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Another Lampe Berger Story

Sorry, these days...nothing much to update. But here's another email, describing his experience being prospected. Notice the culture of materialism they exhibit.

Dear Steven,

Its great that you've taken a step to providing a database of awareness of
such scam. Im sure it'll be doing a whole great deal for everyone out there
who are most likely vulnerable to fast money and such.

Here's an experience i had, a friend, a chick more rather, pretty hot too,
called me out of the blue to talk to me about my music career (i'm a
musician btw), curious about how i come about funding my projects and studio
hours. Showing so much interest in my passion, she decided to tell me that
she might have a solution for me to further my music interests such as
building my own studio, and this and that which was quite a shock to me.

So she brought me to that Building where the fellowship of the lamp members
gather and pulled my attention to every member, stating that the cheapest
handbag a girl would carry would be a Luis Vuitton handbag, while for guys,
some other designer apparel.

I was brought up to a certain level to meet a certain individual named Alex
who mentioned that he studied at The One Academy, studying gaming creation
or some sort. No idea. Before entering the room i was pleased to see many of
my high school seniors and aquaintances all around whom i've not seen for
years. They were all drop outs from college, but very well dressed indeed
for drop outs.

Back to Alex, so he began his speech by saying, "ah, today i just needed to
spend some money as i have too much to spend so i bought myself an MP3
player that cost me about 800 bucks". I'm familiar with gadgets as i am a
sucker for gizmos. I'm pretty sure he had a cheap RM200 made in china piece
of crap mp3 player. With RM800 you could have gotten an ipod or something

Next he would then bring up his achievement in the business and have jsut
recently put down a payment for his brand new Toyota Celica, which was his
dream car. I was told he was earning close to RM70K a month with his status,
and just a Celica? He explained all the usuals mentioned on your website,
and i was really pissed off at my friend for wasting my time bringing me to
a freak show.

i left the building not intending to join at all. She called and called
telling me how beneficial it'll be to my music career while i could just
tell her to suck my dick and i might just bloody well consider if i were to
pick up your call again.

This has been a very long winded email but i hope your fight against this
organization will come through one day and you will have my support. Keep up
the good work



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha... omg i've met that 'Alex'... well he got screwed by my dad 2 years ago. seems like he's still alive.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to know u still update your blog
even u dont have anything to talk about.
paste out the email you received...

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... Steven, i have been following up with all your blogs since last year... Well, actually i learned a lot from you on how to do this business properly... Thanks for the words man... It had really strengthen me up....

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am totally anti mlm.
A fren who is in this rubbish called ATM told me 2 years back he going to get his waja in 3mths, and his Beemer a year after his waja. 2 years has passed, as far as i noe, he is still taking public transport.

anw, i think all MLM is bullshit. I never joined any (i am sure many pro mlm suckers are going to say that i am not fit to judge since i never been conned into joining. but seriously, do u hafta eat shit to noe that it sux??) MLM, but i believe i am smarter than that.

as i said, all MLM are BS, but LB is Xpecially bad, i noe for a fact that many ppl in college drop out coz of this stupid "business". An EX-Friend of mine even dropped out jz before she finish her final sem. wat the F***! cannot wait 3 months before jumping into the cesspool?? anw, i tink LB sux coz they target college students.

anw, glad that there are ppl like u out here to warn about these scams. community service indeed.



3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've Also meet this Alex also bragging about his Celica. Fucked up by him. So damn naive people get tricked into this. Sorry to said you failed con me into this shit. Hahaha...

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear steven..
do u noe where's dchl?
do u noe well about dis company?
what do u noe bout biz?any experience in mlm?i bet u failed b4 rite?pity on u..u might slipped by ur own track..u gave up..definitely..
i'm a student..
on behalf of all students..jz want 2 let u know..we never gv up or drop out our study n yet success in biz..
lots n lots proof..
i dont care others thinking..tell me..what did u get by creating dis so called "holy blog"..
may God bless u alwiz

frens out there..especially anti mlm..or anti LB..plz mind ur well mannered person.

11:47 AM  
Blogger dwtk said...

hi everyone! luckily i checked this site out! ok, i was invited to listen some crappy talk last nite at dchl tower. at 1st i was ok, no emotion to those things. but after getting persuasions from a few of high ranking people. i was actually abit of headache, maybe this might be ok i thought. but now, after reading this blog...i'm kinda worried. so, can anyone confirm that LB is really a scam? just wanna satisfy myself. pls anyone, just email me at, thanx!!!!!!!

really appreciate you guys are here!!! =)

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about SGN - Steady Global Network under DCHL? Is it the same with Steven Yeam Network?

