father the RM30K that you borrowed and also for also your bro to work hard to pay back the money which I assume that he also borrowed from your parents. You owe it to your parents.

MLM is not for eveyone and just because you managed to make RM5K or whatever amount this month, it does not mean that you will be able to repeat that feat every month.

Its hard work and its very easy for experienced MLM recruiters to "brainwash" new young recruits.

Remember this also, just because someone drives a BMW or lives in a Bungalow does not necessarily mean that they are rich or successful cos u do not know how much they are paying to the bank every month.

True wealth is financial freedom, which is what MLM is trying to preach but showing off with a BMW and paying through your a** is definately not financial freedom.

There are many ways to achieve financial freedom. MLM is not the only way.


9:08 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi preacher,

His brother and him are into this business as counts, but they do not need to pay each 30k, just one person will do.

So, as a promotion, both become counts.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous asroof said...

haha...last time when i first went to DCHL office and get expose with all the lampe berger stuff...i think like the 17 year old kid too..." I am goin to be rich" " i wanna drive big car" " i dont have to work "
soon i realise it was just a dream...luckily i just threw around RM 3k into it plus my petrol and entertainment with those lamper berger members and also waste a few months time on LB too..My sincere advise to the young generation : stay away from Lampe berger

12:15 AM  
Blogger Nee Shen said...

I think its unfair to say that all middle class people are greedy. I consider myself a truly middle class person. And I totally disagree that everyone in my income bracket are out there are like LB members.

For one, I do work hard to earn my keep. Always trying to keep improving myself and hoping for a pay increment every year. Of course, life is made easier when I paid to do something that I am truly passionate about.

I do dream of buying new and great car (always wanted a Land Cruiser). Always wanted a house with large compound, furnished by IKEA.

But, I think the similarities to LB members stop here.

LB=money, I come to understand. But I wondered what "skills" do they pick up? I am in a technical line, so everyday I come to work, its a new learning experience. Besides, I feel that acquiring knowledge is the root to becoming a "skilled worker". Personally, I would prefer to do something that very little people out there can do.

BTW, Jeffrey here has good English compared to his other compatriots. Hope he keeps up his learning.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous nojk said...

Actually yesternight I want to post a comment, but do not know why, the link broken.

Since I did not post it, meaningless to repeat what I should post. I really "lol" when I read all those comments after Jeffery, why? You guys are so smart to said all those things about dreams changing...etc.

What can you change? Bringing Digital Crown Holding Limited will not change anything...except a company broke, many youngster lost thier hopes, sudden car bomb in second hand market, uneployment rate grows, salary drops as uneplyoment rate goes up...

I guess there are more, but surely this are what will going to be diffrent at. But do not get me wrong, I did not say what you guys doing is wrong. Look at the bright side, atleast they are not dead.

For some reason, those at the top still enjob what had they harvested, they still the winner, and we, become the loser.

One question, after changing the whole world by deleting Digital Crown Holding Limited, what will you and me get? Nothing, but yeah, life become so beatiful as there are no more these people.

Sadly, I go work unpaid at the chuch atleast I can change myself, not forcing others to change.

Anyway, as he so gently wish us success, the one thing I can give to him too, is wish him good luck.

By the way, Mr. Yip, how is your brother doing? For so long, you did not report of his doing. Is he as miserable as those who lost money?

Am I joking?

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some ppl just dont learn, keep on using cruel world and flaming, but i think that guy atleast he is a leader in a chuch n school community which many here din even go join activitives, take ur head out of the sand, school oso din guaratee u success n school dun teach how to survive in the so call"real world" u think matrix meh, real world.

i suggest those who in lb, dun post anything more, it get worse whether you post it nicely or cruely. it make no diffrent, they just 1 2 flame you.

same as a distributor, i guess thise ppl will wake up some day, in "real world" HAHAHA(laught unstopablely)

yeah, my english is bad, nonid you yo flame, but atleast i learning...
real world? hahahaha

1:55 AM  
Blogger Nee Shen said...

The fact that we, the simple-middle class people, can poke holes into the all the explaination that LB members are throwing at us.. should already make you think...

FYI, I am part of the team that "rides on the ambulance, voluntarily" while you are having your chinese new year goodies and ang pows, lost count of lives that we had saved... can you sacrifice that? So ordinary poor people like us do replenish our karma once in a while too you know..

