Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Promote Anti LB

As you guys know, me and LB help with Andrew had a meeting at Sunway Pyramid Starbucks.

We discussed on some issues, and where we should go from there. I won't really disclose what we are going to do, but we got some plans.

After that I dropped by DCHL NDO. For those who don't know what's NDO is, it's New Distributor Orientation held once every 3 months. It was quite a commotion. There were individual groups, and they were cheering and clapping for new guys who has just joined in. Just imagine you are a rock star...and you got a bunch of people cheering for you. Well, you have to build some team spirit, and physcho them to find more people.

Then I look inside the Sunway Convention Center hall, and it just made my eyes popped out. I have been here a few times, but I never thought they will use the whole space combined. There are 3 halls, if i can recall which can be combined into a bigger one.

I could estimate there are around 2000 people over there. But some LB members might have brought friends. It's quite a distressing sight. 90% are youngsters. There is no future in this business, except making money at the expense of others. A lot of them would be burnt.

Oh ya, I did saw Steven Yeam in person. I was thinking of getting a photo opportunity over there, but it's too dangerous. I could have get killed if anti LB has a face.

So, guys, please promote anti lampe berger, spread the word through online and offline, sms, emails, friendsters.

Don't let your friends and families join this ridiculous pyramid plan of DCHL lampe berger.

I have added some nice images that you can include, designed by Andriel from Lowyat Forum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, anti Gold Quest... its more fucked up, RM2500!!!

7:00 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

I thought gold quest is gone?

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gold quest is indeed banned from malaysia due to the raid.

Now, they mask themselves under the name of Questnet, but basically doing the same thing.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Larry Yeong said...

You guys did have the meeting in Starbucks???

Steven, you should have mention it in your blog to make in concreate. I wasn't sure if it was for real or not so I didnt go. Hate myself for not reading LB help's blog.

When's the next meeting?

8:25 AM  
Anonymous anti-LB said...

hey guyz, i am from chinese cari forum, a lot of anti-LB ppl there and a few number of LB仔 there, check out the page!!


hope we can bring down SYN 1 day!!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

Larry Leong,

when u read Anti-LB, make sure u read LB Help too. coz it's ran by 2 different ppl, of course things posted are sometimes different...

anyway FYI, anti-LB is to give u facts for your consideration BEFORE joining or while u're thinking of joining, while

LB Help is for ppl who joined but realised they got cheated or got burnt, thus it is to help them find a proper and legal channel to recoup or to complaint.

simple as that.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous awareness is important said...

alright when you guys gonna print the car sticker le? cant wait to stick on my car! steven do something! people need awareness!

11:33 AM  
Blogger anthraxxxx said...

Good job guys, keep the flow coming and i will do my part in this 'crusade' too.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Cho said...

Mostly youngster? That's really heart-breaking. When will they stop hastling these young kids... what future they have? probably after LB gone down, they gonna move to another MLM, then another... what a life LB trick these youngster into...

4:47 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

Yeap, during my time there,
Mostly 90% is youngsters...

All showing luxury externally.. but there is nothing in fact.

In fact, the campaign against them has just started..

It will be a good campaign..

Did aaron mentioned about setting up a chatroom?

6:43 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Well,... about tat Sunway Convention Center maybe we can named it as Sky Kingdom II (Kerajaan Langit II) since after the demolition of Ayah Pin's kingdom.

Remember Steven Yeam is the "Chinese Ayah Pin" pld dun fall into his trap or else u sumthing worst will gonna happened 2u!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous sheby said...

r u in the seminar last sunday? pretty crowded huh. hehehehe. quote during the seminar 'shake to people beside you and tell them " I WILL HELP YOU", i will help u my ass. i totally agreed with you, A LOT OF THEM WOULD BE BURNT. GREAT FANTASTIC YEAHHH..

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Jefferson Young said...

hey Sheby,

'shake to people beside you and tell them " I WILL HELP YOU'

*upline whispering in their hearts* You guys just make me another million dollars, suckers!!!

1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help me? fuck.. just gimme the damn money!

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought you might want to know about this link on SYN / LB




3:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reposting cos the link came out wrong. Wonder why??

Thought you might want to know about this link on SYN / LB



3:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget it, you guys cannot do anything to us.

