Friday, December 01, 2006

Lame Lampe Berger Threat

Nothing much to update, but I got an interesting email from

Dear steven,

wld u like to take back e word....??? no point u blame to LB... and the most
important thing u better look into urself 1st before u blame other
people.... maybe u smart or maybe u fool... but when i logged into blog... m
so sad... coz of y??? becoz in this world still have people like u...
everytime u blame us...wut u get...??? just tired and bored.... but to us...
more u blamed and more we can reqruit other people... take ur mirror and
look at ur face or urself... wut u see....??? scorpluses sentiment
person.... take half photo... Y??? u scared...??? but i know u and watch
out... we just meet last week and having drink with some our friend... go
now... and find ur places were we can put your casket....

c yaa...!!!
Yea, good thing, they even provided a casket...not bad.

Business for Lampe Berger (malaysia), is kind of slow these days. But still there's people joininig, which means they are not out of business yet. In fact, they are celebrating their 5th bloody anniversary.

It's bloody because, their money is the result of family conflicts, friends breaking up, and higher personal debt to fund a dream of lies.

What's funny is they treat this as a business, which is not really. It's a system, and this system won't last. There's only a finite number of people in Malaysia, which are divided into 2 groups. One, who doesn't buy the idea, and another is the one who buys it.

But even from the group who buys the idea that DCHL Lampe Berger can make them lots of money, there's still those who can't afford it.

It's no wonder why they play with physchology and emotional high, to make you feel better once you become a member. So high is the attachment of member to his goals, that he's willing to do anything to grab the higher ranking. He's willing to borrow money, either it's banks or friends, parents, with the hope, it all ends well. But at the end of the road, who do you blame when you can't make the million dollar dream? Yourself.

It's all part of the package of selling you...a dream of lies.


Anonymous earl-ku said...

lol - u got a hate friend as a friend ...

5:59 AM  
Blogger jackal said...

just now i just read an article from taiwan. the writer said that nowsaday those MLM leader is no longer a good sales person of their product. they have been upgraded to be a pastor.

a religion pastor share the message from god to u without cost. those MLM scam using the same way, they sell u the dream - the dream of rich, high class living, enjoying entertainment, big car, oversea travel.....

they shown like a pastor, if u dont join them. they will see u like u will be fallen into hell soon. if u join them, u will be upgraded to heaven. and they r your saviour.

but..... after all, MLM scam could never be a saviour. they act like they r from very poor broken family, cant even find a proper job, in deep financial crisis and after they join MLM, their life totally changed. they even find some1 to make up stories of success.... the only purpose is to hook u up. not to save u. god bless!

7:43 AM  
Anonymous f_cking said...

act,appearance of lbers were a gd challenge to the public...wat else?? find out hw greed u are!!
with 2k,they promise u a gd income,BMW,gd Asia profit in every january and july for those Marquis level and above,they do promise everything,but come to the real world,do u think ur 2k is so big to claim it???use ur head to think about it!!
oh ya...ur 2k is too useful in fact,especially for those higher level ppls to purchase their BMW,Louise Vuition bags,n never 4get,for them to do CHARITY....hahha...

here,a piece of advice,especially those students...pls fully use watever knowledges u did gained to interpret their talking,dun b a fool...
sometimes,i do feel sad,especially those financial-dependent students,they dare to lend money from whoever for the sake to join the biz...pity them,no,is pity for their parent...
their parent spent large sum of money to educate them,but,wat did they do???oh...dare not to imagine wat's their parent's feeling...

oh ya,another thing to share,do u noe y ppls easily fall into their trap??here were the reasons...
1.get extra income
2.finacial freedom
3.having their own biz
3.more spare time
4.personal development
5.helping others
6.meeting new ppls
7.leave a legacy

but i dun think MLM promises u with all tis...
anyway,the same words "be down to earth,there is no free lunch in tis world"...

may b some ppls dun understand y v keep on updating tis blog,may b they hate those who active in tis blog,but,for those anti-lb or anti-mlm,u really did a great job,u all are great...really!!!i'm proud of u...
they dun understand, long as v do our part as SOMEONE who really concern the society...
those who dun agree us now,will wake up,soon or later...they deserve the return...
keep on ya!!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anti-LB Supported in JB said...

