Thursday, April 19, 2007

HYIP, Swisscash, Swedenfund, StudioTraffic and the likes of it

I am writing this post, because I am fed up with the malaysian public who are into these scams. I try to rationalise why they joined it. Is it because of naiveity, lack of financial knowledge, or just pure greed? Is it because, they believe that the ends justify its' means? Or is it money has become the god of their hearts?

Money, has, and will continue to be the focus of human pursuit. It's everyone dream to be filthy rich, and sipping mango juice in a tiny glass with umbrella, relaxing beside a pool in the Carribean. But how come these gullible people can still put their head into this, and believe it will be their ticket out?

What pisses me off, is that I still get comments from Swisscash investors singing praises for this scam. Even as Bank Negara Malaysia has put up a press statement warning it's unlicensed.

When you look at such an investment, I am telling you...yes..telling you...don't even try to join it. Even if you see those who joined, has got rewarded. It's plain simple as a ponzi game. The money to pay off the early investors are from the later investors. So the money just keep on pilling up and up, until at one point, the scammer has had enough, and shut down the whole goddamn investment.

I have seen this kind of mentality in Malaysians in StudioTraffic forum, HYIP blogs, and sites like those. It's a sick, sick, sicko mentality. Money for nothing? and chicks for free?....well you will get chicks after you got tons of money...there's a universal law of attraction between $$$ and chicks.

After doing so much thinking, I can just summarise there's 2 types of people joining this. First those who knows nothing about how investment runs. They are what you say, lacking knowledge. They are the ones who could not figure out, how businesses works. They could not fathom how these scammers run their operation. Nobody wants to point a finger at themselves, and say they are dumb. Once they believe it's true, they seldom make second opinion on the matter. And so they whole heartedly jump into it. And bringing their friends, relatives along.

The second group of people are the ones, who knows it's a scam, but join nevertheless. They know how it works, they know when to get out. They know it's just a short term "investment". But they are there for the ripoff.

I reckoned, the first group are the majority ones.

Ok, so we know a lot of Malaysians are running off the cliff to join all these HYIPs, internet scams, but what can we do about it? History will keep on repeating itself, again and again. We can't really stop the scammers since there's bound to be someone with ideas to strike the next scam.

First of all, those who want to invest...go learn more on business and finance. Equip yourself with how actually those business runs. Even legal business knows how to twist the facts. Yes, including DCHL lampe berger.

Secondly, there's no such thing as easy money. Ever. Period.

Thirdly, be honest, and work a decent living, either if you are a salary man, or businessman. If you want to get rich, don't rip people off. I have chatted with a businessman, who has seen many stories on cheating. Conman don't have peaceful lives. Yes, you may get away with it, but you won't be able to sleep soundly. There's something not lasting about money that is earned the wrong way. It will come easily, and go easily.

Fake things do not last.



Blogger Trevor said...

So why is everybody still going for this scam?


Easier life.

I think Asian's mindset is that, in order to be successful, you must be rich.

Then secondly, human are tend to be lazy (if not, why are we inventing all the stuff to make our life easier?)

combine both together, it'll become a product such as

"earn fast money which double or triple or more on your capital, which allows u to retire early"

without knowing the fact that, "there's no free lunch in the world"

Even if there is, just remember that "there will be billions of people queuing in front of you Some of them, who are greedy, will eventually make the free product to be non-free"


8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I praise you for speaking the truth and honest. Sadly, these values are lacking in the world today; blinded by money.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess what guys... i just happen to drop by Cash Converters (where u can buy/sell ur old junks) and i saw a few LB lamps on the shelf selling for RM 69 each. You'll have a good laugh when u actually see it urself ! Maybe some of their members are sooooo desperate and in need of cash to pay their car installment.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous teh powah said...

They have no other means to dispose of the lamps.

The lamps were obviously designed with noble intentions. I pity the creator that certain individuals have perverted his ideas.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y am i laughin? im laughing 8 all envious ppl. im spendin my cash in expensive things, while u guys here talk trash behind my back. Well, this the reality, my frens. Some lose, some gain. Some not very lucky, while some r filthy rich. So, im just curios, how much did u get from posting all this blogs? The feeling of goodness from helping others? Maybe. But can that put food on ur family's table? Pay for ur parents medications?
I'll giv u 1 advise(but i dont tink u'll listen, coz i know y'all r stubborn hardheads). If wanna play this game, u gotta play it smart. Play it like a pro. Play it like me.
If u'll excuse me, i tink i gona take a cruise in my sportscar. Cheers!

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to a good or smarter anonymous i didnt agree with u hahahahahahha anonymous with HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
how long u can eat with that money hahahahhaha how long u give ur family with that money???? haram u know ur give ur family with that money no wonder one day ur will get the payback hahahahahaha and i believe in GOD and i or we very very proud if we can eat or spend our money with our hardworking but u,u proud spend money with cheating people is that pro/smart that u say and dont be mad at me if i say u are nobody and rubbish for me hahahahahaha

9:52 PM  

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