Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lampe Berger worth doing?

This is an email from Andrew, talking about whether this business is worth doing.
I got a few comments, though. When a population rise, it doesn't mean that the wealth per person becomes less. Wealth is created, not by having more money, but having more people supplying more products and services that others want. Don't get it?

For example, lets look back at the Spanish conquerors of the South America. They thought by getting more gold from the natives and shipping it back to their country, they would be wealthy.
But the problem arises, when there's too much gold, and nobody supplies something. When supply is low, prices goes up.

Wealth doesn't mean having more money, or gold.
Massive amounts of gold and silver were imported from the New World into Spain's coffers. However, in the long run this hurt the Spanish economy much more than it helped it. The bullion caused high inflation rates, which undermined the competitivenes of Spanish industry and commerce (its effects being discussed by the ubiquitous School of Salamanca and the arbitristas).


Hi all,

i have some points to share with all of u, no matter u're pro- or anti-LB, i hope it helps you to think of whether what u're doing is in the right direction or not.

frequently, i've heard the same talk by MLM agents, when explaining the benefits of their marketing plan, about the uncertainties of ur future. They'll ask questions like;

1) "what if u met an accident and u died/paralysed without any source of income left for ur family?",
2) "what if u lost ur job and due to ur qualifications/age/gender, there are not much job opportunity for you?",
3) "if u work for ppl, u're nobody, u're not important, u're used for other ppl's benefit, u have no dignity, blablabla..."
4) "why do you want to work for someone else till pencen, when u can be ur own boss?",
5) "why put ur effort to generate income for others when u can do it for urself?"
6) "don't u want to earn more money and retire early?"

and many others and so on and so forth...

sometimes, these questions does arouse ppl's thoughts, especially for those who had worked for some time and found little enjoyment or returns from it. it also got some young minds thinking, bcoz they dont want to go through such hardship to attain something. we all know how hot blooded young ppl are. how much they want to find short and easy ways to everything.

thus these situations sets the perfect condition for MLMs to feed into ur fears. in one way of speaking, they present itself to be an alternative route to reach that pedestal high up in the sky. they promise u high income that seems unreachable by just working. they promise u a future where everything is secure and u can just laze around shake legs till the day u die.

but is it? have we ever sit down, and pour on a deep thought about this? is working really bad? is the experience that u can learn from that doesnt worth it? when challenge comes in ur work doesn't it teaches u to persevere and to emerge hardier than before? oh, it's so hard eh? so what makes u think that to recruit ppl into ur "marketing plan" is any easier? what difference it makes from working?

ok, so some will say, it's the rewards that matters. u work hard find downlines now, in the end u will succeed! u will reach higher level and better rewards. u can go higher! so what difference it makes from working hard (as an employee) now, learn all the stuffs, be an excellent employee, get promoted, get salary increment?

No matter how much u'd like to believe how high u're in LB as a count or marquis, u're still as comparable as to a middle management employee. yes, u do have ppl under u, yet u still have ppl above u! Yes, MLMs can promise that u can reach this and that level, but actually, how many did? It's the same as the corporate ladder, where only few who may clinch the title of a CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, blahblahblah... so wats the difference between working for some companies with working in MLM? u work for the one above u too! they say u work for urself, but ironically, those above u earns a portion of ur "income" too! What kind of "Ur Own Boss" is this?

oh, some will talk about job security... what happen if u get retrenched? frankly, if u've been working hard improving urself, with ur capabilities, u dont have to fear ur company retrenching u. when a retrenchment occurs the company trims off excesses, but retains the best to keep the company running. in fact the company needs u more than u need them. it all depends on how u play ur cards. have u been improving urself? have u proved urself to be invaluable to ur employer? an employee that they can't do without? in fact the boss cant do everything by himself, can he? so, keep this in mind, the boss is stupid. he employs you to do things that he dont know how to do!

oh, MLM agents also talked about the amount of income. what if the economy is bad, and company has to cut down on spending, thus ur salary also affected? but do they ever tell u that their high figure income from their "marketing plan" is not guaranteed to pour in forever also? they still have to recruit in order to generate "income". so where is the security in that? what will happen when the market reaches saturation and there'll be no more interested prospects for recruitment? frankly, when economy is bad, how many ppl would want to spend hundreds on some fragrance lamp? or better still, how many ppl would have the money to pour in to join as franchisee (rm2345) or upgrade to count (rm30k)? everybody would tighten their belt for sure!!