Hey friend, like your blog alot. In fact, I've been trying to dissuade my friend from joining LB but in vain... looks like I am fighting a lost cause....

I liked their products, in fact, I used LB products at home. But now, they aren't interested in selling the products at all... just trying to leech people out of their money.
This is what I can't stand!!! Telling their prospective downlines that if your parents won't give you the money to start, that means, they dun love you or if you dun have money to start, why not consider mortgaging your house etc.....

So, there.... I am your supporter here in JB and it would be much better if you can post some of the newspaper clips in Sinchew's Johor Editions that showed some of the complaints directed at LB.

Thank you.

6:54 AM  
Blogger jackal said...

those who threaten their parents by suicide, run away, borrow from loan shark, involve in prostitution for getting 30k to invest on LB. i really dont know what to say..... but i m sure that god will "look after" them very much. (look after = damn)

for those LBers who teach / encourage the new comer to do that, they already recruited by devil. hopeless....

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Bruce "Fuck LB" said...

Lampe Berger supporting idiots, you guys listen up. YOU WILL FAIL!

People are getting smarter by the day, LB products are dirt cheap on the internet, and smart ppl will not get cheated into this sinful scam!

I have been directing a lot of my potential LB joining members to this blog and they have changed their mind after reading this.

Good luck lb members, and may you rot in hell!

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i guess now alot of ppl already know and are alert of such a mlm scam.... i'm a college student,and i know the feeling of being cheated parent's hard earn collegemates are the best examples and if u look carefully u will find those LB scammers sharing the same behaviours such as :

1. Bragging of 10K STEADY INCOME per month.Be realistic, if no one joins them they will be making nuts per month.

2. WHY is it always BMW? flip on motortrader and u'll find one selling for RM 90K+, so please dont make it sound so "WOW"! Only kids will be fooled, and some of them are from wealthy family background, so its not a problem to own a nice car.

3. Dress up like they are CEO of some company, maybe brain-washing co. Sometimes i wonder if the LV bags are real, doesnt seem to match them at all.By the way they pay RM 2K+ to be a fucking salesman.what a fee.

4. One of my friend who unfortunately forced to join LB told me that everytime his team went out for drinks, some of the members will escape fast enough before the bill comes,so everyone else have to fork out to pay extra. i believe this happens to all the other LB groups as well, how embarassing for ppl who earns 10K per month!

5. They crap about the same shit over and over again, instead of focusing on the product they teach u how to dream of becoming a millionaire without working hard and just by recruiting.

6. They persuade u to invest 30K+ to jump level, and by the time u throw in ur money u realise that u become a big time sohai already.U pay 30K to stockup and u have to find ppl to buy ur lamps, if u cant then maybe u can start using them as ur flower vase. wont u rather take the 30K up genting and try ur luck?

I find LB particularly FUCKING CHEAP, as in the way they psycho ppl to join. whats the funniest thing ? some ppl actually believe what they say and do the same thing to their friends.

For LB members who are reading this , GROW UP AND GET A LIFE! Everyone will look at u one kind because your brain is small enough to understand that YOU'RE A SCAMMER !

11:56 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Well,the pics I saw in sinchew few months ago! 5 fucking Lb years in Malaysia means "5 Scamming years" in CON ppl's money!

to those who do LB I got a message for u:

"Kan ni na bu chow Lampa"!

GO n suck STEVEN YEAM's lampa as well if u can!

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"more u blamed and more we can reqruit other people"

I lol'd

8:54 AM  
Blogger TreVesco said...

The more the LBian threaten Steven Yip, the more it shows how 'noble' they are.

Yes. How 'noble' they are.

I can't help but laugh (in inner heart) when i contact my friend but she said 'i'm having dinner with my business partner'

Business partner. -_-||

11:39 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

business scammer la i think

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of Scam! LB is a sham! just die quietly

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go on news press. Arrange a press conference.
get public awareness...
malaysian aren't trained to go on cyber.

in fact, most of the people know only msn, bit torrent and mp3s. That's all.

Go form a group, stand front of HLA, fight against LB-ners.

Then you are doing something.
Sitting front of the screen, talk craps with your keyboard.
everyday mumbling the same things over and over again.
(Keyboard and monitor are made to generate money, do you know that? that's what automation for :) )

yea, those lb people are talking the same shits everyday over and over again.
wat about you?
sharing the same story over and over again.
what's the point?

