Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Compilation of LB News

John Lim sent me this PDF document that has all the LB news articles. It's very comprehensive but only in chinese.

So, please do our Malaysian society a big favor, and spam everyone this attachment.

Even spam to your friends who are already into Lampe Berger business in hope that they will know they are conned too.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Petition Against DCHL Lampe Berger

DCHL Lampe Berger is a pyramid scheme that is operated in several countries in Asia. But we have seen how this business destroys our famillies, our loved ones, and made us poorer.

We want this business to be investigated by authorities, and to take full action.

If you are against this business, please leave a comment below, with your name, and country, to vote against it.

Please tell others about this site too, so we can gather a list of names against it.

Use this link when forwarding to others.
Petition Link

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sin Chew Daily: REQUEST RM30K for joining a pyramid based MLM company makes a mother worry

We have another exposure on this DCHL business in Sin Chew Daily (24 may 2006). Although the article did not mention the company, but we could all guess, it's no other than the Lampe Berger business by Steven Yeam Network.


Translated by Bernard
From the link above I can briefly transalate here:

(Ipoh) A son has been brainwash by a pyramid scheme MLM based company.Ask his mom to take out RM30K for investment.Due to the family financial issue,his mom suspect his son and don't borrow the amount for his son.Finally his son turn in "psycho" and make his mom worries.

Later this lady,Mrs Lee has been to Sin Chew office.Saying that his son currently studying in a University in KL.At the same time,he join as a member in a MLM company in KL too.On April,his son come back to hometown to look fo his mom and told her that he need to join this MLM on May.

Joining MLM needs RM2500

According to Mrs Lee,this company has no problem but the joining fee is RM2500.It requires to recruit some ppl and u r entitle to get 20% commision.

She said that his son need RM2500 to join,but she and her husband is income is low and unable to have extra money to support his son.Finally his son borrow from his friends and pay the "joining fee"

Ask mom to sell off the house

Recently,his son ask Mrs Lee for RM30K and suggest her to sell off her house.Mrs Lee did not agree with his son.In order to make his mom CONvinced by him,he bring his mom to the seminar.

"I found out in this company,most of them are teenagers around the age 18-20++. Some are just graduate or just new employed.Even that, they are some college or university students as well.They CONvinced these ppl by saying that If u r working or doing investment in traditional business,you won't be rich.But If you join here,you are able to drive luxury cars." says Mrs Lee

She says her son already pay RM2500 to join as member and unable to recruit somebody and yet her son ask for another RM30K.This make her felt suspicious about this MLM company.Furthermore,she and her husband unable to take out RM2500 for his son and yet need RM30K.His son ask her to sell off the house.Due to her suspicous thinking,she did not agree on it.

Been brainwash and become a Psychotic person

She says that her son told her that joining this MLM company can earn BIG MONEY,drive LUXURY CAR.And he says that this company helps ppl to earn BIG MONEY and become PROSPER! But she afraid that his son is been used by someone.

She sadly says that her son is been brainwash,and what ever she says won't make him awake.Her son always says that she didn't support him at all.And says that the RM30K must be paid on MAY.Or else there will be increased more than RM30K.Because of that RM30K,he turn into a psychotic person and makes her worry about her son will commit suicide.

Worry her son will commit suicide

Her son just bought 2 bottle of "Mouth Rinse Water" (Listerine),and she says that her son never have the habit of using the "Mouth Rinse Water".Because of her worries,she can't sleep every night because of looking for her son.

She try to make a police report but there was no evidence.All she hopes that her son will realise 1 day and look for a proper job.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Up Beyond All Recognition.

no post1

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mountain of Stock

Recently, there's a post by a member of the Lowyat forum, who took a picture of his house, full with Lampe Berger unsold stock. But this guy is not into LB, his housemates are.

Can't sell your stock is really a headache, because you can't get back what you invested.

But still believing in this dreams of getting rich and driving a nice car, that is even sadder.

This scenario is basically front loading, where DCHL pushes a huge pile of stock to the brainwashed LB member, who thinks he can make it. It happens in other MLMs too.

Now, if the MLM companies has been less greedy, they would have just given commission on sold stock only. So, the distributor could return back the unsold stock, and he does not lose his shirt.

But why DCHL wouldn't want to practise this?