fine, they may argue about the ever rising population so the market is there, but have u ever thought that when populations rise, a nation's wealth pie has to be shared with more ppl? in the end everyone will get smaller portions. and where will u get ur money to invest into ur so-called "business" then? if u dont work in the first place, where do you find the money to throw into ur "business"? LOAN?

well yes, why not? ur upline says that all business starts also borrow money from banks to start their business. so it must be true. NO. not entirely true. allow me to share some business knowledge with you. Smart, shrewd and successful businesmen will try to minimise their debt amount and any other financial obligations in their business. for the established business, they offer shares and u get capital from share buyers. by issuing shares does not neccessarily mean ur company have to go to the board or trading in stock market. there's more to how to gain capital to start a business but i would have to write a textbook for it.

Meanwhile for a start-up, instead of loans from the bank, they offer partnerships and profit sharing with their suppliers and/or distributor and/or resellers. supply now, sell, earn revenue and profit. pay agreed % of profit to offset the cost. done deal. and u dont have to bear interest cost nor the risk of the banks knocking on ur door. Some will say, hey, that's what DCHL is already been doing! They supply the lamps, YOU sell, DCHL give urewards as profit sharing la, rite? So why the hell are you paying rm2345 and/or rm30k for??? I'm talking about starting up with extremely low or ZERO cost lah!! wan some examples? Bill Gates' first step was to sell his first tic-tac-toe software game at the age 13. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, started off with minimal cost as Google is actually spawned from their PhD research project. Now who said belajar tinggi-tinggi also tak guna?

now, let's talk about in case of death/paralysis. u cant work, no income, who'd be supporting ur family then?? well my man, that's what SOCSO, EPF savings and insurance are for! Insurance has been introduced for decades and it has certainly serve it functions. do u have a personal insurance plan? well if u dont , it's time to consider one. Insurance has been in the works even when there are no MLMs promising u this and that. what's wrong with sticking to a tried and tested method? it may not has the speed nor size of reward like some MLMs, but it certainly has guarantees.

Let's tak about "Dignity" of 9-5 jobs. frankly to me, it's a subjective matter. How many ppl are actually satisfied with their jobs. Not many, i can say, but we cant deny the fact that there are still ppl who are proud with and love what they're doing. Or the number of ppl who actually strives to make their work conditions better. Keep this in mind. Dignity of a job depends on ur attitude towards ur job and not how ppl perceive ur job as... they're not u and u're not them. and u have no obligation to please them save for urself.

Nevertheless, i'm not saying that all MLM agents are bad, or doing direct selling is useless. There are ppl who're just born for that "job". It falls back on whether u're that "type" of person or not. Be honest with urself and ask ur heart. is it really so good? there's a chinese proverb that says, "there'll always be masters in every field (of work)" (for for chut zhong yuen, read in cantonese). Do what u want or enjoy. Do what u does best. Do not let promises of wealth blind you.



Anonymous nojk said...

i was like, reading the lowest part of the posting, than it gone... bcoz a new post come out :)

well, u reli give a long speech, continue reading really suffer, when the speech is like concluding.

ur post really neutral oso,

i think, yes they do said all those stuff, but it is also true that if all those condition happens, v really hard to counter it.

wat they said is oso base on facts, but sometimes facts with facts too got problems,

like the chinese said, atk 1st to conquer, but they too said shot later but reach faster.

ur teory of the spain is excellent, but does it really suitable to apply here? malaysia?

v all that in the outcoming of globalisation, v can really buy alot of things from outside world,

here for those who blame lb to give our money to franch,

u dun tell me u going to buy proton for lifetime, nvr go out of malaysia for travel, dun eat KFC and so on, n u dun tell me v dun sell proton to euro, v dun sell palm oil to america, v dun sell water to ships pass by malacca.

v r taking money n giving money in world trade, u may think lamp r expansive n v lose more money, but u forgot v got cheap price product and does make that equal alot, n v still own america alot of debt

hell, i really hate to talk like this, but anyway, v r sharing info too r v? n v will said thx after all this n that r v? or v r not? =.=
no joking lo

