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Goodbye DCHL Lampe Berger

I received this comment on the blog, which I would like to highlight.


Hi Steven!

I've been looking for this sort of website for a long time....cldn't find one earlier in google & so was influenced to join LB & by then i had already pumped in the RM2345.00 & the RM30k.....wished yr website was easier located earlier.

anyway, the good news is i got my 90% refund before the 6 months lapsed & actually lost RM7k in the process.

U r right.......this program is a cult brainwashing machine.........i've been to their NDOs at posh hotels (paid RM100 for that ~ sheesh, come to think of it, what a rip off), seen so many immature kids flashing their "borrowed" Mercs, Beemers,etc..with their stupid suits.....after reading posts in yr website & reading those LB supporters in their harsh, immature, skimpy kindergarten language...its all becoming to unravel.....the true colors of LBers.

People, trust me, i was an LBer before, attended many NDOs & paid the RM30k & lost RM7k in the process.....believe me, this whole SYN & LB thing is such an elusive scam, u wldn't realise this until its too late.

If what u say is true abt them now targetting our muslim friends, then i hope the authorities will finally clamp down on this program.

BTW, Steven, another reason i love yr website is i am a BIG fan of that "Frederick", he shld really apply for a job at Comedy Central or The Tonight show with Jay Leno. whenever i need some cheering up, i know where to go now.......Frederick's at Steven Yip's website!


Fake things never last. No matter how much you want to fake your wealth, it will just impress momentarily. But deep inside, Lampe Berger members know this. But why do they keep on faking it?

It's human nature to boost more than they have, but you know it's not going to last. Real wealth in fact, is not so easy to get. You need real entrepreneurs for this kind of task.

Talking about real wealth, I will leave something to ponder.

How we think about wealth.

It's sometimes pretty interesting, to note how far people would go chasing wealth. They tend to think, XYZ company is worth 1 billion dollars, that "man" is worth 0.5 billion. But if you think deeper, ... does it really matter?

Yes, Lim Goh Tong might have his millions, and we don't even have 1 million ourselves (I mean majority of us...maybe some millionaire who is reading this blog will think otherwise).

Money is God in our society, so much that chasing wealth has pretty much preoccupy lots of people's time.

But there's one more thing that people tend to forget when conjuring up the meaning of wealth. For example, how about the fresh air to breath, nice tropical rain forest that we can enjoy in Malaysia, and a nice existing roof on top of our heads. Or how about the current peace we are enjoying, where we don't need to put up with war.

If we were to put a monetary value to all these "free" luxuries, I reckoned, it would be in the millions or billions. Only that, we can't really count them, because we don't know where to start counting.

Yes, we need to work and the same time accumulate wealth, but don't forget the things we already have, which is worth much more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad that u got most of your money back ... i wonder how can the LB lamers lie to themselves and other ppl everyday. u know when someone is boasting if he/she keeps showing off the same boring shit.only kids will be fooled by their toy cars. but i notice something, most of the LB members already keeping it low nowadays...maybe its already time for them to grow up and they realize they have been living in a dreamland. what they lost = money+time+friendship . what they gained = NOTHING .

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend got into this lampe business a year ago. He is by profession an engineer. He has since left his job to engage in what i percieve to be a full time SYN member.

it would seem that he and his friends are making loads of money to be able to leave their full time jobs and buy BMWs in less than a year.

I'm not supportive of his business. Never have been. Never will be. Even before he asked me to listen to a new distributor talk, i had an inkling it was all just another pyramid scheme.

The talk, which i went to in the hope of dispelling my bad perception, further enhanced my perception of them- that they are there to brainwash you. At one point, the speaker vehemently denied the whole business to be a pyramid scheme. Ironically, the same speaker later seemed to put across the idea of "so what if it is a pyramid scheme? what's wrong it being a pyramid? all the organisations of the world are based on a pyramid!". When i heard that i knew it was just a huge scam.

also, my friend is now in the mamak stalls every night- "talking business". What business is it exactly, i don't know. Perhaps it's recruitment. To get more ppl to join and contribute to the already swollen "fund".

