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Another Member Quits DCHL Lampe Berger (part 2)

Here's the 2nd part to the email. While I cannot say that all Lampe Berger members do business this way, but I think majority of them do. This is how network works. Uplines will teach downlines how to start getting more people in. And this blog is not owned by SYN or SGN.


Regarding the last post, actually I am not sure whether it's good to post that or not.I was very angry with them because they wanted to delay the payment for the 2nd time.Thank God I have received my refund (RM18k) after threatening them that I am going to report to DCHL and police if I don't get my money back ASAP.

In Islam also it is not good even it is a sin to hate each other.I don't mean to treat them as my enemy but they really made me mad. I think I have responsible to share my experience to others.I followed their activities non-stop about 2 months and understand enough their tactics.
I need to clarify why I said I have been cheated.

I went to the seminar in DCHL and the Marquis said invest 33k and if we refund within six month we can get back 90%.Actually a good MLM is one which is affordable by most people. (But of course you have to look also the other criteria.)And they also said that LB is a low risk business. But it is not. They did not tell me that the 33k will include about RM10k non-refundable product. I invested in really 'kelam kabut' situation because could not wait to get started. I was influenced by their friendly and supportive group and I really believed in my friend. They did say when we decide to invest 33k never look back but remember God has the power to change people's mind. In my case, I was too excited to get started and did not think that I would quit but when I felt something is wrong I had to make decision to quit.When invest, I asked my upline to choose the products for me, and did not expect the non-refundable products cost about RM10k.I told them that I wanted to try the anti-acerian but did not expect they will include up to 8 sets! They said that if I take anti-acarien less I have to pay more.Since I didn't want to pay more I just agreed without thinking the risk that I am going to face if I quit. I was too excited that I could not think carefully at that time. In the training they asked me to love the product and try them. And I tried lots of the products which cost about RM5k.Actually I was influenced by them which encouraged me to invest without thinking carefully. I have to admit that it was my fault not to think carefully.I assume this as my 'pengalaman hidup' and a lesson for me.

Why I quit?They maybe will tell people I quit because I gave up but actually just before I made decision to refund I managed to warm up 2 friends and I was very sure they will join but I quit before I bring them to the office. I quit because I felt uneasy with their activities and not sure whether the biz is 'halal' or not. I just can't imagine how my downlines will get mad at me if they are not able to get money from the biz which could break our friendship.So I'd better stop. I don't want to ruin my friendship with others.

Why I say it is not advisable for muslim to join LB?First-they teach people to lie. When we invest for count we will get rebate about RM2k and they taught me to tell people that the RM2k is my first income.Second- they encourage members to join the tea party usually at night about 9-10 pm. Where in Islam it is not good for women to hang out mixed with guys at night.At the tea party they will talk about the biz and show off that some of them have quited their job and make much money with LB to influence others who haven't joined.Third- There are other activities which I felt not comfortable with where they encourage the audience to scream, sing and dance to burn the 'semangat' in ourselves and to influence others.
Before joining them I searched the internet and found this blog and felt afraid to join LB, but since I believe in my friend I ignored this blog. When I told themabout this blog they said that they are failure people and don't follow them plus the blog owned by SYN not SGN.
People who are engrossed in the biz won't realize something is wrong in that biz because they are happy getting lots of money, but the ones who make decision to refundwill understand the deceptions in this business.

For those who are thinking to join, it's up to you to join or not, but make sure you think carefully and don't join to follow and believe your friend.Make sure you understand and read the company policy.The members will tell you that you are going to make lots of money if you join them but you have to work very hard. Imagine you come back from work, you are tired then you have to join their training @ tea party. When I joined their activities I usually went back home at about 11-12 midnight and the next day I have to wake up early and go to work again. Usually if I came back home late at night they next day I always got drowsy at office and neglect my job. Just imagine how tired I was. I also had to neglect my time with my baby. I went to work while my baby was still sleeping and when I came back from their activities my baby already slept. You also have to contact your friends just to give them clue that you are doing a good biz and hoping they will join you. I am just sharing my experience, it's up to you to join or not, if you think you will love their activities, pls proceed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u question yourself either this busness is halal or haram. just compare it with someone who hold the position of customer services and sales representative of any bank or company. money does not fall from the sky and what did u expect?? invest 33k and the money will fly back into ur bank account in double the amount while u are lying on the bed????
islam did not encourage us to do sumthing which is already known as a sin, but do we have our brain to use, to think that it is sin or not? if u work in a bank, do u know where does 'our' money goes when we save it in our account? YES! definitely it will be invested to build up another biggest casino in Asia like one we have at Genting Highland.
Life is simple, dont make it complicated. Islam said, u shud use the money which u gain with ur own efford. and that's all... use your way, by not cheating, and really use your efford to approach your customer... will it still be a 'haram' income for u? malay ppl is always short-sighted!!!! how sad...
steven yip, publish this or i assume u are a BIG COWARD!!!!!

