Monday, June 12, 2006

Reply to Keith's Email from LB HELP

This is a reply to Keith, that I received from Lampe Berger Help, to counter most arguments in Keith's email. Have a read...FYI, LB help was in this DCHL Lampe Berger business.

I read in disgust what Keith wrote and what he has to say..
Let's put it that this is a debate like AAB and Dr.M...

We want answer same like Dr. M want's from AAB...

Keith, the answer you have given or the true light that you said you wanted to
show everyone is not what we want to know or listen to..

I find you are very lost on where you are standing now..
You wrote a very long e-mail to defend something that you are fairly new to.
Maybe you have been there for long, but I don't know.. You tell us?

So to quote fairly most of your e-mail to Steven...

"The risks in LB is the maximum u can loose is the amount of ur investment,
that's all, but the best u can get just see the Arch Duke Steven Yeam,
close to RM4mil monthly"

Wait, did someone said this business is a NO RISK business? Or Low Risk?
"no forcing, i don't see any single risk in LB"
There is indeed a risk, and you people in DCHL saying low risk la NO risk la..
Investing RM2,500/ 10,000 or 30,000 is NOT LOW okay!!

"And they are too many ppl earning more than 5 digit in LB monthy within 1-2 yrs,"
The question is HOW MANY? Talked about transparency.. SHOW US!!.
"U r complaing about the most transparent business in the world, because u know
how much ur upline earn, ur partner earn and so on..."
Don't ask us to go get it.. show us to proof it and convince us that this business
is real damn good and we will then shut our mouth.
Don't just show us the earnings, but we want statistics of people who joined
and who quits.. CAN YOU?

Mind you, it is "conventional"!... The return from a conventional business are mostly
passive. and it depends alot on management..!! The maintenance is a must of an
operating cost. Every nature of business have it.
Oh let me tell you, YOU ARE just part of a conventional business.. DCHL is a company,
and their conventional business is MLM. where they need to hire people to
take care of you in ACCOUNTS!!, because you don't know nuts in accounting cept
earning for the company.. and well yeah yourself..
So much so that you think MLM is the way to go, why DCHL must hire accountants?

RM 30,000 can do alot of things if you just use your brain!..THINK how to go about
with it.. With a mere RM 3,000.. BRO!! I am earning more than any average LB
people can earn in a month, given a time frame of less than a month!!
It is how you use that money.. not asking what big business can you do..
You should go for a seminar called Money & You la...
Understand more about money, before you talked about money!!

"Today u want to earn 20k from a convention biz, for sure he initial investment u need is
more than 100k. 100k to arn 20k, do u think is worthy? but 30k in LB to earn 100k,
u r not agree with it."

And what are the overheads in line from the period you put in RM 30k till
you really earn RM 100k pure profits?
Let me tell you the overheads of a typical LB member...
1) NDO monthly will cost you RM 100
2) RM 50 daily - minimum for expenses on food and drinks..
3) RM 30+ daily for transportation well if you drive..
4) RM 7-10 per training for the first two months
You go back late everyday, sleep late cause got discussion
and you need to eat and drink summore leh..

RM 100 + (RM 50 x 30) + (RM 30 x 30) + (RM 7 x 10)
RM 100 + RM 1500 + RM 900 + RM 70
= RM 2570

That amount equals to your franchisee boy!!
Okay minus transportation fee abit, take monorail and LRT (-300)
Still more than 2000..!! But you don't drive how to prospect?
This process goes on and on, and you don't have waterfish under you HOW?
I am just merely talking about overheads... OVERHEADS!! that if you know..
But of course this is not monthly.. maybe next mosnth less RM 500 or so.

As far as the profit margin is concern, I know how much is a mamak is earning from
a general joe public from a teh tarik, even HP cost, I know it.. These are needs that people
would go and source for it, and it doesn't need people to go one by one to prospect..

Yes, you say about the products is very good.. Do you see a demand of the product
in the market here except by the own distributors themselves like your goodself..?
Do you have a fix customer that will buy a bottle of oil that cost RM400 or
the fix customer is ONLY the distributors themselves because they want to have
some PV in their account and they HAVE TO use the products..

"that's y so many giant company wants to partnership with Amway"
Now, wait, is there anyone partnering with DCHL? or Lampe Berger?
NO.. then don't compare with Amway, as they are merely more towards
selling and people WOULD and CAN AFFORD to buy their products..!!

"It's a long run bi and u need to put in the effort and rsponsible to the ewly join partner, "
Oh, you have touched the point of responsible and irresponsible..
DCHL distributors are very much 70% of them are irresponsible.. and
they will care not if you would pull out from the business and leave u in blank...
DOn't fight with me in this, as proofs are so eminent till I start LB Help.

Bosses are good and bad.. just like DCHL Distributors..
Bad bosses are more than good ones just like DCHL distributors.

