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This was posted by Raul on lowyat. It shows the company's financial information from 2002 to 2004. Authenticity of the information is questionable, as I cannot verify it. It's up to the readers.

But what is interesting is, although the revenue goes up very high, the profit before tax is always very low. What this actually means?

Does this mean, the cost of goods is high, and thus, profit margin is low? No, it can't be, because MLM products prices are normally inflated.

The only answer, is that the bulk of money goes to the network. And the money will trickle down from the top guy Steven Yeam himself, to the bottom. And of course, like all other organisations, the small fishes at the bottom gets peanuts.

Definitely the bulk of the profit goes to the network itself, due to the high payout. But we should remember, Steven Yeam gets the most from this. It's as though he could get untaxable income straight out, because it's treated as expenses from DCHL point of view.

Lampe berger members, don't you get it? You guys are still working like slaves for Steven Yeam.

But another question is, does Steven Yeam pay taxes for his multi million income?

Company Name : RZ CORPORATION SDN BHD 0464438-H

Registration Date : 22-06-1998
Registered Addr : 109,JLN 12/14,PJ,SEL
Authorised Capital : 5,000,000 Paid-Up: 5,000,000


31-12-2004 31-12-2003 31-12-2002
Fixed Assets (FA) : 763,957.00 970,717.00 539,656.00
Other Assets (OA) : 0.00 0.00 0.00
Current Assets(CA) : 28,464,547.00 21,769,897.00 9,728,443.00
Total Assets : 29,228,504.00 22,740,614.00 10,268,099.00

Current Liab (CL) : 19,884,919.00 19,210,919.00 8,099,866.00
Long-Term Liab(LTL) : 10,376.00 30,047.00 0.00
Total Liab (TL) : 19,895,295.00 19,240,966.00 8,099,866.00

Paid Up : 5,000,000.00 2,500,000.00 2,500,000.00
Share Prem/Reserves : 0.00 0.00 0.00
Rev & Other Reserves : 4,333,209.00 999,648.00 -331,767.00
Networth(NW) : 9,333,209.00 3,499,648.00 2,168,233.00
Total : 29,228,504.00 22,740,614.00 10,268,099.00

Turnover : 118,519,622.00 93,155,595.00 43,737,396.00
Profit Before Tax : 4,637,548.00 1,818,415.00 660,206.00
Profit After Tax : 3,333,561.00 1,331,415.00 673,206.00
P/L for the Year : 3,333,561.00 1,331,415.00 673,206.00


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for a company that resells lamps... the liabilities amount are quite high... not that they're in manufacturing or producing anything, thus they shouldnt incur any operating or raw materials costs... what's the source of the liabs? fishy?

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this real account ????
if this is ake one???

can try other way to stop steven yap ????

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey steven yip, can you pls post the full picture of your face?

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter what does steven yip looks like.

infact, he just telling the truth that LB is causing too much trouble for the world.

is there any good side for LB?


2:19 AM  
Anonymous andychucky said...

Make so much money but can't even afford to purchase some switches and routers. Something really fishy. All the money is taken from the brainless members pocket but eaten up by big shots to buy ferrari. Of course buying routers, you cant show around. Knock knock, where are MCA authorities.

4:05 AM  
Anonymous andychucky said...

With all the profit, they cannot even afford to buy switches and routers. Where is the money gone? Buy Ferrari, they can show around but buying switches and routers cant. Making use of all the members hard earn money, or money that are borrow. wait until one day, God fall down from the sky, then they know.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:21 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

i wonder who does the audit for them. the expenses.. need to look at tat too. and where the dividends? all gone to steven yeam?

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

purifier or wateva crap its called..
i bought the same shit in jln pasar.. selling at rm15.90. then i just buy any oil crap and boom!! i have my own 'lampe-berger'.. wahahahaha.. went to the meeting at the hla building.. funny tat most of the ppl involved are high ranking execs.. but not an ounce of common sense and the desire to learn more.. tats malaysians for u.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey steven yip u such a looser and also such an idiot person..
whatever they do it's a business and alot of people hd already success...and u just jealous b'coz u're a failure.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FAILURE Steven YIP!! don't jealous to Steven YEAM because they are just making a business,, today many company also use this system to do their business,, (eg: AMWAY, DXN banks...) They also need a lot of effort to be sucessful. Not like you,, only know how to do useless thing and still a FAILURE from your born until now. What have you do since you're born?? Don't be a FAILURE again. Go back and think before you sleep.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Itu bukan muka Steven Yip, rasanya macam muka budak-budaklah. Lagipun tak berani tunjuk muka, tak layak langsung nak comment orang.