9:49 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

great to have you back..

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should check tis
HK ban LB already

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sepertinya ada distributor Lampe Berger yang iseng menulis artikel di Wikipedia:
tapi sepertinya webmaster wikipedia tidak langsung percaya sebab dia (webmaster) bilang:

This article needs additional references or sources for verification.
Please help to improve this article by adding reliable references. Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed.
This article has been tagged since July 2007.
(lihat saja kalo sampai para agen2 DCHL tidak bisa memberikan bukti sejarah yang benar, artikel itu akan dihapus oleh webmaster wikipedia, sama webmaster wikipedia kok main-main).

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Islamic Law about MLM, Halal or Haram?

Hukum Syar'i MLM

Oleh: Syaikh Abu Usamah Salim bin Ied Al-Hilali*

Banyak pertanyaan seputar bisnis yang banyak diminati oleh khalayak ramai. Yang secara umum gambarannya adalah mengikuti program piramida dalam system pemasaran, dengan setiap anggota harus mencari anggota-anggota baru dan demikian terus selanjutnya. Setiap anggota membayar uang pada perusahaan dengan jumlah tertentu dengan iming-iming dapat bonus, semakin banyak anggota dan semakin banyak memasarkan produknya maka akan semakin banyak bonus yang dijanjikan.

Sebenarnya kebanyakan anggota Multi Level Marketing [MLM] ikut bergabung dengan perusahaan tersebut adalah karena adanya iming-iming bonus tersebut dengan harapan agar cepat kaya dengan waktu yang sesingkat mungkin dan bukan karena dia membutuhkan produknya. Bisnis model ini adalah perjudian murni, karena beberapa sebab berikut ini, yaitu:

[1] Sebenarnya anggota Multi Level Marketing [MLM] ini tidak menginginkan produknya, akan tetapi tujuan utama mereka adalah penghasilan dan kekayaan yang banyak lagi cepat yan akan diperoleh setiap anggota hanya dengan membayar sedikit uang.

[2] Harga produk yang dibeli sebenarnya tidak sampai 30% dari uang yang dibayarkan pada perusahaan Multi Level Marketing [MLM].

[3] Bahwa produk ini biasa dipindahkan oleh semua orang dengan biaya yang sangat ringan, dengan cara mengakses dari situs perusahaan Multi Level Marketing [MLM] ini di jaringan internet.

[4] Bahwa perusahaan meminta para anggotanya untuk memperbaharui keanggotaannya setiap tahun dengan diiming-imingi berbagai program baru yang akan diberikan kepada mereka.

[5] Tujuan perusahaan adalah membangun jaringan personil secara estafet dan berkesinambungan. Yang mana ini akan menguntungkan anggota yang berada pada level atas (Up Line) sedangkan level bawah (Down Line) selalu memberikan nilai point pada yang berada di level atas mereka.

Berdasarkan ini semua, maka system bisnis semacam ini tidak diragukan lagi keharamannya, karena beberapa sebab yaitu:

[1] Ini adalah penipuan dan manipulasi terhadap anggota;

[2] Produk Multi Level Marketing [MLM] ini bukanlah tujuan yang sebenarnya. Produk itu hanya bertujuan untuk mendapatkan izin dalam undang-undang dan hukum syar�i;

[3] Banyak dari kalangan pakar ekonomi dunia sampai pun orang-orang non muslim meyakini bahwa jaringan piramida ini adalah sebuah permainan dan penipuan, oleh karena itu mereka melarangnya karena bisa membahayakan perekonomian nasional baik bagi kalangan individu maupun bagi masyarakat umum;

Berdasarkan ini semua, tatkala kita mengetahui bahwa hukum syar'i didasarkan pada maksud dan hakekatnya serta bukan sekedar polesan lainnya. Maka perubahan nama sesuatu yang haram akan semakin menambah bahayanya karena hal ini berarti terjadi penipuan pada Allah dan RasulNya [1], oleh karena itu system bisnis semacam ini adalah haram dalam pandangan syar�i.

Kalau ada yang bertanya : �Bahwasanya bisnis ini bermanfaat bagi sebagian orang�. Jawabnya : �Adanya manfaat pada sebagian orang tidak bisa menghilangkan keharamannya, sebagaimana di firmankan oleh Allah Ta�ala.

