Thursday, June 21, 2007

Government Supported Scam

I received an email from Dennis, who wrote a lengthy email on the subject. Now the government so far has not done any investigation on DCHL despite the media coverage and complaints done.
But it's a good thing they done away with all those internet investment schemes.

Yesterday i went over to DCHL company after a few persuasion by a girl
friend of mine. I had actually planned to dabble around with secondary
objective to have a first person view at their battle ground.

Impressively, the firm has invested nearly 11 million on 4 floors presenting
a luxurious and creditable image to stranger like me. With all those
inducement of their century health care product namely lampe
berger,estebel,EB etc as well as their promise of opening new branches at
Japan and Korea in near future was clearly enticing enough to dupe people
with weak inhibition.

The official(my friend's senior) does the talking instead of my friend. That
explain much why my friend is reluctant to let me know the way their
business work at the mamak store and insist me to have a ground view. My
friend clearly doesn't have the sufficient knowledge on how DCHL or rather
SYN works therefore I presume that's when the offical came in to talk with
me. It's so freaky when every official my friend introduced to me , talks to
me like they know me aka super friendly.

I'm a law student and conscious about what's going on in Malaysia especially
the political scene. Our Prime Minister Pak Lah has given DCHL a 2 year
national recognition for having the best health(correct me if I'm
wrong)product .Oblivious to a lay person, in Malaysia its a nation where
money speaks louder than words. It's a norm to bribe the government in
return for their unduly support such as a piece of pathetic certificate.
Similar with datukship.

I talked to an offical named Maggie whose originated from Guang Zhou. She's
keen on telling me a whole bunch of her luxurious story life in DCHL which I
found unfascinating and irks me the most instead of the business plan. I
told her please go straight to the point,how does this business work as I
really had enough of their smooth talking.

Maggie compared their scheme with those sms where you're required to forward
to few friends and the company basically earn money everytime the sms is
forwarded. She say that's how their system work and it's contemporary
business plan where middle agent makes the most money out of a transaction.
I blatantly dissent and boldly refute, "Isn't that scamming?" She went into
silent but later divert me into irrelevant topic such as those rich fantasy
dream that entails,again.

Maggie having a tough time persuading me that's when another official
intervene. As expectedly, all of them speak the same language. Sweet talking
and daydreaming. Fast car and hot chick.

In a nutshell, DCHL is a government supported scamming company which uses
the franchised product as a disguise. They doesn't really promote the
product much but more to their new business plan aka SYN.

I'm in utter livid mode right now for I failed to dissuade my friend from
joining DCHL.


There's a few setbacks if you really want to investigate DCHL Lampe Berger. The reason is they are playing by the law. Their business, are legal, although there's loopholes. Whatever wrong done in the business is always the network (people's fault). That's unwritten. In fact their code of conduct prohibits the network from doing all this.

But like from the start of this blog, I have been highlighting why I think Lampe Berger is the most dangerous scam compared to other MLM. It's because you can BUY your position up. And it's not cheap. Count position can be 30k over. Baron can be 10k plus. And since the network keep on pestering the new guys with high hopes to upgrade, they finally fall into that trap.

Greed makes people jumping in. Blinded? yes. Same thing goes with KLSE now. Everyone is jumping into it.

But give a thought about it. What is the VALUE in the economy chain when you keep on recruiting people in, forcing or pestering them to buy higher position? There's zero value in it. Now how could a zero value contribution to the economy makes someone a millionaire? Impossible is the answer.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Report DCHL Lampe Berger to Police

I received an email from Mr Khoo. He had lodged a police report against DCHL lampe berger because his cousin and another friend got cheated. I urged lampe berger SYN members who feels the same way, to go to the nearest police station and do your own police reports. If more applications comes in, these guys will get under investigation.

Hi, Steven Yip,
I read your web site and I am sad that many people have been cheated by certain gang(s) of people at SYN. I cannot say that I am surprised as myself, my cousin and a friend were also conned by them. I have discussed this matter with my lawyer and a police officer and they have advised that this is a case of cheating and that this is a police matter. However, a police report will have to be lodged for the police to investigation. Police report can be lodged at any police station or at the commercial crime investigation department at Bukit Aman. Alternatively, you can consult a lawyer or your MP to assist you to make the police report. Do not suffer in silence. You can do something constructive. If these people should be found guilty of an offence then they will be penalised by a court of law and you will also be able to sue them for your loss and for compensation. Yes, this cause of action will be time consuming and require some effort but it is certainly better than suffering in silence and standing-by helplessly while they go about ripping off other innocent victims. You will also be helping others in the same position as yourself as well as helping to prevent more people falling victim to them.
Email to me if you want to discuss further.
On another note, I am lightly updating the website from time to time, and not so vigorously. In fact I want to pass this phase on. I've had enough of MLM scams,...which affected some members of my family and friends.

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