Sunday, April 30, 2006

High Class Guys

There was a posting by a member in Lowyat forum. This is really hilarious...come to think about it.

lol ..... this thread is making me lol ......
ok share some .... i heard this 1 from my LB friend ....

1 day, his team and his upline went to Petaling Street eat something (if not mistaken its wan tan mee)
den they all order things eaet and drink
but then when the worker there put thier wan tan mee in front of his upline and the worker went away,
then his upline DUN WAN to take the chopshtick and eat, so his team members ask him y? no good or full? ...

guess wat his upline say this "the chopstick here is toooo heavy, too dirty and he is not suitable for THESE kind of foods, therefore he dun wan to eat, say wat not suitable la, wat hot la and wat here and there" ...

i was like WTF .... i doubt he dare to speak this thing LOUD and CLEAR in the stall, i guess he will be dead meat LOL ... and i ask my friend " do u really believe wat he say? u wont agnry with him? even if he is damn freak hilarious (IF) rich, he shouldnt say that!? " the answer of my friend made me fainted ... lol ... he answered "aiyaa , its like that ma, ppl high ranking (i dunno wat ranking) .. sure got these types of habits la, its OUR fault to bring him to those low-class places .... " .....

i LOL'ed and just change topic ... man their mind .... hardwired by those LB teachings or wat?
Is there such a sickness among them? What's wrong with eating at a normal hawker stall? And the worst part is, the downlines still can't see the snobbishness in their leader.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Youngest Marquis, Youngest Duke

Dione - youngest marquis in singapore

Recently we got Jeffrey who claims to be a marquis in this business, and just 17 years old.

And his brother is going to challenge Duke this year.

Wait a minute, if you are under 18, you are not allowed to join this business. How could DCHL allow this to happen? Perhaps young minds are easier to bend and shaped?

Well, there's another site, with LB photos, and I managed to dig this one out. If we got more of these happenning to our young people, our next workforce will go bust. No one wants to work. They would just want to be marquis, and dukes, so they would have residual income for life.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Middle class mentality

Generally, when you go to a book store, and see books on "retire early", "financial freedom", it's good to pick up and read. It will tell you lots on investment vehicles, unit trust and lots more.

Seems like the middle class people just like these stuff, and keep on dreaming on financial freedom.

There's nothing wrong wanting it.

However, how many have gone through the business section in The Star, where the real entrepreneurs are. How many have read their true stories of grit when starting up their business, and their hardship.

I have read an article on this entrepreneur guy whom I can't recall his name, and he said "There's no retirement for me". Now isn't it weird? While the majority of the middle class people wants to retire early, he does not. And even weirder, he wants to keep on working way past his retirement age.

And if you know IKEA founder, who is known for being frugal (shame on LB members showing off their wealth), who said "There's no time for dying, there's still much to do". And he's 80 years old. Now, the reason he's still driving a 15 years old volvo, is because of company's policy, and he wants to keep it that way.

These are the real rich people, in my opinion because they know hard work and good vision is needed to execute all this, while knowingly how to balance the risks involved. And more important, they really genuinely like what they do.

The problem with middle class mentality is wanting comfort, but wants to play it safe. Headlines like "Easy income in one month", "Retire early and get a vacation" seems to easily hook them up.

This is why, when you look into the category of people joining these schemes, it's the middle class which forms the majority.

And if you look into all these network marketing monthly magazines, they will feature either a couple or a person, dressed to fit kings and queens. It seems life for them is good and lavish. But this may be far from the truth. Dress can be deceiving. Cars can be deceiving.

What is important is how they think. Rich people don't need to go out telling everyone he's rich.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lampe Berger Big Sale

Some of the readers asked to check out lelong. Just go to and search for lampe berger. You could see tons of essential oil being auctioned off. My guess is, these items are auctioned off by LB members themselves, as another channel of selling.

However the price they are selling is considerable quite low, compared to the retail prices. Does that mean they just want to get rid of their stock, and write it off as bad investment?

So, if anyone really desperate for LB products, you don't need to get it from DCHL, just bid for one from lelong. And if you noticed too, the auctioned items are not getting much bidders.

So much for big air market hype.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting

Ever wonder what is Count Generation Bonus, Marquis Generation Bonus and Duke Generation Bonus? Just equate Generation with Recruitment. Then you'll have a better idea.