We have MCA to protect us.

You try and see, we send our thugs after you.

Don't play play with us. We have triad connections.

You will regret it.

3:30 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Hi anonymous,

Wake up, this Lampe Berger DCHL marketing plan has loopholes into it.

If you are high up in your position, and earning a lot, I guess whatever we tell you, you won't stop.

If you are bottom at the food chain. Just get your less than 90% refund, and get out.

This biz has caused too much trouble. Or else I won't be spending my time on blogging against it.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Cho said...

MCA? Interesting... Might be a strong stand point in getting goverment to look into this matter in a dense way. Thanks for the information! We could use that to approached to authorities to look into this SCAM! Yeah!

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is all about money mate. you think MCA member also not one of SYN member meh. sure support lah....walau...think again my friend...everything is about money...sad....

4:59 AM  
Anonymous justmythoughts said...

I was being asked by a friend to attend their NDO session over the weekend and I seriously felt sad for the people who were there.

I do respect the guy Steven Yeam for his powerful influential approach. But after hearing further of what he said. I felt sad. Very sad.

He mentioned about targeting the muslim group. Well. i seriously wonder how much further the scam is going now. They target the their next potentital group as they realised the chinese group are becoming smarter. But the way he say things..i think he needs to do some research of what he had said.

Such as..going to have muslim session?? i was like huh...muslim session?? which means he is going to conduct it in Arab language with Jawi writtings??

And he uses the religion haj visit as the excuse of making the muslim members to join so that they could afford it....well...seriously you don't need to be a SYN DCHL member to go for haj..it is just sad as I learn in my life that never use religion and race to influence people's life...it is sad as this may even cause more damage later.

It is getting out of hands...using rave parties to attract the crowd....foam parties and so on....you think the Muslim members willingly to wear sexy bikinis and thongs around the party? think properly steven yeam...maybe he need to spend abit more on his market research department...another 20-30k for me is okay..i can give him some tips on how to target the muslim group...

but sad to say..the movie example that he used "Pay Forward" was not very good idea...basically you are expecting young kids to seek money from their parents....it is more like teching people to steal from the rich...you think you robin hood meh....we are leaving in the 21st century....robin hood story not even true.......

well..talk about the singapore event....you seriously think singapore government so supporting meh...it is all about money...think of it....steven yeam earns so much...spending half a mil is nothing for him la ..it is to thank all you "investors" mah....

think about it mah...without you guys...he aslo cannot survive lah....he will have to repay you guys so that you will work hard mah...it is all about corporate ethics only mah...

another thing i learn in the business world is that...the 6 months return policy....well..think of it...if someone were to offer me 30k...i put in the saving account for 6 months also can earn money lah..then i can return 30k back also lah...

same thing what..but think again..if let say 10 people put 30k in my account

10 x 30k = 300k
6 months later with 2 % = 6000k

wah..the network make 6k extra after 6 months

or even better....do personal loan...like loan shark...2% every month they charge...300k to do loan business..2% every month...6 months later...6k each month x 6 months...wah...the network make 36k liao after 6 months..

so....don't you ever think they use the money for those kind of usage..then they can really pay you guys back....but your 30k that you had invested...if you take back 6 months later...you lose what they had earn and they had make full use of your money...

one last thing i wanna say is the people who had just joined....after i met a few people there and saw the whole situation...there are a few i can see they felt stucked in the network because they had invested into in..in the end, they just pretend they are doing well in the network as everyone is like competiting each other...like cheering and stuff...a lot of acts....sad to say...

so guys and girls....think again....

5:01 AM  
Blogger wyeling said...

Anonymous said...
Forget it, you guys cannot do anything to us.We have MCA to protect us.You try and see, we send our thugs after you. Don't play play with us. We have triad connections.You will regret it.

Sigh.. just another immature fella dreaming of owning a BMW 3 series with 9 years installment..

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Teresa said...

help!! one of my friend fell into the LB trap.. she has "invested" 30k in this so called "business".. pls tell me how to knock some senses in her

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

straighly say, i dont believe all those children story about how well they doing or how bad they are, all these could b true, or juz made up, theres no guaratee also, like previous bloggers said, it is better for u guys to go back n base on facts, all those story telling is nice for ppl b4 bedtime.

i dun expect host give another"lol" just give more facts, u think ppl now todays really that stupid? although not smart, all these story is same like thos who give speech, but in a very reasonable reason, i dun think i 1 2 listen to those who being con, or fail bcoz listen to them doesnt give u nothing more than how they fail...