Just because they make more profit pushing a high quantity of stocks. And for the network itself, it's not that attractive. You don't have people joining in as Counts, so you don't earn that much too.

So, LB members who invested Count, it's very obvious you have been cheated big time. My advise, quit this business, get your refunds, and get a real job.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

EB Men Club's Ferrari


Guys love cars. This is a fact.

So, it's no wonder, my brother who joined, blurted out he wanted to get a Skyline GTR, and there's many other LBs who got themselves BMW.

But the pinacle of success is always a ferrari. So, we got DCHL lampe berger dangling a Ferrari model ( i think it's the 360 Modena) at their Gala Dinner 2005.

But what's the point of showing this impossible dream? The only guy who's going to drive Ferrari is not the downlines, it's the arch dukes, and dukes. It's the endless (this will stop someday) chain of recruitment that gives money to those up there, to afford luxuries.
And of course, it's the business owners of DCHL and RZ corporation.

It's all to dangle a carrot in front of the mule. So the mule would move because it sees something real and physically rewarding.

A Ferrari.

Friday, May 19, 2006

4 Level Chain


I got this email forwarded by a friend.

Another ponzi scam...be alert malaysians...This is basically a chain letter, where you forward the letter to others, in hoping they would join the game.

Now in Malaysia..

Glad to announce the pre-launch of FourLevelChain site!


For just $10 to start with, you will be entered into FourLevelChain matrix and will receive unlimited income in the multiple of $10 whenever your account is filled up only four levels each time.

You will receive referrals as everyone enters the matrix through your referral links. Whenever you complete one cycle through one referral at FourLevelChain, you will receive $10 in your e-gold. If you have 10 referrals and each refers 10 new members, and your income can easily in the multiply of $10, i.e. $10,000 or even more !!!

What about other cycles of the accounts that you have? You may have more than one account to generate more income from this $10 miracle, and every referral link can enter as many new members as it can to filled up the matrix and grow unlimited money in your e-gold account again and again!

We are all going for the big money, and this is accomplished by filling only 4 levels at FourLevelChain! Isn't it worth $10 a start to finally be successful and make some big cash? Remember, the program will not stop once it is started, and our members are all making money. Everyone deserves that, and FourLevelChain is making it happen


Free setup account:

Buy/Sell E-Gold - www.securegold.com.my (100% secure & fast payment)
Free Setup E-Gold Account . www.e-gold.com


Join and pay $10 egold to the top person, then start referring and see your name rolling up to Level 3 immediately, your direct downlines will do the same thing as you do, when they refer. Your username will go up to Level 2 when a member referred by your direct downline joins in. So you've already come near to the top and there's only one more level to reach Level 1. Once you're in Level 1, you will receive $10 gift! It can be even more, in $10 multiplying of $100, $1000, $10000, $100,000 or unlimited! It means you'll get a bigger profit in less time !!!

Lets make an example by counting on 20, 15, 10 & 5 referrals :-

What is the Member volumn chart :-

Once you've joined, you will see your chart is 0,0 & 0

Level 3 = 0
Level 2 = 0
Level 1 = 0

If you refered 20 sign-up & paid $10 egold to the top person your chat will be like this :-

Level 3 = 20 ( means that 20 referral link appear your name in Level 3 )
Level 2 = 0
Level 1 = 0

If each of this 20 downlines refer 15 persons, your chart will look like :-

Level 3 = 20
Level 2 = 300 (means that 300 referral link appear your name in Level 2)
Level 1 = 0

Once each of this 300 down-downlines refer 10 persons, you will start making money from there :-

Level 3 = 20
Level 2 = 300
Level 1 = 3,000 (3,000 referral link appear your name in Level 1)

If each of this 3,000 members refer ONE MEMBER, you will making $30,000 egolds, WHAT if each members refer 5 members ??

Then it will be 3,000 x 5 = 15,000
then 15,000 x $10 = $ 150,000 egold
will be in your egold account.

Now my Own chart is :-

Level 3 = 37
Level 2 = 41
Level 1 = 7

I am already triples in profits, i think very soon i may earn hundreds or thousands and i will post my egold history very very soon, hope you understand the entire program.

Hong Kong TVB on Lampe Berger

Here is the link to the famous TVB exposure on claims of Lampe Berger product's effectiveness.

