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Government Supported Scam

I received an email from Dennis, who wrote a lengthy email on the subject. Now the government so far has not done any investigation on DCHL despite the media coverage and complaints done.
But it's a good thing they done away with all those internet investment schemes.

Yesterday i went over to DCHL company after a few persuasion by a girl
friend of mine. I had actually planned to dabble around with secondary
objective to have a first person view at their battle ground.

Impressively, the firm has invested nearly 11 million on 4 floors presenting
a luxurious and creditable image to stranger like me. With all those
inducement of their century health care product namely lampe
berger,estebel,EB etc as well as their promise of opening new branches at
Japan and Korea in near future was clearly enticing enough to dupe people
with weak inhibition.

The official(my friend's senior) does the talking instead of my friend. That
explain much why my friend is reluctant to let me know the way their
business work at the mamak store and insist me to have a ground view. My
friend clearly doesn't have the sufficient knowledge on how DCHL or rather
SYN works therefore I presume that's when the offical came in to talk with
me. It's so freaky when every official my friend introduced to me , talks to
me like they know me aka super friendly.

I'm a law student and conscious about what's going on in Malaysia especially
the political scene. Our Prime Minister Pak Lah has given DCHL a 2 year
national recognition for having the best health(correct me if I'm
wrong)product .Oblivious to a lay person, in Malaysia its a nation where
money speaks louder than words. It's a norm to bribe the government in
return for their unduly support such as a piece of pathetic certificate.
Similar with datukship.

I talked to an offical named Maggie whose originated from Guang Zhou. She's
keen on telling me a whole bunch of her luxurious story life in DCHL which I
found unfascinating and irks me the most instead of the business plan. I
told her please go straight to the point,how does this business work as I
really had enough of their smooth talking.

Maggie compared their scheme with those sms where you're required to forward
to few friends and the company basically earn money everytime the sms is
forwarded. She say that's how their system work and it's contemporary
business plan where middle agent makes the most money out of a transaction.
I blatantly dissent and boldly refute, "Isn't that scamming?" She went into
silent but later divert me into irrelevant topic such as those rich fantasy
dream that entails,again.

Maggie having a tough time persuading me that's when another official
intervene. As expectedly, all of them speak the same language. Sweet talking
and daydreaming. Fast car and hot chick.

In a nutshell, DCHL is a government supported scamming company which uses
the franchised product as a disguise. They doesn't really promote the
product much but more to their new business plan aka SYN.

I'm in utter livid mode right now for I failed to dissuade my friend from
joining DCHL.


There's a few setbacks if you really want to investigate DCHL Lampe Berger. The reason is they are playing by the law. Their business, are legal, although there's loopholes. Whatever wrong done in the business is always the network (people's fault). That's unwritten. In fact their code of conduct prohibits the network from doing all this.

But like from the start of this blog, I have been highlighting why I think Lampe Berger is the most dangerous scam compared to other MLM. It's because you can BUY your position up. And it's not cheap. Count position can be 30k over. Baron can be 10k plus. And since the network keep on pestering the new guys with high hopes to upgrade, they finally fall into that trap.

Greed makes people jumping in. Blinded? yes. Same thing goes with KLSE now. Everyone is jumping into it.

But give a thought about it. What is the VALUE in the economy chain when you keep on recruiting people in, forcing or pestering them to buy higher position? There's zero value in it. Now how could a zero value contribution to the economy makes someone a millionaire? Impossible is the answer.


Blogger Trevor said...

I second that.

A business with recruiting as primary, product as secondary is definitely a scam - I can't imagine that this is the trend they claim - can you imagine the whole world is talking about recruiting without really selling the product?

10:57 PM  
Blogger athena wong said...

i got that lampe berger agent have a new gathering place at berjaya timesquare.if you oftenly go there,you can see the agents giving speech to their prospects at mcdonald,starbuck.DCHL would keep playing laws,but i will fight them until it banned.i think they have change their strategy a bit,now they're more concentrate to small village people,they thought it will be more easy to get peoples join compare to city resisdents.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Hate MLM! said...

too many ppl are going for such thing! the reason is that they only want money even though it is an immoral way of doing so!....government, you better do something or else our country will only know how to suck money and know nothing else!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous dread said...

hello there

i've joined dchl 2 weeks ago.. and now i'm regretting it,

at first when i heard the marketing plan i was hooked, i even brought my friend there 2 days later and my friend also wants to join it, as the days go by and i listen to the marketing plan and went there 4 nights in a week, i feel that something is not right, its just to good to be true and also, as income comes more from recruiting than actual selling, it occurs to me that someday, downlines will have no one to recruit and i will be responsible on all my downlines

so i did some research, but unfortunately for me, my friend has already sign up as a member and has paid 2500 and i have received 250, a 10% commision

i've came across this website and manage to get a link to, and i dont know if you guys have realize it or not but DCHL is listed as one of the recruiting mlm that meets at least 4 to 5 of the red flags(u could read more about the 5 red flags in the website)

and here's the link

and i have a problem here, unfortunately, it was my mother that started this 'business', so i dont know how to tell her... help....