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Yeah, here I am again.
Anonymous, probably you are right. I should stop posting as everyone here is looking at me and lauging their heads of to see me in this so called "scam".
I can tell you one thing for sure, that when every pioneer sets out to do something, he will always face all these challenges.
And guys, don't worry.
I invested in count about 8months ago. I am now a marquis. One of the youngest marquis in Malaysia.
As for my brother, he is going to challenge for Duke within this year with the Lord's grace.

As I said before, All our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue it.
And unfortunately, people like Asroof just join in the business and started full of energy and a big dream.But faced a few rejections, and then they died off. And now, posting in forums condemning about his loss, becoming a more sad person.Asroof,friend,no offence but what can negative cynicism accomplish?

So yeah, call me dumb,naive,unique,lucky,bold, or whatever. You can all say all you want.After all, I admit that this business have also brought Joy and Sorrow at the same time to people.

Those who gets the sorrow are the people who join, faced a few rejections, can't cope with them, and then die off. And the lips of these sad people aren't zipped. They just go to the public negatively criticizing this whole industry, feeling that they're doing something noble. Oh please, if you're a loser, that doesn't mean everyone else is a loser.

I must admit that the threads posted are very powerful to break the hearts of the new distributors.
But those of us who are like me, have the heart and courage to really pursue our dreams and don't give up easily, we will succeed.
Watch for my name in these few years. I will arise in DCHL as the youngest Duke.Why?Because I am a positive person and won't waste my time trying to bring down a legitimate business.I use my time to do something that can bring me results and benefits.
That is why being one of the youngest Marquis, I can lead my team consists of adults, elderly people, and people who had told me, "Jeffrey, go back to 4sc1 and read your biology book.Stop thinking about business,it is not the right time"
That is why this 17 year old is different.

I am now a dynamic leader today for SYN,school,church and the society. I am not saying that you guys are not leaders.I am sure that there are a lot of you guys in the forum who are leaders in a way by being in the ambulance when all of us are having CNY celebrations, and giving treatments to those in need.
But however, posting in a forum like this with full of cynicism and negativity does really tell me a lot about the character and the upbringing of each and everyone of you.

Ultimately,I am in this business for the long term and it will provide me the residual income I want for me and my family.If anyone of you who are already in this business,but participating in this forum because you can't face the difficult part of this industry, then look for me. I can be of help.
Farewell mates and good luck in bringing down DCHL.You're going to really need it.=)

Cheers mates,
Wealthy regards,
Marquis Jeffrey.

3:44 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

Jeffrey said,

"This business have really changed my life. I am an extraordinary 17 year old teen. I was previously introvert and a passive person.
After being influenced by this business, I am a changed person and I am deeply sattisfied with the changes inside. I am now a leader in school,church,community and in SYN."

Frankly, u being introverted and passive is all caused by ur own thoughts and attitude.

One have no need for LB to teach the meaning of life.

Since u quoted urself as example then allow me to do the same.

No i dont change when i'm 17. I have always been an extrovert and active kid. since the day i can speak my first word till today, i enjoy my life, i have a bright outlook towards my future.

i have always had the leadership quality with me, it's something i acquired from the situations i've been thru, and with an open mind.

i got it for free but u have to learn that from some organisation who profits from u. *sad*

in school, i have been class monitor, prefect, librarian, represented my school in many quizzes and competitions, a leader in my Red Crescent chapter and no, LB did not teach me to do that.

i learnt from the environment. i experienced things first hand. and i just know. And NO, i realised all that without having LB or any other MLMs teaching me about life.

by the way if 're thinking, no, i'm not a spoilt rich brat. when i was a kid, my parents' combined income earns less than rm900 a month. yet they provided for everything for my family's need. from financial to physical security to love and to my education funds.

and i KNOW i CAN do at least as good as they did, if not better, for my family. and i need no MLM to "help" me achieve my dreams.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous metal steed rider said...

frankly, if one joined in with a negative mindset, why join in the first place? what makes him/her join?

if one failed, shouldn't it be the upline's or the organisation's responsibility to help him/her out?

what happen to the story that LB changes one's outlook towards life? what happens to all the promises and dreams?

it all becomes bullshit.

and jeffrey. since u're 17 and being young, u have lotsa time ahead in ur life. let's see how long ur "legitimate" business can hold.

whether u'll reap the benefits and retire early, or u still have to fall back on a day job to survive.

p.s: anyway i found ur story to be the typical "i-used-to-be-a-loser-but-now-thanks-to-this-business-i-am-a-winner" category.

one moment u're a count and now u're a marquis. i highly doubt the authenticity of ur story, since anyone can act and pretend what they're not....

oh, by the way, u have no need to explain urself to me. i don't believe in all these LB craps so save ur breath.

