Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More support email for Anti Lampe Berger

I have been receiving quite some email from people who encourages the effort on Anti Lampe Berger, and this one is from George Wong.

It shows that awareness is building up against this Lampe Berger business and also Steven Yeam Network.

To put things into perspective, I think the people are selling LB as an
idea to make money rather than the products. The products value come
second to their so called "marketing plan" or "business plan". In fact,
the products are no more than just perfume and fragrance for the room.
Does they really know how ionisation work? I never see anyone question
about their products but the concerns revolved around how much money
they pocket.

Does they know what organic extracted oil cannot burn in low
temperature? Does the know reason why that the fragrance or essence of
whatever flower or plant is mixed with oil because oil can capture the
fragrance? For the "essential oil" to be able to burn at room
temperature with a lighted match, I'd say it has very high alchohol or
etanol mixture. The ceramic tip is used in the "lamp" design because it
has a very high heat capacity that the heat from burning the "oil"
allow whatever remaining to evaporate easier. Why not ask these LB
people to put a lighted match into the full bottle of essential oil.
them what would happen the next they in the hospital.

Essential oil, the real oil extract is very expensive. For the price LB
is charging, whoever buying should be getting real quality oil with
really low filler content. However, LB mixture comes with low essential
oil and the rest are Chivas Regal.

That's is why they are when sell LB, the products comes second because
if there are not much to say about the products, really. Conversation
with these occultist will eventually ends with "when are you joining?",
"Do you want to achieve financial freedom?".

Hey, let's be real. When I when for any job interview, my future boss
would not ask me to pay anything in order to make money. And it is not
even a franchise. Does they even know what is a franchise? MacDonalds
a franchise, so is KCF and many other business.

LB is merely focusing on recruiting. What is this? A franchise in
recruiting. When you join, you pay a recruitment fees or simply called
"joining fee". In exchange, you get their products which is very hard
sell. Then they will proceed to tell you ways to break even or get back
the money you spend on the "joining fee". Get other people to join, get
the commission and repeat the same story to them and cross your finger
they will be able to recruit other people to break even their "joining
fee". In the meanwhile, these occultist will make it more entising by
telling you who-and-who is making so-much-and-so-much, can afford a lot
more whatnots than before and all other stories. But how much person
be earn as much as he does? The fact that that person is already at the
top of the pyramid, and is getting a 50% commission from everybody, and
how much commission are the "downliners" getting?

Expand your pyramid's base. But you are still attached to that
from-rags-to-riches-person-who-is-earning-so-much-and-so-much. Can you
ever, think again, ever earn as much as him?

The answer is NO. He is already on top of you. Unless he decided to
give-up his compensation, quit or die.

Does they ever heard of saturation point? Or the lately, the tipping

How deep can the pyramid go? It has to stop somewhere or there won't be
a pyramid shape at all. A pyramid without a shape is what Amway, Cosway
and such other like to call, Multi-level-marketing. No pyramid, simple
and easy.

Yeah, right.

The reason that these companies are still around because human greed
are endless. Who are not easily sway with the promise of rich and
properity? Money is the root of all even, let's not forget that.

And on top of that, they are smart when it comes to
approaching/recruiting "underline". Walk into any LB meeting, Amway,
Cosway, Tupperware. What do you see?

Similarity in the attendees.

Tupperware, you get mid aged ladies and food. Cosway and Amway, hmm..
you know who-lah. LB, young people in suit.

Talk to them, you will realised that most of these recruits have;

1. Dead End job.
2. Aim to earn lots of money.

Yeah, I wanted to earn lots of money too. Why did I bother to slave for
my SPM, my university and now, my work? Why?

If LB can promise so much of financial freedom, why bother to study at
all. Quit school now and start selling, I tell you.

But, if you quit school, you won't be able to have RM2400 or thereabout
for the "joining fee". You won't have that RM30k for joining fee. If
won't be able to pay up, how can one be rich? How can one start own
franchise business? That's a conumdrum.

Know what, they have all the solutions. Borrow from your mother. Borrow
from your relative, don't think twice of getting the cash advance from
credit card. Don't bother in any accessement. There's only one way,
do it. Did they even know what is the fallout rate? What is the failing

I know what they can tell, they will tell you that you are stupid not
to listen to them. That you are not open-minded enough. Hey, when I
sign-up for my engineering major, my management majored friends never
call me stupid for not joining them. Why is there a need to give a low
blow, so lowly that these occultist has to resolve to personal attacks
when they are recruiting?

But you tell me, why is it not stupid that I choose not to borrow from
my relative, my mom, my dad or my friends the money that I need for my
"joining fee"?

Why is that you tell me everyone can succeed in this business and yet
you can't extend money to me so I can join? Why is that you tell me
you believe I can success in this business but none of you can borrow
money? I thought you trust me, and the great "marketing plan" will work
out for me and yet why when it comes to loan me money to start you
say anything at all. Why do you tell me the products is so great, but
you can't assign some to me on consigment basis as I will pay you back
when I made a sale? Why why why?

Oh, I forget. That's not a part of your great "marketing plan". If loan
is extended to me while I recruite my underline the same way whilst
extending loan. There won't be any commission for anybody at the end of
the day. Oh, I forgot, is the policy that I can't even get the product
on consigment because it is not easy to sell and if there is any sale,
it will be a very long period before I can pay. And that means,
won't be getting their commission timely.

Well, if you must compare. Saying this is a franchise, I think if I
have MacDonalds franchise, banks are more than willing to extend me
loans. MacDonalds franchise owner would give me credit period as well.
Franchise owner will provide me with the necessary skill set for my me
and my future employer as well like managing people, flipping the
burgers, operate the timers on the deep frying machine, operate the
tilt. If MacDonalds does work for me, I can also find another job, say
in Burger King. If I can flip burgers well, I can operate the tilt
maybe I will get a promotion to manager. If I quit as a manager I can
join any companies as a manager.

