Monday, April 03, 2006

Top 10 reasons not to join LB

So here's the top ten list.

10: It's a get rich pyramid scheme, and this is illegal.
No, no, no....government is not a pyramid structure, banks are not a pyramid structure, schools are not also. So, why compare DCHL marketing plan as same as others. It is not. Normal companies don't go and hire more and more staff, or just get more and more dealers. There's a limit to the numbers in the organisation itself. And yes, you need qualification, depending on which organisation you are joining. In DCHL? everyone can join. As long as you can pay up.

9: Success rate is less than 1%.
Yes, it is. In fact, generally, this applies to recruiting MLMs. I quote from

The vast majority of MLMs are recruiting MLMs, in which participants must recruit aggressively to profit. The loss rate for recruiting MLMs is approximately 99.9%; i.e., 99.9% of participants lose money after subtracting all expenses, including purchases from the company.
8: No value to the economy.
May I ask, what is the value in recruiting more and more people? How does this benefit the society? Furthermore, enriching a small group of people, at the expense of others, is like robbery. And the distressing fact is, most of these LB members are young college students, who are supposed to be studying, and help built our malaysian economy. And now, thanks to the intensive brainwashing by Steven Yeam Network SYN in DCHL, they believe that shaking leg also, can get easy money. This is not the right value that you teach to the young generation.

7: You will get alienated from your peers, families, and close friends.
Just come to grips with this. If you really appreciate your integrity in your relationship with others, don't join. A lot of your friends will soon ignore you. They will just label you another guy who wants to make use of them, and this is sad. I have a well respectable guy in school, and now he joined another MLM. Since then, I heard complaints from others, saying they are very dissapointed with his attitude. Friends don't make profit out of friends. Appreciate your social capital.

6: The product is too expensive.
It's definitely too expensive for the average middle malaysian family. Who would buy essential oils a few hundred bucks? If it's too expensive, it's only suitable for higher income group. And to have college kids selling these stuff? It does not make sense.

5: Your resume doesn't sound good.
For all the young LB members, you won't want to put Distributor of Lampe Berger in your CV or resume. Trust me, you won't. If you really appreciate your younger years, where you still have lots of energy, I advised you to find better work. Real work, where you can learn more on your degree, or whatever you are pursuing. LB business is a no brainer. Everyone can do it. It does not give the needed experience to be a real professional.

4: Money is not the only motivation in life.
Yes, they will tell you, you need money for everything. It's true, but it's not the only thing. Success doesn't mean having a lot of money, or driving a BMW. It means achiving something that you really wanted, like joining the orchestra, or running a 10km marathon, or finishing a cool project. You don't have to sell your integrity in this business, to get more money to achieve your dreams. You can already achieve it.

3: You are wasting your precious time & money.
Day after day, getting prospects, talking to them, for this business, is totally wasting your precious time. Many have realized DCHL is a scam. Furthermore, you need a heavy investment up front, which fits right into the reason why this is considered a product based pyramid scheme.

2: You don't want to live for your uplines.
This business is such that, your upline can earn what you have earned up to 6 generations. Another red flag for product based pyramid. Why would you want to work so hard, and benefit those at the top?

1: DCHL business will collapse.
Yes, it will one day. Just like holiday magic, century diamond, giraffe world, skybiz, dragonsummit, bighoohaa. Basically, it's design is meant to self destruct. And I am pretty sure, those already profitted, will be far away, when this happens. As for the downlines, and middlelines, just wonder how are you going to answer back to those who have joined and lost money?



Anonymous Calvin said...

I like that!
Sounds like you got back your humor.
Hope that Santa will make your dreams come true!
Will DCHL collapse?
Will DCHL being investigated by Edisi Siasat?
Will DCHL being investigated by Majalah 3?
Will DCHL be mentioned in Sin Chew Jit Poh?
Will DCHL be mentioned in other media?
Will someone raise their concern at 988?
Hmmm… Hmmm...
Who knows… If Steven Yip being a good boy, santa might make some of this come true~
Anyone care to gather some data here before I send my concern to media? Yeah! LB get ready, because you just ask for a cruel and ugly truth.

This is one Man's sarcastic Perceptions!