The good boss, knows about profit sharing, and not just using their
employee till the max and forget about them, the bad ones is the other way
round of business ethics..

I had enough of typing and talking.. and the rest of your e-mail is just
plain naive to post it up because it is not your own pointers..
It is the same shit and talk given by your uplines and Steven Yeam
for encouragement, to let you see why MLM can do, and is good for you..
In fact, why use the same pointer again and again.. Because those pointers
are easy to target people like your goodself...

I was and still is an LB Distributor by law and I've seen the light and the
crook nature of the business in DCHL...
Have you? You will not it seems...

Thanks & Best Regards

Lampe Berger Help


Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

haha! that is a good reply! Cheers to u LB HElp!

Pls gimme the KEith email address la,I'll "shoot" him as well!

8:03 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Why waste time asking proof or evidence of people making money ?

Just refer to the marketing plan and you can already prove how much money people will lost.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u know what? I'm really really really really there are still ppl like "KEITH", so NAIVE, so OBLIVIOUS of what he is talking about. Can someone pls pls i beg enlighten me what the heck is keith and the rest of the LB ppl thinking? i wish to hear some response and answer please? are they reallly so naive? are they dumb? izzit becoz they are uneducated? or illiterate? or are they reallly really so desperate for money they turn from what is within them?their conscience?

I'm am not joking or being sarcastic here, i really wish to hear some real answers about what these ppl are thinking? i've been reading this blog for awhile and stand speechless with what is going on here.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

keith's email shows tremendously how SHALLOW he risk in LB?? that shows alot, i say again A-L-O-T of how
immature he is.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BIG LIAR !!(replied to Low Yat forum) Last night Steven Yeam announced he created 500 millionaires in 11 countries from this business) They NEVER mentioned the products or Lampe Berger but mentioned Louis and LV many times.
Can someone write to LV for a reply ?

Here it goes:
In order to earn 1 MIllion by a single person in the LB business plan, at least RM 25 Million must be paid. If all the 25 Million are contributed by those who paid 30,000, that will be at least 833 people lost 30K in order to create 1 millionaire.

If 500 people has been millionaires, that means at least 416,500 people has all lost 30,000. If some paid less, than the figure is even bigger. Did that GOD of CON announced these figures ?

Means more than 416,500 people has lost a total of RM12,480 millions in 11 countries ? He really deserevd the name GOD of CON !!

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They collected RM20 person to hear their talk in Sunway last night and a total of RM70,000 was collected. They profited over RM60,000 just last night but claimed those mony goes to CHARITY. Reminds me of Steven Yeam's contribution to Monfort Boys.

Throughout the night, they never mentioned the products but emphasized that many people condemned RZ without knowing that they are legal MLM licensed by the government.
They are very good in diverting attention towards illegal mlm. So by saying they have a MLM license, they proved to be a good business.
The introducers will keep reminding all the prospects NOT to tell this event to anyone.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

What they mention about LV?

8:41 PM  
Anonymous wootness said...

bout LV...they mention that the new LV Damier Speedy 25 and 30 is already out...and it is already on our Malaysia shelves (Starhill)...cheers ppl buy one for your GF she'll love it...i doubt anyone in LB goign 2 buy coz they invested too much money in LAMPS...

10:54 PM  
Anonymous anthraxxxx said...

My ex colleague who was an engineer quits his job to go full time in his LB business. The excuses he gave were rather typical, for example :- "i felt bored with my 9-6 job"

Stupid people are not the only one who would will contemplate in joining this business but wait, was he(my colleague) stupid to begin with?

So folks, SYN has proven to be a social menace towards the younger generation who are going to form the backbone of our country in the future.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

I think it's not stupidity that makes people go for SYN.

More like the promise of easy wealth in a short amount of time and the flexibilty of not going through the daily 9 to 5 grind.

The marketing strategy employed by SYN can be said to be very alluring.

I'm sure most of you have been to their 'meetings'. You can see they will try to impress you with their wealth.

Eg. this lamp design by Blah, blah, cost RM250,000 blah, blah.

Then they will tell you to open your mind and follow them into a journey.(basically explain to you the 'marketing plan')

Then some other SYN member will come and tell you that how SYN has changed their life for the better and then some sob story.

Followed by more SYN members who will tell that they were also sceptical at first but are now 100% behind SYN.

They will also tell you that they are now earning fantastic amounts that normal people can only dream of. (They'll never take out their bank book, so don't bother asking for it.)

They will then tempt you into asking what's your dream and how you can achieve it through SYN.

You get the picture.

If you're going through a rough patch or you're kind of fed up with your job, SYN seems like the perfect solution.

Cautious people will be able to see through the lies and deceit. Unfortunate folk will be caught. There will also be willing people who think this is the right thing for them.