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

explain to ur mum properly tats nice things wont come easily ... they made it sound so easy, but the truth is .. it's just a scam. i've seen alot of aunties doing mlm also, mainly because they are too free and wanna earn some side income,nothing's wrong with that ...but tat depends on what they invest on. one of my fren whois a marquis, joined for 2 years already but he's at the HLA office everyday, i feel like its useless coz he's seeing same bunch of losers and cock talkers everyday, just waiting for new victim to come in and start his brain washing shit. money, cars, chicks, fame, popularity ... ppl are easily seduced with those offers ..BUT CAN U GET ANY OF THEM by joining LB ? they will promise u tat, but if u get nothing they just blame it on urself. quicky ask for refund ! bug them.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi all,

before this i told a story about my friend who left lb and working quitely in north of m'sia. plz pardon my wordings back then, i'm just too pissed off by people who made my close friend turn into someone who shame to return my call, to reply my sms even not picking up when i'm calling. if my friend do read about this (u know who u r) plz.. forgive me.. lets forgive and forget.

i met another friend, suprisingly he also found some other work in a town, doing sales. his tune a bit different this time, instead of "Yeah!! LB is the way to success!!!" he went to "hmm.. we just can't rely much on LB".. a bit pathethic, isn't he. but fortuntely he made the important turn of his life and i really hope he'll doing fine with his new, decent job.

for all LB out there, plz don't be ashamed if you don't have 'luck' in LB. join us back, let's be friend like we used to be. whatever happened during ur time in LB, let it just be urs.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous GroundZero said...

Went there before.

Same shit told to me.. INCLUDING


they told me was "we're gonna buy Honda NSX."

Best part? They keep telling me they're super rich, but instead they belanja me makan fried popiah from a pakcik selling kuih outside the building.

Oh yeah, a lot of free cigarettes too.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my 'pelik' case that cause me regretting so much after joined LB ..

to invest baron 10k - not enuff money, so doing personal loan, manage to get 3k, paid 3k & my upline topap 7k after he said .. takpa .. aku bayar dulu ... (sial .. i regreted this so much, trap me in the future ...)

after failing to get any dunline, & going tru self research pro & kontra.. i was thinking to quit LB, my upline stopped me .. Dont, i'll help u .. i'll support u .. bla bla ... sial lagi ..

& then i am bisi working & stop LB .. without any dicusssion, my upline put a new dunline under me .. so i got the rebate 2.5k .. tapi told me that the money is HIS money, not mine.. hello ..! automatically the 2.5k is creditted into my account .. to get your own money, put under your line laa ..

thinking that he is also my fren, i gave him 1.5k, fair lah because of his work.. but i deserve my 1k because it is in my account ..

until now i never answer his call or replied his sms.. i am really psycho of him ....

"Mana duit 1k aku? ... "
YOUR MONEY? wanna sue me? hello it is in my maybank akaun bro ..
btw you have joined LB 4 at least one & half year bro ... why still u ask 4 my 1k? sorry la aku got to pay my personal loan, ptptptn, kredit kad, house rent, insuran etc ............

when i am rich i will pay u 1k plus my early utang ... sori lah bro.. kau boleh teruskan LB kau, aku ada kerja sendiri, nak kawin lagi ...

- aku melayu yg kena tipu dgn melayu jugak -

5:56 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

i got invited in to hla building last week by a friend. it all seems so perfect in there and i got convinced as i am still studying. he told me to go there to check out his office at first so i went there as i wanted to earn my own money. he got a high ranked maki or something to talk to me. he was flashing his rolex watch and bragging about his bmw and all that crap. i got intrested and paid 400 bucks as my freind keep saying that if you pay faster u can learn and do everything first, dosent matter if you take 5 months to earn the rest if your parents ban you. then i though that its ok as i can earn it my self then at least if its a loss then i wont burden anyone else.

one week after that he ask me to go to the dchl office again. then he put me with 3 other people on a table and didnt even bother looking at me. infact he just walk away claiming that he have something to do. these 3 people keep talking about getting the money as fast as you can which is a total 180 degrees from what my friend told me. they say oh get it from father mother brother sister and all sorts of ways. so i got stressed and told my friend im going home.

i called him up on the next day and said that i did not want to join. he came to a mamak with a friend to see me which is what they like to do. they never come alone. they always have a friend if u notice. they sweet talk me for about 2 hours. in the end i slapped a no in his face but he act like he did not hear it. then i said im serious i dont wanna do this and i got the same response.