7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea i wanna see LB on TV!!
i wanna see LB on TV!!
i wanna see LB on TV!!
i wanna see LB on TV!!
i wanna see LB on TV!!

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Have anyone heard about StudioTraffic? and do u guys know what happened now?

Yea, i got to know about it last year, and it's been around for some time. it's kinda a big hit, especially among some ppl i know, telling me how much cash they've earned, blablabla...

for the uninitiated, StudioTraffic is a pay-per-surf programme, whereby u let ur computer idle on the internet, and they do the auto-surfing for u, and for every "clicks" or "hits" for an advertised webpage visited, u get paid. IN US DOLLAR.

u get to join and register for free, and the returns, erm... just 0.00something cents per "hit". so, in order to maximise ur earnings/returns, u're advised to "invest" ur money to upgrade ur level to generate higher $$ per "hit"... u're also encouraged to plough back the "money" u earned to upgrade.

u can also upgrade urself by achieving a certain number of successful "recommendations", whereby u put up a link with a reference to you, and those who clicked on it signed up as ST members and then achieved a certain level of "pay-per-hits".

well... some ppl did that and they happily announces that they're earning something-something US$$ by just goyang kaki...

the only catch is, u're paid in PayPal credits and u cant cash it out here in Malaysia. Thus if u wana use those money, u have to purchase something in the US with a business that accepts PayPal, and have it shipped to u in Malaysia. Extra expenditure. There goes ur "hard-earned" money.

well, guess what? after some time of rages and "success" stories, ST went bust last month. That company simply decided to fold up overnite and gone into oblivion. together with money invested by thousands and thousands of members worldwide. just everything.

attempts to make contacts with ST offices around the world are futile and the owner(s) simply vanished into thin air.

for those who managed to cash out before this, i say u're a lucky lot, or are you? have u taken into considerations of the amount u invested in the first place?

well for those who doesnt and burnt their pocket a big hole, then my advice, let it be a lesson for you that there's no free lucnh in this world.

there is no such thing like income by just goyang kaki. Cantonese says, there's never such a big toad jumping all around the streets. Wise up, and do urself, ur friends and ur families a favour.

Go do a proper business. business that sells products and u profit from the margin of the products. Not from marketing plan, not from downlines' fees. or at least join some MLM that actually sells some products. anything.

anything but DCHL.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous calvin said...

To ALL LB Distributor!
Before I send my lenghty mail to both NTV7 and TV3. I would like to ask pro-LB that do the business Ethically to advise your upline or sideline to control your behaviour a bit. If I do see a change in the way, LB promote product rather than promote OPPORTUNITY.

I might not send, because as you know, if the media get their hands on LB, they will eat you alive.

Good Luck to you all, and hope you understand once it gets into the TV, government will take actions! Since you are in there, change DCHL!

One Man's Mercy~

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Poor said...

My cousin asked me to join Lampe Berger. Her upline marquis was there driving a BMW. Telling me how nice is it to own a BMW at such a young age. Insisting me to take that BMW 325i for a spin, then I would know this business is for real. My cousin forgot to tell her upline one thing, I drive a Merc CLS. Her upline was shocked and ask me what I do for a living. I told her I do almost everything but never LB.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...

How many times must I mention that LB is legal in Malaysia although it is the worst MLM Scam I know.

By saying they are illegal only helped the LB business to do better. They can make use of the statement to prove that whoever said they are illegal has no creditability BECAUSE they are LEGAL.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

HAHAHA!!! Maybe I'll wait until the day it launched on NTV 7 Edisi Siasat with the title "remaja terjerat dalam tangan LB"

That time maybe they will show the building of DCHL and those ex-LB member wif their faced "censored" to expose those LB scam!

I wish to see all the TV news channel (including Astro & miTV) show and expose the LB scams 1 day!

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Calvin said...

Hi Sincerekind,
I do believe that they are legal in some way. But we all know DCHL ignorant towards the structure morphing into a pyramid thingy.
I personally do believe that this changing phase are due to market saturation, where those downline had quit their JOB and going full time in LB found themselves can’t earn enough with the legal ways. They were force to go to the wrong path, due to misleading information was given, and risks were not stated. As far as I know, only Dreams were mentioned.