There is nothing to sell, apart from the lampes and estebel products (which are terribly expensive). He doesnt even sell these products. Apparently he sells the network. But what services does the so-called network offer? i really don't know.

Like countless others who have contributed to this website, i believe the whole business is a scam. True, you will be able to get rich, only if you manage to induce others to join you (and pay)as your "downline". But if you can live with scamming others for a living, then by all means, go ahead.

I went through the blog to see if any SYN member has come up in defence of their business by explaining what it is they really do. Instead, what i see are threats in badly written language. If only one of them could explain what it is they are doing. Even my friend can't do it. Until and unless someone does that, I believe there isnt any other explanation other than what it truly is: a fraud.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

yes, their argument has always been, other social structure, are also like pyramids.

but what is odd is, you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get into that network. which generates revenue for the uplines.

And besides that, what value does the network provides, if not for enriching the company, and also the dukes, and arch dukes.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Is good to stay away from those "lampa" people!!!

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

erm just curious, how often d u update this blog?

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently attended their "business talk" at the HLA building.

My friend has been telling me about her business, franchising, business partners, leadership, good teamwork.. so and so forth. So, I have decided to go there and have an understanding on the whole thing.

This is what I found and what I feel (no right or wrong, just sharing):-

1. There are a lot of packaging being done. All the things that happenning are being titled with nice words like "network marketing", "biz partners", "good leader and teamwork","franchizing biz", "good system", "good self-development, good exposure"..

but, when you try to understand further, it's just another kind of pyramid sales structures. 1 look for 5, 5 look for 25 etc

2. The products have nothing wrong and everything is legally done. The only thing that may not be so ethical is the "strategy" of the DCHL/SYN team. Their strategy is to make use of the product to go on a pyramid sales scheme. In other word, the product is just a tool in this case. Unlike our normal purchase of product (or other legal direct sales company), we are actually buying the product and then share with our friends in order to get more points or commission. Here, it's the other way round, the team is aiming at the fast money, and hence set the RM2.5k rule. They don't really bother much about the goodies of the products.

Well, I would say it is nothing so wrong about it but it's up to us what we really want. If we want to make fast money with easy way out, this is the place that you may want to "venture". They are duke, marqueis who succeeded.

But take a good look with open mind, could we really gain the knowledge and self-development by doing this "business"? Which is to sit there every day and repeat telling your friends/ family the same "marketing plan" which you yourself also don't understand, but just blindly follow since it makes you fast money...

Yes, it works for anyone who want to make fast money.

But, for those who is expecting "good exposure", "good self development", "good leadership"... sorry that you may not get it as I don't see the upline as very good leadership by just "24 hrs stand-by to help", "share the same old story", "help you to brief your friends on the marketing plan"... this is not what leadership is about.

3. I commented about the product is being marked up so high in front of a 6-digit earning SYN. He then told me "how would you know it's being marked up? Yes, it is. But even with the 100% mark-up, there is 70% goes to us..."

See, this is the best part of the thing. It means, we are earning a huge sum of money from our friends and families by enrolling them in as member.

So, take a deep consideration, is busineess supposed to be run in this way? By making a lot of money and not promoting much on the product/ service? Somemore, making the hard earn money from our loves one with this "not so proper" money making system?

If it is fine to you , go ahead with this fast and easy way.

To me, I somehow don't think it's being run / managed in a proper way. I may not be a millionaire like how the SYN claim they are in few years. To them, I may be a coward. But to myself, I just want to do something that is right and proud of. To my instinct and work experience, somehow the whole thing is just not right and won't make me proud of myself.

I would rather slow & steady, than greedy & get rich fast.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous momoteh said...

plss la... so hai u all u all have been see we plan or not do u know wat money we finding?? stupid !!!!
dun to many comment about us cos u all dun know more about us!!!!

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Firstly, i would like to laugh at momoteh comment, hahaahah could you please check your english level before you sent some comments? My god, your english level is really sucks, hahaah what a loser! you guys(anti dchl fans) can keep continue leave your comments in this blog, i just felt too funny on this guy(momoteh) comment :)

from perth pedestrian

8:42 AM  
Anonymous HaRU said...

