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DCHL lampe berger business still growing

Based on my sources, this DCHL is still enjoying good growth. Currently I am not actively updating this blog. I know, a blog can only reach those who have online access. There's a majority who still don't have internet access. Their main source of news are the mainstream newspapers, where most of the stuff are filtered before published.

While feeling a bit sadden that this business is still attracting people, I have to face the fact that this is not a perfect world, where everyone thinks the same. Some like short cuts. Some like to analyze first. No one has perfect knowledge of something beforehand.

So lampe berger guys, you still can party on, but money don't fall from the sky. And no business can sustain itself on deception.


Anonymous Good Boy Gone Bad said...

I don't know if it's okay for me to call Lampe Berger business a shit because I had this experience when my friend insisted me to join it. Which of course I had to ask for all the relevant details. What got me really puzzled was my friend couldn't even name me what are they selling and to participate, I need RM2000 to join. Holy God. I've never heard of such business that requires you to invest so much thus I turned down the request.

Guess what? My friend who introduced me to this flunked because a lot of people started to realize that it's a scam. And fortunately I made a research beforehand.

8:42 AM  
Blogger ^YuMi SaYuRi^ said...

dear sir,
i was intro'd to this blog by a friend. i almost joined as well. but now i hv joined another company which has been in Msia for bout 30 years.

just want to ask a quick question. i noe in this blog, the whole idea is to expose LB as a scam. i really appreciate that. but perhaps you could help us do a lil research on othe MLM or network mktg companies also?
thanks for your time

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey let's publicise this things. Their modus operandi and everything. Let the news paper write all about it like what they did for internet scam.

Many internet scam lingkup after that and let hope that lots of people will be more alert and aware on how useless this lamp and DCHL are.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u noticed the LG main website is done by the simplest ways.. little description little products.. they always said it is good..but didn't mention good in 'science' logic...

plus they put france word (to prove it is from there) LOL...

and more who's on earth want to buy this ahromatherapy for more than 10k??... even best world selling perfume doesn't tag their price like that...

what a phatetic waysss...

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DCHL will held their IME at Sunway Lagoon resort on 9 september 2007.They claimed that they have booked the whole Sunway Lagoon and it will be clesed to the public.It's hard for me to believe it but I think they have their own agenda.....

8:29 PM  
Anonymous caliber said...

caliber said...

for those of you who are anti-lb, observant (6 posts above) have made a point whereby there's no constructive criticism and all ur prove are from ppl who have failed in the business not wanting to admit their own mistakes?

after reading most anti-lb sites, they all seem to say the same thing; criticizing before explaining; fuck this and fuck that.. well? Fuck you too! anyways, i believe up to 80% are criticizes and only 20% explained. YOU(anti-lbs) are "theoretically" doing MLM or rather Pyramid urself (the system that is). It all started off from a fool or two (or even more) who failed to accomplish their mission; run around like a child who didnt get their toys, mocking the business plan/company and even products; then start a blog; invite frens etc and spreads like bacteria; now those who've read ur blogs either follow ur "culture" by not even analyzing, experiencing, observing (whatever it is) on what SYN/DCHL has to offer but mock and mock blindly (the mechanics of the business, how everything work); u have just duplicated urselves and it all goes round and round. arent we the same? should i say heaven & hell? by doing so, SYN is earning money while anti-lb's are not earning a cent. havin fun doin it? carry on then.

as for those who've explained, it seem to me it is the MEMBERS within DCHL/SYN who are not practicing the right culture SYN/DCHL are trying to duplicate or rather educate its members. who said u're not entitled to choose ur items? which business doesnt require hard work? u want cash, u work for it. u think money will grow once u dump in 36k into SYN? SYN is a duplicating business. i need not explain more cos u can read it off observant's post above, you smart-assed anti-lbs.

to cut it short for others who've still not a clue wat SYN is about?
1. u register, buy stock (CHOOSE THEM DAMMIT!)
2. u find 3-5 downlines, give stock to downlines; get capital back
3. they do the same u're doing (duplication)
4. u start earning from there based on figures given by SYN/DCHL.
.....get my drift? no? i have an idea, why dont u make a few phone calls to ur SYN frens and listen to their talks. ask whatever u dont understand or want to know. while u're at it, stop being a skeptical loser and absorb whatever u can, bring a pen & paper. if things still dont sound right, ur advisor - the person who tell u things abt SYN is a misleading-retard. if u find a flaw, let's debate on it then! if otherwise, STFU life goes on.

as for the BMW's/watever fancy cars, VIP's, events with choppers and all that shit which i myself cant be bothered. if u havent already figured, MLM is all about EGO, work practice, culture, product knowledge and ur communication skills. Why BMW's and all the fancy cars? WHAT'RE U, DUMB? Those who've made it up there NEEDS something to SHOW the others into joining in the business, fancy cars are the easiest THING to show ur prospects, DUMBASS! what u wanna buy a house and take ur prospect to ur new house just to show it off to him that its yours? suit urself! anyways, if u have NOTHING to show, how are u supposed to impress ur prospects? You dont expect Bill Gates to drive a Proton Wira?! YES estabelle has a luxurious SPA if u can be bothered, SYN has VIP's and icons givin talks and crap cos HEY! ITS ALL ABT SHOWING-OFF! u dont like it, then dont!

