Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is MLM business Halal?

I got this from an anonymous comment.



This post is for the muslims who wants to know whether this type of MLM is Halal or not. I take this from Fikrah Doktor Salam section from Harian Metro News Paper.

Q: SAYA dipelawa untuk menyertai aktiviti perniagaan pemasaran pelbagai peringkat atau multi level marketing (MLM) di sebuah syarikat dengan keuntungan yang dijanjikan berlipat kali ganda.

Justeru, saya ke syarikat berkenaan untuk melihat sendiri pelan pemasaran yang dijalankan itu. Hati saya tertarik tapi masih ragu-ragu sama ada perniagaan MLM itu halal atau tidak di sisi Islam.

Ini kerana sekiranya ada peserta di bawah saya atau downline, saya akan mendapat keuntungan yang dijanjikan itu, tetapi jika tiada, saya tidak akan mendapat apa-apa. Adilkah perniagaan seperti itu di sisi Islam?

Kuala Lumpur

A: PERNIAGAAN MLM seperti di atas bukan bertujuan untuk perniagaan (menjual barangan dan sebagainya) tetapi hanya mencari downline semata-mata tidak dibenarkan dalam Islam.

Ini kerana tujuan sebenarnya MLM adalah supaya barangan dapat dijual secara terus daripada pengusaha atau pengilang kepada pelanggan dengan harga yang murah kerana tidak membabitkan orang tengah (peruncit).

Mencari downline semata-mata hanya menguntungkan syarikat terbabit kerana mereka mendapat yuran keahlian dan seumpamanya. Anda dibayar apabila downline berkembang. Ia adalah sistem piramid (skim Pak Man Telo) yang menyalahi undang-undang dan bukan MLM yang sebenarnya.

Dr Abdul Salam Muhammad Shukri
Penolong Profesor Kulliyah Ilmu Wahyu dan Sains Kemanusiaan, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia

This is my opinion. If there's non muslims who already studied the way MLM works and mention that there's something wrong with it, muslims would need to take heed on whether this is legal.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Another Member Quits DCHL Lampe Berger (part 2)

Here's the 2nd part to the email. While I cannot say that all Lampe Berger members do business this way, but I think majority of them do. This is how network works. Uplines will teach downlines how to start getting more people in. And this blog is not owned by SYN or SGN.


Regarding the last post, actually I am not sure whether it's good to post that or not.I was very angry with them because they wanted to delay the payment for the 2nd time.Thank God I have received my refund (RM18k) after threatening them that I am going to report to DCHL and police if I don't get my money back ASAP.

In Islam also it is not good even it is a sin to hate each other.I don't mean to treat them as my enemy but they really made me mad. I think I have responsible to share my experience to others.I followed their activities non-stop about 2 months and understand enough their tactics.
I need to clarify why I said I have been cheated.

I went to the seminar in DCHL and the Marquis said invest 33k and if we refund within six month we can get back 90%.Actually a good MLM is one which is affordable by most people. (But of course you have to look also the other criteria.)And they also said that LB is a low risk business. But it is not. They did not tell me that the 33k will include about RM10k non-refundable product. I invested in really 'kelam kabut' situation because could not wait to get started. I was influenced by their friendly and supportive group and I really believed in my friend. They did say when we decide to invest 33k never look back but remember God has the power to change people's mind. In my case, I was too excited to get started and did not think that I would quit but when I felt something is wrong I had to make decision to quit.When invest, I asked my upline to choose the products for me, and did not expect the non-refundable products cost about RM10k.I told them that I wanted to try the anti-acerian but did not expect they will include up to 8 sets! They said that if I take anti-acarien less I have to pay more.Since I didn't want to pay more I just agreed without thinking the risk that I am going to face if I quit. I was too excited that I could not think carefully at that time. In the training they asked me to love the product and try them. And I tried lots of the products which cost about RM5k.Actually I was influenced by them which encouraged me to invest without thinking carefully. I have to admit that it was my fault not to think carefully.I assume this as my 'pengalaman hidup' and a lesson for me.