5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Kena tembak saje-saje.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeke SYN is a failure??aku tgk biz ni x mcm biz yg x elok,semua nye ok,culture diorang best,always do a team work,yang kau nk anti sgt dgn lampe berger knp..?ade mslh ke..??aku kesian la dgn org2 yang b'fkrn mcm kau ni,tlalu sempit...keluar la dr gua yg kau cipta,luas kn ckit pemandangan kau tu,jgn smpit sgt,org yg otak sempit ni tak kan prnh bjaya dlm hidup..

4:26 PM  
Blogger Rikhzan said...

join network mesti diterusksn sampai company diarahkahkan tutup oleh kementerian kewangan.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Rikhzan said...

join network mesti diterusksn sampai company diarahkahkan tutup oleh kementerian kewangan.

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Important Background check for MLM
Red Flag #1:

With the chaining feature in an MLM compensation and marketing plan, each person recruited is empowered and given incentives to recruit other participants, who are empowered and motivated to recruit still other participants, etc. – in an endless chain of recruiters recruiting recruiters – without regard to (de facto) market saturation.

All network or multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, no-product pyramid schemes, and chain letters have this recruitment chaining characteristic in common. You would be wise to avoid any program in which you are recruited into a chain of participants (distributors, agents, representatives, etc.), which are organized into multiple levels, especially where the position in the chain or hierarchy of participants is determined by timing of entrance into the program and/or by success at recruiting a downline of participants. While a few earn substantial profits, the vast majority of participants in such programs lose both time and money.

In at least four studies, chain selling schemes that feature unlimited recruitment in an endless chain of participants have been found to be uneconomic; i.e., not profitable except for a tiny percent (less than 1%) of participants at or near the top of their respective pyramids. Yet MLM promoters typically present their programs as outstanding business or income opportunities This fallacy is at the heart of a maze of misrepresentations used in MLM recruitment. Whether or not law enforcement interprets the chain selling program as an illegal pyramid scheme, it can be considered an unfair trade practice – or unjust enrichment of a few at the top of a pyramid of participants at the expense a downline of misled participants, the vast majority of whom are mathematically pre-determined to lose money.

It should also be noted that quality of products or services often becomes questionable when incentives are tied to recruitment. This would apply to such products and services as health products, investments, or internet services. But even if the products are of exceptional quality, it is the inherently fraudulent design of the chain-selling program that misleads people into participating against their own best interests. The vast majority of recruits are destined to lose both time and money.

For most chain selling programs (multi-level or network marketing, etc.), income is dependent primarily on downline recruitment of participants who will buy (or subscribe to) products to “play the game.” As a general guideline in evaluating MLM programs, if you must recruit to be successful, or if the primary emphasis in the compensation plan is on building a downline, it is not a viable income opportunity except for those at or near the top of the pyramid. And you must decide if your success at the expense of so many victims will leave you with a clear conscience.

Important Background for Red Flag #2:

The question could have been worded other ways:

Does a participant (distributor, consultant, representative, etc.) advance one’s position (and potential income) in a hierarchy of multiple levels of participants by recruiting other “distributors” under him/her, who in turn advance by recruiting distributors under them, etc.? – or – Must you “earn your way to the top” of the hierarchy of participant through recruitment and product purchases, rather than by applying for the position based on prior experience and training?

In MLM programs, the position in the hierarchy is determined by time of entrance into the program, volume of products purchased, and/or by success at recruiting, rather than by appointment. When consumers are recruited into such a program and then given incentives to buy products, they are being “leveraged” for the profit of those above them. They may think they are advancing, when in fact they are often being manipulated into buying more products and recruiting more people to benefit those above them.

Why is Red Flag #2 important? Historically, in most jurisdictions, the key factor in determining if a program is an illegal pyramid scheme is whether or not the primary emphasis is on compensation from recruitment, rather than from legitimate sales to end users who are not part of the network of participants. If the only way to earn significant income is by recruiting aggressively in order to advance to higher levels in the scheme, this criteria is satisfied.