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Amigo said...

nojk, you wrote a long comment but because i can't understand your language, all your points are lost to me.

can you please write proper english. if you can make it gramatically correct, at least write it with words that has definite meaning.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

well, thanks steve for posting it up.

nojk, i know, long speech are boring. so, many wont bother and would just skip to the end. in other words, taking the shortcut.

it's the same with everything. who wants to work for someone else for many years? so, when LB come knocking and tells u that u can earn so and so within this period, u'd quickly jump in. shortcut mah!


all i ask for readers is, be careful with their offers. why wana learn only after "kena" instead of being diligent and learn before "kena"?

Long and laborious hard work is part and parcel of everything, no matter wat u do. but does the promises of monetary reward dangled in front of u really worth it?

for myself, i can settle for something else, like qualifications and knowledge and wisdoms, even if the financial payback seems not as much.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Albert said...

"all i ask for readers is, be careful with their offers. why wana learn only after "kena" instead of being diligent and learn before "kena"? ... Andrew

Very wise words, Andrew. Starting a biz without proper planning, research, getting wise advice, knowledge involves high risk. RM30k is a lot of money to invest especially for a sec/college student. What more if we borrow money.

In the past, I have gone thru some unsuccessful biz deals due to hasty and lack of knowledge and got burned.
That was my own investment gone down the drain. Now that I have learned my lesson, I'll plan carefullty b4 venturing into biz dealings.

Do you want to pay RM30K to learn the lesson? Or why not try out other mlm that offer low investment and checkout if mlm is suitable for you.

2:56 AM  
Anonymous b3rnard7 said...

Andrew,the chinese proverb in cantonese is "hong hong chut chong yuen" la.The "for for" means "course" in english.What I mean by "course" example like IT,accounting,interior wat "for" u r learning in college/univerity."Field" is "hong" in cantonese.

In chinese is,行行出状元。

Anyway,Is a good post and just as same as my thinking/opinion as well!

3:27 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

ehehehe... yeah i catch ur drift... sorry for my broken chinese, me a banana mar, lol.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


I wonder if u are part of LB or not..
If you are, then you are a "business" person..

Do you even understand what does "leakages" means?

In many business, and as well as a country, "leakages" does no good..
It channels money mostly out of the country and very less in the country...

Sustainability must be there...
The economic impact must be sustainable.. a balance must be seen.
People over here must really profit from it, yes the distributors do earn.. but the other bulk of the money just goes out(taiwan,hong kong).. and it is not really circulating in the economy..

That is from my point of view..
I might be wrong..

9:26 AM  
Anonymous nojk said...

u r right on some point of view, but i ask u, how u going to control leakages? if this country dun leak, how to improve economy? u really 1 all the industry depend on the inside meh? surely, v will sux the money from other country, n after some time the table will change.

stop money leakages cant b done, u can onli minimun the leaking, coz if u said u dun 1 2 leak at all, means u r protectism, n thats mean not good, all i 1 2 said is the fact of the franch suxking our money cant b use against lb, coz u sure u nvr buy imported item?
no joking lo

10:06 AM  
Anonymous nojk said...

sorry i dun 1 2double posting, but forgot something, dchl is a asian company or not? if it is, than most money does channel back to asia coz 69%? of the money r going back to distributor, left 31% for company, so i think the cost is lower than 20%, well only 20% is channel to euro lo.

and i think this noneed to b a business person oso can firgue out lo,

lastly, if u think awhile n u will get this, NO freaking thing as fast money, i got relatives in diffrent direct selling company, some is insurance, card, etc. i get this simple conclusion, nothing is free, u need to work hard b4 enjob, which it means u can really enjob la, not like going shopping or cc to play games.

simple thing also la, noneed me to tell oso ppl know, eh, than what the hack i talk so much?

no joking lo

10:13 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi nojk,

I am all for global trade. No problem on that. The issue is not really france earns money from malaysia.

But this business is done in an unethical way. People are being cheated of 30k to get into it.

If DCHL really serious in business, they had better do retail and not MLM pyramid style.

But I doubt so they will do this.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

knnccb nojk, write proper english will ya?

