Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FUCK Lampe Berger

Yes, I really feel like that now. If you have read my earlier blog, you know I have a brother who has joined in as Franchisee, and has been asking my dad 30k.

And yes, he got that 30k after much persuasian. I went with my another bro, and screw him upside down, with some vulgar language you can imagine right at the center of the LB office counter. He said "you don't believe I can do it ?". I was like, fuck, 30k.

Then we went outside, and discuss more stuff with his marquie, and he mentioned 90% of stuff can be refunded within 6 months (exception on some items).

Some of the members try to explain to us how this game works. We really didn't want to listen. Fuck.

Good thing is, probably me and my second brother made quite a scene at the office. No, we didnt throw chairs. We did restrain ourselves a bit. But my second brother is much more pissed off than me.

If you are any LB members who read this and you were there, you will know who am I. I don't give a shit. I will blog until DCHL falls down. That is if you know how to read english (most of the LB members are quite poor in english). That's why I got the translation right up there.

Yes, fuck Lampe Berger.


Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

WTF? Steven Yip, trying to say that ur dad finally give ur brother RM30K to go for the COUNT level? This is too much...In my life,the maximum amount of money tat I ask from my dad is my college fees from start till end of my degree.And I nvr ask my dad use tat kinda amount to do "useless" things with no return.

May I know ur dad give him cash or cheque? If I'm you,I take away the cheque from ur brother and tear it into pieces n dump it on the floor.

I'll support you till the end.I dun 1 2 see SYN DCHL "bermaharajalela" with teenagers anymore.Really "boh song" with them liao!

7:36 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Yes bernard,

It's cold hard cash for some stinking perfume. I am declaring WAR on this idiotic DCHL pyramid scheme.

Heck, I even try to explain the pyramid, but they compared it to other organisation like companies and government.

Can't blame those kiddos, their brain is half cooked.

Yes, please support me, and spread more awareness.

It's happen to me, it can happen to you , your brother, father, relatives..shit god knows who.

7:40 AM  
Blogger ***Aaron_GRYP*** said...

Count me in your crusade. Will be designing a simple web/flash for further use.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

WOW!! RM30K cash summore ar? did u ask ur dad why he keluar tat much of money? Ur dad dun think twice? Is RM30K not RM 30 ringgit.

May I know how old is ur brother? young ppl is young ppl,...easy to fall in ppls trap.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

This time we need to form an ALLIANCE in order to stop the SYN DCHL LB activity!

8:04 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

18 years.

Most them quite young one. Easy to bend their heads.

Well, what we need to do is spread more news on DCHL lampe berger.

Tell people it's a con scheme.

The more people knows, then their growth will be stopped.

Soon, this whole house of cards will fall.

It's as easy as that. Not to mention those lower ones, will ask for refund.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

DCHL and SYN ppl are professional conning young ppl with their talk and wearing samrt to act like professional.

But these smart alec I thought tat they already got BMW,but end up in LRT with me in KLCC.Betul-betul SIN KA LAN!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Coldy said...

Finally the war has begun. You'll have full support of me. I willing to put my all to stop LB and SYN. See you all in the battle field

9:11 AM  
Anonymous bm said...

30k is a lot of money.

You can use it to take out 15 people and send them to hell.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pls cool down the temper first Well depents how is see rm 30k.... alot of young ppl after they get a job they normaly buy a car, it can take u to any place that u like at any time. Later on the car that u bought need to pum petrol, need to service, and u pay more for the on road price because of the loaning from the bank.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Made Steven Yeam's Wife Pregnant said...

What the hell are you, anonymous talking about car? Who care if someone get a job then buy a car?

The problem right now is the fucking Steven Yeam cheating people's hard earn 30K and make himself richer in process.

And there is people willing to defend him. How many teenagers do you know can fork out 30k to start a "business"? What kind of business doesn't need to sell product? Just buy it and put at home. Don't deny the fact all those Lampe Berger idiot marquis say that. They hate selling so they join LB. What are they suppose to do with 30k of stock? Can the oil be use to fry vegetable? Its just some dump oil.

Screw Steven Yeam and his dumbass network.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous coldy said...

I'm a full time fund raiser for WWF. I love my job very much. But it was spoilted by SYN.

A group of them which I met at Kuchai Lama Foodcourt insulted me saying I have no future, I'll make my parents live in street and worse of all saying if you don't join Lampe Berger you're just like a dog by the street, worthless and useless.

All of them dressed in nice coat, but I guess their parents never teach them manners. But I think I taught them a lesson.

I told them directly if they are willing to donate a ringgit a day to WWF. All of them laugh and say no. I told them, if you can't even donate to WWF. Then if I join you, I am fucked. I would really have my parents living in the street.

All those SYN bigshot, just had their mouth wide open but nothing is coming out any more. I guess I show them, even a fundraiser with no future is better than them.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Richard said...

Just like that? How old is your brother?

The thing with students is they are too easily excited. Remind your brother that that 30K is your father's hard earn money after working 25-30 years. You still have time to persuade your brother man. Get the money back. return all the stocks. I hate to see siblings go to war with each other.

Coldy, be strong man. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I imagine that those who insulted you are very narrow minded person even before they join LB and becoming more shallow after joining it. I don't believe everyones the same.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...


no point reminding him now. He's still thinking this will make him big bucks.

Thanks to his upline.

I saw another guy with tons of goods, I guessed he also spent 30k, and there were a bunch of his network, cheering and supporting him.

It seems to me, team building is part of their daily routine, just like one of those motivational camps you had before.


4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's his CHOICE. All the other people can talk & talk about it whether to do it or not. But in end, it's his CHOICE.

All the best for you & your bro man.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

Well, when i got my first job, i don't go straight away buy a car.

I invested in mutual funds.

a car is a liability ladies & gentlemans. The minute you start to pay for the car, the car is already half of it's value.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

MOtivational camps? I think is "Mind control" camp la.

Of course their team building is important in order to recruitng new members.

Well, orderto stop them.The 1st step is dun ever join LB no matter how good is LB they say.If they dun have new member join,slowly those upline's spirit will down and will start to give up.The lower level of pyramid will start to quit I believe.

Sometimes I wonder Steven Yeam give them eat wat medicine? Cos those LB member always mention me how great is STeven Yeam,say tat he is 1 of millionaire in Asia...his wealth got how many $$$. But I think "Uncle Lim" is better than him a lot la.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Alan Wong said...

I have done 8 MLM's before, all with 1 intention i.e. "make more money" and I think most of us have been through this. We ALWAYS end up spending more money than we can make.
Every MLM product is overpriced. Why? Because you gotta feed a few levels of your upline.
On paper, everything sounds exciting. They will give you MOTIVATION course and "psycho" you that you can do it!! In reality, the public are "avoiding" MLM people. Nobody is so stupid now to buy MLM products. Only idiots (which I once was) who only see the potential of making the BIG BUCK jump into it.
Its a People look for People business. And People are running away from MLM. Face the facts, how many people actually make it in MLM? Less than 0.1%. Those are the people that are on top and finding "SUI YEE" to maintain on top. Your brother is being sucked into this... Very soon, he will know that he is an idiot... but he won't feel the pain because, its not his money... its your dad's...

7:40 PM  
Anonymous keepitup said...

OMFG, now the plague will infect your relatives - your loved ones.

I somehow feel some sense of disappointment. Steven Yip, you as an elder brother, an adult, a grown-up, should have been able to at least win your parents over your teenage i'm-blinded-by-all-the-success-my-uplines-are-masquerading brother.

If he is able to convince his friends and relatives (which is your relatives too) to partake in this despicable scam, and even if he succeeds, how long can the success of LB last him? your family will be scorned by others when this ends.

I was in the same shoes as you, I've got a 19 yr old brother that was hanging out with his LB friends, which was practically begging him to join them. And how do you expect a college kid to amass the funds that's required? the rest of my family as whole, after lengthy discussions, is against my little brother's idea. You should rally with your other brother you mentioned, and convince your parents.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Max Ho said...

Steven Yeam Network is Sucks, what they think is playing pyramid games and without taking any care on their product. In theory, they can even sell human-shit instead than the cheap aladdin lamp.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Vernon said...

You wanna talk about Pyramind and ponzi schemes? You should try out Probuilder.


8:29 PM  
Blogger Vernon said...

Nothing beats Probuilder. No products. Just recruitment. SO-called 'revolutionary internet marketing tools' to help you.

Gimme a break. The business model is as lame as the execution.

Go have a preview. I am just waiting for it to crumble, just like the autosurf sites - 12DP and Studiotraffic.

Lamp Berger? Have heard of it, and was coerced into it by a friend. I reserve my comments.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi... i really dont know how bad people from syn has treated u guys... but i know 1 thing for sure... different people act differently...some people with lack of education n ethics seem to get cocky... we'll i support u all by saying they are assh*les

basicly, some people are juz not taught the proper mannerism. some people are juz plain stupid to get to scold ppl juz bcuz they make more money..

well, a drop of dye 'can' spoil the milk and make it sour for others to drink... think about it, it every single company you work for, MLM or Non-MLM, there will always be those type of dumb ass bastards in there, but at the same time there will also be people who are well educated and "has" manners...

so, its up to each person to think are they bastards or not.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

I am in Lampe Berger and i personally resent the idea of students in the business. Why? Because i know the reality is they don't have that kind of money. Then cases like this happens. Some kid (with dreams too big for his head) ask for money from his parents. Thus creating some sort of commotion among family members. Yes, just like your case Steven Yip.

But what struck me strange is that you're so against this business(be it the plan, the money, etc) when you're not even in it. In reality, you're not even fucked by anyone apart from your brother.

My advice is this, just look out for your brother. That's what family is for. Even how much you despise it.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi daniel,

This is not only a personal family thing.

This is a society issue. By nature the marketing plan is a pyramid scheme, which needs new recruitments to sustain the growth.

Money, or whatever the effect from the plan has no bearing.

I solely blame DCHL for this marketing plan they brought up. Network culture is another issue. There's no point I am going to fight against a bunch of LB guys.

If you really study the marketing plan, yes, I don't doubt you can make money. Question is:

1. What's the value of the marketing plan to the society? Do they, as a collective, bring any values to the society.

2. Why are there loopholes like cut count? This is just benifiting DCHL, no one else, not even the network.

So far, I haven't touched on the quality and the claims of the products, which I think is no point discussing.
I am just focusing on DCHL as the primary target, not really its members. To me, it's a pretty screwed up plan. Yes, you make money, but not ethical.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Felix Tan said...

I invested 30k in Lampe berger through SYN network. I not only lose 30k for my foolish decision. I was blinded by BMW and smart looking con man. I ended up investing more because I have to maintain my group.

I later buy a BMW myself cause they told me it is the best way to convince others.

After 2 years, I am no longer able to maintain the car cause I lose my job in process of creating my "endless wealth". I am in heavy debts cause I refinance my house. I lose my friends and family too. Cheating friends and family is something i will never forgive myself.

Some of you might think, why don't i report to authority about this? I did. I did even hire a lawyer to fight for my case. To get my refund, but all I get was "Sorry, its all in the agreement. Nothing you can do about it".

An advise to all, read the fine print not the BMW they drive.

I lose my life through LB. I lose everything.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous CoolZero said...

Sad to hear that Felix, but at least you still dare to speak up after you fail. This can create awareness for the public.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Hi Felix,

Sorry to hear that, you must have learned it the hard way.

However, we will try our best to share our experience so that others will not have face the same faith as you did.

2 thumbs up for you, for sharing with us.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Hi Felix,

I'm sorry to hear tat what happened to you in LB last time.I hope u can take it as a lesson.

Btw,at 1st they always mention the BMW and I already know is "SIN KA LAN" cos I think they just "rent" a BMW n show off only.But I nvr know tat they convince the LB members to buy BMW to show off.Btw,how those LB member got approval la? use the payslip as a prove?

So,for those LB new members out there...I think this time u all can be more "sing mok",what already happened to Felix will be happened on u too! Just beware...prevention is better than cure,better quit early before u lost everything !

5:00 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


Do email me...


I would want your story to be published in my blog.

6:01 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

To you steven..
I emailed u..

read them :)

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Steven, u did the right thing! i will morally support u as much as i can!

U should let ur brother know that if he really wants to invest rm30k, make sure he use HIS OWN money, money that he worked and earn from, and not borrowed money.

Then he'll feel the pleasure of earning and treasure the money more.Hopefully this way he'll realise here's no easy money in this world.

If he still wana invest then, then let him be, it's his money he'll gonna lose anyway, and not ur parents' pension money!

or why not tell him, if he's gonna make it thru LB, then tell him to stop college right away. save the money from paying to the college. what for he continue studying if he's not gonna have any use for it in future anyway? he's gonna be successful thru LB mar... shoot kaw ur brother...

6:36 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi andrew,

actually I am pissed, who will not? Imagine I told him a thousand times, dont invest 30k, start from bottom.

But he won't listen.

So who will you be shouting at? Him and his marquie? but who do you blame, your own brother and your dad, for their folishness.

It's wrong to blame 100% of your own problems on others. But I hope this blog serves its purpose.

30k is not a lot of money. But I will make good use of my effort to tell the world on DCHL.


6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell your brother, if he successfully convince you or parents to buy the lb product, then you let him in. I read this from the forum, that one of this guy's brother kena brain wash and keep wanna in the lb. then the elder brother tell him that to convince him to buy the product, and he awake.

If he fail to convince people to buy product, how is he going to ask people to join lb?

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Frederick Choo said...

You people are just jealous. I m relly shock that they are such website talking about us. My fren mention this to me but I don't belive him. Now I see with my eyes.

Please don't be jealous of our succeed. WE have seen many many times b4, the people who FAIL are those who will complain about being cheated. Actually its they who FAIL and give up and now looking for people to be blame.