on the next day he called me and i am sure i wont be able to get my 400 back so i might as well treat it as a lesson learnt. its better then losing 2500. then he told me to not to tell any of my friend about this but im not going to let my friends fall in to this devil's trap like i did. his attitude completely change he started insulting me indirectly and say all the opposite things like trust and crap which does not affect me after i know the truth.

looks like these lampe berger people are all like the devil's minions. they deceive people by the nice look of their building, mask their fangs with their wide smiles, persuade you with their sweet talk and tappings on your shoulder or leg, hiding their wounds of hell by wearing suits and rolax watches, hiding their horns by saying that this can change your life to be more desiplin and all that crap, hide their lies by claiming that they are going drive a BMW in a month time which i bet they say that last year and many more that you can think off. they just want you naive people to fall in to this trap and turn u into one of them. those who are money minded cant let go of their 400 and rather chip in to reach the total of 2500 is really stupid as you must bring 5 innocent people to this devil's trap aka mlm and pass down the trouble to them to get money for u.

Im not saying that this system cant work but the ethical values in this devil's trap is not counted. imagine how many thousand of students argue with their parents over this. imagine how sad their parents feel. imagine the look on your mothers face when she cry because of this. the anger in your dad's face when he lectures you about it. the feeling that u feel if you have a heart. imagine how many people got hurt because of this so called easy money. the price paid is through the suffering of other people.

this are all illusions made so that you wont be able to see the true value of your life. its not money. its your parents. dont make them sad. its the worst thing one can do in his life time.

you lampe berger people might think that you are helping your "friends" to earn money but infact you are causing trouble for them. how long can this easy money last. look at the ammount of maki's this year. only 6 a month and you have to get a certain ammount of pv in 3 months to go to challange duke. 3 month's is enough? yes i did my research and i think this easy money wont last for a long time. this pyramid is going to fall as your foundation is getting weaker each year.

thats all i can share with you for now hope that all who read this dont fall in to the trap of the devil. remember they deceive you with a smile. after you join theres no going out as u will feel that your 2500 will burn in vein, then you will call 5 friends and kill them along with you. if you fall in a pit dont drag people in and step on them to get your filthy a$$ out of it. deal it by your self. try to see through their disguise.

thank you

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi all...
i'm also 1 of d 'victim' of LB (lembu-beruk??)
i know its a harsh words..but all the uplines are lembu-beruk!!
i'd approached by my hubby's fren in early june'06..he said LB is good, the best among other MLMs...LB have good product bla bla bla...i'm not interested in any MLM at all..but mu hubby persuaded me 2 join..he said'come on la yang, this is d right time 4 us 2 change our d money, we can pay all d loans bla bla bla...' thnking of i need 2 pay the loans (car loans, house loan, ptptn etc)so i started 2 join 1st, my upline (known as 'A') brought us 2 d office...mmgla mcm 'fullamak ini ke opis dia..' mcm amazing gitew..then his fren started talked 2 me citer mcm2la all d bling2 about LB..kononnye LB la segala2nye...then my hubby keep persuaded me 2 join...(maybe coz his fren yg 'pujuk a.k.a paksa' dgn paksarela nye i joined in july 2006...dah le at that time i ada buat personal loan, tgk2 terpaksa used for LB...masa tu mcm nak ckp je ngan hubby i dont want all this but terpaksa...then after joining d tarinings etc...i rasa weird jugak..why i cant bring my cousin/fren..they said i kena finished all d trainings then baru bleh bwk kwn...okla...then they wanted us 2 come every night..gilo apo?? dah le keje sampai ptg..pastu kalo gi kol 12.30 x bleh balik lagi...i decide gi on tuesday n thursday aje..
lama2 tu i x bleh tahan..dah le duit dah byr 2.5k..diraong asyik suruh i join baron..kena bayar 10k..siap suh wat loan lagi..ape ingat bank negara tu bapak i punye ke?
masa bula puasa..i dah jarang pegi..sampaila lepas raya..i stop..diorang keep calling & sms me..pujuk suh dtg..sampai uplines i semua calling2 me..i buat xtau je...last2 my hubby decide...x pyh pegi...coz we cannot follow their style..their 'procedures'..mmg i x suka...apa yg i upline 'A' pun terus senyap...bila i tnya my hubby, his friends yg joined (sama2 downline A) semua dah quit...semua 'xmau ckp ape2' psl LB...
mmg i'm very regret join this stupid lembu-beruk..habih duit i 2.5k + duit parking+mkn+trainings+
almost 3k habih...
kalau x i bleh i blanje duit2 tu semua...
so moral of d story.. TAK PAYAH LE MASUK LB TU...BUANG MASA JE!!