9:27 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

for those who join DCHL/SYN/LB :


The moment u pay the membership fee (no matter is Rm2345 or Rm30K) everything will go to his bank account!

10:43 AM  
Anonymous -[LB]- said...

"lampe berger lead others follow"

1:41 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi teresa,

It's a bit hard when your friend already invested.

It's her own business, now.

You can ask her, what if the lamps cannot be sold after 6 months?

What if you cannot recruit others to cover back in 6 months?

Then, better prepare to bail out and get as much returns as possible (less than 90%).

Remember signature lamps and promotional items cannot be refunded. If your upline has chosen the signature lamps for you that can cost a few thousands, it shows that the upline is slick.

He doesn't want you to refund easily.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:34 PM  
Blogger johnlim said...

Anonymous said...
"Forget it, you guys cannot do anything to us.We have MCA to protect us.You try and see, we send our thugs after you. Don't play play with us. We have triad connections.You will regret it."

Now please look at the real nature of SYN, they're as bad as drug sellors, night club operators, pirate CD distributors (note: not sellors), and other sin industries operators. Note that SYN is same sound as SIN. SYN even have connection to TRIAD, wah lau eh, very very scary lor. Now SYN slowly convert to "Hak Se Hui" liao. Those who want to join "Hak Se Hui" can join SYN immediately. Don't wait before SYN collapse!!

7:27 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

Is there any limits to the number of adjacent downline one can have? For example, can a LB distributor recruit more that 5 person as is direct downline?
Sorry for none related topic. I am just investigating some issue.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi One's Man.

I think can. But I would like to point out.

1. You start making real money from the Count Generation Bonus.

2. If you are marquis, you are really making money from Count Generation Bonus, plus Group Bonus.
Marquis can really earn 5 figures each month.

Now, this is not to promote LB, just to show this business is a purely recruiting business.

"Count Generation Bonus" should be replaced with "Count Recruiting Bonus".

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One Man's Perception, yes.. they can recruit more than 5.

infact,recruiting 5 is the minimal & optimal way to do it.

12:51 AM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

Thanks, because from a mail I recieved, linked to a comment saying that there is an limit to the network.
So, I see, there is not limit. Because if there were any limit to one recruit, it will be really hard to climb up the network without exploiting the loop-holes.

Anyway, the link is
One Man's Perceptions

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gold Quest has got a legal license in Malaysia and proudly operating in Amcorp Mall P.J.
So no use condemning pyramid or bad practices in Malaysia.
The only way to stop Lampe Berger in Malaysia is to expose the truth of the products and how their products claims are not true and unpractical for use. Only then, people will not buy or sell for them.
Attacking their business will not harm them at all.
It's so easy to make use of this antiLB blog to promote their business further.
Just 2 words, "jealousy" and "failure" of the failures.
Only by attacking their products and product claims, they cannot defend.
What do you think ?

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all, do u all think that we really need this SYN/LB/DCHL in our society? do u all think that we need this so-called 'business' to become rich, to drive BMW, to live a luxurious life? we need this 'opportunity' to earn more money? while seriously i think our society don't need this so-called 'business'!!! it is useless as we have seen too much problems created by this so-called ‘business’!

Stupid Yeam Network (a.k.a SYN) sucks!!!

Lame Bastards (a.k.a LB) sucks!!

as we can see, this 'business' doesn't benefit our society at all! it causes so many problems in the society, borrowing money from the loanshark to join the company, borrowing money from parents, relatives, friends, etc.. n eventually most would ended up not paying back the money. some even threaten their parents to give them the money. terrible!