4:01 PM  
Anonymous fredderick choo daughter said...

with 30k you can get a brand new BMW..think about to college

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Metal Steed Rider. said...

yeah, BMW on 9-years loan, some are 2nd hand, 3rd hand...

no thanks, rm30k i bought myself a superbike cash and still got cash left.

Plus with a bike i have the cool bad boy factor. and lotsa college boys can afford a bike if they want to.

with BMW in college? girls say "father's money", or "father's car" or "so fake, acting kah?"

6:48 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...

It is a totally different agenda in here nojk.

When I mean, what I said, I meant distributors who sucked our money for their own good, in a way, leakages is there, means double damage.

One damage is personal relation damage and another is economical..

Oh, I do buy imported goods. Alot of thems.. On average, twice a month I do buy.. but not in large quantities. That's the difference :)

Anonymous, don't condemn those who are bad in English... No one is perfect.. let him "learn"..

If he ever does, cause most of my friends are chinese educated, but, they are willing to learn to improve their enlgish..

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anti_Scam said...

The blog began with an anti-lampe berger message but slowly and after meeting with Andrew and Lampe Berger Help, it comes to promoting the business again ?

Looks like all these blogs are part of the Lampe Berger business scam to convert the thoughts of those who don't support it.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous nojk said...

sorry for ur learning issue, if i want to learn, i dont learn on internet, things here, u cant believe all, n if u really want to learn got better channel,

item that imported u bought mayb like abit, but it imported by large quantity, u buy than he buy, every1 buy, leakages!!! YES!! so nice.

.................... who is that who still 1 2 said about 2nd hand n loaning? haha, yeah learning, haha,

incase u dun understand, this is consider insulting that guy adi, haha

and again, mr yip, so many non lb member adi repeat so many times that it is not the mlm system fault, and if u still 1 2 blame that, learning in process.

u guys may not 1 2 believe, but mlm is truely another way of transfering goods from manuf to consumer, n there is no system is perfect like no human is perfect, juz that u din no it.

who not doing things for thier own good, but i tot i saw the newspaper today said govet finaly enforce law against loanshark... dunno real or not, if true that no1 can invest count by loaning from loanshark lo.


below is something i tot was right, dunno la u decide it urself,

if every one pratice protectism such as controling the trade, than the internation will become unbalance. because the government doing this, family too copy the way, so the nation will become unbalance, and because of the family doing this, every individual will eventually become selfish. nice ending.


if lb really treaten the nation, the govt will not sit and watch. u think govt really that stupid meh.

..... proper english? english should write as English, n when talk u can use will ya, but when write can meh?

oh no, i shouldnt write so much! =.= no joking lo

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Made Steven Yeam's Wife Pregnant said...

I cant believe i wasted 2 minutes of my life reading a comment by NOJK which make no fucking sense. YAFM. Incase you don't know what YAFM is, check the dictionary. You may find your name next to it.

3:33 AM  
Anonymous aaron said...


i think is best you type it in chinese, as ppl over here couldnt get the message u are trying to tell or advicing us. and please, when you cant write good english please do not use bombastic words or try to interpret chinese to english. nojk shows a good example of all the LB members, dumb ass trying to act smart =_=" what we call "tin kosong". afterall we should thank nojk for being a dumb ass role model representing all LB members. once again thank you nojk ^_^

6:49 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...


I created a blog,

Am not sure how to set it up.

Any visit or contributions will be much appreciated.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

congrats dexter,

seems like more blogs popping up.

This will provide a better channel for others to learn their scams.

For nojk, I am really sorry, but your english is broken, and your arguments is too simple. There's no really right relationship between ideas.

I could not make sense out of it.


9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicholas87 here.
nojk, i think u should take tuition class..
your english is terrible.
your arguments are very weak.
don't try to translate mandarin to english directly, n i can see u r trying to use some bombastic words here, just like what aaron said.
n just simple english will do, at least we can understand what u r trying to say...
hey nojk, remember, to improve your language, take tuition class!

i heard that many LB uplines like to tell their downlines to upgrade n improve thermselves all the time?
can i know r u a LB member? just in case if u r a LB member, your upline didn't ask u to improve your english? :-p

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicholas87 here.

actually i think there's no much difference working in Lb or working with other companies outside, unless u just managed to earn a few hundred every month!
by the way, joining LB doesn't make sure that u will earn more. u might be worse off!!!

be honest, if any LB members are reading this now, how much u earn every month since u joined LB? be honest, tell the truth. is it really a 4 or 5 digits? please dun lie... :-p

10:30 AM  
Anonymous nojk said...