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now to summarize from what I have seen from this website, almost all the ppl who quit LB are those that thought they could get fast money out of it, and when they couldn't find downlines ( due to whatever reasons ) and saw no income coming in they dispair and quit and blame it all on the concept. And most of you assume that this is an illegal industry just because of a few bad apples who are really desperate. Hello maybe it's time to wake up?. I personally have a friend who is a Marquis and rather from being the money-hungry scum you guys make out all LB ppl to be, he seems the total opposite. To me , if you are THAT shallow minded to just assume everything without first understanding, you are no better than the average network marketer who is just trying to earn a decent living. peace out.

2:01 AM  
Anonymous tanpootien said...

agree to what you said. but do you mind to tell us that what 's your fren did? why he is different with others? Is he in SYN too? hope you give more description here.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah ha but the if u look at the other side of the picture lb ppl are so desperate to get ppl to come in. why do they keep pushing u to get u in to this if its really that good? unlike amway they give u an option to come or not if you say no they will just stop and dont talk about it, lb on the other hand keeps asking and asking and asking till you say yes or totaly ignore them. the reason is because they cant make much profit from their lamps and oil so they use other peoples money to be transfered up to the top. amway's product are sellable and at a cheap price that way they dont have to beg for other people to join to have their money transfered to the top of the pyramid.

have u seen anything that causes family problems or financial problems in amway?

so its actually lb's fault that this happens cos when ppl join they are forced to get more ppl in to pull them out of this. the investment is so big and the profit is the same like amway while amways risk is lower by so much. only 85 bucks to join and the best part is they dont force you to join. in legal mlm's theres no such thing as jumping lvl by paying 10k or 30k to become a baron or a count. lb focus on pulling people in and not selling their products. thats one of the illegal steps in mlms.

fast money? the money takes a long time but what lb promises is not possible in that time frame that they say.

what else can u say? i have been doing my research and if u say that ur friend is a marquis then what are u ? at the bottom of the pyramid?

please do your research and dont join mlm. u will end up with nothing. dont let greed overcome you.


2:28 AM  
Blogger Pongs said...

This is a true story that happened to me

My friend told "Hey, are you interested in MLM ?"

And i stopped to think about it and talked to myself and say " Hmm...why not give it a try if it cost less and might turn out to earn more than i invested ?" and i told him that i'm interested & he took me to OmegaTrend's talks .

After at OmegaTrend , their plans look good and i really wanted to try doing it and asked my friend to let me know when he is joining so we could join together.

Before we could sign up , he came up and asked me again , "What IF you can invest more and get more in return in LB ?" & i refused when he told me i need a minimum of RM1.8k to start (if I'm not mistaken)

I told him why not start with a cheaper one like OT ? He told me that LB is a high class biz and not like OT talks biz in normal outfit and in cheap coffee house like Macs or such.

He even brought me to the office and i must say I'm impressed at the way they are brain washing you .
They will keep on telling you that you can earn a lot and it is very easy and look at all the people who has already started.

At this point , I told myself , IF THIS STUPID BIZ IS SO WELL & EASY ....where is there beggars around the world ? I managed to refused their persuasion with my tough determination.

This is really a scam , more people equals more money .

Please ban such things.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Bonzer said...

Kerajaan memang tak boleh buat hapa. Kementerian yg bertanggungjawab adalah Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDNHEP). Diorang ni tak boleh ambik tindakan sebab diorang ni dah dirasuah agaknya oleh penganjur2 skim piramid ni termasuklah LB ni haa supaya tindakan tidak diambil ke atas mereka.. Ini semua rasuah punya pasal la itu sebab program scam, MLM piramid, MLM skim cepat kaya piramid penipu makin banyak. KPDNHEP dan pihak berkuasa takde kuasa sebab diorang ni semua pengecut macam pondan!!!!

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The uplines will sweet talk to you when you are invited to their programs where you can achieve your dreams fast and can retire early. "You can get a car in a month time. Can buy a big house and big car and bla bla bla"...

They will keep calling and message you to join. If not want to join,
they will not friend with you. They will make you happy first like going to the home party, play children games and know people. Once your happy, you surely want to join coz the magic spell is cast out.

After sometime, If already join, you are into the trap which is a
Drakula Trap. It is because you have to go to find people in order to succeed.

The uplines teach downlines go to find people and suck people's money as much as possible when they join until dry out. Thus the uplines no need to work so hard.
Just shake leg and see the downlines to work.

Some people have to use all their saving money to join. Some people also have to borrow money from friends and family members. This will cause big problems to them.

Conclusion... dont waste your time and money. Benefit to people who
get to know early.

1:55 AM  
Blogger Maz said...