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is there to be proud in leading a group of fools, being the leader of the foolish?

compare that to being the leader of a development project, what skills and knowledge other than persuasion and scamming skills an LB group leader learns n employs?

who's the fool? the fool or the ppl who follows the fool? i say they all are.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Credit is given to CS for writing this out. U think being marquis is easy? well, it is, if u've got a good mouth and ppl are gullible enuf to believe you. here goes :

Let see what can a LB member make as a count and a marq in an
ideal scheme where it multiply by 5 and each person invest 2345.
Let assume that member invest 30k to be a count and intitle to
the bonus.

Count Generation Bonus for a maximum of 6 generations:
5%, 3%, 2%, 1.5%,1%,1% a total of 13.5%.

No of person x 2345 (sales) = total sales x bonus = income

1st generation 5 x 2345 = 11725 x 5% = 586.25
2nd gen 25 x 2345 = 58625 x 3% =1758.75
3rd gen 125 x 2345 =293 125 x 2%
= 5862.5
4th gen 625 x 2345 = 1 465 625 x 1.5%
= 21 984.38
5th gen 3135 x 2345 = 7 328 125 x 1%
= 73 281.25
6th gen 15625 x 2345 = 36 640 625 x 1%
= 366406.25

Looks good… I can make over 70k at the 5th level.
and another level almost 400k.. Right…. ?
Think you can achive 625 people in your network?
Even 125 people?

Now wait a minute, with over 100 people should I not be a marqui..
“I should earn more”
“I have work very very hard you know.”
Look back at the figures..
Nope not yet a marqui dear mate.. You need 500k sales to be marq.
100 people is not enough la fella…Must have people in the 4th level.

“Alrite.. Fine! I shall play the 30k game.”

1st generation 5 x 30 000 = 150 000 x 5%
= 7 500
2nd gen 25 x 30 000 = 750 000 x 3% =22 500
3rd gen 125 x 30 000 = 750 000 x 2%
= 75 000
4th gen 625 x 30 000 = 18 750 000 x 1.5%
= 281 250

“I want my Marqui position!”

If you have 5 counts under you can challenge Marq. If your 5 counts play 30k then their downline must play 30k otherwise no chance to be a Maq. Let say somehow each of your dowline found 5 people with 30k. 25 people total invested 30k each.
You have passed the 500k group sales just at the 2nd level.

“Congrats!" .. "Bravo"..

“I have fullied the requirements to be Marqui”
Are you a marq yet? Not yet dear LB member.. Hang on..
Promotion to marq takes place the following month after qualification.
Now you are a marq then what? Residual income? Maybe.. Maybe not..

Marquis Personal Group Bonus of 2% on all groups' sales generated by down-line Counts.

Marquis Generation Bonus of a total 6% (based on total group points generated by downline Marquis for a maximum of 6 generations).

Marquis Asia Profit Sharing of a total 1.5% (based on total group points generated by downline Marquis for a maximum of 6 generations, and paid half yearly).

Extra 2% only just for being a marq. Asia profit share? Is your downline a Marq?

Now why it is there are some marq who stop doing the bisness…
The answer is somehow the income stop, i.e. no more sales.
If you become marq with 30k downlines but then only rm 2345 recruitments afterwards, you would only be at the 3rd level. Look at figures for 3rd level, total 125 people is 290k. 2% percent of that. Add another 2% Marq bonus. Just over 11k. Financial freedom?

Do you think anybody is stupid enough to put in his own money say if 100k short of sales just to make Marqui?

Very possible.. If everybody encourage him..

Does it benefit that person? Just to make Marq…
“Oh you can earn it back later”
Wrong.. If you have a strong base network you do not need to put in your own money.
If your is network is not strong enough then you will burn.

Some people can see right from the beginning it is a one sided affair.
In any industry if you make sales, you get comission for it. For this case you are always one step below. Comission after you have achieve the status,
After you have made the sales. And that comission is for your future sales, not current or past sales.
No guarentee. Still the game has to continue. Still have to make sales.

