Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More arguments from LB MLM member

The same keith, wrote a long email to me to justify Lampe Berger MLM business. We could shoot down these arguments like flies.

I am posting it here, so you all know, what the Steven Yeam Network has to say about this business.

Hi Steven

1) Again, what do you mean by pramid MLM? As i said, every single company in this world, government and even your family is all in pyramid structure, and it's proven the strongest and the most stable structure in this world. So, what's wrong with Pyramid? Or you prefer to work in a company with 1000 managers but only 1 staff?

2) Don't tell me that you are so clear or study about LB, otherwise u won't keep saying it has loophole or bla bla bla. I'm not sure whether you anti MLM or only anti LB. Do u think Amway is one of the MLM who con pp too? It's exactly the same with others MLM, got product selling, just like the others because initially when LB started 8 yrs ago, it was doing in direct selling way that time, just we found out it is very difficult to sell since we are aiming on air market, that's why not many ppl will accept it since it's a very new market and product in Asia, some more it can be categorized in luxury product range. but it's already more than hundred years of history in France, which today still one of the leader brand in Europe among the rest, but ppl doing in retail over there, that means ppl will walk in and buy for their own use, if the product is no quality, do you think it will last in market for more than 100 yrs? For sure the market will going to explode, but not now, few more years later ppl will accept the product and willing to buy then only direct selling coming.

3) If today ppl ask ur brother to join LB and ask him to go and sell 1 by 1, how much can ur brother make from it? Don't say earn 10% from it, if let me earn 50% of it i also won't do it because it's too difficult and suffering, u need to work really hard and really like a salesman, all your friend will get away from you since you are asking your friend buy things from you. And do you think your brother can work very hard to ask ppl buy, then slowly move to higher level by accumulating points? That's why all these while so many ppl fail in MLM because ppl won't stay long, they are not persistent enough, only few ppl can go through the journey to be one of the top in your so called "pyramid". Do u think that your brother can do it through the conventional way?? For sure if someone ask me to do it I definitely won't, because to tough, take too long to see whether can success or not, we still can easily make few k or even 10k per month outside, what for to do direct selling??? Some more you also know in MLM if u want earn more, you need to get more ppl work under you right, so instead of I need to go and look for 100 ppl in order to get 5 to work for me, the rest all inactive, i prefer straight away to look in LB at least i know these 5 are serious with the biz, not play play or entertaining u. If 5 years later the market already accept the product, then we already in the top of the network and no need to do selling anymore, for sure that time sure ot new member to join in and do direct selling, or you prefer brother only to join that time?

4)I'm so sorry with ur brother case, i'm not sure what's is the real story behind, but at least i know LB is never has a risk except the DCHL bankrup or shut down, because u can take how long you want to look for 5 partners. The compay never overpaid to their distributor, 69% goes to distributors and 31% goes to office and it is the highest pay out in market. They do it because wants the distributor to make money, unlike others MLM they only willing to pay out 30%-50% to distributors, that's why so many ppl can't manke money. Like myself, i also put in 30k but i never regret or any, because i seriously know it it's worth to do, which biz in market can allow u to do so? 30k, get 5 project or customers can get back your capital, and you can keep generate the income from this 5??? And no compulsory maintanence or overhead??? if you keep analyze LB thru your employee mindset, for sure u will anti it, not 30k, even 3k you also will reject, but as a businessman who really wanted to make money thru a biz, it's very fantastic.

5) I know you all worrying about your brother, but why don't you all suppot him rather than advise him or keep telling the negative info to him? If today your bro open a restaurant, would u keep going repeat the negative info to him, or will ask him to think positively and work hard? Before I join, i really study a lot about LB because i had heard too much about MLM sice i was young, but i never join any because not my cup of tea. If today i tell u that with RM2500 you can make more than 100k per month and only takes 2 yrs, will you believe it? It sound more attractive right? low invest high return but seriously do you think that is it going to happen? If we said so then we have no different with other MLM in the market, ask you join then whether you do or not we don't care because too many ppl have to take care. You have to bare in mind that you need to at least takes few years time to make your first 20k in a month.