now for all u anti-lb's, either YOU wake up and stop "scamming" or rather "misleading" the SOCIETY that SYN is a scam just cos u didnt get wat u anticipiated due to ur own failure. stop blaming others for ur failure.

on a sidenote, dont even think about mixing SYN/DCHL with other MLM companies like amway, cosway, tupperware watever it is, cos if u do, then u're just plain dumb and ignorant. what u should be doing is understand what is within SYN/DCHL then u figure out how the hell is this a scam to the "SOCIETY".

no doubt im a SYN member, but hey i dont give a rats' ass about all the fancy events, cars, spa's it doesnt impress me one bit, fuck no. what im impressed with is how things are being runned and how easy it is to DO IT; my upline educates me well, the business plan is fantastic, i got my capital so i have nothing to lose now, best part is MLM taught me heaps u dickwits probably dont even know of!
Like managing ur funds, manage people, talking to people, time management, how u're gonna help ur downlines be like u and all that shit. AND NO, SYN sure as hell did not teach me to MOCK and throw words about like most u anti-lb's do. I bet all those "complaint letters" from anti-lb sites are all fake. U're just tryin to bring down SYN. Dont even think about it. SYN is growing, LB is stable, the boss is a reputable person (NOT steven yeam, boss of DCHL), the plan is awesome, products are sure as hell fantastic! What else do u ask for?

Next time do ur homework before u even think of dumping ur money into things u're not sure about cos u're just gonna end up like the rest of these anti-lb's. on a side-note, stop being skeptical and conservative. the world is changing everyday so is the market and so should YOU.

Now for those of u who got "cheated", revise and seek consultation.

And for the record, i apologize for my childish speech with all the inappropriate name-callings, i just had to sound like a child in order for me to "fit-in" with the anti-lb-ers.

Thanx for reading.
10/09/2007 4:51 PM

1:56 AM  
Anonymous angelina said...

dear caliber,

there is 3 types of people inside the LB :

1 ) woman that use their beauty & virginity to persuade the desperate wealthy man to join ur scam!

2) desperate wealthy men who join lb just because it is the place where they can cheap woman.

3) naive student who dream a lot.

sorry to say LB place is where you can get all of it for a free plus u can leave them whenever u feel to do it.

i say it coz i follow my fren to entertain her network n see how this man bubbling talking bad about his wife. what a cruel LB has make to devastate a man to his family & a kid to his parent!

9:03 PM  
Blogger yusof said...

Dear future investor, if you happen to be one is being cornered by beutiful words about lampe berger and shown with dramatic evidence of success, even in million times, you cannot them from saying it, it cannot be overcome by the laws, but it does not mean you have to agree to it. To accept means to believe. Say it, it's not your religion to believe it.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, a friend on mine just got to drive a brand new BMW 5-series around. her modest income surely cannot be justified for that. then, I wonder how she can go that further, and now I know it 'comes' from LB.

well, true enough that LB can eat you both ways. it cannot generate you real money initially, or cannot do that for good as well, but one thing is that it 'compels' you to showing-off habits of the trapped so called 'well achieved' LBs in a way forcing them to find 'new victims' to get back their capital invested.

anyway, those outside who are interested in LB, well study 1st thoroughly on it before you take the plunge. later on, if you cannot recruit newbies surely you'll be losers....

the choice is always yours. i don know how long this friend is going to last long....


8:55 AM  
Anonymous PenyelamaT said...

kawan aku kat headquater nak suruh aku jdi gerentor dia.. nak wat loan konon... hampir terkeluar tali pusat perut aku bila die kate nak loan rm10k.. aku tau dia tu join LEMBU BuRGER tu, x spaipun 4 bulan lgi.. aku tngok lain mcm je.. punyalah kalut.. yarabbbi... tuhan je yg tau. akupun kompius smada di nak wat loan tu nak baya ah long ke atau nak tambah koleksi LB dia tu.. ada tak sesiapa disini bole kasi tau dia nak pe ngan duit rm10k tu..? nnti aku nak kasi brainwash kepala otak dia spai bekilat..

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Caliber,

I went to Lampe Berger talk. Out of about 5 people who they tried to con, only I was the smartest not to "invest". Why give them 40k for essential oil that you only use 2 drops at a time. U are not going to live 100 years to finish off the oil. Why give 40k to be a "count" so that you all the up-liners can enjoy our hard-earned money? I am sure by now Caliber has no friends, shunned by relatives, still uses his Count pin just for his damanged EGO.

5:39 PM  

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