If you look into the marketing plan, this is how the payout is:

Count Generation Bonus for a maximum of 6 generation: 5%, 3%,2%,1.5%,1%,1% i.e. giving a total of 13.5%.

Now, as your rank go higher, you could enjoy all these recruitment bonus. If you are a count, and your downlines get another Count, you could enjoy it.

If you are a marquis, and your group gets another Count, you also get it. But when suddenly your downline decided to Challenge Marquis, and he succeeds, you will get Marquis Generation Bonus.

This bonus applies to Count and above.

Now, we all know DCHL Lampe Berger is giving out a "promotion". You can join the game for just 30k. The pattern is such that, since we have this promotion, the whole group will ask you to join in as Count, to fuel the growth.

Your marquis, duke, arch duke Steven Yeam, will all get a pinch of bonus whenever a new member joins in as Count, just because of this Count Generation Bonus. Just think that for a second, that's why they are really desperate for you to join in as Count. Not because of teamwork, not because they really care about your dreams, but just because they can earn some money from you, as they themselves has thrown the same amount.

Now, your marquis, will just need to maintain personal sales of 20,000 PV, and he'll get all those benefits. To him, the most lucrative income in this business, comes from

1. Group Sales (this is where they get a percentage from downline sales).
2. Count Generation Bonus

It doesn't comes from his own personal sales. So to all LB members, if you are at the lowest, get out of this business, get your refund and get a real job.

If you are marquis, well, count your good old days of getting 5 figure income. It will end soon.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lost Hopes

It always puzzled me why LB members who failed, keep on in vain trying to succeed in this business. Perhaps it's because the fake wealth and luxuries shown by the members themselves. The failure rate is more than 99%. Which means less than 1% can get rich.

This story shows that you not only lost your money in this business, but also your social relationship, your time, and your loved ones.

Perhaps you are young, and think it's no harm trying. But it can turn out to be your worst choice. Fulfilling all your dreams is the biggest lie DCHL Lampe Berger is selling you. All those dreams just turned out to be lost hopes.


Dear Steven & LB Help,
After seeing all your blogs and Brand Malaysia blog, I think it is something that we should bring to the attention of the weaker mind of what this LB is all about. I attach below a story of LB which surrounds my friends and I since the LB things began spreading. I would appreciate if you keep my name anonymous.
The story goes like this...
A friend of mine,AK joined Lampe Berger after some approach from another friend of ours. AK borrowed some money (heard it's a 4 figure amount) from his girlfriend to invest in LB, even with his study loan unpaid. It's been almost 2 years since he joined. All our friends that I come across had been approached by him to join LB and seen him like a repellant.
Another friend, KV who was persuaded by him to joined, regretted. He told me that he felt he was conned by his best friend (AK) to fork out money using his mum's hard earn RM2,345. Since then, KV got less than half of his money back, quitted LB, hated and doesn't talk to AK since.
Recently, AK's girlfriend, CS of 5 years who lives together with him suddenly decided to leave KL and go work in Singapore, not breaking up with him but just to work there for more pay. We (AK's friends) were puzzled. Hence we approached her on her decision.
It was a sad story. She explained to us that since AK stopped his permanent job and joined LB full-time since 2 years ago, she is the only person that is the primary breadwinner. She has to pay for the rent of the apartment and most expenses at home. All AK could earn is from the freelance job that he do once or twice in a month.
CS who earns RM3,000 a month wasn't able to save any money from this salary considering that she still have a car installment to pay every month. Hence, 6 months ago she started looking for other company that would be able to offer her more somewhere in KL. She found a better offer. Best of all, she request and got the offer for AK to become a Junior Photographer, a higher ranking and higher pay in the same company. AK rejected the offer even without thinking.
CS was disappointed. Hence she job hunt for work in Singapore and got other offers. We also heard from CS that the money she borrow AK to invest in LB was her savings for their future home. She doesn't mind if AK would want to pursue his dream to get rich through LB. But AK wouldn't even want to at least contribute to their small living by accepting a permanent job that knock on his door.
When AK as CS on her reason to work in Singapore, CS would just say, "Can you afford a life right now?" It's not that CS is a big spender or anything. She's the most understanding and thrifty girl I've met. She never expected AK to return the money he borrowed or give her a good life, but just a normal life that they used to have even when he have to work 18 hours a day, with enough money to eat, watch movie and occasionally buy some stuff.
When we asked AK how does he feel since CS has to go, his reply was, "I'm going to put all my time in LB so that I can start to earn 4 figures and pick her back from Singapore next year".
Little does he know, CS decision to leave was a hard one for her because it's also the first step of their breaking up process as she had told us...
A lesson to all out there who is interested to join LB. Yes, there are people who gain and got wealthy because of it, but how many are there who got rich compare to those who joined and never got rich? Yes, they can drive a BMer, but do you think they still can pay for the installment 3 or 5 years down the road by using the money they earn in LB? If you come from a rich family, it is alright to get burnt with RM30k. But if you are not from a rich family, don't ever think of joining LB thinking that it is a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Nothing comes easy in the world. Nothing comes free. You will end up with even more debt in the end.
If you think that by spending RM30k to join LB with your own hard earn money and lose it, then it's your own problem. But if you have to borrow RM30k to join LB, then you must think of your social responsibilities to your friends and family.
p/s: Pardon me for having to keep all the name anonymous. Afterall, it's other people's family problem, we are not fit to critic but only to bring the sense to others out there.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lampe Berger worth doing?