Avoid falling for the line that you have a choice between merely selling products or building a business. MLM promoters typically tell prospects that they can choose to be a customer and/or sell products - or they can choose the “leadership” option. Usually a careful study of the compensation plan will reveal that the system is weighted heavily in favor of recruiting a downline. If you are able to get the names of more than one participant who actually profits from direct selling without recruiting, ask to see their tax return for last year. It is virtually certain that you will find few if any such persons.

So be careful. For most MLM programs, it has become evident on close examination that both advancement and income are dependent primarily on recruiting a downline of participants who will buy products to “play the game.” If participants must recruit to be successful, or if the pay plan’s primary rewards are for building a downline, it should be considered a recruiting MLM, and an unprofitable chain selling scheme except for those at or near the top. You would likely do better selling pencils on a street corner.

Are MLM “distributors” really distributors or “direct sales persons”? When the pay plan rewards recruits more for recruiting others than for retailing products or services, and when sales are “incentivized” (tied to qualifications for commissions or advancement in the scheme), it is a misnomer to refer to them as “distributors.” This is why in these analyses the term is often placed in quotation marks. It is more correct to refer to them as “investing participants.” Correctly viewed, an accumulation of such incentivized purchases over a period of time constitutes a substantial investment in a pyramid scheme. (You will read more on this under Red Flag #3.)

for Red Flag #3:

In a recruiting MLM, “pay to play” requirements are met by ongoing “incentivized purchases” (purchases tied to commissions, discounts, or advancement), with participants the primary buyers.

“Incentivized” or “pay to play” purchases are purchases from an MLM company tied to requirements or inducements to enter the “business opportunity” or to qualify for commissions or discounts – or to advance in the hierarchy of “distributors” (or whatever they are called) – who are in effect merely participants making pyramid scheme investments disguised (or laundered) as purchases. But be careful. Often new recruits are told that they need not buy anything – unless they want to enter the “business opportunity” or “leadership” income option. This could be called “pay to play” – purchases one makes if one wants to really play the game.

How much is actually invested in the scheme? MLM companies typically charge a nominal fee to be licensed as a “distributor” (or consultant, customer, representative, etc.) This is usually less than $100 to avoid raising the eyebrows of enforcement officials – and to escape subjecting the MLM program to more strict guidelines as a security or “business opportunity.” However, it is typical that initial registration or license fees are merely the beginning of the total investment for MLM participation. One must add incentivized purchases, which may total hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars a year. They constitute a substantial portion of the cost of participating in the “business opportunity.”

Escalating incentives to continue purchasing products to qualify for ever-higher levels in the hierarchy of participants often leads “distributors” to hyper-consume products, to give away samples, or to fill their garages with products they don’t need. The argument that participants would have purchased the products from another source anyway, and that these purchases should not be considered an expense of doing business, simply does not hold water. Whether they are used, sold, given away, stored, or flushed down the toilet, is irrelevant in this analysis.

If participants add the operating costs of recruiting to the cost of purchases from the company, total expenses generally exceed any payments from the MLM company. The breakeven bar is raised and is rarely exceeded by revenues. In other words, almost all participants below those at the top of the pyramid lose money.

So when participants are expected to make product investments to get into a program – and then to keep on purchasing products, services, training, etc., in order to progress in the organization, they are paying de facto pyramid investment fees to “play the game,” one of the earmarks of a product-based pyramid scheme.

Important Background
for Red Flag #4:

Other qualifying questions that could be asked include: Is it possible to have dozens, or even hundreds, of people in your downline from whom you could collect commissions? – or – Have you been told, or has it been implied (in a variety of ways) by the promoters of the scheme, that the real money is in building a downline? – or – Does the company use a binary, trinary, matrix, breakaway, “Australian 2-up, or hybrid of any or all of these compensation plans with more than four levels of payout by the company to the upline?

When an MLM company pays commissions and bonuses on more than four levels of participants, the program can be said to be highly leveraged; i.e., a few at the top of a pyramid are enriched at the expense of a multitude of downline participants, the vast majority of whom lose money.

For even the largest of conventional distributor arrangements, the entire U.S. can be covered by four supervisory levels in the distributor hierarchy; e.g., branch managers, district managers, regional managers, and national sales manager – and sometimes an international manager if one is needed for foreign markets. More than that is superfluous and bloated, driving up product prices and making sales at a competitive retail markup unprofitable and unrealistic.

