Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To all SwissCash supporters...

I really don't want to write anything other than lampe berger...

But this comment at the post below got me reeling:

FOR the rest comment above and the Blogger IT SELF.-Steven YIP

You blog on March 2006 about dont invest on Swiss Cash, BUT TODAY I REPLY YOU ON 8 MAY 2007, do you see how much ppl already make? THE WHOLE PROGRAM COMPLETED as it said! If you will be 1 of the investor on March 2006, you already earning big buck! You already lost a CHANCE!
Swiss CASH already come out the second Program for ppl who dare to take risk and in return, profit. JUST CONTINUE TO WAIT AND SEE another program to COMPLETE in the day to come... continue to think negative LA!
For those welling to take the risk, when ever you want to make MONEY, there is a RISK, just depend weather you can will to lose it for said amount you going to invest, at the same time expect the profit you going ot get as well. NO BODY tell you to dump all your live saving in, NO BODY SAID once INVEST IN SWISSCASH you no need to work and become billionair, you still work, but you earn extra with can make you life more fun and enjoyment!
WHY your never think of putting money in local bank dont have risk? IT wont bankcrup? How SURE YOU ARE? bcos it back by goverment? then tell me WHY MFB BANCRUPT? PPl so stupid to 'INVEST' their SAVING in that bank? THINK!
YOU THOSE JUST continue to WAIT AND SEE, see ppl making money and you stand outside critisice, selfpity, thinking you are so smart, thinking WE swisscash investor going to get cheated, continue to to wait la, I go earn my-- FREE car, FREE phone, FREE dinner, FREE travel, FREE phone bill, FREE air con bill, FREE what ever I wish to achive!

See..this is the most stupidest comment I have ever got....

Bank negara malaysia already declare it's illegal. Swiss embassy already deny such institution.

If the officials have make the statements...why are you so boneheaded? still receive money...but think...use your brain...where does the money comes from?

you can read it here...
Bank Negara Malaysia:Warning on Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund

if anyone wants to support swisscash after this...please go to KLCC and jump off the building.


Anonymous steve austin said...

frankly, i am pro network marketing. i believe in network marketing. i believe in financial freedom ideology by the mlm industry. but this swisscash is a pyramid scheme!! it's fcking illegal... and the people who join late will lose money.. that is the most stupidest comment ever in the whole wide fcking world

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From me again :D the comment that begin post!

Yes, it is illegal and bank negara is purposefully putting out a website warining the public SwissCash is NOT register in Malaysia, I did read that before I take the next step to listen WHAT IS SWISS CASH INVESTMENT.

Even your call its SCAM as your said, let it come to pass, I believe it WILL, I just not believe it come to pass NOW or next yr! Is USD1000 is soooo hard for you to earn back if you lose it? what about if you gain? Is a high risk ILLEGAL investment, you dare to come in, you expect for lose and return.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly i dont understand what you are trying to say. But the fact is Do swiss cash still pay their investors. If so i am interested

5:44 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hello anonymous,

try to figure swisscash works. Legitimate investment companies will tell you how they invest your money.

Can you tell me how swisscash does this? And with proof.

The devil is in the details...not only getting money...

Come on...use your brains..

6:48 AM  
Anonymous KKPC said...

The second group of people are the ones, who knows it's a scam, but join nevertheless. They know how it works, they know when to get out. They know it's just a short term "investment". But they are there for the ripoff.

I reckoned, the first group are the majority ones.

im the one who fall into this 2nd category. been participating since 4daily, ST, 12DP and much more, i have lost more than 50k in this few site. but that doesnt stop me instead educating me how to invest and hit at the rite time, run when you achive your target.

lucky, i manage to get back the most of my money that i've lost in many type of HYIP.

but to commend about swissh cash, this is not the one that im going to join in. 1stly im not interested with the offered reward, and second ly i wont risk my money for 8 month b4 i could get back my initial deposite!

im still an active HYIPer at this moment. but no matter how strong swiss cash could go, there's no way im gonna invest my money in there :D

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Swiss Cash still paying their investor till today.(THAT IS THE PORBLEM!)

Steven yip : It is time wasting to tell you to use your brain,serious, You can continue to blog about anti SCAM, IS GOOD THING to do. I can very sure of your current position on your work is DEFINATELY NOT A DIRECTOR above post, your thinking partern is just a mere WORKER forever you will be a worker and defiantely not a leader, cause that is what you begin TAUGHT from young, cause no body teach you MUST be a boss but WORKER. Continue to reason on more scam, it will come as I comment on above post, you will just continue to lost chance and continue to edit my comment which you filter part of it on the main blog.

Ow Btw, if Swisscash want to show all the document and THING they invest to any goverment, I dont think you will have chance to reason and have chance to EARN 25% return per month. DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IS ILLEGAL MEANS? You can continue to reply and blog about swiss cash, I think is good, let ppl know how much time they hv wasted not investing it at the begining state and how much time it will be left. GOOD LUCK.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello steven yip, glad to found ur website and learn some education on mlm and scams in malaysia. kinda relief that u mention other scamming scheme, although ur site mainly is to opose LB/SYN/DCHL, but firstly i'll apologies, but if u could, help me do some research on the company and help warn others, "sunshine empire" (in is listed illegal) there many friends buggy me bout this new internet service investment from taiwan, and they seem to hit friendster by storm too (i recieve more then 10 annoymous msg from 10 diff sunshine empire losers everyday) thank you and sorry to hi-jacked ur blog.

from a friend who cares

* pls do edit my post to the appropriate language as i'm not good in english.

10:51 PM  

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