Everyone here is educated...
so many knowledge you are sharing over here, why not share it all front of the public?

Go online everyday, declare my business will grow, my business will expand... will it happen?
In a blog, i'll get my promotion, i'll got my increment this year, again, will it happen? maybe... who knows?

reality check!

Go, stand in front of HLA. With a cardboard in hand, stat "Anti-Lampe Berger". Ask the cars passby honk for support.

I'll be the first one to meet up with you guys if you're there.

Nothing to worry, no one will kill you. No one will whack you.
People will salute you for your bravery.
Those who threaten you, words only... if they wanted to do it, no.. should say, if they can do it, you're already dead, but if they put on words, mean they can't.
so, don't be afraid.

I'll come out from HLA and meet the very first of you who come.
Remember, I'll say:" Congratulations, finally you made your way out of the box."
As Donald J.Trump said : Think Big!

cheers dudes.
you all great people, may god bless you.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

It's a matter of how large an audience you can get.

Using the internet, we could reach out to more people.

Standing opposite of HLA building, we only get the attention of a few, not to mention, at most, a few hundred cars.

And of course, the way people find info today is using the search engine:

Try searching on Google, Yahoo and MSN:

i) steven yeam
ii) dchl lampe berger
iii) lampe berger malaysia
iv) steven yeam network
v) dchl

These keywords are most frequently searched, when people want to find more info on this business.

You will this site on either the first page, or second. But the results changes from time to time, so I can be wrong.

So, this is of course better than standing there, with a board saying Anti Lampe Berger.

For your information, I have been optimising this site to target those keywords.

It's called search engine optimization (SEO).

And blogs, if you had noticed, is the most effective way for SEO purposes.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous TEH POWAH said...

Is it me or do most stupid LB cultist have really really bad English and always seem to give people death threats if you go against them?

Shows what the learn after paying RM2,500.00. Hell, pay me that money! I also can teach people how to make empty threats! Stupid idiots!

Steven Yip, keep up the good work. Let's hope these stupid people will wake up one day.

To stupid LB cultist, I've got 2 words for ya!


10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

It's very noble and good hearted of this blog owner to initiate this sort of awareness if it is really true that the said MLM scheme is indeed illegal.

Crusading it in the internet is one thing but all efforts are wasted if the relevant authorities are not going to take action.

And I can tell you now that the said authorities are not going to do anything in the nearest of future because a little bird told me that DCHL Management are indeed a bunch of smart fellas who are using political influences to sustain the business.

But still, I applaud thee for championing this cause. However, if can, one should systematically highlight what not and what to look for in a 'reputable and solid' MLM business plan.

Also, those who felt that they were duped into the scheme on purpose, should come out and tell all; be it in a blog, newspaper, magazine...whatever. I reckon this blog would be an excellent stepping stone for those not happy with it to voice out. I reckon if the voices are loud enough, it may be enough to get somebody of an higher order to take some action.

Cheers. Just my 2 sen.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if ur doing this shit for the good of the society, show us ur holy(shit) face.. as well as show us ur balls.. posting half of ur face? where's ur balls mr holy(shit) steve yip? puiz.. action speaks louder than word.. go sue the company if it harms u and others so much.. its way much more better than posting blogs like a small kids job over here.. learn how to grown up la asshole.. use ur brain.. if ur organisation is so powerful, build another taller and nicer building opposite HLA as Anti-LB Organisation.. there's empty in the carpark opposite there.. such a childish who never learn how to grow up.. its a shame that our country have such animal like u.. if everyone like u.. malaysia will walk backward thou.. puizz steven yip network.. ahaha my ass..where's ur ball asshole? show us how holy u are with ur holyshit face.. cmon babe.. talk no more if u got no money.. poor kids who pushing life back as life pushes him around.. thats why u deserve to be poor.. LB/SYN/DCHL never rape ur mum.. so shut the fuck up.. go do sumthing better like diggin ur asshole retard.. no offense.. cos thats who u are.. good luck man(who have no balls) ;)

7:49 AM  
Blogger crashtec said...

to the anonymous above.

google the word 'Idiot'.