In the end I can only conclude that it's the potrayal of a jet-setting lifestyle, that what makes it appealing to young proffesionals.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous anthraxxxx said...

thanks for the explanation powah. I've been to Amway, Elken, SITO, and LB talks before and you are right. They would show you the unseemingly amount of limitness wealth to get you interested. They would go on and on about how to achieve financial freedom bla bla or getting your first bungalow or even a ferrari. The speakers would attempt to persuade us in opening our minds to see the benefits in their "undisputed" business plan. Thankfully my mind is "open" enough alright. Open enough to see through the lies and deceit i must say. Among every MLM companies i've listed above, well no prizes for those who guessed which was the company that employs the dirtiest tactics of all.

Anyway, the stupidity remark i made in my earlier comment was meant to be sarcasm. hehe

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Teh powah

This is what i call "UNWISE" the decision of accepting to join this SCAM. i feel is stupid in many ways, but i dont wanna offend anyone, im sorry if i did. If you are WISE enough, see the world enough, you know this SCAM is untrue, and it is only temporal and fighting your own conscience is dreadful.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous koo koo said...

ask keith come suck my koo koo chiao please

1:36 AM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

To Anthraxxxx and Anonymous who was addressing me :

I agree with you both. But the SYN people tend to overwhelm you. They are very clever, they never allow more than 2 people to listen to them when they try to sell you their 'marketing plan'.

If your mind is truly open, you will be able to see through the deception. The weak of mind will fall into their trap.

No worries, I'm not easily offended, lol (unless you're spamming)

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

teh powah,

it is a fact that LB actually sold some shares to LV. In their earlier talks they announced this to the members. However one doesnt see that DCHL only has the rights to distribute LB products in Asia, they do not have the rights to intervene what coorperations are between LV and LB. According to SYN, they want to expand their company bla bla bla and purchase back their shares in the future which is total bullshit because it doesnt belong to them in the first place. According to rumours LB is having sales problem that is why some shares are sold

LV also has plans to brand a new product in Asia. In fact they also announced this to the members, but once again the members cannot see it is LB that provides DCHL with rights to sell the lamps, not right to intervene with their coorperation with LV.What Steven Yeam told the members is that 'THEY' would coorperate on investing in a new brand.Now who is 'THEY' in this picture? Most people can get confuse here. I've identify this news to be true with some colleague working with LVMH Parfums Malaysia.

That is not the only absurd thing they say in seminars. Previously, the SYN network were told that they're now incoorperation with Dell to launch VOIP use with SYN network(whats the big deal). and they would launch a 'SPECIAL' technology which is only a normal laptop for every member. Now you see, the 'AMAZING' thing about this laptop is you get to VOIP everywhere in the world and able to swipe credit cards and do transactions of business wherever you go. Okay, meaning they now want to expand their scam to other parts of the world.
And seriously I dont know whats the big deal with such a laptop technnology as it is available elsewhere. I still see the thousands of members cheering like mad to these announcements, which sadden me -_-

2:15 AM  
Blogger Feng said...

great reply there! keep it up!! keep going on blasting those LB仔 until they scrap their business!!

2:46 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

the widespread of LB activities in Malaysia and seeing the reply of Keith, i can't imagine how much money has already been dumped into this MLM thingie..

malaysian people sure rich eh? easily hand over their RM30k and that's why this LB still surviving now... money continue to roll up to upline...

and somemore consider this as 'business'... kononnya... i don't dare to imagine the day this LB thing crash down...and lots of people will say bye bye to their $$$$... but of course those already earning will just grab the money and enjoy themselves...

3:12 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

They are useless,there's no medicine can cured them.they recognise money but dun recognise ppl,even their mom also can't recognise at all.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LB Help, you were in the LB business before? mind if i ask you why did you join in the first place and what's your position?
The story is getting good :D

5:01 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


Indeed i am in the business.. and legally I am still is..

My position is Baron, and why not Count most of you would ask?
Because I know how to play safe.. ;)

But, in the end.. I'm dissapointed by all the empty promises of a so call HELP from my upline..
What a crook.. he will play.. I will play on as well..

5:16 AM  
Anonymous hehehaha said...

LB members should take just 10% of their investment use to 'buy' themselves into count levels on a good english tutor to improve their english.bad english = bad communication with prospects=no sales=failure

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LB Help, so do you think is the business that is wrong or just the people? I mean no offense but not everyone is like your upline right?
Unfortunately there are people like that but i'm positively sure not all is as crooked as your upline.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

From what I heard from a friend's description of what they(esp Steven Yeam)said in Sunway confirmed they are all CROOKS.

If Lampe Berger France still let them continues, I suspect LB France is of the same feather too.

Please don't compare this business with Amway, Eken or others, so far NONE of them:
a) sold products 3 times the price found elsewhere;
b) overclaimed or made totally false claims to market their products; and\
c) lure people to lose upto 30,000 or 40,000 ringgits to buy positions.

