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No Money, Get Loan

I got another mail from a lady who's is being coerced to do lampe berger scam business.
They will try every way to offer you loans (which you will pay for the rest of 20 years), just to finance this on.

Hi Steven,

As I am writing this, I am scared to death. All the while I don't think that I could be involved in some business scam such as MLM. Many friends have approched me before; Amway, Zhulian etc ect. My colleague whom I barely known (she just join my company for 4 months) approached and insisted me on joining this LB.

The story is more or less the same. I even paid her RM250 just yesterday (she brought me to "her" office in menara HLA) out of the blue in order for me to attend their gathering (or something) this weekend in a hotel, with closing from their chairman (or something). She insisted me to pay another RM2500 end of the month, and persuaded me to make personal loan for RM30K. She even call around, asking her friends who work in banks to let me make personal loans. I am terrified now. She really scares me.

I forwarded to her your blog and LampeBergerHelp. But she laughed and said she knew about it long time ago. She told me I should know what I want.

What I want? Eeee I don't want to join them! But Im not so sure now, because I've signed a form when I paid RM250 yesterday. She didn't give me a copy of that form, so I don't know what's the term. I'm afraid that if I don't pay RM2500 end of this month or later RM30K, they will take actions againts me.

Blame me. I'm greedy. Yah..I had a hard time, and think that money would solve everything. Geez..what am I thinking? BUt they way they pushed me and bring her husband lah, her brother lah, her best friend lah..makes me feel uneasy and you can say that I dont want to get embarassed not to pay the RM250...Is that their trick?

Hell, I don't want to pay RM2500 end of this month. It's a big amount to people like me. OMG, I've been conned...

Need help,


Blogger KY said...

cut the loses and forget about the RM 250. heh

2:35 AM  
Blogger bewise said...

hey listen here.. if u think that lb is a con company u dun trust lb den just don join!! no ones gonna send u lawyer letter!! lb doesnt force ppl.. do wat u think is best for u !! don make ppl force u or ask u to do things u don wana do!!! have ur own decision!! if u don like lb don wan to join lb hate lb feels lb con u den get out of lb!! DON JOIN!! tell the fren of urs u don wana join.. be firm oon ur decision! don just follow wat ppl say!!

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously Asma, what action can they take against you? if they decide to take you to court, screw them, take a lawsuit against your friend for scamming you and making you sign contracts. she's desperately trying to persuade you to pay RM2500 so that she can have a percentage of what you paid, talk abotu you being greedy, i think your friend is the even more greedier one. you dont need a friend like that.

i had a friend do LB, she regretted, she lost 30K, do you want to lose 30K? let your friend learn the hardway, and make her understand what she needs to do in order to EARN MONEY, you think getting money is that easy? if it is, why not the whole of malaysia jsut stop all their jobs and take up LB?

10:23 AM  
Anonymous pej said...

akak tak payah masuk la...DCHL ni macam memaksa jer..saya pn nyaris2 terjebak nak join..memang kalau saya ada duit masa tu..konfem join,,,tapi setelah pikir balik...x berbaloi join benda tuh..diorang sumer tu nak kan duit akak jer..masa sy pergi awal bulan hari tu..diorang asyik suh saya pinjam duit ngan kawan2 jer...akak jangan terpengaruh ngan benda nih..kena pikir beratus2 kali..kalau akak buat loan rm30k, baik akak invest dalam Public Mutual ngan public bank..dapat gak hasil..walaupun x banyak..lebih berbaloi dari join dulu siap pinjam duit ngan ayah lagi..lepas pikir2 baik tak payah..saya ni student lg. team dchl kt menara HLA tu memang power dalam bab provoke saya suh masuk..yang provoke sy tu sumer pompuan yg sebaya ngan saya, saya yang buruk ni pn kata hensem n macam2 lg..last sekali suh pinjam duit utk join..tentu akak terpikir camner saya bleh pergi kt ofis diorang. sbenarnya saya x tahu pn pasal benda nih, saya tengok kawan saya pakai SMART2 lepas mghrib ingan dia jadi jd konfius..saya tanya dia..dia cakap dia pergi jual peluang..saya jadi tertanya2 dan bersemangat nak tahu..dia x nak bagitahu,,dia cakap kalau nak tahu pergi ofis...kt sini bleh nampak bagaimana saya boleh bernasib baik sebab kenal sorang pgawai polis dan dia ajar n bagitahu bagaimana nak mengenal orang yang berpura n kuat memperdaya orang lain seperti yang team DCHL buat tuk perdaya orang lain..kalau memang x der kekuatan untuk menentang provokasi diorang,,konfem sape2 yang pergi ke ofis tu akan masuk..

apa2 hal
akak leh kontek saya

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea.. losing 250 is better than losing 2500 ! this is malaysia, not U.S , let them sue if they wan...u can make a police report and say u didnt know wat u have signed and ur forced to. ive seen enough of these bullshit by those lamers ... they are so so so fucking thick face. i think many of them already in deep shit coz dumped so much money in the 'business' so they have no choice but to find other ppl to join and cover their loses.