Those who wanted to join the company are all brain-washed! The funniest thing is that one guy from LB told me that if brain-washing can makes a person earns more than 20K per month, what’s wrong being brain-washed? What kind of explanation is this? They firmly believe that this ‘business’ will brings them what they want in their life. Some said that they think this ‘business’ will improve their quality of life, as they will be better off, while some said that by investing into this ’business’ they will be able to buy BMW, even at the age of 18 or 19, or able to buy luxury goods like LV (Louis Vuitton). What can we say about them? Naïve? Or ambitious? Bear in mind that it’s good to be ambitious n have dreams in our life, but be realistic, most of them have ended up becoming worse off!!! Having debts with them!!!

I met a guy from LB. he is a ‘marquis’.
He is driving a BMW, a two-seater car. He is trying to be boastful with that car, n that irritates me! guess what? That’s a second-hand car! N someone told me he is paying installment to the bank for 9 years! 9 years my god! By the time he finished paying the installment I guess the car already become a scrap iron? N it’s a second-hand car! What the f*ck… trying to show people outside that he is now rich after invested in this ‘business’ by driving a SECOND-HAND car??? That’s rich???
R u stupid? Idiot? Retarded? Moron? Or brainless?????
It is the very first time in my life I meet such a person. Not rich but want to act like he’s rich. I know what kind of people who really can afford a BMW, definitely not people like him! I know a lot of rich businessman through my father, who drives a BMW. I know who n what type of people have the ability to buy a BMW.
Rich people don’t buy second-hand cars to show off! Buy a REAL BMW if u think u r rich! Real BMW as in brand-new one, not SECOND-HAND! That’s funny, really! As I can see, most of them r driving a second-hand one, or old-fashioned BMW with new car plate numbers (that‘s imported second hand car right? Haha!). Rich man will only buy new car, while those self-proclaimed ‘rich’ man can only afford to buy those cars which already used by the really rich one!

There are so many people outside condemning LB/SYN/DCHL but I am wondering why this company had never tried to defend themselves, even though some criticisms really hurts them, destroying their images.

I am also wondering why people from this particular company likes BMW n LV so much! When they are using luxury goods to attract people to invest, most of them will only use BMW n LV. I guess the shareholders from BMW n LV should come n shake the hands of those LB ‘distributors’ for being so so so supportive! There are so many nice n high class brand outside, like Versace, Dunhill, Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel, but they just like to use LV! I guess I shouldn’t condemn too much on this part as this is a matter of personal preference. I think most LB ‘distributors’ only likes BMW n LV..

however i think I m not going to condemn too much on their products (LB & Estebel) n their company. the main thing which we must focus is the people in LB/SYN/DCHL. it's their attitude n the way they recruit people which causes so many people are going against this 'business' now.
personally i think their products n their company are fine. some people might like to use the lamp, while some might not. Again, i think it's a matter of personal preference. if u like it then u use it, if not, throw it away or give it to someone else.
The company which located at menara HLA.. hmm.. not bad. A well-designed place n it’s quite comfortable. a good place n environment to work at. there's a restaurant in front of that company too, the food.. not bad!

but, when talking about the people there, those 'distributors', or i should call them 'recruiters', are so irritating!
the way they act..
the way they talk..
the way they behave..
so irritating! Trying their very best to act like a rich people b4 they become rich! they think they are already somebody after joining the company. They think they are above everyone else. Arrogant!!! They think they are special. They think they are managing a multinational ‘business’ as they can develop their ‘business’ into several countries, while most of them ended up as losers. Losers who lost their money, relationships with their friends n family, n most importantly dignity!

They are all very desperate! They expect people who have heard about their marketing plan to join them as soon as possible, it’s even better if u can join immediately! They will play mind games with you with all their grandfather n grandmother stories, or by showing off their cars (most of the time will be BMW), their bags (mostly LV) n their watches or briefcase, n they will indirectly “force” you to join by playing mind games with you! They will have plenty of ideas for u if u tell them u r having difficulties in getting the RM2345 or RM30K, like ask from your parents, if your parents “ban” u, u try to talk to them n show them that you have grown up. Some even ask me to bring out some tears to show my parents that I really wanna join the company. What the f*ck!!! I m not lying, it’s a true story!
They will also ask u to borrow from your friends & relatives, they will tell u that their marketing plan is so perfect that u will definitely get back the money within a few months! N I have heard of some really terrible LB ‘distributors’ where they ask their friends to borrow money from loan-sharks!
If u r a distributor of a good company, what’s the point of being so desperate? People have brains, they know how to think n decide! Don’t need to force people indirectly!