If I quit LB, I will loose my RM2400 something or the precious life
saving of my friends/aunt/uncle/father/mother of RM30k. If I quit, I
can't tell my future my employer that I am a Baron, or a Count, or
Marquis. I think if I do, I will just make them laugh. Very hard.

That bring to another question. Does anyone know anyone who is a
Baron/Count/Marquis quit/stop and because another company
Baron/Count/Marquis? Count Dracula does the pun)?

What do you gain at the end of the day? How to recruit people by
telling them sweet promises. How far do you think LB would go before
reaching the stage where Amway or Cosway is today?

Well, at the end of the day. It is just money and greed is it? No?

On another note, I also received "nice" emails from supporters of Lampe Berger. You can check out a few below:

Wah!!!!!! So impressed by the work you did. Wonder why you spent so much time and effort in doing something that doesn’t benefit you at all, unless you intend to build another SYN. If that’s your intention, guess you have succeeded as you have quiet a number of supporters. If your intention is just trying to be hero, guess you are just another idiot. There are plenty anti-amway out there claiming it is running on a pyramid scheme, but it is now a listed company. What say you??? Do you know how much stock the distributors have to stock up to maintain their status and qualify for their commission??? Check it out yourself.

When you close your eyes and sleep tonight, ask yourself a question: Why am I doing this????
"Ivy & Charlson"

i think u r anti of syn... not lampe berger... its just that u've mistaken syn as whole dchl... they r just a rotten banana from a bunch of beautiful and good one... i'm from team bisa... our team have been financially support by PUNB... I think... if PUNB can support us... u must know... that PUNB only open their loan for those who want to do retail business... that's what we're doing right now... yes... we do sponsoring too.. but... we balanced our business with retail too... maybe u r in johor bcoz syn operate mostly in johor... oklah... its up to u ... i'm not inviting u to join us... its just i want u to give fair judgement.... bcoz now i know... u dont even know us... u blame us... but never want to find out the truth... what a shamefull ... i hope those who heard from u... will open their heart to really find the truth then simply listen and believe...

tq very much

And....from Keith (not the last email...)

I really start to doubt ur intelligence, lazy to talk to u, just go and think it urself if u still don't see anything weird behind these stories....
Why not that u make an official complain to Minister, police or who ever u like rather then living in ur own small world k? I think it will be more effective
But it's quite fun also to see ur "clown perfomance" with all ur "brilliant" points toward DCHL from ur blog. Keep ur hardwork k. I don't want to see u dissapear first before DCHL

Yes, I will keep up the hard work....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot: DCHL Lampe Berger Marketing Plan Slides

Just got this from a friend, it's the latest marketing plan from DCHL Lampe Berger. Check it out.

If this is your first time hearing this business, and somebody want to drag you to HLA, don't need to go, just see this power point presentation.

You can really see, how this con scheme really works. It does pay well, but lots of people will get burn.

The link:

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Sun: 'Cash scam' worry for dad (19 june 2006)

Here's a story of a dad and his Lampe Berger son in The Sun today. I believe the same story was headlines for China Press too.

It's definitely smells like lampe berger...the clue? 30k.

It's good with so many press coverage hitting lampe berger. The end .... is near.


'Cash scam' worry for dad 19 june 2006

Yesterday was Father's Day but there was no joy for Ho Ka Choon.

In fact, the 45-year-old kereta sapu(unlicensed taxi) driver from Johor Baru has been losing sleep ever since his
undergraduate son started dabbling in get-rich-quick direct selling some time ago.

What worries Ho most is the dubious nature of the direct selling scheme and that his son has been lying to him
and borrowing money from friends and relatives to raise RM30,000 needed to purchase
certain products that enable him to recruit more members and get commission from the scheme.

Ho told China Press his 21-year-old son, a second-year student of Universiti Malaysia Sabah,
was an honest and filial son until he was coerced into paying RM2,000 to join the scheme.

Now he is a sweet-talking salesman only dreaming of making it big, he said.

"My son told me that if he recruits five members, he can get 10% of the new recruits'
joining fee as commission, and if he then pays up RM30,000 (for products), he
will become a senior executive and enjoy up to 50% in commission," said Ho.

"My son wanted to borrow RM10,000 from me to advance his 'career' but I have
a feeling it (the direct selling) is a trap."

He said the scheme sounded too good to be true and believed it could be a scam.

Ho said after he rejected his son's requests for RM10,000 and the title of family land
to borrow money from a bank, his son turned to relatives and friends for help.

Apart from warning relatives and friends againts lending his son money, Ho
urged the government to enact a law to bar university students from taking up direct-selling.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last email from Keith?

This is perhaps the last email from Keith, probably a bit pissed off after finding a hard time convincing me this Lampe Berger MLM business is for real.

No f**king way.

I won't, I repeat, join any MLM companies, whatever heavens you put in front of me, in my lifetime.

I just won't buy it.

