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Another rant on lampe berger

These days, I kept on getting news on dchl lampe berger, and how SYN is terribly the worst MLM in malaysia. Read on...

Hey Steven (is dat your real name anyway?)

I came across your blog by chance and I truly admire that someone like you
is really not afraid to speak up your mind for what is right to the society.
What I am about to write, I hope you will post it on your blog for other
readers to read.

One of my friend who is an LB member brought me to his company annual dinner
at Sunway Hotel, and that is when I get to know about Lampe Berger. Many of
their members seem so friendly with me.. but for what purpose? To persuade
me to pay them money to join their LB scheme of course. One of their top
'convincer' talked to me and said things like "you join our business, this
is like a gift for your girlfriend. You earn more money to make your
girlfriend happy". Smart talk right? I was almost pulled

At first I was almost convinced to join Lampe Berger since they keep telling
me stories about how some of their members become succesful and earn 6-digit
salaries by joining Lampe Berger. I argued with my father to give me RM2.5k
to join, but luckily he was stubborn. I want to have money, and everyone
does... that's why there are some people who are still blinded by these LB

After a long and hard thinking for a few days, I came up with my own
conclusion which I warned to some of my friends, and it's effective. You
see... Lampe Berger is not really a scam, but an unethical scheme. You CAN
earn lots of money by investing RM2.5k or RM30k into the business. But at
what cost?

Do the people who join Lampe Berger ever think about who are they going to
invite into this scheme? Obviously the best people they can invite to join
them are FRIENDS who trust them. You don't go around and simply ask
strangers to give you RM2.5k rite?
But what happens if your friend invested in RM2.5k but they didn't make it?
They start to blame you... they start losing their trust in you.. they avoid
themselves from you and so are your other friends. Yeah sure, go ahead and
earn money by asking your FRIENDS to join and get them into trouble. If you
want to make money and lose your friends and your reputation, then Lampe
berger is the best scheme for you. If money is more important than your
friends, then join the LB scheme. Go ahead and join... and see yourself
struggle to earn money by cutting down your number of friends. Because of
your greed for money, YOU GIVE UP YOUR FRIENDSHIP, which cannot be bought
back with the money you made from your unethical cheme.

I have seen some people who persuade their friends to join MLM (not only
Lampe Berger). I don't see them having so much friends around them. But in
the end after they quit their MLM, they realize how stupid they are to join
MLM at first place. My friend who tried persuading me to join LB was very
friendly, treated me nicely, spend money on me, and was close to me. After
knowing that I will not invest a single cent in his business, he stopped
seeing me.

I'm sure alot of you have heard countlessly from LB members, saying that
"you pay RM2.5k, if you never work hard, you'll lose money. If you work
hard, you will be very succesful and earn alot of money". Yeah that's true
what they said... but did you ever consider that by 'working hard' means
troubling your friends and make them lose money for the sake of your profit?
If you and your friend suceed, then bravo... but just remember that MLM is
not for everyone, and when there are some people who suceed, there are
others who fail.

In conclusion, LB is not just a 'morality scam', but also an unethical way
of doing business. Please take my advice and don't lose yourself by joining
Lampe Berger. The reason why i decided to post this is so that my friends
and you (readers) think harder before you join in ANY MLM scheme. Think of
your loved ones.

Donovan Lim

And here's another story on how bad it affects young college students. The ministry of education should really look into banning MLM activities among students...