They are merely confusing u with theories and philosophies. This is what LB people love to do, confuse you.. I have met quite a number of LB people n they like to say “who doesn’t breath? Everyone needs to breath right? Even animals n plants also need breathing to survive. that’s why there is huge potential in the air market.” n they always say that they are a team, they work together as a team, but why there are so many people who joined LB then failed to earn a single cent? As a team-mate, what u LB people have done to help them? Whenever people failed, LB people will say “ u r not sincere n not fully committed” or “ u don’t even know what u really want” or “u don’t have teamwork n doesn’t work nicely with us” or “ only people who quits are losers, they will never be successful”……
When they are asking u to join, they will treat u nicely… when u refuse to join, they become a totally different person! It’s like only people who join LB can be their friends! Ridiculous!

Be careful of joining in at Franchisee level, which cost RM 2345. It's just a lure before they urged you to upgrade to Count, which will cost u RM 30,000!
Be careful whenever your “friends” called u out.. Especially when they want to meet u at places around times square or menara hla! Be careful!

*** I m nicholas87. I m a college student. I m here to tell u all how I feel about this so-called ‘business’ n what I think about the ‘distributors’. I m merely expressing my personal opinion.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

well... i guess some LB ppl would start saying "that is bcoz u don understand the plan..."

so lame!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

If u 1 2 know whether is the BMW is new car or 2nd hand car,very easy to identified only.

1st,see what type of model of tat car.

2nd,take down the car plate number and go to JPJ and search about this car.(maybe is a stolen car? who knows right?)

7:30 PM  
Anonymous aaron said...

hi all anti-lb community,

yes indeed i will be setting up a chatroom. but bare with it for me at the moment as i am pack up with lotsa works.stay tune ppl.

11:16 PM  
Anonymous aaron said...

for anti LB and LB help i think we should just focus on just one site rather than spreading 2 different site. this will be the best way by not diverting ppl to different sites although both of the 2 sites is very informative n helpful. my 2 cent worth of oppinion.

11:19 PM  
Blogger One Man's Perception said...

hey hey, you forgotten my site!!!
Just joking!!
Cheers for the new chatroom!

One Man's Perceptions

12:06 AM  
Anonymous aaron said...

One Man's Perception,

lol sorry sorry including your site as well..lets unite as one..

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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sold in Malaysia
diffuser + oil : RM 143
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12:37 AM  
Anonymous MudderFugger said...

LOL i find this blog is absolutely hilarious. Keep up the good work yo! It's giving me a good laugh everyday. "It's a CON! It's a SCAM! It's a CHEAT!" Haha!
You want my opinion, i'd say chances are people who said it's a CON or SCAM are those people who already DID the business before and failed miserably. You know what? You have yourself to blame for your own stupidity. Do not keep blaming others because you are incapable and the FACT is you still did it anyway. Sigh that's just plain normal humane behaviour. Always blame everyone else but yourself. How nice eh?
Unfortunately for you people, the MLM/Direct Selling industry is blooming each year whether you like it or not. So is either you love it or loathe it :)

1:00 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

well, another excellent example of LB agents here, this muddefugger.

well, before they get ur money, they smile, so friendly with u, show u how much there is to make, how easy it is to re-coup ur "investments" bla,la,bla.

oh, after they got ur money, what happen then if u could not achieve what they had promised u initially?

they say, "You have yourself to blame for your own stupidity. You fail bcoz u lazy"

hmm, is that the kind of mentor (upline) u would look up to? do u expect this kind of ppl who would help u in times of trouble? heck even my arch-enemy in class wont say that!

1:54 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

After those LB ppl regret of their "investment",there is nothing difference like burning paper money as well!

3:32 AM  
Anonymous poor kid said...

myself donate me RM 2988 i can go and buy O2 atom..huhuhu:( I am poor but i want an atom

4:23 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


This place gets funnier with you posting like this...

Maybe the message in this blog really hit some distributors in the heart deeply...

To me, I am neutral towards any MLM/Direct Selling company, only if they are conducting their "business" in a very ethical way..

But LB is too much, and therefore, blogs are started for that cause..