Artinya : �Mereka bertanya kepadamu tentang khamr dan judi. Katakanlah: Pada hakekatnya itu terdapat dosa yang besar dan beberapa manfaat bagi manusia, tetapi dosa keduanya lebih besar dari manfaatnya� [Al-Baqarah: 219]

Tatkala bahaya dari khamr dan perjudian itu lebih banyak daripada menfaatnya, maka keduanya dengan sangat tegas diharamkan.

Kesimpulannya : Bisnis Multi Level Marketing [MLM] ini adalah alat untuk memancing orang-orang yang sedang mimpi di siang bolong menjadi jutawan. Bisnis ini adalah memakan harta manusia dengan cara yang bathil, juga merupakan bentuk spekulasi. Dan spekulasi adalah bentuk perjudian.
[Diterjemahkan dari situs]

*An Ulama' from Jordania, the student from Sheikh Nashiruddin Al Bani.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This post is for the muslims who wants to know whether this type of MLM is Halal or not. I take this from Fikrah Doktor Salam section from Harian Metro News Paper.

Q: SAYA dipelawa untuk menyertai aktiviti perniagaan pemasaran pelbagai peringkat atau multi level marketing (MLM) di sebuah syarikat dengan keuntungan yang dijanjikan berlipat kali ganda.

Justeru, saya ke syarikat berkenaan untuk melihat sendiri pelan pemasaran yang dijalankan itu. Hati saya tertarik tapi masih ragu-ragu sama ada perniagaan MLM itu halal atau tidak di sisi Islam.

Ini kerana sekiranya ada peserta di bawah saya atau downline, saya akan mendapat keuntungan yang dijanjikan itu, tetapi jika tiada, saya tidak akan mendapat apa-apa. Adilkah perniagaan seperti itu di sisi Islam?

Kuala Lumpur

A: PERNIAGAAN MLM seperti di atas bukan bertujuan untuk perniagaan (menjual barangan dan sebagainya) tetapi hanya mencari downline semata-mata tidak dibenarkan dalam Islam.

Ini kerana tujuan sebenarnya MLM adalah supaya barangan dapat dijual secara terus daripada pengusaha atau pengilang kepada pelanggan dengan harga yang murah kerana tidak membabitkan orang tengah (peruncit).

Mencari downline semata-mata hanya menguntungkan syarikat terbabit kerana mereka mendapat yuran keahlian dan seumpamanya. Anda dibayar apabila downline berkembang. Ia adalah sistem piramid (skim Pak Man Telo) yang menyalahi undang-undang dan bukan MLM yang sebenarnya.

Dr Abdul Salam Muhammad Shukri
Penolong Profesor Kulliyah Ilmu Wahyu dan Sains Kemanusiaan, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia

10:54 PM  
Blogger angelina said...


i would like to answer the 1st anonymous who leave a comment.

1) ur statement "either this busness is halal or haram. just compare it with someone who hold the position of customer services and sales representative of any bank or company"

my question?? can u differentiate business and employee??

2)ur statement "money does not fall from the sky and what did u expect?? invest 33k and the money will fly back into ur bank account in double the amount while u are lying on the bed????"

my question?? but when i joined the 'senior' told me that i can get double or triple.. are u trying to be defensive??.. hello 'junior' this statement is given by ur ' senior'. u can be need XXX no need XXXX bla bla bla(liar)?

3) ur statement "if u work in a bank, do u know where does 'our' money goes when we save it in our account? YES! definitely it will be invested to build up another biggest casino in Asia like one we have at Genting Highland."

my question?? for the other account yes i admit it might go to the wrong place.. but nowadays there is so many islamic product that ban offered which we know where have been they invested.

4)ur statement "malay ppl is always short-sighted!!!!"

my question?? who is the short-sighted??? who is greedy???.. who think that they can be a boss?? whoo??? who make people suffer?? who is a liar???

p/s:steven yip... 4 ur info this is the 1st blog i have comment~lol

2:57 AM  
Anonymous YMTg said...

Fucking anonymous at the first post. You are generalizing. Malay people are not short sighted but they are very soft hearted people who always trust their friends.

DCHL 'Lame Burger' my ass.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous angelina said...

where is the first anonymous has gone??? u r a 'beautiful liar'~~

where all the lampe berger collict gone???


9:55 PM  
Anonymous angelina said...

u r rite ymtg!!

he is generalizing plus they are trained to be like that~~

hey 1st anonymous how is your family day by the way???... i heard that you need to pay 100+ to go for your family day?...

if lampe berger is well establish company why u need to pay???.. family day is a day where the company pampered all their employee for the hardworking throughout the year and it's completely free... plus more and more lucky draw prizes and food~~

kenapala mata you all nie still tertutup..aduhhhh...

and as far as i know lampe berger is one of the company that have been warned by the government..
i think ur company will be the blacklisted later..

and plus u have make a lot of sin because make other people suffer!!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mohamad Salleh Sidek said...