Why does more than four levels signal a recruiting MLM? There is seldom any functional justification for five or more levels in an MLM hierarchy of “distributors,” other than to encourage recruiting and the illusion of very large potential incomes to more participants than is mathematically possible – a hallmark of many pyramid schemes. When combined with the other factors herein, only those “distributors” at the top of the pyramid realize any significant income, and the extra levels only enrich those at or near the top of the pyramid at the expense of those beneath them. In some states, this could be considered “unjust enrichment.”

So – with an upline of many levels, the top-level participants may be profiting to an extreme degree from the losses of those beneath them. Such exorbitant incomes result from the reaping of huge overrides from the combined product investments of as many as thousands of downline participants, which increase exponentially with each added level. (See MLM Numbers)

Important distinction. Red Flag #4 is a key feature separating recruiting MLM’s from no-product pyramid schemes, which typically pay on only four or five levels before the person atop the pyramid collects and moves on to start a new pyramid. It also helps explain why the loss rate for recruiting MLM’s is much higher than for classic, no-product pyramid schemes.

Important Background for Red Flag #5:

One might also ask these questions: For purchasing products (supposedly for resale), would a participant receive about the same total payout (in commissions, bonuses, etc.) from the company as participants several levels above him or her who had nothing to do with the sale? – or – Would you need to recruit anyone at all in order to make a good living at this program? (Ask to see the tax returns of any who claim to have done so.)

While the previous four features are fairly easy to identify, this one requires understanding of alternative distribution models and complex incentives in the MLM pay plan. Group bonuses and other incentives must be factored in to determine actual payout per sale. Sometimes the bonuses come in the form of larger discounts or commissions per sale at higher levels in the hierarchy.

Why does this feature of recruiting MLM’s discourage retailing of products to end users? Recruiting MLM’s offer small rewards to front line “distributors” for selling products, which are usually overpriced. So to achieve significant income one must recruit a large downline from which to draw commissions from their combined purchases The end result is inadequate incentive to retail and excessive incentive to recruit. This factor, more than any other, determines whether a program is biased towards recruitment or towards retailing (direct selling to end users). It is also an important red flag signaling a recruiting MLM, or a product-based pyramid scheme.

Why is this feature one of the main problems with recruiting MLM’s? Compensation plans of recruiting MLM’s lead to extreme inequality in payout (money paid by the company) to participants. Company payout is distributed to a few “winners” at the expense of a multitude of “losers.” Often these “losers” will invest considerable amounts of time and money and then quit, blaming themselves. But their “failure” is due not so much to their lack of effort, as to an exploitive system, which dooms approximately 99.9% to losses (after subtracting “pay to play” purchases and minimal operating expenses).

A failure rate in excess of 99% would not in and of itself be fraudulent, except that in MLM opportunity meetings, the program is typically touted as the path to financial freedom, or time freedom, and the earnings of top distributors is posted – but without the abysmal odds of getting there.

PLEASE – Don’t write to ask us to justify our evaluation. You have every right to your opinion, as we do to ours. The responsibility for your decision is on your shoulders, nor ours. However, we believe that with the amount of research that has gone into this analysis, you would be wise to seriously consider what we and others offer to guide and warn against exploitive chain selling programs - where you are almost certain to lose money.

—–please safe urself before it too late LB is MLM ——-

8:27 AM  
Blogger hwahwa said...

kepada kowang yg kutuk steven yeam mmg sengal la..die tuh mmg bagus lah bodo.. kowang yg kutuk dier mmg bodo.. cemburu dgn kejayaan org lain. kegagalan kowang bukannya aku nk pandang..tpi aku nak ludah jer..pijak2 mcm sampah..haha "go SYN"qlzvftr

12:20 AM  
Anonymous kathir said...

hi stupid.. i know your not DCHL member.. so keep quiet.. somemore u dont know about their marketing plan.
dont be silly.. so ur not businessman.. your friends information not enough to critic others company.. bodoh.. go to office
and try to find out, whats going on..