The LB people are all trained to PRETEND that others misunderstood them just like they misunderstood MLM. Cunning trick. People don't think MLM are CON, just the LB business. They are training to brainwash the members that their MLM is the same as the others' licensed Company.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous anthraxxxx said...

you are quite right, teh powah.

while i was in amway talk, there were 4 people tried to brainwash me into joining this business. for lb, a friend tricked me by asking me out for a drink. when i arrived at the mamak stall, i saw 9 of them (including my friend) wearing black suits and i immediately felt fishy. Must be the matrix thing. Anyway 9 of them tried to talk me out. Most of them are my friend's upline. The generation of uplines spans from his upline to his ancestor's upline. God knows how many uplines he has. And recently, i have another friend with this MGM International crap is trying his luck on me.

But allow me tell you the stupidity part of SYN. On one occasion where I was spending my holiday at a local resort, i was approached by a group of SYN drones. Apparently they were there for some motivational cum brainwashing camp. After few minutes of bullshitting session with them(you see, there were a few hot babes in their team), one of the idiotic SYN drones with a bandage wrapped on his arm boastly said this to me. "Even with one arm injured, i am still enthusiatic enough to carry on with my business. No injury will deter me from achieving my dreams. Compares to financial freedom, my injury is nothing", as he claims. But i rejected them anyway.

Few hours later while walking around in the resort, i noticed the very same "injured" guy again. But he was not aware of my presence. But this time, there was a difference from what i've seen in him few hours ago. He was not on his arm bandage and he was swinging his arm like nobody's business. I walked in front of him and sarcastically said "looks like you have very severe injuries on your arm and your head, eh?" He was shocked as if he saw a ghost. The expression on his face was priceless haha.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol anthraxxx that story is quite funny ok. Some people are so dumb but not all are as dumb as these people you mention :D

9:27 AM  
Anonymous anthraxxxx said...

yea anony, that's why i said it was priceless hehe.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lampe Berger diffusser RM2340
Count Position RM30,000
The look on Steven Yeam when DCHL collapse = Priceless

12:44 PM  
Anonymous hahahah said...

stewpid lah you..

when LB or DCHL collapse...Stven yeam will laugh.he already made more than enough to survive for the rest of his life luxuriously...

4:58 PM  
Anonymous angelicarollzz said...

My goodness gracious! After reading the previous post's comments, Those SYN members' english sux like shit! I don't fcuking understand what the hell they are trying to convey especially those "anonymous" one. By the way, instead of saying all those "sohai, sohai" words, can you please be more professional and do it in proper english. Attend some english classes before you started to deal with the professionnal anti-LB members here. As usual, those "typical" SYN, use anonymous to cover themself like what they did in reality, wearing the stupid SYN mask every fcuking day. At least put a nice nick to proudly represent yourself from LB. Dude, i thot you have the guts right before you challenge our man here, Steven Yip. Or you only know how to talk cock? Chicken shit! Oh well..i wonder whether Jeffrey and the "Anonymous" one is actually the same person..hmm.. They are playing games here. One pretend to be frustrated and mentally tortured by anti-LB by scolding "sohai, sohai", like a maniac on an Ah Bengs' street and another keep retain reverse psychology to attack. Nice tactic and strategy there. Thumbs up!=p

6:02 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

^ Agrees with the above post. The poor people who were duped by him will suffer.

Interesting enough, I was just at LVMH site. I don't seem to be able to see any news relating to the acquisition of LB shares.

A company cannot just go purchasing another company's shares without shareholder knowledge.

But I'll go look again.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

It is both the business nature and the people are at fault..
Not many are crook but most of them are..

What can they do is continue the chain.. They stop, they lose their "investment"...
So it is a chain reaction afterall..

6:21 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

For the interested the company that manufactures LB in France is called Produits Berger SA.

The internet is truly an educational tool of wonders.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

I overheard a guy sitting right behind me, who was talking about mlm to two persons at a mamak near
where I work. I am not sure if it is for SYN. He looks above 40.

Not bad I thought they way he is making his sales pitch. A good talker.
Its just that I think what he says are bull..
"Where can you find a job that makes 8000 per month?"
"If I feel I like want to take rest and stop, my income would still come in"

They like to make statements like that.. this income per month thingy..

Excuse me.. ! Is it income per month for every month of the year, every year?
I don't think so. It is the same as permanent employment as employee is protected by
labour laws..

I bet you he is not talking about his income.. must be his upline's upline's upline's upline..
Might as well say make 100k per month.. Well some people do say that..

But like what dexter says, the marketing plan says it all.. Calculate and see how much
can you make.

Try using logic. If I were to sign up, when do I make money? Let just say i need
5 person under me. Just 5.. Now that 5 persons needs another 25 to make money..
And that 25 needs another 125 to make money.

If 100 people sign up today then they must find 500 people before they can make money.

Now I am assuming i need 5 people under me. Is it 5? what if I need 10 or 100?