8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to tell a true story, long time ago that was a man, his is a artist like to draw, he is very telented in drawing. One day he fell that is drawing is not that good, and he went to a famous drawing teacher. After 3 years of learning, his teacher ask him to go to the street and sell of his drawing. His is very confident on his drawing that he say' if any ppl find any place that i dint draw well pls circle it'. What happen many ppl draw circle on that drawing, and he feel depply down and sad. The master know what happen, and ask him to go to the street another time, but this time the master follow him to the street. He doing the same thing as b4 draw a drawing, but this time the master say' if any of u find any place that i draw well pls circle it' and every 1 circle it. The artist become happy ever after.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Teresa said...

this is dedicated to Frederick Choo and his unethical companions..

how can you label yourself successful when you CAN"T differentiate how to use the word "succeed" and "success"?

nincompoop!!<---yeah, i bet you have to search for a dictionary to know the meaning of this word too. hint: it's english!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The road to surcess is very hard, only 2 type of ppl can surcess in this world. The first 1 is that create some thing special, for exp: Bill Gates. The second type is to do what ppl dont like to do the most ofcause must be legal, For exp: Issac Newton. Every business that always fail n surcess. Just like study, if u study hard and put all the efford u score A, but if u dint study and lazy u will fail ur exam, ofcause that only 1 persond is the best. I understan steven u worry about ur brother to be con, b4 u start to scholl ur brother did u seat down n communicate with ur brother y that he wanted the RM 30K for besinde to go for the Count level?

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know anything about Bel'Air? I think its operations are quite similar to LB, then now my friend is psycho'ing me to join as his downline of Bel'Air (S$14k, to be a count)

I am rejecting the thought 100%, but what can I do here? To help my friend look at the truth?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Anonymous above,

It's fine if u don wan to join, but let ur friend continue. let him decide on himself, he's not ur brother who's asking money from ur parents.

my sister joined an MLM and i my whole family knew. she tried to promote it to us, but we did not scold her. we only discourage her once, and tell her the pitfalls behind such plans.

although we sound like not supporting her by buying or joining, nonetheles we have provided sufficient support by allowing her to continue doing it becoz we believe this can be a good learning experience for her.

in the end we leave it to herself to decide whether to continue doing it or not. after all she's using her own money to purchase the products and not asking from us.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

By the way, even my gf and her whole family is involved in Amway, but i made it clear that i am totally not interested in it, now or in future.

Once in a while they will try to prep talk me esp her bro, but i only senyum kambing buat bodoh. No matter wat, i'm not believing. simple as that.

So now it's up to them to decide if i'm "unfit" to be their future in-law just becoz i dont believe in their Am-way-of-life. (which i doubt lar... i'm already a very,very good man for their daughter... hehehe..)

10:47 AM  
Blogger BendedKnee said...

Hi just want to share a true story.

My fren had joined Lamp Berger too. He got no cash. So he's upline ask him to do this and it's already been done: "look" his 30k credit card to buy those products. (and get the count)I am shocked, because recently so many youngster had declare bankcruptcy for the reason of using credit card (future money).

And i ask, "how do you pay your credit card every month?" (bcos he had resign from his 2k job and jump into LB, now no fix income).
he say:"my upline help me to apply personal loan from 5 different bank, total 30k".
I shocked:"why need another 30k!?"
He say:"tis 30k will use to cover the minimum credit card interest payment for 2 years"
I'm curios:"wat happen after 2 years?"
he say:"haha, after 2 years i already got rich!"
And he added:"with this method, now everybody can invest LB!"

i was liked...thinking of the air-asia says..."now everyone can fly".

My personal opinion:
Invest in LB...30k. IF it's your own hard earned money but at last you screwed up, for me it make sense cos every biz got it's risk.

But if invest using credit card, bank loan or any other future money. i think is not right. Somehow that's not the way.

At first i thought is my fren own idea. But he say his upline HELP him to do it. That means certain LB members actually do use tis method to HELP others too who got no cash on hand. That's something that worries me.


bended knee.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

ur friend is gonna be in deep trouble in 2 years time... unless he gets a strong network of hardworking downlines and maintain it for a period, i doubt that he would be out of those debts anytime soon.

but then some ppl will think, declare bankrupt mah bankrupt lor, no big deal. after 5 years, the bankrupt status will be automatically lifted off (i forgot whether this is the law here in malaysia or singapore)

nonetheless i suggest ur friend to report this to DHCL. (but i doubt he would now, since he is so happy... wait till he kena then see how) refer to this

well, i can only say "good luck" to ur fren... his upline will wash his hands clean-clean...

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometime i wonder what if world without MLM ? Anyway FUCK LB and other MLM...steven i am on your did a great job to this blog. Thank you

1:05 PM  
Blogger BendedKnee said...

1:08 PM  
Blogger BendedKnee said...

a Lamp Berger phenomenon in HONG KONG

1:09 PM  
Blogger BendedKnee said...

a Lamp Berger phenomenon in Hong Kong.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

To Frederick Choo,

Jealous is the last thing in my mind.

Even if you guys are driving Ferrari in front of my eyes.

It's the rubbishness of the plan, and the culture it generates that makes so many lossed, and bitter.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, i've already invested 2.5K. Suddenly they brainwash me to invest 30K. Ofcourse they show me there's a lot of money that you can get back.

so i applied for a loan and now my loan is approve. actually, they tried to pressure me to cut count this month. they said to me,"Since your loan has already been approve, why don't you ask your family & friends for money first. next month you pay them straight away". ofcourse i didn't ask them.

Now i have my doubts on becoming a count straight away. i think i'll just have to start from the bottom. i heard that you can't get any refund from it(2.5K). so how man?

4:13 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

Lets imagine a few scenarios, if you cut count.

1. You may earn back your 30k. And earn much more. Fine. But you see, your life in LB doesn't stop at Count.

You still have Marquis, Duke, Arch Duke.

From all the stories so far I've got. Being in that position is not so easy after all.

Do you know how much it takes to challenge Marquis, challenge duke?

And some more, you have a DEADLINE 3 months to do so.

2. You can't find enough prospects, thus you write it off as bad investment. Yes, and now you have a countload of lamps. Imagine paying a loan 30k? How long is that going to take?

My advise, don't be like my foolish brother. Dumping in 30k. No result, and you dump in so much money?


4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the deadline of 3 months is just to qualify for the france trip. Your PV is still accumulated.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

I couldnt believe that they (uplines)actually manipulate "loan services" provided by the banks.

Looks like everything is getting shaky in there.

At first, this business was for the richs, as a result of its niche market they have to focus on the middle class. Now it probably have touched the lower class slightly, that is why we have LB members;

1.who use the word 'SUCCEED' as 'SUCCESS'. (members with substandard english)
2.comparing LB with mercedez. (defending their business blindly)

What could be next?? (scratching my gonads)

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for frederick,

dun talk nonsense here.

Please write down how much you have earned in LB, have you bought your bmw, what's your position in LB.

Why do we need to jealous? I know, you scare more people knwo about this website, lesser water fish for you. Pity you.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Adrian Oh said...

Well, i can only say stupidity by college kids or watever is forgivable, but... who's giving the money to the kids to join? Either their parents or Lintah Darat (social problem). If you are working class, congrats, DCHL will arrange "personal loan" for you.

DCHL "APPROACH" is very questionable, or should i say, unquestionably unehtical. They have been active here for such a long time and they are now targetting the young minds, since they almost conquer every level of the market. and People become smarter after paying the "tuition" fees. Crap, 32K+, enough for a lot of undergrads to finish PHD in local Uni.

Sadly, Lampe Berger itself is only a scape goat, But an unethical one i would say, if they know DCHL Approach, they should have stop supplying the stuff to them. Why would anyone in legit business want to tarnish their own brand?? Crap, again.

In the end, who to blame?
1) Gov, for not taking stern action these type of companies.
2) DCHL, unethical approach, nothing wrong selling "magic Lamp", but when you ask a poor kiddo to take 30K from their parents, and a lot of time, those are "duit pencen", you are as guilty as sound.
3) Lampe Berger, still supplying goods to DCHL? or at least grant them licensing to use the name?
4) Banks, for loaning money to those MLM fellows to buy luxurious car to so called "established their status quo". And again loaing money to them (mostly working class) to join the network. Crap again, My xBoss networth is easily half a billion RM, and he only drives a Toyota Camry, know why? They are real entreprenuers contributing to the deeds of society, and they work from zero ground up. These are the real ppl that create jobs,
4) Parents itself, where the kids going to find the money if not from their parents? FYI, my youngest brother just graduated F5 also nearly felt into the trap.
5) Greed, human greed, want things fast, if everything can be done that fast, trust me, God won't let you live that long, probably average age for men and women should be around 30, instead of 75 now.
6) You and I (u serious?), yupe, we are to blame as well if we not doing anything about it. At least those within our means. Think it got nothing to do with you? I initially thought so, i changed my mind once my brother nearly become a victim, everything happends in the society is INTERCONNECTED. It will affect you directly, or indirectly. Like it or not, if you are still alive, the odds is against you.

ok, enough crap from me, let's just do our little bit to prevent it from wide spread.. at least preventing your loved one, relatives, families or friends kena.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous: I advice u dun invest the RM30K or else u will be regret like what happened to Mr.Felix in this blog.Since u already invest RM2345,I think maybe u can try to earn ur capital back...even if u rugi at least u just rugi RM2345 and not RM30K.The "price" for the lesson at least is not high.

Frederick Choo:Succeed? Do u know what's the meaning of this word or not 1st? Maybe ru trying to say SUCCESS is it? How SUCCESSFUL ru? how much money u earn in LB? how much money u borrow from ur parents or frens or maybe a loan? Ru trying to say tat u r SUCCESSFUL to find some waterfish to be ur downline is it? You and your fren(who recommend u this blog) will be DOOM by LB 1 day!!!

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the products is as effective in cleaning up air... Try ask them to sell to INTEL / AMD / TI so that they can replace the multimillion HEPA air cleaner system that power their Fab (place where they product chips).

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I will not invest 30K in LB because i think i have better chances in other businesses. At least i don't depend on recruiting new people to create my wealth.

Do you know, all the process of applying for loans(from different banks) is done by my upline. I showed them my signature and they forged my signature. I didn't have to go to any banks at all.

At first, i thought it was ok but after a while and after thinking about it. I found that i was disgust at myself about how i let this happen to me.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Here I will list down the ways of how LB members brainwash those young ppl or waterfish that bring by the LB members to their office.

1)They will say outside job salary is low even u graduate u only got RM2500 but do u think u can cover ur expenses like car loan,house rental,food,bills, hp bill and etc.They will do a calculation on it.

2)They say JOB means "Just Over Broke" therefore u work for ppl like slave,get low pay,need to face boss temper and etc.

3)If u open a business,ur fren also a u think both of u can work together?This is call "competitor" but in LB,u n ur fren is working together and helping each other.

4)Some ppl always say bad about our product but try to think tat eating McD also cos obesity but ppl still go to McD.Drinking coca-cola can cos "diabetes" but ppl still buy and drink.So,pls dun trust from those rumours from media (internet,video,blogs and etc) about LB.

5)My fren's upline say this to me,"Bernard,since today ur fren XXX bring u to our place,I believe she trust in u in this business tat u can work together with her.I believe both of u know each other for long time rite? Therefore I dun think she will "tipu" u to come here."

Then my answer,to him is "can I cosidered it 1st,cos I dun make my decision on the spot.I need time to think and do some research on ur website."

Then he ask me tat "Why u 1 2 cosider? Cos this is good opportunity and ur fren XXX she trust in u and she bring u here.She's new in LB and so far u r the 1st person she bring and she is really have the TRUST in u Bernard.So Bernard,I really hope tat u can made ur decision now cos this business is at growing stage and if u cosider...maybe u might be a bit late compare to others.So,Bernard just tell me wat doubt r u having to join this business?"

My answer to him is "THis is my concept,my "yun chat" and I dun make decision on the spot always.I dun make decision on the spot which involves money or my life.I hope u undersatnd it and pls respect my decision"

Then he answer me this "OK,u can do research on our website.Please,if u got any question about LB u can ask us.Dun ask other ppl cos they dun know LB.And also dun try to see other website or blog in the internet"

After leaving the office,He think I'm 1st time knowing what is LB....I already know LB few years ago.But he still keep SMS me and ask me whether 1 2 join their seminar or nor which is RM100 per head (lunch n dinner included).But I ignore and never reply him at all.I also delete his phone number from my HP as well.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi anonymous,

Smart move. It's better to make an honest living.

I applaud you on your move.

The more people aware of LB D.C.H.L., the better, so that no more people join them.


12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

syipn, hope ur bro cant find any p and crying back home, soon he wil leave the comp, kful ur dad's 30k wil like a stone in the ocean.

than ur bro wil finaly be a good boy and study well. but actually ur bro in wat couse?

2:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr steven yip, wat the meaning of feeling to f uck? if u 1 2 create awareness, mind ur words, do u 1 kids to say
"f uck it! f uck it! lets f uck DCHL!!!"

hope u success when u r not so rude, i rather u fail if u continue using rude words, u 1 2 teach the public n warn them, but u said F UCK

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mayb lb member wearing coat n pretending is not a good thing, but rude n no manners arent good thing too, support u if u b more like moral?

thos who said moraly support u,
i hope they didnt mean the rudeness too.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wearing coat got problem?

do u go c client wearing t shirt n short pants?

simple manners oso dunno meh,

3:03 AM  
Anonymous I hate lb more than you said...

LB idiots wear a coat is good manners?
They are just a bunch of monkey in jumper suit. Look at their hair, their car, the walkie talkie. Come on do you expect someone with 3 different hair colour wearing a coat to be successful? Do you expect someone who drive a semi modified proton with a mitsubishi logo blasting chinese Feng Tou song wearing a coat to be successful? Someone who carries a walkie talkie wearing a coat to be successful?