Please comment...

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about SGN - Steady Global Network under DCHL? Is it the same with Steven Yeam Network?

Please comment...

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SGN is another group. The product, company (DCHL), marketing plan is same but the system are different. They have 5 culture (believe, unity, responsible, thankful and sincere). The team is very strong and help each other and sucsess together.

Steven and all anti LB, try to imagine.. "Walau betapa hebat and membenci, dari hari ke hari, bulan ke bulan, tetap ada orang yang berjaya di DCHL. Merealisasikan impian menjadi kenyataan. Mereka tidak rugi, tetapi anda lah sebenarnya yg kerugian. Kejayaan takkn datang bergolek. Kejayaan perlukan pengorbanan dan kesanggupan. Tetapi, pengorbanan dan kesangguoan itu akan menjadi sesuatu yang sgt2 berbaloi pada masa hadapan. Insyallah. Contohnya masa. Kita berkorban masa, datag training, follow up, tetapi dimasa akan datang setelah kita berjaya, masa akan bekerja untuk kita"

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah, if the girl agree to suck, would you consider really join ? 2.5k or 30k to suck dick, not bad after all considering the market rate ......

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... told her to suck your dick? and join the RM2345 company?
Think Twice..RM2345 you can find around...200 girl out there to have your dick been sucked and also have sex with them!
And RM36k? wow..3000 Stripper i can called for having my dick suck and have sex with them for whole life.
So, Save this 36k to find stripper for whole life better then finding this stupid girl to suck your dick! :D
Back to Topic...
My friend, who has been quited LB last week told me that she has been cheated by her best friend, so, now, they are been no more friend anymore... Hmm..Losing a Person a person in your life is a HURT! Especially your best
I am not a anti MLM! But i am a Anti LB and SYN! I used to join the others 2 mlm, but i fail, cause i am a failure person, didnt do the job nicely, non of the company business...but for LB! OMG! it was a crap! seems my this fren tat quited 2 weeks ago for LB has been called me 2month ago about LB thingy... but finally, she quits LB because of me( I am not her bf k) and mine friends... I told her that she are such a stupid to join such a 36k company! (She was very interest of LB at 1st) then she don wan listen...{{She was a pretty girl, a pretty girl usually success a mlm network easily, but not on LB}} I said i am not interest on it, then she said ok.. don discuss about LB anymore..and on his 3rd month, i then "im" to her and ask her that "How is her business going?" and she cheated to me: very good!!! i earn alot!!! it was fun!!! after tat week, i with my gang of friend when to the movie..she also got go(She is my friend gf loh^^)...even her boyfren also didnt support her to join LB! so after the movie that night, we go to have our dinner at Pizza Hut. So i start discuss the LB with her again, her bf was there..she dare not tell lie... so she tell me the truth: It was hard to do" So, that time, i laughed at her and said, lucky i didnt join, if not today, i am not friend with you anymore!
I try to wash her brain! Wash until all the LB thigy gone! Wash until her brain full of "Anti LB"! then she still said she will keep it out! When we go home..(We are in the same car) in the car: i tolded her: Hey, now is already your 3rd month, after this month, you gonna lost all your RM36k. Your Parent sit at the office for 3 to 4 month working hardly! and you spent it away! Think twice before this month was gone! at least get back all the money!"
then she think..after reached home, i on MSN and saw her online, but didnt care about her lah, so she IMed me and told me.."How you know that this was a scam?" so i tell her to come to checked out this page! go yahoo/google and type "Lampe berger" you will see alot of topic discuess about LB was a SCAM! so, she come and have a look! After an hour of searching, she told me that she was on super preasure! She told me that what she read inside all of the topic was TRUE! so i said" Now! You know the true background of LB?" She said : YES!" and again..few days later..she sms me and told me that, Thanks you! I am now at LB office and going to quit and refund my money! thanks you guys(me and my others fren) for supporting me to quit as a LB distrubutor!"
Now! She was just a normal girl that stay happily ever than being a LB person! she told me that feeling of quiting LB just! Cool! Freedom!
Thanks god she has only just lost a friend! but sadly..that was a "Best Friend"

