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Another Member Quits DCHL Lampe Berger

Hey Steven!

I am Liya. A malay, Muslim who has been cheated and annoyed by my 'good friend'.

Are you updating your antiLB blog?
Pls keep it up.
I am one of the member and will lost half of RM33k. I hope I can get back the half by this month.
I havent got the money yet, I gave them chance but now they are asking me to give them chance again.
They said they want to buy my account to help me not to 'rugi' so much, but I know they afraid they will lost PV if they refund my products. My upline is a Marquis challenger and I know she really needs the PV.
They cant give me the money before I go back to Malaysia to change the account name.
FYI, I am in Japan now.
My goodness I dont know what to say.
They were my good friends.
For your info, I was in another group, not SYN.
You know about it right?

To those who are active in LB and read this msg, from my experience LB is a SCAM.
SYN or Steady Global Network , sama saja..boleh blah and penipu. Selffish!!
I did not refund because I couldnt get any dlines, I could have if I want but I made decision to refund
before my friends join me..I could smell something wrong with the biz, I believe it is not a halal biz for muslims.

I will tell you the whole story when I have time. Pls publish this.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


actually i'm here just to see all of ur comment. but after i saw n read about a girl dat purchase about 33k i think i should leave a msg.

actually i'm very agreed with all comment posted here. i'm also a distrubutor of dchl under other group than SYN.

but b4 dat i hve been introduced in dis business by SYN group. but after they told me about all things about dis business i;m very pleased n excited to join dis business but the problem is they keep told me about their "big car" well actually they have been cheated by salesman b'coz i'm in car industries n i know about the price n they bought 2 times higher. they always show off n i dont like dat kind of attitude. i'm doing a part time only bcoz i want to clear all of my debt n also to buy a new asset which is not a big car as it is only a liability for me.

after a recent search i met my fren a he also doing the same biz but not with SYN. so he invited to see his group n after followed him a few month i really think dis is a group dat i wanted. so i join them. they really different from SYN. they gave an opportunity to follow them b4 i decide but with SYN i have to pay 1st b4 follow them.

now i just want to know about the girl dat said have been cheated by her frenz in our group. actually she should sent a report to group management bcoz b4 dis also there is a case like u n after an investigation they an action. so i think its better u sent a report to them rather than write in this blog but no body know.

alhamdullilah until now i still doing this biz after a year. thanks to all my partners, group partners n also to the group dat also help me n all my partner. i really appreciate their help.

n also to all blogger i;m sorry with wat all of u face before dis. thanks all of ur comments teach me dat i should be more careful to do dis biz n everybody have a dream dat they wat so dont make their dream go away.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


member gua pun ader join
tapi aku tak sempat nak selamat kan dia
dah 3 bulan
sial punyer LB

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sial punyer LB

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hye, this is my first time visit this website..surprise surprise SYN created thousands of victims.. I was in SYN since early 07'. I'm actually anti MLM..and I discovered the ABP (biz plan) was really gives people hopesss..Which is very impossible for u to create that kind much of money.. if they really rich, why their names not in the list of richest man in Msia?? Not even 10th place... Steven Yeam name pun tarak... hahah.. funny rite? I refused to join this biz but my sister insisted too.. their people..i tell u.. always forced people to invest RM 11k or RM 33k.. if u become franchisee only with RM 2500sure the up lines and the sidelines will cuci u until u find the money..and become a baron or count. A lot of people got NPL (non performing loan) and bad debts because of this.. Coincidently i met this marquis, who is among first marquis in SYN.. he back off from SYN because they forcing fresh grads to swipe thier c.card for joining them.. and this marquis can't stand it..can u imagine how cruel they are?? seriously...even my friend, he lost his job because he became a full timer in this SYN. 2 me, personally..this biz is good, but the attitude of SYN leaders is too MATA DUITAN!! sorry..

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiada yang senang dalam sesuatu perniagaan..yang penting kita cekal,dan teruskan apa yang kita mulakan,pastikan sehingga kita mendapat hasil yang kita inginkan.Tapi ada sebahagian individu yang telah memulakan sesuatu perniagaan itu tetapi tidak mencapai apa yang di inginkan. Sepatutnya individu yang tidak mencapai apa yang di inginkan ini merenung kembali apa yang telah dia lakukan untuk mencapai keinginannya,kenal pasti masalah dan perbaiki kesilapan yang di buat.Tetapi kebanyakan daripada individu ini tanpa berfikir panjang terus menyalahkan pihak-pihak tertentu,sebagai contoh apa yang berlaku sekarang ini. Ingatlah,hanya kita yang mampu merubah hidup kita,pilihan di tangan kita untuk berjaya atau sebaliknya. SYN tidak menjanjikan anda akan kaya, akan senang, akan mencapai impian anda kerana sekiranya anda sendiri yang tidak ingin berubah dan tidak positif untuk meneruskan apa yang telah anda mulakan..faham-fahamkanlah..jangan terus menuding jari kepada orang lain di atas kegagalan yang di sebabkan anda sendiri..

12:18 AM  
Anonymous PenyelamaT said...


kawan aku kat headquater nak suruh aku jdi gerentor dia.. nak wat loan konon... hampir terkeluar tali pusat perut aku bila die kate nak loan rm10k.. aku tau dia tu join LEMBU BuRGER tu, x spaipun 4 bulan lgi.. aku tngok lain mcm je.. punalah kalut.. yarabbbi... tuhan je yg tau. akupun kompius smada di nak wat loan tu nak baya ah long ke atau nak tambah koleksi LB dia tu.. ada tak sesiapa disini bole kasi tau dia nak pe ngan duit rm10k tu..? nnti aku nak kasi brainwash kepala otak dia spai bekilat..

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:39 AM  

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