Saturday, April 08, 2006

Essential oils and Isopropyl alcohol

It seems a bit weird when I searched for Isopropyl alcohol and found out this. Isopropyl alcohol is a major ingredient of rubbing alcohol, used for massage.

And it does not need to cost a bomb. 4 litres of essential oils will cost the distributor more than RM 400 at least, and that's distributor's price.

DCHL essential oil 4 litres = 4000 ml, price is more than RM400
Rubbing alcohol 4 litres = 8.46 bottles (1 bottle 473ml) x USD 1.09 = RM 35.04 (after conversion rate 3.8)

Ok, I admit Lampe Berger oils has much higher percentage of Isopropyl alcohol at 90%.
And they have ozoalcool (but I really don't have much idea what this is).

But this shouldn't make the product so much expensive?

In fact, why not buy rubbing alcohol, and use it as essential oils when you ran out of essential oils? It's far more cheaper.

And another worrying thing is, Isopropyl alcohol should be handled with care. It's not some simple substance, and may have hazardous effects if prolonged exposure.


Blogger One Man's Perception said...

Nice Job man~
I was trying to do the Costing math, but you got first~
Anyway, nice fact~
I like it a lot~

One Man's Perception

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Steven Yip,

no matter how hard you try to create awareness amongst people, your efforts are futile. The mass manipulation will continue. Before you can even get the authorities to check on us, (you can call it "investigate" if you want, very substantial amount of greedy individuals will already be brainwashed by us. Be proud that your brother has successfully transformed into one of us.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi anonymous,

It doesn't matter. If nobody else buys into DCHL lampe berger plans, then you guys are doomed.

And we already have members who quit, or decided not to go on with DCHL, after going through this blog and others as well.

So, it's not wasted effort.

You guys can keep on trying recruiting people, but we'll keep them off from lampe berger.

5:22 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

I wonder if that should call "how hard you try"...
By just showing fact doesn't need any extra efford. Okay, the calculation part might troubled you.
Anyway, be proud of what you have become, because you really need to have that perception if you really want to stay long in that business!

In fact i think you really did a good job in brainwashing yourself.

One Man's Perceptions

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i found it annoying that some ppl pretend to b lb member n talk nuts, if u reli hate something juz hate it, dun go act like them n couse others to hate more, the above anonymous doesnt even sounds any logic at all, coz most lb member keep saying giveing others a chance, nvr mention about brainwashing things, well, sorry to say this, but ur acting skill r lousy

10:51 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Hi anonymous,

As long as no 1 joins DCHL/SYN,no 1 buy LB products and no 1 ever go to the HLA building.There will be 1 by 1 of the members from the bottom will start to quit.

If those francisee start to quit,then I'll see what happen to those are above.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...

Attention, original post.

The LB and Bel_Air oils are NOT "essential oils" as you wrote. The France and US websites just call it "Fragrance oils". Essential Oils are used for TRUE aromatherapy. Normally around 3 to 5 drops is enough for the average room size for around 3 hours. The 2 Companies claimed LB contains 3% and Bel_Air claimed 5%(in words, blank and white not given).
Only GOD knows the truth !!
The alcohol is used to boost up the smell, as like perfume, if you understand some chemistry.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...

BTW, for those who may not know. The 2 Companies promoting the Lampe Berger and Bel_Air are fromt he same family. Lampe Berger products belonged to the French. Bel_Air products are manufactured by themselves.
You can guess why they market LB in this manner and what's their future plan and hope.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi sincerekind,

but 90% is questionable.

Why that high? is it dangerous?

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc also CONNING people $$$ only what...

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I con my lecturer before, i cheat on my exam before, i Ponteng class before, i cheated during SNOOKER, i cheated my fren before, hell i even con my GF before. Hahaha. What is the BIG FUSS?

As i say, EITHER YOU CON PEOPLE or PEOPLE CON YOU...Its a survival skill!

Its better for us, "the little guy with no $$$" to con little $$$, than "the BIG SHOT GOVERNMENT officials" to con the rakyat $$$.


I'm DAMN sure the GOvernment DOn't MIND this little $$$ one.

AIyah, we group together as a group of "hardcore anti-lampeberger", then we charge those people who is also "anti-lampeberger" RM 100 each. Then, we also make LOTS of $$$.