This is an email from Andrew, talking about whether this business is worth doing.
I got a few comments, though. When a population rise, it doesn't mean that the wealth per person becomes less. Wealth is created, not by having more money, but having more people supplying more products and services that others want. Don't get it?

For example, lets look back at the Spanish conquerors of the South America. They thought by getting more gold from the natives and shipping it back to their country, they would be wealthy.
But the problem arises, when there's too much gold, and nobody supplies something. When supply is low, prices goes up.

Wealth doesn't mean having more money, or gold.
Massive amounts of gold and silver were imported from the New World into Spain's coffers. However, in the long run this hurt the Spanish economy much more than it helped it. The bullion caused high inflation rates, which undermined the competitivenes of Spanish industry and commerce (its effects being discussed by the ubiquitous School of Salamanca and the arbitristas).


Hi all,

i have some points to share with all of u, no matter u're pro- or anti-LB, i hope it helps you to think of whether what u're doing is in the right direction or not.

frequently, i've heard the same talk by MLM agents, when explaining the benefits of their marketing plan, about the uncertainties of ur future. They'll ask questions like;

1) "what if u met an accident and u died/paralysed without any source of income left for ur family?",
2) "what if u lost ur job and due to ur qualifications/age/gender, there are not much job opportunity for you?",
3) "if u work for ppl, u're nobody, u're not important, u're used for other ppl's benefit, u have no dignity, blablabla..."
4) "why do you want to work for someone else till pencen, when u can be ur own boss?",
5) "why put ur effort to generate income for others when u can do it for urself?"
6) "don't u want to earn more money and retire early?"

and many others and so on and so forth...

sometimes, these questions does arouse ppl's thoughts, especially for those who had worked for some time and found little enjoyment or returns from it. it also got some young minds thinking, bcoz they dont want to go through such hardship to attain something. we all know how hot blooded young ppl are. how much they want to find short and easy ways to everything.

thus these situations sets the perfect condition for MLMs to feed into ur fears. in one way of speaking, they present itself to be an alternative route to reach that pedestal high up in the sky. they promise u high income that seems unreachable by just working. they promise u a future where everything is secure and u can just laze around shake legs till the day u die.

but is it? have we ever sit down, and pour on a deep thought about this? is working really bad? is the experience that u can learn from that doesnt worth it? when challenge comes in ur work doesn't it teaches u to persevere and to emerge hardier than before? oh, it's so hard eh? so what makes u think that to recruit ppl into ur "marketing plan" is any easier? what difference it makes from working?

ok, so some will say, it's the rewards that matters. u work hard find downlines now, in the end u will succeed! u will reach higher level and better rewards. u can go higher! so what difference it makes from working hard (as an employee) now, learn all the stuffs, be an excellent employee, get promoted, get salary increment?