By definition Legal and Illegal are mutual exclusive words, yet people claim it to be legal and illegal, something must be seriously wrong with LB or we should BLAME the dictionaries? Who knows, I bet some people even SMART enough to redefine some words of their own.

I know what your concern, the evidence that we brought up was seemed to use against us rite? I can assure you that people are smart enough to recognize the whole situation. As for those who can’t, I only can say “People tends to listen to what they want”

Yes, By the rules DCHL sell LB legally, at the back? They Call Genie in the lamp to print money for them! Wholla~ everyone in LB become “MILLIONAIR”~

“I rather be blind than reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I rather forever can smell a scent than experiencing the artificial produce fragrance, I rather deaf than listening to any deceptive sweet talk.” Yet, I’m not blind, I’m not deaf, and I certainly can smell, that’s why I kept an open mind to LB, listen to what they have to say, and analyze it wisely.

I’m not against LB not supporting it; I’m merely raising concern in my way. This is One Man’s Perceptions!


10:51 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

hey... i wonder who's this?

7:30 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...


7:31 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

i wonder why it didnt work...

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just put it like this

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...


You are right. My point is:

a) Can put in in a better manner instead of giving LB people more opporunity to defend and make use of it to their advantage.

b) Note, the majority of LB members and the public will not see this blog but I am sure a LB watchdog will check it regularly, tell their top man and "learn" about it and use them to their "advantage". Why should we give them such opportunity ?

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Sincerekind said...

One most important reason has been missed out.

a) From the way they market LB(claiming aromatheraphy), their Company background(switching from LB products to Bel_Air and splitting into 2 companies, their past claims that there will not be any similar products like LB, the way they market the whole business(a lot to tell on this) PROVED this 2 MLM Brothers are NOT TRUSTWORTHY, do you want to do business with such Companies knowing very well they are just as good as CONMEN ?

9:25 PM  
Anonymous daijoubu said...

Great top 10 list. Really sums up what are LB's hidden motives.

Some stuff i'd like to add into number 10, normal hierachy pyramid in normal companies are static, and never expands. And the top pays the bottom, boss pay worker. In LB, the pyramid is dynamic, every expanding, and the bottom pays the top (you recruit to earn). But couple that with the ever expanding pyramid, with ever level grown, you get less chances of getting paid.

Number 8 is a real good one. We all can live happier without LB, because they did more harm then good to the society. Wolves in sheep skin.

Number 5 is also good. If you put in your resume that you've made it well in MLM once upon a time, that only shows that you're a good conner, a good liar and a greedy person that puts money on top of every priority. Not the kind of people i want working in my company :)

Number 2 shows the nature of of pyramid scheme. You work hard to pay your upline, You pay your poss. LOL. Who with proper common sense and logic would join this stupid system?

Number 1, no they wont run away. They'll just establish another MLM company. Every MLM company without a proper front like product sales will eventually collapse when it reaches the saturation line to make way for another MLM company, to reset and refresh the pyramid. The top level will be either the same people, or same by proxy, but nevertheless, the conning cycle starts all over again.

Hope those are of use to you ;). You can add them into your post if u wish. Down with MLMs!!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

Great work Steven Yip.

Is it possible foe us to compile all readers comments? It could be very useful.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TVB Hong Kong has already shown a video on how Lampe Berger is a cheat. Why people in Malaysia never notice it since most Lampe Berger immitate Canto Pop star?

11:29 PM  
Anonymous No.9 said...

lapme berger is seems.a friend of mine works there.lambat burger is more like it.

yeah...i SERIOUSLY hope this scheme of a company comes out on NTV7's edisi siasat.chinese edition.(more things to watch)

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u sounds like juz conclude everything and ideas from others le, nothing new,

above got some1 talk about other subject, so i oso add in, if u do read newspaper, our nation always on the brink of bcoming a teocratic state, pls show ur support to those who oppose these, bcoz u guys sounds so patrie or something,

i think steven yip is wise enuff, many who post comment keep giving wrg info too, u guys juz giving chances for them to def, read others comment b4 posting, u guys giving the same idea b4 u gave

sry for bad english, u dun expect most msian to speak in prop english do u?

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try enrolling in an English course, it will help you a lot in the future, job wise, human relationship etc.

You are the only beneficiary for the new knowledge you gain.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY... this is the best reasons not to join LB....