it's me again.. i'm mad, confused and very frustated with my sister behaviour. I made her to promise to stop for a while thinking about the scheme until she has finished her final exam. Yes, she had promised me. But, suddenly after few days she rang my aunt asking to borrow 1K.. She has broke her promise to me.. Then my aunt got worried.. tell my mom. My mom advised her to discuss the matter with my father after she had finished her final exam. My mom even asked her to do a proper paperwork if she really wants the 36k from my father. (Well, to involve in business.. you should have a paperwork right?). She promised again to put aside for a while about this 'lamp' thing until she finished her final exam. But, again she broke her promise, willingly to go back home in the middle of the exam week.. to ask my father for 36k!! My father refused to gave her. But she insist.. at least give her 5K. You see.. how determine she is to involve with the 'lamp'?? I really don't understand. The introducer of this DCHL is friend of my brother. He said 36K is optional. But, seeing my sister behaviour, it tells you the other way. I have no more ideas how to stop her. What scaring me is if she persuade her friend, which is our neighbour, to join as well.. I'm very scared now.. I'm afraid that her friend's family will be our enemy just because of this silly thing. My father had made her to choose between her studies and the 'lamp'. She chose her studies.. but I hardly want to believe her after she broke her promises to me.
I did asked my sister to read all the blogs about DCHL,Lampeberger scam.. etc.. however all those writings in the blogs did not even a little to make her think again and stop joining. I just don't know what else to do... Pls.. if you can just help me.......

Need to say more...why we hate DCHL lampe berger so much?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really dont know why there are so many ppl donating their/parents hard-earned money just bcoz of some cock stories those lame asses told. dont u all see the picture so clearly ? Common LB Posers Sign :

1. Chinese-educated youngsters dressed in suits (they thought they were cool !!)

2. Driving their lifetime achievement,a BMW to show-off (thats the cheapest 2nd hand car they could merely afford for downpayment).Thats not what a person who earn at least 10k per month drives ??:

3. Attending talks/convention at Sunway Hotel & etc such as the one they had at Sentosa Sg(heard that it sucked and lame)

4. Boasting of 5-figure STEADY income (this is the killer lure). Their money comes from new member’s joining fee, so if no new downline = no money. Is it that steady ? Is it that easy to convince someone to throw in rm 2345 or rm 30k ?

I pity those who helped their upline to become marquis, congratz to him but what about his downline?? hard work eh to pump rm 400,000 for the company in few months time. how much more 400,000 can u guys pump for the next downline to challenge marquis? Steven Yeam is enjoying his wine with some bitches sucking his cock while u guys conning ppl to join in and fill up his bank account. dreaming to be like him one day ? well DREAM ON.

ITs very stupid to buy the count status because when u want to challenge marquis, u dont have any downline to do it for u. u still need to find the same amount of ppl to sell off ur 30k worth of lamps,so indirectly speaking u are buying advanced stock from them.

Stop being a faggot and face reality, alot of ppl are laughing at u coz of the way u handle this ‘business ‘. Its so childish to talk ppl in by showing off what u have (maybe not even urs). And they are always in button up /long sleeve shirt to act like a ‘professional’. You can tell if someone is really making alot of money and enjoying his comfortable life. They dont boast around and when ppl ask about their job, it defenitely wont be some mlm shit.

I’ve got some friends who are in LB as well, there’s nothing much i could do to advise them but to let them experience and fall once in order to wakeup and learn. rm 2345 is ok for a lesson but rm 30k is just way too much. some even quit their job and do full time LB. what can u do in menara HLA ? just wait for new victims to walk in and start ur brain washing session. I think they spend more than they can earn coz everytime have to go out and ‘meet clients’ yamcha few times a day

I’ve heard alot of stories from their upline, mainly telling u how important for a secure future, earn money without working, flexible time bla bla bla … DUHH, everybody wants that but how sure are u LB will GUARENTEE all that? Come on, flip thestar and get a real job, start somewhere.. at least u will really have some basic money coming in every month. Make your parents proud ! Its very hard for them to raise u up, dun listen to ppl’s flowery words and be greedy. IF u are selling products then its acceptable, but now LB’s selling point is ‘business’ and the lamp is used for coverline (what an asshole). In other words, u get a cut from ripping ppl’s joining fee, not commission from the product itself.