You can say that I need to find 5 only and those 5 people would find another 5 and it
goes on, but I am talking about how many people under me that I need to make money.

The moment you sign up.. you put in money up front.. then give your best effort to
recruit people to cover your money back or attempt to make money.

In the mean time you are in la la land dreaming.. All the song and dance and
motivation.. The meetings you make.. You think its alrite.. better to have meetings
with potential prospects than to waste time than to hang out wasting time right?. Maybe
you sign up a person, and that makes you soooo happy, a real motivation booster.
Still dream even more..
"I am building a network.. This would take time.. I am aiming in 2 years time to
earn 10k per month"

So in the mean time you are building the network, you are in la la land dreaming..
Most people are thinking, "I am building my network.. This would take time"
So who makes the money?

So please stop with the financial freedom bullshit.. Very very few people really make
money. But you are trying to build network first right.. In the mean time you think it
is worth the money to risk. Where else can you invest in 30k for a chance to a earn
a million bucks?

Why dont't you just be honest and just say..
"What I am really doing is taking a risk with 30k for a chance to earn a million"

Thats what SYN people play in your minds.. "A chance to earn a million".
But they distort it, distort and delute themselves with "You will, you can.. you will"
and forget the main part of "just a chance, a shot"..

Thanks but no thanks.. because according to my calculation it is a slim chance.
And since it is a slim a chance, where does the rest of the money goes..
To the company! and very very very few people..

9:25 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

antraxxx: If i saw tat guy in bondage,maybe when he go back hotel room,i ask ppl to lay a smack on him! Let him fully coved with bondage like a mummy and I want to see whether is the injurie can stop him for financial freedom or not....

9:47 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

L Capital is a holding company of
trust of companies of funds.
Controls LVMH and has shares in LB.

LVMB does not have shares in LB.
Its not a holding company.
DCHL just have rights to distribute LB in asia.

Dumbasses.. go learn corporate structure and shares, Steven Yeam.
And what does DCHL has to do with L Capital or LVMH.. nothing.. naada..
Lampe Berger

Secondary MBO

The Deal

Barclays Private Equity originally invested in the management buy-out of Lampe Berger in 1996.

The business specialises in the design, production and distribution of decorative fragrance lamps, home fragrances, candles and decorative accessories.

The business grew strongly with turnover increasing from €13m in 1996 to €69m in 2002, with a particular focus on increasing worldwide exports.

In December 2002 a secondary buy-out of the business was achieved, which introduced L Capital as a new shareholder and with Barclays Private Equity maintaining a minority stake


L Capital
18, street François Ier
75008 Paris
Tel.: 01 44 13 21 44
Fax: 01 44 13 24 85

Creation: 1998, transformed into 2001 in trust company of funds

Shareholding: LVMH 100%


Maybe the management would start to
put LB in the LVMH product lines.
Then would give right to others to
put it on their shelves the same as christian dior perfumes. Then got retail price, so cheaper. But who cares right? Its not really about the product..

9:57 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

There you have it folks.

Dan has proven yet again that their supreme cult leader Steven Yeam is nothing more than a con artist and a liar.

More up to date info of LVMH :

Bernard Arnault actually owns 51% of LVMH. He is CEO of both LVMH and Cristian Dior group. This man is what you call a REAL BILLIONAIRE.

Steven Yeam is what we call a cult leader, liar and conman.

I really hope SYN members would do more research before they try to pull a fast on people.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous koo koo said...

in reference to my earlier comment, SERIOUSLY, can someone please...or can Steven pls msg back to Keith and ask him to look for me. i need him to suck my koo koo ciao...because i believe my cum will make him smarter.

thank you in advance. thousands of thank you.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

STeven Yeam owns a network of liars and scammers... lol..
dan good job, i seriously hope you'll post it in LYN forum everyone to view and especially to those LB members.

The most stupidest thing is they keep mentioning about DCHL having connections with LV which is stupid and how can a person with common sense be so blind. Simple explanation, whatever LV does has nothing to do with DCHL as they only have distributor rights not company ownership.

I found out two of their hangout spots, La Bodega(1st floor) Jalan Alor and this shop that specialises in curry fish, Chow Yang ss2 (they only commence meeting after 12am). In La Bodega they will park their luxury cars outside for everyone to view and occupy the whole first floor. What they do is bring a prospect member and dang! you can't run from that because there's tons of people around. They keep persuading you to join SYN.
As for the one in Chow Yang, you'll be seated in a table and they'll ask one by one members to come seat and psycho you. Even when you walk out the door, someone would be there to convince you! what the hell! Like listening to their crap 10 times is not enough and you have to listen for the eleventh time

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I have posted either here or in LB Help, the difference between MLM and pryamid scheme is the "product". If the "product" is not "sold" to external customers to generate "real income", then it is a pryamid scheme. Perhaps Keith should do a Google Search on "Pryamid Scheme", Albania.