I am not saying that they can't wear a coat. It just doesn't suit them. You can buy a coat at Kamdar for RM50. If they can be stupid enough to fork 30K, what is RM50.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Damn or Darn is a better word. F word is irritating and extremely offensive. We dont have to practice those LB fella rude manner isn't it?

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stupid lb, marquis also no standard ask me out 4 lunch and dinner also say forget to bring cash ( dun hv credit card meh) sorry, forgot that their cards 'pao' already haha. ended up having 2 pay for he and his wife's food. wah earn 30k cant even buy me lunch at kim gary. Poor marquis. Asked me 2 go biz preview, hv to pay RM 20, so cheapskate meh. U wan to rent sunway conv centre or shangrila is ur comp. problem mah, why charge ppl. No $$$ don do biz preview la. Screwed up bastards in coats driving BMW's. This marquis apparently drives a 300k BMW. Very very good in brainwashing ppl, the other day saw him close 1 pair of bastards husb and wife wth 1 child. The husband apparently resigned his job after pumping in 30k and finish doing the training. Im thinking of their poor child sure got no milk 2 drink one.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

message to you MLM LB freaks out there!

"you guys are so freaking vain"

4:55 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

I am sorry for the F**K word.

But I am pissed, and I am not usually this way. When you are so pissd off, any words can come out flying.

So, please stop the nonsense, go do other better work than LB.

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah screw LAME berger... fucktards trying to con money.. sorry steven yeam, DCHL or LAME berger.. I have tons of money and i'm not paying u a cent..

almost got conned to join lampe berger...

happy not to be 2k/30k poorer..

5:18 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous above,may I know u really pay the Mr.Marquis & Mrs Marquis lunch at Kim Gary...may I know tat when the waiter bring the bill comes,who is the 1 offer pay at 1st? Even Mr.Marquis card "pao" already,his wife also ca't belanja u meh? End up u pay for 3 person...btw,is whose suggestion makan at Kim Gary? No money still dare to ask ppl go Kim Gary makan? Luckily u didnt go to Victoria Station or TGI Fridays.

So,finally here we know about the mystery of those BMW come from.This is how STEVEN YEAM followers/slaves get the BMW.No wonder I was wondering their age is b4 30 but still can afford it.Even my dad retires only can afford tat car,but my dad dun1.

Just think logically,a young fella with the age b4 30 how can afford tat BMW? Unless u say he is Tan Sri or Datuk's son la.An average person can't afford for such a car also,even he buy it with cash...the next day I'm sure those "Income tax" officer will ask him a thousands of questions 1.

If u 1 2 know a person is rich or not....just ask the person to show his income tax form n tat's it.I dun think LB ppl pay income tax n they are not as rich as u thought also.Evrything is just an acting only.I also can pinjam my Uncle's BMW 5 series and show off in front of this arse holes!

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Frederick Choo said...

To all of you LOSER out there, yes my English not so good. I never say that my English is good. Anyway, I thanks you for teaching me the correct word.

Yes, success is the word. It is the word you are looking for. Because you can't find it!!! You LOSER who FAIL in lampeberger biz because you didn't follow the training or advise given by our leader. Now come here to COMPLAIN COMPLAIN and looking for people to blame!!

You can laugh at my English, but i see who laugh now. Do you know I drive a BMW 3 series??? Do you know?? Its not the lastest model, but its still BMW. How many of you can affort to do this? At young age like me? (I'm only 29)

That why I said already. DON'T JEALOUS OF OUR SUCCESS!!!!!


7:51 AM  
Blogger Feng said...

the comments by Mr Frederick Choo are really amusing. =)

8:23 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Frederick Choo: Is tat BMW a 2nd hand car? or do u pay cash to buy tat car? or "kong si" with some Marquis?Which year of BMW is tat?Just tell here right now.

Even tat u r driving a BMW,but this is a "tool" u use for mind control some waterfish only.But think about it,how many "waterfish" has been slaughter by u in order to drive tat BMW?I will see how long u can drive with tat BMW as well.

If u say u r rich,show us ur income tax form n tats it.Dare to show or not?I dun think u all Lamp Beggers will show bcos ur job is some kind of recruiting new beggers like begging ppl to buy n use the lamp.

Tell me what u know about the product...I dun think those LB ppl know about their product at all.Most of them know how to hunt waterfish and ask them pay RM2345 or RM30K to cut count.

We will see how long u will be with ur BMW n tat Pyramid scheme!

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bugger u frederick, im 27 yrs old and my dad is not a datuk, but i do clean business and after 2 years of very very hard work i am driving the latest toyota harrier bought for 260k and just moved into a new house in desa parkcity worth over 500k. Can u do that in direct selling??? i don think so. And i also don share my car wth ppl u will nvr see me borrow ppl my car. Haha. Well frederick don think that u r super successful and we all are jokers OK. And my clean businesses keep growing each year, next year im opening my 3rd branch in PJ. I was introduced in to LB but not interested to be conned again rather invest 30k into my own business than to GIVE it to a bunch of BASTARDS. 6 months back GUARANTEE, don be conned the 2 litre oil cannot be returned as well as the so called signature lamps. Usually, u invest 30k they sure give u the signature lamp and 2 litre oil. when u want 2 return them within 6 months trial period, only then they will tell u that sign. lamps can't be returned, JOKERS right. Anyway to hell wth all the LB FANS and hope they are happy living in their own nutshell cos i think they think too highly of themselves. Wht i hv achieved is also only peanuts compared to lots of other successful ppl in KL, and i hv nvr bragged about it. I tell it just 2 u Frederick choo there r really lots of succesful ppl A LOT MORE SUCCESFUL THAN U ASSHOLE

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why not just send all the necessary info to the e-mail address below and tell the what happen:


10:24 PM  
Blogger Tan said...

Why not just send all the necessary info to the e-mail address below and tell the what happen:


10:27 PM  
Blogger Tan said...

Why not just send all the necessary info to the e-mail address below and tell the what happen:


10:27 PM  
Anonymous Adrian Oh said...

Dear Frederick Choo, from your posting, all i can say i see nothing but "naiveness".

First of all, Life itself is not about driving BMW or not.

2ndly, if you wanna talk money, i can talk money. I have bunch of friends who's so rich that they can buy a fleet of 7 series BMW for your whole family if they want to, and pay cash for it (no credit card plz). And you know what? All of them are humble fellows, no one brab about what cards they drive or watever. They don't need to. They would all rather be low profile and humble because they know what it takes. The more you know, the more you know you don't know.

Well, apparent, you are just an immature kiddo. althought at age of 29. should be ashame of yourself. And although you might be driving a BMW, for now, for watever reason that you can afford it. Please be humble. You only show "shallowness" when you brab about what car you drive.

There's always something your money can't buy, TRUE respect is one of it. So, GROW UP.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

WOW! Anonymous: u seems like doing a big business ler? what kind of business is it? Restaurant or franchise? cos u say u r going to open 3rd branch ler...maybe can invite 'us' on the opening ceremony :) I really respect u man! Even I'm 24 this year,...dun know got the ability like u or not :)

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lampe Berger Fren,

Life is not about BMW.

And having a BMW doesn't mean you have success in life.

There are so much more goals in life to be accomplish besides materialistic goal.


8:26 AM  
Blogger melv said...

u cant do anything...coz u are wasting ur life when god and ur mom giv u a birth...wat u thing in the world u coming for? smoke, drank, drug, or still working as a cow for ur company???

why dont believe ur brother and open up ur heart to listen? or u think u scare or wat? haha if u really success, now wat u doing and working? still get per month salary? or go sell the private dvd???

if u think u can blog the dchl...haha, i think u cant do anything and dchl still earn 6m per month and keep on...

think WHY u come in this world, WHY u wanna do, WHY ur dream always leave u so far, WHY now u still need parents backup

7:36 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi melv,

Wake up, the business is a scam. I don't want more people to get scammed.

DCHL, Bel air, all are scams that sucks money from the downlines.

If you guys can earn money, good for you. But I bet you, it won't last long.

I have no respect whatever, even you drive a ferrari in front of my eyes.

Even the guy who picks up rubbish has more respect than the LB. At least, he's earning an honest living.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Frederick Choo said...

BMW is BMW! Can you FUCKERS tell me how many of you drive BMW???? Who say we share share or pinjam our BMW?? BULLSHIT!

Steven Yip, you just dont want your brother dreams to be achive. Because you just jealous! Your a lousy brother and do not support him.

When we can dream, we can succeed! Lampeberger biz is the way and people like me are the good examples.


9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, idiot u screw up, if u 1 2 convince ppl, mind ur manner 1st,
bmw doesnt mean anything, if u reli get money, u should improve ur spiritual side,

ppl who pick up rubbish, they wish to survive, they go work for tomoro, i not saying lb member dun, but life onli for money wudnt last, but life wivout money is same too,

last thing v do b4 v die, is give up hope for life

11:29 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi Frederick,

Please look at the core business, it's a recruiting business.

This business can't go far, and can't stay long enough.

I am jealous of my brother? Come on, who doesn't want to see their own family succeed?

But I don't want my brother, to become a con man, slick talking, and cheats people money. And thinks he can just shake leg, do nothing and earn a living.

And I don't want this scheme to infect others.

It has to stop. If you are happy driving BMW, I have no problems with that.

I am just against DCHL and the likes of it like Bel Air.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous daijoubu said...

Sigh i dont know how many time i've mentioned this, but the catalyst of MLM in this world is nothing but human greed. The prospect of making big money is sugar to every human's ears. LBers target the human greed, fueling it with their dreams, their 'fake' assets, the promise of easy money, etc.

One anonymous above said that there is 2 ways to get rich the in word, 1 is to invent something different like Bill gates, and one to do something people dont like but must be legal. Sadly, he forgotten the 3rd way which is to do illegal stuff. Obviously he would leave it out since LB is as legal as the Earth is flat. It might seem legal to the eyes of many, including the government, but its a sugar coated scam, and a good one in fact.

All the pro-LBers in here, read this, a human, that puts greed and money his priority in life, we have no use for humans like you to exist in this world, because you more hard than good to the civilisation. If you dont do good, at least try not to do bad. But because of your greed, you have pulled many other people into this hell investment, conning them, tempting them. Of course you can say its their own choice, but you cant deny that you play a big part in influencing that decision.

So my advice for LBers? Money can buy happiness, i dont deny that. But if your source of happiness is your money, once the money is gone, you can never be happy again. Think about it, and try to be better humans.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous FARK LAMPBERGER said...



9:51 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Federick aka NUMBNUTS

Your comments tickles me. I'm afraid you are dead wrong, there are a lot of successful "yuppies" out there which doesnt like to show off like the way you did.

You know it deep down your throat, how much burden that BMW gonna cost you each month and sometimes you gotta save/restrain yourself from spending extra.

I knew it because I have a couple of LB lamers who doesnt pay when we go out clubbing together.

One piece of advise, you better take care of your 5 yers old BMW gearbox, if it will cost you a bomb. Start saving now if you don't want to INTRAKOTA.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Dear Mr.Federick aka Fuckderick!

Even u say this BMW u buy urself,but u didnt say how u get it? By cash or loan or installments?

Like what Jefferson Young say also is quite true,what's the point that u have a BMW but when 1 day ur fren saw u drive a nice car and as u to spend them yumcha but u refuse? U still need to save the "yumcha" money for ur car maintenance.Drive a luxury car doesn't mean the person is rich also.Sumtimes u ask the person spend u drink also say "no money la,car maintenance expensive la and those lame reasons"

I believe LB can "protect" u temporary but not forever.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, FUCK this piece of shit. you fuckers brainwashed my younger brother (barely out of spm) into demanding rm30k from my parents. he got it eventually, but how did he do it? by violence. by threatening to kill my mother. fuck off you assholes. fuck off frederick.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was sweet-talked into LB a few years ago.

Most of the earlier ppl who joined r ppl already with money. Winnie supposed to hv been very successful in insurance, prop. devmt etc. Zack (or was it someone else) purportedly owns a jewellery company. Christine already runs a business with her husband. Another already owns a computer firm; and etc. etc. etc. These ppl already drive expensive cars b4 they join LB!!

They recruit their rich relatives and friends. Get their rich friends' children to join. Friends (not necessarily rich) of these rich friends' children, in turn, get sweet talked into this. I suspect this is how college students r now being sucked in or shd I say "suckered in".

They r just using this product as a "legitimate" vehicle. Same as Network 21 b4 which used Amway.
They promise to help u, but when u call them, they tun round & say, "oh! only RM2K ma. U talk to them enuf la. Anyone coming in for Baron or Count then I come in la." (coz that's big money!!)

U go 2 their seminars, it's akin to a cult gathering. U can't help but be sucked into all the hype. That's why they tell u to regularly attend it, to make sure it doesn't "wear off".

In other MLM, u must have a certain no. of recruits b4 u can move up to show tt sales are genuine.In LB u don't need to! Hope that those who have made complaints to the relevant authorities will highlight this & put it in as a condition, even if can't get LB 2 b closed.

I hope this blog gets as much publicity as possible, so that ppl will know what they will b getting into. If anyone still decides to join, just buy the oil, at worst, u can use it and it's more easily disposed off than those expensive lamps. (4Apr.'06)

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hah! u already said u dun wan to listen which means u dont understand a single shit about this business..if it cheats come Govt nvr clampdown? u think everyone also stupid and fork out 30k 1 ar? those who cant make returns out of this 30k are idiots..95% of ppl who come into this business are successful..stop blaming other ppl for your failures..try being in employment and earn 5 digits monthly within a few years..