Hi Steven,
Again, today i'm not here to debate or argue with u, if u really want to do so then fine, lets do it face to face. just let me know, i'm very interested to meet u also, it's too difficult to do this thru email since u r playing catching words game, may be because ur english is better than me. LB is 0 risks, yes it is, what i mean is the maximum u loose in LB is 30k, correct, i admited i said it, but as i told u earlier, no one fail in LB unless u give up, if today u give up in LB so the max u loose is 30 k lar. i'm talking the worst senario that u eally can't do and have to give up. For sure they will ppl quitng or inactive in LB, i'm not deny that's y i said so. But as we said we do LB in Business way, so, this is the worst senarion for LB la, am i wrong? as i said, u keep seeing LB from ur own point, negative point, as i told u b4, there will endless negative points in LB, in evry single thing in the world even eligion ppl also have negative points. what ever shit u said i knew it also k, u r not the only intelligent guy as i told u bro but sadly to say is u r really poor in ur brain...
And one more thing, r u enjoying keep posting my email on ur site that to let ur friends see how intelligent u r?? Because the more ppl see it, will only make u look fool at the end of the day when what u think DCHL going to be end of the day, u mean the bubble will burst and shut down what ever shit right, lets see who is correct lar because no point to argue with u in this way since u r too silly... untill today i still try to clear ur missunderstands from my own... becaue i just wants to clear it but seem like u wants to have a war but not sharing, fine.
The operation cost that u calcuated is nonsence, i never spent more thn 800 the max for LB per month, what food??? all these can be adjusted, u feel u don't want go then don't go lar.. work like a biz man, it's ur own biz.. although ppl helping u, but u urself stll need to take care of it, do what ever u feel right to do for the good of ur biz. no compulsary like u have to go ur office ery day, pay parking, pay tol and s on.. is that mean u don't need to eat or drink when u r not in LB?? u don drive when not doing LB izit? RM30 petrol per day, u drive from where or r u driving 4 litres car izit?? rm7-10 for first 2 months, what training u attended b4?? i can use my skills to make money without single cent also today, higher than u also can.. but pointless, long term and stability is what i want.

I don't need to take care of Account, employee and so on, for me it's not the conventional biz, am i wrong again?? i know every 20th of the mnth i will get my commission, no collection of payment from clients and so on. what i focus is to uild network. I'm talking about u and me, not DCHL, every 1 know it's conention biz la, friend.. or what u said, i'm in a convention company, after u prove it then what u get?? am i doing it conventionally since everthing already take care by DCHL?? for my site? Or u wan say employee is having the same thing or bla bla bla grand mum story??? is it related to the point that u said we conned ppl or bubble???
Again, i got receive several calls from my friends want to buy oil from me, is that consider a demand even though i never approach them b4?? even my mum also wants to use it and feel it great even though she is not in LB too, my sister's boss and so on.... or do i need to show u the receipt to prove it again? or what u going to say again, only myfriends mar, the rest not yet right???
Today u r still in LB, u already knew it, see it,and feel it..but u still wants to criticising it... poor boy... Really helpless.... Too many things to shoot ur so call "brilliant points"... "money and u", after u listen it, today is it help u to make money yet?? u can read what ever or attend what ever u like, but the most importantly is have u use it, apply it and make it happen? Have u earned the money u want from ur so called small inestment?? with 3k can earn more than LB ppl in average... can u share ur method to ur love one so they can make the same amount too??
exact figure and statstic in LB, after i prove it to u what will u do?? join LB again or what?? u will come out another stupid point what?? It's all proven, go to Menara HLA to get the prove k. all the post in ur blog are since 2001 until now... but if what u said is right then DCHL don't know shut down how many times already.. but today it's still growing and operating... when only it close?? ur bro join u said ur bro kena conned, but the one who already joined and active u say they r conning ppl, if today u r kind enough, u should keep ur mouth shut, because the best way to help the ppl already kena conned is to get back their money... not sabotaj them.. we r helping the new partner to get parters, u r stopping the new partners to get partner.. who is the evil site? or u want to say to stop the thing so can save the world bla bla bla... we never sabotaj any other thing, all we do is sharing... but u r directly pointing and keep talking bad LB... r u happy to be in this way/??
don't blame any one after u fail or what, blame urself and identify the ur own weakness k.. at first i thought we can have nice sharing and clear the things.. but too bad... no point to talk o u anymore.. let the result and time justify who is right and wrong, wait and see. Continue ur hradwork la.


Another trip to Lampe Berger

Here's a story from ZiyiIsmyIdol. The reason they bring you to mamak, is because they need to fake it, until they make it. They haven't got much money really....because all their money (borrowed that is), is thrown down the drain in this Lampe Berger pyramid MLM business.

I've been to LB's office in HLA and also few events they organise.
First impression, omg all these ppl are so young! and dress like HK gangster!

And whatever career u r in, then will drag someone from ur career to tell u they they hav join LB and making $$$$$.. lots of it.
Also, i never felt anything comming truth fully from the bottom of their heart. When ppl talk with their heart, u can know it bcos u can feel it.
These bunch of SYN are always treating u like their bro n sis even though first time meet them. But i always wonder.. if all these dukes n marquiese are making so much money, why the heck they never ever belanja me eat? Bring me to mamak also need to pay AA style? Hell if u r in business, you know when u bring a client out u need to treat them .. at very least a good proper meal!

After they explain the plan to me, i jz smile n they say i should join immediately. I say i hav no money, they begin to say 30k start own business where to find..(but i started mine with less than RM500 tongue.gif )
I tell them truthfully even 2.5 k i also vy hard to come up with.
Then they will ask u borrow from father mother grandmother this fren that fren and also from credit card! I say no no no money.. so they let me go home.. but b4 that they show me more ppl who join LB, this CEO with few companies come fulltime LB, that person drives ferarri come full time LB...

I was actually thinking 'quite good ya the plan' but when i wanted to leave that time, they ask me never to reveal what they told me n i go wtf? Hey must b something illegal if cannot talk open in public! must hav something bad to hide! Walao like join gangster! ( At least real gangster treat u like their brother from the bottom of their heart.. i hav few gangser frens kekeke)

Then after that they invite me to more of their events which i join.. but when they try to push me again to join, i tell them right smack in their face " U guys r selling money making scheme... not selling any products valueble.. Some of ur lamps cost over 10k but it does not have 2nd hand value at all!. At least Amway got few good products, Diamond has good filter... I will never allowed myself to sell something i don't believe!"