6)The plan in LB is flexible, up to you to join in any position that you feel you can afford and you willing to work hard, treat it as serious biz. That is the flexibility we have in LB, if you feel RM150 as a member is a serious biz for u, we are welcome too.. We wants to eliminate those unserious ppl from joining LB. SYN objective is to increase the percentage of succesful rate in MLM. No forcing, if you want to do then come, if you think you cannot then forget about it, still friends. Since we all know that network is the one bring profit in MLM, and you need to have serious partners under you, so instead of spent 80% selling, 20% building, we prefer 100% building. That's all, let the ppl who join in after few years to do direct selling. Like what diamond water filter doing now, it is MLM in 15 years ago but no one realized because they are focusing on building also, and that time ppl can't afford Diamond and think that they don't need it, but today so many ppl buying Diamond water filter and many ppl making money from selling too, but all the seller actually are under those who are only focusing on building network 1yrs ago, and today they don't need o work hard to sell but they even make more money than those who are selling now.

7)What social menace u talk about? If today your friend ask you to join partnership to open a restaurant with RM100k each, will you feel the same too? That's why please see LB through business mindset and from business angele, not ordinary MLM, we are applying MLM method into a business, can your friend force you to join him that must open the restaurant, or let you study first and only invest if you think it's profitable, you are too focusing on the 30k but forgot to see the bigger cake behind the business. There are too many ppl makes more than 10k monthly within a year in LB. I you want to complain, then forever got thing to complain, then you only stop yourself from moving forward. I think your best suggestion to your bro after ask him to quit from LB is go and get a better job right, then your bro will only earn for living for the rest of his life k, or else what can you offer to your bro? We treat every partner seriously, must make sure they can earn in LB. If the downlines don't make money, u think upline can survive since we only looks for 5 partner? do u think SYN can be so big and strong until you all aware of it and keep shooting about it? If the new partner can't generate sales then last month 41 millions of sales came from where? Or u think it's steven yeam done it? That's why, only the downline makes money then only the upline make money ok. Pls don't say any more word that upline making money but downline loosing money this kind of nonsense ok.


I just realized, after reading it fully....41 million of sales, that's a lot for a company mainly selling lamps...because Count promotion 30k was going to increase to 45k.

DCHL uplines will be happiest last month, but not for the coming months.


Blogger Kevin said...

this is a worrying trend...

in a way, what keith wrote make sense... they are recruiting people and preparing the network now so in the future, when people accept the product and start buying LB lamp/oil, then those who start earlier will definitely gain... that sounds correct to me....

but... i just wonder if that's a false hope LB has been giving to people or will this product really sell? i don't know...if based on my personal opinion, not many people will buy LB product (at least i don't say no one)... why invest on the LB oil/lamp for personal use when I can invest a one time deal amount of money on a good air condition unit with good filtering? it's just a fragrance product anyway...

LB's way of recruiting now is by hyping up the possibility of future sales etc... whether it will happen or not? i don't know... but the sales generated now is clearly from recruitment...and not from members of the public....

so to any current or future LB members, enough has been said and u guys should know everything already... just make your decision wisely... afterall, I believe everyone has his/her right to make her own decision for his/her own future...

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

Believe what i say, LB will grow only to a certain extend and it will stop there. The market in Klang Valley is tremendously low now, coz everyone is aware of the scam in LB.just watch n see ok?:)

7:02 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

Poor stupid little man.

This Keith is obviously brain-washed by the teachings of the cult of SYN to the point of no return.

As Kevin has stated there are many alternatives to buying an over-priced lamps that is designed by somebody you probably never heard of before.

The main aim of SYN has never been the selling of the lamps. The product is just a cover for their Pyramid Scheme. (Keith obviously has no idea what pyramid scheme we are talking about here.)

My message to Keith would be, get a brain, NOW!

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word best to describe this entry. IDIOT

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sighs* keith one word for you? Hopeless

10:18 PM  
Anonymous waisee said...

(1) Pyramid Scam is not the same as the Food Chain Pyramid. Don't use irrelavant analogies to induce confusion. Very typical of unethical businessman.

(2) I have yet to heard or know anyone who is actually a lamp collector. So pardon me for my ignorance, can you tell me how BIG your market is with the right facts and figures. I don't mind projections, as long as there's supporting facts. If your product is as good as you claim, why are you not selling it NOW, why wait for sales tomorrow when you can make it today? Doens't make too much sense to me.

(3) Salesmanship is not hard, if you are selling something the client wants. It's only suffering when you are trying to use SCAM 101 to trick people into buying something they don't ever need in their life.

(4) Please don't ever look-down on "employee mindset". Great ideas from histories came from people who are also employees- smart employees that is.