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Frederick Choo and Melv

Since u guys are so "SUCCEED-FUL" with ur flashy beamers, why dun u do this:

Enroll to some local college for TOEFL programs, get ur "ENGLAND" right, at least u will have other's respeck in speaking or writing good english and won't make a fool out of urself..

Cheers mate!

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Frederick Choo

BMW is BMW! Can you FUCKERS tell me how many of you drive BMW???? Who say we share share or pinjam our BMW?? BULLSHIT!

I drive a BMW..i dun brag about it..many of my friends drives BMW too...they dun brag about it...and NO..THEY ARE NOT LBs.

and i'm 26..i owned 3 IT companies.
Ure 29..driving a BMW, ure a LB..and brags about being how "succeed" u are??

just eat shit and die

2:44 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

Frederick Choo of LB, with all due respect, allow me to share a success story with you.

I know of an auntie who opens a coffeeshop in my neighbourhood. she starts off by selling chap fun (mixed rice)... every morning till lunch time she will continuously cook the dishes out, while her sister becomes the seller.

the business is good, it's an honest money earned thru hard work. she did not resorted to advertising nor pushing names nor forcefully pulling ppl to come to her shop. she did not forced her other friends and relatives to eat at her shop. (although her kids and husband, yes)

but nonetheless, her business grows. ppl are flocking to her shop despite there's another 3 eateries side by side. she has to employ 2 indon maids to help out, 2 at the stall and 2 to help cooking. do you know why? bcoz her food is cheap enuf. bcoz it's somehow tastier than the other shops.

she started off with nothing. from renting a stall place, she bought the shop she rented the stall. and earlier this year, she opened her new shop, 3-shoplots altogether, just walking distance away from the original place.

She drove a C20 nissan van before. then she switched to a Serena. then she drove a Sentra, and yes, she still keeps her Serena. Now she's driving a Cefiro and just bought a Swift for her daughter to go to Metropolitan college. Oh yeah she still keeps all her cars, none traded off, none sold, except that C20 van.

And all these she achieved within 10 years.

oh i forgot to add, her husband is a jobless prick who rarely helps out at her shop and spends his time at mahjong parlour, spending her wife's money, so u can add her husband as another maintenance expenses.

sounds too good to be true? sounds like i'm making stories? u better believe it. still if u dont, u're very much welcomed to come over and drop by, i can show u to her shop(s) in Klang, and see for yourself.

This IS actual business. this IS the TRUE wealth and success. She could afford to buy AND maintain 4 cars, shops and employee salary and her husband altogether at the same time, and her car's combined worth are definitely more than ur 1 single 5-year old BMW.

well, she could own a BMW if she wants to, but this is only to show that owning a BMW does not necessarily means u're already succeeded in life.

how long have you been doing LB? i wonder would YOU be anything near her after 10 years of joining LB? or would you still be paying an arm and a leg for ur BMW installments?

there's many more thing that is better than owning a BMW. How about writing the greatest literary works of all time? How about producing the cure for AIDS and cancers? How about helping the poors and disadvantaged? Climbed Everest? Trekked thru Antartica? All these leaves a legacy of ur name and deeds behind to be commemorated and remembered by future generations. And that's success.

and no, u dont have to be a millionaire to start your journey around the world in 80 days.

3:40 AM  
Anonymous why bmw? said...

why always BMW? why not Mercedez or mitsubishi evo? there are a lot of great cars out there...please contact me at to view car showroom...say NO BMW

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Ah Tan said...

hey Frederick Choo...if you want to repair or modify BMW car can come to my shop le at Ah Tan accessories..i got lot of new 17" 18" sportrims tyre here le...can Zheng more your bmw...sure those fucker will envy you more le because ur bmw already power le!! come la i give you discount!

4:57 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

why bmw,

that's y i said, BMW is not everything... lol

7:01 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Frederick Choo,maybe is ur BMW "BIG MOUTH WOMAN"? maintenance is more cheaper i think.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BMW and others brand cars, and proton, ALL r dam destroyer of earth, for decade, we ask to replace petro wiv plant oil, but they dun. y? COZ they r scaming, those who promote BMW or others brand car which STILL using petrol, eat shit, all r money suxker.

above statement i really want to shout it out loud, but i found that if i were to speak like that which just like a jerk, i control myself, so please save our only home, earth from those nasty looking oil and car company.

for those who are lb at here saying how they successful, i think they not, true successful person will not waste time here, for those who keep attacking using the bmw issue, think of something new, for those who had successful in their business, please go donate some money, you may successful, but not all of us, for the guy who talking about the pyramid thing, think again, it is same, i dont know how much % of our citizen success, more than how much % i really want to know, i'm too lazy to do the research.

thank you for your kindness

9:28 AM  
Blogger TreVesco said...


can you imagine IF you pursuade the future engineer, for anything, technology (engineering, IT, biotech) developement and asked them to join MLM because their future job (engineer -related) can't give them much money?

Who the hell is gonna develop this country?

With your LB?

D-R-E-A-M O-N!!!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"ladies and gentlement...pls welcome our speaker of today's seminar...Mr Frederick Choo..who drives a 5 year old BMW..."

*woooohoooo..yea baby...woooo...*
*hawaii 5-0 theme playing in the background*


*tank u..tank name is Frederick..u can call me Fred..or Rick..or just Fre..

I wan to share my Succeed-ful story with you all and how to drive a BMW in 6 months time...

forget about ur current job...forget it..its useless..LB is the way to be now..and i wrote a song for you guys too..after u hear my song..the Application form to be a "COUNT" is at the information counter..COME ON...SING IT WITH ME NOW...

"u saviour..the one..desire..believe..when i sayy...u'll have RM 30K...

tell me can i drive a BM..
tell me the hell i fork out 30K
tell you now..ain't nothing but "ah long" u will get 30k...
coz i want it the LB way.."

*wooohooo...marvelous..brilliant..WHERE ARE THOSE FUCKING FORMS?"

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha... oh sing it to the tune of Backstreet Boy's "I want it that way". good!

LB is best! I can drive a BMW in 6 months times too... go work for ppl for whole life also cannot drive a farking Sentra, LB will gimme a BMW!!

Long Live LB!!! Long Live Steven Yeam!!!

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Cikgu Lim said...

i am proud eventhough i drive my old proton saga...i dont earn much. I am a teacher in primary school but i am happy i educated the childrens in the right way and eventually to the society...Fredderick choo, from your post i wonder how much education did you receive huh? SPM? PMR? or only UPSR? well yeah eventhough without degree you can own a BMW yeah? proud right? are you sure? please think about it

12:44 AM  
Anonymous auntie Jackey said...

Lambastard stop brainwash my son !! give me back my son!!

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think u r envy ur brother can get RM30k from ur father but u can't lor...

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the lady n gentlement, other than have your own biz what can u do 2 earn money?'s that work 4 other, do u willing 2 sell ur 8 or 12 hours to other ppl..n get a fix income?...or b a boss but 24 hours also will headache about ur biz?...
All the LB surportor i think we not need 2 waste our time 2 argue with all the freak here but spend our time 2 expand our network n eran more money 2 prove LB is the right choise....

5:40 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

It's really sad. I was wishing that your brother won't fall to this big sweet trick. 30,000... there's like infinity more better use than this (which sounds more like presenting the money for those initiate this scheme)... Buying that position? One can easily make oneself a BOSS with a small business with that money, which has better "prospects"!!! Even investing in stock market sounds better than this pyramid scheme.

Really, one can only make money from this with the criteria 1. the person has no heart & kept on conning ppl, cheating/pushing/forcing ppl to join. 2. One is naive enough to actually believe it work well like the fairy tale being told by recruiter. 3. One is a cow- work as hard & has as thick of a face ( or thicker). 4. Miracle- including god kept on having major production on human beings to feed the forever growing pyramid, including a bigger globe for them to feed in.

Steven, I will definately join SYN, your SYN not the other. Don't be frustrated/mad/sad. You probably done your best to prevent this, but it happened. (Can things get worse? If not, then you should actually feel relief). What you can do know is make sure it won't get worst, back up some financial yourself... Of coz the back up $ not for your brother to chase a unrealistic dream, but to back up your family in case of emergerncy since they lost that 30k for no reason.

Other than that? Just cross your finger & hope that he will see the real picture, don't give up/stop convincing him about the fact. He probably won't listen a word now (truth doesn't sound sweet, sweet word doesn't sound real)... But worth a try since he's your brother after all.

Good Luck & All the best... Also, take care & look after your own back. Don't get burn yourself.

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLM works if u put in your effort. its Logical concept. the F*** part of MLM is that u need to put effort for lazy people forget it. For Lampe Berger, i say its a good deal if they can present it well enuf. there mere shell can really make an impact. for the better or not depending on the "conee" understanding that if u can make somebody to join u. u are closer to a BMW. as u know that MLM the one at the top will benefit the most. Is the basic rule of MLM. he gets the most. Well there is no reason to be envious or jealous. u can too if u are capable. Getting personal with the top guy is no point. man is of greed so when they know there this possiblity then they will join. Tell me which fella does not want to make more money? unless he is insane or otherwise. SYN trading or LB is just a shell..i have respect for those who are willin to take the risk. b'coz it involves alot of patience and confidence.
these type of scheme will prevail or not depends on the individual. i stand for no one but myself. but remember its their freedom of choice. Determination is the key.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the lady n gentlement, other than have your own biz what can u do 2 earn money?'s that work 4 other, do u willing 2 sell ur 8 or 12 hours to other ppl..n get a fix income?...or b a boss but 24 hours also will headache about ur biz?...
All the LB surportor i think we not need 2 waste our time 2 argue with all the freak here but spend our time 2 expand our network n eran more money 2 prove LB is the right choise.... understand ur inglish..can tlanslate to hakka??

7:00 PM  
Blogger Cho said...

It's really interesting to see how LBler defend themselves. It's the most senseless example/ comparison one could ever find. AMAZING!!!

Should insert to our primary school text book as example of 'senseless comparison'.


11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would rather spend that 30k buy some syers...people idiot or what..30k for that lame ass aladdin lamp? fucking stupid

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Hey anonymous,

If you notice or wise enough, this blog was never meant for pro-LB.

It is for those who wants to share their fruitful experience (during LB) and also for those who cannot make up their mind in joining LB.

Therefore, your presence is insignificant to us.

Bye bye - hey, you forgot your 5 years old BMW keys.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

*sigh* LB-lers is living in such a different fantasy world than most of us... Don't even know how to reason with them coz they seem to be unreasonable.

Even after Steven & Calvin provided so much powerful & faithful facts... they're still living in that narrow fantasy world... *sigh*...

Steven, how's your brother now? Still believes? How about your family? Have you talk to them? Prevent your brother brainwashing them...

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear fuckdedick zhu,

ur bmw got full tank?
tyre got flat?
aircon got gas?


think b4 u talk!!!

7:44 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi Cho,

Thanks for asking. My bro and dad involved in it now.

But I am slowly talking to them. I didn't shut them down. I try to rationalize to them, that this will close down one day. If not closed down by the authorities, in the end, no one will join, and thus collapse the pyramid.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah...your father also join in this business ar but u not agree about it..
Is that means all the memeber of your family (include ur father) are stupid and only you are the clever 1?...
Please think about it..
For your knowledge for who they are can't make decision whether want to join LB or not please don't belive 100% about this blog lor..because please think about it..Is that some one family member join LB and make him very angry and wish to create this pro website for those who are anti LB...or he are too free to do this witout pay?...and only few people are exist always...or they are from other MLM company?...Since they are not join LB but they can know very clear about internal thing in LB so is that logic?..Please consider this..

12:00 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

To Anonymous above.

You're amazing coz you can jump to conclusion based on unrelevant things.

I guess I can recognize that kind of expression... You are one of the LBlers.

Jeff, let me know whether you also think so.

Steven, what do you think they will do next? Recuiting people? Will LB ask them to invest more money? Or 30K is the final target?

1:32 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous,

man...your english is so weird.

Anyway, i get what you mean. But your argument is quite shallow. Everyone makes mistakes, I am not saying I am the only one clever.

But you look at the facts of business in LB. There's something very wrong with it. If they can't see it, or they decided to keep blinded, that's up to them.

It's not about being clever or what. You just need to do some study on LB itself, and there are tons of problems.

So, we decided enough is enough. Take some action, write against it. And let others who are thinking of joining, find the right materials first before they make the plunge.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Each day I visit this blog it never fail to amuse me.


Well, I do have the same thinking that he is one of the LB member. Guess wat? I'm trying very hard to read his comment over and over again to a understand the message he is trying to convey.


3:02 AM  
Anonymous Frederick Choo said...

Hello Fuckers!

Its not BMW only. The successful Lampeberger people also drive Mercedes. What you people drive? Can your 9 to 5 job garantee you can buy this kinds of luxury car?? Yah! Maybe when you are 60 year old!! HA!

You people can laugh and laugh. If you don't face the truth, you will not success. Take it or leave it!!

And all you ANONYMOUS fuckers, why so scared to put your name??? Come lah! I think its the same guy posting to show like many against Lampeberger, but actually only one guy!!! Maybe its Steven! Right, Steven???

Come lah, so scared for what?? We can meet up somewhere, see you dare show face or not? Don't talk cock here and don't dare to show name!