So if that person gets 22.5 k comission to achieve a Marq (getting all 2nd level 30k). He can say he made 10 figure month. Yeah.. for just two months. Do you think he achieve financial freedom?
Don’t believe on the comission figures? 500k sales and 3 percent of that, how much?

How bout a Marq who plays the rm2345 game? He would challenge Marq when he has 5 counts, where his downline has 25 people under them each. So at that point he has 125 people working for him, where he would start to earn in the 4th level bonus if the sales continue. Much much better and more money.

Just be informed before you made a decision. Know all the facts.
“Anybody can do it”, they say. True.. Almost correct..
But not everybody.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi Jeffrey.

Just give it a thought, your residual income comes from where?

The pay slip can't lie. Just look into your payslip, and you know the source of your money.

Do you feel remorse, when you know that your downline got the money from bank loans, friends, parents savings, just to fund this business?

Do you feel a tinge of guilt, when you know there's so much heart ache, social discord which comes from this business?

If you don't, well then carry on. But to other LB distributors, whatever level you are, the company DCHL is cheating you, your other networks on this lie.

Guys like asroof quite, because the system itself is flawed. Who in the right mind, unless brainwashed, would put in 30k, and being burdened by unsold stock?

Your brother challenging duke? well..good luck then.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who are anti lampe berger, will keep on fighting.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeffery, u dun on msn? got something to ask u, but quite private.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

watch out newspaper: a 17 years old kid kena cheat by lampe berger.No big deal people will turn to the next page

10:19 AM  
Anonymous I made Steven Yeam's wife pregnant said...

I really like to give a big thank you to the 17 years old Jeffrey. Thanks for making this blog a pleasure to read. Without you Pro-LB, this blog would have been boring.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous carlson said...

Hey Jeffrey, since you are such a leader in Lampe Berger. Please teach me how to get my refund. I buy those fucking product from my upline not directly from the company. Now that fucker won't give me back my refund and the company give some dumb reason also. asking me just to fill in some complaint form. fuck it. i want my money back

10:44 AM  
Anonymous jceh83 said...

I have a few question for Marquis Jeffrey and it would be really nice if he can post his reply here. If not, please email me your reply at

First of all, how in the world did you get into this MLM business when the legal age is 18 in Malaysia? Did your parent's gave their consent?

Secondly, have you returned your parent's RM30k? I'm dying to know. I'm sure many are.

Thirdly, is there anyone I can approach or any documents I can go through to check if you are one of the youngest marquis in Malaysia?

Lastly, how do you sleep when one of your downline or downline's downline fails in the business with borrowed money and maybe he/she has no means to repay the loan?

Jeffrey, I really hope you are doing great in your business. I'm not one to take down any MLM business in this world because all industries uses the MLM way now. No difference if you do it here or there, you'll soon be reaching somewhere depending on how hard you work.

I counted my blessings as I joined a few MLM business and failed. You're right, the system has no flaws. It's me who was the problem. As mentioned somewhere in this site, I just wasn't born to do things against my principles and ethics.

I'm currently part time doing online trading and full time studying. I learnt that many rich people in this world, including Robert T. Kiyosaki, made their money using people's money. Remember one section of a book where he just changed hands on a real estate property without forking out a cent. That's exactly what I'm doing now.

No I don't earn much but at least my integrity is upheld.

One last thing my friend Jeffrey, check out Steven Yeam's background before he joined or formed his SYN/LB business. Was he rich compared to the middle class person? Was he well connected? Did he even need LB to survive or he just wanted to make more money?

I attended one of those talks for new comers for Amway2u just to realise one of their top member is a Tan Sri's wife. Just imagine the influence she has when she ask one of her friends to buy something. I was in Elken and realised the same thing too. One of the top fellas is a CEO, man just imagine people would just look up to him and say "wow he is a CEO, his decision won't be wrong. i should join him"!! KLUNK!!! they joined in the rat race!!

That's all folks!! When it comes down to making money, it all boils down to Mathematics!!!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous JBL said...

I invested 30k in Amway. I buy Amway stocks which is a main board company in KlSE. And I still see it going up strong. The ROI is quite high.

Don't see that in Lampe Berger though.

PS: I am a stock broker not an Amway distributor but I hate Lampe berger.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

hey Jeffery!

U still haven't answer me yet,do u got the GUTS to take my bet?