Simple calculation,

RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI-LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Then, we BUY Ferrari and BMW to drive to Menara HLA, park at the FRONT and BURN them. This we show that we also can make $$$ ma!!!

DAMN good IDEA...!!!

WE group together ok...WE KEEP in touch! Malaysia BOLEH!

Remember, my name is AH Wai from SYN DCHL Lampeberger :)

1:49 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

haha, ah wai,

join my group la..SYN also, but for free.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

hahaha... ah wai, i dono about you, but i am a Buddhist. Lord Buddha once said, "Life indeed is suffering. I have shown you the way to end sufferings."

i have a conscience, and whatever i do, i "tui tak chu tin tei leong sam". (if) ppl con me and hurt me, taking revenge would not solve the problem. it only repeats the cycle over and over again.

just like in LB, i realised u got conned by your upline, thus u seek to con others to recoup back what u "lost" and then to profit some... and then ur downline does the same... when will it end?

just like in Buddhism. we'll be kept returning to the cycle of rebirth and death. you cant escape from it, unless you seek to put a stop to it.

and thus by enlightening urself, by understanding and knowing something for wat it truly is, to see through, only then you'll break free from such evil cycle of sufferings.

i have pity and compassion on you. i have done my part to share the dharma with you.

"As the wise test gold by burning, cutting, and rubbing it on a piece of touchstone, so are you to accept my words after examining them and not merely out of regard for me." - The Buddha.

i am thankful for His teachings that made me realise the folly of such MLM schemes. and to suppress greed and envy, i live much happier than the fools who submitted to such desires of impermanent life. in fact, iam houlier-than-thou

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice prove for people not using tat damn essiential oil. well done.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alamak please la ...
Please study science before pretending to be a professional, oKay ?

You eat salt (Sodium Chloride) ... You find Sodium Chloride in the battery oso ...
R u telling me we cannot eat salt when cooking?

2:14 AM  
Anonymous BlackMetal Steed Rider said...

hmm, anonymous above, sodium chloride in battery? show me one and i'll stfu in this case.

pls lah... u cant even get ur own "facts" verified. sigh.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...


I guess it is not SO harmful to health since people drink alcohol too BUT I have come a across a Taiwanese article that some of the contents in the LB oils are actually used in European Hospitals as germicide.Probably that helps to clean the air too.

The main point is those 90% contents are defintely not good for health even if it is not bad and that miserable amount of essential oils(if true) need not be that expensive and the fact that they used the term "aromatheraphy" to sell PROVED they are NOT honest.
Again, GOD knows whether if they are selling them direct from France or something else.
If I dont trust a person or organisation, I will not trust anything else about them.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday I found that ingreedient in my shampoo ...

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother say don't bother with the fight wow !

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apa sah ni byk bising LB ?
Anti sini anti sana, senang tak keja ka?
Cina bodoh byk kat blog ni.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous metal steed rider said...

oi bangsat, jaga mulut celupar hang tu... memalukan anak melayu mcm aku nih...

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Apa sah ni byk bising LB ?
Anti sini anti sana, senang tak keja ka?
Cina bodoh byk kat blog ni.

Another fine example of "sampah masyarakat", piece of thrash. Pls go back to whatever "kampung" that u came from. You don't belong to this society.


6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder why so much of complaint and syn is still growing in the market ?????

8:04 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

ever wonder why the "scratch & win" thing still managed to con many ppl despite it came out in newspapers many times?

one answer.


bcoz of greed, ppl's eyes turn blind. bcoz of greed it makes "scratch & win" successful. and bcoz of greed it feeds the growth of SYN scams.

all ppl are greedy, i agree. but tell me, are u so greedy until u're blinded?

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

totaly agree with your "greedy talk", but I dont think syn got much diffrent from all others mlm company, but it is totaly diffrent between mlm and s&w.

anyway, we just stay away from all these things can already.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol so outdate la u all DCHL dun only do LB only la got so many Estebel ,Coming up with their Vinery, also some Hi-Tech IT gadgets someore lar lolz...