2:41 AM  
Anonymous new found life said...

Just my 2 cents;
I agree that this is an issue of greed & is also about making unwise decision without very deep understanding & knowledge of what you want and what options that u have. I joined DCHL recently with my clear conscience (and after lots of reading & research on mlm) coz i can see the opportunity here - just like other biz. No one has ever forced me to join nor take up any loan wat so ever. I had joined mlm & other biz experience before i.e. elken, shaklee, insurance etc but mostly ended up within just few months.. for a simple reason coz i really never understand how the biz plan works (also not much of a guidance on how to make your biz grow). DCHL has given me the opportunity to understand the mlm biz concept clearly. (Yes maybe they're some unscrupulous ppl out there who applied aggresive/scary means to build their downlines - mind you these ppl are everywhere and not only in DCHL!) But my point is simple - understand the concept clearly & you'll see what is mlm all about.
If i may try to elaborate this way:
Say you invest RM2000 to set up a burger stall and sell a burger for RM1.50 (as your part time job). How long will it takes for u to get back your modal? (RM2000/1.50= *u need to sell 1,334 burgers~that is 16++ days if u sell 80 burgers a day). Now if u hv an options to sell 300 burgers a day and get your modal faster (4++ days)by way of appointing ppl/distributors to sell your burger, wouldn't you think that this is a better biz plan? Of course you hv to pay commissions to these distributor a.k.a franchisee in a case of McDonalds/KFC. That's exactly the network marketing/franchise/mlm & DCHL all about. So we pay RM4.00 for a burger in McD without fuss when a normal burger only coz us RM1.50 in a burger stall, right?
Next is how are u going to expand your burger biz to larger number of stalls/branches/or even global? Of course with a very big capital outlay. So thats explain why LB product in some country maybe cheaper under the retail selling concept but maybe higher in mlm/network marketing/DCHL; due to the higher capital outlay for the facilities & infra to establish the network and appoint distributors in more places/countries. It goes the same with Amway/Cosway/whatever ways la :) By having more distributors/network, LB product (which is very unique and interesting anyway!) has reached larger numbers of consumers/users in many countries now compared to when it was sold in conventional retail ways previously. The basic principles here is,as distributors we are also users & we certainly will promote the product which we are selling right? (is there any difference with Avon, Amways etc?)
To summarize; for those who hv problem & don't understand mlm/DCHL, don't just listen, do your homework/checking/study before you decide! And for those who think that DCHL is not your `cup of tea', please don't spread rumours/lies and jeopardise other ppl rice bowl. Just mind yourself to stay away and lead your normal life & let others make their own choice.
Thank you & hv a nice day!

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Steve, you've changed strategy now by posting emails you receive from people, or should I say, you 'supposedly' receive from people. One have to wonder if he did really receive such email or, he typed it up himself. After all, those are just words with no email add or contact number of the sender(s). No more media references like before? Ops.. can't find anymore I guess. The last time I looked at this blog was nearly 6 mths back and, out of curiousity, I just poped in to see how Steve is doing. Sadly, instead of getting more interesting, it has gotten more boring with lame (probably not legitimate) email references. Instead of moving forward, he's going backward. Maybe that's how it is in his life also...but, why am I not surprised!

10:39 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above, can choose to believe whether the emails are true or not.