1 word to tell ya,you and your brother is just a "pawn" in Steven Yeam's Chess Game.If u know how to play CHESS,usually those expert players use "pawn" to sacrifice it or change any other valueble items in a CHESS game.So,Steven Yeam is just make use of u and controlling your moves like a "pawn" in CHESS game.Either he can earn from you,or maybe he can sacrifice you.(when u quit the business) GOt what I mean?

11:03 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

good for u jbl. stock also provides high risk and high returns. but at least there's some stocks that ppl will buy.

how many would willing buy an alcohol lamp anyway?

11:05 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

well andrew....I rather buy AMBI PURR products than tat F*cking French Lamp.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey said:

I invested RM30k. My family is just middle class. I borrowed from my parents. I have a BIG DREAM.
I want to do BIG business. But sadly, I'm not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. That's when network marketing/MLM comes in. With a small fee, I could be learning more about life and business.I can build up a place to earn my residual income.


my dear little 17-year-old brother..
who say 30k not enuff to do business ? Dun let those LB/DCHL/SYN brain wash u lah..

u gimme RM30k, see I can do business anot..I cant even earn more than u do in LB/DCHL/

u haven't got ur SPM but have been in deep shit of MLM thingy..damn..

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


u gimme RM30k, see I can do business anot..I CAN even earn more than u do

read the word CAN,

I CAN..earn MORE than u..more than F*CKING DCHL/SYN STUPID MLM

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Kong Jit Chong said...

Fnck all the guileful DCHL distributors, who are but the most valueless social scum who disgrace their 18-generation ancestral. Go home.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll earn more with 30k in Casino de Genting than in DCHL.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Proven said...

Please visit the above forum and read those recent posts, all good enough to prove the LB products and business. There is even a link to a TVB video news that proved everything.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Proven said...


It is good to think positive and trained to be well motivated BUT not in a bad Company.

You sound very innocent. It is not worth making money by losing friends and reputation, unless you are prepared to give up your conscience and leave the country after your business ends.

Please visit the forum and last few posts in the last message I put up.

You reminded me of those young and first timers in MLM who joined Amway, said they will never leave Amway and got so shameful after they left, so much so that they don't even dare to see their friends again.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

I think if Jeffery lost his money,he will find a hole to hide himself.

A 17 years old ppl also kena this kinda scam,is the worst case that I ever heard.

Jeffrey,ru taking economics in 2nddary school? What u know about business? LB is just a con scheme to con young ppl like u only.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

jeffrey are you a count or marq? or you going to challenge duke soon?

anyway, best of luck, you gonna need it bro. If you do 'fail', please do share with us your 'real' experience.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, if you're real. please provide us with your dchl membership number so we can check if your story is true.



10:18 PM  
Blogger johnlim said...

Jeffery is another prove of how genious SYN can brain wash an innocent soul. I just browse through his comment and already find so many interesting statements from him:

Condemning like this won't change your life. Stop being such cynical and negative people. Then, you will taste success.

How many percent of rich people in Malaysia become rich (with > RM2 million networth) by joining LB? This innocent kid think that LB is the only way to become rich, but it is contrary in the real world.

You might call me naive, but I have the audacity and courage to pursue this business and face the difficulties in this business.

Don't know how many times we've to tell LB chai "LB is not a BUSINESS, you're just WORKING for STEVEN YEAM and your UPLINES without EPF, MEDICAL CLAIM and all other benefits."

I can tell you one thing for sure, that when every pioneer sets out to do something, he will always face all these challenges.

How can he call himself pioneer when there are already > 60,000 LB members in Malaysia alone?

10:53 PM  
Anonymous adult said...

wake up kid !

12:50 AM  
Anonymous CS said...

Dear Jeffrey,

Good for you to have made it as Marquis. I am sure that is a good achievement in the SYN world.

I also compliment you on your resolve and restrain when
replying back to the post directed to you.

Surely you can understand why some people who joined are
quite upset at the outcome.

Its the sales tactic you see, i.e. the convincing way.
SYN has decided to use the sales method of:
1) Give image of success
2) Motivation from trainings/talks
3) Give hope on dreams and money
4) Support and influencing of members

So what is wrong with it?
The wrong thing is those sales method are used without
facts or strong base of business.

"Realise your dreams" , "Business Opportunity", "This is your
chance", are used to make sales.

And when people ask serious questions about the scheme and figures, along with doubts. He is not being answered properly and then back to the selling of "dreams" and "hope".

