Monday, November 13, 2006

What is Lampe Berger, Actually?

I got another email about Lampe Berger. You can actually summarize this is what is all about the business scam.

It's a product disguised pyramid scheme. The product is to legitimise it. But the whole getting people to sign up (who has to pay up high fees), so the upline can earn part of it. And the company earns also. And from this never ending has to end somehow....the bottom are the losers.

Why, are some people so easy to be cheated?

Greed, and not street smart.

Dear Steven,
Just yesterday I met an old friend and he took me out for a drink, he started talking about how only money matters and that it's no point having a job you are passionate about. He talked a lot too. He was never like that, he had a strong passion for animation and even attended animation college. He was always quiet and kind. But now he really talked up a storm and when I said he has changed from his timid self, he said that is life and you have to change to survive.
He took me to SYN and some guy called stanly there gave me the sales pitch. It took almost 4 hours and after that they went out for tea again and so I was with them for a total of 7 hours. He said the same things my friend said to me and that is when i figured out who brainwashed him. After getting back home and thinking clearly about everything they said, after filtering out all the fancy words and propositions like "It's a franchise", "RM2500 is a small price to pay for a license", "You are buying our system", "We are not a direct sales company", I understood exactly what this company does. It's basicly a recruitment pyramid scheme that would be illegal if they did not give you anything for the $2500 you pay to sign up with. They say they are selling a franchise, a system to help you do buisness and set up a network. But their system is nothing more then the knowledge of how to recruit more people with a shady sales pitch. They spend all their time talking to each other about how to do buisiness when in reality there is no buisiness to do. They do not get income from the public as they do not sell anything, they do not realize that they are the prey and their so-called leader Steven Yeam is the hunter. They say by signing up you get the E-Card which is a license and you can buy Lamp Bergers at distributor prices but there is no point in doing that as they have also mentioned that they do not do direct sales.
But you knew all of that having been through it. The reason I am writting to you is to ask you if you have any advice on what I can do to help my friend? He is like all the others a total zombie now. He doesn't listen to what I have to say and I can't get through to him at all. You mentioned they will ask you to invest 30k laters? IS there any chance you could fill me in on what happens next? He just joined about 1 or 2 months ago, if there is anything I can do to prevent him from losing all of his life savings, I would like to atleast try. So please, any help at all would be extremely appreciated.
Best Wishes,


And here's a nice email from a supporter of Lampe Berger.

know nothing better shut up. ur website is just a crap. listen from what
people said, u care. u read book, u read a book that is negative thinking?
no experience better go a side. ur website doesnt give a reason about DCHL.
u not really understand. plz understand more before u voiced out anti-lb.
u'r just like a dog. sorry to say. what invest 30k? then whats the result?
what upline go petaling street? ur mum asshole ? DCHL got many group of
people, that is his group problem, not success is his group problem, how do
we know? u care to know? u care ur ownself more better. everyday do nothing
just to care this thing for fun ? nothing better to do? go wash ur toilet. u
really ham ka chan. why dont show full face? scared to get popular? if u did
it right, u scared to get popular? scared to be hero? got something behind
ur back? this is their personal problem, doesnt related with dchl. one word.
close ur website, u r really a rubbish.
"Nice, ....why not....high five !" is probably what Borat going to say...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Death Threat From SYN member

I received this comment, seems quite serious in killing me off.
watch out steven yip,honestly i'm black background person,n i've get ur
information.i've paid for the person who'll stop ur life.give u 1 week time to
declair urself.if i cant see out!ur family safe becos of u.

(sean tan) 11/03/2006
Anyway, I have chatted with my brother, and he kind of regret joining this SYN lampe berger business. We are at good terms now. I can forget about the 30k plus that SYN drains from my family. It's fine.

But come on, threatening my life just because of a blog? Where's free speech?

The purpose of this blog is to warn this business has scammed so many people. You don't need to be looking at this blog. There's tons of other materials on the internet. Bad news travel fast over the internet.

The only conclusion I can make is, this blog has done its' job.

And no, I am not putting this blog down.