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this people is a failure. that's why he's trying to destroy a good business. yeah, maybe he's one of the partner before but he failed because just stay and relaxed at home. then u deserved it! come on la! ini bukan skim cepat kaya! ada usaha, ada income. tiada usaha, then u fail! better u pegi makan gaji la kalau mcmtu. in ofis oso we have to work lar

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip or what ever ur name is...nama pun nak samekan dgn steven yeam...its part of the business deal. u need to invest to gain something. and i agree with the others that u have FAILED in your life and u are trying to pull others too.. or maybe u have never went or enter any networking business before, just dengar2 orang cakap and criticise others...WHAT A lOSSER!!!

2:20 AM  
Blogger Setsuna F. Seiei said...

till when dis problem will end la...
why dont anyone go n call 4 'TV3'(reveal anything dat you fell wrong)...or report 2 BPR (badan pencegah rasuah)..hah most effective way hah!!!

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aku dah lame dengar pasal LB ni
pelik betul manusia,
dah tau benda ni 30% vs 70%.
still ramai nak join
kesian aku tengok budak2 yang baru kenal dunia terheret dalam MLM mcm ni.
kena tipu hidup2.
duit tak dapat kena bayar loan bank
ini bisness tolong orang nak tipu orang.
tolong kayakan orang atas.

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jangan tertipu

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


find "RZ Corporation"


9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lu semua bongkok apa lagi? lesen pun dah dibatalkan... cis... lagak pulak...

"653 RZ Corporation Sdn.Bhd 1312 AJL931127 MLM BATAL"

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey you all...
u all dont have to hear this "stupid steven yip"..
evrything is good,they must me a negative side that always try to get rid of the good man...
they dont even try...,they also dont even know,but they alwaysspeak usless thing about the good...
this company has done a lot to theia partner,also to the world..
FOr me,this is the BEST company ever had in malysia...also in the world..nothing can compared to them...
Just go to their office,adn see whats going on there..
Stupid this jealous steven yip.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there...

please check

RZ corporation listed under "syarikat yang telah dibatalkan lesen perniagaannya" in kementerian hasil dalam negeri website

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

info for u all..Kementerian perdagangan already terminate d license for RZ CoRp..y??? check it out here..

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

info for u all..Kementerian perdagangan already terminate d license for RZ CoRp..y??? check it out here..

For the readers information please check the website of the statement made above. Is has to be corrected because Rz Corp Sdn Bhd it is still in bussiness. Thank you.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

info for u all..Kementerian perdagangan already terminate d license for RZ CoRp..y??? check it out here..

Reader’s information, the statement made above has to be corrected. check the website again because RZ Corp Sdn Bhd is still in business. Thank you.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

info for u all..Kementerian perdagangan already terminate d license for RZ CoRp..y??? check it out here..

Reader’s information, the statement made above has to be corrected. Check the website again because RZ Corp Sdn Bhd is still in business. Thank you.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jadi boleh tak kita join company nie? aku x berapa paham...yg atas puji...yg bwah kutuk?......aduh jadi jgn join company rz corporation nie la?

11:41 AM  
Blogger muhammad zainuddin zulkefli EIM2 said...

hey SYN Partner,dont be negative!
MLM Lampe Beger?
kalo nk ikot marketing plan yang tu mmg btol2 salah la..
itu hanya ramalan dia je..
tp kalo btol2 plan mmg salah la bro..
skrg tugas partner2 SYN Team tlong fahamkan apa yang bro ni xtau..
bknnya kutuk dia,plz..
adalah 1 industri yang boleh mencecah pencapaian kewangan tahap yang melampau tanpa dijangka..
but many people anggap dis industry adalah cari org..cri org..cri org..jmpa org jual produk..jmpa org jual produk..but its not true on dis time...
disebabkan skim cepat kaya dahulu,industry begini di SALAH ERTIkan..
tp knapa kita slalu pandang MLM dari sudut NEGATIF,kalo kita pandang dari sdut POSITIF,ia boleh mencecah angka ringgit malaysia di tahap gila..

ok..knpa kita x tgok industry perkilangan dari sudut NEGATIF semasa kita apply kerja?..dari segi kawalan yang ketat,dari segi masa yang tetap,dari segi pendapatan tiap2 bulan sama je malahan terikat kpada hutang lain dan hari2 bnda yang sama jgk kita buat di department..boring...
tapi di industry perkilangan o sewaktu dengannya,mengapa kita hanya memberi manager o CEO kita kesenangan malahan kita kerja truk2 bagai nyawa kat hujung tanduk tp selalu kna pressure slalu kena hantam..

kadang2 saya begitu faham kenapa kalo 1 family bawa ank2 nya pergi ke Tesco o Giant,anknya menangis ingin sesuatu permainan tp alasan yang bapanya bg ialah brg x bgus tp sebenarnya bapa x mampu nk membeli brg permainan yang mahal itu.

sebabt itu SYN Team mencipta 1 REVOLUSI terbaru untuk mencapai tahap pendapatan maximum yang belum pernah di jangka..iaitu di UNIVERSITI SYN..
saya begitu faham sekarang mengapa saya memilih SYN Team dan buat business MLM..