The most spectacular collapse of a pryamid scheme when almost every working adult in Albania took part in.

In collapsed in the end cos they ran out of members to recruit. In a way, SYN is aware of this and is now venturing out to recruit new members, i.e. in the form of students and overseas members.

Just a matter of time. New time, the Google search wll be "Pryamid Scheme", LB


2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone translate this website for LB members who are english blind? lol

its a very good read, steven, you should put it up in your website

5:36 AM  
Anonymous no fools here...... said...

Those sites and info on "pyramid" are not really correct.

LB can always defend by saying they already gave 10% to 38% discounts and they are suppose to sell it to consumers and earn the profit. Furthermore, the Company never encourage anyone to stock up and keep the stock unsold. So does this mean it is not a scam ?

Do diffrentiate whether it is a pyramid or not, legal or not illegal, selling or no selling is is not the point.

The point is:
Does anyone stand to lose if you don't sell the goods to any customers ?

The most effective people in Amway do not practise selling too. Their network grows by encouraging every new members to buy an amount just for own consumption, no selling. This practice is far more effective than selling because no body like to do selling. Anyway, nobody will like to buy things from MLM Companies and Amway is not considered a pyramid Company.

In LB, you definitely stand to lose although you can buy at around 40% discounts. It is still overpriced and NOT value for money.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They only commence meetings in wee hours of the morning because their conscience doesn't allow them to sleep anymore. Lol!

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the definition of pyramid scheme : Using a product of sale to overshadow the main intention of the company which is recruitment.

try googling and you will get this answer. :)

is LB doing tis?well we all already know it very well. cheers.:)

7:06 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous above: the 2 hangout spot that u mention,maybe we can go there and see how they "CONvinced" the prospect,when they CONvince the person,we splash cold water to them :)

7:48 PM  
Anonymous koo koo said...

repost cos still no response.

in reference to my earlier comment, SERIOUSLY, can someone please...or can Steven pls msg back to Keith and ask him to look for me. i need him to suck my koo koo ciao...because i believe my cum will make him smarter.

thank you in advance. thousands of thank you.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

yeah! maybe can post this keith email address here? So that "koo koo" will take a good care of him :)

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember someone posted a friendster address of SYN member Keith Lim? That fat fcuk message me on friendster hoping we can be friends since he notice i viewed his fcuking account.

I am not that stupid to be prospected by him on friendster

4:16 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

guys...dun need to be so 18sx in your's not going to dump this business into longkang..

just debate rationally...

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my first time viewing this blog.Iam not local people (not malaysian)and iam not in LB business as well..when i read the blog entry and the comments. I felt so sad for you ,Malaysian. You people only can talk something bad about other people.Iam not saying that LB is good. But i believe that every business got it negative and positive as well as it risks. It depend on the individual whether "dare" to take the risks to run a business. But in here , you all just talk something that is really wasting your own time.And i dun undestand what is the point that you guys can get by keeping writing negative things about the company .Is it by doing this , you can earn something ? You just wasting your time ..i dun like to mention about this. But malaysian have act like an un-educational people although they have claimed that they are an educational country.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Ni9htl0rd said...

for someone who claims to be not malaysian, you seem to be able to type in typical malaysian lingo eh?

Translate from Chinese into English while you type, right? Looking at the structure of your sentences....very much so.

Come now, LB member, don't insult all Malaysians with these kind of comments ok?

'But malaysian have act like an un-educational people although they have claimed that they are an educational country'

WTF?? You're desperate to proof you're not educated also?

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really think the post above is from a malaysian. A very typical malaysian lingo as you said nightlord. Hah, and the short phrases he/she uses

dont = dun
i'm not local people
You people only can talk something bad about other people

Just a few examples as to why this post is from a malaysian. Definitely not singaporean to add!
Once again caught red handed, Mister LB member(refering to the anonymous post above)

9:24 AM  
Anonymous ocean fish said...

nightlord: i think ur brain got some problem, too sakastik, and not accept other people comment, why like that??

u already ambressing our country, always send a shit thing, complaint with dirty thing.

Bernard: u almost too rude, like a dog mouth, always bark... better u complaint used the nice word, the whole world see our presentation, right??

anonynmous: u also, although u are LB member, better take care ur company reputation, u can give u opinion, but dont put the shit thing too. headache see u all....

Teh powah: also another person didnt used nice word...

if u all keep trying to put this stupid thing, i will give this blogg not nice shit, not concrete opinion...

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sohai zeus like bastard mentega on the dog shit.... fucking jibai hamkachan, pokai go to hell jilat machau hai...

10:16 AM  
Blogger Ni9htl0rd said...

Ocean Fish,

You want to talk about embarassing our country?? Look at your post.

