Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last email from Keith?

This is perhaps the last email from Keith, probably a bit pissed off after finding a hard time convincing me this Lampe Berger MLM business is for real.

No f**king way.

I won't, I repeat, join any MLM companies, whatever heavens you put in front of me, in my lifetime.

I just won't buy it.

Hi Steven,
Again, today i'm not here to debate or argue with u, if u really want to do so then fine, lets do it face to face. just let me know, i'm very interested to meet u also, it's too difficult to do this thru email since u r playing catching words game, may be because ur english is better than me. LB is 0 risks, yes it is, what i mean is the maximum u loose in LB is 30k, correct, i admited i said it, but as i told u earlier, no one fail in LB unless u give up, if today u give up in LB so the max u loose is 30 k lar. i'm talking the worst senario that u eally can't do and have to give up. For sure they will ppl quitng or inactive in LB, i'm not deny that's y i said so. But as we said we do LB in Business way, so, this is the worst senarion for LB la, am i wrong? as i said, u keep seeing LB from ur own point, negative point, as i told u b4, there will endless negative points in LB, in evry single thing in the world even eligion ppl also have negative points. what ever shit u said i knew it also k, u r not the only intelligent guy as i told u bro but sadly to say is u r really poor in ur brain...
And one more thing, r u enjoying keep posting my email on ur site that to let ur friends see how intelligent u r?? Because the more ppl see it, will only make u look fool at the end of the day when what u think DCHL going to be end of the day, u mean the bubble will burst and shut down what ever shit right, lets see who is correct lar because no point to argue with u in this way since u r too silly... untill today i still try to clear ur missunderstands from my own... becaue i just wants to clear it but seem like u wants to have a war but not sharing, fine.
The operation cost that u calcuated is nonsence, i never spent more thn 800 the max for LB per month, what food??? all these can be adjusted, u feel u don't want go then don't go lar.. work like a biz man, it's ur own biz.. although ppl helping u, but u urself stll need to take care of it, do what ever u feel right to do for the good of ur biz. no compulsary like u have to go ur office ery day, pay parking, pay tol and s on.. is that mean u don't need to eat or drink when u r not in LB?? u don drive when not doing LB izit? RM30 petrol per day, u drive from where or r u driving 4 litres car izit?? rm7-10 for first 2 months, what training u attended b4?? i can use my skills to make money without single cent also today, higher than u also can.. but pointless, long term and stability is what i want.

I don't need to take care of Account, employee and so on, for me it's not the conventional biz, am i wrong again?? i know every 20th of the mnth i will get my commission, no collection of payment from clients and so on. what i focus is to uild network. I'm talking about u and me, not DCHL, every 1 know it's conention biz la, friend.. or what u said, i'm in a convention company, after u prove it then what u get?? am i doing it conventionally since everthing already take care by DCHL?? for my site? Or u wan say employee is having the same thing or bla bla bla grand mum story??? is it related to the point that u said we conned ppl or bubble???
Again, i got receive several calls from my friends want to buy oil from me, is that consider a demand even though i never approach them b4?? even my mum also wants to use it and feel it great even though she is not in LB too, my sister's boss and so on.... or do i need to show u the receipt to prove it again? or what u going to say again, only myfriends mar, the rest not yet right???
Today u r still in LB, u already knew it, see it,and feel it..but u still wants to criticising it... poor boy... Really helpless.... Too many things to shoot ur so call "brilliant points"... "money and u", after u listen it, today is it help u to make money yet?? u can read what ever or attend what ever u like, but the most importantly is have u use it, apply it and make it happen? Have u earned the money u want from ur so called small inestment?? with 3k can earn more than LB ppl in average... can u share ur method to ur love one so they can make the same amount too??
exact figure and statstic in LB, after i prove it to u what will u do?? join LB again or what?? u will come out another stupid point what?? It's all proven, go to Menara HLA to get the prove k. all the post in ur blog are since 2001 until now... but if what u said is right then DCHL don't know shut down how many times already.. but today it's still growing and operating... when only it close?? ur bro join u said ur bro kena conned, but the one who already joined and active u say they r conning ppl, if today u r kind enough, u should keep ur mouth shut, because the best way to help the ppl already kena conned is to get back their money... not sabotaj them.. we r helping the new partner to get parters, u r stopping the new partners to get partner.. who is the evil site? or u want to say to stop the thing so can save the world bla bla bla... we never sabotaj any other thing, all we do is sharing... but u r directly pointing and keep talking bad LB... r u happy to be in this way/??
don't blame any one after u fail or what, blame urself and identify the ur own weakness k.. at first i thought we can have nice sharing and clear the things.. but too bad... no point to talk o u anymore.. let the result and time justify who is right and wrong, wait and see. Continue ur hradwork la.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