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:42 PM  
Anonymous K said...

im sure u got an ugly face and of coz u're fatso rite?? that why u feel chicken to show ur deep ugly shit face???


8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pesanan daripada KPDN HEP...


4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horla there...whatever it is its up to individu to think about their future and what they are doing...kalau korang rasa tak nak tak payah la buat sebab korang tu bukan business minded and even tak nampak open minded pun ataupun u all yang failure...mana2 business kalau orang banyak berjaya memang ada yang cuba jatuhkan organisasi tersebut....kedai nasi lemak sekalipun kalau laku dan banyak customer org yang cemburu terutama pesaing tersebut akan membuat bermacam-macam cerita buruk untuk menganggu bizness diaorg...betul tak???kalau korang tak dapat terima apa SYN buat korang buat la keja lain...apa aku pakai LB aku from what i said we cannot said that u ppl r wrong because u ppl juz dont understand what we are doing ataupun korang digaji untuk buat semua negatif least we got future to catch...thank you for all the negatif comment yang korang bagi sebab aku rasa lebih semangat...i choose SYN..its fair..n yang korang cakap Steven Yeam tu makan duit aku rasa takla sbab kamiorg paham apa yg kamiorg buat dan aku rasa manager yang punya syarikat kat tempat korang keja tu pun makan duit lebih dari korang kan???...terpaksa ambik hati bos..lagi teruk korang terikat dengan working hours..penat2...but tak apa la kan...ITS UP TO U TO CHOOSE AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE JOURNEY...THANX

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did check at website that show all the company that their licence are being terminate from the year of 2006 until 2009 and i did not see any company that regarding to SYN in the list...

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



(anything please hit me back

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hai steven yip...
muka ko hensem la cm kedut telur aku..sory terkasar...aku mmg respect pendapat mcm ko nie la nk jd pemimpin dunia..klu ko jd calon nnt aku mesti undi aku xrespect krn ko x gentle..penat je mak bapak ko "main" utk melahirkn ko..muke hensem tp letak gmbr separuh je..bastard ini budak..mmg ank sial..neraka jahanam je tmpt ko setan nirajim...jgn smpai aku dpt thu ko saper je..nasib ko lh..

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

org melayu suke tindas kaum sndri..bagus sgt bagus yes!!!!

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:26 AM  
Anonymous anti DClaka said...

macam claka je MLM ni,byk sgt hidden agenda antara diorang nak mnipu org,kalo x minat jgn nak cuba2 nnti mmg trasa kena tipu,modal bukan sikit.
ambik brg2 LB campak balik je ke muka balaci2 DCHL,yg byknye org kje kjaan mlayu,elok sgt la..tau nak senang cpt,yg untung ttp untung,org bawah x tido malam..hrpkan gaye je,tiap bulan pikir nak byr utang bank.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mcm claka je MLM dchl ni..yg dh tkena pn x sedar2 tuduh org lain plak yg tak paham ngan bsness diorang..umpan la mane2 couple yg nak kawin cpt tu masuk..dh masuk n tak leh buat pnyudahnye putus..matlamat ntah kmana dan yg ksian org mlayu yg ramai..mudah sgt pcaye org nak bg hdup senang.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is true guys...??
actually i really want join this..
but,i saw many comment here...
hopefully got sincere people to guide me into the truth...
y any said,the company is already terminated from LHDN...???

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ye ke?aku bru je lepak ngan diorang kt sblah restoran sri malaysia tadi..berminat gak la ngan bisnes diorang ni tpi aku pelik ngan produk diorang le sbb diorang cakap prodak diorang adelah francial..kete gempak2 bro diorang tuh..'aku stil mencari2 bisnes yg best'call me jalot

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