Also, the more I look at it, the more I think your so-called "business model" is an Internal Business Model, in which only people who joined your organisation makes or loses money. In this case, I would say there are more losers than winners. How then, can this be a scalable business model?

(5) Please prove yourself then, and I wish you good luck, you are going to need it.

(6) Diamond exists because there's a need in the market to purify badly managed water by the government. LB exists becauses there's a bunch of vulnerable victims out there (fresh grads, housewives (also partly due to the education levels of these people when it comes to money and investing).

(7) Don't assume that you understand how all employees think. Most of these people are working an honest living, and they are buying food and shelter by providing products and services that people use.

Your organisation has appeared in various medias mostly for the wrong reasons. Maybe it's not your fault, just that people are jealous and envious about the money you are making. I am sure they are so many other victims who sank without ever making any complaints,just their luck to fall into this scam. And here you are, teling us you are making an honest living.

Whoever you are, try go and work for a REAL company before telling us how "employee" should think.


It's all right to make money, but if you think it's right to make money on someone else's expenses, think again. What goes around, comes around!

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Alan said...

Either Keith is making lot of money from LB or he is just a foolish guy who been brainwash to the max :)

12:11 AM  
Anonymous angelicrollzz said...


Stop your nagging, mumbling and bla bla bla..
It's got nothing to do with MLM for your info! We are not anti MLM, we just anti LB. So stop relating LB with Amway, Stairway or what ever way. The point here is...(listen clearly and open your ear wide wide), "SYN is unethical!!!" Do you understand English or are you just to blind to see? So stop bullshitting, listen and hear what we gotta say.

12:43 AM  
Anonymous wootness said...

i've been following the progress of your blog for awhile now.I think you're doign a good job.your blog name is alittle provocative though. but IMO i dun think any of us are antiLB or antiMLM.we just dun like the concept of how they are doing things or rather manipulating things.

as for most of the pro-LB emails and comments you've been getting i always love reading it cause it makes me laugh so hard each time.theres pattern to it actually.most of the pro-LB mails i've read are written in bloody hell bad english LOL.and very stupid ideas as well.very very very dumb comments does a household has to do with a pyramid???n why are all their points the gets rather lame after awhile.plz pro-LB ppl come up with new ideas to cheer me up.i'm getting bored reading ur same lame comments besides ur language nothing is making me excited anymore.plz okie do somehting n make me excited like when i first started reading your 'jokes'...

2:26 AM  
Blogger 黄德峻 said...

there's a loop there, she mentioned in the future, people who join earlier will benefit, what about people who join later? they'll be telling the same thing, but will they be benefited also?

2:30 AM  
Anonymous wootness said...

another point 2 add =P

not sure if its this post prob its from previous pro-LB mails...but can't be bothered...

diamond water filter might be a stupid hype but its a mutha fckin proven water does wat its surpose to do although i dun think its justified by the value its overpriced but then again i guess u can say its the RnD involved in creating is a good filter if u ask me jsut overpriced.but LB is nothing more than a fragrance for fcuk sake.wat good is tat besides making my room smells good before i bring a girl home for some hot action.seriuos...even after wat i said...u can freaking buy LB at retail for a fraction of the priceh how ta hell r u gonna sell u dumb ass...go study marketing u noob.if its so sellable i freakin go buy a cargo load from europe or usa n bring it back n open a storefront in bangsar or hartamas n pawn ur smelly asses direct sales methods!!!...

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make sure give him a punch when u see him

3:01 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

any1 here got this "Scam Keith" email or not? I really 1 2 reply to "shoot" him kao kao!

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Yatz said...

I do agree that the early birds will make profit, instead of the latecomers..

they keep telling how people can make profit by joining LB..and tell u not to waste an opportunity to make fast-money..why study when u can make money without education qualification..that's what i heard from few LB members, coz i used to work in the same building as the head office of LB..

Ok..u have a reason or excuse for not joining it..mayb bcoz u dun like MLM or particularly LB..they'll continuously ask why why why u dun wanna join..

and then..let say if u dun have enough money to join the cheapest package, 2.5k..the members will tell u to borrow money from frens coz it's an easy money-making job..u sure can return the borrowed money in split second..

ok..perhaps u dun have much u try to ask the LB member who invited u to listen to their plan/scheme, to borrow u some money..

i dunno why and dun wanna know why, they will not borrow u their money, as if u will not make it and u can return his/her money..

with just recruitments, u can make money in LB..perhaps u dun have to sell much of the products..ok..let say the whole malaysia AGREE with the LB-scheme and all of the malaysians..YA..ALL~!!!