Hi guys....this is my 1st comment. I am one of the LB member and about to invest for baron position. I joined last december rite before christmas. Yeah I believe they try to make/force new member to go for the count position in the 1st place before starting to recruit frens which I hate it. Why I still goin for it?My upline is a fren of mine and I trust him. When my 1st time at the building I met my other fren from college and he is oredi in the high position and many others who work hard to become success. We have "sharing" with other unknown members and have a chance to meet many ppl from different background. Yeah I agree that there are bunch of ppl who dont have a gud communication skills which made me uncomfortable and try to skip the conversation. Many are younger than me and started before they graduate. Maybe that made me have those kinda feeling. But who cares. We human are from different colors on the inside. Different ppl have different characters and we cannot expect everyone to behave/do/act the same thing we do. Like if my upline want me to work fast to be in count position but I cannot catch-up due to my tight schedule and commitment to family and current job, just skip that one and try to learn more. I've read some comments and some ppl simply jump into this business w/o even think. We are not kid anymore and can think on our own. Do what is the best. I've been a lot wit these ppl and I think there is a reason why I want to join. I know my current situation and want to do the best. Ive wrote long enuf oredi maybe some of u cannot get the point. Some LB fren here gave terrible comments with bad languages and somehow shown their darkside but I know u r different. Sometimes need to protect ourself if a knife oredi at the throat but I believe this will make things worse. Sori to "perth pedestrian" for my english coz verbal is not my stuff. TQ all.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now the dchl getting hard to influence people in JB. The uncle, auntie, teenagers come to grab this oppurtunity. seems like they forgotten that its not easy to get rich in a second! There is no easy way to get rich!

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey haru i support u! ppl r from different background. LB / DCHL is not as bad as you think. u guys (anti LB) dont even know what they do,how they do then simply post a bad comment about it.we work to get money rite?so r they.ppl who join but lazy to do anything sure fail! why must all of u anti LB be small minded.laughing at ppl because their English is bad,saying bad things. it is useless. u guys are just wasting your time. why dont u just ignore n do what u want instead of being a busy body n do something not worth it to do. if u guys say that LB/DCHL is just wasting all of ppl's money then y there is ppl that success in it?? huhh? think ppl. used your brain when complaining about something. there must be your own mistake if u actually lost that amount of money n then trying to blame someone else just the get out of your own problem..?n think what makes u join them?? u, your own who wanted it rite? then y must blame others? sheesshh.. y must u all(anti LB) be so small minded? i support SYN!


7:47 AM  
Anonymous Eizry said...

Greetng to all..
This is the 1st time i send a comment here, I realy dont understand, why there r no anti luxor, anti amway, anti hi o or many other anti that shuld be but apparently there r not but anti dchl. Yep u r rite, I am 1 of DCHL members. I agreed with many of the comments like it is kind like a pyramid scheme, its only making fast money wthout even making u a great leader or equipt you with full leadership skills. Ofcoz not, u tell me if there are ! profession that provided with all this? Leadership is not been built nor it can be created. Yes there are many vulgar words from my DCHL click who post a comment ere, mind u their age n their background. Further more why did people aiming all the blame to us? My sincere advise to everybody, do ur own research 1st and dont only rely on ur fren (dchl ppl) b4 joining because u hav obody to b blame but urself if such wonderful plan like this doesnt work 4 u. In 6 months I already gain my 2 years salary s a teacher. No kidding no bluff. Dont lie to ur love 1 only bcouse of few K. Its simplu not worth it. To all anti LB fan, do email me at n maybe we can come to agree at certain point. It is all about perception n from which direction n how we look the matter. To the blog author plz share my comment wth the other if u r realy sincere or else there r no surprise y they r only vulgar LB clicks comments so far. With many regards.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing to say la...

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eizry: people ARE anti-Amway, etc.

Anyway, there's no doubt that it's possible to make a lot of $$$ with DHCL. The problem though is that you need to use your family and friends in order to do that. Yes, DHCL sells products. But let's be honest, the big money is not in selling the products. The big money is in recruitment. In fact, you don't need to sell a single product and you could still make a lot of money. That is, if you don't mind abusing your relationships and risking your friendships. I for one like to be able to sleep at night. I will not ask my friends to spend $50,000 so that I can recover my $10,000 "investment".