Islam itu kompleks.jangan menyusahkan.Jangan memutarkan belitkan hukum hakam islam demi kepentingan dan keegoan anda.Islam fleksibel dalam apa jua keadaan sekiranya anda memahami.saya menyertai LB kerana ia menjelaskan produk dan sistem secara telus.Malah diakui oleh JAKIM.Anda siapa yang hendak kata biz ni halal atau haram.Jangan kerana anda gagal, anda mahu orang lain gagal seperti anda.Guna otak la.Belajor tak abis, cakap macam tahu akar umbi..Pigi dah

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi , eveybody. 2days back my university senior who never ctc for long time had ctc me and ask me to join him for our super senior wedding receiption. so, without thinking much i agreed and around 9 pm he fetch me. once i reach at our senior hse , i was little bit uneasy as there is no adults in the ceremony yet there was lots of malays in the party. i wonder why and though my senior must be very friendly person. but then later, i saw there is no bride in the ceremony. later on, my senior who brang me to the party explain to me that it was a business party. then when i ask what the business and so on, i was informed that it is not their practice to tell any business matter outside and ask me to go to their office.
meanwhile , my senior ask me to minggle around with all the people in the party. i was approched one by one of the main leader and start askin me when i'm going to joint the group. i felt they going too fast, and they start wash my brain.
meanwhile, my senior without asking my permission had book the seat for me to attend their meeting on sunday of the same week. as it happen too fast, i agreed. while chit chattting i had managed to get some info on what the group doing... but yet not clear.
on next day (saturday) i was not felling wel (fever) , so i msg my senior telling i'm not able to make it. my senior reply me by askin that i must make it to cum as he hv pay $130.00 for seat which he never informed for the first place. later on in the nite, he msg me that all the member was very shock that i not make to cum and all of them wish that i could cum. i fell little bit scary on the too much caring way that they show.
quickly i called up my frend to discuss with him on this. my frens had adviced ne accordingly , all negative, cons, scheme and so on as i dun hv much time to go search info on the internet.

the next mrg my senior called up to pick me for his meeting. i din pick up the called instead msg him and tell directly that i dun want to cum and i dun want to joint. i told my frends had tell me everything.
he replied me:
"up to you, wether you to listen to demotivated ppl or to ppl who want to see you suceed. one fine day you will find me bc".
i reply and explained to him nicely as i want to maintain relation as frends.

to everyone:
Either you believe me or not, why i dun like dchl:
first i fell they are pushing, tarik people by acting that they caring-their network, lie in many ways.

take time and think wisely before you make decision. thank you.

1:38 AM  
Blogger rina alias said...