1. You flame 4 guys in your post and did not even state your stand on the issue. So what are you yapping about?

2. 'anonynmous: u also, although u are LB member, better take care ur company reputation, u can give u opinion, but dont put the shit thing too. headache see u all....'

anonynmous says he's not LB member, I say he is. You flame me for not accepting people's comment, but you also agree he's LB member???? Oii!!!!

3. Heck, you're as rude as how you describe us. Pot calling the kettle black....but I don't suppose you'd understand what i just mentioned right?

4. Cut to the chase then, where's your concrete opinion?

7:06 PM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

My nice words are reserved for nice people and not for the cultist of SYN.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ocean fish,
nobody gives a shit on whether you give this blog a bad impression because overall everyones reading it. and the more u post the more it ends up atop the google list.... idiot....

10:00 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

ocean fish: u r not belongto here,go back to the ocean la...otherwise become "ham yu".And go back home and suck ur own D*ck! u d*ckhead!

I'll be rude to all DCHL/SYN members and polite to all my "ANTI DCHL/SYN" fellows!

11:01 PM  
Anonymous nicholas87 said...

i m anti DCHL/SYN/LB fellow!!!

to that anonymous who tried to pretend as foreigner, stop it!
u r such a fool..
stop fooling around..

it's abvious that u r malaysian!

i guess u r also a LB member. m i right??? haha..

u asked us why we r spending our time writing the negative things about the company?
coz the company is cheating!

the company is good for nothing!!

it's okay to be useless.. but the company is not only useless, it post a threat to our society.. look at how many ppl have suffered because of it... damn it!!!

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw 2 threads titled "Be warned June 18th, Sunway....." in the USJ forum and Low Yat Kopitiam Forum. Any members there please help to reply there to keep the warning thread on the front page from now till sunday.

It will help to prevent some victims.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha... this is good! as in to bring attention to those nearly got cheated. i dun agree with all these nonsense, giving 2345 can caused us to be millionaire??'s just cheating money from the others!!
ya..good reply LB Help, you must be good in account huh?

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Steven Yip are you chicken or something? why you only show half of your picture on website? hahaha

11:35 AM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

The anon SYN guy,

Are YOU chicken also? Where's your photo?

Case of pot calling the kettle black.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous make real money online said...

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11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:38 AM  
Blogger Alfred said...

Does everyone here actually realize that steven yips brother cheated him the money to do this business but instead gambled it all away and then told steven the reason why he made no money was because he got scammed by the company?

This is why he's so passionate about closing down dchl. Too bad he doesn't even know.

Just thought this is something you should know..

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not the "anonymous" from before, but i don't intend to disclose my name as i don't see what that has to do with anything - it's not like you could find me or what ever anyways.

I've been visiting this site once in a while just to keep myself updated of what's the views and opinions of people out there.

Firstly, i don't intend to convince or "scam" anyone into this business. But what i do wish for everyone that visits this site to understand is to really be able to analyze what other people are posting.. where it's coming from.. and what support argument they are having.

Many people have spoken out claiming network marketing is a scam. I have done in-depth research, internet and also with university business professors about this concept of network marketing. Well, what i have come to understand is that it is a legitimate business concept and it does work. None of them are in a network marketing company but most still believe that it will become the future of business marketing*.
From this i have also come to understand about the legitimacy of what i read from the internet. There are many sites that claim a network marketing is always a scam. Yet in book stores i found countless number of published network marketing books, and some by famous business writers.

I have also seen a video interview of billionaire Bill Gates, when asked what he would do if he did not have Microsoft, he responded that he would be invest in "1. Information Technology, 2. Telecommunications, 3. Network Distribution"

I also believe that many people not only fail because they lose the hope in which they had when they joined, but also people are easily affected by negative input.
For instance, if i joined DCHL today and the next month i came across this site. My reaction would be to quit, and tell people that i too was scammed. Hence, creating a ripple affect to the next person reading this and so on.

What deserves deeper thought into is the question of: who joined, who failed, what did they do while joined in the business that led to them failing and why did they fail when others have proven their success.
The reason is because I only read about not making money, but no one has spoken about what happened for them not to make money. Has someone made a sale and not earned commission? If there is, i think this is not just a anti-lampe berger petition problem, i think you should go to the news and sell your story (News stations will pay you for stories).

My personal opinion of failure is that the point of fail is when you give up on yourself.

One question i always wanted to ask is, why, Steven Yip are you so passionate about this issue when you (to me) have not much understanding about? For instance, your facts are not exactly factual, they seem to be more of your own opinions than anything else.

Regarding the post above, I read one of Steven Yip's post about his brother borrowing money from the family to do this business but months on he said that the money was scammed away by the business. Hence, the establishment of "anti-lampe berger" by Steven.
I went on to do a little futher research about this (not naming his name) but his brother never even started the business. Instead the money was lost gambling! (as from the one who introduced the business to him). i don't believe it's important whether or not this information is correct, but please do correct me if it's not. Because like i said before, just think with your brains and not with you're eyes from what you read from others.