another stupid email from Keith whom apparently did not use math to work out the number of people he has to cheat to earn his first million? Oh well... Keith, maybe you do your business in a neighbourhood by walking around but we're speaking of this generally... bleh

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sohai zeus, fuking mother pukima, play lancau ur self suck the dog bucks, night go to pub gongkek...

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Larry Yeong said...

I hate seeing LB members debating how correct they are cause it is just beating around the bushes. Telling you all sort of excuses. I really do hate them.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous |chris| said...

count me in stevie, i am well versed in both english and chinese... i would love to be invited again to their center, only this time i wont be as polite... :)

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Jack lim said...

why do we need to polite to people who want to cheat our hard earn money?even worse some wanna cheat ur parent coffin money...think about it.give them a slap and see

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Jack lim said...

plz intro this site to more doing this we actually contribute to society welfare

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Jack lim said...

bought a small booklet(rm2.50) from Popular bookshop called Dont be cheated by PYRAMID SCHEMES- by consumers association Of penang. they listed down all the criterias of pymarid system. SYN LB fulfill all!!! since they fullfill all they are real pyramid schemes.pyramid schemes is illegal in malaysia!!! so where do we complain this?to consumers association Of penang or KL?will they able to do anything?

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Jack lim said...

hello i just sent an email to lim kit siang complaining about Lb under coverage of MCA lady.hope it helps:). i just do my part as a citizen of malaysia.Lb kids dont blame me .

remember all talk without action is futile.we must start the 1st step to bring LB down.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous duke said...

this keith guy, from the way he reply here,can know he is just a small fish.

most probably he just invested Count, and still trying to find more Counts so that he can challenge marquis..but at hte moment..he is not making money..

6:46 PM  
Anonymous DunGetConned said...

LB is 0 risks, yes it is, what i mean is the maximum u loose in LB is 30k, correct, i admited i said it, but as i told u earlier, no one fail in LB unless u give up, if today u give up in LB so the max u loose is 30 k lar.

--> o_O ..this is so wrong. This only applies to LB people who have super rich parents. In LB they pursuade you to borrow from ur friends, family, cousins and even mortgage your PARENT house. So you basically not only lose RM30K but u lose friends, family trust or even worst ur PARENTS house. Think about it. Its not only RM30K. Lets not forget those who even went to the extend of "loan sharks" u the interest for not being able to pay back could cost you your live.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

LB Members just like to redefine words and meanings.. Damn annoying..

We talk about pyramid ponzi scheme, they redefine pryamid to social structure.

And this time Keith (I doubt he thought it out of his own brain) or LB Members have redefine "risk"

"O risks in LB Business"

Comment from other readers please, which one do u think is the stupidiest comment?
1)School, work,family is pryamid
2)0 risks in LB Business

// Very hard to choose, both are damn idiotic..
I choose 2!

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im at despair reading keith's email, i feel he is a hopeless dude. For one to be SOOOOOOOOO blinded and holding strong to what is so clearly wrong is what i call ignorant fools, definitely not a leader and will NEVER be, coz yea..hes just a bloody fish that follows ard..damn..i pity you keith.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous LB is fine, the ppl?shitz.. said...

I tell you i chose

"0 risk in LB'

if i was his dad i will definite SMACK
him in the head. Who the hell can be so stupid? i will run even faster if you approach me and telling me that
LB is risk free..

keith, ur email is GREAT help to ppl getting to know tis business coz u've just made more ppl run away from this so called "risk free" business. such a fool.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

jack lim,

Thank you for your action. Keep it up !!