THINK B4 YOU TALK!!!!!!!!!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish ur dad din made a mistake, feel sorry for an old man to make a mistake which cant b forgive my own son...

anyway, although ur fact r strong, but, it is reasonable for ppl to ignore ppl who discourage and make them hopeless...

but if u think u can take it down, u can...

the above statement sounds familiar? yes, it is some kind of motivation, u need it or not? it is to brainwash u to believe u can, well, it is reasonable for some1 to brainwash themself to believe themself.

the above statement din meant to offend, but everyday we brainwash ourself to believe in wat v doing, so pls think again b4 u flame the word brainwash.

logicaly, u guys too cant conclude that among ppl here dun have member from other mlm comp, u dunno.

mayb u really so hate the industry, but i myself wish that all this fact r not true, or atleast not that true, so ppl inside the system, innocent or guilty will not suffer.

b kind to any1, even those bloody oil comp n smoker,

ps: ppl who will shout out the word f u c k, mind ur own manner

8:08 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

frederick. 2pm sunday. starbux sunway pyramid. u're not invited nor welcomed but come if u may.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous I said...

frederick choo talk like dog..lam kau!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous I once again said...

those who join lampe berger is a pig head like frederick choo

12:19 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi frederick choo,

1. I did not put those anonymous. Go figure who they are.

2. Who cares LB members drive what. We don't have respect for their wealth. In fact, I respect the trashman more than LB members in the terms of finding a living. He's contributing to the economy. You guys aren't.

5:26 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

Frederick choo,

Do visit my page, and leave some comment, It would be lovely to have you as an Pro-LB perspective on my blog.

One Man's Perseptions

8:50 PM  
Blogger Cho said...

Jeff, you know what, it never fail me too. & whenever SUCE-E-D ppl apprears, it can actually bring out major laughter.

To Anonymous replied on 8.08am,
1. "wish ur dad din made a mistake, feel sorry for an old man to make a mistake which cant b forgive my own son."
I don't think Steven 'can't forgive' his dad, he's just hoping that there's more understanding & awareness regarding the matter.

2.'It is reasonable for some1 to brainwash themself to believe themself.'
Was wondering... motivating yourself to have more confidence on taking up retional challenges to do better in your life & getting brainwash to have to unusual sense of success measure, priority in life (i.e. getting count position is more important than let your dad kept his hard earn property) would be the same case... Just wondering.

3.'You guys cant conclude that among ppl here dun have member from other mlm comp, u dunno.'
Did anyone conclude on that? Pardon me, I must have miss that line.

4. "i myself wish that all this fact r not true, or atleast not that true, so ppl inside the system, innocent or guilty will not suffer."
Don't we all hope the world is in peace. I guess most people wouldn't want ppl to suffer, whether related or not. Don't you think that's even why Steven have this blog?

11:59 PM  
Blogger Cho said...


Frederick Choo said...
Hello Fuckers!

Its not BMW only. The successful Lampeberger people also drive Mercedes. What you people drive? Can your 9 to 5 job garantee you can buy this kinds of luxury car?? Yah! Maybe when you are 60 year old!! HA!

You people can laugh and laugh. If you don't face the truth, you will not success. Take it or leave it!!

And all you ANONYMOUS fuckers, why so scared to put your name??? Come lah! I think its the same guy posting to show like many against Lampeberger, but actually only one guy!!! Maybe its Steven! Right, Steven???

Come lah, so scared for what?? We can meet up somewhere, see you dare show face or not? Don't talk cock here and don't dare to show name!

THINK B4 YOU TALK!!!!!!!!!

Pardon me for quoting post which is not a usual practice in posting a comment, but i couldn't help. I am really amused by his post... He show me a whole new page of how oneself can 'communicate' & how to 'address' the public who ought to read his post.

The first line capture my attention I must admit. When he said 'Its not BMW only. The successful Lampeberger people..' I was actually looking fwd for something new (not BMW only? Finally he got himself out from the corner of the horn to see a broader picture of life? Maybe he will say they actually help to develop the country? the nation? value & morality of life???.....) but the next sentence indeed spoil all the hope, "... also drive Mercedes". Alas, it is meant to be. Shouldn't even have hope for 'sensible' view/perception at the very 1st place...

*sigh* so, it seem to be still lingering around the page of 'luxury car' on Fed Ch's side. Surpise?

Special dedication to Federick Choo:

I wonder, does that mean my 30 years old young boss from UK whom is a high flyer & earn 6 digit in USD each month fail miserably coz he only have a Lexus which he generously share with the company (together with his personal driver) during office hours apart from the other 2 cars (CRV only, federick, nothing matches yours you know?)...

I myself must have been the person whom can't imagine what 'success' is since I only earn twice the LB member entry fee every month although I had started working almost 1 year now, and the bonus is only 3 times the entry, plus my career path/prspcrs only indicates that my monthly pay will only reach 5digit in another 5 years, and opptnty only stays in any country in SEA, Aberdeen, London, Houston etc... Coz I don't have a BMW? & I don't have a LBler working experience in my CV?

Oh, I regret studying so hard for my degree, I fail so miserably not having a BMW & Mercedes. My boss even suggest to sponsor me to pursue PhD in UK on companie's new benefit scheme. He must be crazy & jealous of my SUCEED in case I join LB... He want to RUIN MY LIFE!!! (Multinational company who doesn't have BMW must be mad?!?!?!)

Come to think about it, I regret investing in land property, should have buy a BMW, a house? I must be the stupiest person alive, don't know what SUCEED is!

Do you have an extra form? I'm so tired of my life failure, I want to join LB and be SUCEED. Safe me from my miserable life.

(for the rest, deepest apology for this annoying nonsence reply, I tried to get hold of myself, but I couldn't help to make a comment. Oh, I am getting shallower...)

Sinking Cho.

12:28 AM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

I actually though that was funny, and it is a gift that you have such an unusual sense of humor.
I like it a lot~
By the way, what company you are in? hmmm... I want to join too~ But I'm a Fresh Graduate (Mechanical Engineering)~

P.S.Hmmm... I wonder do I need to pay RM2000++ or RM30K to get that opportunity?~

One Man's Perception

1:18 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

LOL, Calvin, thanks. I was so annoyed by the never ending loop of I-Got-BMW-I-Suceed-u-jealous loop like a dog chasing it's own tail so I couldn't help to give some back.

Didn't know you're a freshie from your thick book of strong facts. I would consider myself a freshie too since I had my convo Aug last year. Joined my current company in May though (they look at my transcript & the paper I publish in one of the regional conference, not my LB entry form though). I'm a geologist, working in a oil&gas company.

Many O&G wants Mechanical Engineer, probably develop into a facility engineer or project planning engineer(many prospects). Try the major O&G first (Shell?). & no, they don't ask 2345 from you. In fact they will give you more than that every month to get you in in order to give you mnay more 30,000 in future. (LOLz, ain't you funny too! talking about sacarstic! lolz.) Oh but beware, ppl will be JE-LOUS YOU-R SUCEE-D.

I guess I won't talk too much of that here since it's out of topic for this blog. Can got o my blog & we can discuss more.

3:07 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

Alot can be done with RM30k! Why can't u guys think? Damn, RM30k can fund ur tuition fees for a proper degree for at least 3 sems in a good uni. Most ppl doin LB are sch leavers.. I agree tht education may not get u rich. but without ur degree, if LB dies.. u will r a nobbody. in today's world, even a degree is insufficient to get u a proper job.. THINK!

Most ppl in their early 20s tht i know continue doin LB bcoz thy hv no turning back. damn if u wanna start a business so much. RM30k can get u ur bank guarantee with the press to do advertising.. this RM30k is fully refundable n u r ur own boss n the company u open belongs to u.. with the bank guarantee u make 15% out of the cost of the ads u book for ur customers. n most of all, u work for ur self.. n not ur parasiting uplines!

Even i hv been to the SYN bus. plan talk which i thought was plain bullshit. i hpn to know the LBers who ask me.. "how often do u go to this events whr thy hv more thn 3,000 ppl listening to 1 speaker talk?" damn how dumb is tht.. u pay RM20 to tht dumb steven yeam to make a bloody speech. u guys pay his damn bloody air ticket to fly in frm hongkong everytime he gives u tht bloody speech so tht u dun give up ur business. let me ask u again.. hv u been to an event whr the event organiser paid RM25k to the speaker for a 1 hour talk excluding the cost for ur 10 dish full course lunch at a 5 star hotel for 1000 guests without u pay a single cent?

how dumb can u get? cut the crap n stop being lansi tht u r the smartest business man / woman in KL whn u r actually a high sch drop-out without a proper business degree to qualify u as a businessman/woman.

u guys only con poor kids tht hv immature brains to make money. drive ur BMW, EVO, RX8, MERC or ur other bullshit car.. i dun give a damn.. if ur so damn great.. make the money urself in a more legitimate way pls! not cheat on poor high sch students who havent even finish their tertiary education.

i damn hate LB since day 1 i heard abt it a year ago. maybe i may not be driving a BMW for now, but i'm damn sure 1 day i will not loose all my assets just bcoz i cant afford to pay up my loans..

way to go.. i'm supporting this website all the way til DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN fucking wht nots die.. I shall see to tht day!

11:21 AM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

Well, don't be so aggressive, calm down...
First of all, recruiting distributor below 18 years old is totally against LB's Distributor Agreement, which is the first agreement. So, next time if anyone you know were approached when they are still 18, let them know that they can't be a distributor.

One Man's Perception,

7:39 PM  
Blogger wyeling said...

one man's perception,

this is not the matter of being aggresive or not. first of all, i did not mentioned abt LB recruiting anyone below 18.

i said LB is targeting those who are suppose to be studying for their degree. mostly, are above 18 FYI.

to brainwash them into such materialistic world for your own benefits when they can be more secured in the future.. who is being more aggresive here?

9:13 PM  
Blogger wyeling said...

bear in mind tht thy r also quitting coll or got terminated by their institution just bcoz the LB ppl promised thm tht thy can be big n rich whn thy join..

this poor souls has not even earn their 1st dollar yet n u guys cheat thm off 30k so tht thy can help u live up to ur so called "DREAMS"

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after read u guys post,i had made up a conclusion.
1st of all,it's not bout LB or wat!
yes,we can still live without LB or this company!
but think back,we ppl,wat are we looking for all the times?
1st,how to jump off from bitter life!
2nd,how to find happiness during our life.

think back!why our ancient were led by others races?
because we weren't unite!

did u guys think of it?
y DCHL starts the MLM biz from S.E.A country?especially from Chinese region country?
cause he know,chinese are the smartest race in this world!
but so unfortunately,we chinese act oversmart.

yes,money is not everything,but everything is money!
since human race created money,problems n problems were popped out!

before the revolution begin,we're education blinded,all we got just the strength to survive.

but after revolution,ppl get to school,get educated,and the world change tremendously.

lots of problems occur after revolution,for example materialistic,ppl pursuit for a better life.

but the initial race that jump out from their race was the white skin races.

they came n conquer,they treat us as servant.that's until now they still lead the world.

look back at us,chinese!

we're the smartest n hardworking race in this world.but y we still far left behind?

cause we don't unite!

back to the topic,y DCHL starts from ASEAN country?

cause it's a opportunity for us to conquer back europe n others regions market.

MLM is an fastgrowing industry.
but not every ppl see the potential behind it!
sure it got pro n contra!
no things in this world perfect!

think back,most company we work for were from outsider,mean those international company.

dude,we're making money for those "guai lou".

we're not making money for ourself!
think back,all the years we were's well educated!
but think back,y we need education?
to build up our personality,not to insult against each other!
we were educated to learn the basic skill of living!
to respect each others!

so y we chinese fight against each other?

back to the topic!
LB!it's a scam,some said!
1st of all,LB was just a product name,it's not a company or what!
It's just a product n with only 1 factory at France.It's a trademark of France!Even our Prime Minister use this product,so,nth wrong with the product!

n the Marketing Plan.It was a fantastic marketing plan!
so,nth wrong also with the plan!

now,the industry,MLM.
MLM was just a industry or can say a sales method use by a company to promote their products,same as other business method!Cause with this method,they can save cost like advertising and so on but give it to the distributor who able to sells the products!

and bout recruiting!
which industry in this world doesn't recruit ppl one?
all the things in this world were created because of human's demand!
even though if one day u open an biz,u will definitely recruit ppl!
they get paid by working with u!n u earn more than them,doesn't it a pyramid scheme also???

face the reality of life!

the pioneer always earn more than others under them!that's the fact!
did u ever seen a CEO earn less than a normal worker?
but the hard work puts by the CEO,did u guys ever think of that?
y he can earn more than us???

ok,talk bout the syn and the 30k.
SYN was a network under Steven Yeam.In this network,we've learn more than just making money!it's not like u guys think,a scam or money game!but maybe they are some guys misuse the syn as a tool of making money!

actually from the education taught by syn.we've manage to find the truth of ourselves!

think back,y we came to this world?

is that our life just working 9 to 5 n retired after 65?
i think all of u guys sure will say no!
we came to this world to enjoy,right?
but in the process of living,sure we'll encounter a lot of problems!

i wanna ask u guys,truthly!
when was the last time u buy ur loves one a gift?when was the last time u really sit down n talk to ur parents!is it our goal in life was just working n keep working like an ant.

we're human,we know to analysis!
but most of us are selfish!right?

and bout the 30k.come on,it's a biz!i said again,it's a biz!
we invest 30k in this biz cause we believe we can get wat we want from this biz!
but other than that,what we got was something priceless!like experience n the most important,dignity!!!

have u ever ask help from other but was turn down by others?especially the one u think he/she will be the 1st person who stand out to help u when u're in need?

do u ever heard the the worker ant got dignity?

i'm not here to insult or wat!

i was just analysis the truth to u guys!

so many ppl out there struggle so hard to find an opportunity that can make their life easier!

y are u guys here wanna spoilt this opportunity???
because u wan them to be like u???
be a worker ant without dignity?

wake up we chinese!the malay nowadays are over our head already!
we can't just sit there n fight against ourselves!

i'm not talk bout politic or racism!

but the fact is y our ancient came so far from big land to nanyang?
think back!

stop here !next time will continue!

