Sunday, December 24, 2006

Goodbye DCHL Lampe Berger

I received this comment on the blog, which I would like to highlight.


Hi Steven!

I've been looking for this sort of website for a long time....cldn't find one earlier in google & so was influenced to join LB & by then i had already pumped in the RM2345.00 & the RM30k.....wished yr website was easier located earlier.

anyway, the good news is i got my 90% refund before the 6 months lapsed & actually lost RM7k in the process.

U r right.......this program is a cult brainwashing machine.........i've been to their NDOs at posh hotels (paid RM100 for that ~ sheesh, come to think of it, what a rip off), seen so many immature kids flashing their "borrowed" Mercs, Beemers,etc..with their stupid suits.....after reading posts in yr website & reading those LB supporters in their harsh, immature, skimpy kindergarten language...its all becoming to unravel.....the true colors of LBers.

People, trust me, i was an LBer before, attended many NDOs & paid the RM30k & lost RM7k in the process.....believe me, this whole SYN & LB thing is such an elusive scam, u wldn't realise this until its too late.

If what u say is true abt them now targetting our muslim friends, then i hope the authorities will finally clamp down on this program.

BTW, Steven, another reason i love yr website is i am a BIG fan of that "Frederick", he shld really apply for a job at Comedy Central or The Tonight show with Jay Leno. whenever i need some cheering up, i know where to go now.......Frederick's at Steven Yip's website!


Fake things never last. No matter how much you want to fake your wealth, it will just impress momentarily. But deep inside, Lampe Berger members know this. But why do they keep on faking it?

It's human nature to boost more than they have, but you know it's not going to last. Real wealth in fact, is not so easy to get. You need real entrepreneurs for this kind of task.

Talking about real wealth, I will leave something to ponder.

How we think about wealth.

It's sometimes pretty interesting, to note how far people would go chasing wealth. They tend to think, XYZ company is worth 1 billion dollars, that "man" is worth 0.5 billion. But if you think deeper, ... does it really matter?

Yes, Lim Goh Tong might have his millions, and we don't even have 1 million ourselves (I mean majority of us...maybe some millionaire who is reading this blog will think otherwise).

Money is God in our society, so much that chasing wealth has pretty much preoccupy lots of people's time.

But there's one more thing that people tend to forget when conjuring up the meaning of wealth. For example, how about the fresh air to breath, nice tropical rain forest that we can enjoy in Malaysia, and a nice existing roof on top of our heads. Or how about the current peace we are enjoying, where we don't need to put up with war.

If we were to put a monetary value to all these "free" luxuries, I reckoned, it would be in the millions or billions. Only that, we can't really count them, because we don't know where to start counting.

Yes, we need to work and the same time accumulate wealth, but don't forget the things we already have, which is worth much more...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006, another scam?

A guy named Kev has sent me this info. It definitely smells like swisscash.

A check with

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Skynet New Media Inc.
Kent Fanuzzi (
Fax: none
4316 Village Center Court
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2

Administrative Contact:

Chris Lim (
3665 Arista Way
Mississauga, ON L5A 4A3

Technical Contact:
Skynet New Media Inc.
Kent Fanuzzi (
Fax: none
4316 Village Center Court
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 06 Nov 2006 18:34:23
Expiration date: 06 Nov 2011 18:34:23


And interestingly, the server is in Hong Kong (

IP Address Country (Short) Country (Full) Flag Region City ISP Map KONGHONG KONG (SAR)HONG KONGSUN GROUP (HONG KONG) LIMITED

They do have referral system in place, to help them get more people in. By getting more people in, the fund size will grow, and they will pay up the initial guys who joined in, thus making it like real. Just like ponzi scam.

So guys, don't fall for this trap. You have been warned. Tell your friends about it.

We don't want another swissCash to happen.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Lame Lampe Berger Threat

Nothing much to update, but I got an interesting email from

Dear steven,

wld u like to take back e word....??? no point u blame to LB... and the most
important thing u better look into urself 1st before u blame other
people.... maybe u smart or maybe u fool... but when i logged into blog... m
so sad... coz of y??? becoz in this world still have people like u...
everytime u blame us...wut u get...??? just tired and bored.... but to us...
more u blamed and more we can reqruit other people... take ur mirror and
look at ur face or urself... wut u see....??? scorpluses sentiment
person.... take half photo... Y??? u scared...??? but i know u and watch
out... we just meet last week and having drink with some our friend... go
now... and find ur places were we can put your casket....

c yaa...!!!
Yea, good thing, they even provided a casket...not bad.

Business for Lampe Berger (malaysia), is kind of slow these days. But still there's people joininig, which means they are not out of business yet. In fact, they are celebrating their 5th bloody anniversary.

It's bloody because, their money is the result of family conflicts, friends breaking up, and higher personal debt to fund a dream of lies.

What's funny is they treat this as a business, which is not really. It's a system, and this system won't last. There's only a finite number of people in Malaysia, which are divided into 2 groups. One, who doesn't buy the idea, and another is the one who buys it.

But even from the group who buys the idea that DCHL Lampe Berger can make them lots of money, there's still those who can't afford it.

It's no wonder why they play with physchology and emotional high, to make you feel better once you become a member. So high is the attachment of member to his goals, that he's willing to do anything to grab the higher ranking. He's willing to borrow money, either it's banks or friends, parents, with the hope, it all ends well. But at the end of the road, who do you blame when you can't make the million dollar dream? Yourself.

It's all part of the package of selling you...a dream of lies.