Something that they(SYN) told can't been touch and can't be seen. In the psychology way, this is how this kind of MLM business do. They tell all the luxurious life, chick , car, house and party to trap someone. Surely make sense that anyone want to be RICH, but what is the BETTER WAY.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous dandelion said...

yea.. after reading all these comments, it does all make sense. They keep persuade u to come in, all sweet talk and then actually askedffor a RM2.5 k membership fees start off as an franchisee, Man! without even NOTICING my situation.. I'm a student without income. I've tried telling them, but they just ignored! oh gosh!!! Luckily I din chip in all the money ~ I think juz a few hundreds probably RM 400 ++ but I'm stopping. I dun care if they wanna be mean or watever.. I dun care!!! >"< i trust them so much and how can they deceived my trust????

Well. at least I got RM400 for a lesson. its better than losing all my parent's FORTUNE before even starting it, and I think it will gonna break our relationship!!!

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all LB victims,

Last night my friend introduce me to the LB, in the past i only heard that it is a scam and didn't really look into the matter until my friend introduce it to me. During the meeting with my friend and as usual there is this guy dunno wat name is my friend upline and try to convince me that all i heard were rumor and they themselves who failed are to blame for their lack of determination to continue when encounter setback. They tell me that all the members drive nice cars despite young age (early 20) and they can earn up to 6figures monthly. under curiosity i asked them how do i earn money after i joined as member? He just tell me find new members or downline and u may not even have to sell any products. At instance i knew this is a pyramid thing scam. In my opinion this pyramid scam is not going to fail as they are really selling products but emphasis more on recruiting new member, and it may even supported by the government, so now the only thing i need to ask myself is to join or not to join. If i join i need to live like a conman conning more and more people to join. you dont have to get high rank just con your friend join and get the commission that's it but in the end you'll lose all your friends. The situation is seem out of control, i think we should think some effective ways to create awareness of the LB scam to the public. Beside posting unlucky LB victims stories some idea from everybody to create awareness is equally important. For me i think to media public such as TV3 and The Star can help. I consider myself lucky coz i have internet access to google the LB scam, but how bout those without internet access?? So i think wwe should unite together to bring them down, Unite we stand still...

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beside posting victims stories, why not share some ideas to create awareness of the LB scam to the public. Not everyone have internet access to goggle for LB scam. I think the media power is good such as TV3 and The Star. Do you guys think it is possible??? Let's gun down the LB scam together.... united we stand...

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear plenty of complaints but in the end I realised one thing. Those who complain a lot actually has lousy friends. I am doing LB and I never dupe any of my friends. I understand in any business, there's risk coz there's no free lunch. If you are that stupid to think there's such thing as a sure make money scheme, no wonder you got duped...

I have got a pretty well paying job, extra income from investments and also looking to get extra income also from LB coz i dun sit around complaining all day that how the world has been unfair ...blah, blah, blah....

I went into the business knowing the risks and tells my downline as well these risks. In these end, if you guys are so good hearted, why not think of ways to help people who find it hard to survive in this current economic climate.

Allen Yong

8:41 PM  
Blogger abdul malik said...

ok.. for those who wanna try or involved in this mlm business why not u guys try USANA. it's healthy, worthy and wealthy.. try it ok.. emel me for more info.. :)

11:18 PM  
Blogger abdul malik said...

2 minggu lepas ada sorang mamat cina ni ajak aku pegi dgr business plan. mula2 aku kate aku sgt sibuk tp satu hari tu aku pun free and pegi sane dtg la opis syn/dchl nih. akku terkejut gak, dlm pukul 12 mlm ni pun byk orang kumpul kt sane. so dorang pun introduce la dorang nye minyak angin ni, aku pun dgr -produk france la, mahal la.. pastu naik atas dgr marketing plan. habis basah baju aku cina tu beriya2 menerangkan francise,baron,marques, duke = kaya + keta mahal. pastu die kenal kan kt die punye duke and marquis pastu dorang plak kate mesti bole buat ma, aku pun dgr je.
tp nak buat mcmana aku xde duit nk invest 2.5k and kawan die kate suruh pinjam org lain.. ehehe byk cantek muka die nk suruh org pinjam pastu hutang tu aku yang kena bayau. dahla aku ni dh blacklistd creditcard nk suruh aku pinjam plak. sebenarnya aku dah nampak syn ni mmg xbole nk percaya psl takda produk yg bole kita jual, so maknenye xde income melainkan org lain or downline invest(kan aniya org bawah tu) so aku pn tekad taknak masuk syn ni. pasa masa yg sma aku pun masuk USANA psl aku rasa mmg USANA sgt meyakinkan drpd lb ni. takpe skang aku tgh cube nk yakinkn budak syn ni masuk USANA. bukan ape nk tolong die jer..

11:43 PM  
Blogger wZa HK said...

Lampe Berger gets shuts down in Macau as pyramid-sales ban takes effect:

"A new law against pyramid sales took effect yesterday, forcing a Hong Kong sales group to close its Macau outlet"...