Why I quit?They maybe will tell people I quit because I gave up but actually just before I made decision to refund I managed to warm up 2 friends and I was very sure they will join but I quit before I bring them to the office. I quit because I felt uneasy with their activities and not sure whether the biz is 'halal' or not. I just can't imagine how my downlines will get mad at me if they are not able to get money from the biz which could break our friendship.So I'd better stop. I don't want to ruin my friendship with others.

Why I say it is not advisable for muslim to join LB?First-they teach people to lie. When we invest for count we will get rebate about RM2k and they taught me to tell people that the RM2k is my first income.Second- they encourage members to join the tea party usually at night about 9-10 pm. Where in Islam it is not good for women to hang out mixed with guys at night.At the tea party they will talk about the biz and show off that some of them have quited their job and make much money with LB to influence others who haven't joined.Third- There are other activities which I felt not comfortable with where they encourage the audience to scream, sing and dance to burn the 'semangat' in ourselves and to influence others.
Before joining them I searched the internet and found this blog and felt afraid to join LB, but since I believe in my friend I ignored this blog. When I told themabout this blog they said that they are failure people and don't follow them plus the blog owned by SYN not SGN.
People who are engrossed in the biz won't realize something is wrong in that biz because they are happy getting lots of money, but the ones who make decision to refundwill understand the deceptions in this business.

For those who are thinking to join, it's up to you to join or not, but make sure you think carefully and don't join to follow and believe your friend.Make sure you understand and read the company policy.The members will tell you that you are going to make lots of money if you join them but you have to work very hard. Imagine you come back from work, you are tired then you have to join their training @ tea party. When I joined their activities I usually went back home at about 11-12 midnight and the next day I have to wake up early and go to work again. Usually if I came back home late at night they next day I always got drowsy at office and neglect my job. Just imagine how tired I was. I also had to neglect my time with my baby. I went to work while my baby was still sleeping and when I came back from their activities my baby already slept. You also have to contact your friends just to give them clue that you are doing a good biz and hoping they will join you. I am just sharing my experience, it's up to you to join or not, if you think you will love their activities, pls proceed.

DCHL lampe berger business still growing

Based on my sources, this DCHL is still enjoying good growth. Currently I am not actively updating this blog. I know, a blog can only reach those who have online access. There's a majority who still don't have internet access. Their main source of news are the mainstream newspapers, where most of the stuff are filtered before published.

While feeling a bit sadden that this business is still attracting people, I have to face the fact that this is not a perfect world, where everyone thinks the same. Some like short cuts. Some like to analyze first. No one has perfect knowledge of something beforehand.

So lampe berger guys, you still can party on, but money don't fall from the sky. And no business can sustain itself on deception.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Member Quits DCHL Lampe Berger

Hey Steven!

I am Liya. A malay, Muslim who has been cheated and annoyed by my 'good friend'.

Are you updating your antiLB blog?
Pls keep it up.
I am one of the member and will lost half of RM33k. I hope I can get back the half by this month.
I havent got the money yet, I gave them chance but now they are asking me to give them chance again.
They said they want to buy my account to help me not to 'rugi' so much, but I know they afraid they will lost PV if they refund my products. My upline is a Marquis challenger and I know she really needs the PV.
They cant give me the money before I go back to Malaysia to change the account name.
FYI, I am in Japan now.
My goodness I dont know what to say.
They were my good friends.
For your info, I was in another group, not SYN.
You know about it right?

To those who are active in LB and read this msg, from my experience LB is a SCAM.
SYN or Steady Global Network , sama saja..boleh blah and penipu. Selffish!!
I did not refund because I couldnt get any dlines, I could have if I want but I made decision to refund
before my friends join me..I could smell something wrong with the biz, I believe it is not a halal biz for muslims.

I will tell you the whole story when I have time. Pls publish this.