Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Steven Yeam did what?

Oh yeah...I almost puked when I saw his face with Winnie Lim again on the front page of The Star. He had used his PR muscle to show to malaysians how "generous" is his SYN network is.

Ever wonder how many lifes have been wrecked by this scam? My mail box is overflowing with ex LB members wanting to get out, or get refund. They are now in deep shit, owning tons of cash.

Actually, I've decided to go on with my life, and not update the blog. But somehow, there will always be people who gets cheated from time to time. And their business is still on going, even though I've had this blog for years.

If you want to get cheated in this money game, you are pleased to do so.

And please, read the articles & comments in this blog to really know what is wrong with this biz.