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicholas87 here. i m not a LB member, n i have never joined b4. a friend of mine tried to ask me to join few months ago. n from there, i started to know more about this company. i start to know more LB people. n that's the time where i got to find out so much things about LB. some good things, some bad things. to be honest, it's mostly bad things. i went to their company in menara hla a few times b4. everytime when i sit down n start talking with the people there, there is one thing that the people there will always say, "we have a very good marketing plan, n it guarantees u profits if u invest." or "our plan is very good, perfect! sure can earn money one!"

hey, to all those LB members...
if LB's marketing plan is that good, as what u LB people said. i got an good idea for u LB people.. whenever your friends say that they don't have the money or, failed to get money from their parents, friends, or relatives, why don't u ask them to bring the marketing plan to a bank, explain it to the bank manager, show the manager how good the plan is! n ask the bank to borrow money to your friend.
if it is a perfect marketing plan which guarantee profits, i don't think the bank will reject the loan. bank will surely approve it. because the bank will definitely earn some money through the interest rates charged on your friend, as your friend is going to invest on a very profitable 'business'!!! sure will earn money one (that's what many LB members told me.. "sure can earn money one")!!! haha...

by the way, if that plan is that good, everyone who have joined should be living a good n luxurious life now. why there is so many LB members or ex-LB members who are still so poor? almost every upline will say, "they are not hardworking enough" or " of course they are still poor like last time la, because they quit ma.." or "they are not committed lo.."

hey.. under a 'perfect' marketing plan, there should be no failures right? if it's really profitable, nobody will choose to quit right?

LB members.. stop being arrogant! be humble, from my experience, that's an important thing that u must have in order to be successful in life! stop acting rich! stop showing off your BMW to your friends! it's nothing to proud of by driving a BMW! many people can afford too! especially some are even driving a SECOND-HAND one! haha...

most LB people love to tell their friends how much they are earning every month, indirectly through their conversation. something like 4 digits la.. or 5 digits la..

i know some LB people who are doing that too, but through some other friends, i know that they owe people a lot money! it's true! i m not creating stories! i m wondering how they got their LV wallets, which they always like to show their friends. i think they borrow money from friends, then go buy from starhill.. haha..!!!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous spykids said...

hey maybe someone should go to DCHL building attend their one to one talk and get the video cam spying and record the way they talk le...we want to hear bmw and LV bags

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicholas87 here.

u have never been there b4?
if u have a chance, go to their company at least once. then u wil see how they talk, what car they drive, what bags n wallets they r using...

let them show u how they brain-wash people...

oh yeah, by the way, don't tel me u r already a LB member?

3:11 AM  
Anonymous nojk said...

so hilarious,
when ever thats an opposite opinion, u state it as a lb talk, i feel like being in taiwan, where v got green cap red cap, watever cap.

i only know u guys keep complaining, y not u guys take a trip to menara hla wiv cameras, it is better if got journalist, than go in like a man, or a woman, but not chicken, take all the pic u 1 record all voice u need,

if u scare of getting kick, nothing to say, u got plenty of ppl anti so gather them n go in fight the battle, n return with glory. i dunno y u guys keep flaming neutral while u guys stay in the bunker.

n for the saying not hardworking enuff... just in some view, if a student fail, n he blame others, n others said he is not hardworking enuff...

anyway la, i ask only for facts, n is strong facts, but strong facts u got only not enuff,

hope u success in ur glory war, but if u fail, u really not hardworking enuff.

no joking lo

3:38 AM  
Anonymous spykids said...

read all your post how la i dare to go to DCHL office...i am afraid i kena brainwash black magic die la need to pay RM 30k buta-buta...aihh..but i really wanted to listen to their bullshit la...can improve my marketing skills maybe hehe..

11:27 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...


brainwash or not brainwash depends on urself, if u have what it takes to go on in the rough world, then there's nothing in LB that can brainwash you.

if u let greed overcome ur senses, then u and ur money is done for.

anyway, no, u dont have to go to LB to learn marketing skills, my friend. just 3-4 months working outside, granted if u keep ur eyes and ears open,asks the right questions to the right persons, i can guarantee u'll learn much more than what DCHL agents can tell u in a year! yours truly here is one example.

anyway, if u're still studying and have limited or no means of access to the working world, and u mati-mati also would love to learn from MLM, hey, there are other MLMs that is less risky or requires less capital start-up and provides even larger opportunities.

at least in other MLMs, if u cant recruit, u have the products sales to bank on. tell me, how many would want to buy a fragrance lamp anyway? it's a difference case altogether with health foods, face wash, household appliance blablabla...

still i personally would not encourage it. what's so wrong with "working" anyway? u learn stuffs even if u dont like it, and u get paid to do so.