No matter how much u'd like to believe how high u're in LB as a count or marquis, u're still as comparable as to a middle management employee. yes, u do have ppl under u, yet u still have ppl above u! Yes, MLMs can promise that u can reach this and that level, but actually, how many did? It's the same as the corporate ladder, where only few who may clinch the title of a CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, blahblahblah... so wats the difference between working for some companies with working in MLM? u work for the one above u too! they say u work for urself, but ironically, those above u earns a portion of ur "income" too! What kind of "Ur Own Boss" is this?

oh, some will talk about job security... what happen if u get retrenched? frankly, if u've been working hard improving urself, with ur capabilities, u dont have to fear ur company retrenching u. when a retrenchment occurs the company trims off excesses, but retains the best to keep the company running. in fact the company needs u more than u need them. it all depends on how u play ur cards. have u been improving urself? have u proved urself to be invaluable to ur employer? an employee that they can't do without? in fact the boss cant do everything by himself, can he? so, keep this in mind, the boss is stupid. he employs you to do things that he dont know how to do!

oh, MLM agents also talked about the amount of income. what if the economy is bad, and company has to cut down on spending, thus ur salary also affected? but do they ever tell u that their high figure income from their "marketing plan" is not guaranteed to pour in forever also? they still have to recruit in order to generate "income". so where is the security in that? what will happen when the market reaches saturation and there'll be no more interested prospects for recruitment? frankly, when economy is bad, how many ppl would want to spend hundreds on some fragrance lamp? or better still, how many ppl would have the money to pour in to join as franchisee (rm2345) or upgrade to count (rm30k)? everybody would tighten their belt for sure!!

fine, they may argue about the ever rising population so the market is there, but have u ever thought that when populations rise, a nation's wealth pie has to be shared with more ppl? in the end everyone will get smaller portions. and where will u get ur money to invest into ur so-called "business" then? if u dont work in the first place, where do you find the money to throw into ur "business"? LOAN?

well yes, why not? ur upline says that all business starts also borrow money from banks to start their business. so it must be true. NO. not entirely true. allow me to share some business knowledge with you. Smart, shrewd and successful businesmen will try to minimise their debt amount and any other financial obligations in their business. for the established business, they offer shares and u get capital from share buyers. by issuing shares does not neccessarily mean ur company have to go to the board or trading in stock market. there's more to how to gain capital to start a business but i would have to write a textbook for it.

Meanwhile for a start-up, instead of loans from the bank, they offer partnerships and profit sharing with their suppliers and/or distributor and/or resellers. supply now, sell, earn revenue and profit. pay agreed % of profit to offset the cost. done deal. and u dont have to bear interest cost nor the risk of the banks knocking on ur door. Some will say, hey, that's what DCHL is already been doing! They supply the lamps, YOU sell, DCHL give urewards as profit sharing la, rite? So why the hell are you paying rm2345 and/or rm30k for??? I'm talking about starting up with extremely low or ZERO cost lah!! wan some examples? Bill Gates' first step was to sell his first tic-tac-toe software game at the age 13. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, started off with minimal cost as Google is actually spawned from their PhD research project. Now who said belajar tinggi-tinggi also tak guna?

now, let's talk about in case of death/paralysis. u cant work, no income, who'd be supporting ur family then?? well my man, that's what SOCSO, EPF savings and insurance are for! Insurance has been introduced for decades and it has certainly serve it functions. do u have a personal insurance plan? well if u dont , it's time to consider one. Insurance has been in the works even when there are no MLMs promising u this and that. what's wrong with sticking to a tried and tested method? it may not has the speed nor size of reward like some MLMs, but it certainly has guarantees.

Let's tak about "Dignity" of 9-5 jobs. frankly to me, it's a subjective matter. How many ppl are actually satisfied with their jobs. Not many, i can say, but we cant deny the fact that there are still ppl who are proud with and love what they're doing. Or the number of ppl who actually strives to make their work conditions better. Keep this in mind. Dignity of a job depends on ur attitude towards ur job and not how ppl perceive ur job as... they're not u and u're not them. and u have no obligation to please them save for urself.

Nevertheless, i'm not saying that all MLM agents are bad, or doing direct selling is useless. There are ppl who're just born for that "job". It falls back on whether u're that "type" of person or not. Be honest with urself and ask ur heart. is it really so good? there's a chinese proverb that says, "there'll always be masters in every field (of work)" (for for chut zhong yuen, read in cantonese). Do what u want or enjoy. Do what u does best. Do not let promises of wealth blind you.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Promote Anti LB

As you guys know, me and LB help with Andrew had a meeting at Sunway Pyramid Starbucks.