Later on the fren that brought me there quits LB after few months... and they stop bugging me kekeke

But on a plus note, LB do hav to hot chicks over there!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Reply to Keith's Email from LB HELP

This is a reply to Keith, that I received from Lampe Berger Help, to counter most arguments in Keith's email. Have a read...FYI, LB help was in this DCHL Lampe Berger business.

I read in disgust what Keith wrote and what he has to say..
Let's put it that this is a debate like AAB and Dr.M...

We want answer same like Dr. M want's from AAB...

Keith, the answer you have given or the true light that you said you wanted to
show everyone is not what we want to know or listen to..

I find you are very lost on where you are standing now..
You wrote a very long e-mail to defend something that you are fairly new to.
Maybe you have been there for long, but I don't know.. You tell us?

So to quote fairly most of your e-mail to Steven...

"The risks in LB is the maximum u can loose is the amount of ur investment,
that's all, but the best u can get just see the Arch Duke Steven Yeam,
close to RM4mil monthly"

Wait, did someone said this business is a NO RISK business? Or Low Risk?
"no forcing, i don't see any single risk in LB"
There is indeed a risk, and you people in DCHL saying low risk la NO risk la..
Investing RM2,500/ 10,000 or 30,000 is NOT LOW okay!!

"And they are too many ppl earning more than 5 digit in LB monthy within 1-2 yrs,"
The question is HOW MANY? Talked about transparency.. SHOW US!!.
"U r complaing about the most transparent business in the world, because u know
how much ur upline earn, ur partner earn and so on..."
Don't ask us to go get it.. show us to proof it and convince us that this business
is real damn good and we will then shut our mouth.
Don't just show us the earnings, but we want statistics of people who joined
and who quits.. CAN YOU?

Mind you, it is "conventional"!... The return from a conventional business are mostly
passive. and it depends alot on management..!! The maintenance is a must of an
operating cost. Every nature of business have it.
Oh let me tell you, YOU ARE just part of a conventional business.. DCHL is a company,
and their conventional business is MLM. where they need to hire people to
take care of you in ACCOUNTS!!, because you don't know nuts in accounting cept
earning for the company.. and well yeah yourself..
So much so that you think MLM is the way to go, why DCHL must hire accountants?

RM 30,000 can do alot of things if you just use your brain!..THINK how to go about
with it.. With a mere RM 3,000.. BRO!! I am earning more than any average LB
people can earn in a month, given a time frame of less than a month!!
It is how you use that money.. not asking what big business can you do..
You should go for a seminar called Money & You la...
Understand more about money, before you talked about money!!

"Today u want to earn 20k from a convention biz, for sure he initial investment u need is
more than 100k. 100k to arn 20k, do u think is worthy? but 30k in LB to earn 100k,
u r not agree with it."

And what are the overheads in line from the period you put in RM 30k till
you really earn RM 100k pure profits?
Let me tell you the overheads of a typical LB member...
1) NDO monthly will cost you RM 100
2) RM 50 daily - minimum for expenses on food and drinks..
3) RM 30+ daily for transportation well if you drive..
4) RM 7-10 per training for the first two months
You go back late everyday, sleep late cause got discussion
and you need to eat and drink summore leh..

RM 100 + (RM 50 x 30) + (RM 30 x 30) + (RM 7 x 10)
RM 100 + RM 1500 + RM 900 + RM 70
= RM 2570

That amount equals to your franchisee boy!!
Okay minus transportation fee abit, take monorail and LRT (-300)
Still more than 2000..!! But you don't drive how to prospect?
This process goes on and on, and you don't have waterfish under you HOW?
I am just merely talking about overheads... OVERHEADS!! that if you know..
But of course this is not monthly.. maybe next mosnth less RM 500 or so.

As far as the profit margin is concern, I know how much is a mamak is earning from
a general joe public from a teh tarik, even HP cost, I know it.. These are needs that people
would go and source for it, and it doesn't need people to go one by one to prospect..

Yes, you say about the products is very good.. Do you see a demand of the product
in the market here except by the own distributors themselves like your goodself..?
Do you have a fix customer that will buy a bottle of oil that cost RM400 or
the fix customer is ONLY the distributors themselves because they want to have
some PV in their account and they HAVE TO use the products..

"that's y so many giant company wants to partnership with Amway"
Now, wait, is there anyone partnering with DCHL? or Lampe Berger?
NO.. then don't compare with Amway, as they are merely more towards
selling and people WOULD and CAN AFFORD to buy their products..!!

"It's a long run bi and u need to put in the effort and rsponsible to the ewly join partner, "
Oh, you have touched the point of responsible and irresponsible..
DCHL distributors are very much 70% of them are irresponsible.. and
they will care not if you would pull out from the business and leave u in blank...
DOn't fight with me in this, as proofs are so eminent till I start LB Help.

Bosses are good and bad.. just like DCHL Distributors..
Bad bosses are more than good ones just like DCHL distributors.

The good boss, knows about profit sharing, and not just using their
employee till the max and forget about them, the bad ones is the other way
round of business ethics..

I had enough of typing and talking.. and the rest of your e-mail is just
plain naive to post it up because it is not your own pointers..
It is the same shit and talk given by your uplines and Steven Yeam
for encouragement, to let you see why MLM can do, and is good for you..
In fact, why use the same pointer again and again.. Because those pointers
are easy to target people like your goodself...

I was and still is an LB Distributor by law and I've seen the light and the
crook nature of the business in DCHL...
Have you? You will not it seems...

Thanks & Best Regards

Lampe Berger Help

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another email from Keith

I got yet another email from Keith...nice long one.