My favourite line is when somebody ask about the 30k investment.
Then comes the "business opportunity", "where can you start a business with 30k?".

Those are just base comparison of words. They dare compare LB
business to conventional business. It can not even be called
a business. If I were the business owner then I would set the
rules to the business.

Since you are Marquis you probably have made some money, far from
financial indepence but still money considered not small.

You do realise where does the money in the game go to?

A retailer in US is selling a LB lamp at 38USD. This is
almost half the price of the RETAIL price here. Now I am
comparing retail prices of SYN without discount.
Let assume it costs 1/2 in the US. Now this is a shop which have to pay US rates rent and staff and they can still sell it at retail price which is almost half the retail price here. What do you
think the manufacturer price is? Quarter of the retail price here?
Possible.. That US retailer probably got the lamp at half his cost.

Where do you think the most of the extra money made go to?
The company of course.

Let not forget the rm2500 to be entitle for generation bonus. You have work hard to make the sales, to be a marq. So why cant the company give you the little percentage
bonus without you have to pay some more..

If you have achieve to be Marq then you would have probably got
close to 30k comission and maybe some more from direct sales to
your downline of your own stock.

At the point in time where you just made a marq how much net
profit did you make? Just some net profit or maybe break even.
But the company has already made alot of money from you.

The hidden details of the company plan:-

-RM2345 franchise fee.
It is high price to start at the bottom level. Large profit margin made to the company.

-Need 5 downlines to upgrade
Your network can grow down faster than you can find downlines hence you might not be intitled to any bonus yet but your tree has grown and the company has made money.

-30k upgrade
Option given to increase company sales and faster income to the company.

-Bonus of sales.
Bonus given after you have achieve the status and only for sales made AFTER that status has been achieved.

Unethical distributor methods:-
-False impression
-Talks of hope and dreams
-Says he care about you
-Hide facts from you

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Borg LB said...

We are Borg.

Your money and friends would be
added to our own.

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Hi All,

Please visit on the lastest post comments.

Someone tried to cover up Lampe Berger/OHK's dirty past in Malaysia by challenging me. I accepted with a gamble.

Please visit it and be our witness !!

6:14 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Jeffery:If u r consumer,here I got sumthing to tell ya.I rather use AMBI PURR than the Lamp,u wanna know why?

1)Is cheap and affordtable...u can find it in any stores,mini market,supermarket,hypermarket and etc.But the "lamp" must buy from DCHL/SYN only,and also expensive.

2)The refill for AMBI PURR is much damn cheaper than the essential oil refill from LB.

3)Is easy to carry,can bring it anywhere...u even can keep inside the pocket.But I dun think u can keep the lamp in ur pocket right? even for ladies won't keep the lamp in handbag as well.

4)AMBI PURR can use in home,toilet,bathroom and car as well.Do u place the lamp in ur house,toilet,bathroom and even in your car as well?Basically I believe u did that,bcos I know in ur house got a gallery of LB lamps collections.

5)Compare the price between AMBI PURR and the Lamp.Somesay that "what u pay is what u get" which is true also.But what's the point i need to pay more if both products can do the same functions and the price is damn much diffrence.AMBI PURR is RM12 (including 1 or 2 refills) but the lamp is RM1-2K (not including refills)?!

Oh yes,I almost forgot to ask something.Is the church u went also got put the lamp as well? So that ppl can smell it every sunday and u can ask them how's the fragrance,do u like it,do u want to join DCHL/SYN? What a good "fishing technique" for waterfishing for u rite?

Maybe u can tell every1 here tat "IF U SMELL...WHAT JEFFERY IS USING"in order to recruit ppl.But I dun smell it at all.My perfume (dvb) is much better than your essential oil.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffry The 17 Year Old

Check out his friendster

6:02 AM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

It is very rude to expose someone like that. please delete the post. Everyone deserve to have some privacy!

100% Against!
One Man's Perceptions

8:00 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

Calvin, remember, that "kid" put up his own email address in his first post here la...

anyway, apparently he's my 3rd degree "friend". lol

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why thats a kiddo who always give comments that senseless and fully aggresive on offending?

no clue who i means? nvm

rarely he got give some useful and construtive comments, rarely...