2:17 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

anonymous above,

u're just another brainwashed lamb, so i cant blame you for your shortsighted opinions.

you should have come to our meet at starbucks sunway pyramid this afternoon. we will explain to you things that runs at the background where most of innocent ppl like you dont know about. after that i believe u will reconsider your stand, but nevertheless, the choice is yours to make.

steven and some others here just wanted to help make ppl like you realise that not everything in this world is as beautiful and sweet as wat DCHL ppl chose to tell you.

they sincerely wana help you face the reality instead of hiding in dreams and empty promises.

whether u see this action as a kind gesture or a threat depends very much on whether u are willing to listen to some enlightening views or continue to be a carriage pulling mule.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous LB,

First of all, I express my respect for you, because you have posted such a long comment.

All I can say, we are not restricting you from finding your goal in life, or your dream.

But DCHL lampe berger really has to look into their marketing plan. Something is wrong there. It doesn't matter you have NDO with so much hype (I just drop by at Sunway this afternoon), it doesn't matter you have a 100 year old brand(which in France is almost unknown), it doesnt matter the essential oil is made up of 90% cheap alcohol.

It's the marketing plan, which is impossible to achieve.

So that's where you have to hype things out. Dress to impress. Drive to impress. And if you are talking about conquering the western world, forget about it. DCHL products are not high tech. US, france and the western civilization has systems, technology, military which is far more powerful.

So invest your time and brain on other stuff. Not some fiddle diddle lamp.

Working 9 to 5 of course sounds bad. But if you just grad from uni or college, I suggest you go work your ass of, learn as much as you can, look for opportunity in the things you have passion of doing.

Not the lamp. You must be lying to yourself if you love the lamp business.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course i don like the lamp!
but i must accept the fact that one day in the future,i'll do my own biz also!

from here,i can learn a lot of things beside earning money!
how to be a human being and a successful biz man!

i can tell u frankly,everything also got positive n negative side!

it depends on how u judge that things.for instance,robbing bank is illegal,but somebody does also!
y?cause from their view,they think they're right,they got their own reason!but from the society of view n law,it's illegal!

as for this marketing plan,i dunno whether it got sth wrong or not!
i just trust our government!if it's illegal,no way it's gonna survive until now!

not just in Malaysia,but others countries also!

i know ur main problem is the 30k,right?
if it's rm300,surely u wont feel anything,right?n maybe u'll involve urself also i think!

what i've learn from there was how to be a real guy!face the reality of life,problem solving,communication skills,self-esteem....many things!

it's true that not everyone will success in this biz.we must face the truth!but do u wish ur brother n father is the one who fail in this biz?

actually i know ur bro n father,i've talk to them!
uncle was a very nice person!
wat u ban was the marketing plan right?
not ur brother or father right?
then u should support them!be a good son n brother,show them ur support!cause they're fighting through their dreams n goals!
ur father had retired,so precious that he found another thins he wanna do n he have passion on it,u should play ur role by supporting them!

i know,maybe for u,u cant accept this biz,but at least accept ur brother n father!

our syn culture is not to ruin or to make the relationship between family members bad!

we're from deep inside our heart wanna help u to fulfill ur dreams!

i don ignore that maybe got some "hai qun zhi ma" misuse or misunderstood syn culture!

we've seen a lot of cases like u that banned their family members to join LB!

talk from bottom heart,it's just because of money!

if they choose to join others MLM company that no need investment like this,i bet u won't stop them or u don think it's a big deal at all right?

after all,i can sure that one day u'll turn n support them,just like other cases!

from ultra ban this biz to involve theirselves n fully into this biz!
it's just a normal cases like others!

everyone that join LB from the 1st day will surely be ban by their family members n ppl around them!

but after times n times of hardwork n prove that shown,the family members will step by step accept this industry!

due to this was a quite new industry compare to the others,surely some ppl cant accept it.but from the economic of view,i can tell u,it's a dream plan for the boss!

cause they don need any ads fees oe promotion cost,just simply set up a plan n so on!

it's a trend,u can't deny it!like internet to email,to msn messenger to now blog spot.

slowly n slowly,it'll be more accepted by society.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


7:55 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

hmm... so i guess this anonymous LB is in steve's bro and father's team... their upline i would like to believe....

i guess whatever fact we throw at him would be like throwing salt to the sea, nonetheless, i would love to write this down for those who's still sitting on the fence.

first of all, yes u get to learn on how to manage a biz, u learn how to persuade, u learn how to talk.

u realise (sort of la) on how to "be a human being and a successful biz man", realise about ur dreams (are u sure that it is not dreams fed to u by DCHL?), "how to be a real guy!face the reality of life, problem solving, communication skills, self-esteem....many things!"

but frankly, do you really have to join LB to learn all this things?

hey, other legal MLMs also gives u the same stuffs! and no, they dont need u to invest rm30k to learn all these!

plus, u can learn all these for free in the working world, and u dont have to invest ur money to learn it. instead your boss pays u to do just that.

i have met steve yip and LBHelp today. i'm impressed by steve for his knowledge, he will go far in his life. i'm also impressed by LBHelp, for he was my high school junior yet he's indeed a matured man now.

what they knows are true knowledge gained from experiences. and the so-called knowledge u learn from LB (or some other MLMs) are merely second hand info passed on to you by ur upline.

i might as well take myself as example. i know what i wants. i know how to achieve my set target and goals. and i KNOW i can do it. yet i dont learn all these from LB (or other MLMs). the key is to understand urself. and to improve where u're lacking.

dont just look things at its surface. dont just look at it's good and beauty. understand the whole thing, both good and bad. instead of looking at it and take its face value, see through it.

ppl are hyping something's benefits. are you going to let all these ppl blind you and believe everything they say? do you do ur own investigation, do more fact finding?

why on earth would some whistleblowers present negative views on something if it's all good? surely there must be a reason. perhaps they saw something that u didnt see?

nay, jealousy is such a shallow reason to paint such whistleblowers.

everything in the world are created with opposites. black and white, day and nite, good and bad. do you care to find out about the bad or u would prefer to be ignorant? do you prefer to live in a one-sided world?

fact is, with all those beautiful dreams and flowery promises, there are bound to be the darker side of this and you cant hide the fact that it is there.

Here Steve Yip and LBHelp works as a counterbalance to such one-sided views. they provide an independent, firm base of knowledge for your taking.

when u have both side's views, the decision is yours to make. unlike LB who shut us out to make their cause seems worthy, we provide you the knowledge with which U decide ur own destiny.

just make sure what's in store for u in the whole scheme. not all is as pretty as they (LB) said. just open your eyes in everything you do.

if u need some more enlightenment, i'm sure LBHelp would be more than pleased to share with you emails sent by ppl who joined LB.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

1. You don't like the well designed lamp? Oh well, so why do you buy into this pyramid plan anyway?

2. This business has too much problems in it. I didnt say i don't accept them (my dad and bro). If they want to do this biz, let them do. I have no problems with that. I myself, won't do this, or any other MLM in my lifetime.

3. You can learn all those network building, business skills better from an established company (non mlm).

4. RM 30k and RM 300, will I let him join? 30k definitely no, 300 bucks? I will still advise him (better study your subjects than doing this). 30k is a huge sum friend, it's one year salary. That is the risk level we are talking here. Can't you personally guarantee my brother will earn back this in 6 months? No, you won't be able too. Even other investment vehicle ask you to read the prospectus and understand the risks involved. All you LB members in the steven yeam network SYN does is selling dreams.

Yes, you guys are replacing other people's dreams with money, and it is as though LB is the only way to achieve this.

Wake up and smell the coffee. LB does not smells good as you think it is.

LB DCHL is a pyramid mlm scheme in Malaysia.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc also CONNING people $$$ only what...

I only take little con $$$ while the *people mentioned above* CON the "rakyat" & taxpayer's $$$ BIG TIME! SO what is the FUSS?

I con my lecturer before, i cheat on my exam before, i Ponteng class before, i cheated during SNOOKER, i cheated my fren before, hell i even con my GF before. Hahaha. What is the BIG FUSS?

As i say, EITHER YOU CON PEOPLE or PEOPLE CON YOU...Its a survival skill!

Its better for us, "the little guy with no $$$" to con little $$$, than "the BIG SHOT GOVERNMENT officials" to con the rakyat $$$.


I'm DAMN sure the GOvernment DOn't MIND this little $$$ one.

AIyah, we group together as a group of "hardcore anti-lampeberger", then we charge those people who is also "anti-lampeberger" RM 100 each. Then, we also make LOTS of $$$.

Simple calculation,

RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI-LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Then, we BUY Ferrari and BMW to drive to Menara HLA, park at the FRONT and BURN them. This we show that we also can make $$$ ma!!!

DAMN good IDEA...!!!

WE group together ok...WE KEEP in touch! Malaysia BOLEH!

Remember, my name is AH Wai from SYN DCHL Lampeberger :)

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Jefferson Young,

Each day I visit this blog it never fail to amuse me.

i do agree with you. All i have to do is look for Frederick's comments and it makes my day so much brighter and happier.

To Frederick Cho,

I'm one of those anonymous "FUCKERS" that do not wish to identify myself because ure so hostile..i scared ler...

but anyway..keep posting your AMAZING comments. It never fails to make me laugh...

anyway..have u enrolled for TOEFL yet? No?'s the number...1-800-my-england-cannot-make-it.


7:34 PM  
Blogger wiseMan said...

What kind of brother your are ? Even if you know you brother is in a trap , you donot manage to stop him, but blame the other?!

If you can think logically, you should know your resposibility is to pursuade ur dad and your brother , not to influence the crowd (and even you do the RM 3oK oso nvr comes back)... When the money goes , you think it can fly back eaily to your pocket ma ??!

I'm so ashamed that you can only make lots of blog to complaint .. other than that u do nothing (You think you really can stop DCHL ? Think about the goverment , linked with money la) ... The lesson from 30 K , only the release of anger thru the net ?!

Why dont you think off how to get back the money, instead of complaint or making rumours ?

DId you know you might get charged of these pieces of shit you wrote ?

You might not care ...
But I'm to tell you ...

Smart person choose an easier way to achieve their mission...

1:44 AM  
Anonymous justmythoughts said...

I was being asked by a friend to attend their NDO session over the weekend and I seriously felt sad for the people who were there.

I do respect the guy Steven Yeam for his powerful influential approach. But after hearing further of what he said. I felt sad. Very sad.

He mentioned about targeting the muslim group. Well. i seriously wonder how much further the scam is going now. They target the their next potentital group as they realised the chinese group are becoming smarter. But the way he say things..i think he needs to do some research of what he had said.

Such as..going to have muslim session?? i was like huh...muslim session?? which means he is going to conduct it in Arab language with Jawi writtings??

And he uses the religion haj visit as the excuse of making the muslim members to join so that they could afford it....well...seriously you don't need to be a SYN DCHL member to go for is just sad as I learn in my life that never use religion and race to influence people's is sad as this may even cause more damage later.

It is getting out of hands...using rave parties to attract the crowd....foam parties and so think the Muslim members willingly to wear sexy bikinis and thongs around the party? think properly steven yeam...maybe he need to spend abit more on his market research department...another 20-30k for me is okay..i can give him some tips on how to target the muslim group...

but sad to say..the movie example that he used "Pay Forward" was not very good idea...basically you are expecting young kids to seek money from their is more like teching people to steal from the think you robin hood meh....we are leaving in the 21st century....robin hood story not even true....... about the singapore seriously think singapore government so supporting is all about money...think of it....steven yeam earns so much...spending half a mil is nothing for him la is to thank all you "investors" mah....

think about it mah...without you guys...he aslo cannot survive lah....he will have to repay you guys so that you will work hard is all about corporate ethics only mah...

another thing i learn in the business world is that...the 6 months return policy....well..think of it...if someone were to offer me 30k...i put in the saving account for 6 months also can earn money lah..then i can return 30k back also lah...

same thing what..but think again..if let say 10 people put 30k in my account

10 x 30k = 300k
6 months later with 2 % = 6000k

wah..the network make 6k extra after 6 months

or even personal loan shark...2% every month they charge...300k to do loan business..2% every month...6 months later...6k each month x 6 months...wah...the network make 36k liao after 6 months..

so....don't you ever think they use the money for those kind of usage..then they can really pay you guys back....but your 30k that you had invested...if you take back 6 months lose what they had earn and they had make full use of your money...

one last thing i wanna say is the people who had just joined....after i met a few people there and saw the whole situation...there are a few i can see they felt stucked in the network because they had invested into the end, they just pretend they are doing well in the network as everyone is like competiting each cheering and stuff...a lot of acts....sad to say...

so guys and girls....think again....

1:47 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi wiseman,

thanks to the intensive brain washing by his upline. He decided to stay on course, yes, stay on course.

The first time he invested RM2k, I am already pissed off. 30K, yes it gets out of hand.

Now, lets say you see your loved ones or closed to you heading for danger, what do you do?

Of course, you will advise him.

Believe me, I have put all the facts on the table. But he doesn't get it.

Therefore, I can see, this is getting dangerous. I don't want him to end up as a sweet talking con man, just like his upline marquis.

It's not about the money. I can assume it's going down the drain. And I don't really care about 30k.

What I do care now is, not seeing our young minds wasted for years on a dream of lies.

So be it. DCHL lampe berger has to close shop.

This is the only purpose of this blog.

2:33 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi justmythoughts,

I was there at sunway NDO yesterday. haha...

Ok, just dropping by. I realized more malays into this.

What a good con man this guy is. You see for muslims, they need at least 10k to go for hajj. So to strike the right chord with them, you have to tell the right story.

Which they will tell their fellow muslims as well.

So more will join.

If they really do dare go into this more and using religion as a tool, this will easily capture the government's attention.