You wanna know why LB has so much money? cause idiots like you give them 30k to buy their cars.

the reason why i hate LB is cause of what it does to people. When you join LB, all you do is talk LB. Everyone you see is a potential customer. Is that good or bad? If you have any rational thinking left in that empty head of yours, you'd also know that if someone wanted to look for you for that threat you just gave, you'd be dead. Your IP and mac address is all over the place.

When you start looking at people as income, and call you old buddies out for a drink just to try and get them into the hole you dug yourself into, you have forgotten how to be human.

Yes, ofcourse you can make money from LB, no doubt, but 90% of people LB people relay the wrong message. they go after their friends, call them out for drinks only to chase them away with LB talk. Then you try again, convincing your upline you'd get your 2 downlines without thinking about how'd it affect you or your friends. But you dont care, because they have motivated you with a flame that has convinced you that nothing else matters except the money you COULD make. The same flame that creates terrorism and patriotism in the world we live in, words that strike the heart. Efficient and ruthless.

You try and you fail, you lose a friend. A superior aids you in your endouvers, you try again on other friends.

Well, thats okay, you find older friends, friends that you havent seen in years. You do the same. You'll eventually find another weak minded person, in the same situation you're in. Broke and wants an easy way out.

You get him through the talks, the same flame burns in him as it did you. Where he gets the money? oh, that doesn't matter does it? He follows the exact same cycle. That is what LB has become, a vicious cycle of fanaticism.

Build a taller building next to LB? that just shows they've sunk that low. Monuments are for dead people. Thats what the people in LB are, dead. Does it matter what you drive when there's nothing left to drive to?

There is no doubt you can earn your keep, but at what cost?

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go bro. From day 1 I knew this was all crap, friends trying to get me in. I really hate to go into this kind of seminar and hear them give speeches to make you feel pump up, looks stupid. But anyway, if I am ever free I don;t mind going to a LB seminar to have some good laugh.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guys..
actually, my fren had introduced me to this lampa berger thing..and last nite i juz go to the building and they had shared their story how successful they are rite now,have sports car eventhough they are juz grade few months ago..there's few ppl come and greet us so nicely and frenly..but wat i always come in my mind is that what this ppl actually do..why they come to the building everynite without doing anything,juz chatting with frens or so called LBers. when i ask my fren and those 'seniors' they wont let me knw..and ask me to wait until i really believe and willing to join. it's make me so confuse. they also said that donald trump also believes in this MLM but, why he never do such thing like MLM??..he's a succesful person in business and he's working hard to be,why those ppl with only has diploma cert can be rich without doing nothing juz in few month..

8:36 PM  
Blogger jennifer said...

pendek kata... DCHL Lampe Berger nie mmg la sumthing good to play with... but good for those yang really got a lot of money to waste on this things... but, for me n my family... benda nie seakan2 mencetuskan pergaduhan je.. E.G.. my cousin keep on persuing my family to join this.. diorg use me n my bro. name.. masa tu dah terpaksa dah.. dah kena desak tahap gila masa tu... so... use their own money la... my kazen told me, 9K masuk akaun sejurus sahaja kta jadi ahli... but.. u guys guess la what happen.. 1sen pun tak masuk... just let it be lah that time... cukup utk menyenangkan hati diorg... but.. this few weeks... diorg keep on persuading me n my bro dtg jumpa diorg.. we asked for what? diorg answer.. KALAU NAK TAU DATANGLAH... aper yang nak berahsia sgt? dah la buat dekat kampung... nampak sangat diorg tu nak menipu org kampung.. kalu benda tu really2 mendatangkan keuntungan.. kenapa tak buat ceramah besar-besaran?? so that ppl tau yang diorg nie bukan la PENIPU.. tapi lain pulak... datang kat kampung pulak... lately, my cousin dah nampak cam bengang semacam dah coz tak pat pengaruh my family.. cakap pun dah putar belit dah... sekejap itu, sekejap ini.. dah macam nak gaduh sesama saudara pulak jadinya... org dah tak nak, tak nak lah.. so for those ppl yang memaksa sgt org join DCHL Lampe Berger, kalau org tak nak tu.... jangan di paksa... makin di paksa, makin org tak percaya.... GBU all...

5:33 PM  
Blogger netsniffer7 said...

yeahhh...FUCK LB.....LB stand 4 'LANCAU BABI!'

6:22 PM  

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