Stop corresponding with that KID. You are wasting your time. They are using his e-mails with you to mislead others and motivate their business.
His opening paragraph already admitted the most you lost is 30K but yet he is still supporting the business. It showed his feathers are the same as the LB people.
In a good MLM, NO will lose money.
It is not a point of SUCCEED or FAILURE and whether you QUIT or DO NOT QUIT. The MAIN POINT everyone is complaining in this LB business is it is VICTIMISING more and more people if they don't quit. If those products are sold cheaper than in US or Europe and really sellable here, than RM300,000 to invest is still ok. As of now, even RM300 is BAD, not to mention RM30,000.
Get it ?
If you must continue with him, talk about CONSCIENCE and GUILT. If he don't get it forget it.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

If RM30K is zero risk to Keith, I wonder what is risky to Keith?

What has the cultist at SYN done to the poor boy.

I really hope the guy wakes up from dreamland.

Thinking of walking into their foul church Stevie? Better bring some back-up just in case. You wouldn't know what these cultist have in store for you.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Allan Gan said...

keith cannot be help anymore . His sign and symptom is same like my friend. just let him rot to death. may peace be with him. 0 risk from LB means if you fail just run away from your friends that lends you the money or run away from ALONG. That is his definition of 0 risk business. not even need to come out one cent. Borrow and run away. LB style.give up means fail. If he is a forex or share trader, I can say he'll lose all his money in one day if the market against him

9:25 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

Another info of LB.. A friend told me.. Any confirmation from others?

One of the Marqui in LB used to be a Asiaworks advance trainer.
Asiaworks is a Large Group Awareness Training Program marketed as a motivation, self improvement program.

And this Marqui also gives training to LB Members..

So you can see the relation of the motivational ways of LB members and the LB Training..

Now you can see that people in Asiaworks would normally ask you to join. Now they do not make any money from it, they people that is.
Of course the company makes money and they use these people to ask their friends and family and so forth.

Some people say Asiaworks is a like a cult. Maybe they seem like a cult, but cult normally has their own agenda. But Asiaworks training, the motivation and skills you learned from it, the training do not tell you what purpose you should have. You make your own goals and purpose.

So SYN combined with the training related to Asiaworks methods, with their own agenda, ie money from recruitments..

Cult city!

Money cult maniacs!

Another trade mark is..

"Oh.. I just want to share.. You know share.. share with my friends.. my family.. how it has benefit me.. bla bla.."

"Sharing.. share.. share.."

Share me your money la!

Stop it with the song and dance and la la land..
Keep on dreaming in la la land..

Admit it dear LB members.. you just want to make a few extra bucks every month, if possible.. and use up all your free time because you are in la la land..

And building a network.. so that in a few years time to be a earn a million.

No way thats gonna happen dearie..
Not while we are around..

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am John Lim, sorry i forget my Blogger indentity.

If you ask a 3 year old boy "Hey, give me 30k, and you will lost it all, do you think it has risk?"

The 3 year old boy will answer
"Of course have lah!"

When we invest in anything, NO RISK means we can get back the PRINCIPAL with INTEREST on top of it regardless what happen.

I don't know why LB kids dare to say RISK FREE when most of the LB kids lost RM30k of investment.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

can pls give me this "Keith" email address or not? I really "beh ta han" laio....I will shoot him until he surrender!

0% risk in LB? Let me tell u la,in this world,there is no "pau chan" (sure profit) business.

The only 0% risk investment is....invest in BANK! wake up la Keith kiddo!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Risk Free? My upline just told me i need to responsible for my own loss cause there is definitely risk for every business. Damn it!

This Keith, trying to represent his 'noble partners' that mouth full of shit by saying they are helping the downline to success. Bull shit.

If really help, help to get back all the refund lah!

Really buay tahan..

12:21 AM  
Anonymous adamz said...

one advise for keith..
" go fuck yourself !"

1:08 AM  
Anonymous nicholas87 said...

yup i know that they have to be responsible for their own loss. they are 'independent distributors'.. the upline won't do everything for them n be responsible for what they have done...

but before u join, the upline u treat u like u r a king.
after u have joined, u r just a slave!

that's LB...

i wonder which business in this world is 0 risk???

i would like to invest!!!!!
(but don't tell me is LB)

look at how many ppl have failed miserably n u will know that it's definitely not '0 risk'...

many LB kids claimed that they have earned a lot after joining that business.
but everytime they called their friends out n talk bout the 'multi-milion business plan', they wont even spend a single cent on their friends.. is that the way to do 'business'???
forever AA style.
even those businessmen with small business also know how to spend on their clients or customers.
their friends have to pay on what they have spend.. n furthermore, they need to listen to those LB memebers' grandfather & grandmother stories.. pity! haha.

the fact is... they r just acting to be very rich! looks very good from outside, but inside.. u know what!!!

what's the point of acting rich when u r actually not rich?

what BMW la...
what Louis Vuitton la...

as i said, looks very good n nice from outside... but actually don't have much money in the wallet or bank account!!!