LB requires you to find 5 people to upgrade a status... LB's concept is find 5 SOHAI..

so ur upline's upline get

S- some dude
O- one more dude
H- hamsap dude
A- ah pek
I- you..

DON't complete the SOHAI!!

11:27 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

Funny one the last comment "5 Sohai"

Oh well..

We will work something out yea Steven and Calvin..

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Angry said...

mind your word anonymous...who said we are sohai?? we drive BMW leh..

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

drive BMW cannot become 'sohai'.

I'm trying very hard to convince myself how you put all these together but I failed.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

dudes, no profanity please, even it's in multiple language.

The language translator won't help.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, those in LB who drives BMW are "so high" up there...

4:47 AM  
Anonymous ck said...

I totally agree with the direction this blog is going.

I cannot stand all the megarich wannabes particularly from the SYN. I have been to their office once after one of my very good friend invited me out on pretence of a drink.

The way they try to brainwash potential targets and put you down when you try to raise up all the conning schemes being practiced makes me want to smack their faces silly.

One of them even had the audacity to mention that altough they realized that profits were based on downline losses, if someone's going to earn that money it might as well be him/her.

Screw all you MLM "executives" for spoiling all your beautiful friendships that used to exist...

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLMs were initially created and brought into the market to bring opportunities and hopes for many.

I grew up observing people getting involved in MLMs. During those days when I was young, I used to see how passionate these aunties and uncles were in trying to promote health supplements and products that has really benefitted people, especially cancer patients. I was so impressed with their efforts back then -- they were very sincere, kind, and always setting out with a heart to help.

Then things changed when I stepped into university...

I was approached by so many brands, LB and Luxor(another MLM) to be exact, that tried so hard to get me into their so-called "family". They kept on telling me how profittable and good is their marketing plan, but NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER TOLD ME HOW GOOD THEIR PRODUCTS ARE!!! To be honest, they have kind of made me felt like they themselves do feel ashamed of their products, and would rather hide up those embarrassment and betray their integrity behind their so-called "profittable" marketing plan!

Some have even told me how "boring" and "meaningless" it is to be working 8 to 5 daily in conventional jobs..and even to the extent of criticising the bleak future of our country's education.. But do these people realise that it's those "boring" and "meaningless" jobs (done by their own parents) that had actually brought them food and the daily necessities for their growing up? Instead of contributing towards improving the education in the country, they spat at it and even crush it into pieces with their constant brainwashing of students' minds!

To those who joined MLMs with a sincere heart to help improve the quality of life of others, I wish you all the best and may God bless you!

To those who set out joining MLMs with a heart to manipulate the minds of young, inexperienced students, IT'S STILL NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO TURN BACK AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND!!! Show us your INTEGRITY, will you??!!!

MONEY gives you things..but certainly NOT EVERYTHING!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really appreciate what you're saying 'anonymous'.
Not all MLM companies are as degrading as DCHL.
Many people consider MLM a scam because of this bullshit.

DCHL selling LB is definitely an unethical money game that they refer to as 'legitimate business'.
I'm sure most of you know that LB members encourage students (mostly college students) to borrow money from family and friends and some even say 'Go borrow from tai yi long la, i know its illegal but you'll get the money back anyway what'.

What kinda person in the right mind would ask you to borrow money from a loanshark.

Only ignorant and self-involved pricks from DCHL are capable of such stupidity.

No offense i am not pointing to anyone in particular.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha... wat do SYN care about us Malaysia other than money he gets to earn? SYN in Hong Kong line anyway...!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I would like to share my encounter with one particular MLM company (the brand's name starts with letter "L") that claims their marketing strategy to be the best among all MLMs. One of its members told me that the company can give commissions as much as 60% of the total sales BV!!!

Come to think about that...

Considering that for a NORMAL product's market price to be 100%..Logically, the product cost should be around 50% of the market price, while the other 50% left is to be taken as management cost and profit. If this particular "L" company give 60% to their members as commissions, that means the 40% left is meant for product cost, management cost and profit.

Now, think again, for companies which sell health supplements, R&D is surely the one aspect that cost quite a lot. So, with this "L" company offering products which are averagely RM120-150, how much do you think this company has allocated for R&D to ensure that their products are safe to be consumed?