And for the LB supporters or members who fuck here fuck there in this post, please ask urself honestly how much are u really making now every month ? how many downlines u have ? are ur downlines making money as well, u selfish bastard ! HOW OLD ARE U ALREADY ?

Dont target young college students, they are the most innocent victim of all. Being naive and wanna make money before they even graduate, this seems to be the best water fish. To all the students out there, when someone wanna talk business with u and say u can make 5-figure income very fast, show them both ur middle finger and shove it up his ass. Study hard and focus,dun be tempted with some kid’s lifestyle or ride, im sure u can do better in future by urself.

The worst scenario ive seen is that someone actually gets personal loan from bank or ah long . Shit! So young already wanna get black listed by bank negara or kena splash red paint outside ur house ? if it happens will ur upline come save you? we’ll see ……..

I’ve been very free lately and browsed through dchl’s main website .. u guys might wanna check it out at …… click on every month and u will see the number of marquis decreasing and on november last year only ONE member got promoted. there’s none so far for this year(2007). Seems like their business is down the drain now but what the fuck do the dukes care right ? they already made so much money and how good if somehow the money could be refunded to those who got terribly conned.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me too i still dont understand why people now a days especially youngster prefer to choose the short cut way to earn money and then end up lose everything come here and post another story. What for? .Come onlah LB is outdated already and there are so many stories about this LB already you guys still want to put your head into lion mouth ah? There are no such thing as short cut way. You got to work hard in order to achieve what you want but not work hard to persuade your friends to join LB.This is not a job lah O come you people do have brain right?

1:50 AM  
Anonymous DonovanLTS said...

it's true wat anonymous said... this scheme reveals how pathetic and cold the human hearts can be

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm.. u know what?? i friend FUCKED himself badly after bragging on HOW WELL HIS DONE in LB.. now working quietly in north of Malaysia..

I remembered all his fricking graceful words about LB.. now i believe.. those words are shoving himself, from his fucked up ass right up to his fucked up brain.. well.. a lesson learned d hard way i guess..

hmm?? where is his fucking upline? does anyone cares? hahahah.. he went to sentosa.. big talked how they are fucking united.. stand as fucking one.. now.. he is really fucking one.. being alone.. hahaha.. i pity him bcoz he was a close friend of mine bfore he went for a fucking journey of Fucking Financial Freedom from the Low Brain (LB of coz)..

hopefully we can go out sometimes together after this and cherish back all d good times we had together.. no more LB attached... hopefully he can earn an honest living.. being a decent man.. and live his life the fullest with what he has in hand, now..

- xxx -

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who joins LB???
Well I did becasue it helped me with my allergies, and being a member I get discount.
I already saved money compared to the medicines I had to take.

Some people I recruited so far)
1) Colleague who's mother has asthma and the oil helped with her symptoms
2) I person I actually don't know well but who's wife had bad eczema. They joined in to get discount.
3) A kebab shop owner near my weekend place who's son had so bad allergy that he was going to be sent for de-sensitising (6 months of weekly vaccinations and only 50/50 chance it helps at all) Now they could cancel that.

The fact is, the product is good.
The people over in Malaysia however seem so focused on greed that they go out on a limb to get people to join in.
I think the problems are more of a reflection of your society rather than LB.

If you make sure you recruit people who are happy with the product (i.e. let them know the product FIRST), they will have no issue with recommending it to others and happily be involved in the business.

I think you should focus this blog on poor business ethics in general rather than specifically pooh-pooing LB, because as I said it is a good product and not all business people are as crocked as you make out.

...peaknik /Australia

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lampe Berger DCHL RZ Marketing sucks!!! no ethics in total.40K? Wadda fuck man!!Making money and tight people who joint with them.Because of wat?The want their money that they earn back so that they compulsory to do the same shit that they do.Plzz pm me who get that shit at wan_scholes.tq.Melayu boleh hidup sendiri.Takkan hilang anak melayu kat dunia!!!