2:22 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

nicholas87: u r definetly right! like a chinese saying "jing yu qi wai, bai zai qi zhong"

They dress black formal suits to looks professional in front of ppl,but they know NUTS about business at all.Lagipun u better check n see what brand of formal suits they are wearing,even G2000 is affordtable now a days!

They BMW? think logically la,if their age b4 30 years old can afford a BMW? Dun u think is so fishy liao?If they can buy it,dun u think tat those "Income tax agent" will pay a visit to their house? FYI,if a few marquis or dukes share a BMW only.When they go for "ying chow" each person take turn to use the car la.Lagipun u can check the car palye no. whether is a old car or new car as well.

1 word,dun be fool by their outlook.In fact they are FOX in chicken feathers!

2:48 AM  
Anonymous RescueTeam said...

We should wake up our friends because if they carry on, there will not only be more and more victims, your friends' future will be gone too. They will lost friends and trust. In future, their friends will no longer trust them.
I know most people will think that they must not spoil their friends from cari makan(earning for a living) but don't forget such scam will still end 1 day. Will we want it to end earlier or later ? At any stage, there will be victims who have not earn their capital back yet.

I suggest the best time to help them stop the business is to gather a group of volunteers and create awareness by giving out simple note to everyone after their business preview session.
I have already got 2 friends who are willing to do it. I need a group of at least 20, any volunteers ?
I will make a count and inform you what to do next.
I have also posted a similar message in Lampe Berger Help.
Please give me a nickname so that I can count you in.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if they're under 30, driving a BMW around, owning a big banglo they've already broken the first law by not paying income taxes. dont you think the government wont come up to them? unless they dont even have a pay slip! hah!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw 2 threads titled "Be warned June 18th, Sunway....." in the USJ forum and Low Yat Kopitiam Forum. Any members there please help to reply there to keep the warning thread on the front page from now till sunday.

It will help to prevent some victims.

7:59 AM  
Blogger anthraxxxx said...

"i'm very interested to meet u also, it's too difficult to do this thru email since u r playing catching words game, may be because ur english is better than me."

Keith, it's not about how articulate you are in a certain language. It's how you defend your statement with concrete facts and so far i've seen none but bollocks in your letter.

"LB is 0 risks, yes it is, what i mean is the maximum u loose in LB is 30k, correct, i admited i said it, but as i told u earlier, no one fail in LB unless u give up, if today u give up in LB so the max u loose is 30 k lar."

By declaring LB a zero risk 'investment' scheme is dumb. Any sane person is aware enough to know there is risk in any form of business. I honestly hope you are severely drunk when typing out this outrageous claim. It's nothing but a form of sheer stupidity shown by you and your SYN harlots.

"as i said, looks very good n nice from outside... but actually don't have much money in the wallet or bank account!!!"

Well said Nicholas. Never judge a penis by it's foreskin, folks.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous nicholas87 said...

LB members are going to have function on 18th June in Sunway?
What is it all about???

11:01 AM  
Anonymous dexter said...


Read the few latest posts at the Lampe Berger Issues thread at Low Yat Forum - Kopitiam.

Many links to their happenings in HK and Taiwan. People has been killed accidently by the products and Taiwan government also announced the product could do more bad than harm to health.

There is also a detail story of the Lampe Berger and Bel_Air scam. I only heard of the 2 brothers scam but now I know their father got involved first. All in the family scam. Like father, like sons.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be the usual New Distributors Orientation that they charge RM100 per person.
Someone posted in Low Yat Forum and USJ Forum too. It seems they invite prospects too.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

who wants to go there n see the NDO by DCHL/SYN in Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel?

Let's see how cult is their seminar,we can record a video?

7:34 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

hmm.. wan to have some fun at the ndo ehh?

Can we stop ourselves from laughing or not..?