12:35 PM  
Anonymous my friend asked me shut up said...

Here comes a story about my friend who's a degree IT grad from Aus told me he wanna quit his current job and fulltime in LB..He invested 2k plus and the next week he told me he want to invest another 30K..he talk to me in cantonese la.."yau tuck chou" "yau tuck chou" same as what you guys post la..BMW story and a lot more..try to drag me into LB as well..I was first quite interested but luckily due to my workload I still dont have time to go to LB HQ.I actually agreed want to go and have a look...However i dont get the chance la thanks to my current boss who gave me so much work till I have to work untill late at night..My friend continue his dream to become the next millionaire...after a month we met and I asked him did you fog out 30K? I thought he already fatt tat because he never call me in a month and i am busy with my work as well...We met up then and he still want to cover his ass ( dont want to lose face ) he told me " oh i am doing good..doing good " I said good la you doin well in LB...I am quite excited as well and asked him to bring me in as well le! start questioning him a lot and he damn pissed off with me and said " i quit already la bagger" "mou tuck chou la" why dont you shut up! OMG..opss

1:11 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Well,...about the "SOHAI" system that anonymous said.

S- some dude
O- one more dude
H- hamsap dude
A- ah pek
I- you..

he word "ah pek" better change to "ahmoi" la.Dun u think tat LB business got many leng lui kena barinwash n mind control?

8:09 PM  
Blogger Cho said...

Steven, you have really strong & powerful facts. Can anyone think of a better use of these facts? Make full use of it. But must also take into account legal issue.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Nahte said...


Cant's imagine if those dumba$$ write down "LB Distributor" in their resume... This is gonna be fun.

Join and back LB already so dumb, and it's even dumberer to put that into the resume.

7:53 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

thanks for the compliment!
For more facts, please refer to

8:56 PM  
Blogger Cho said...


Well done. Are you thinking about combining both your work & Steven's work & make it bigger? & what will really useful (thought I don't know whether it's possible or how to make it happen) is to make your site (say a combine forum btw Cal&Stv) apprear on 1st page when they google 'LB'.

Many ppl search internet when they need some info, in which happen to me as well. But the 1st page seem to be quite bias to LB, doesn't look good in helping ppl see the 'real' and 'whole' picture.

Need to ask high-tech ppl about this. What think you?

11:34 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

don't worry cho,

We will reach the top ranking for google, msn and yahoo.

See you at the top.

DCHL lampe berger.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

Very good news indeed, looking forward for that, which will be a major hit on LB. Keep it up Steven!

12:36 AM  
Blogger wiseMan said...

It's was a really sad thing to hear that, the beautiful tropical country have produced such a group of unwise educated buffs like you all... You dump all you ability to think to drop LB down ...

Just like US mean no harm to invade Baghad ...

Rediculous ...

There are 10 reasons why not LB ..
There are also 10 reasons of why LB ?

Why don't just dump all these mess aside?! Think more about yourself & your family ?

By the way, they are many MLMs, why LB ... ? Why not other ... I really wondered ...

Seize your time making quote that can raise the society , raise the nation, making use of your knowledge to help the poors ...

Have you ever gone to the rural areas to teach the poor or asli on their book ? If you never, don't tell me about contribution !!!
You know nothing about the poors !!

Did you know the money that you waste online, can be a monthly expenses in a rural familly of 4?

If you really mean to help, please visit: ...

Otherwise, I see no point you people live in this world, other than making scandals and make the surrounding become negative !!!

7:30 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

I am thinking of my family.

My brother, father joined this.

And so many others fed into this bullcrap dream.

Wake up, this is a scam. Why would I let my own family members to participate in this scam?

This blog is meant as what it is. To bring down DCHL lampe berger pyramid scheme by Steven Yeam Network SYN.

7:38 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

wiseMan said...
It's was a really sad thing to hear that, the beautiful tropical country have produced such a group of unwise educated buffs like you all... You dump all you ability to think to drop LB down ...