"A statement by Lampe Berger Macau said a new law, known as No3/2008, had resulted in its forced closure and termination of all sales contracts.

"Lampe Berger Macau unwillingly decided to fully end its business in the Macau Special Administrative Region to avoid possible violation of the new law," the statement said"....

See the story from South China Morning Post here:

Other countries should follow this example.

1:00 AM  
Blogger thiru skudai said...

dont speak like pelacur

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey all

now they are looking all the melayu.. coz all the chinese also dun want to do this suck MLM ....
Wei all melayu pls wake up PLEASE..
u thing tis MLM realy can make u be RICH... sorry .. pls dun always dreaming untill the end u will redget ... u can see all the chinese like marquis . count ..they are not here now .... y y y
coz that is realy suck MLM... & ur upline always telling u how $$$ they can ern ... is tat realy???
all malayu pls wake up now... this web site is realy good to all dreamer in syn ...

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bodoh memang bodoh, sesiapa yang joint company nie memang bodoh dari kaldai....

klu ahli DCHL kate depa betul, aku cabar sesiapa dari ahli DCHL untuk buat demo marketing depan pegawai bank negara....publish marketing plan kat public cam MLM buat....

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical mssg by lb member " go to the office . let them explain " .
so lame...

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical mssg by lb member " go to the office . let them explain " .
so lame...

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip 3/16/2006 05:58:00 PM


The more bad pr for LB, the beter.
My brother just want my dad to fork up (KWSP money) 30k.

Basically, 30k is just to get to Count Level (so you get higher % from coning others).

This is a scam. We need to tell the Pengguna on this bullshit scam.

thanks for your brother because 1 day he will give u money to buy ferari ...hahahahahahahahaha.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven yip 3/16/2006 05:58:00 PM


The more bad pr for LB, the beter.
My brother just want my dad to fork up (KWSP money) 30k.

Basically, 30k is just to get to Count Level (so you get higher % from coning others).

This is a scam. We need to tell the Pengguna on this bullshit scam.

thanks for your brother because 1 day he will give u money to buy ferari ...hahahahahahahahaha.

1:02 AM  
Blogger jebat said...

my gurl fren in perlis joint this scam multilevel, she get upset afterwhile.
all her fren run away when see her now, she said they are "kolot". i told her she can't said people like that just because they don't like thing that you call business. it's a scam actually i told her, she won't believe me. now she failed to get new people & has to pay back people she rent to joint this scam business.

2:56 AM  
Anonymous V. Sundrram said...

Good day everyone.

I have done my fair share of investigation on MLM and i can say that i KNOW how they work and why they work. these are some of the facts that i can share with you:

1. The MLM company is a scam if payments for the uplines are generated from money paid by people entering into the business, not from the profits obtained from the selling of products.

2. the emphasis is on recruiting people, they don't explain much about their products. in SYN / DCHL the Lam berger and estebelle products are the 'device' used to show that they are selling something, but the money is from people joining the busisness.

3. They need to show they are selling something, if not they will be classified as 'pyramid scheme'. THEY ARE PYRAMID SCHEME, but by giving you some products, they gain the legal loophole to say they are doing it legally.

4. A legal marketing plan is a plan that doesn pay you money if you are not working, you get paid if you work. For example, if you are an AMWAY member, you dont get any money if you dont do anything, even if under you there are diamonds and crowns. you need to work to get paid, thats a legal MLM company. in DCHL, all you have to do is 'invest' 30K, get some young naive ones to invest under you, manipulate them to recruit more people, sit back and see the money rolling in.

DCHL/SUN marketing plan is not legal, the products are legal, they are misusing the products.

4. They will always have some expensive looking office to show their credibilty - if you visit their office in wisma HLA, it's GRAND, they even have a spa there with all of the french painting, just to show you THEY are high end company, it is all just 'impressions'. even to enter the spa, you must wait for your turn, clever - it shows 'exclusiveness'.

5. Dont think of camplaining, in Malaysia 'Bolehland', most probably, the owners are politically connecetd, even if you complain, nothing will happen as the top guys will have some connections with the right minister. the best thing to do is not to enter this 'organised cheating group'

Conclusion : Don't join - there is no such thing as a free lunch. work hard and smart!

5:56 PM  
Blogger Duke Dark Sky said...

Berita tergempar - Lesen perniagaan RZ Corporation 'expired ' ( As seen on 14 April 2009 )

Sila layari :

So,what do you think guys???????