"We can"
"We will"

Dunno la what else..

Song and dance and in.. la la land..

Chearry.. happy.. happy..
Girls also got..

9:11 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

oh.. email me..
lets have some fun at the NDO..

i love to see what we can do to their prospects..

9:42 PM  
Anonymous nicholas87 said...

their NDO in Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel? the convention centre?
that place not bad le...
i just have my prom night there...
a very nice place...

11:14 PM  
Blogger a friend said...

when is the NDO? is it over?

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

I got a few things to say to keith,

1) If you wanna act like a businessman. "U really need to learn how 2 write proper sentences". If you actually work for a corporate company and writing a report with that style? you're in deep sh*t man.

2) You're in the lions den now, so i suggest that you keep quiet about it. No one is gonna listen to your reasons. You're making yourself and the business looking really bad.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Ni9htl0rd said...

Eh? Well, NDO was last week 10th and 11th at Times Square....what's happening in Sunway?

Alas, can't be there...i ain't from Klang Valley.

Yeah, video the whole thing, make a media kit, and send to all major newspapers, consumer groups and TV/Radio stations.....right, this'll blow up in proportion to the watergate scandal....lies, corruption and sex( maybe.....)

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

China Press Front Page Headline News Tonight:

Story of a father from JB who reported his son paid more than RM2000 and asking and trying to borrow another RM30,000 to join a MLM Company selling fragrance products.

The son went to KL and attended their office and saw other successful people driving sport cars and wanted to get rich fast too.

He told his dad he need another RM30,000 and by looking for 5 people to buy those stock, he can earn 10% and 50% in future.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Unbiased said...

Hey guyz, found this page through a link and i find it to be really helpfull!

i AM NOT a memeber of LB neither am i of any MLM business

Correct me if i'm wrong..but the way i look at it:

1. MLM has always been a business who makes money out of someone elses money (well all businesses operate the same but i guess this is more defined lol) and this can be curtailed to two perceptions...

i) You're ripping off money from someone else to get rich for your own personal benefit

ii)You're recruiting someone else in giving them a purley logical promise that they WILL make money if they can recruit someone else to recruit someone else and yada yada...

Therefore, i think there is always two sides to the story...

for example, you're a pure idiot if you fell under part (i) where you invest something like $30,000 even when you know you lack sufficient funds and the other party knew about this, however...they conviniently shut themselves up for their own selfish benefit

But there are a good few who made it by starting at an amount as low as $800 or something..

Inspite the huge majority of highly hypocritical bastards, i dont think its fair to simply judge those who lead you into it in a reasonable and just manner (whereby they truly portray to you a large picture of the business).

I know, some of you might now say "who does business like that when it comes to money" well then, you might have just answered your own question there...

you tought about it that way, therefore you'd do the same =)

you never tought about it that way, and now i really hope you're a doctor, engineer, or an employee whereby the concept of living in denial and reaping your monthly salary grants you good existence...

i think today, even the most honest business people have to deal with our corrupted Malaysian way of doing things. Thats because you don't set the cards, THEY DO. You just play the survive...i'll give you an example....when that police dude stops you by the road you eiter:

i) give him coffee money for a lesser sum of the fine

ii) pay the full amount in preserving your integrity

if i had a choice, i'll choose option (i)....

For those who think i've been speaking pure nonsense till the end; my apologies if i was ever obnoxious or such.

Its just my opinion and i think one should not have a one sided-narrow-minded view on MLM...

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the unbiased above.....

We are not being biased to MLM and we are NOT having a narrow mind about MLM.

We are talking about the LAMPE BERGER SCAM issue, do you understand ? Or are just pretending not to understand like most LB people ?

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLM Suckers always said Victims who fell for scams and lost money are idiots or "blame themselves" and NOT the introducers.

Yes, there are always 2 sides to any stories. 2 sides to support too. The Introducer or the Victim.

Whose side do you support ? I will definitely not support the Introducers in any scam.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Jolene said...

There's a chinese newspaper 'China Press' dated today 19/6/2006 published a big headline topic of 'University Student cheated-Lamp Jinx' I can't read chinese so can't translate. It's about a Taman Universiti's (Johor Bahru) university student involve in SYN and his/her father complain on how he/she cheated, brag and lie to them to obtain $ from them. A once innocent and filial son/daughter doesn't even have mood to study.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do not believe any negative news on Lampe Berger or SYN.