Don't play with this. Business is business. Not mixing your personal dreams in it.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Mr MORON steven yip said...

yo people out u people want 2 know who is da dummest guy in da whole world..hahaha...its our moronic steven yip...give him a clap man...finally we found da dummest guy in da!!...tis guy he had a bro..his bro was very smart coz he got a plan 4 his future...his bro trying 2 earn money by him self..but our most moronic steven yip here wasting his dads money fucking around....oi!! moron wat?? u asked me 2 write in ur blog i rite 4 u...let every1 know bout moronic u r...dun tell me ur grandmother stories wan wanna listen...who give a dem bout ur bro ah??? not ur bro oni invest 30k..every1 also invest 30k..30k is not a big thing...ur bro smart..but so sad u r such a moron...haizzz...if i have a brother like u ah..i already kill him...if in a family some 1 doin a business ah usually we will support no matter we like da business or wat...but see dis moron his bro doin a business but going n tellin every1 bad thing bout da business....if ur brother fail ah is not because of him or da because of u moron u r the main reason why ur brother fail...pity ur brother la have a brother like u...haizzz..

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Mr MORON steven yip said...

ah!! u wanna stop lb?? u wann stop dchl??? u will be jokin man..grow up la dum ass..come and kiss my ass....dream la dream u can stop lb...woi!!! WAKE UP!!! IT's A INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MAN..

5:34 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

lets see whr ur goin mr moron steven yip.

tell us abt urself pls. we're DYING to know how well to do you are.

u wanna earn money with investment use ur own. dun borrow. 30k is alot to put u in debt once we bring DCHL down!

go finish ur studies, get ur degree, grow up thn talk!

6:20 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

well... this is a fine example of the types of ppl in LB. brash, uncivilised, uneducated (well, even not finish school also can do LB mah),arogannt and in malay, we call them, bodoh sombong.

in front of you when they wana con ur money, they can pretend to be very refined, got taste, drive BMW la, eat at 5 star hotel la (ironically, they spend most of their prospecting time in mamak!)

but when they get the chance to hide behind the anonymity of a screen name, just like this one, they show their true colours.

is this the kind of ppl u want to make ur upline? someone who's suposed to help and guide you? i've heard of horrible stories where uplines shut u out when u want to do a refund. i'm sure this fella is one of those unruly uplines/agents.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...


30k is way too expensive.

And this is a recruiting business.

Nothing more to say.

If you are consistently making money out of LB, just think. You are getting it from others who invested 30k.

Isn't this illegal?

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guyz!!
i not sure whether any1 of u can read mandarin or not, i am from biggest chinese forum in malaysia,, we have a few post about anti-LB also, please check it out!!
i also very hate LB, lets fight LB together !! :)

8:12 AM  
Blogger suprememilkman said...

guys, i understand tht lotz of our dear ones (frens,relatives,etc...) were all 'BAKAR' by Dumb Chinese Hai Lats(DCHL) by investing so much money into an IDEA which fails .. guess whose fault is tht?? i feel tht it was greed whose responsible.. i meant it was like a blind-leading-another-blind organised crim scene .. guess wat?? steven yim still is n still will continue his rm1mil a month 'residual income' .. sounds bad isnt it??? i've got an IDEA !! why dun we all gather up one day at hakka restaurent, have a niiiiccceeeee meal... and then we go 'hunger-strike' infront of HLA !!! i will bring the anti-LB banners!!!! n for those who still has their 10% stock.. bring along... lets B.U.R.N them infront of all the other ignorent distributor..... i'm sure all of us will be famous!! think of the bright side.. we can all be at the FRONTPAGE of the newspaper,megazine... etc

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Alex Wong said...

Hi Everyone, from what I gather after reading so many blogs and posts, LB people is practically living in their own fantasy world.

When we asked for facts to back their claims, they scold VULGARITY. For example: Federick, did you really pay fully for your car thru cash? Why do you need to convince people thru showing material and aggression?

To convince people you have to show sincerity and not lying to them to go LB HQ to ambush them to join.

Another thing is why LB keep on targeting students? Where are they suppose to get the money? Pressure their friends and family or worse AH LONG??

I feel LB is becoming like Al-Qaeda if it is not stop anytime soon.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Lee AH LONG said...

Hi to all LB people who need 30k Modal, please let me know, I am happy to pinjam u but I charge interest lar, so come and pinjam from me, dun give ur parents, family and frens a HARD TIME.

Also any LB people, can u arrange for me to partner with Steven Yeam to provide one stop financial assitance to your downlines but the only clause is you cannot go to Michael Chong end of the day.

TQ very much, waiting to hear from you!

11:59 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

One Man's Perception said...
Well, don't be so aggressive, calm down...
First of all, recruiting distributor below 18 years old is totally against LB's Distributor Agreement,

i'm actually sad to find out whn i told my mom abt anti-lb, she said my cousin (if i'm not mistaken is in sec 4 or sec 5) is actually in LB too.

god wht has this world become? n i hpn to know a friend who just finish her sec 6, she's actually targeting on her juniors in sch n she managed to pull thm in.

it seems tht she actually ger her upline (a duke: i'm not naming names here) talks to their parents as part of their recruiting scam.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Frederick Choo said...

Actually I'm getting fed up with all this! How many times I need to explain here? Just read back what I write above. Its very simple!

MAIN THING is you ask youself this question: ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL???

If yes, then I got nothing extra to tell you.

If NO, which is what I think most of you are, then what the hell are you people talking cock here?? We are providing people with hope and dreams and success everyday with Lampeberger biz. If you are jealous, then that's why you keep complaining here, right? If you are lazy and not put effort in the biz, then you fail and now complaining in this blog looking for people to blame.

Its very very tiring for me to keep explain this. I'm not so free to write a note here everyday, ok?

8:15 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

yealah... busy looking for waterfish mah.. or pray, tell me, u had a 9-5 job other than LB? If u do, how ironic!

Well, yes, i am successful, thanks for asking. i am a good student, i am a good son. i have everything i need and thanks my parents, my friends and Lord for it.

Anyway, success is a relative term, depending on individuals and situations and not like what Steven Yeam told u. It may not apply accross the whole board on each and every one!

A car mechanic may not be driving a BMW, yet he earns enuf to put food on the table for his family, to put roof over their head, and then some for savings.

to his kids, he's a successful father. to his peers, he's a successful mechanic for being able to understand the machines and repair them.

for an executive who earns 3-4 times more than the mechanic may still be struggling in everything, career or financial wise. but does it means that the executive is any less successful?

by the way, in the end if one's car broke down, we still have to turn to car mechanics for help. they may earn less, but it does not necessarily means they're not successful.

And to measure success by what BMW u're driving, well, i have to concede, u're as shallow as a fool can be.

Money can buy u a good bed,
but not a good nite's sleep.
Money can buy u a big house,
but not a home.
and finally,
Money can buy u many a prostitutes,
but it can never buy u love and happiness.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOOD WORK BRO!! I AM AN ANTI-DCHL...remember LB is just a lamp used to disguise DCHL...the real culprit is DCHL. I thought I was alone..I remember I fucked an LB peon until he called his boss to defend him...then I stopped, caused I ned his ride home. HEHEH

10:43 PM  
Blogger wyeling said...

n the culprit behind DCHL is the SYN Network

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no1 said u must join the couse, if every1 join the society will collase, v still need other prof, but for a student juz out from colleage, ........... can only work to repay ptptn if they got.

so if they reli can do something, they will to take off this burden.

again, there is no forcing, u can dun mind or keep on complaining, but surely there r ppl who reli worry for themself, so there r ppl who will join,

errr, why need worry? yeah no nid worry, here i 1 2 share something,

that day i was eating dinner, it was late, almost 11pm, so the owner of the shop need to start clear things. his worker go clear the aqu, there is 1 fish left in the aqu, it swims like a fish...

but the worker start to throw the water out... (???) bad english,

the fish still swimming, nvr bother wat happening, for 10 minutes the water in the aqu getting lesser n lesser... deng the guy cook so dam slow,

in the end the fish beining the suffer bcoz hard to breath, when the water in the aqu is >1% the fish is like dying or waiting to die, so hopeless, ofcoz later the worker start watering the aqu...

from that momment i m so sure i cant b a prof cooker...:)

but the point is, v r like that fish, v think that v can live like now forever, dun even no that the water(life) is slowly draining away, yeah work nicely v can survive for daily needs.

but what happen if u lost ur job bcoz u old, sick? ur family how? like the guy said b4, it is v who con or being con, but u willingly being con, thats up to u, everyday newspaper so many ppl die, not much ppl will cry for u. i not saying u must join lb or watever, but atleast think of ur family if u by any means got accident.

2:02 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

aigh.. go finish ur education or at least ur TOEFL before u even start talking. u wanna prospect like tht? no one is going to understand wht ur saying.

4:37 AM  
Anonymous rozario said...

yea thats rite...get ur degree...then work under people til day u die...goood..wat a good future 4 u....good work under people la...thay will pay u so much...1 month u will get around 2k..good...wit the 2k u can buy alots of banglo house ...a ferrari...maybe aston martin...good...contine take ur 1 ask u 2 stop...take ur degree then work undre people...wanna know bout me??? go 2 dchl..ask who is vemalan de income every month is 25k...and from last year 2005 driving a mazda wat..jelouse????

10:08 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi rozario,

25k a month? I assume you must be marquis.

Good for you.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip network, is a bitch asshole network, steven yip, juz imagine i fuck your mom in her wet pussy, then let her blowjob for me its so nice, i wish i could fuck your mom who with a nice boops and nice ass, dont you guys think so...


Please guys a friendly reminder from me, i dont give a fuck what you talk about me, but believe me or not, this bitch which is the steven yip is equal to a dog, that bitch has cooned many of my friends, please this is a true story about the fucker, YOU SON OF A BITCH, Ham Ka Chan....tiu ni ah seng... chibai

1:13 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

I am equally pissed off with SYN conning my brother and father to join this silly business.

I reserved my right to be against this business.

Thank you

1:18 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hey wait,

How did I conned your friends?

Did I ask them to pay money 30k to me?

We are just telling both sides of the story.

If they still want to join, it's up to them.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor steven yip... bodoh sial... useless bitch... tak puas hati lai lo, 1by1, taa loor... where? KLCC, Midvalley? where, melaka, jb, penang? If you got balls come to table talk, you bitch you cooned me, how could you do this? to my friend, you bitch steven yip fuck you i really damn "boh song" with you bastard,son of a bitch, i think your mom was a pros last time... no wonder come out son be a conman, maa chau hai.... i really angry with you bitch, i want to fight with you, please i want to break your fucking face in front of your father and you pros. mother haha... chibai

1:35 AM  
Anonymous rozario said...

welcome 2 jamrock....steven yip u going over da limit...if u wan ur brother 2 get out of dis business talk 2 him...not only ur brother doin dis business okei???...there r alot of people doin dis be polite okei???...dun make me pissed off....why dont u come 2 da company ah??? dis sunday im goin 2 da company...if u have guts..if u r really brave...come there and meet name is rozario...i will be waiting u at level 3A...come la...dun talk in da net la..come there and talk face 2 face..grow up man....

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah!!! u wanna fuck steven yip mom??? come on la bro...da pussy already used by steven yip man...if we fuck his mom again then will kena da steven yip virus la...eeeeeee...wat a old pussy his mom have....bcome slut oso people dun wan...give free also no wan will take his moms pussy...eeeeee

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guys, i am ****** here,
i dont want to reveal my name, but steven yip knows, who am i.
Steve i dont want to spoil you name ok... but pls return bak my money pls.....
Steven yip Network? WTF WTF?

hey steve do you remember me?
Where is my RM500 which you borrow from me last time, when are you going to return it to me?

You said that your dad dont give you enuff pocket money rite, then i borrow you the money for your sense of urgency, now i want bak the money. When can you return?


NOW!!!!! I WANTT MY MONEYYYY BAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all fuck u not talking 2 u bitch...i talking 2 steven...who da fuck r u????...not staisfied....all u guys r coward...u wanna bang bout lb or syn dun la do it in da net...grow up la son of a bitches...come 2 our company la sluts...face 2 face talk..gentleman....assholes....uneducated piece of shit...sampah masyarakat?? we sampah masyarakat??? u people r sampah masyarakat...making problems...hey malaysian gov support us la wat ever u do or sya u cant shake ever oso we going 2 rock singapore dis july....

1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip has no GUTS, he is a faggot who hides behind his moms ass.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk..

i'm saddened by the words of these bunch of LB members. What are you?..LB by day and a rascal by night?..underground triads?..

uncivilized..uneducated..ure worse than i thought.

To Frederick Choo,

i see some improvement in your english. Did enrolled for TOEFL already?..or u ask someone else to post ur comments?

To the rest of u guys who are considering to invest in this so called business..

look at their comments on Steven Yip..nothing but insults and threats..this is what they've been tought in LB pls think twice..

2:03 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

To Anonymous replied on 1.13 AM

LBlers, to gain respect from ppl, you can start with looking at this post. It's the worst post I ever seen in my whole life. Congratulation! You're won the most digusting creature award on planet.

Whoever that claimed Steven borrow 500 from him, LMAO, as if... although Steven never exposed much about himself, but he's definately a well-doing business guy. 500? tsktsktsk.

LBler, the more I read, the more annoying & shallow I found your replies are. & felt so mind-destruct when I come across those... terrible dirty comment. YUCKS!!!

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

I couldnt believe LB has such shallow minded members. Oh gosh...

No wonder they are getting no where.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...


you earning 25k per month? better save those money for rainy days coz your ride is gonna get rougher.


5:10 AM  
Anonymous Orkuitao said...

Rozario; a fine example of an Ah Beng in a cheap suit, hanging out at Level 3A and smoking by the ashtray.

We've got much better things to do than to come and look for you. You try to act big time, but you fail miserably. If your tai-kor or whoever is protecting you knew how you acted, i'm sure he would give you a nice smack in the head.