Hi Steven,

Of course every business have their own risk, that's y we need to study both the risks and the benefit of a business before we start, that's what the proposal for. The risks in LB is the maximum u can loose is the amount of ur investment, that's all, but the best u can get just see the Arch Duke Steven Yeam, close to RM4mil monthly within 8 yrs in DCHL and it's still growing... And they are too many ppl earning more than 5 digit in LB monthy within 1-2 yrs, too many... No time limt for u to get ur 5, only small amount for the operation costs (car park, petrol, training fee,and so on
Today we r offering a business model to ppl, where they only one time investment and can do it forever, and the returns are so huge untill u can't imagine..It's only happen in MLM k...just ask urself, what can u do with rm30k today, what biz u can invest? FD in Bank? Stock market? buy car? retirement fund?? how long u can last with 30K? 2 yrs??If today u see the 30k is too high risk for u then is fine, just keep it, no forcing, i don't see any single risk in LB. Not even 1 except u give up, then it's not the business fault but the ppl who doing it. For those who believe and wants to have better future, we r welcome and they will find this 30k is too cheap to earn all these. We r offering a new way of doing MLM, the world is changing everday, we don't use the old time method which existed 50 yrs ago... Even the government always encourage ppl to do MLM, of course legally.

To set up a convention business, how much u expect for ur return? 20%-30% monthly it's aready very high return in any convention business, do u got any friends who have their own business? just check with them, every month need to put in money to maintain the operation regardless u r making money or not, but in LB we r talking about nett profit, and do it forever except u give up...if today u want to earn 20k from a convention biz, for sure he initial investment u need is more than 100k. 100k to arn 20k, do u think is worthy? but 30k in LB to earn 100k, u r not agree with it. that's y i said no one fail in LB except those who give up because we only loking for 5 not 50 or 100, others MLM they told u to look for 2, 3, 5,or 7 also, but the fact is, end up they need to look for more than 50.. but still can not make much from it but only suffer, never stop because most of the distributors are not serious. somemore some of the company need u to do compulsary maintanence, the higher position u r, the more u need to maintain, if not then u will get breakaway from the team, demotion and s on... But in LB no...

U r complaing about the most transparent business in the world, because u know how much ur upline earn, ur partner earn and so on... Because we can calculate the excact amount of the income they made in MLM 20% for franchise, 29% fo baron, 38% for count 41% for Marquise and so on.. Then u complain, today do u know how much a mamak make profit from u for a teh tarik? do u know how much HP earn for selling u a laptop?u don't know that's y u don't complain...

MLM is take the product directly from manafacturer, thru the distributor then to consumer. But convention busines is from manacfacturer to sole distributor, then to a wholeseller, state wholeseller, then distributor, retailer then only to consumer... Actuaclly both the mark up margin not much different but MLM even lower, in convention way, how r they promote a product to market since it's new? u have to put in damn a lot of money to actor actress, then advertisement, TV commercial, function, sponsoring and so on..then who will cover the costs?? That's y consumer need to pay more lor, and they never let u know the cost of the product. some more u have to face the compeition among the rest even u sell the same product. But in MLM all the profit straight away share among the distributor, u can use the product and make the money too, what's wrong with MLM, somemore we are helping each other in SYN, we don't care which team u r in, as long as u r in SYN then we family?? And MLM is mouth to mouth biz, nomally thru ur friends or relatives around u, human u will trust them more than advertisement, tat's how MLM and network spred, much more faster. If u have a business today, what type of the customers that u want to have?

For me, i wants to have fix customer that they only buy it from u, foreveruntil i shut down my business. Is it sounds perfect? But in convntion business will u get this ype of customers? will u use darlie until u die? eat kfc every day? use nokia forever?? no right?that's the nature of consumer which they are not loyal, ppl wanted to try new thing. That's y MLM exist, for sure the member in the Netwok will become the fix user for the product, because they know they can money while they r using the product. if today u have 2000 ppl under ur network, each of them contribute RM20 for u monthly, u already can make RM40 k per month k, some more the product is good for us... Again, win win situation.

Today all the giant company in the world they all eying to MLM, for example, Amway is so huge and got so many member around the world, that's y so many giant company wants to partnership with Amway because they know their product wil be sell like crazy in huge volume to whole world automatically becauseof the existing member, that's the power of MLM and network, the member will consume it, the distributor will sell it. Networkng it's the most valuable asset in 21 century k. It's not wrong to recruit member because we r buiding the network, we r having others time to generate income for us, thats what all the big bosses doing today in whole world, every one in this world only have 24hours, here is the fairest gft from God to human, but why there are some ppl can be so successful, own so many biz at the same time, but some of them always get stucked in their job or biz, busy like hell but only earn little? That's y the big bosses know to use others ppl time and effort to work for them, but the employee or self employer have to fully depend to their own effort to survive. I prefer to have 100 ppl to work for me and each of them just contribue 1% of their effort rather than i have to spend all my effort 100% to get the same returns..That's what MLM do, share out the time and effort and creating the win win situation. Everything have to start from begining, don't complain abt the tough experience at initial stage, there is no free lunch in this world k. but if u r in the network u wil happy because u can share a part of it,but if u r outside the network like uself now, u won't feel anything and complaining because u r paying money to consume product, and u already used to work alone.... and criticising the biz now.

Again, u don't understand what is LB for, it's not a fragrance,the main purpose is to purify the air... The aromatherapy is additional effect.. U can get all the lab report from DCHL if u doubt with the all the fuctions, the product is so fantastic k.. We are focuing to build network because we know the potential of the product based on Europe market, just not much ppl can see the value at this point of time. In fact, ppl start to realize the importance of clean air nowsaday.. That's y e creating the pioneer image, just like heath food that Amway will always the lader in market, water filter will be Diamond and so on.