Read my full story at the USJ and LY Forum.

I know 2 bloggers; antilampeberger and lampebergerhelp have set up a long string of messages and try to extort Steven Yeam and RZ Corporation for some money. They threaten to get the press and minstry to take action against the MLM Company of they don't pay up.

Go ahead. Let us see who has better power.

Extorting money from Lampe Berger is nothing new. Throuhgout their 100 yeras many people have tried to bring them down and time has proven who is right and who is wrong.

If those people anti them have the guts, go and protest in their office and don't just hide and type behind the monitor. Trying to make a fortune with the internet ? Forget it.

Lampe Berger is getting stronger and stronger in Malaysia.

3:58 AM  
Blogger jackal said...

mr. or ms. anonymous above,

if you are really right, why dont u show yr real name? typing behind screen and gutless to show yr real id.

hahahaha!!! extort from SYN? u should be awarded for the biggest n most funny joker of this century. if this 2 gentlemen r so capable to extort from SYN, why dont they extort Bank Negara?

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

News from China Press, still hot on 17/6/2006.









































7:02 AM  
Blogger Ni9htl0rd said...

to the anonymous,

you are pathethic.

read carefully what we are doing. It's not lampeberger we are bringing's SYN. And SYN does NOT have over 100 years history....

And about the other nonsense you are spewing (it's even worse than don't even know what this site is all about do you?) please check your facts.

7:30 AM  
Blogger anthraxxxx said...

I doubt he reads any of antilampeberger and lampebergerhelp's post to begin with.

There is a difference between extorting and demanding refund. Dear anony, please check before calling yourself mr doofus.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone just check this out?

lampe berger group
This is the Lampe Berger Network Marketing group specially coach by Duke Wu Yong Kuang. Lead by Lim Ka Seong & Cheah Siew Mee. If you have been invited by one of our group members to join, please email us your Lampe Berger Franchisee ID for verification.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone help to post warning in a Malay forum ?

They have started the Malay market succesfully after getting 500 counts and marquis to talk in Johor. They will use those Malay to come back to KL if we don't stop them !!

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

Have you seen the CHINA PRESS HEADLINES yesterday, 17th June?

It says abt MLM in LB. His son had been in to it and trying to borrow money...

Then the following day the press received public calls complaint abt they are facing the same problem.

I think this website could try to contact the china press too, to make them more aware abt tis LB matter.

IT's a good timing, should giv it a try.


1:05 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

awww darn it... bored and tired of LB ppl's explanation...

lets make it very clear...

in you earn money is to recruit other people and get some money from there...

build network? of course lar...don't recruit people, how to get money?

so wake up! if your downline manage to recruit people somemore and earn money from there...then good... if no, then you will cause someone to be in deep shit! and deep debt!

imagine everyone in malaysia just trying to ask ppl to join LB and do nothing other than recruiting people... end of the day...where the money come from?

lets wait and see....

8:04 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


I don't extort money from a pansy child..

2:56 AM  
Anonymous zeus said...

to anti lampe:















10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site should be renamed as "Anti SYN Lampe Berger". To me lampe berger is innocent just the SYN has problems.

To SYN members:

U can become cleaner by providing more data & proofs and not just use the gurilla or gangster tactics of ambushing people. U know what I mean. If you think clean way of doing business won't earn money quick enough, you are just like those other get rich quick schemer. Why earn so much while other suffers or you pretend not to see people suffer? Something is wrong with SYN. You know it.

Earn so much what for while other suffered? It is like booking urself a ticket to hell after you die although you are enjoying now.

To those who really put in hardwork in this business and success, you are the same too. Ignorance is not an excuse. U better stop or be more data & proof driven. It is not hard if you think ur business is genuine and transparent.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

errmm..he said dun wanna argue... but wat is he doin??

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith: With such terrible English, I think you should stay in LB business as you will have no chance of getting a good job.

Your arguments are illogical, showing your lack of analytical skill.

May I know which school you came from?

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to antilampe: if u really know ur point is confidence, u can direct complaint to Police or other ministry. just complaint is useless.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to antilampe: if u really know ur point is confidence, u can direct complaint to Police or other ministry. just complaint is useless.