Grow up kid.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

well... for the neutrals... i hope this opens ur eyes on how some LB hardcores would resort to low-life tactics to undermine steve's cause. and what makes u think that they'll be nice to you when u want to quit? that's their true face already!

anyway for steve and other fellow anti-LBs,

There's no sense in getting all riled up everytime a bunch of idiots are giving you a hard time. Let's go on continue with what is important, that is, to educate others on the dangers of DCHL & SYN marketing plans.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello everybody in the blog,
im samuel here,
Steven yip? Who are u actually and what you want? I heard that you are a business man is it true? hi..hi juz wait a minute, im here not to anti u, or anti LB or DCHL, but i just want to know the truth, why are you guys fighting over here? Come on guys, in this world we are not going to live for a very long time, why not peace?
i mean PEACE, juz let it be what dchl or lb want to do, if you all believe in god then lets we hope together, pls STEVEN YIP be professional, act professional leave these jobs to the small kids over here, the only thing i wish is to be peace... let people do what they want to do, juz believe in the cost and effect policy.

Peace out...
god bless everybody

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Blogger Cho said...

Anonymous said...
hello everybody in the blog,
im samuel here,
Steven yip? Who are u actually and what you want? I heard that you are a business man is it true? hi..hi juz wait a minute, im here not to anti u, or anti LB or DCHL, but i just want to know the truth,

'why are you guys fighting over here?'...

To build awareness, hope that answer your question.

Ok, I apologize for saying Steven is a business man. I was just interpreting it that way, while it might not necessary be the case. So please ignore that.

Andrew, you're right about their true face. Their smile & sweet talk are just to get people in. To leave? Asking for help after you join? Get their real face.

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Anonymous andrew said...

Hi all,

i have some points to share with all of u, no matter u're pro- or anti-LB, i hope it helps you to think of whether what u're doing is in the right direction or not.

frequently, i've heard the same talk by MLM agents, when explaining the benefits of their marketing plan, about the uncertainties of ur future. They'll ask questions like;

1) "what if u met an accident and u died/paralysed without any source of income left for ur family?",
2) "what if u lost ur job and due to ur qualifications/age/gender, there are not much job opportunity for you?",
3) "if u work for ppl, u're nobody, u're not important, u're used for other ppl's benefit, u have no dignity, blablabla..."
4) "why do you want to work for someone else till pencen, when u can be ur own boss?",
5) "why put ur effort to generate income for others when u can do it for urself?"
6) "don't u want to earn more money and retire early?"

and many others and so on and so forth...

sometimes, these questions does arouse ppl's thoughts, especially for those who had worked for some time and found little enjoyment or returns from it. it also got some young minds thinking, bcoz they dont want to go through such hardship to attain something. we all know how hot blooded young ppl are. how much they want to find short and easy ways to everything.

thus these situations sets the perfect condition for MLMs to feed into ur fears. in one way of speaking, they present itself to be an alternative route to reach that pedestal high up in the sky. they promise u high income that seems unreachable by just working. they promise u a future where everything is secure and u can just laze around shake legs till the day u die.

but is it? have we ever sit down, and pour on a deep thought about this? is working really bad? is the experience that u can learn from that doesnt worth it? when challenge comes in ur work doesn't it teaches u to persevere and to emerge hardier than before? oh, it's so hard eh? so what makes u think that to recruit ppl into ur "marketing plan" is any easier? what difference it makes from working?

10:08 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

ok, so some will say, it's the rewards that matters. u work hard find downlines now, in the end u will succeed! u will reach higher level and better rewards. u can go higher! so what difference it makes from working hard (as an employee) now, learn all the stuffs, be an excellent employee, get promoted, get salary increment?

No matter how much u'd like to believe how high u're in LB as a count or marquis, u're still as comparable as to a middle management employee. yes, u do have ppl under u, yet u still have ppl above u! Yes, MLMs can promise that u can reach this and that level, but actually, how many did? It's the same as the corporate ladder, where only few who may clinch the title of a CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, blahblahblah... so wats the difference between working for some companies with working in MLM? u work for the one above u too! they say u work for urself, but ironically, those above u earns a portion of ur "income" too! What kind of "Ur Own Boss" is this?

oh, some will talk about job security... what happen if u get retrenched? frankly, if u've been working hard improving urself, with ur capabilities, u dont have to fear ur company retrenching u. when a retrenchment occurs the company trims off excesses, but retains the best to keep the company running. in fact the company needs u more than u need them. it all depends on how u play ur cards. have u been improving urself? have u proved urself to be invaluable to ur employer? an employee that they can't do without? in fact the boss cant do everything by himself, can he? so, keep this in mind, the boss is stupid. he employs you to do things that he dont know how to do!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

oh, MLM agents also talked about the amount of income. what if the economy is bad, and company has to cut down on spending, thus ur salary also affected? but do they ever tell u that their high figure income from their "marketing plan" is not guaranteed to pour in forever also? they still have to recruit in order to generate "income". so where is the security in that? what will happen when the market reaches saturation and there'll be no more interested prospects for recruitment? frankly, when economy is bad, how many ppl would want to spend hundreds on some fragrance lamp? or better still, how many ppl would have the money to pour in to join as franchisee (rm2345) or upgrade to count (rm30k)? everybody would tighten their belt for sure!!

fine, they may argue about the ever rising population so the market is there, but have u ever thought that when populations rise, a nation's wealth pie has to be shared with more ppl? in the end everyone will get smaller portions. and where will u get ur money to invest into ur so-called "business" then? if u dont work in the first place, where do you find the money to throw into ur "business"? LOAN?

well yes, why not? ur upline says that all business starts also borrow money from banks to start their business. so it must be true. NO. not entirely true. allow me to share some business knowledge with you. Smart, shrewd and successful businesmen will try to minimise their debt amount and any other financial obligations in their business. for the established business, they offer shares and u get capital from share buyers. by issuing shares does not neccessarily mean ur company have to go to the board or trading in stock market. there's more to how to gain capital to start a business but i would have to write a textbook for it.

Meanwhile for a start-up, instead of loans from the bank, they offer partnerships and profit sharing with their suppliers and/or distributor and/or resellers. supply now, sell, earn revenue and profit. pay agreed % of profit to offset the cost. done deal. and u dont have to bear interest cost nor the risk of the banks knocking on ur door. Some will say, hey, that's what DCHL is already been doing! They supply the lamps, YOU sell, DCHL give urewards as profit sharing la, rite? So why the hell are you paying rm2345 and/or rm30k for??? I'm talking about starting up with extremely low or ZERO cost lah!! wan some examples? Bill Gates' first step was to sell his first tic-tac-toe software game at the age 13. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, started off with minimal cost as Google is actually spawned from their PhD research project. Now who said belajar tinggi-tinggi also tak guna?

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Anonymous andrew said...

now, let's talk about in case of death/paralysis. u cant work, no income, who'd be supporting ur family then?? well my man, that's what SOCSO, EPF savings and insurance are for! Insurance has been introduced for decades and it has certainly serve it functions. do u have a personal insurance plan? well if u dont , it's time to consider one. Insurance has been in the works even when there are no MLMs promising u this and that. what's wrong with sticking to a tried and tested method? it may not has the speed nor size of reward like some MLMs, but it certainly has guarantees.

Let's tak about "Dignity" of 9-5 jobs. frankly to me, it's a subjective matter. How many ppl are actually satisfied with their jobs. Not many, i can say, but we cant deny the fact that there are still ppl who are proud with and love what they're doing. Or the number of ppl who actually strives to make their work conditions better. Keep this in mind. Dignity of a job depends on ur attitude towards ur job and not how ppl perceive ur job as... they're not u and u're not them. and u have no obligation to please them save for urself.

Nevertheless, i'm not saying that all MLM agents are bad, or doing direct selling is useless. There are ppl who're just born for that "job". It falls back on whether u're that "type" of person or not. Be honest with urself and ask ur heart. is it really so good? there's a chinese proverb that says, "there'll always be masters in every field (of work)" (for for chut zhong yuen, read in cantonese). Do what u want or enjoy. Do what u does best. Do not let promises of wealth blind you.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Grace said...

I have plenty LB stock in my house. Initially I wanted to return all the stock and get refund, but my upline stopped me. He said he will help me to sell. But now he don't even listen to my call.
I'm willing to sell off at half price, anyone interested ?

1:13 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

all the threatening n cussing shows only their shallow-mindedness.

earning RM25k per month isn't really a big deal. i've made more thn RM25k as well but most of all i'm humble. showing off does not prove anything except the immaturity of one's good self. most important is wht u do n wht makes u n the ppl around u proud.

rock s'pore? is tht ur first time goin to s'pore? wht r u trying to tell us? we've all been to s'pore.

btw, ur so angry.. cursing n scolding vulgarities to each n everyone here who spoke abt their experiences with LB. does this mean we're right to prove u wrong? r u defending urself bcoz we spoke the truth?

u said talk as gentlemans but u pick up fights.. is tht wht gentlemen do?

anyway, the way u curse n scold just don't show how a true businessman in nice business suits n a luxury car should be. ur just showing urself as an uneducated person; the "ah beng" loan-shark who threatens just bcoz thy can't face the truth of reality. ur nth but just a rough person who tries to act like a gentleman. just like ppl who don't respect n hv no manners.

thr is a saying.. "one who points a finger at another person, 4 of his own are pointing back at himself"..

1:17 AM  
Anonymous steven yip said...

wyeling...fuck off from my 1 of the lampe berger member really work and dchl dun cheat people...syn dun cheta people...i really understand after my bro explain bout lampe berger 2 me...and i already pain 2.5k to enter as a i wanna work hard for my sorry 2 all da lampe berger members if i scold u wit and words...or hurt ur feelings...i love lampe berger wyeling dun give ur advice wan wanna listen 2 ur grandmother stories k???...rock singapore?? do u know wat they mean...u duno...u come 2 singapore on 8 july then u know wats the meaning of rocking singapore...

4:24 AM  
Anonymous steven yip network said...

wyeling...fuck off from my 1 of the lampe berger member really work and dchl dun cheat people...syn dun cheta people...i really understand after my bro explain bout lampe berger 2 me...and i already pain 2.5k to enter as a i wanna work hard for my sorry 2 all da lampe berger members if i scold u wit and words...or hurt ur feelings...i love lampe berger wyeling dun give ur advice wan wanna listen 2 ur grandmother stories k???...rock singapore?? do u know wat they mean...u duno...u come 2 singapore on 8 july then u know wats the meaning of rocking singapore...

4:24 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi wyeling,

for your info, I did not wrote the above.

Don't bother about them.

I won't join any MLM in my lifetime.

5:10 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

hey steven,

no worries.. i know how to tell which is the anti n pro-lb'er,

btw, whn's ur next meeting?

5:16 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

n oh yeah, to the imposter of steven yip.. u hv yet again proven ur self.. sounds like u nvr understood wht i was trying to say.. go figure.. i rest my case :)

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

today i was persuaded by a friend of mine to meet up with him for lunch and for a talk of how to make more money. i was interested at first by the thought of making more money. who doesn't anyway?

he brought me to menara hla and there i the front door of dchl or lampe berger. my friend did quite an impressive job while giving me a tour of the company.

then i was being sweet talk by the syn representative and i was there for about 2 hours. he was explaining to me how the structure works and how much money i can earn. again he persuaded me to invest 30k. i was like...30k???? damn...thats a lot of money. i told him that i dont have that much of money but then he said...don't worry..that can be arranged.

later i found out that 2 of my friends actually took up a loan to invest in the company. does sound very lucrative. i can't deny that. who doesnt want such income? but i kept on asking myself...if it is this come there are many people who are still suffering. if it is that easy to take up a loan...why does my colleagues have to go through a few banks before their loan is being approved.

what makes it so lame is that...there are many professional who quited their jobs and joined LB. i was speaking to this guy, he's from KK and he sold off his business and came to kl for the love of LB. there were a few other guys who were from banking background left their 9-5 job, again for the love of LB.

yes, i wanna make money. all of us have needs. who doesnt wanna drive a nice sporty car? who doesnt wanna live in a big bungalow? who doesnt wanna travel around the world? but life isn't about all those. life is about being with the person that you loved and friends that cares for you.

as for isn't about driving a beemer. its about satisfaction and what you have in your life. i have known many people who are rich, but they are not driving a beemer. any tom, dick and harry can drive a long as you can persuade your bank to give you the loan provided you can pay back. so, please do not brag about it.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...


If anyone from the banking industry, pleas read the above comment.

We now have so much easy credit flowing in the market. I read from the Star, credit card debt and consumer loans is going up.

The uplines will get into whatever means to make money, including asking the downlines to borrow money from banks, relatives...

And yeah, life is not about having luxuries. And it's not like they are so rich.

If frederick choo is a marquis, I bet he's earning like 5 figures each month.

So what?

If this business collapse, you can kiss goodbye to your bmw, maxda rx8...

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lampe Berger's plan is just passing the money around and around, no production, no services provided to public.. this is no good for the economy healths and imbalance of economy growth.. and end up with high inflation due to low production supported to the market. Hight import and low export will cause this country become poorer, plus everybody have a high debt from bank. If many people in this country are joining the Lampe Burger, these all things will come true.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guys, i am ****** here,
i dont want to reveal my name, but steven yip knows, who am i.
Steve i dont want to spoil you name ok... but pls return bak my money pls.....
Steven yip Network? WTF WTF?

hey steve do you remember me?
Where is my RM500 which you borrow from me last time, when are you going to return it to me?

You said that your dad dont give you enuff pocket money rite, then i borrow you the money for your sense of urgency, now i want bak the money. When can you return?



12:12 AM  
Anonymous metal steed rider said...

sigh... pathetic life being...

6:14 AM  

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