We discussed on some issues, and where we should go from there. I won't really disclose what we are going to do, but we got some plans.

After that I dropped by DCHL NDO. For those who don't know what's NDO is, it's New Distributor Orientation held once every 3 months. It was quite a commotion. There were individual groups, and they were cheering and clapping for new guys who has just joined in. Just imagine you are a rock star...and you got a bunch of people cheering for you. Well, you have to build some team spirit, and physcho them to find more people.

Then I look inside the Sunway Convention Center hall, and it just made my eyes popped out. I have been here a few times, but I never thought they will use the whole space combined. There are 3 halls, if i can recall which can be combined into a bigger one.

I could estimate there are around 2000 people over there. But some LB members might have brought friends. It's quite a distressing sight. 90% are youngsters. There is no future in this business, except making money at the expense of others. A lot of them would be burnt.

Oh ya, I did saw Steven Yeam in person. I was thinking of getting a photo opportunity over there, but it's too dangerous. I could have get killed if anti LB has a face.

So, guys, please promote anti lampe berger, spread the word through online and offline, sms, emails, friendsters.

Don't let your friends and families join this ridiculous pyramid plan of DCHL lampe berger.

I have added some nice images that you can include, designed by Andriel from Lowyat Forum.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Comments from LB

This is the longest comment from an LB member. Lampe Berger Help has decided to put up comments to it.

Anonymous said...

after read u guys post,i had made up a conclusion.

1st of all,it's not bout LB or wat!

yes,we can still live without LB or this company!

but think back,we ppl,wat are we looking for all the times?

1st,how to jump off from bitter life!

2nd,how to find happiness during our life.

How do you define bitter life? How do you define happiness?

Happiness to some would be money. Can money buy a love?

Happiness to some would be sharing a quality time with family and friends,

regardless of money or race nor religion.

think back!why our ancient were led by others races?

because we weren't unite!

I have heard this from one of the Lampe Berger seminars.

did u guys think of it?

y DCHL starts the MLM biz from S.E.A country?especially from Chinese region country?

cause he know,chinese are the smartest race in this world!

but so unfortunately,we chinese act oversmart.

Chinese aint the smartest but the most hardworking.

To lable smartest, the Jews are smarter. Read more darling.

yes,money is not everything,but everything is money!

since human race created money,problems n problems were popped out!

before the revolution begin,we're education blinded,all we got just the strength to survive.

but after revolution,ppl get to school,get educated,and the world change tremendously.

lots of problems occur after revolution,for example materialistic,ppl pursuit for a better life.

but the initial race that jump out from their race was the white skin races.

they came n conquer,they treat us as servant.that's until now they still lead the world.

You are so close minded!!

look back at us,chinese!

we're the smartest n hardworking race in this world.but y we still far left behind?

Oh you mentioned it here.. :)

cause we don't unite!

back to the topic,y DCHL starts from ASEAN country?

cause it's a opportunity for us to conquer back europe n others regions market.

Conquer? We don't need MLM to conquer back europe and other regrions market.

Please think out of the box!! If MLM is the way, China would have given up Industrialization

and forget about their country's property development nor asking for foreign investment.

MLM is an fastgrowing industry.

but not every ppl see the potential behind it!

sure it got pro n contra!

no things in this world perfect!

think back,most company we work for were from outsider,mean those international company.

Oh, means you worked for an international company? Or maybe have not even worked before?

dude,we're making money for those "guai lou".

Dude, you are making money or shall I say, chanelling money to those "Taiwanese"(DCHL)..

Do you understand what "Leakages" (link: means in business?

we're not making money for ourself!

think back,all the years we were's well educated!

but think back,y we need education?

to build up our personality,not to insult against each other!

we were educated to learn the basic skill of living!

to respect each others!

It is an insult to oneself, who are well educated, but not using what they are being educated

to contribute back to the society.

so y we chinese fight against each other?

Justify this. It is against UN-ETHICAL distributors.!

back to the topic!

LB!it's a scam,some said!

1st of all,LB was just a product name,it's not a company or what!

It's just a product n with only 1 factory at France.It's a trademark of France!Even our Prime Minister use this product,so,nth wrong with the product!

Yes, indeed it is a product. Lampe Berger or LB is being said to potray DCHL or RZ Corporation or Steven Yeam Network(SYN).