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your information Steday Global Network already create another company under MCREN Oceanus Sdn Bhd. The marketing plan is still the same like DCHL/RZ but with RM2,000.00. U pun kena invets RM34k-RM38k untuk beli position Master (Count). Makin hari i nampak banyak penipuan yang di ajar oleh upline. Awal2 dulu nampak macam jujur jer muka sorang2. Setelah RZ diminta tutup dia orang buat benda baru. Sekarang nie tengah mohon lesen Jualan Langsung dekat KPDNHEP. Tak tahu dah dapat ke belum, tapi dia orang dah start invest dah tanpa lesen AJL.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about steady global network or mcren oceanus holding..? anybody can explain to me

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sama jer, company share RM2 jer... aku dah check kat SSM... sekarang nie buat under grown baru nak mohon AJL... Basic mktg plan sama jer macam Lamp Berger.. Modal besar RM34 K tahun depan 40K... jgn hancurkan diri anda....

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actualy tak perlu pun nak invest sampai 34k dalam LB or McRen.... kalau ada dalam generasi anda yang ke 100 org kebawah invest 34k semua generasi yang 99 org tu pun boleh jadi Count atau Master.... jgn kena tipu....

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steady Global Network(SGN) & DCHL???
Now they're a two different network company.
Really!!!!For those who're anti MLM,we hv our own luck,rite?
If it only promised you a "time or money wasting", so how about the one who now on the top?As long as u do it sincerely with fullhearted,U'll make it!If you said RM 2k is a big money that you can spend on girls, shopping or what so ever you wanna do with it,what if you use that money doing a MLM biz?You only need to pay once but if you work harder,you'll success and will get 5-10 times the money you pay before!So what???I've met many person who succeed in mlm biz.From a driver with RM 7oo basic to an engineer.Those who doing MLM fulltime and quit their job just for doing it fulltime,they're just like what Malays says "Mendengar guruh di langit,air di tempayan di curahkan". This what makes others think MLM are a "USELESS BUSINESS"! Anyways,thanks for updated your blog and sorry for my words.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yesss that's true, i saw the license AJL also, they use others company. The no is AJL 931587. The company name is Sweblink, I buy SSM about SWEBLINK and surprised that nature of biz this company are supply R.O water filter & dispenser only. What the fuck???

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SGN and SYN is juz da same..the marketing plan,...modal...senang cite..sume same!!!sume copy right jewk...yg beza die..juz their product..i noe bout it coz i attend both of dis company event...

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kalau percaya, adalah peluang.
kalau tidak percaya, pernipuan..
semuanya hanya... fikiran anda.
tidak ada sama betul ke salah...
cuma pendapatan saya..
jangan marah dekat i ....

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Mcren Oceanus just called me up for interview for Customer Care Assistant Manager's position. If i didn't read this blog i would have gone there already. however it is still a but uncertain if there are going to talk me into this sales thingy or just genuinely want to hire me to service their customer.Anyone have any comment on this?

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be cheated my friends!! These kind of scheme is bulshitt.None of it can be trusted!!! They only want to Suck our money and they fled just like that if their pocket already full....MLM @ Mcren @ SGN is only direct seller that sells Filtres and R.O Water beside organising a Seminar.Their target is not selling products but more on finding a persons and ask them to join in by contibute 33K to be a Crown Master.What a shame if people can easily lured into this business

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all, everyone is giving excuses to quit either Lb /SYN/SGN...i think is all this world, nothing is impossiible....u all so free sitting here so free becox u all cannot get out from ur stupid work and still enjoy ur 8-5 work...over loaded work and being an employee forever.....thanks God becox of u all this kind of negative people and that's y my success matter wat u people said...believe in oneself.....dont becox of one spoil egg and affect the whole still keep on the workers...please keep on with ur monthly fixed the rich keep richer and the poor remains.....with fucking debts...dont even need to think of doing business.....such a great business and people spoil it....

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kalau dah gagal diam je x payah nak kecoh org yang gagal sebab sendiri mals dtg train gagal nk salhkn org len apa punya manusia la

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i saw u guys were talking about Mcren Oceanus Sdn Bhd... Can someone share wit me about this company...

Is it good company or bad ? Bcoz recently they advertised a vacancy, and i apply for it... And i got the job, as a counter customer service...

And i`ll be attending their training at kuching, coz from what i heard early next year this company are trying to build market at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A

nd i will be the 1st badge to work at their company here in sabah. So can someone share to me is this company always frame people ?

4:23 AM  

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