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lampe Berger DCHL RZ Marketing sucks!!! no ethics in total.40K? Wadda fuck man!!Making money and tight people who joint with them.Because of wat?The want their money that they earn back so that they compulsory to do the same shit that they do.Plzz pm me who get that shit at wan_scholes.tq.Melayu boleh hidup sendiri.Takkan hilang anak melayu kat dunia!!!

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've live my life poor..i got not much education...
so how u all in here suggest tht i can make a lot of money..
i don want to live poor my whole life..
what business i can do?
i know working in decent company cant make me rich..i know i'm helping other people rich also..tht is the company boss..

people got 24 hours i also got 24 hhours..y they can make a lot of money..i din say i cant,,but r u guys have any way..

pls help this poor guy..

8:10 AM  
Blogger vincent said...

my my my what a hate around here i see........... but lets me tell ya one things about what i think about all that been hard for you all right here. Look all of ya keep on saying that lampe berger are one of the non-halal or something that someone should have not look up too. i guess you must be one of the one that cant stand the pressure that the society have gaven to ya or some one that have fail to success in lampe berger.. i kinda know coz i have been in this industry for more than 2 years now.. what i see about this network is that it give people more hope than other industry does.. take a simple look at the place of your work.. does your boss give you motivation works if you make some things wrong? i dont thinks so... i think your bosses will fuck you straight away... right? tell me i'm right!! come on this is the way of living we have got to give and take ... and there's not take and re-take again coz no one in this world are dumb enough to do this and i bet you are not one of them right? so why the hush? why the hate? are you taking this way just to promote yourself so that most of them will look you up? if this is one of your publicity work then i got to say this man... that the worst if not try to cheers up.. there have been a lot of prove that people do sucess in this industry and the goverment do support this and looks around you man... all the consumer product are made in china and what will malaysia stand for now in this world of industry? the china have control of it man... i'm into industrial my self own a couple company that run research on product and man you know what there's no way that we can win them ... they are three time ahead of us ... so if that the fact what do you think that would drive us to 2020? mlm plays an important on our economy .. it control the money and let it stay there.. and they do have all the paper that the goverment support them or not i dont think they can stand for so long ........ look at their history they have been seen 2000 man.... and now are 2007.. they have been here for seven damn years and if you are true that they are the one that cheated someone money then i think there supposse to be a legal action right? and why is it NONE!!! tell me about it man!!!why doesn't the goverment shut it down? it is because all that you said is not truuuuuuuuuuues!!! should the goverment need your blog just to act on something? should the authority need your words of this blog just to act? i think you are l lost man... you are one of the loser man..that why you said this kind of words in this blog... if you are the great thinker you will accept other opinion if not you are just another trash of the society........ sorry about the last prase but that what i think.. so get out of the box and do something that mostly good for self and stop saying someone bowl of rice.. by saying stand for nothing but just words around but there are always action around coz action speak louder than words man remember that this message goes to the person that started this blog

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:36 AM  
Blogger vincentzo said...

errrrrm....i wonder if we rub the lampe will there be a genie appear and granted people wishes cost it cost around 30k to be a Count???

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Steven Yip,
While other people in china was hit by earthquake, did you post any money/food to them??? Johor Bahru once was struck by heavy flood, what have you did?shaking your ass??have you read The Star dated 26 May 08 (fr page)...Steven Yeam donate RM 180k maa...yes he really makes money thru these SCAM!! (u say so)but he did remember the other people needs..He even donates to Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (Rm150k i gues) & even other SYN members donates his organ (agrement with Ministry of Health, when he die laa) what the point of this blog..i am also the member of SYN but i dont make enough money (bout 2k-3k monthly and some time nil.)..i desrverd it coz i am so lazy..didnt want to hear my upline...but other people did makes tones of money, my friend a postman (with the same upline) already buy himself a Toyota what?? He already fulfill his dream what yours? Love to see other people suffer with this fucking blog??...

12:29 AM  

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