People would understand better this way.. so do you.

n the Marketing Plan.It was a fantastic marketing plan!

so,nth wrong also with the plan!

Indeed fantastic Marketing Plan. A plan that let one to invest RM 30,000 and thus when asked for re-fund, uplines

delay the process and so forth. Read HERE.

Steven.. insert the link :)

now,the industry,MLM.

MLM was just a industry or can say a sales method use by a company to promote their products,same as other business method!Cause with this method,they can save cost like advertising and so on but give it to the distributor who able to sells the products!

I do agree..

and bout recruiting!

which industry in this world doesn't recruit ppl one?

all the things in this world were created because of human's demand!

even though if one day u open an biz,u will definitely recruit ppl!

they get paid by working with u!n u earn more than them,doesn't it a pyramid scheme also???

face the reality of life!

Now I don't really agree. Which other industry is recruiting? Alot I say.

My turn to ask. Which industry that does recruit, and pay regularly, although, it is not a big sum?

And which does not?

And this industry has a limit and which industry doesn't have a limit?

the pioneer always earn more than others under them!that's the fact!

did u ever seen a CEO earn less than a normal worker?

but the hard work puts by the CEO,did u guys ever think of that?

y he can earn more than us???

Because, he builds the company from scratch dude! Tony Fernandes for example!

That is a real solid business you are talking against my dear friend.!! I got no further comment.

ok,talk bout the syn and the 30k.

SYN was a network under Steven Yeam.In this network,we've learn more than just making money!it's not like u guys think,a scam or money game!but maybe they are some guys misuse the syn as a tool of making money!

There aren't any "maybe" but a mere "YES, THERE ARE".

Read the problems HERE

actually from the education taught by syn.we've manage to find the truth of ourselves!

What truth? You are blinded by money and only money. Take some time and reflect my friend.

think back,y we came to this world?

is that our life just working 9 to 5 n retired after 65?

i think all of u guys sure will say no!

we came to this world to enjoy,right?

but in the process of living,sure we'll encounter a lot of problems!

If you labeling working 9-5 is sad, let me tell you what's sadder. YOU!

One must have a clear mind, that everything can be done. You treat working NOT as 9-5, then you will succeed.

You've failed. Why? Because you already say no to 9-5.

Oh didn't SYN taught you to say "Everything is possible. Never say cannot do"??? You've already said no to 9-5 job.

i wanna ask u guys,truthly!

when was the last time u buy ur loves one a gift?when was the last time u really sit down n talk to ur parents!is it our goal in life was just working n keep working like an ant.

Hmm, maybe your love ones demand gifts from you? Not all love ones demand gifts.

When I was in DCHL/Lampe Berger, I don't even have time to sit down and spend time with my parents.

It is most of the time went into PROSPECTING and SHARING and what not!

When did you really sit down and talk to your parents and spare some time with friends?

Oh, wait? Your friends mostly are afraid of spending time with you because you would in-a-way, PROSPECT them!

Surely, they are on your list!

we're human,we know to analysis!

but most of us are selfish!right?

and bout the 30k.come on,it's a biz!i said again,it's a biz!

we invest 30k in this biz cause we believe we can get wat we want from this biz!

but other than that,what we got was something priceless!like experience n the most important,dignity!!!

have u ever ask help from other but was turn down by others?especially the one u think he/she will be the 1st person who stand out to help u when u're in need?

Nope, not for me. They always come to my assistants. Because I am sincere and honest. I spend time with them mostly.

There are reasons why people turn down help. You can't just think one way.

Do you aways get turned down?

do u ever heard the the worker ant got dignity?

Worker ant? I am sure those working for others has more dignity.

Dignity comes from oneself. It is how one see dignity and how one fight for it.

If one just see one failure from working in one company and choose the easy way out (MLM), they have failed their own dignity. They didn't learn that from failure but lose to failure.

i'm not here to insult or wat!

i was just analysis the truth to u guys!

so many ppl out there struggle so hard to find an opportunity that can make their life easier!

y are u guys here wanna spoilt this opportunity???

because u wan them to be like u???

be a worker ant without dignity?

Nope. Because we don't want to see another person whose money are not being returned.

AND we don't want things like in THIS ( Mack's mother daughter case) happen in future.
We are creating an awareness, which we do seriously think is good. We are not stopping people to join Lampe Berger, but do THINK before joining Lampe Berger.

wake up we chinese!the malay nowadays are over our head already!

we can't just sit there n fight against ourselves!