Hmmm… unwise? Why don’t you really come to my blog, my approaches toward MLM are done in analysis. Come and do state out what is wrong with my arguments. If you really can find any evidence that support your claims, I would be happy to apologize. We dedicate our time to stop the illegal activities happening behind the DCHL back. So, do you really know what does “Wise” means? It is a word created to describe those that can see through lies, and found truth within it. By the way, unwise? Try to read about what your fellow LB distributor said, now that is unwise!
And for your information, if you study something for e.g. what I’m doing now, you will definitely learn a lot. So we are not wasting our time, by helping others in turn we improve our standard.

Just like US mean no harm to invade Baghad ...
Hmmm… another person who overlooks all the political issues and the strategies the US made. What we do right now, is nothing but exposing the exploitation happening in MLM, especially in DCHL. Don’t give non-related example.

Ridiculous ...
So, you do know ridiculous after all, so tell me, which part of our doing can be related to US and Baghdad’s warfare?

There are 10 reasons why not LB ..
There are also 10 reasons of why LB?

Hmmm… if you say there are 10 reasons for each side, it would be nice if you really come up with 10 reasons for them each of them. Even though everyone has their own perceptions I would be glad if you can provided some of your opinion!

Why don't just dump all these mess aside?! Think more about yourself & your family?
Can you please explain what THE “MESS” you are talking about is. Another non-related question, “Think more about yourself & your family?” … what is that to do with DCHL pyramid thingy? Please explain your words!

By the way, they are many MLMs, why LB ... ? Why not other ... I really wondered ...
I totally understand that you are asking a question, again, it found it totally inconsistent to the prior paragraphs. I also wonder, wondering how you think. I’m not asking you to have good writing skills, but at least try to make some consistent comments. Support you claims with facts.

Seize your time making quote that can raise the society , raise the nation, making use of your knowledge to help the poors... Have you ever gone to the rural areas to teach the poor or asli on their book ? If you never, don't tell me about contribution !!! You know nothing about the poors !!
I guess only you are capable of knowing how poor the people are, haha! Talking about contribution, how many child did you support? Personally I support 2 child where as my family sponsored 10 child mostly from Tibet, China’s rural area, Philippine, and Indonesia. So, don’t you dare judging people. Did you really go to rural areas to teach poor aboriginal people? Please act before you justifying others. In fact, from what I know, they are not as poor as you think.

Did you know the money that you waste online, can be a monthly expenses in a rural familly of 4?
Since I have done my part of Contribution, I think I do deserve to have some leisure time online. In fact, why don’t you tell me why you are “Waisting” your precious time ONLINE?

If you really mean to help, please visit: ...
Okay, for this I have to support, majority people still have no idea on what is WoldVision.

Otherwise, I see no point you people live in this world, other than making scandals and make the surrounding become negative!!!
Wow… now you really talk like Hitler. And for your information, EVERYONE deserve to live! Comments from LB. After reading through the LB’s comments, try to tell me, who the responsible for such scandals? A claim without fact is scandal, but when they are supported with facts/evidences it is a truth!

I always make comments base on fact, not arguing base on nothing.
So DO speak up, do explain clearly what you are trying to say!

One Man’s Perceptions

9:44 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

"wiseman" said...

By the way, they are many MLMs, why LB ... ? Why not other ... I really wondered ...

bcoz specifically, LB is scamming Steve's bro of his future and Steve's father of his hard earned KWSP money.

I believe he would do the same if any other MLM would scam his bro, but yet, no other MLM would boldly brainwash u into investing rm30k claiming u would gain it back in 6 months.

no other MLM does this to date as they knew that it is highly improbable. maybe very few could, but compare it to the numbers of those who gets cheated... well... go figure.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

I couldnt find any good reason for any of us to waste time debating with pro-LBers. Those pricks wouldnt change their mind, not until they hit a rock solid wall.

We should rather spend more time with others who have doubts in joining LB. Putting bits and pieces together so that they could see the whole picture.

If you guys noticed, from the first day this blog started all pro-LB came up with funny comments and they are beating around the bush.

Till now we still see, I have my BMW what about you.

2:48 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

Steven, don't bother. They're just cltr+c, ctrl+v... Whilst you guys had move miles... info collecting, supports, strategy planning... everything starts to layout properly. Keep it up.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog meant for wat? to get rip of the thing most hated by syn.
yeah watever, i found annoying for ppl to misceive info give by others, n start talking nuts...

y this is happening? it is bcoz u r blind by the fact u made that u so believe in it, n forget that this world is not only for anti mlm n pro mlm, v who sit on the fence, looking down n saw 2 dogs fighting, mayb 1 day these dogs will hurt us, but hey, who wudnt hurt?

anyway, wait n c, n v will c the end of this,

2:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strongly agree !!