U doubt the exploid of the air market is ok, this is business,u need to have the vision toward future market but not follow the market, like u think hand phone shop still can bring u high profit if u open it today, or u open it 10 yrs ago?? u need to create it and educate the maket. If today u goes to Africa, let's say all the ppl there are bare footers and the population is 20mil, ur the respresentative for a shoe company, when u do the market research over there, what will u say? r u going to tell ur company not to go Africa because no one will buy shoe, or u will say it's good oppoturnity to set up a factory there because the market is still huge because u know the europe and Asia ppl they all wearng shoe, just diferent brand of shoe only. We believe it because the air will getting worst and worst in future, we can't avoid it, some day it's sure will happen that every house will put something air purifier in house, nt may be different product like water purifier today, u still can drink the pipe water and won't die, but y u buy it?? It's the life style that ppl casing for, the needs and ppl realize the importane of it. that's all i can say... that's y i think ur brother should have the same ision too, then only he wants to join. We r looking for future,long term and fixed income, but not pyramid, fast money or what. It's a long run bi and u need to put in the effort and rsponsible to the ewly join partner, if it's a illegal scheme, i won't join at all or use the product,some more DCHL have spa biz, Estabell andso on. Just the method we apply is in biz sense, we al very happy with it because it's really a great, precious opp.. it do help a lot of ppl to change their life into better.

Actually i never mean to argue with u, i just try to let u understand since the 1st email i sent to u, it's all a missunderstand. All the best to u too... And don't blame ur brother or what, if he still in LB, support him becase he need supports from family, it's not a easy journey, he will growth a lot in DCHL. Bt if he quited, then too bad, jst give him guidelines and advices for what ever u think is good for him k. Ppl can be success in any field, not only LB ;) Just i choose to join LB because it's the best so far i see in market and reliable for me, if u have any suggestion then just let me know k.


This is my reply:
Hi keith,

Of course, I agree with you LB members earns a lot (uplines), but the problem is, their earnings does not come from sales outside the network. It's from the huge uploading 30k sales.

Any returns which are huge, also comes with the same huge risks. Let's not talk about ethics for a second. You get the guys keep coming in paying 30k with whatever means. But sooner or later, the network is saturated. The initial growth stops to a halt. So what happens next? Just like the stock bubble, most will get burned. The business won't go on, because nobody wants to buy into it anymore. Ok, you argue that there's existing market (the network) who will buy the products. But if they are doing this full time, and they have to buy their own products from LB, from where does his income comes from? (this layer is the lowest layer).

You can see it's a big loss for the lowest level of downline (those without anyone under them). They do this fulltime, nobody joins, and you expect them to buy LB products?

And not to mention Lampe Berger products, and other brands marketed by DCHL are not cheap.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More arguments from LB MLM member

The same keith, wrote a long email to me to justify Lampe Berger MLM business. We could shoot down these arguments like flies.

I am posting it here, so you all know, what the Steven Yeam Network has to say about this business.

Hi Steven

1) Again, what do you mean by pramid MLM? As i said, every single company in this world, government and even your family is all in pyramid structure, and it's proven the strongest and the most stable structure in this world. So, what's wrong with Pyramid? Or you prefer to work in a company with 1000 managers but only 1 staff?

2) Don't tell me that you are so clear or study about LB, otherwise u won't keep saying it has loophole or bla bla bla. I'm not sure whether you anti MLM or only anti LB. Do u think Amway is one of the MLM who con pp too? It's exactly the same with others MLM, got product selling, just like the others because initially when LB started 8 yrs ago, it was doing in direct selling way that time, just we found out it is very difficult to sell since we are aiming on air market, that's why not many ppl will accept it since it's a very new market and product in Asia, some more it can be categorized in luxury product range. but it's already more than hundred years of history in France, which today still one of the leader brand in Europe among the rest, but ppl doing in retail over there, that means ppl will walk in and buy for their own use, if the product is no quality, do you think it will last in market for more than 100 yrs? For sure the market will going to explode, but not now, few more years later ppl will accept the product and willing to buy then only direct selling coming.

3) If today ppl ask ur brother to join LB and ask him to go and sell 1 by 1, how much can ur brother make from it? Don't say earn 10% from it, if let me earn 50% of it i also won't do it because it's too difficult and suffering, u need to work really hard and really like a salesman, all your friend will get away from you since you are asking your friend buy things from you. And do you think your brother can work very hard to ask ppl buy, then slowly move to higher level by accumulating points? That's why all these while so many ppl fail in MLM because ppl won't stay long, they are not persistent enough, only few ppl can go through the journey to be one of the top in your so called "pyramid". Do u think that your brother can do it through the conventional way?? For sure if someone ask me to do it I definitely won't, because to tough, take too long to see whether can success or not, we still can easily make few k or even 10k per month outside, what for to do direct selling??? Some more you also know in MLM if u want earn more, you need to get more ppl work under you right, so instead of I need to go and look for 100 ppl in order to get 5 to work for me, the rest all inactive, i prefer straight away to look in LB at least i know these 5 are serious with the biz, not play play or entertaining u. If 5 years later the market already accept the product, then we already in the top of the network and no need to do selling anymore, for sure that time sure ot new member to join in and do direct selling, or you prefer brother only to join that time?