Meanwhile..i have other more interesting stuff to do, than to crack my head on lampe berger.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey anonymous above,
u must be one of those LB scammers. why dont u ask urself, six months back until now how much have u honestly made from LB ? i bet business has been real bad lately eh ? thats because everyone's moving forward and realise its fucking stupid to throw in so much money for such 'lamp business'. it would be a totally different story if u could rub a genie out of it and grant u 3 wishes,but unfortunately u have to pay extra for the oil instead. seems like ur the one left behind, still with the strong mind seeking for more victims. now just look at ur downline and tell me how many of them actually made their money back or living comfortably with LB's so-called 'steady income'. And to the person above who mentioned bout the 'burger business' thingy... please use ur brain. the way u talk already proven that u have been brain-washed. dont relate LB with elken,amway or even a burger stall...ur main selling point should be the PRODUCT,not selling business! elken and amway products are reasonably priced,been proven and certified. if consumers wanna invest into the business their joining fee is also no doubt reasonable. BUT RM 2345 to join LB ?? WTF ! thats a big rip off. SEriously how many of u actually uses the lamp ? maybe in the beginning but could u afford the re-fill oil everytime it runs out? if ur so health conscious then STOP SMOKING OR DRINKING. What u are paying for is actually their stories to make u feel self-confident and 'grown up'. and by wearing suits and attending talks in sunway hotel gona make u look professional and 'cool' ? i think syn knew malaysia is full of NAIVE KIDS (yes,thats you dickhead) thats why the plan works so well here. go to mph and read from successful leader like donald trumph or whoever, at least they are real and wont get their bentley towed if they cant get anyone to join in the company. Anyway i guess humans are not that stupid afterall, they just make mistakes sometimes .... and its never too late to change !

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Steven, not doubt that there's certain people in the organization that did it in an unethical way, however, I do really think that you shouldn't regard us the ethical one as a whole with the bad apples.

Your perspective towards this industry definately undoubtly negative, with all the respect of your courage of voicing out for the unfortunately people, however there are certain aspect that you should look into even from before.

1.Legally, we are definately legal, just that it happens distributors have done things unethically. Ehtical issues are the main issues not only in this industry but every single industry. Please don't make a big deal out of it, again own individuals contributing to unethical issues. Don't forsee us as a whole.

2.The products of our company is definately genuine. We have lab reports by local and foreign health instituition on our creditibility of what we claim to be of our products,and the whole business module rely on the brand Lampe Berger, as the products that makes us positioned ourself uniquely in a different segment of market, which is the air and wellness industry.

3.Essenstial oil, small amount of concentrated natural essence of flowers/plants are been extracted from the flowers/plants, and extracting pure essence from flowers/plants is certainly costly. The Alcohol contained is isopropheylic-alcoholic it will do no harm to you, and again it is alcohol-formulaed for the purpose as a medium for disimburse the ozoalcoal formula which produce ozone and the aromatheraphy

4.Due to the different pricing strategy and due to the different modus operandi which is the MLM, (the most misunderstood industry)the company compensates 69% total pay out of the price to its distributors.

5.Widen up your perspective towards this industry, it has evolved into becoming a business. Mostly problems that occured are due to the young people. As for me, having it in a business perspective, it is definately a feasible business however not an easy business. I feel sorry for your cronies that have been cheated or conned, but again, I believe, faith is in your hand, it is you and only yourself determines what you will want to be.

6.Feel sorry for those people who got cheated by the irresponsible uplines and making their life so misreable, it happened to my very close friend as well. However, I really think that you should gather yourself and stop pointing fingers at other people and start to take action of your own decision of coming in the first place.

7.For the recruitment, i certainly disagree with it. As the establishment of DCHL is relied on our brand Lampe Berger, the brand is used as a tool. The concept that we are selling is franchise and the tools that we are carrying is the brands and services. Same goes to stock exchange, insurance.
Concept: investment plan; self-assurance
Tools: Stocks, different products. As a franchisee, you can fully utilized the products and services, you can even sell it or use it and if you do agree on the market of our products and services present the business proposal to people.
The only factor that bothers you is because that the way we conduct or business is by people. Globalization has lead to alot of changes in you and my life. People are now considered as an asset of an organization.
Another thing, today the market will never saturated when does is such a good product. (Henry Ford)
You are vaining and complaining about how DCHL or MLM selling a dream of lies to people, but I can't tell if you look from the another side, MLM or DCHL has created hopes for people whom are incapable of achieving or people whom don't ever dreamt of.
Dear friend, you might not believe in MLM or DCHL, doesn't matter, every individual is entitled to its own opinions, however, just bear in mind, it will be the future, and believe, there will be still people like you criticizing this industry due to the ethical issues.
Read more books, be more knowledgable and learn how to accept.
It's not the strongest and smartest that survived, but it the one that could adapt to changes that survive.
That makes we human different.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous teh powah said...

Though I appreciate the fact you people believe LB is for you, it certainly isn't for the rest of us.

Forcing people into your "bizness" sucks. If people don't want to join that's their business.