Haha, I think we both are the smartest who watched the dogs fight beside the fence ...

Why all people here Fight for MLM matters ? Does it bother your Life ?

Why the Calvin seems so extreme, are you one of the victims ?

Steven Yip's brother got cheat ?

And, why got so many idea of Anti-LB ideas, but never do ?


We are waiting for a show, quick quick action la ...

11:48 PM  
Blogger wiseMan said...

One Man's Perception said: I guess only you are capable of knowing how poor the people are, haha! Talking about contribution, how many child did you support? Personally I support 2 child where as my family sponsored 10 child mostly from Tibet, China’s rural area, Philippine, and Indonesia. So, don’t you dare judging people. Did you really go to rural areas to teach poor aboriginal people? Please act before you justifying others. In fact, from what I know, they are not as poor as you think.

I think you areally a child lo... You only know poor people in China? By the way, Let me tell you, not only China got poors, in Malaysia there are poors that really live like orang asli! I think you have no ideas !
Personally I support two children in China, but i & a group of friend organize a small group that work for supporting the poor in malaysia !!

So now U still think u have nig contribution, yes maybe you do, like steven yeam donate a peanut to the society ...

11:54 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:37 AM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

Maybe my contribution is like a peanut comparing to Steven Yeam. Well, I guess what you want to state is that you all can donate whatever amount of money your network can gather? Is this what you think? Hmmm… at least you contribute.

As far as I known, few of one of my friend in MLM, had been talking about playing GOLF and another one talking about how superb her life is by helping others. They always bragging about how great their contribution is and how they live their life. Hmmm… last month, when we had our annual gathering unknowingly they confessed that he only played golf once, and he never love that sport, and the girl, she said she only did once charity work. Hmmm… bragging about one good deed, and misleading people that they consistently doing what they said. According to my best pal, Mike Yong, he said that both of them faking the decency, just to influence other decent guys to get involved in the “Business”!

I really wonder if this is your case. Do you know how World Vision works? They never ask for a big sum of money, they just ask you to adopt with as little as RM50 a month. And part of the money goes to paying the worker in World Vision for keeping the organization running. And most of the money funnels to other less developed country where our currency exchange will make a huge difference in their life. For Malaysia, there are money put to adopt children, and mostly are from Australia (I saw once at a Shopping Complex at Sidney), UK, and other more developed countries.
So, I guess you haven’t got a clue on why World Vision at Malaysia seldom asks for us to adopt a child at Malaysia! This is because, first of all there are places that can fill in that position, and secondly our money can put into better use in other country!

Of course in every country there must have poverty. I didn’t say Malaysia don’t have such issue! Please do research on how World Vision operates their funds before saying claiming I’m a child. If you still think I’m a child, so be it!

It would be very nice if you post a comment with manners, instead of insulting other people. Arrogance, intimidation, and insulation!? I guess there goes your reputation for doing all those charity~

Wiseman, no one that are wise claims themselves being wise, due to the fact that the more a person learn the more that he less he felt he knows.

Yes, compare to the world of knowledge I am really a child. But compare to shallow person, I’m far better than them. Yes, I will never be wise, neither will you!

8:42 AM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

I think you areally a child lo...
by the way, this part of your comment showing that you are very poor manner. Very bad manner indeed!

One Man's Perceptions

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is any one interested to donate money here ?

Top 10 reasons to join the donation:
1. U'll be more happy
2. Ur life will not be control by $
3. The less $ the less evil U r
4. Use $ more appropriate
5. Help people
6. Less tax to pay
7. Do not worry about thief
8. Gain you karma
9. Do no panic when petrol price price, becoz dun hav to buy car
10. Healthier

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please dont talk. do it. action. everyone just talk here but no action. we r not seeing anything from majalah, not frm tv3 no investigation. wat for we just talk?