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my friend have introduced me to this DCHL/SYN. after several session of "brain-washing", i've made up my mind and say no to this things. my friend start annoying me with his calls and sms... finally, i've to shout out at his face and say no! and say that i didn't believe in this MLM shit. then, with that 2.5k, i've started to invest in my uncle's business (an agricultural business). and now, after 5 month...i am waiting for my brand new nissan latio :D. my friend?? still using his old wira..and seeking for other friends to be his victim.
Is it because of my luck?? or maybe he is a stupid SYN member whose failed to manage his business?? or maybe he gots stupid uplines whose introduce him to this stupid MLM shit??? lu fikir la sendiri..!!!

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

upline katsane mkin lama mkin selfish...mkin tamak...n from wat i had experienced, some of them "harap pagar, pagar makan padi" berhati busuk, cakap manis...xyah join laa n yes very tiring!!! =P

2:24 PM  
Anonymous PenyelamaT said...

kawan aku kat headquater nak suruh aku jdi gerentor dia.. nak wat loan konon... hampir terkeluar tali pusat perut aku bila die kate nak loan rm10k.. aku tau dia tu join LEMBU BuRGER tu, x spaipun 4 bulan lgi.. aku tngok lain mcm je.. punyalah kalut.. yarabbbi... tuhan je yg tau. akupun kompius smada di nak wat loan tu nak baya ah long ke atau nak tambah koleksi LB dia tu.. ada tak sesiapa disini bole kasi tau dia nak pe ngan duit rm10k tu..? nnti aku nak kasi brainwash kepala otak dia spai bekilat..

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg...i am really shocked when i read all those comments on the anti lampe berger scheme.i just when to my first meeting yesterday,and really didnt know about it when a friend of mine took me to their office and made me witness a few of their products.well it got me questioned at first why he was doing so,when i asked him he said its a prove to you that our company is not a scam.Then we proceed to the level 2 and i saw almost half of the races where malays,well im not discriminating but they seem to be targeting the malay people..i wonder why?
then i was really so confused what am i supposed to do..and ask my friend wat is the risk ..he answered risk,its all on your hard i said ok..after that we went to this mamak shop in jalan ampang..and one by one approach me ..and when they introduce themselves they each would actually convince you that they leftt their old job for these business then when these young boy about 19 years old showe me the plan,i was exicted knowing that i could pay of for my studies since im not well to do..then i ask the young boy,wht the risk and he seemed to be giving me the same answer as my friend gave earlier.As a law student,i really wonder why all these brain washed people are simply applying their akta jualan langsung 1933 when they dont even know the use of it!they are just manipulating the words of their leaders.After like brain washing us with their so called pyramid scheme,then gathered for this group ye-haa..and like donkeys all of them would answer BETUL! ! BETUL!!...why?have any of you realise b4 its to late that their are jus burning or living up that spirit so that they can get more people to join in order for them to gain back what they invested in?
well like many of you,i trust my friend aswell,but the risk is im not gona forsake my friendship for this kind of shit! and ,moreover im still young and dont want to forsake my future studies or career..becareful to all of you out there,read their agreement b4 signing up!dont be fooled,and to all the young ones like me,they are targeting us because we are the easy ones to be deceived! dont risk urself ,there are othr ways of getting rich you just need to work hard and aim for your dreams!

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bro, zery here!!!
tolong hebah2 kan pada kawan2 bro yg dah tercundang buat biz lampe berger....
dari lampe berger diaorg tersepuk aja bawah katil....meh jual kat aku.
aku ambik atas nilai 50%....
setidak2 dapat gak duit tok diaorg bayar loan kat bank....
"org melayu senang kena tipu- tun mahathir"

8:00 AM  
Blogger shaful said...

bro, klu ader kwn2 ader lampe barger n oil yg simpan bawah katil..
meh jual ngan aku...aku ambik 50% aja..
dpt gak tolong diaorg bayor duit loan...
col aku bro...0125975638 zery

8:04 AM  
Blogger shaful said...

bro...tolong bgtaw smue kawan, klu bawah katil ader terperuk lampe barger n oil..baik jual kat aku...
aku sdia ambik harga 50%..stidak2 dapat gak diaorg byor utang kat bank
col aku..0125975638

8:09 AM  
Anonymous ANTI-MLM said...

thnk GOD i found this blog.... just kena brain wash this evening...siap bagi borang loan bank. but y position for court (if iam not mistaken) is 40k? some site state 30k..... (NASIB X SIGN PA2 LAGI)

but i think all mlm nowdays are liar,scam, etc......coz there more concentrate to recruit people then sell things... *more people= more money...

what MLM done is TIPU ORANG MISKIN, TOLONG ORANG KAYA......that my opinion.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous hampir putus kawan said...

aku pun one of the br je quit..regret gle..aku tau partner akan buat pe jew bila dah taksub..hoho..aku pun..nsb baik aku sempat diselamatkan walaupun lebur gak sket duit..aduiii..xmau dah join mlm..keje lg baik..syn hampir putuskan frenship aku...thank God..