Unfortunately it's in Cantonese only.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ex LB member's Email

I got a few emails from Lawrence, who is an ex LB member. We already got a few ex LB members voicing out the true face of SYN. Their voices speaks volumes of what we could not see from outside.

Of course for the ones inside, such ex Lampe Berger member are considered failures.
But for me, and those who despise SYN so much, they are enlightened to see the truth.


Just call me Lawrence. I was an ex member of LB and I knew the inside out of the filthiness of the "business". After the "failure", I can learn a lot about MLM and the cunningness of the money minded people.

All I can say is those people in LB, they know what they're doing. They just WON'T admit their insidious "marketing plan". They like to digress from points and make excellent anecdotal success stories without considering the long term effect of LB Marketing Plan! It's useless to talk to them.

I've worked out calculation of the percentage of how many of those who would make money and those who won't and the figure is very surprising. Only 4% will make money and 96% of those will lose money!

When Steven Yeam made a speech in an NDO that he could make another millionaire like him; he just made a BS statement. Let's say those who make money (4%) are millionaires (which are absolutely not, but for the purpose of rough calculation we make it simple), that means Malaysia must have 25 million people and all of them do MLM. This is utter absurdity.

If you want to know how to derive such percentage, just ask me. It's a bit difficult to explain from here as I need to draw the plan out. It's just a simple calculation. You just need to know LB marketing plan and think a bit further.

So my point is just let them what they do; while you can still warn the "I don't know anything" minded youngsters. Save your breath. The truth will soon reveal itself. Life has its own destiny that's been revealed in The Book of Revelation. The only way for eternal life is through God. They will face their own judgment. I am praying for them.


Next email

I was a Count, just like your brother.

Then I will tell this one fact, just pass it on to your brother. Even as a Franchisee, getting 3 generation downlines (5x5x5 = 125 men), he will get 30k! A Count with 3 generation downlines will get 60k; hence with your "investment", your profit will be also 30k! The ONLY main difference is that as a Franchisee, to get the second generation bonus, he will have 2 direct downlines (of the first generation) and to get the third generation bonus, he will have, well, 3 direct downlines (of the first generation). He bought the "privilege" of that with just with extra 27k!

With the 2 positions, same profit, and considering the fact of risks, which one you will take? Of course everyone will want to put 2k and get 30k back. He didn't realize how much your father work hard for the 27k! Obviously your brother is a young man and is not a businessman. Just like everyone, he's "brainwashed". The fact that no one in LB tell him such fact is because they want him to invest in a Count to promote them faster. Remind himself he's in the middle of money-minded people.

One more point: He is motivated that those who quit, will fail and those who don't will not. What I can tell you is they have flowery vocabularies stored in them with their so-called "motivational speech". The motivational words are true in general sense, but not in the MLM concept. Just think about it. And NONE of the meetings actually mentions of the fact that 96% those in LB "business" will LOSE money. This is mathematical fact and unless you can prove me wrong, the figure is right! I've calculated down to 10 generations (which is too little). The more generations you calculate, the closer the number is to 96%!

P.S. Those LB and high-ranked know what things they're doing. They just wont care. They promise you great stuff and leave those "below" suffer just for their own wealth. In China, MLM is banned. Ask himself why, but not in Malaysia? Myself, suffering a great deal of money, decided to quit and bear the consequence myself. I feel better to live and work hard, than have to cheat people out of their own pocket.

Hope your brother can understand =)

Next email

No I didn't have a downline after 5 months. This wasn't the reason I quit. It's because LB cheats people. If you find almost all of the lamps (especially Signature Lamp) online, the price is THREE times lower than those in LB. Why? Simply because it's an MLM and they wanna get money.

The most expensive lamp in DCHL Headquarter is Violoncelle (code number 5621) priced at RM80,000 (as I can remember). If you find it online (as in http://www.lampeberger.com/product_line.aspx?category=-50054&parent=-50020), it's priced at $7,475.00, or around RM 26,700!!
What happen to RM50,000 ???

All other websites are the same (they bear the name LampeBerger, so they sure are not fake), they are priced mostly at around the same price.

I overheard someone saying he wanna be rich and buy the most expensive lamp at RM 80,000. Little did he know the reality of the fact is LB was and is cheating. So funny how these people who act like businessmen, know nothing about business and the market price.