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

and u dun get lung cancer easily? lol

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear clavin aka one man's perception,

i just so happenly bumped into hear as my bro was using d pc before this and reading all this. I'm pretty interested with what u and wiseman were argueing on contribution back to the society and childishness. It's great to know both of u are contributing in one way back to the needies. actually, i myself to am doing so and for a very long time already. yes, it's good that u can support monetary wise but what this children need is more than that. and both of u have no rights to say anything as u have never been there and seen the poverty they are going through. i personally have worked with the orang aslis, poors in thailand, china and cambodia and i tell u, they are indeed in a sad condition. if not, why do they even need help in the first place. u are bron rich or at least well to do now, u have no rights to criticize bout their needs. if u think they are not that poor, why bother continuing to sponsor them?? so that u can brag that u r doing charity?? i saved every single penny of my allowances since secondary school to do works like this and i spent my hours there for them to. have u seen a child crying and dying of hunger?? have u seen them suffering from illness?? have u taught them how to write abc?? what rights do u this bunch of spoilt brats to say anything or criticize anything that ppl are doing?? what have u done instead?? just a bunch or sore losers complaining online. why not make a stand instead?? dont just talk. make a rally, go campaign at the govt adminstration office then..

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 reason join the lamp berger

1) Earn more money compare with other MLM (especially Amway), insurance, mutual fund, e-commerce after i do research.

2) Many partner help u, if u want help.

3) Too fammous in newspaper and internet (good or no good news)

4) feel special and class this business.

5) too much event support.

6) Because Steven Yip (he fail in this business, so i can success because he is 1 of the 99.99%, i was 0.01 %)

7) more easy sponsor people compare to other MLM business (especially Amway, insurance....)

8) member have own office to discuss business. (not like Amway, poor like chi bai, talk business in home, Oh my god)

9) Too much other MLM member jelous Lamp berger.. so they create many website to bull shit lamp berger)

10) too much teenager (teenager always dislike MLM, but lamp berger special..)

7:21 AM  
Anonymous rina said...

come if there arent't any other mlm's around to bitch about? they use the same MLM systems right..??y not bitch about them too then?maybe becoz they are not too expensive to enter?in my opinion,ur top 10 reasons to me are not all strong reasons.most of them are just normal morale issues that most people dont give a damn about if they can make a quick buck out of this..y not give sumthing like : dont join dchl becoz you will NEVER get ur money back,like EVER! that is a very very strong issue.sumthing like that will surely convince people on the bad side of DCHL.but u see, that statement is not entirely truthful..becoz this is MLM people.
this is how the system works.u find downlines = u'l make it big, u can't find downlines = then u will probably blame this as a bad investment money making scheme.
anyway, ive read ur blog, and ur posts,,to be fair..i think this dchl(LB)is very risky, and whoever joined in and get 'duped' later as they said,i think,. they didn't think it thru when they joined.i didnt join after i listened to their talk.y? becoz i know how hard it is to convince people to give up their money,money they might not get back if they cant find 5 people to be their downlines.i mean, the reality is..this is the way MLM system works.we all know that.nobody forced anybody to join in rite?its freewill.brainwashed??sheesh..puhlease..sounds more like greed and recklessness to me.MLM has always been an introduction based system, and they sell their products by doing this.2 of my frens joined in and after a year they are earning 5 figures already.they tried sweet talking tactics on me of course,.but read between the lines,.they also stated facts = its an mlm company and u have to invest & introduce poeple to make money.simple as that.and yes, they persuaded and showed their bmws,.at first,i was impressed.who wouldnt be?but then again,after thinking it thru, i know that i can't convince 5 people to invest 2.5k just so that they have to find 5 more people to invest 2.5k in order for my downlines and me to make i me the lesson is that : dont bite more than u can chew.if u can 'chew' it, then by all means,..go ahead and invest. think first, dont get all greedy and only see the green dough and the sleek shiny cars,there is hard work involved and convincing people to join in ur money making plan is not easy, make no mistake about my opnion, if u think u can succed in the MLM business = have charisma, loads of frends with money to invest,then this mite be the thing for u.but if ur not..then dont even try to do this.u might end up losing more than u bargained for.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just being approach by frens asking to join this LB business.

If there are any sucessful LBer reading this.

Can i know how much total LB earning per year?
among the earning.
how much % is from selling product.
and how much % is from recruiting member?

Just curious to know before decide to go with or go against LB.

11:00 AM  

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