And no, you people are not helping them. Stop your holier than thou behaviour and just leave people alone when they say no.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Dear Christopher,

Let me highlight to you the criticism regarding SYN and Lampeberger in Malaysia.

1) The way business is conducted specially the hard selling method by many of their members.

2) There are being told that:-
In general they can achieve financial freedom—False

The worst part is making people believe the can actually make a lot of money if dump in 30k for count position.
Paying extra a whole a lot of money, just for higher commission for future sales that a person makes for the company (DCHL).

Even you must realized, that this business cannot sustain everyone who is in the business to make money for everyone who is involve.

This blog is also voicing out the voices of many people, the thoughts of many polite people rather than saying it to your face, that you annoy us with words of,
-financial freedom
-business opportunity
-new way of doing business

I do agree that some people can actually make a lot of money from this business but at the expense of so many people losses.

You can tell yourself, that the person who lose is the person who gives up.
But I can tell you, that it is very hard not to think all that you care about is that person money (how much he is ‘investing’ from his pocket) rather than how well he can do the business and make money from himself.

Also the scheme is designed to earn money later, base on downlines upon downlines. Based on this, for the present time, or at any given time, only a small percentage of the whole franchise holders would make money. There rest have to wait until they have their own downlines and downlines. This is even assuming they can find downlines.

And please stay away from hardworking people who are doing their jobs and just stick to your network of people not in regular jobs or people who can not find ways to improve in their career.
We do not intend to feed into your ideals, or your pocket or your lame one track business mind.


1:53 AM  
Anonymous anti-lampeberger supporter said...

To the anonymous above:

SYN Business here is bad because:-

1) The usage of brainwashing technique that harps on people's emotions and greed.

2) You talk about franchising, tell me which legit franchise business has that many distributors/franchisee regardless of their skills? Would McD/KFC allow 2 or three shops to be opened side by side? Competition must controlled to safeguard the business. SYN? Everyone is competing with each other!

3) If one franchisee did something unethical (say McD in PJ), wouldn't action be taken on him? How come nothing has been done in SYN? SYNers continue to harass people and forces new recruits to swallow all their special edition lamps so that they cant make a refund, nor tell them what they are getting. This is cheating!

4) Not everyone is made out to be businessmen/entreprenuers, hence SYN system is not duplicable and doesnt guarantee success. So leave those who doen't want to join alone, and stop harassing the innocent!

3:34 AM  
Blogger kerk said...

May this Christopher provide me his contact details? And his Surname as well?

My contact is
And my name is John Fewerda Chong
and my phone number is
+61413 262 072

I would like to keep in touch with you regarding your well expanded business.

Everything that printed on the brochures or business card or press ain't all real. Only if you work in the media world before.
Ribena claimed they have 4 times Vitamin C than orange juice, aint real too.. just the tactic they use in the ad to get more customers.
Do they provide you which Lab analysed your magic lamp? If they do, email them and ask them if its true or does such science lab exist at the first place. or simply another "X Lab"from Paris, examined by Professor "Ding Dong" proof the fact -|| alcohol-formulaed for the purpose as a medium for disimburse the ozoalcoal formula which produce ozone and the aromatheraphy? ||
Tell me the Lab that examined that, give me their contact details, and who approved that result.
or else, I can also say Mahathir used to buy nasi lemak from my mother's take away stall and said our nasi lemak is full with fibre too.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

new found life,

Dont screw other ppl life with ur new found life ok?be honest.Why LB wanna help ppl?no body in this world is generous enough to help other ppl.tell us ur condition for us to join u.Oh come on be honest!

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kak asma..
my honest deeply thingking.. i dun think dat LB is worst as u thought. u can count every single cent if u really dun sure about the system.. actually is not like the pyramid ones! and is not cheating people.. u'll get the money if u work for it.. is not just u invest the money.. and let the money grow for u.. NO..certainly NOT..i'm profesional.. i'm look for both side. ya.. u need to find ur down line.. but with the help of ur upline.. DCHL has many branch. and it has a lot of company under the same management DCHL.. if u really worry bout ur rm 250.. and ur next rm 2500.. just leave it! dun join!! but if u want to make sumting new.. so try!! n u know then.. so many negative outside..ask ur heart.. seek allah for help..

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what d fuck u said about making McD, KFC as comparison.. i never heard of d owner failure before.. not like LB.. 1% winner 99% goner (probably a bit exaggerated but who fucking cares)..