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith: With such terrible English, I think you should stay in LB business as you will have no chance of getting a good job.

Your arguments are illogical, showing your lack of analytical skill.

May I know which school you came from?

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahhahah.... this is so funny. Keith is actually the most stupid guy i have come across on the net. Hey guys i think if people are that stupid there is no need for the website. They just wont listen. We will just have to wait till they lose all their friends and penniless.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No progress from Steve & Gang on knocking down SYN/DCHL... same old whole load of crap everyday...
- 24th July 2006-

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out nightlord's interest (click on his id):
Shadows, lies, intelligence, counter-intelligence, deception, grey areas, unknown, spin, deceit, subterfuge, sabotage, assasination, anarchy, chaos, death.
Choas!! LIES!! DECEPTION!! ulala.. your'e practising it real well in this blog - Chaos & LIES , in joining SYN to (konon) find it's loop hole and save humanity by shooting down SYN-DECEPTION!!I'd be stupid to listen and believe this kinda person.
Nightlord, you're darn blur enough to talk about helping people when you yourself need help more than others.
hurry up, go change your id before people starts clicking on it!!!
oh btw, why do u need to wait for the pay forward system to see if it'll be successful? i thought you intention is to shoot down SYN!! Why the change of mind now? Wanna see if you can make money from his new plan?! Nightlord's last comment in 'Fight Over Lampe Berger')

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for spamming the blog!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone just check this out?

lampe berger group
This is the Lampe Berger Network Marketing group specially coach by Duke Wu Yong Kuang. Lead by Lim Ka Seong & Cheah Siew Mee. If you have been invited by one of our group members to join, please email us your Lampe Berger Franchisee ID for verification.

Lim Ka Seong & Chech Siew Mee's LB network (more than 5000 members) has crumbled. They are no longer active in LB, so as their upline duke, Wu Yong Kuang.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous said...

after readin so many negative replies here...i am not surprised at all....for example here...u all said tat Pyramid Scheme is forbidden in M'sia?? yea it is...but u guys felt tat is more lame to apply tat in da society...say no more.. the proof is there...for example school only got one headmaster,few principles,a lot of teachers and fukin hell lot of cant be the other way round right??...basically LB members are givin u an opportunity to work for ur dreams...if u think is another kind of scam or watsoever...maybe the one who approached u is not really a fren of urs tat wanted to make u a successful person in life...another example here...we hav to work hard to achieve our dreams..everyone agrees on wat i would wan to illustrate here is day u r workin in a corporate company...earning 10k+ a month...suddenly 'one fine day' u got sacked...would u continue to look for a job?? yes u would...cos u wanted to achieve ur dreams here...same goes for LB...u invested in this business...u cant jst sit there and wait for the money to come in jst like how much effort u put in...i am not here to offend ppl but to show u all dat everythin needs time...effort...u think u work in a corporate company will make u a rich guy later on...go ahead...but really hav to tell u all something...maybe u will be rich by workin for others...but accordin to da PYRAMID SCHEME u won be drivin a Ferrari in ur whole life if u kept on workin for ur BOSS...=.=...even u r rich...u won be havin much time to spend it..cos u r workin for ppl..if u don put more effort in it u will be sacked..wat happened to ur retirement plan??*out da window*....LB thing is another long term investment and hard work...don think tat today u invested ur stupid 30k...u can earn it in one month...but to be frank u really can..depends on how much effort u put in..In the end, i wan to say one more u think those successful LB ppl are there to act?? rentin rich cars to show off??..oops did i mentioned *rent*??..tat would so fukin stupid to do so...rentin a company to cheat ur hard earned money..everyone got their point of doubt some of them had conned by some other MLM companies...there is nothin wrong with this company..and there are a lot of opportunities waitin to be optimistic not pessimistic...those who are u felt tired of workin for ppl---ur BOSS?? u work fukin hell hard...they are da ones earnin those hard,cold cash..this happened so many years why not complaint to da government?? think about it...till then see u all...happy workin..if u really are..=.=

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For SYNners, hard work = recruit someone else to recruit someone else to recruit someone else..... until they die, or until the company's collapse (hopefully soon), with their Ferrari (or BMW). They really don't care about society, education, nor their family. They only know one word, "MONEY" (or Ferrari) lol

3:31 AM  

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