It's been already said that it is not a scam with reasons why not; then the issue shifts to it being unethical. Then later, it goes back to it being a scam.

Some say it's a scam, some say it's not, but it's not ethical, others say it's not a scam and it's not unethical. Why is there so many scattered opinions? Is there no simple FACTUAL answers to the questions of:

A) IS IT A SCAM? (legal, possible)
why yes or why not

why yes or why not

I want to hear FACTS about why it is or not! I just can't come to agree that just because you have boxes of stock at home that it makes the business unethical - i feel that it is over exaggerated to make it seem really bad.

Problem is, even Steven Yip is unsure what it really is. He claimed it was a scam. But the issue then changed to it being unethical. Only again new and random bloggers come around claiming it's a scam again. What's going on?

So, in the end who is the naive one at the end of the day? i am not sure. Hopefully it is not me after the amount of research i put into this issue.

I'm no expert at the topic, but i do believe i speak some what more closely to the truth than most people posting about what they believe or just picking out random points to attack "LB members" or "anonymous" bloggers.

As a DCHL member, I am not doing this business for selfish profitable reasons. I would like to however speak out about how i feel. I don't believe this is a scam. I have been in the business for little over four months and have made money back (not the entire investment) but still, a scam would not allow me to make money. My family has not torn apart and it's just as strong and close before i began. The people who i have brought in, my friends, are all fine with this too and no one has lost anyone as friends (so far). But every time i visit this petition site, i feel that Steven Yip and everybody portrays everyone in DCHL as "scam-artists", meaning everyone in it knows it's a SCAM and have joined in the business to with the intention to SCAM other people. It's a devastating thought.

If this is proven a scam, i promise i am definitely someone who wants to hear it first.

I don't even think anyone one really knows what they're saying when they post. They just follow the crowed.

* for this reason i don't feel the need to convince anyone to join as if the professors are right, then you will all see it one day)

Note the time's i wrote "i think, i believe etc..". This is so readers can see that IT IS only my opinion, just like all the other posts on this website.

With so many random blogs going up everyday, my post is only going to be visible for about another week before it gets pushed out of the page.

I hope this post makes it onto the wall, as i have posted before but it didn't seem to go on.

So please, you're future does not affect me in anyway. Except i just want people to be more aware, and educated in what is opinionated ideas and facts

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One other thing i want to add is,
don't generalize a group by an individual. One bad student does not make the entire school evil.

So regarding to keith's email, I think he just has a dream he wants to pursue, I don't think he is DCHL.

Sometimes you have to do before you understand. For example, when you study hard at school you think it's for exams, but isn't really because of your career? With the business you don't understand why people do it, so you can't judge them. Same thing the other way around, people in the business don't understand why you don't do it, yet they can't judge you either.

As a member, i tell you why i do it. It's not because i'm lazy about 9 - 5 work. I believe life is much more than just working for someone else for 3/4 of my life everyday and for me all the money i earn goes into bills food and all other living expenses just to make my boss richer. I want to spend more time with my family and do the things i actually enjoy. Working like a slave is not one of them!
I want to retire early and my job does not allow me to get there anytime before 55 years of age. I like helping others. How am i supposed to do it with a factory job, long hours, low pay and extremely tiring at the end of the day, six days a week.

This business gives me hope, that there is something better out there for me and my dreams are possible. And if you tell me that sharing this benefits with my friends is evil and heartless than i'll stop and share it with strangers and help strangers work for dreams they thought never to be possible.

It's unethical to spread claims (which are actually already proven by international laws and business concepts and ethics to be feasible), claiming it is a scam and unethical.
I just share with my friends what is helping me out of my dreaded life of nothing i hoped it would be. To share with my friends something which could help them as it has helped me.

Don't judge other's if you don't understand or wish to be judged yourselves.
One day who knows, while people are working their heads off at age 50 wondering why life is so hard, the person who showed them an opportunity 20 years ago is now having a holiday trip with his family around the world.

DCHL has not yet been proven to be a scam. It has not yet been proven to be illegitimate, yet to be proven unfeasible. So don't get caught in the trap that people joining the business are all going to fail. Even if people do fail, then at least they know then that they have no choice but to work for the rest of their lives making someone else rich (their boss) and earning enough to make ends meet.


9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven, what do you do daytime exactly? Doesn't anyone else wonder?
Your real name is not even Steven Yip cause i think i recognize you somewhere..

Does anyone else see the biasness of this site?

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello.. i just wanna say that SYN does change my life.. not just in terms of money, but also self development..
SYN does not just stress on the money, but the importance of life..
im not saying that SYN is the only way, but it is one of the ways in creating wealth.. at least Steven Yeam did something to help people instead of sitting in front of the computer condemning others..
One fine day you guys will know how important LB is like water filter and insurance today.. and on that day, you will buy LB from the friends you claim to be stupid today.. ;)

9:52 AM  

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