Try to compare the lamps in LB here (from your brother's Price List) with those on the net. The way you compare it through code number, it's easier. You'll be surprised at the comparison! It just takes you 15 minutes of fun.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lampe Berger French National Treasure?


LB members always like to brag on 100 year old history of Lampe Berger products. But it seems more like Malaysian national treasure, as the google searches trends here shows.

This graph shows the search volume throughout 2 and a half years. Funny thing is Malaysia tops the region that searches for Lampe Berger.

So what's making Lampe Berger ultra hot here? It must be DCHL Lampe Berger and Steven Yeams Network.

And some commentators have mentioned, Lampe Berger is hardly known in France.

100 years history in France? Don't believe it with some salt.

Swiss Cash Pyramid Scam

This is serious to warrant attention.


Warning: Do not invest in this scam. It's worst than Lampe Berger. There's no products involved.

There's no such thing as 10% monthly returns and more.

Please tell your friends, or close contacts on this.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bank Negara: Stay away from scheme

Bank Negara: Stay away from scheme (The Star 14 May 2006)

PETALING JAYA: Bank Negara has reminded the public not to be
involved in any "get rich quick" scheme to avoid losing their
hard-earned money.

In a statement, Bank Negara said it was investigating G-Gold Gallery Sdn Bhd
and its related companies suspected of conducting illegal deposit taking and
money laundering activities.

Both these are offences under subsection 25(1) of the Banking and Financial Institution
Act 1989 (BAFIA) and sub section 4(1) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2001 (AMLA) respectively.

The raids, which were jointly conducted with the police, took place in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh
following complaints received from the public.


Malaysians are probably the most easiest group of people duped into get rich quick schemes.
Now, we have SwissCash and gold related investment.

And when Studio Traffic closed down, majority on the forum boards are Malaysians. They lost thousands of USD money.

Please do other Malaysians a favor, and get rid of all these schemes. Money is not so easy to be earned.

Get rich fast, yes for a few. Not for all. Same thing applies to Lampe Berger DCHL business.
You are only going to get 30k poorer.

The lamp can't sell itself.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crackdown on pyramid selling

Watch out today's The Star news...crackdown by chinese government against pyramid schemes.
(May 11th 2006)

Crackdown on pyramid selling

Chinese authorities have uncovered more than 1 billian yuan (RM 469 million) of illegal pyramid sales in the last 12 months, it was revealed yesterday.

Figures disclosed by the Ministry of Public Security showed that 516 cases have been uncovered involving 1,147 direct selling organisations. A total of 3,408 suspects were arrested.

Gao Feng, deputy director of the Economic Crime Investigation Bureau of the ministry, said that pyrammid selling had become "a serious economic crime in China."

He added that ther had been a resurgence of the illegal activity despite the lifting of the ban on direct sales last December.

"The increase in online pyramid selling has made our task more difficult. Some criminals even use internet based servers overseas," he said.

He warned that special attention would be paid to pyramid selling on university campuses,

Direct selling is the marketing of products to consumers face-to-face, away from fixed retail locations. It is permitted in some countries with certain legal restrictions to guarantee consumer interests.

China issued a blanket ban on all varieties of direct and pyramid seling in 1998 due to widespread pyramid schemes. During the ban, door-to-door sellers were restricted to selling in retail stores.

However, the State Council issued a regulation late last year to distinguish direct selling from pyramid selling, which opened the door to legitimate direct selling companies.

The only company to have acquired a license was Avon China in February.

A pyramid sales organisation requires every member to fork out a non-refundable registration fee, and then they have to coax other people to join the multi-level network and earn commission based on the number of new members they entice.

The biggest case was based in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which involved more than 380,000 people from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. - China Daily/Asia News Network

There goes your China market, DCHL lampe berger members...We have to applaud China's harsh actions against this schemes.

So, when is Malaysian government going to investigate RZ Corporation?