If i can open a McD stall for RM30k.. i would!!! u ***king b*tch.. bcoz i know, it would not goes down to drain (consider my strategic location) but somehow i believe people can survive.. even if u open at a kampung u can survive, sucker.. maybe McD or KFC owner loss but d % will be 99%winner, 1% goner.. :)

don't compare apple with orange.. compare urself wit other MLM.. see how?? u'll amazed (not surprising though) the strongest common will be 1% winner, 99% goner!!! hahaha..

see.. u just saying crap.. shove the lamp right up ur ****ing ass.. maybe i can clear up ur wicked-heart.. hohoho..

just my 59cents

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another similar story i found it at:

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just don belief in LB! they will try to overcome u until the end .... just dun do it.....

5:31 AM  
Blogger Wancherng said...

seriously nowadays everything is about packaging even for a scamming scheme to market it well.
Came across my mind of some points of view to share. Correct me if i am wrong.

1. To those who claimed this LB biz plan is kinda franchise thing as if they are the same as McD/KFC, really wonder who is the franchisor and who is the franchisee. As far as I know, if u get a McD franchise, u dont jz open the shop and put 1 or 2 burgers for display and then go around asking more ppl to get the same franchise. Ha!
So, if u got the franchise and sell nothing but u turn urself from franchisee to franchisor and asking more ppls to join ur so-called franchise(1st one to cover ur cost, 2nd onwards to make profit), i would tag that as "piramid".

2. The products is jz the packaging tools, u can use whatever, maybe like selling lambchop burgers?? And claim urself have the 100 years lampchop recipe, go set up a company (RM2 is enuf as paid-up capital for ur sdn.bhd.) and start asking ppl to buy ur "franchise". Then 1st person pay u RM1000, asking him to find 5 ppl under him who will do the same. And so on, and so on....
OMG!! u know what i see? It's like u signing up for the 1st credit card, then charge more on 2nd card to pay the 1st one, then charge more and more on 3rd card to pay 2nd card...and so on....
See, it is true the ppl/card in front can be covered up, or even earn profit, but, any dumb ass left behind??

3. Yes, u can earn through this scheme. It is just a game. A game which must fullfill the following rules: i) for those who must succeed, there MUST NOT everyone succeed in the plan, else, where the hell the money comes from?
ii) If there is really everybody succeed in the plan, less than 10 levels, the whole scheme will collapse. Why? if everyone can easily find another 5 ppl under him/her, it is already exceed earth populations within 10 levels.

4. Legal DOSEN'T = ethical. Somemore u are in m'sia, so pls dun use this as point to promote the scheme.

5.Mayb i will use chain email as example if u dun understand point no.2 above. That's easier rite?

Jz to share with u guys of what i see. Not meant to offense anyone but curse those pioneers who use ppl's naiveness to play this game.

No free lunch in this world. it's either pay it now,....or then.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gimana kalo saya tunjukin cara2 pemasaran di yang ada di buku panduan DHCL milik saya (kalo di Indonesia bentuknya tas) soalnya saya merasa ada beberapa hal yang aneh termasuk soal closing.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip
i got a suggestion
can make a club or something that can gather the people who losing their money in dchl?
then, u can categorize them regarding their amount of money that lost or their position (count,baron etc).

2:26 AM  
Blogger cassa said...

huy all..i'm new here. Respect for owner cause this is amazing blog. hmmm..yes it is..Lamp Berger is totally scam. Absolutely yes coz i've many friend who join it. The concept is easy, join=pay money. Then, no downline=no money.. What the fuukk is this? hahaha i just laughing coz this is nonsense..yes i know, when we pay after join then we will get the asses product such as the lamp, oil, n ed pinaud cosmetic. i think the level of LB product just same to the other product who cheapest than 2500 like Ambi Pure, Air Wick..but LB claim their product is for healthiness..this is totally nonsense cause i have a prove. my friend was join n buy this LB. He was a smoker. LB was claim their lamp can reduce the dangerous content in smoke cigarette. but now my friend has a cancer than he throw that 'aladdin' lamp to the it does not for healthiness. me myself already read the content of LB oil that use for that lamp. so for those still not realize better use all the brain that we have..Cause in dis world, nothing easy by easy way. Must be throught the hard way to get the easy future. but the LB also claim they use hard way to drag people into dis. mm For Steven, please be more active by making some information to realize people out there. KATAKAN TAK NAK PADA LAMB BERGER!!! hahaha i like this motto..huhu

8:41 AM  

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