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the guy whois 17. . . as previous posts have mentioned, it is only the legal age of 18 that you're allowed into an MLM company! Hey guys think about it, filthy rich people are rich because they've put so much effort into making a business. Do you really believe that 30k can make you filthy rich especially at this stage of MLM? Goodness just look at how jeffrey speaks so passionately about the business. Clearly he's already brainwashed... lolx the way he speaks is really naive, i dont know what kind of big dreams he has but even a filthy rich kid would think twice before taking out 30k to invest on some lamps

11:32 AM  
Anonymous metal steed rider said...

filthy rich kids wouldn't even bother...

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahahaha i love this website! Keep up the good work! Fight fight! this is never ending i tell ya. :)

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely going to end this year. The fate...

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth about jeffry identity revealed. He is not 17 yo. Just type seach using his email address, pop and you will find him at friendster.

I believe 83 stand for his year of birth which mean he is definitely not 17 yo.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If jerry is so pround of his lampe berger thing, why is it he dare not put this lampe berger thing at his friendster. I wonder...

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This jceh83 is another LB person?

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no offence but, i 86 and i m 20

if the guy 83 which 3 years younger than me, 20-3=17


dude, study math la
it helps you in everything you odd to do.

and u post the wrong link i guess

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely I am posting the right link, 2006 - 1983 = 23 yo. He is definitely not 17yo. And if you go to his friendster, you can notice his email address is Email that he gave us in his message.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omg, the link I posted is not the right link. The correct link is

And his email address is

12:17 AM  
Anonymous metal steed rider said...

no offence but, i'm born in 82 and i m 24

if the guy 83 which IS ONLY 1 year younger than me, 24-1=23

where in the world did u learn that born in 83 IS YOUNGER than born in 86???


dude, study math and english la... it helps you in everything you OUGHT to do.

12:23 AM  
Blogger TreVesco said...


let's question them instead, why there's no ex-LB ppl, who retired early, thanx to lb, come back to share their great experience with new LB comer?

in fact, those people who give speech are mostly the top people/active member.

so, where are those early retirement people?

once you got into lb/mlm, it's never ending - who doesnt want more money?

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

well, i truly agree with you steven. A rich person dun need to tell the world he/she's rich. The rich person just has to feel his pockets and be rest assured his cash's still safe inside. Maybe jeffrey gets more confidence after all those words that the upline pumps into his brain. U know.. like how those boxers need a few words of confidence before each match. Why dun the parents invest in studies rather than letting their kids do these kinda stuff?

Yes, i know that you'd stay rich if you have a strong downline, or watever they call it. But Steven's clearly illustrated that LB is a pyramid scheme. If any of you watch the tv series 'Numbers', there's a good episode that shows how a pyramid scheme builds up and crumbles in the end after the 'final brick' is laid on. Just that it's got more visual effects :)

I'm still new in the comment box, but really, i'm 100% against these pyramid schemes thing, no matter how the companies twist and turn their 'ideologies' it turns out to be the same thing. Hmm.. i think i'd blog something about this.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous jceh83 said...

excuse me..i'm not a LB member and I definately did not mention I was 17..for those who sabo me..please read again and don't simply sabo ppl...

I'm 23 for goodness sake people...WTF man...metal steed rider you do really need to study your english cuz you can't read balls bro!!

to those anonymous my post man!!!

lastly...I'm not man..simply sabo ppl..would be nice if you guys apologise...

dun simply post up my friendster also..seriously not appreciated..

12:17 PM  
Anonymous jceh83 said...

yeah anonymous 12.17am again...u posted the RIGHT link..just some people has no eyes to read properly...

simply sabo ppl somemore!!!

to that other anonymous guy gave my friendster address fool you posted the WRONG link and you MISTAKEN me for Jeffrey...and you dont even dare put ur wtf wtf XD!!

anyhow seriously..stop mistaking me ok..and seriously read before you sabo..i'm just an innocent bystander still waiting for Jeffrey's answer..

jceh83 NOT..I REPEAT NOT Jeffrey!!!

p/s apology from you guys would be nice

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich. How do you actually define rich? By buying luxurious goods like LV or driving a BMW? Look at the Forbes Top 10 billionaires list. How many of them actually flaunts it like us do??

Even though I'm no fan of direct-selling or MLMs, but Jeffrey got some good points in his reply. It's NEVER easy earning money, whether its having your own business, working for somebody else or MLMs. You got to have the balls to actually go out there and approach people.

But young kids,(although I can be lumped into this group too :P)even young adults nowadays get carried away easily. My dad had always preach us on the motto of: You wanna spend it like the rich? Then learn how to earn it first.