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eizry: people ARE anti-Amway, etc.

Anyway, there's no doubt that it's possible to make a lot of $$$ with DHCL. The problem though is that you need to use your family and friends in order to do that. Yes, DHCL sells products. But let's be honest, the big money is not in selling the products. The big money is in recruitment. In fact, you don't need to sell a single product and you could still make a lot of money. That is, if you don't mind abusing your relationships and risking your friendships. I for one like to be able to sleep at night. I will not ask my friends to spend $50,000 so that I can recover my $10,000 "investment".

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been introduced to this LAMPE BERGER since a few days.. what i already seen just a bunch of kids and students that doing part time to ern fast money,i really confused with this kind of bussiness and try to really understand it..somehow i couldn't. what kind of bussiness is it until you have to talk, all the day telling people to join the pyramid?teaching how to lend money from friends,family and trying to know about your problems and giving the advice which telling you that joining them could settled down your own problem... why they care abt ppl,why they want to know your personal problems?why?is it want to earn money from you or really want to help you?

7:25 PM  
Blogger lwk said...

Hi,this is my 1st time write comment. I have school mate who join DCHL for the last few year. In the early 3-4 months my friends have earn so much money. They start sharing and keep sms me/date me come out listen the marketing plan. Sharing is not quity. Listen or not is our choise. Understanding is important. What i want to share is what happen after the next few months. My friends resign his job and in full time do DCHL. Success or Fail,who know. After a year,my friends(DCHL member) start get loan money(Any),borrow money from their friends and family. The reason,no idea. What the last thing i know is my friend(DCHL member) house was full of LB products. They(my friend) want to clear the stock. Last week I hear the news,they was quit the business and get back to promary job/searching NEW job. So guys,think twice before join any Marketing Business. Are you the 1 of them or isn't your 'food on table'. Thank you

6:30 AM  
Anonymous RyN said...

good evening to anyone who is reading this anti lampe berger /dchl blog.

I am mighty surprised with the amount of hatred and venom that is being shown to one company.

Frankly speaking, I am a 'newbie' member of SYN / DCHL and have been attending the classes that they have been conducting for the past month and slowly, I am able to see the concept of network marketing that they are promoting esp. by SYN.

It took me nearly a month over to think it over and evaluate SYN marketing strategy and I can say that this business is not meant for the faint-hearted / weak-willed / small-minded / chicken-hearted people. Why do I say so?

1. You must be driven by your dreams. (When you dream of something that you want to achieve in life... you have to dream first... once u have a target to achieve, then it is time for you to make a reality of it... those who left DCHL/SYN are people who love the idea of achieving their dreams... but not willing to work their hard in order to get what they are aiming for!)

2. You must be hardworking. (Nothing falls down from the sky when u wish for it, ok. It's been the law of the universe that those who work hard... u will gain what you are working for. SYN members work hard in making the network bigger... and that is why it is named as a MLM / network marketing!... Durh!!!?? The concept is very much similar to other companies like Hi-O, Amway, Cosway... the only difference is that here in SYN - the uplines are all willing to help you, the downline when u are in need and not leaving you all alone... to make or break it, BUT of course you have to be diligent in going to the office and meet up with your network! You cannot expect people to always help you out... yet you yourself are not willing to help other!!! So I have an inkling that those who failed and said SYN/DCHL is a scam... are those who thought by just injecting RM30k / RM2500k into the company, they will get immediate returns monthly and fixed income like their 9-5 jobs. Ha!Ha!Ha! Fat hopes!!!! No work or effort from you means no money for you! Get it? I don't know how to make it plainer or simpler anymore.)

