Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Brother Quits Lampe Berger


My own brother who joined last few months, decided to quit the network. But since it's been more than six months, there won't be any refund. We had a talk on this issue. I am in good terms with him. No point in conflicts, but to look ahead.

For visitors who knew the early part of the main reason I created this blog, it's because of my brother who is still in college who decided to joined DCHL.

That was when, I went to DCHL to f**k him up, after learning he just joined as Count

Now, the main reason he quit is because he finally found out the true deceiving nature of his uplines. To be fair, this does not apply to all lampe berger members, but enough to dirty the name of SYN.

You see, the 30k money is from my dad's retirement money. So, lucky him, he does not need to borrow from friends, relatives or ah longs. 30k is a big deal for middle class income earners.
So, it's obvious, that his uplines only wish to get him in, so that they could get their hands on another victim of 30k.

But once he joined, he found out, it's tough to go to HLA at nite, and talking about this business to prospects. Especially if you are a student. And also, his upline thought him the skills of how to pull in people, which he feels is incorrect.

And most lampe berger members, would fake that they are wealthy, but they are not.

Now, for SYN members out there, yes, you might be angry of the existence of this blog. But try to think, why the people who oppose this business is ten times pissed off. SYN is deceiving and robbing the society off their money.

SYN members are living in a fantasy economy land, as tough this business can bring them instant wealth. While the rest of us, are waking up every morning, and working in reality.

So far, my brother has not earned back a single sale. Successfull SYN members will classify this as another failure. But if you look af the percentage of people not making the cut, it's way higher than the succesful ones. The reason is, this business has a 99% failure rate. Of course, most will fail. But arch duke Steven Yeam, will still be yapping around, saying he can make millionaires out of ordinary people.

And now, my brother has resorted to working part time in a hotel, which pays like RM 500 / month. Hey, at least it's honest money.