You guys are right, wasting time here does not help my English, I should attend English classes. Thanks alot for that advice.

Last thing before I leave, I typing this once again, do not assume so much, giving idea such as people who did not agree with you is your enemy, does not help in your victory.

In other word, you guys are more terrible, think before you post. From the very begining, I never defend Digital Crown Holding Limited in any position.

You guys really or should say too well in assuming, I guess you guys will be a very excellent student in statistic. Good luck and bye bye.

No joking untill the end.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous english teacher said...

who said anti-LB members must be real good in english...come on la...we are all members...poor in english good in english still we are in a team...maybe he/she is good in hokkien leh? still we are member ma...

11:23 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi dexter,

I have just added your link to my site.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nojk you are such an idiot, what you preach and what you write totally contradicts with one and another. We are not saying your english is utterly poor but why do you need to bring your sms style of writing here?

"sorry for ur learning issue, if i want to learn, i dont learn on internet, things here, u cant believe all, n if u really want to learn got better channel"

There goes your egoistic remarks.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend told me DCHL came to MMU melaka and they gave a speech about the unlimited "business opportunity" within the vast student market.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

Be careful students,

This business is not something you want to put your life on.

First, you'll lose money.

Second, you'll lose all your friends.

Third, you'll get bad grades.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Lampe Berger Help said...


Do we assume? We asked you "Are you a LB member?" Simple as that, and you can't even say a simple "NO" but give a whole yard of reply to represent "NO"?

"Last thing before I leave, I typing this once again, do not assume so much, giving idea such as people who did not agree with you is your enemy, does not help in your victory."

This means if ever you met anyone who are against your idea are your enemy and doesn't help with your victory.

Wait, didn't DCHL teach their people, the worst you've gone through, the higher you will achieve..?

Oh well.. I'm "Lost in Translation" with nojk's words..

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Dexter said...


Keep up the good work and continue to get rid of Lampe Berger in Malaysia !!

For those who joined, beware !!

If you cannot make it, you lose money, time and effort.

If you can make it, you have victimised others and lose friends and image.

Have CONSCIENCE, everyone !!

LB business is trying to tap the outstation areas where people don't know yet.

Tell all your friends everywhere to take precaution. The only way to stop this business is to let more people know about it to get their business stagnant.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Dexter said...

The only way to stop SCAM in Malaysia is to use MLM method. Tell all your friends and let them carry on until everyone knows it.

6:15 AM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Hi Steven and all,

I have put up a post on Lampe Berger and Bel_Air on blogger, "stopmlmscams".

You are welcome to read it and put up your comments.

Thank you.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous dexter said...


Thanks for the link, how do I add your link and others to my site ?

9:07 AM  
Anonymous dexter said...


It doesn't matter where the money goes.

What matters is many people lost their money out of greed, ignorance or friendship.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous nicholas87 said...

i agree with what steven yip network said.. everyones has to be careful, especially students..

9:46 AM  
Anonymous nicholas87 said...

english teacher,
anti-LB members doesn't need to be good in english. can be good in other languages also..
but some people was trying to play with language here, using some bombastic words.. but no one could understand what he's trying to say. maybe he can use other language here next time? hehe..
i m just joking! :-p

nojk, just simple english will do.. other people will understand what u r trying to say..

* anyways hope u will not get angry with me, nojk.. :-)

10:02 AM  
Blogger Steven Yip said...

hi dexter,

You'll need to edit the template.

Just scroll to the part, where they have a bunch of links to the right.

You'll also need to know some HTML.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Benny Ong said...

LB is a business. No one would share their honey pot. We should use our own common sense before commiting to such schemes.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

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Anonymous rina said...

what the fuck are u trying to say?

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u people want to post comments here, please write comments that can be understood.i dont understand half the things nojk wrote.if u want to write in chinese,then do so.dont mix languages.your point will be lost on everybody.

7:22 PM  

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