I know a lot of my friends(those in Lampe Berger) who has started browsing LV catalogues looking for the perfect bag, when they haven't even have that kind of income to support that kind of lifestyle yet.

OF course, who isn't materialistic? I like 5000 bucks bags too, but is it actually neccessary??

I sit at the office from 8-6, earn more than 4k a month, haven't even finish my degree yet. Sounds relaxing and easy? I wish it was. The pressure is enormous and I have the risk of my clients defaulting on me.

The Lampe Berger scheme was extremely attractive to me at one time. Imagine the Chanels and the Benz....but back to reality, is this going to last forever? How will my resume look if this thing would be to go bust along the way? I will be 26,unemployed, inexperienced in any job, competing with fresh graduates.

I'm not saying that I'm better than any of you, just trying to reasoned out to those who think this is the way to easy money.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice speach, nothing come easy, whatever you do, you must do it all your effort, imagine if our ancestor come to the south but dun work hard? but wat the people say about them? same thing goes almost everything.

ofcause this is just an overall view, hopefully, no holy war freak come by, and keep assuming i from lb, those example too much adi.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:55 PM  
Anonymous Thinking deeply said...

This is my first post after reading almost everything on anti lampe berger website. I have had several encounters with LB and have attended the business preview and many other talks by LB.

Before I move on, let me state it very clearly to all LB members (if you happen to be one and are reading this) that I, in one way or another, am not condemning LB. I am merely stating my opinions after careful considerations, observations and thinking on this matter.

What disturbs me greatly is the fact that the lb's favourite 'hunting ground' (particularly the SYN) is the young people. The participants of Sunway Convention Centre business preview comprises mainly (more than 90%)young people. So have been all the small talks on LB that I have attended so far.

There is certainly something wrong when you are constantly pressured from all sides by your friend, his uplines and downlines together to join LB for a sum of RM 2345. Yes this happeened to me before, many times. Talk about ethics here. To all LB members, I respect your decision in joining LB and I wish you all the best (honestly there is no hard feeling here) but have you all (LB members) given a thought on how to respect other people's decision without even pressuring them to join LB. I think many people have fallen into this trap of joining only after several encounters and constant pressure by uplines, downlines, peers or whatsoever.

If there is one positive thing that I can really give credit to LB members is that it is undeniable that you will have transformation within yourselves as stated by Jeffrey the 17 year old distributor. That is because after joining LB, members will attend motovational talks (and yes, ways to upgrade yourself by putting another RM 30,000 will be given to you too). I believe this is the positive transformation that Jeffrey has been talking about.

Other than that, I really cannot stand it when LB members start pressuring me to join. So far, I have been approached by some friends, mostly, and relatives to join but have declined to do so. Well count your blessings as I have been bombarded by LB for 2 years and have not scolded LB members for doing such things to me. I hope that LB will learn not to use such ways to get members and when you do, it clearly tells you that you are really desperate to get members only as claimed by others in this blog.

What I have told here is only 1% of my experience with LB. I will try to post more if I have the time and chance to relate my experiences with you all out there.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid mindset.. so free to create a anti lampe berger.. y dont go and do some work for earn money.. better than in here talking all crap..

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Stupid mindset.. so free to create a anti lampe berger.. y dont go and do some work for earn money.. better than in here talking all crap..

Hey~ You even call that work? I think you 'wanna' shake leg more than just working.. Ain't that the main reason you guys 1st joined LB? I had a friend, who told me he wasn't interested in joining LB, till they told him that it wasn't direct selling, instead, its introducing franchise business.

Actually, if you got it all figured out, its just another way to sell their product, just that now, they targetting good friends and best friends. What if your best fren came and intro you to a business that makes big profit without working that hard, and you don't have to sell stuff? Good?

Haha, actually, when you join into this business and become his downline, you already bought the product from your 'best' friend. That's all i wanna say.. Good luck in LB members selling products.. :p

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just want to know why your picture of you just a half? Is it you shy or coward?

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong or right,as long as you have the fact evidence & your believe in it~~LB, DCHL or SYN you judge it.
Steven; you are great as your effort to show the dark site of people.
Jeffery; you are great as you show the hope & bright side to people.

When Steven meet Jeffery....there is no wrong and right. Your believe will bring you to the side you want to be.

See the world is always Yin & Yang this is so called the balance.


9:33 PM  

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