Why not you think this way. Why Chinese are not fighting hard for the rights?

Go into politics, voice out, join armed forces, join civil service. I've done my part.

Let me share this quote with you.

"To be sinned by silence when one should protest makes coward out of men"

i'm not talk bout politic or racism!

but the fact is y our ancient came so far from big land to nanyang?

think back!

stop here !next time will continue!

I would be glad to reply your comments. ;)


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Essential oils and Isopropyl alcohol

It seems a bit weird when I searched for Isopropyl alcohol and found out this. Isopropyl alcohol is a major ingredient of rubbing alcohol, used for massage.

And it does not need to cost a bomb. 4 litres of essential oils will cost the distributor more than RM 400 at least, and that's distributor's price.

DCHL essential oil 4 litres = 4000 ml, price is more than RM400
Rubbing alcohol 4 litres = 8.46 bottles (1 bottle 473ml) x USD 1.09 = RM 35.04 (after conversion rate 3.8)

Ok, I admit Lampe Berger oils has much higher percentage of Isopropyl alcohol at 90%.
And they have ozoalcool (but I really don't have much idea what this is).

But this shouldn't make the product so much expensive?

In fact, why not buy rubbing alcohol, and use it as essential oils when you ran out of essential oils? It's far more cheaper.

And another worrying thing is, Isopropyl alcohol should be handled with care. It's not some simple substance, and may have hazardous effects if prolonged exposure.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Changing Your Mind

Now, apart from Lampe Berger, I have seen other MLMs that have something in common. It's mind control. How they do it, is an eye opener. For example, why would they have talks, where they will showcase luxuries, expensive cars, and highly charged talks? Why the first thing they show you in their presentation, is a big house, a vacation in paradise, a fast car? It's all part of their brain washing activity. I have been to a few, and it shows how well the organisers have planned it.

Now there's something more subtle to this. You have to have skills to brainwash people. Heard the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ? It was heavily researched by two guys in the seventies, and this is the product of their research. They wanted to study how successful people behave, and what are their traits are.

Basically Neuro is for the neurons connecting to our brains, where we receive the 5 senses from our environment. Linguistic is about language (verbal and non verbal), and Programming is the way or methods to alter.

So, it means you can use NLP techniques to change the behaviour of someone. You can make it to close sales as I found out in this link:

Or you can use it for mass mind control, which ultimate aim is money and power. Most cults use this.

NLP may be use in a positive way, but it may be used to control one's mind. Perhaps this is why your friends who are into this business, always ask you to go for the previews. So, they can brainwash a bigger audience.

So beware, if you do go for LB preview or roadshow, have a strong mind, or don't go at all. This applies to all other MLMs that is using this sick technique to control's other people's mind. In fact we should be symphatising to LB members as they have been mind controlled by their uplines.

No way, a normal person will buy into their product. They have to be strongly mind altered.

Free your mind. Free theirs too. Bring down DCHL and all the likes of it.

If any of you who have been to their seminars, talks, just share it in the comments.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DCHL Marketing Plan

Here's the real actual DCHL marketing plan. I have added some notes on how you can be successful in this business.

The real benefit is in investing count.

Now, you can either climb your way up slowly from the bottom to reach Count level. Or you can do either 3 things:

1. Develops 3 direct Baron (remember to qualify for baron, you need to have 5 Franchisee)
2. Accumulates a Personal Sales 360,000 PV (equals RM 45,000)
3. Achieve one time Personal Sales of 300,000 PV (equals RM 37,500). And yes, they call this promotion. Here is where Cut Count means. You pay to get up faster.

Now, once you reach count, you will start benefiting from the Count Generation Bonus of up to 6 levels. Notice, at Baron, and Franchisee, you don't have such bonus.

If you noticed, the higher up levels (Marquis, Duke, Arch Duke) also has this Count Generation Bonus. In fact, they (Marquis, Duke, Arch Duke) has added advantage such as:

1. Marquis Personal Group Bonus: 2%
2. Marquis Generation Bonus: Total 6%
3. Duke Generation Bonus: Total 2%
4. Asia Profit Sharing:
i. Marquis = 1.5%
ii. Duke = 1%
iii. Arch Duke = 1%

Note: The next level accumulates all these bonuses.