4)I'm so sorry with ur brother case, i'm not sure what's is the real story behind, but at least i know LB is never has a risk except the DCHL bankrup or shut down, because u can take how long you want to look for 5 partners. The compay never overpaid to their distributor, 69% goes to distributors and 31% goes to office and it is the highest pay out in market. They do it because wants the distributor to make money, unlike others MLM they only willing to pay out 30%-50% to distributors, that's why so many ppl can't manke money. Like myself, i also put in 30k but i never regret or any, because i seriously know it it's worth to do, which biz in market can allow u to do so? 30k, get 5 project or customers can get back your capital, and you can keep generate the income from this 5??? And no compulsory maintanence or overhead??? if you keep analyze LB thru your employee mindset, for sure u will anti it, not 30k, even 3k you also will reject, but as a businessman who really wanted to make money thru a biz, it's very fantastic.

5) I know you all worrying about your brother, but why don't you all suppot him rather than advise him or keep telling the negative info to him? If today your bro open a restaurant, would u keep going repeat the negative info to him, or will ask him to think positively and work hard? Before I join, i really study a lot about LB because i had heard too much about MLM sice i was young, but i never join any because not my cup of tea. If today i tell u that with RM2500 you can make more than 100k per month and only takes 2 yrs, will you believe it? It sound more attractive right? low invest high return but seriously do you think that is it going to happen? If we said so then we have no different with other MLM in the market, ask you join then whether you do or not we don't care because too many ppl have to take care. You have to bare in mind that you need to at least takes few years time to make your first 20k in a month.

6)The plan in LB is flexible, up to you to join in any position that you feel you can afford and you willing to work hard, treat it as serious biz. That is the flexibility we have in LB, if you feel RM150 as a member is a serious biz for u, we are welcome too.. We wants to eliminate those unserious ppl from joining LB. SYN objective is to increase the percentage of succesful rate in MLM. No forcing, if you want to do then come, if you think you cannot then forget about it, still friends. Since we all know that network is the one bring profit in MLM, and you need to have serious partners under you, so instead of spent 80% selling, 20% building, we prefer 100% building. That's all, let the ppl who join in after few years to do direct selling. Like what diamond water filter doing now, it is MLM in 15 years ago but no one realized because they are focusing on building also, and that time ppl can't afford Diamond and think that they don't need it, but today so many ppl buying Diamond water filter and many ppl making money from selling too, but all the seller actually are under those who are only focusing on building network 1yrs ago, and today they don't need o work hard to sell but they even make more money than those who are selling now.

7)What social menace u talk about? If today your friend ask you to join partnership to open a restaurant with RM100k each, will you feel the same too? That's why please see LB through business mindset and from business angele, not ordinary MLM, we are applying MLM method into a business, can your friend force you to join him that must open the restaurant, or let you study first and only invest if you think it's profitable, you are too focusing on the 30k but forgot to see the bigger cake behind the business. There are too many ppl makes more than 10k monthly within a year in LB. I you want to complain, then forever got thing to complain, then you only stop yourself from moving forward. I think your best suggestion to your bro after ask him to quit from LB is go and get a better job right, then your bro will only earn for living for the rest of his life k, or else what can you offer to your bro? We treat every partner seriously, must make sure they can earn in LB. If the downlines don't make money, u think upline can survive since we only looks for 5 partner? do u think SYN can be so big and strong until you all aware of it and keep shooting about it? If the new partner can't generate sales then last month 41 millions of sales came from where? Or u think it's steven yeam done it? That's why, only the downline makes money then only the upline make money ok. Pls don't say any more word that upline making money but downline loosing money this kind of nonsense ok.


I just realized, after reading it fully....41 million of sales, that's a lot for a company mainly selling lamps...because Count promotion 30k was going to increase to 45k.

DCHL uplines will be happiest last month, but not for the coming months.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Drop Study, and Do LB?

If you are a student and want to do this, just don't waste your time and money. Here is an email I got from a lecturer in a local private college.

30k is enough to cover most of your study cost, and with a degree or diploma, you could get a solid job in the industry.

MLM DCHL Lampe Berger is not a wise choice.

Hello Steven

Actually one of my students, she even quit here degree programme to pump 30k into this scheme and now she is suffering. She borrowed the money from here and there and now she is in limbo and have to work dont know how many jobs to pay off the loan. Got nothing from LB.and loss her opportunity to study and get a solid degree.

I am sure there are many more like her. But why in the past any MLM even having a small hint of being a pyramid was shut down promptly but why is this one doing so well? The worst thing is that they target the young people who are greedy and ignorant of whats what.

Great that you are having a movement to oppose them.

I am in Malaysia anyway but use a Spore add.

Take care my friend. and let me know the latest updates. I can be on your mailing list.


Lampe Berger Member's Email

I have been receiving quite a few emails from DCHL Lampe Berger members of the Steven Yeam group. Obviously, they are unhappy with this anti site. How could possibly a blog do them harm? They should be busy prospecting. Making calls and meetups, not writing some email to me.

We will do our part to educate the public. They will do theirs. What we are basically doing is bridging the gap of information asymetry. It means, telling others more info on this business. Most of the time, members join in knows little of what to expect. So, we are merely imparting our build up knowledge here, so they know what is best.