3:50 PM  
Blogger izyan said...

isopropyl alcohol is totally toxic..
how can we just believe this product without make any research on what it is consist of.
the 95% isopropyl alcohol is so damn high!!confirmly can cause long term disease either u realize it or not!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanna share w U guys what i feel abt LB n my experiences. ive been approached by friends to join LB. 1st of all, I find their procedure n tactics very weird,what more to say their products. hhmm...,scented lamps that cos a bomb n not economical n not effective as i have sinus. anyways, nevermind. worst thg is, i realize they hide a lot of infor from U upon 1st n 2nd approach, only explain to U the surface of the bisnez. i had lotsa questions to ask after listening to their talks and i mean a LOT, of coz it sounded so real n good but i thank God i was wise enough n didnt join them instantly as they were quite pushy n i sense somethg fishy. frankly speaking, i am financially stable and come from a fairly well to do family, so in terms of money, im humbly secure and if there is smthg really good n genuine out there i wouldnt wanna be left out. so i was getting really curious n excited at the same time. I did standby the rm2500 fee but kept an open mind due to lack of convincing. if i can really make money by dumping rm30k upfront, i would, definately !! its a pity they refused to answer me coz the questions i asked them were probably too in dept as a non member n annoyed them coz they kept saying dont think so much, u will know later just join us u wont regret we will guide and help u. dont worry, dont worry trust us!! the more they say 'dont worry', the more skeptical i get. The funny thg is, they wouldnt want to further answer my q unless i signed to join smthg when im still doubtful n not convinced enough? n they say they dont force! huh? i wasnt satisfied and felt such a turn off, however they still kept calling n sms-ing contradicting. the talk they conducted were so in politics talk (anti government style by the youths) and they were so aggressive in their talks like teaching 'ajaran sesat' but nevertheless, treated each other so well n nice. no wonder i see sooooo many youngsters coz they r easily influenced. They also use their sportscar and BMWs to lure their victims. Take DCHL kuching branch 4 eg: the office opens from morning - night, but the members encourage U to go there in the evening when all the young member's sportscars r parked infront of the centre. if ure a newbie, they would show u the sportscars 1st that are parked there n tell u who n who it belongs to, to motivate u coz they apparently belong to young members. i dont envy them at all. all that money used to buy sportscar probably belongs to the ppl whom they owe money to,all those who lend them money RM30k and all that. not shy!! the other thg im curious abt is, sources told me that once u reach the marquis level, u'll receive a diamond pin worth RM1 million 4 u to pin on ur jacket and to be worn at all times during LB events. believe it, at marquis level, ure presented a diamond pin=RM1 mil.???? if its true, y would one bother going to the next level to be a duke after that?. U have 1 million, man!!! sell it, enjoy the money n quit LB la!! who dares to wear a 1 mil pin to go out? after much thoughts and research n having a few sleepless nights, i decided not to join LB 4 good and as expected my frens dont bother abt me any more. unfortunately, they have failed to convince me, too bad 4 them. they never told me abt dumping rm30k during the 1st n 2nd introduction sessions into the biznes, but i found out n asked them, only then they explained it to me briefly. I then realized in LB, they will encourage U n teach U how to go around n ask family n friends to lend U rm30k n promise to pay back in a short period of time. i did ask them about the Steven Yeam Network - 5s strategy n they refused to tell me until i joined them. what la!! i have the right to know n analyze before i join smthg, right? from here, i notice that the whole DCHL/ LB/ SYN is hiding smthg 4rm their propects n u'll only know it until u join , when they start training u , by then , they got ur rm2500 already, too late 4 u to pull back once u get to ur senses. so my dear frens, just think 4 urself n follow ur heart n instinct. i believe ive made the right choice and that i didnt dump my rm30k in LB. phew!!
no offence fellow LBs, just my opinion n sharing, all the best to u guys ! Peace !!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding the LB--->i guess maybe we should stop fighting against something like this....

1.this blog is for the anti LB leave it to them those pro LB....get ur ass off from ere....u dont belong here

3.ppl always believe wateva they want to let it is a freedom of choice...either u like it or not....

4.for God sake, if u search for a mistake...surely u ll find one...tell me sumthing that is perfect??...there's nothing like dat...even u as a human being...if u r too scared to those imperfections....then dont take any ething has its downfall.....guess u knoe wat u shud do next....MATII!!!!

3:42 PM  

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