Now, after a glance on this "perfect" marketing plan, what we could possibly conclude?

First, to succeed in this plan, and I mean real fast, Cut Count is the best way to go. So, that's why we got pretty motivated young people, creating so much trouble to achieve this dream.

Second, the higher you go, the more incentives you have. In fact, it's accumulated. It beats other normal companies of giving bonuses.

Third, if you have just joined, well, you just entered hell. You still need to slave off, trying to recoup your investment, while your uplines can just sit back and relax, while you do all the talking. This happens even though you are already Count, you still need to find people for your network.

Because when you bought your Count, you don't have any.

Well, don't worry, you still can get refunded 90% off your investment (but remember, signature lamps, some other stuff is not refunded).

Why not try, it's no harm. You might make money, or lose your shirt.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Top 10 reasons not to join LB

So here's the top ten list.

10: It's a get rich pyramid scheme, and this is illegal.
No, no, no....government is not a pyramid structure, banks are not a pyramid structure, schools are not also. So, why compare DCHL marketing plan as same as others. It is not. Normal companies don't go and hire more and more staff, or just get more and more dealers. There's a limit to the numbers in the organisation itself. And yes, you need qualification, depending on which organisation you are joining. In DCHL? everyone can join. As long as you can pay up.

9: Success rate is less than 1%.
Yes, it is. In fact, generally, this applies to recruiting MLMs. I quote from

The vast majority of MLMs are recruiting MLMs, in which participants must recruit aggressively to profit. The loss rate for recruiting MLMs is approximately 99.9%; i.e., 99.9% of participants lose money after subtracting all expenses, including purchases from the company.
8: No value to the economy.
May I ask, what is the value in recruiting more and more people? How does this benefit the society? Furthermore, enriching a small group of people, at the expense of others, is like robbery. And the distressing fact is, most of these LB members are young college students, who are supposed to be studying, and help built our malaysian economy. And now, thanks to the intensive brainwashing by Steven Yeam Network SYN in DCHL, they believe that shaking leg also, can get easy money. This is not the right value that you teach to the young generation.

7: You will get alienated from your peers, families, and close friends.
Just come to grips with this. If you really appreciate your integrity in your relationship with others, don't join. A lot of your friends will soon ignore you. They will just label you another guy who wants to make use of them, and this is sad. I have a well respectable guy in school, and now he joined another MLM. Since then, I heard complaints from others, saying they are very dissapointed with his attitude. Friends don't make profit out of friends. Appreciate your social capital.

6: The product is too expensive.
It's definitely too expensive for the average middle malaysian family. Who would buy essential oils a few hundred bucks? If it's too expensive, it's only suitable for higher income group. And to have college kids selling these stuff? It does not make sense.

5: Your resume doesn't sound good.
For all the young LB members, you won't want to put Distributor of Lampe Berger in your CV or resume. Trust me, you won't. If you really appreciate your younger years, where you still have lots of energy, I advised you to find better work. Real work, where you can learn more on your degree, or whatever you are pursuing. LB business is a no brainer. Everyone can do it. It does not give the needed experience to be a real professional.

4: Money is not the only motivation in life.
Yes, they will tell you, you need money for everything. It's true, but it's not the only thing. Success doesn't mean having a lot of money, or driving a BMW. It means achiving something that you really wanted, like joining the orchestra, or running a 10km marathon, or finishing a cool project. You don't have to sell your integrity in this business, to get more money to achieve your dreams. You can already achieve it.

3: You are wasting your precious time & money.
Day after day, getting prospects, talking to them, for this business, is totally wasting your precious time. Many have realized DCHL is a scam. Furthermore, you need a heavy investment up front, which fits right into the reason why this is considered a product based pyramid scheme.

2: You don't want to live for your uplines.
This business is such that, your upline can earn what you have earned up to 6 generations. Another red flag for product based pyramid. Why would you want to work so hard, and benefit those at the top?

1: DCHL business will collapse.
Yes, it will one day. Just like holiday magic, century diamond, giraffe world, skybiz, dragonsummit, bighoohaa. Basically, it's design is meant to self destruct. And I am pretty sure, those already profitted, will be far away, when this happens. As for the downlines, and middlelines, just wonder how are you going to answer back to those who have joined and lost money?