10:51 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...

plus ur pay scale are ranked according to what u know and ur skills in doing so.

the money comes from ur own effort and not buta-buta telan from other ppl's joining fee.

if u have conscience, u'll know what i mean.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous spykids said...

is true andrew..thanks for the advise :)

3:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
hi guys, i am ****** here,
i dont want to reveal my name, but steven yip knows, who am i.
Steve i dont want to spoil you name ok... but pls return bak my money pls.....
Steven yip Network? WTF WTF?

hey steve do you remember me?
Where is my RM500 which you borrow from me last time, when are you going to return it to me?

You said that your dad dont give you enuff pocket money rite, then i borrow you the money for your sense of urgency, now i want bak the money. When can you return?


NOW!!!!! I WANTT MY MONEYYYY BAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Metal Steed Rider said...

sigh... pathetic.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous,

I don't even know you.

If you would reveal your name, and ic.

Perhaps I can recall.

Thank you

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a famous TVB show that revealed false claim of lampe berger and the cheating tactic they are using.


8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very informative blog. I found everything I needed here. Great content! california massage therapy school

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree that there are people fail in lb ...same thing tat ppl fail in studies ....there are student spend 10 years or more just to study...and yet still can get a job.
so ,why there dont have so call ...anti study?just be fair to us ,i have been in lb biz more than 3 years .i see ppl fail and also success ...as i know why ppl fail is because there keep on looking for reason and excuses and the one success because they looking a way to success

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I know why you guys are fighting so hard in this forum? My friends they are still making money in LB biz. They all are still very happy with their life. Sad..Poor you all..

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's interesting to hear all these comments especially since i'm a neutral party... but one question that I always ask myself is "how am i sure that all the comments sent are not from a single or a few same sources, just changing their id's from time to time to respond to their own questions" and make the blog more interesting or make it look like a war zone...i wonder...

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys and gals... i admire the approach and spirit in all of you to bring down LB but why do you guys/gals need to do this on your own - printing stickers, having personal meetings, etc? If this LB thingy is such a scam, why not report to the authority? Make NUMEROUS police reports that you've been cheated by this scam (if many reports are made, the police will have to do something right?) . If your answer is the authority is corrupted, why not go to the medias? If you think the media is also corrupted, why not go to the consumer association? If they are also corrupted, then.. then.. i guess you guys/gals dun have a point. (oh btw, you have to identify yourselves when reporting through these avenues yea, it's not like what you guys are doing here, complaining without identifying yourselves) Steven, make your group proud by role modeling this. Go to one of these avenues, identify yourself (or your gang), make your claims and be the hero to save Malaysian from this scam. I'm sure you be the focus of the whole nation so dun worry about getting killed by SYN people cause if anything were to happen to you, SYN members will be the main suspects. Make your blog and your gang proud Steven! Let's not talk the walk but walk the talk.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with Anonymous's comments on 'talk the walk and walk the talk'... Steven & gang, the avenues are tehre for you guys to bring this network down, use it. The only risk associated is you and your gang will make a fool of yourselves if your claims are not true... but then again, you guys are so certain that you guys are right and are on a crusade to help the young malaysians... looking forward to see you in one of these avenues one day...

1:14 AM  
Blogger lutzzzzz said...

Good idea Anonymous... come on Steven... I'm in with Anonymous's suggestion... let's go to the authority or media or the consumer association and make our point... contact me...