So..u dun have to recruit, or mayb u cant recruit any new members..never mind..u have made enough money..

what about other businesses.?? no1 will operate the food industry..no1 will throw all ur rubbish dumps in front of ur house..no1 will help u fix ur problematic-streamyx line..no1 will work in the construction site to build more buildings..

no1 will b working anymore..other than LB..and u dun even sell lamp/oil..there will b no beggars around malaysia..there will b no more fastfood outlets..there will b no more sales assistants working in shopping complexes..there will b no more prostitutes in the country..

no1 will b cleaning the streets after every big celebrations..there will b no more people who operates pasar malam stalls..there will b no more government..there will b no more ministers..there will b no more kings and queens..there will b no more malaysians..

but 2 things for sure will b increasing..conmen and lampebergerians..

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe in that building with LB members, Dukes hires lower class members to sweep the floor and clean the windows. This is what is happening with SIngapore's Bel Air, which they adopted the tactic from Lamp berger and somehow have connections. I wonder if it happens here in Malaysia? For all we know, it can happen!

Keith has got to get a life or every ANTI LB will start punching on his face and he'll definitely look worst than he is now.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out this pic, there is a small LB lamp diamond pin on Keith's coat, that means we are reading an email written by DCHL marquis!!!WOW, how proud we are to have to chance to read Monkey's writting!!!!LMAO!!!!

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously, this fat ass need to be killed before this dumbass spread the virus to others..

i really being annoyed by those so called businessman, not even know to differentiate pyramid scheme and pyramid structure...

for your dumb brain sake, pyramid structure is how a organisation looks like, not about how the money flowing, boss still paying u to work..

pyramid scheme is the scheme itself how the money are flowing, u paying to work, and u paying to those smartass who are smarter than u...

5:50 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...


don't go punching people. I do mean physical harm..only the business.

Btw, you got the wrong keith...hehe

Not keith Lim, although he's into it too, but I won't say.

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

keith keith....Fave Music: SEXOPHONE


7:00 AM  
Blogger jackal said...

i just discover this blog from some1 n feel glad that i m not the only 1 who anti-LB.

i will definately pass on this blog url to as many people as possible to make them aware and awake from LB dream.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

jackal: u r always welcome to here.Our new allies!

besides tat,u can go to this forum to know more about it:

7:48 AM  
Anonymous |chris| said...

keith, will u spend few hundred bucks on those oil and another few hundred on those stupid looking lamp?

keith, god bless!!!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SYN Leaders,

I have gone through this site for quite some time now.

It is of no use to try to explain anything to them.Basically, they are brainwashed and all aligned into a negative stream. What we say can't make a difference to them just like what they say can't make a difference to us. Steven Yip knows his stand and we know ours. What is the answer to justify who is right and who is wrong?Depends whose shoes are you in.

I strongly urge that our SYN LEADERS/MEMBERS do not post anything anymore.

I discovered that the webmaster deletes powerful messages by pro-LB members. What is left in this forum are only negative thoughts and comments.

Well, after this I am quite sure that the webmaster will delete my comment as it is a very powerful positive message in the thread.
But I sincerely hope that you can let my message go through as it is to notify our LB Leaders/Members who views this forum only.

Nontheless, we should learn to listen to both parties. A wise man is someone who can weigh the positives and the negatives and not biased to either one.
I admit that our business has its fair shares of negative sides but tell me, what industry or part of life don't?

Honestly speaking, after this message I'm sure I'll be bombarded by all of the Anti-LBs. But well, I can do nothing to control their negative thoughts. So what?
Its ok. Its just a part of nature.
The yin and yang.
However, what I can control is myself, my team, our sidelines and the SYN members. That is what I can do and believe all of us should focus on.
Let them do their part on 'educating' the public and let us do our part by making use of whatever negative impact they made and turn them into positives.

As Steven Yip said, "Why should LB members come and post in this forum so much? Aren't they suppose to be busy making phone calls, arranging meetings and prospecting?"
Steven, bravo! I totally agree and support you on this point!
That is what we LB should do. There is no use to worry about this website. Leave it as it is.
Lets focus on what we can control and change instead of something we can't control.

Websites like these are not the first and will not be the last.
I am sure all of the SYN leaders would agree that we should stop commenting on this site as it would be much more productive for you to use the energy to build up your business.