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After I read all d comment, saya memang sokong LB nie memang ada benda yang tak betul. Ini pemerhatian saya dalam kes adik ipar yang join LB kat alor setar.

Agen LB kat sana target kakitangan kerajaan untuk direkrut. Sebabnya, walaupun takde duit beribu-ribu untuk beli pangkat tapi slip gaji diaorang bernilai untuk buat personal loan puluhan ribu.

Cara agen2 nie simple... cerita pasal dapat banyak duit, pastu mintak duit. Takde duit takpe, cari member2 join. Kalu takde pun takpe, bagi slip gaji, i/c dan sain borang personal loan.(Borang loan pun LB agen tolong isikan).

Bila bank release duit, diaorang pun datang mintak duit dan dan bagi barang2. Pastu bagi 2 - 3 downline kat bawah. Dapatla sikit refund. Pastu pandai2 la jual barang. Upline pun telepon xdapat. Terus ghaib.

Masalahnya bermula apabila monthly payment terasa berat nak bayar. Lama tu 15 tahun.Bayar bank RM500++ sebulan. Sebagai family mestila kami nak tolong beli barang tu sikit sorang.. tapi mahal sangat.. Macam tak logik nak beli barang2 kesihatan semahal tu.. last resort.. tolong buat overlap dengan bank lain yang murah sikit.

So.. saya tak salahkan sapa2 dalam hal nie.. Tapi yang menyakitkan hati apabila masalah LB nie menyusahkan famili. Kenapa saya yang tak join LB pun kena susah sekali?

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is represent for malaysian as a chairman in dchl?

7:34 PM  
Blogger Rod said...

The argument goes on and it is hard to say where the truth is even with a good blog like this. Please keep it up

Rod Cook

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bisnes ni same je mcm MLM lain. inilh bisnes 1st yg aku join. bile aku tanye ni bisnes MLM, dieorg kate bkn. aku excited la nak join. mana tau bisnes cam forex ka, saham ka, exchange traded fund ka..bile aku join, baru diaorg nak dedahkan mcm mane bisnes ni operate. perlu cari prospect la, pinjam duit 30K la..aku tanye, kalau xde networking, bisnes ni dpt jln tak. diaorg kate tak dpt. nak buat wholesale, perlu ade downline nak dpt commission, nak buat kedai tapi xde downline, saper nak dtg kedai kite nanti, nak dpt duit, kene jual brg..bukankah ni same je dgn MLM lain..sblm aku join, akte tak yah nak cari downline sbb ade 5 system yg kau boleh pilih. kepala hotak hang!!! nasib baik aku masih waras sblm pnjam 30K hari tu. smpai family aku gaduh pasal duit tu. hutang aku beli eMind harga 2500 tu pulak. aku join bayar 1800 lagi. korg kire la brapa byk aku dh hbskn. smpai skrg aku lom dpt downline. naper? sbb aku tak minat MLM. aku takde bakat nak tipu2 atau nak kasi org lain prcaya sgt kat aku. kalau aku awal2 lagi tau ni MLM, SUMPAH aku tak join!!! sebab aku tau aku takde bakat dlm MLM ni. tapi dieorg ambik advantage dari kebodohan dan kelemahan aku. kalau diaorg tau aku minat ke tak, 1st thing kene bgtau dulu camne nak buat bisnes ni. bertuah punye upline! (sori tuan punya blog. tak tahan nak lepas geram ni)

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bisnes bi bagus sgt2..aku suke dieorg punye community. ramah, bagi tunjuk ajar, baik. tapi kalau kite ni takde bakat nak buat MLM, buat ape dieorg nak smbunyi2kn bnde tu dgn kite. kalau ye pun nak duit, tak yah la nak gunakan kebodohan org lain. ambik cth, kalau kite tau kite ni tak tau nak baiki komputer, jgn la pandai2 buat keje tu. buat la keje lain. camtu gak kalau kite tak tau buat MLM, jgn la buat. 4bulan aku b'sama dgn upline aku, dgn diri aku yg takde downline ni, aku asyik kene manipulated dgn upline aku je. naper? sebab die nak duit. aku beli brg, die dpt commission. tu la sebabnye. 1st month, aku join. upline dpt commission. 2nd month aku disuruh beli eZ-out dgn 180 sdangkn aku btol2 takde duit mase tu. aku pikir nak saving. 3rd month, aku diajar camne nak pnjam duit a.k.a berhutang utk beli eMind. aku beli. upline aku dpt duit free hasil kebodohan aku selama 3bulan tu. konklusinya, kalau kau nak duit dlm MLM, kau kene pandai manipulated downline utk beli brg dan kau kan dpt commission la. tu la konsep MLM skrg ni.

6:50 PM  

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