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SYN still running as usual. No progress from Steve and Gang..
- 24th July -

12:41 AM  
Anonymous friend said...

steven yip & gang?
wow..i'm very impressed with what u and friends had done.. but im kinda lost.. if the last post is about walking your talk? yeah i totally agree..well friends.. mlm is a great industry.. but due to some ppl, in our beloved country.. maybe there are a couple of ppl whom used the industry wrongly.. i agree there are some ppl who use very wrong way of approaching their friends and family.. but one thing steven.. its funnny one thing that u have been putting so much of effort in doing this protest against lb which i admire wat u are doing.. being such great influencer.. but one thing dude.. talking bad bout lb would only give them a chance to repair ur damage.. so why not just keep quiet and just go on with ur life.. i u can do so much here.. i believe if ur in syn or any other mlm companies.. i believe u could make it big.. maybe u think syn is a bad organisation or dchl is a bad company of mlm.. why not trying to join other company... maybe like amway, cosway, omega trend, luxor etc etc. if you think you could actually bring down such huge and stable organisation which i believe have won the latest best product in malaysia or something like that.. and also dchl which is also one very succesfull company in asia pacific..
i believe u could also make it great in this industry.. but remember.. join other company... make it happen in other company than u might make ppl choose not to join lb.. or like the previous post said.. go to the media.. go with ur proofs and with ur guts! u can do it! and peeps.. i also noticed onething.. the comments must be approved.. so maybe the one that is no good to u 'anti-lb' gang.. u wouldnt choose to post rite.. but if u do post my comments.. but friends doing this wont harm lb at all.. why not going public.. going on media.. get strong backups like parties like mca? ymca
or any other youth association..
no point talking behind here like a B****.. sorry for the bad mouth..

1:15 PM  
Blogger Jessey said...

i find this site interesting... well,i used to be the LB member(till today,i still cant believe i joined direct sales which i hated so much).watever u guys said in this page was absolutely true...i dunno whether is it really scam or watever u might call it buy about the ppl in there...*sweat*...sucks!~!~not all r like tat but mostly are,after i left about a year ago,i tok to some of my best frens( luckily i din asked them to join me),who was also being asked by their frens to join n their comments are the same,the ppl in there,show-off,snobbish,arrogant, which i think i agreed.not all ppl join direct sales to make more money just to buy BMWs or bungalows or LV/Gucci bags,but tats more of wat they r trying to tell us,tats y it attratcs so many youngsters...its also tru tat when u havent join,u r like an angel, their boss,but after u join n started,u r just like another stupid dog in there....ur boss sscold u also ok lar,he pay u rite??but this one,ur upline barked at you but u still get nothing....tats wat i've been thru..
i'm stupid enuff to throw 30k n it really hurt so much now coz tat belongs to my dad...i felt so guilty for being so stubborn at tat time.not oni tat,me n my bf r paying credit card bills like crazy every month...when they asked u to invest,they alwiz said u will get it back very soon,but they never think of(touch wood) if he/she fails,how is he/she going to pay back??i was lucky enuff tat i manage to set up a down-to-earth family biz wif my family's help n now i;m doing good wif good pay. wat about those tat in the end hav to go back to work wif 1.5k or even less that????how r they going to survive just by paying cards??sad huh???if is not for LB,me n my husband would hav bought a house now..my dad may even consider of giving me the 30k as downpayment rather than to invest in such things...sigh...sad huh???

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my opinion for LB/SYN/DCHL
I think not only LB but all works need hard work to get profit and if you never tried it how could you can judge that LB is bad.And if it cheating why so many people are success in here?R all of them liar?or why only some man that do this work not with his/her heart so you judge all of LB community?I'm not promoting LB but if you only can judge something before you know and do it,until when ever you won't be success..

And for the other that said that he is comes from rich family,you never feel how hard to survive in life so you just can give your comment without some good think..

So if you hate LB it's your own choice don't make some other become fail person like you,that only can give some bad comment....

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pada pendapat aku korg ni mewastingkan masa korg utk benda yg korg pun confirm x akan menang sampai bila2, bagi aku , org yg x berjaya selalu dengki pada org yg berjaya, itu,

1:17 AM  
Anonymous alana musalika said...

SYN lampe berger or wot ever u call it, is like a knife..actually all biz are like a knife..when u use it for killing than it turns bad on a contrary when u use it for good things then it turns good and worth it.
get a life..u just jelous on them i assumed!!!
i bet u wont dare to post this comment..mark my word!

3:59 AM  
Blogger dominants said...

Anti lamp berger? STEADY group? LOL!

7:28 PM  

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