Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To all SwissCash supporters...

I really don't want to write anything other than lampe berger...

But this comment at the post below got me reeling:

FOR the rest comment above and the Blogger IT SELF.-Steven YIP

You blog on March 2006 about dont invest on Swiss Cash, BUT TODAY I REPLY YOU ON 8 MAY 2007, do you see how much ppl already make? THE WHOLE PROGRAM COMPLETED as it said! If you will be 1 of the investor on March 2006, you already earning big buck! You already lost a CHANCE!
Swiss CASH already come out the second Program for ppl who dare to take risk and in return, profit. JUST CONTINUE TO WAIT AND SEE another program to COMPLETE in the day to come... continue to think negative LA!
For those welling to take the risk, when ever you want to make MONEY, there is a RISK, just depend weather you can will to lose it for said amount you going to invest, at the same time expect the profit you going ot get as well. NO BODY tell you to dump all your live saving in, NO BODY SAID once INVEST IN SWISSCASH you no need to work and become billionair, you still work, but you earn extra with can make you life more fun and enjoyment!
WHY your never think of putting money in local bank dont have risk? IT wont bankcrup? How SURE YOU ARE? bcos it back by goverment? then tell me WHY MFB BANCRUPT? PPl so stupid to 'INVEST' their SAVING in that bank? THINK!
YOU THOSE JUST continue to WAIT AND SEE, see ppl making money and you stand outside critisice, selfpity, thinking you are so smart, thinking WE swisscash investor going to get cheated, continue to to wait la, I go earn my-- FREE car, FREE phone, FREE dinner, FREE travel, FREE phone bill, FREE air con bill, FREE what ever I wish to achive!

See..this is the most stupidest comment I have ever got....

Bank negara malaysia already declare it's illegal. Swiss embassy already deny such institution.

If the officials have make the statements...why are you so boneheaded? still receive money...but think...use your brain...where does the money comes from?

you can read it here...
Bank Negara Malaysia:Warning on Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund

if anyone wants to support swisscash after this...please go to KLCC and jump off the building.