Thanks Steven Yip ;)

Warmest regards,

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1+1 = 2
2+1 = 3
3+1 = 4
4+1 = 5
5+1 = 6
6+1 = 7
7+1 = 8
8+1 = 9
9+1 = 10
10+1 = 11

























BYE BYE.........................................................................


12:14 PM  
Blogger anthraxxxx said...

SYN business consultant? I think he meant CONsultant, with capital letters.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

may i know whos ur upline

3:05 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

To Jeffrey :

Please do not associate yourself to LB. If the original inventor of LB were to know what you and your masters at SYN have done his noble product, he would probably turn in his grave.

Your cult do not even promote the use of LB but promote recruitment, recruitment and even more recruitment.

A 'real' business focuses on actual sales on the product, not how many brainless drones you manage to recruit to worship your false god. A good example here where would be the spammer know as "Zeus".

To "Zeus" :

English, you speak it? Probably not.

Again you are so hilarious that I have to type it all out :


Life, find it, NOW!!!

7:23 PM  
Anonymous ultym8 said...

Time for me to put up some say..

That Keith Lim in the friendster?
He is no marquis.
They have this training where they are to don on the marquis' pin and go on stage to give a speech for encouragement to others.

Keith Lim is just an ordinary count and he lives in KL and Ipoh is his hometown.

His brother is a marquis, and used to very very fame, but now is not fame anymore.. why? internal politics.

Keith Lim, hasn't been doing any good for quite some time now..
I mean, not really earning much..
His attitude.. = LAZY.. haha

How come i know so much? Because I know.. and I am somehow a part of DCHL and SYN...

7:24 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

Oh well.. maybe u want me to counter the email he sent to you? Steven.?

Talk to ya later on e-mail..

I'm gonna have a fun time countering..

Let me do the honor..

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i see that FATASS on the street, im going to beat the shit outta him. mark my words.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi LB help,

you are most welcome to counter his email.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


the trainning u mentioned, those count to wear the diamond pin and act as marquis to give speech to brain wash ppl???

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... every LB member should be freaking panic by now. The 30K upto 45K promotion is the last trick of SY to net suckers into it, before he fly to a little country in middle of no where.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ask keith lim to use the 45k on a plastic surgery for his face.
whoever is jeffrey, seriously I dont know what does he want to convey, its either he's trying to leave an impression rather than backing up with facts... as usual their tactics, if you can't convince, confuse... if you can't confuse, change the topic or run!

9:07 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Jeffrey: u n ur SYN members will be sacrifice like a "chicken" in AYAMAS factory by Steven Yeam.Once Steven Yeam's business is over,he just run away to HK and leave all of u bunch of @$$holes in HLA (Hell Lamp Ass) building!

U just wait n see,DCHL will be DOOM 1 day,..either is by us or the government!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Ni9htl0rd said...


Powerful messages? More like repetition of bullshit spoken by Steven Yeam and his bunch of dukes...

If you dare to admit that you are not doing recruiting '555' system and are actively promoting the products, then your plea is valid..other than that, if you are nothing more than just taking other people's money to pay yourself and those jokers above you, shut your trap.

Hell right you will be bombarded by anti-LB comments, because you dare to insult our intelligence by actually thinking your comment can make a difference...when it's nothing more than mere repetition.

That's the one thing about SYNners, no individuality...mere copies...what's that famous saying you guys are taught? ' just look at successful people and copy them' WTF? What a bunch of rubbish?

So tell me then, if you're asking SYN leaders and members to ignore this site....why then did SYN did a sudden about turn by introducing so many new rules recently? Cannot borrow loan to do the biz...yes, but that's stated in the Distributor why is there a need to come out with this rule when it is already down in black and white?

Simple, because you guys are being bitch slapped left and right, and still don't wanna wake up.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous dan said...

I think from a girls eyes.. I dun really know for sure.. Keith has a cute face, teddy like..

Although from where I am looking from it looks quite inviting for ass whipping..

His looks does make you feel like want to rotan his ass, doesn't it?

I think I m hitting below the belt here and being wrong for commenting about somebodies appereance. But what the heck...

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear powah,

wei u not return my money yet...

2:35 AM  
Anonymous zeus said...




2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

good explanation, but still bull shit because too sakastik

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear dan,

u have beautiful XXx, but too old...

I think from a boy eyes.. I dun really know for sure.. Dan has a bastard face, bull dog like..