Hi, my name is Keith. Just have few comments about ur antiLameBerger blog. Have you ever go and study the whole thing about Lampe Berger including the company bakground, marketing plan and the leaders profile before? Or you yourself just listen from 1 site information from those negative sources???? Without making any justification, and consult what are the ppl from LB, which so called "Pyramid" MLM.
Pls study first before u try to make any hoo haa k. Or the easiest way is why don't you straight away go to the Head Office of RZ Corporation to find out urself before u start to start the "revolution"? Outside there got so many ppl fail in MLM, but why u never go and complain, while DCHL is one of the most successful MLM company and achieve much more higher percentage of successful rate to help their distributor to sucess in MLM in Asia compare to others especially in Malaysia, but u still wants to make noise.
I seriously don't understand what is ur intention to do all these, just ask urself can you give the ordinary ppl like me any suggestion of which industry, profession or even business that can help a person to success within few years time and you urself will going to guide them personally on how to do it until they success, or after u "successfully" stop a person from joining LB, what the better oppoturnity will u offer to him/her? Have u think that b4? because u may help a person from being hurted, destroy or poorer as what u claim in ur blog? But u may cause a person loosing a oppoturnity to success too. So, my suggestion is if u can't offer anything to someone, pls think b4 u try to spread any negative news, not only to Lampe Berger, to any others industries also k. Or this blog is the only thing u can offer to public?
Won't u curious why LB is so negative but still so many ppl willing to be "cheated" or "conned" as what you said, or u think that u are the only one who are intelligent enough to find out the trap behind all these? Have you try before to con ppl? Or u think Steven Yeam or DCHL is so brilliant to chea/con so many country governments in whole Asia? Including Japan and Singapore? There are so many negative industries outside the world, just go and complain since you are so brave and justice, shark loaners also negative, stock market also causing ppl losing money even others MLM also got asking ppl to invest few k or more... But all u wants to say is LB only..
Or maybe u r jealous about Lampe Berger which help so many ppl making money izit??? or u wanted to do but can't gather enough money to join? or u being cheated? Sorry beacuse all the opiions above are all my personal opnions to you, just like what u did to LB which are all negatives. That's why don't assume, see from ur own eyes. I think u r adult enough to analyze LB, so my suggestion is go and undertand first b4 u make any further comments.
No doubt there sure will have some one in LB who are running the biz without ethically, may be the way they approach is wrong, missguide the youth, but this is the nature of life, every industry sure have someone who didn't follow the rules, but u only can blame the ppl, but not the industry ok. For example if a UM graduated student can't perform in a company, can u blame that all students from UM are same, which can't perform too?? Or have you ever see a 100% succesful rate before in any industry in malaysia?
Again, study more or gather more information abt LB first before u start pointing ppl. Thanks.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Pyramid Scheme MLM, Targeting undergraduate University Students

This news is from Sin Chew, translated by mindkiller6610 from Lowyat...big thanks to him.

It's very obvious that Lampe Berger is targeting our youth. This has to stop.

Pyramid Scheme MLM, Targeting undergraduate University Students
updated: 2006-05-27 10:05:23 MYT


Regarding those pyramid direct sales / MLM plans, Mr. Su says that many peoples have tried to convince him many times to join them, but Mr. Su has refused to do so. Mr. Su is currently a year-3 university student. He is working as a trainee in one company located at Skudai. He still left 1 more year to graduate.

Mr. Su commented that he realizes that Direct Selling / MLM agents are focusing on undergraduate and just graduated university student. This group of direct selling agents mostly appears at one restaurant in Taman Nusa Bestari, Skudai and their HQ is inside an office complex at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

Mr. Su disclosed that there are many undergraduate students from Mr. Su’s university have joined the pyramid direct selling / MLM plans.

Regarding the technique used by those agents, he pointed out that these agents will come together with their Uplines, by driving a luxury car, wearing branded clothes to approach those who are new in society. Agents will convince those people by using themselves as examples on how they get rich after joining the direct selling plans.

RM 2345 required as membership fees

Mr. Su indicated, to join this pyramid direct selling / MLM plans, you need to pay RM2345 membership fees. After that, you will become a level-1 agent. You will get a set of fragrance and perfumes products.

“If a level-1 agent wants to upgrade himself to level-2, he needs to pay another RM30000+ . If he wants to upgrade to level-3, need to pay around RM50000.” Mr. Su added.

He advised to those who are new in society not to get convinced easily, because stories and examples on getting rich after joining direct selling / MLM can be created and faked easily.


Family members strongly against !!
19-year-old nephew is under the trap !!

Mr. Tan, who stays in Kluang, indicated, that his 19-year-old nephew has paid around RM2000 to enter the pyramid direct selling / MLM business and eventually almost has to pay another RM30000+.

Mr. Tan says, his nephew didn’t pay another RM30000+ after family strongly against it and advise him, and has read in newspaper regarding the news of cheating and conning in pyramid direct selling / MLM business.

Spreaded to Kluang Baru

He disclosed that the pyramid direct selling / MLM business has spreaded to Kluang Baru. These agents are focusing on secondary school students or those who are just graduated not long ago and new in society.

He pointed out;

first, the Uplines will tell those new members (level-1) to recruit another 5 people to join into this direct selling business.

After that, these Uplines will tell those level-1 members that if they want to upgrade themselves to Level-2 by selling products is very difficult.

Then the Uplines will convince the victims by telling them after they have invested another RM30000+, they can get earnings without working. They will be upgraded to Level-2, and will be able to get commission from their 5 downlines directly.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Count Promotion now 45k

30k 45k for Count

It seems like just like a big sale is going on, you see everyone rushing to get the best bargain. In this case, the bargain is to get Count level at 30k. I really wonder, are malaysians too thinly educated to fall for all the mother of scams? Are we are really that stupid and greedy?

The sad fact, most of us are.

So, we got many rushing for the last 30k promotion...thinking they will get rich. But I think these are the last suckers in the food chain. How on earth are they going to get another downline to put 45k?

I chatted with a friend on this issue. He said, after this, probably Lampe Berger Malaysia will close down, with tons of our Malaysian cash. Why? you got to hit and run. Make as much money as you can from all the gullible people out there...before you close the shop.

And looking from the perspective of recruitment, it won't be easy income for all the uplines up there. Investing in Count will be 45k...I predict a fall in Count recruitment will happen next month.

So, we will see, will RZ corporation and Steven Yeam Network survive after this? Yes, they might be jumping with joy (the uplines) with the huge recruits last month. But they won't be after a few months.

This is the rise before the great fall.