Monday, May 08, 2006

DCHL 2005 annual's dinner

Checkout DCHL 2005 annual's dinner. Quite impressive. I digged this one from


The DCHL Gala Dinner & Dance took place on the 18th December 2005 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The convention center was filled with more than 4000 people all dressed in their best. Men came in fine suits while the ladies elegantly adored evening gowns. VVIPs present at that night were DCHL’s Chairman Mr. Kim Huynh and spouse Ms. Mary Lim, SEA GM Mr. Anthony Chen and spouse Ms. Sally Huang, Malaysia’s Country Manager Mr. Sean Lim, Taiwan’s General Manager Mr. C.K. Tu, Hong Kong’s & Macau’s Country Manager Mr. Alan Lau, Japan’s Country Manager Mr. Philip Ho and Hong Kong’s Arch Duke Mr. Steven Yeam. Besides Malaysia’s and Singapore’s business partners, there was also support from business partners from other Asia offices. It was an atmosphere full of excitement.

Chairman Kim and Arch Duke Steven mentioned in their speech about the company’s latest development and the future of direct selling. It enlightened the audiences on the greater things to expect in 2006. The new achievers were also applauded when they took their trophy on stage. Due to the overwhelming amount of achievers, the Marquis Achiever category had to be presented in a batch of 4 groups in this year’s dinner & dance. The itinerary of the dinner and dance was also full of surprises and it kept the crowd entertained. Besides the Miss Estebel Ambassador crowning, the Duke Performance was also a hit with the audiences. They managed to portray the general challenges faced by independent distributors. The special guest performer that night was Malaysia’s very own Nicholas Teoh. Nicholas belted out his hits songs in a half hour performance.

The Lucky Draw at the end of the event was the climax of the night. The intensity grew higher and the crowd was highly excited. Arch Duke Steven Yeam was in a generous mood and instantaneously added in two sets of RM10,000.00 cash as prizes. Everyone in the hall that night was also eyeing for the 1st prize BMW 320i valued at RM280,000.00. A lucky number based on the dinner & dance entry ticket was randomly picked by Chairman Kim. The person holding that number would be given 5 car keys to choose from. It was not until the second number picked and the lucky Ms. Liew Cheen Wan managed to find the right key to the car. She went home that night with a BMW 320i. Once again it proved to be a wonderful event. DCHL believes that the year 2006 will set off to a good start and hopes that it will continue to grow and succeed with its business partners.


DCHL could give away BMW 320i as a lucky draw? My friend from Public Bank, said, they only give away some TVs for theirs. The last company I worked at, also gave out electrical appliances for their annual dinner.

Not bad for a company(DCHL) with over 100 million annual revenue.

And Steven Yeam is more than generous, by giving away 10k of his own pocket money. But wait a minute, if every single DCHL member over there is under him (SYN), it's just a third of a Count member. Generous huh?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The MCA Connection - Winnie Lim

Name: Winnie Lim
Age / Gender: 42
Upline Duke: Arch Duke Steven Yeam
Upline Marquis: Arch Duke Steven Yeam
Current Position: Duke
Place of Birth: Kedah, Malaysia
Previous Profession / Business / Jobs: Business Woman
Why LB? This is an International Network Marketing Business. Coming from a traditional business background environment, there is no doubt this is a very smart industry offering infinite market potential and sustainability.
How have you benefited from LB ? I used to have a very sensitive nose. After using the product, I became confident in the product and business. I joined the business to create my second success story !


(From right) Winnie Lim, Yeam, Lee and Montfort board of directors chairman Tan Sri Clifford F. Herbert are all smiles at the mock cheque presentation

And here she is, under DCHL web site:


Infinite market potential? Does that make perfect business sense? It does not. Resources on earth are finite. Our oil reserves are finite (peak oil is here to come). So how could this business potential be infinite?

Oh yea, the population of malaysia is finite too.

Since this business is mostly recruiting, and malaysia's population is finite (the world is too), there's not much facts backing up it's infinite. Sooner or later, the market will be saturated. But she's lucky, she must be the first few pioneers.

About her nose problem, and creating a success story? A doctor should do the job. Not Lampe Berger.

Winnie Lim is under Wanite MCA, and as the pictures and related sites show, Steven Yeam is making use of the connection to publish some good charity work.

Well, at least Steven Yeam is giving back some money to the society.

But how much percentage is that from his earnings in DCHL?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hong Kong TVB on Lampe Berger

Here is the link to the famous TVB exposure on claims of Lampe Berger product's effectiveness.

Unfortunately it's in Cantonese only.