Although from where I am looking from it looks quite inviting for ass whipping..

His looks does make you feel like want to rotan his ass, doesn't it?

I think I m hitting below the belt here and being wrong for commenting about somebodies appereance. But what the heck...

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear anthraxxx,

ant for ant
hra for hurray
xxx for asss

one day, steven yip saw many ant with voice hurray go inside anthraxxx and b2rnard7 asss, so they feel very high so...

steven yip cant control himself then go to toilet master bit twice and feel tired the sleep on the anthraxxx and b3rnard7 asss very well, but still publish stupid comment in his blogg.

4:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


b for bastard
3 for 30k
r for rough
nard for nothing
7 for years old

b3rnard7 = useless
big mouth bastard talk about 30k negative ver rough with steven yip, but nothing do and can not join because just 7 years old and study standard 2 in chinnese school always said "REAL PAI KAH CHAI"

but her mother said" born a cha siu better born a b3rnard7"

pitty steven yip gang

4:13 AM  
Blogger Ni9htl0rd said...


Better don't delete these messages...they are hilarious.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous: just post ur self as "Anak luar nikah Steven Yeam" sounds better,why u dare not to put ur nick here huh? IS IT U AFRAID ppl know that u r STeven Yeam's mistress SON? Which is also a SON OF A BITCH as well?

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

makes me gaga
DCHL members posts so gay

1:22 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

can't u people have some ethics..
even u are bring bombarded..
you still got not ethics..
talk about world class business..

First World System Third World Mentality I would say..

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

b3rnard7: just post ur true name not stupid name as "Anak luar nikah Steven Yip" sounds better,why u dare not to put ur name follow ur IC here huh? IS IT U AFRAID ppl know that u r STeven Yip's mistress SON? Which is also a SON OF A BITCH as well?

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip..
can't u people have some ethics..
even u are bring bombarded..
you still got not ethics..
publish profesional point..

fail will complaint, succeed will support i said to steven yip..

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Better don't delete these messages...b3rnard7 is hilarious.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

honestly, DCHL members, lame, gay whate else can i say.....

12:43 PM  
Blogger Mag said...

Hmm. Big arguement huh? But I like this blog anyway. You see. I do buy LB long time ago and I love it. And I stop buying now. Economy is not that good now. Got to save for future plan. All rates increase except salary. So not much $$ for LB.

I do agree that LB have good future but I do know also its quite hard for customer to pay such high $$ for it. I am customer also.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

To "anonymous" who say I own you money.

I always call but you always too busy sucking Steven Yeam D**K and let other Dukes F**K your @$$hole.

So sad, I want to clear my debts also cannot.

When you not too busy whoring yourself remember call me.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

yeah! anonymous above,ru trying to be the next "Elton John"? Suck Steven Yeam's d*ck summmore...what a d*ck head like u!

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:31 AM  
Anonymous ZEUS said...


6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sohai zeus, like waer kikilala shirt go to pasar malam jilat cibai twice per day... play jibai with steven yeam..... jibai kia, p???? ma


10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

went to their talk in HLA and the speaker will start intriducing themselves...blahblah..."I was a big time lawyer....I was a surgeon...blahblah...." fuc*** stupid people, i just stood up n ask them whether their parents were still alive or they have already committe suicide...drop their professionall job n go sell some dumb LB.....really feel sorry for these guys...or maybe they were fake ones hired by LB...$50/hour to tell lies....

7:33 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No progress from Steve & Gang on knocking down SYN/DCHL... same old whole load of crap everyday...
- 24th July 2006-

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To teh powah.

I think the person who get a BRAIN now is YOU!!!!
As you say tat Keith dun have brain,but why u keep your arguments wit he?coz,u don't have a brain 2!!!!!

You think u the great one,hah??!?!?!
Did u know how is Pyramid system??
I don't sure bout it!!

TO : ultym8
U such a LOSER!!!!

To : Keith
Don't care bout what they say.
coz,they don't know anything about LB!!
They just JEALOUS to our successful, remember it.

To : angelicrollzz
u say u don't anti wit MLM!!
But why u say "SYN UNETHICAL?"
SYN is our system like MLM!!!
Why u anti wit LB??
LB want to kill u? or u jealous tat u can't use the Paris icon??
so sad. If u want,i can bring u to see my LAMPE BERGER.If u want it,don't worry,i can borrow it to you.

12:53 AM  

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