3. You must be willing to learn (yes,even from those who are way younger than you; speak worse english/malay than you; have lower or no paper qualifications compared to you! but please bear in mind ladies and gentlemen... if u were to look at all the filthy rich people in malaysia... how many of them are graduates? so please don't try to be a smart aleck and simply generalize.... oh, by the way, did I do any mistakes so far? maybe yes... in terms of spelling (i prefer to use the shortcuts of spelling when i am online)... any grammatical error so far? i think not but if there is any, please accept my sincerest apology for not dotting my i's and crossing my t's)

4. Lampe Berger/ESTEBEL/Ed.Pinaud for your information are all the products available and marketed by DCHL. So please be correct and in d know when you want to bash something up. Some of you commented that they are very expensive. What do you expect guys and gals from products that have a history beyond than 100 yrs? As a user of ESTEBEL and Ed.Pinaud, I can say easily that their price range is very much affordable and make sense with the quality of the products. I don't only use them alone, I am using SKII, estee lauder, bobbi brown, christian dior, etc... and ESTEBEL / Ed. Pinaud prices are very much similar if not cheaper if I want to compare it with the products that are being retailed in the shopping malls. So for guys who doesn't know whit about women products... shut your traps.

5. SYN members are not scamming their family members / loved ones!
Have you ever heard of the sayings, "share the wealth and u will gain more"? That is most probably the reason why SYN members invited their family and friends to join into the business because when something is good and beneficial... of course you would want your loves ones to enjoy the same benefits and profits. Furthermore, there has never been any element of force at all in joining this company. Everything is being explained to you prior your joining and the decision of TO JOIN or NOT TO JOIN is entirely in your own two hands and brain. The company is very much transparent that their marketing plan is available online for you and the rest of whole wide world/world wide web[www] to look at and evaluate for themselves. here's their url:

5. SYN is not about making fast money. It is about how fast you work and the faster u have ur own network, of course u will gain $ fast. The slower u grow ur network... thats's why u get lesser $. I think it is because of the not much $ received is making those who joined to be frustrated and left the business half-way. So there is no scamming involved. Come on laaaa people, if it is a scam... how can it survived for many many years in more than 11 countries worldwide? be a thinking person before u start saying things that u don't know about, ok.

Oh well, I have said my piece and responded on behalf of my network. Though I am a new person with SYN, I believe in the system and hope with loads of hardwork and preseverence, I will be able to realize my dreams and make them a reality together with my friends and family.

For those of you who joined and walked out/gave up halfway... wake-up and grow-up! Do things whole-heartedly and fully committed because when you don't, that is why you will always be a FAILURE!

*my request to the blogger of this anti-blog, please be fair and do not edit any part of what I have said. thank you.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm just join DCHL this month..and i already gain true if u follow and listen...i think only ppl that think positive will success in their life no matter what they do and whatever they work wif..

ppl always fail if they think negative...and lack of knowledge!

the true bout what they are trying to say is.."LB is like pyramid" but if u work harder is work and success...

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi LB members(or those who suppose this biz)..the product itself is ok...but the members?They are a bunch of fucking bullshit..u know y? becos one of u guys who claimed himself to be "successful" borrowed money from me..he promised to pay me back..and now he finds excuses to pay me..and some of u guys trying to convince others by saying that u're earning a 5 fig salary when actually u're not..who r u trying to kid?U have no proof that u're earning that much money..even the Merc u guys are driving are not actually urs..they are borrowed..i never read about ur success in magazines wat more to say watching it on news..and u guys don't even bother to give ur prospect or downline a treat(not even at a mamak stall)after attending a business talk or a meeting..If ur really dat loaded,it wouldn't be a prob for u to give ur prospect or downline a little treat,would it?Unless ur broke..Some of u guys are still using the same old cheap handphones,wearing the same faded cheap clothes..if u're rich,y do u still look like a cheap-skate?Don't try to fool other people when other people are observing wat u r wearing and wat devices ur using..I've joined a new business now which is much better..One more thing a good business person should not encourage other people to borrow money from other people or bank...

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hai people!!money cannot come easily. if ur not put enough efforts, u cannot earn dont blame anyone..dont blame dchl,or SYN or lampe berger.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who`s steven yip??
pls show your true identity..
why halfway photo..??
why not reply anonymous comment??
come on steven yip..
be gentle..
if you are failed don`t influence ppl outside to failed like you..
life must go on..

3:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this post is SUCKs

5:42 AM  

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