islam agama yg mudah dan bersih.
cara kita mengendalikan bisnes kita yg akan menjadikan hasil pulangan itu HALAL atau HARAM.
terpulanglah kepada peniaga tersendiri.yang penting, kita mesti berusaha mencari rezeki yg halal dan paling penting! JGN MENIPU DOWNLINE ANDA dan jgn memberi janji2 yg tidak boleh anda tunaikan serta MESTI luangkan masa anda membantu downline.saya menyertai dchl under SGN dan saya setakat ini TIDAK PERNAH menjanjikan apa2 yg tidak boleh saya tunaikan seperti 'awak masuk ni awak mesti boleh kaya dengan senang,' atau 'awak join bisnes ni awak mesti bleh beli kreta besar'..saya selalu memberitahu orang downline saya bahawa, untuk senang, awak mesti berusaha dan tiada shortcut dalam biz ni.ikut sistem yg ada dan melabur setakat mana yg awak mampu sebab orang2 yg saya approach untuk menjadi downline saya adalah kawan2 saya sendiri.jadi, kenapa patut saya menipu dan ambil risiko persahabatan saya dan mereka?alhamdulillah,setakat ini orang downline saya tidak pernah menganggap saya menipu mereka dan mereka semakin berjaya.ingin saya tegaskan saya orang SGN bukan SYN.
saya tak tau bagaimana cara SYN menjalankan perniagaan DCHL ini.yang penting saya berusaha dan tidak menipu.maka, hasilnya insyaallah adalah HALAL.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ITS NOT EASY to make money in DCHL.
having said that im not about to bad mouth this business.i entered this biz with an open mind but full of warning signs buzzing in my, what if i cant make sales?and im very very wary of MLM businesses in the 1st be honest,im the kind of person who is quite shy,i dunno how to approach people,much less convince sumone to join a business with me.but, my team supported me and always encouraged me plus i went for training which helped.but to be honest, this MLM thing is sheer hard work and its not easy.i entered dchl for a full 2 months at first without approaching anyone and without making any sales.i started blaming my upline and even convinced myself that he's the culprit and the reason why im still with no sales.i nearly had a fight with him!its not that i didnt know what the risks were.i mean, i didnt enter this biz blindfolded anyway but most people, expected EASY MONEY which most of the time is non-existant unless you win some kind of lottery or competition.and thats like..1 in a million chance of happening to you right?so...
after 2 1/2 months of doing just that(goyang kaki n tangan) while not truly trying hard to make sales, i snapped out of it and decided i'll give it a try for another month and if i still cant make any sales, then i'll ask for a refund,.i even told my upline i started to really work at it.i spent some time after work calling friends,..establishing my social network and within a month, i got my first franchisee.and I DID IT ALL WIHOUT BEING UNETHICAL. i sorta tested myself on my ethics and principles and vowed not to lie or promise anything i cant give to my downline/prospect and see if i still can succeed in this. so, i never promised anything i couldnt give them and i never ask them to invest more than what they are willing to risk or afford..or even like some people say, brainwash(i hate people who do that so i figured,im not about to start doing it to other people).i even lend money to a couple of frens because they were very interested to join but dont have the money.i told them they can pay when they got their commision,.and they did!..heheh but most of all, my group support SGN is there to help me along the way. and that is why when a person enters an MLM business like DCHL, MAKE SURE YOUR SUPPORT GROUP IS GOOD!..if not, forget it.
anyways, i learned a few things along the way, i realize that if u want sumthing done then u gotta get up and do it urself.dont wait for sumone to work for doesnt fall from the sky.and even if it does,it doesnt neccessarily fall straight into your lap.i got more confident and less shy plus i got aquainted with my old chums even if they decided not to join.i go to more social gatherings now than before.not just to promote my biz but just to hang out with pals which is cool and fun.but to be honest and fair, MLM is not for everybody and to whoever dhcl members who are making dchl look bad by not being ethical and such...please STOP.i believe some are doing just that,because of all the complaints and this blog of me, u can make a living by being honest to your downlines/frens before they enter,.if they are not willing to enter after you explained to them that this biz needs hardworking people to succeed, then so be it.consider it a bonus to you because you dont want downlines who expects this is easy money anyways,WHY ? = because your sales wont 'berkembang maju' with people who doesnt work as hard as you do.right?rightt...... :D
TO STEVEN YIP,blog owner, i believe you do have a reason why u set up this blog, ur bro for instance, right?ok..but please remember, the reason you say this biz is unethical/wrong is the PEOPLE not the system and not the company.sorry if i upset you by saying this, but maybe ur bro was just like i was before i started to take action and be responsible for what was happening to myself.i hope u would publish my story here as i am giving you an honest and fair view on this and i hope that more poeple will be aware of what they are getting into when they think about entering MLMs.thanks.. :)
take care ya' all!

12:42 AM  
Anonymous milie said...

hi..i really want to get my 40k bck. This LB biz is really making my life miserable! What are the things/procedures to do to get the refund? Plz help.. :(

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid blog..everyone in this blog are losers, quiters..but never want to admit it...its crystal clear that they quit bcoz of themselves, a lot of excuses y they said this biz cant whose to blame? its not DCHL or SYN, but blame YOURSELF!!!

1:15 PM  
Anonymous PenyelamaT said...

kawan aku kat headquater nak suruh aku jdi gerentor dia.. nak wat loan konon... hampir terkeluar tali pusat perut aku bila die kate nak loan rm10k.. aku tau dia tu join LEMBU BuRGER tu, x spaipun 4 bulan lgi.. aku tngok lain mcm je.. punyalah kalut.. yarabbbi... tuhan je yg tau. akupun kompius smada di nak wat loan tu nak baya ah long ke atau nak tambah koleksi LB dia tu.. ada tak sesiapa disini bole kasi tau dia nak pe ngan duit rm10k tu..? nnti aku nak kasi brainwash kepala otak dia spai bekilat..

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Mohamad Salleh Sidek : ko biar betik????? jakim mne ko tanye? KOMPIDEN JE KO.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what economy values does DCHL lampe berger put into our society?

when you try to think and think again, you will notice that, there is no humanity inside this business, it is not working for the good well of society, but instead, it tries to bring society into greed.

make people amazed by their upline possessions, BMW, merz or etc

even if you are not cheating, but what "values" does DCHL bring to society?

2:39 PM  

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